My Story Brothers, Friends and Lovers

Chapter 2 - The Next Day

By Sasquatch

Copyright 2005 by Sasquatch

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The next day after Coach left instead of practicing we sat on the wrestling mat across from each other tongue-tied. Neither of us knowing how to start talking about what had happened yesterday in the showers. After sitting there for what seemed like hours, but was only 5 minutes, we looked at each other and at the same time said "Well". We laughed and this broke the ice.

"Did you like what we did yesterday?" Bill asked.

"Yes," I responded, "how about you?"

"Yea and I would like to do it again," replied Bill.

We sat and talked about how it felt to touch each other and the feelings our bodies experienced. Especially when we held each other's cocks and jerked each other to climax.

Before we realized it we only had enough time for a quick shower before our fathers arrived and didn't get a chance to re-experience these feelings.

It was Friday, so we would have the weekend to spend some time together and explore how we wanted to continue. We agreed to meet in the practice room on Saturday after our parents left with our younger brothers to go shopping for some new clothes as both had outgrown theirs.

Shortly after 9 on Saturday morning the phone rang and it was Bill letting me know that his parents and Harry had just left and that he was heading out to the practice room. My parents and George left about 10 minutes later and I headed out to the practice room too.

When I got there, Bill was doing some warm up exercises and I joined him. After about 10 minutes, we both stopped and looked at each other and with out saying a word we started undressing. We just stood there in all of our naked glory and looked at each other.

I tentatively reached out, touched Bills chest, and started lightly rubbing my thumb across his nipple. I heard a soft moan and when I looked down at his cock, it was as hard as a rock. I could see that he was leaking precum.

We moved closer and started using our hands to explore each other's body. Soon we were holding each other's cocks, gently moving our hands back and forth. I could feel my body tingling in response to Bill's gentle manipulation of my cock. When I looked at his face his eyes were closed and his mouth slightly open softly sighing to my jerking of his cock.

We moved closer together until our bodies were touching, still gently jerking each other. Our other hands were exploring each other's back and ass. Gently caressing and feeling the smoothness of each other's skin. When Bill's hand touched my muscled ass he gently squeezed my cheeks. I felt a tingle all over my body.

While caressing each other's ass, we started to speed up our jerking and I could feel my climax getting closer and closer. I felt Bills cock twitch and it seemed to get harder and bigger in my hand, about three jerks of my hand and I felt him starting to cum. I realized that I was cumming also.

As our climaxes subsided, we crumpled to the mat and lay there with our bodies entwined. As we relaxed and our breathing retuned to normal I realized that we were both still holding each other's cock. After a few minutes, we looked at each other and smiled. For the rest of the morning until our parents and bothers returned we practiced wresting holds in the nude. Being able to completely touch each other's body, we were both hard until we went home for lunch with our families.

Our parents had met at the mall and agreed that our brothers could go to a mutual friends birthday party and spend the night. Our parents were going to the company's dinner party in the city that evening and decided to stay at the hotel instead of trying to drive home at two in the morning. They had agreed that Bill and I could stay in one of our homes; and left the choice up to us.

We decided to stay at my house as I had some new video games that we wanted to try out. This was the first time for Bill and I to be left on our own.

The afternoon dragged on with preparations for our brothers to go to the birthday party and our parents their company party. They seemed endless, with repeated instructions on how to contact them if there were any problems. What we could and could not do while we were home alone. Around 5 o'clock, Bill arrived with his parents carrying an overnight bag. We received final instructions from both sets of parents and they finally left. We now had the house to ourselves.

My mom had prepared some dinner for us, with instructions on how to warm it up when we were ready to eat. Since it was only 5 o'clock we decided to wait an hour or two before eating and went for a bike ride to burn off some of the anxiety of being on our own.

We got back a shortly after six, warned up our food, and watched a move while eating. After the movie, we cleaned up the dishes and the kitchen a little after 8 p'clock and went to my room. We had been sorta putting it off because we knew it was going to be a new experience for us tonight.

When we got to my room, we both became kinda shy trying to decide what to do. Play a video game, surf the net, watch another movie, avoiding what it was we really wanted. We just weren't sure how to go about it and neither of us wanted to show our ignorance.

Still trying to overcome our unexpected shyness, Bill suggested that we sit down on the bed and just talk for a while. We sat just far enough apart so that we wouldn't accidentally touch each other and looked at the floor.

After a few minutes of silence I broke the ice and told Bill "I enjoyed what we did in the shower at school and this morning in the practice room."

"So did I" after a moment of silence Bill continued, "I want to do more, but I don't know how you feel about it."

I looked up at him and said, "I do too, but I wasn't sure that you wanted to. Now that we both know that we want to, the only question is how we go about it."

I looked at him and expressed what would turn out to be both of our concerns, "You know what we have done and what we going to do probably means that we are gay."

"Yea" Bill replied, "but as long as no one else knows we don't have to worry about being harassed." Frowning Bill continued, "We don't want to let any of our friends at school find out about us just to be on the safe side. What they don't know won't cause us any problems."

Agreeing I said "I think you are right if we are discrete then no one will know and we won't have to worry about defending ourselves." Pausing a few seconds, I exclaimed "I have an idea, have you every looked at any of the sites on the Internet that tell about being gay?"

"Yea I have, have you?" he asked

"I have," I stated, "lets look at the Nifty site and some porn sites to see what we can find in the stories and the pictures."

We spent almost an hour looking at various stories on Nifty. We agreed that we wanted to explore our feelings about sex with each other, and based upon what we read in some of the stories had a reasonable idea of what to do. We agreed that what we had done so far was the direction we wanted to continue and just let things happen as they may. We also visited some of the Gay porn sites and from the preview pictures we got some visual ideas of what the stories were talking about.

It was a just after nine o'clock and we decided that this was a good time to go to bed and let nature take its course. Just as we started undressing the phone rang. It was our parents letting us know how to contact them in case of an emergency, the dinner was over and they were going out dancing. They wanted to make sure everything was fine at home. We assured them that everything was fine and we were getting ready to watch a video before going to bed.

Needless to say the phone call cooled our ardor. We decided it was a good idea to watch a video and relax after the stress of the call. What would have happened if they'd called right in the middle of our experimenting?

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