My Story Brothers, Friends and Lovers

Chapter 11 Nothing But Frustrations

(Monday, After Dinner)

By Sasquatch

Copyright 2005 by Sasquatch

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"Now what", I thought, "have they already decided that we can't be trusted and will be shipped off to our Grandparents each time they go away. Damn that would suck."

I looked at George; he had a confused angry look on his face. He was staring at the wall as if he could demolish it just by looking at it. After this morning, he knew better than to over react and sound off, he didn't want to hear than tone of voice from Dad again.

When I looked at Dad, I could see that he was a little confused too. But Mon and Dad trusted each other and he just shrugged and went back to eating. He knew that he would find out what's up the same time we did. He wasn't worried, as he knew that if it was something really important Mom would discuss it with him beforehand.

George saw me looking at Dad and when he saw that Dad wasn't concerned he calmed down a little. The fact that Mom said it was important, didn't mean that it was something major. We both knew that Mom tended to think more things were important than Dad did, so we just had to wait and see what it was.

When we had finished eating and got the dishwasher running, Mom brought a pot of coffee to the table with 4 mugs. While she was pouring Dad's she asked, "Would you boys like a cup?"

With a sigh of relief I thought, "This can't be as bad as I thought, especially with Mom offering us a cup of coffee." We were allowed coffee if we wanted it and I was acquiring a taste for it, but George really didn't care for it.

I quickly responded, "Yes, Please."

George took the hint and replied "Me too thanks, but with lots of cream and sugar."

With everybody was settled down with a cup of coffee, Mom began "This morning when your Dad talked to you, he forgot to mention something important. On most of the weekend trips and on the week long one's we will be making them with Kate and Wally. So not only the two of you, but Bill and Harry will be on your own at the same time."

"Finally, some good news, well maybe," I thought.

Mom continued, "Kate and I talked this morning and we realized that we'd forgotten to tell you about that part of our plans. Kate and Wally and your Dad and I will draft the rules tonight and finalize what we think they should be by Dinnertime tomorrow. Also since the rules will affect all 4 of you boys, we want you all to be able to discuss them at the same time."

"Tomorrow after dinner the two of you will go over and stay with Bill and Harry. Since the school bus stops there first, the driver can pick all 4 of you up at the same time in the morning. Wally will have copies of the rules printed out for each of you to look at and discuss."

"Ah Mom" I stuttered, addressing her as she had been the Chairman, er Chairwoman, I mean Chairperson of this meeting, "I have a suggestion."

"Ok go ahead David," she said.

"Well, . . . " I hesitated then rushed on "we all have computers and know how to use a word processor. Bill is really good with the part that keeps track of the changes. If we had an electronic copy of the rules then we could edit them on the computer. We could print copies for each you so that you can see the changes we think necessary."

Dad nodded saying, "That's a good idea David, don't you agree Beth?" Mom was nodding her head as Dad continued, "That way we will have time to review what they think is fair before the meeting Wednesday evening."

"Do you guys have any more questions?" Mom asked. George and I looked at each other and shook our heads no. "OK, meeting adjourned." she announced.

As I was heading for my bedroom, George caught up to me. "Ahh Dave" he stammered.

I turned and replied "Yea Bro."

I could see from the look on his face that he was looking for something to say, so I just waited.

Finally, he said, "Lot of changes at school today, wasn't there?"

I could sense this wasn't really what he wanted to say. I thought about what I had told him this morning that he could talk to me whenever he wanted. I figured that I better keep to the subject he started with and let him choose when to tell me what was really on his mind.

"Yea it was total confusion all day, all of my class and most of my teachers were changed, the only thing that stayed the same was gym and practice, Bill's was just as bad, how about you." I figured it would give him the opportunity to change the subject if he wanted.

"Wow that sucks," he replied "Harry and I were lucky, we kept all the same teachers, Harry only had three classes changed and I only had two."

"Do you have any homework to do?" he asked.

"Yea, I do, the teachers today said to finish up anything we had been assigned last week and turn it in tomorrow. They figure that they will have everything worked out by Wednesday. But I'll believe it when I see it. Fortunately I got everything done last week except an English assignment, it will probably take me about and hour."

"Ok, see ya latter" George said as he went to his room.

Now what was that all about I wondered? George and I usually got along Ok, but the last couple of months something had changed, he seem to be avoiding me. Well nothing I can do about it until he talks to me. So I headed to my room to get my homework done.

We have a house rule that when a door is closed you knock and wait until you are invited in. George and I didn't usually close the bathroom doors between our rooms unless we were using it or needed privacy.

With all the things that had gone on today and being frustrated from not being able to spend time with Bill, I figured I would have a hard time concentrating on the assignment. I closed the door to my room and then the bathroom door and got started.

Actually it turned out that I didn't have as much of a problem concentrating as I thought, the homework took my mind off of everything else that had happened today.

I had just saved the file, clicked on the print button and on my browser button. I was going to look and some gay porn sites, some of their previews had some hot guys and occasionally some hot action. Just as the browser opened I heard a knock on the bathroom door. Nothing was showing on the browser, so I called out "Come on in George."

He opened the door and walked over to the bed and sat on the edge, I had swung my chair around so that I was facing him. He was sitting there with his hands between his knees looking at the floor. "Damn," I thought, "something really must be bothering him."

I figured that it was up to me to get things rolling. While I wanted to ask him what was wrong, I thought that he might just clam up, so I asked, "What do you think the chances are of the JV winning their next meet?"

He gave a little start, like somebody had poked him in the ribs. He looked up at me, took a breath and seemed to come back to life. "Wel l l l," he started slowly, "Coach Wise told us that a friend of his had scouted them for him. His friend thinks we have a good chance of sweeping the meet. How about you guys?"

It was a start; I told him that Coach thought our chance of winning the meet was good. I asked him another question and he became more relaxed and seemed happier. I kept the conversation going when needed and let him talk about what ever he wanted.

It had been a quarter after nine when we started talking, and was now a quarter to eleven. We'd been talking for an hour and a half. George's mood seemed to get better the longer we talked. This is the longest we'd talked in at least three or four months. I yawned and looked at the clock, "Hey Bro, we've been talking for an hour and a half now, it's been a long day, and Coach worked us hard, with everything else that happened today, I need to get my beauty rest."

George smiled, chuckled, and said sarcastically "Well we wouldn't want the beauty to turn into a beast now would we?" grinning at me. "I'm kinda tired too. `Nite Dave" he said as he stood up.

"'Nite, Bro" I responded, "I'm to tired to pound you right now for you comment, remind me in the mornin' "

"Kay" he said laughing as he went through the bathroom to his room.

Well I had no idea what that was all about, but he seem happier, than he had been for awhile. Talking seemed to have helped, but I still had no idea what his problem was. Nothing more that I can do about it tonight, so I went to bed and was asleep in seconds.

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