My Story -- Brothers, Friends and Lovers

Chapter 13 -- Nothing But Frustrations

(Tuesday, Remembering)

By Sasquatch

Copyright 2005 by Sasquatch

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As soon as the school year started Jeb was introduced in all of his classes. Some of the teachers asked him to tell them about himself and he did. The thing that he didn't do was to announce to the world that he was gay.

Jeb is a good-looking guy, so the girls tended to flock to him especially since he was new. Jeb was very friendly with the boys, and while he was polite to the girls, he basically ignored them.

Some rumors started. One day between classes he was putting his books in his locker, and one of the girl's, who had been trying to get him to date her, asked, "Since you don't date any of the girls are you a queer?" Of course she was expecting him to deny it.

He calmly looked at her and told her "You betcha, and there are sure a lot of cute guys in this school." She was so shocked and embarrassed; she turned bright red, let out a little squeak and fled down the hall.

The other students standing around laughed and one of them jokingly asked, "You're not serious are you?"

He looked at them and smiled and in a very level voice "Yes I am serious, I am Gay and I am proud to be Gay." He turned, closed his locker and headed for gym class. They stood there in stupefied silence for a couple of minutes after he left.

When he got to the locker room and went straight to Coach's office and told him what had happened and asked to be allowed to speak to the whole class. Coach agreed and they went out into the gym.

Coach was a stickler about getting started on time, and when they got to the gym floor everybody was just milling around wondering why class was late getting started. Coach blew his whistle and called everyone over and told them to sit on the floor. Coach turned to Jeb and said; "Go ahead."

Jeb looked at them and told them that they would be hearing about what had happened by his locker when they went to their next class and that he wanted them to hear it from him first. He explained what had happened, what he had said and then told them.

"As far as I am concerned nothing is different, I am still the same person I was before you knew I was Gay. I respect all of you and I haven't tried to hit on any of you for sex and that won't change. I am still willing to be your friend." He looked at Coach and said, "That's all."

Coach walked over and extended his hand and shook Jeb's. "Go and get dressed" he said quietly, "take you time as I need to talk to these guys." Jeb left to get changed.

As soon as Jeb was in the locker room, Coach turned back to the class, the buzz of conversation died down and Coach said "Alright everyone look at me." Once he had their attention, he reminded them about the school's zero tolerance rules on harassment. Then added his own special embellishment "I don't want any problems in this class and if there are I will personally put your asses in a sling. Alright get with it." Just about everyone headed for their assigned tasks, some went over to Coach and asked to talk to him.

Jeb took about 10 minutes to change and headed for the gym floor. When he got to the gym he saw a half a dozen guys talking with Coach. Coach saw him and waved him over. He told Jeb, "These guys have something to say to you." And walked away.

One guy immediately stepped forward and held out his hand, Jeb raised his and they shook hands, and he was told "That took balls, we just wanted to tell you we don't give a shit that you're gay, and we would like to be your friends."

Jeb smiled and shook hands more enthusiastically, smiled and said, "I would like that." And they shook hands all around.

Jeb became even more popular at school, especially with the girls, even the one who asked him if he was queer. He was polite aloof with the girls, and always friendly with the boys. His popularity with the girls was what led to his suspension.

Jeb had joined the wrestling team and was doing well, In the middle of the season, the team had a by week and Coach had told them if they didn't want to attend practice all week they could skip a couple of sessions. Jeb decided to skip Friday's session and left after school with the rest of the students. Which actually turned out to be a good thing. The rest of the team had skipped Friday too.

Some guys who couldn't get a dates were blaming Jeb for their problem, they didn't like the fact that Jeb was Gay and popular with the girls. They blamed him for their inability to get dates. They being rather narrow between the ears decided that he needed to be taught a lesson. It turned out they learned the lesson.

Three of them were hanging out after school trying to get a girls to go out with them, and after getting repeatedly turned down, saw Jeb leaving and decided to get him.

They spread out along the walk and as Jeb passed the first one he tried to grab Jeb's arms and hold them behind his back, while his friends punched him. He was the first one to learn the lesson, "Don't Fuck with Jeb."

Jeb felt him grab his arms, and slammed his head back into his face and broke his nose. The Guy let go of his arms in time for Jeb to block the punch of the second guy and hit him square on the jaw, he broke it, knocking him out cold. The third guy instead of stopping charged Jeb with his hand raised over his head to hit him. When the guy started the punch, Jeb grabbed it and threw him over his shoulder. When he landed his leg was twisted under him and it broke in two places. The whole thing was over in less than ten seconds.

Since all of the team had skipped Friday's session, Coach was leaving early and had just come out an entrance close to where the action took place with two other teachers. Three other teachers and about a dozen students had left the same time Jeb had and there were a half a dozen parents waiting in their cars for their kids.

They all saw Jeb attacked and the attackers dispatched.

We latter found out that Jeb had been in Golden Gloves since he was eleven and had practiced several different forms of Martial Art over the years. They sure had picked the wrong person to attack.

Coach took off toward Jeb and he saw him coming, Jeb called out "Its ok Coach, I'm done and I'm not going anywhere."

Coach stopped in front of him and asked, "Are you OK?"

"Yea Coach I think I am." Jeb replied

The teachers and parents went to check on the injured boys and a Senior was sent to the office to call for ambulances, the police and tell the principal, Mr. Walker.

The principal arrived first and saw Coach and Jeb standing there, and went over. He asked Coach what had happened and Coach explained what he had seen.

Mr. Walker listened, and turned to Jeb, "I'm sorry son, but the school district has a zero tolerance policy about fighting on school grounds. I have to suspend you for a week that goes for those guys too. I know you didn't start the fight and that it doesn't seem fair, but it is a rule that I can't change even though I want to." Mr. Walker gave a chuckle, "Besides even if you didn't start the fight, you sure ended it."

