My Story -- Brothers, Friends and Lovers

Chapter 14 -- Nothing But Frustrations

(Tuesday, A New Worry and a Surprise)

By Sasquatch

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As Jeb and I finished eating our lunches we kept the talk to inconsequential things about school. I told him about the teachers that left and the ones that were on sick leave, which resulted in the screwed up schedules. That was why I had 3 free periods in a row today, which meant that I still had over 2-1/2 hours to kill before I had to be back for my next class. He told me that he had finished his classes at the Community College for the day and had the afternoon free.

We dumped our trays in the trash and headed out of the food court. Jeb seemed to be deep in thought so I just followed him quietly, wondering what was on his mind. What was so important that he needed to talk to me privately about it?

He looked at me and said, "Dave, I want to make a suggestion and I assure you that I'm not trying to seduce you. There's going to be a lot of kids from school here in a little while and we won't be able to avoid being seen by them, and some will draw the wrong conclusions. I would like to take you over to my apartment where we can talk in private and not have to worry about nosy parkers. It's only about a 10-minute drive from here and about the same from there to your school. I promise that I will give you a ride back to school in time for you to report in and get to your next class. How about it?"

I though about it for a few seconds and said, "Sure it sounds like a good idea and you have me really curious and wondering what this is all about."

"Be patient," he replied, "I'll explain it all when we get there."

We headed out into the parking lot, got into Jeb's car and headed for his apartment. When we got there he opened the door and invited me in. It was a one-bed room and while the furniture was old it was in good shape. You could tell right away that it was a, quote-bachelor's-unquote pad and when you looked a little closer you could see that it was a gay bachelors apartment.

Jeb offered me something to drink and I told him that I had had my allotment of soda for the day with lunch, that some ice water would be fine. He brought both of us glasses of water and sat down on the couch next to me. I was looking at him expectantly.

He looked at his glass for about 10 seconds, turned to me and said, "I don't know how to go about telling you this, so I'll just blurt it out. The word is out around school that you and Bill are an item. I don't know how you were found out, but it doesn't really matter, nor does it matter if it's true or not. I wanted to warn you to be careful and tell you to warn Bill to be careful too. There are still some of the narrow minded types at the school who will try to cause you problems."

Jeb could see from the look on my face that his announcement was a surprise to me that I was worried and also that it was true. I said, "I don't know what to say this comes as a surprise." I paused for a while and continued, "Jeb I trust you even though I don't know you, and your reputation at school is that you are honest and that you can be trusted." After another pregnant pause I told him, "Yes its true Bill and I are in love with each other." I felt relief at being able to tell someone else how I felt about Bill.

"While Bill and I don't have your skills," I continued, "we are in good shape and will be on the look out for any problems. I don't think that either or us could take on three guys like you did, but we will sure give them everything we can if they choose to start something."

"Good," Jeb said, "I am glad that you are not to scared by this and that your are taking it seriously. I feel sure that either of you can handle most guys if they start something, just remember to use the skills that you are most comfortable with and the outcome will most likely be in your favor."

"Oh, before I forget," Jeb, said smiling, "congratulations to both of you and I hope that you have a happy and successful relationship."

I smiled and said, "Thanks, I will let Bill know about the problem and you good wishes too." I was thinking real hard and frowning, wondering if I should ask Jeb for some help deciding what I should do to make Bill feel as good as he had me.

Jeb was looking at me and asked, "Do you have something else on your mind, other than what we just talked about, that you would like to talk to me about?"

I sighted and said, "Yea I do, but I am not sure where to begin or what to ask."

Looking at me he smiled and asked, "Is it about you and Bill and sex?"

Grinning, kinda embarrassingly, I replied, "Yea, it is."

"Well," he said, "I realize that your two have only been together a short time and are a little less experienced than me, but don't let that worry you. Why don't you tell me what you guys have done so far and then perhaps I can make some suggestions."

I spent the next 15 minutes or so telling Jeb about everything that Bill and I had done starting with the shower in school.

When I had finished, Jeb gave a little sigh and said, "That is very nice and very erotic. I could feel you expressing your emotions and closeness to Bill while you were telling me. I envy you your love and again wish you happiness."

"I am sure you realize," he continued, "that after what happened last year I didn't lack for male companionship in my bed. A lot of them were straight guys who want to experiment once or twice. A lot of the girls tried too, but I am not attracted to them and I declined them as politely as I could."

"But, my conquests are not what we were discussing, we need to determine what it is that you and Bill can experience that will show him how you feel about him and please him sexually."

Jeb thought for a few minutes and stated, "You told me that you and Bill read some stories on the web and watched some Bi porn. I am sure from what you said that there were some things on the videos you were curious about. Why don't you tell me what you are most curious about?" he asked.

"W e e l l l," I stammered and paused for a few second, "I am curious about everything we saw. We have only tried kissing and sucking each other, which was great," I paused, thinking about the last video one scene in particular came to mind. "There was one scene in the last video we watched," I started, pausing, as I didn't know what to call what they were doing, "there were two guys sucking each other and a third one licking his ass and it seemed to be driving him crazy," I finished.

Jeb grinning, said, "I can give you the name for that, it's rimming. It is one of my favorite activates with a guy. I really enjoy receiving it. I also love to give it and watch him squirm around on the bed begging for more."

"The sensations associated with rimming cannot be explained in a way that you can use them to learn how to do it. The sensations that are created and experienced are different for each person. When you are doing it to someone else they are totally different for you then the sensations you feel when someone is doing it to you. They have to be experienced.

"Well here I go breaking a promise. Dave I really didn't invite you over here to seduce you, but the only way to learn how to rim is to do it with someone who enjoys both parts of it, the giving and the receiving. The only way that I know how to teach this to you is by inviting you into my bed. If you don't want to I will understand, it's totally up to you."

I thought for a few second and told Jeb, "If I do this then won't I be being unfaithful to Bill?"

Jeb looked at me seriously and said, "Dave, being in love with Bill and being faithful to him are important, as well as honesty and expressing your feelings to him. Gay men can be faithful and completely monogamous although this is rare. It seems that it is built into the gay male ego to want to enjoy sex with other men. The most typical gay relationships are those where each partner occasionally experiments with someone else or both of you bring a third and sometimes a forth into your bed for the enjoyment that you can give and receive sexually and still be faithful and in love with each other."

"I am not telling you this to seduce you, but to let you know that this is the way that things really happen. Not just in the gay world, but the straight world too. Again it's up to you to decide, the choice is always yours, and I will respect you just as much if you say `no' as I will if you say `yes', no matter which you decide, you are the only one who can chose."

I sat there contemplating and recalled Jeb's reputation for honesty and sincerity and that he was well respected by his classmates. I had no reason not to believe him. I also knew that he was exciting and good looking and I was sure that I would enjoy the experience, but would there be guilt and shame for being unfaithful to Bill?

I thought about Bill and realized that if Bill was in my place and decided to go ahead, that I would still love him just as much. Not only would I would be able to enjoy a new and exciting experience, I would be able to enjoy creating the same excitement for Bill. I also felt that Bill would be just as understanding as I would be.

I looked over at Jeb and exclaimed, "Yes Jeb, I want to go to bed with you and have you teach me everything about rimming."

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