While they were talking the ambulances had arrived and were treating the three boys. The police finally arrived saw Mr. Walker and Coach with Jeb standing between them and came running over. The sergeant yelling, "Is that the punk who beat these kids up."

He had pulled his handcuffs out and was reaching for Jeb. Coach knocked his arm aside and bellowed, "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THING YOU'RE DOING!" Coach proceeded to tell them that if they arrested Jeb he would have their badges by evening.

Coaches yelling had attracted the three-dozen or so teachers, parents and students who had been standing around. They all surrounded the officers yelling at them that they should be arresting the other three.

Mr. Walker managed to get things calmed down and explained what had happened, with everyone there collaborating his statements. Since the attackers were all 18, the officers issued them summonses for Assault to take with them to the emergency room.

Mr. Walker looked at Jeb, "Jeb, I will conduct an investigation over the weekend and with all these witnesses in your favor you won't be expelled. Expulsion is something that I can and will fight. I need you and your parents to be in my office at 3:30 on Monday after school lets out. I know that you live pretty far out of town, do you have a way to get home?"

Coach jumped in and said "I'll take him home and explain to his parents what happened so that he doesn't get into more trouble."

Monday at 3:30 Jeb and his parents arrived at school and were met by Coach. He asked them to come with him to a classroom near the Principals office, there was a police officer standing outside. As soon as they saw the officer, Coach explained, "There have been some threats made and the officer has instructions to allow no one other than myself or Mr. Walker to enter this classroom. I have to go to the principals office now, and I will be back to get you for the meeting" and left.

When Coach arrived in the school's outer offices, he could hear shouting from the conference room. The Sergeant from last Friday and 4 additional officers were sitting there like tardy students.

In the conference room seated on one side of the conference table were Mr. Walker, the School District Superintendent, the State Superintendent of Schools and two lawyers representing the school and the state.

They had been served with lawsuits by the parents of the three boys, who were still in the hospital. They were seated on the other side of the table along with their lawyers. They were all yelling and no one could understand what was being said.

The Chief of Police was seated on one end of the table; he had set his hat on the table with a tape recorder behind it.

When Coach walked in he bellowed "QUIET!" There was immediate silence; Coach said, "I have been selected to chair this meeting, everyone will have a chance to speak, but only one at a time. Since you have lawyers here representing you they will be allowed to speak first.

The lawyers looked at each other one stood up and asked, "Where is this Jeb boy and his parents so we can serve them?"

Coach said, "They're here in the school, now that things have settled down I'll go get them. Since there are so many people in this room its getting kinda warm in here so I"ll open these other doors on the way out, Ok Mr. Walker?" Mr. Walker just nodded.

As Coach left to get Jeb and his parents, the Sergeant and the four officers quietly walked over to the doors so that they could see the Captain, but no one else could see them.

Coach briefed Jeb and his parents where to go and stand when they entered the conference room. Coach took them and the last officer and entered the conference room.

As soon as Jeb entered the conference room two of the fathers stood up. The first shouted, "Your little son of a bitch, I'll kill you." The second yelled, "You queer faggot, I'll cut off your balls." The third just sat there not saying anything, his wife's restraining hand on his arm.

The officers rushed in, grabbed the two fathers who had threatened Jeb and handcuffed them. The chief of Police read them their rights. He told them they could sit there quietly and hear the rest of the proceedings or be taken to jail. They sat quietly.

Coach looked at the attorney who had spoken and asked "You have something for these folks, don't you? He stood up and not saying a word handed them the lawsuit papers.

Coach announced, "We will now proceed with the rest of the business of this meeting."

The State Superintendent of Schools stood up and accepted a folder from the lawyer on his right. He reviewed the zero tolerance rule about fighting on school grounds, all of the legal challenges that had been tried and failed.

He handed each of the parents the notice of suspension. The lawyer handed him another folder and without a word handed each of the parents of the boys who had attacked Jeb the expulsion orders and sat down.

Coach announced, "The business of this meeting is now over, you may leave." The officers took the two fathers off to jail their wives trailing behind. The family whose father had remained sitting and silent stayed in their seats. Coach looked as them and asked "Is there something else your would like to say?"

Their lawyer stood and explained, "My clients are scheduled to move this Saturday, they would like to move as a family and want to withdraw from the lawsuit. They request that the assault charges against their son be dropped so that they can move as a family," and sat down.

The school lawyer looked at Jeb and his parents and they all nodded in agreement. "We will agree to this with a stipulation, when your son is released from the hospital that he is essentially under house arrest, he is not to leave your residence without one or both of you," the lawyer stated.

The father spoke, "We are agreeable to the stipulation, but our son turned 18 a month ago and we can no longer speak for him, you will have to ask him. We believe that he will agree." He did.

The father stood up and address Jeb and his parents, "I would like to apologize on behalf of my son, my wife and myself. We are withdrawing from the lawsuit regardless of out son's decision." Jeb walked over and shook their hands.

The two other fathers had insisted that the lawsuit proceed. With all of the depositions, 15 from the teachers, parents and the students over 18 and 23 form the students under 18 the judge ruled the lawsuit moot and threw it out.

The two fathers who had threatened Jeb were tried and found guilty. They were sentenced to a year in jail and four years supervised probation and 1000 hours of community service in gay service organizations. Their wives divorced them while they were in jail.

The two boys were each given a 1 year suspended sentence, 1 year of probation and 300 hours each in gay service organizations. They finished their community service in two and a half months and asked their PO to arrange a meeting with Jeb where they apologized to him. They are still helping out at the gay service organizations.

As I was finishing my lunch I was thinking, "Wow how could I have forgotten about all of that, it had really stirred up the community and opened their eyes to the Gay situation."

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