My Story -- Brothers, Friends and Lovers

Chapter 3 - The Videos

By Sasquatch

Copyright 2005 by Sasquatch

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We went down to the family room and were looking through our video collection to decide which one to watch and I started staring off into space. Bill had to shake me to ask me which of the videos he had selected I wanted to watch.

I was looking at him with a vacant stare and he had a puzzled expression on his face and asked "Dave is there anything wrong?"

"No" I replied, "maybe everything is right, or better yet I may have remembered something that may make our time together tonight better."

His expression became even more quizzical and with a puzzled frown, "What do you mean?" he asked.

"A few years ago my dad had the `Birds and the Bees' talk with me and he told me that I was old enough now to know not to just walk into his and mom's bedroom when the door was closed. I was to knock on the door and wait for them to invite me in and then I was only to do this if it was really important or an emergency. He said that when they had the door closed it meant that they were making love and didn't want to be disturbed unless it was really important."

Bill was still looking at me as if I had two heads and said, "What does that have to do with which movie we are going to watch or what we wanted to do earlier?"

"Perhaps everything" I replied. "About a month after Dad's talk with me, I woke up with a stomach cramp and went to their side of the house. Their bedroom door was closed and I was about to knock when I heard moaning coming from their room. Then I heard a strange sounding voice saying `Fuck me harder' and more moaning and realized that it was my mom. I heard my dad's voice say `Beth do you want to try what they are doing on the video' and my mom laughing said `only if you think you are that flexible'. I could hear them moving around on the bed and since my cramp had gone away I went back to my bedroom and to sleep. I bet they were watching a porn video and maybe they have some in their bedroom."

Bill smiled at me and said, "Wow, if they do then we could watch one."

We rushed to my parent's bedroom and looked around. They had an entertainment center against one wall with their TV so that they could watch it from the bed. I opened the doors on the entertainment center, but found only normal videos. I thought "Well so much for that idea." Standing there frowning I was wondering if we should look in the closet, or the dresser, or under the bed.

Bill was looking disappointed also and then said "Hey Dave you haven't checked everything in the entertainment center yet, this panel isn't a door like the others it slides out, see." When he pulled it out there were two shelves full of videos. There were about 15 to 18 on each shelf.

"We hit the mother lode." I exclaimed as I grabbed one off of the shelf, "wow look at these pictures." The front and back of the video covers had pictures of naked men and women. We started on the top shelf and started looking at the pictures and information on the covers. There were naked men and women in all kinds of sexual positions. When we got part half way through the bottom shelf the pictures on the covers changed, there were still naked men and women and they were still having sex, but these pictures also showed men have sex with men and women with women.

When we started looking at the titles and the descriptions, we found that these videos were bisexual porn. There was 10 of them and we decided that we would take a couple of the straight videos and all of the BI videos and watch a little of each one to see which ones we wanted to watch all of. We were both excited now and rushed back to my room to watch them on my TV and VCR.

When we got back to my room I became kinda shy again and asked Bill if he was sure that he wanted to watch the videos and what might follow.

He replied emphatically, "Yes, I enjoyed what we did and want to do more unless you don't", ending on with a disappointed note in his voice.

I looked at him, smiled and told him "I just wanted to be sure that you wanted this as much as I do and I didn't want to force you into doing something that you would rather not."

"Well" he replied, "lets look at the videos and enjoy ourselves."

I had kept the videos in order so that when we retuned them my parent's room they wouldn't know that we had used them. We started with the two straight videos.

I turned on the TV and put the first straight move in the VCR and turned back to the bed, and saw that Bill had undressed and was lying on the bed sporting a huge grin and an equally impressive and huge hard-on. I was removing my clothes as quickly as possible as I stumbled back to the bed with the remote control.

As I lie down on the bed I was glad that my parents had bought my brother and myself queen size beds. There was plenty of room on the bed for what Bill and I hoped to be a new and exciting experience.

The first video was kind of slow starting with a lot of inane dialog and both the man and woman fully clothed, it seemed like they were never going to get to the point of being naked and having sex. After less than10 minutes and with out cocks going soft, we decided to check out the second straight movie.

This one started out faster, both the man and the woman were busy undressing each other and kissing and touching intimately and in less than 5 minutes they were both totally naked. The guy had a huge cock it looked to be at least 9 or 10 inches long and 3 or 4 inches thick, the chick was kneeling down in front of him sucking on the head of his cock. This seemed to go on and on with no variation, so I fast-forwarded it until we saw him fucking her. After watching for a couple of minutes we both agreed that this wasn't what we really wanted to see so we skipped the rest of the straight videos and put in one of the bi-sexual ones.

We hit pay dirt; everyone was already naked when the movie started. The two women were lying on the floor head to toe each sucking on the cock of the guys kneeling at their heads and another two guys were between their legs eating out their pussies.

What really caught our attention were the two guys next to them also laying head to toe and sucking on each other's cocks. Both of their cocks were 9 or 10 inches long and they were bobbin up and down the full length of each others cock until their noses were pressed into their balls. The camera stayed on these guys for 3 or 4 minutes and then panned to the guys eating pussy.

After a couple of minutes of this they stopped eating pussy and started moving up between the women's legs. Kneeling between the women's legs they started to push their cocks into the women's pussies. I looked over at Bill and could see his cock leaking pre-cum and twitching a little I glanced down and saw the same thing was happening to my cock. When I looked back the guys were fucking the women's pussy as fast as they could. The two guys that had been sucking each other were moving up behind them.

Bill said, "What are they going to do now, those guys don't have a pussy to fuck."

"I guess that we will just have to wait and see", I replied.

The two men fucking the women leaned forward and started sucking on the cocks of the other two guys alternating with the two women. This of course brought their asses up in the air. And the camera focused on this for a minute or so.

The video panned back to the men's asses and we saw the cocks of the other two guys sliding up and down their ass cracks. The camera moved in closer to one and we could see their ass holes and we watched in awe as the huge cocks were slowly pushed into the men's asses.

By now I was really excited and close to coming with out even touching my cock. I looked over at Bill's cock and could see a puddle of pre-cum on his stomach just above his cock head. He moaned and started shooting his load all over his stomach and chest, he fired 4 strong ropes of cum and several weaker ones, his first spurt actually landed on his forehead nose and lips. This sent me over the edge and I shot my load of cum with my first two ropes of cum landing on my face and covering my chest and stomach with three more before the cum started to dribble out of the head of my cock.

We both lie there exhausted and enjoying the after glow of the strongest ejaculations we had ever experienced. After a minute or so our breathing slowed and we smiled at each other and started giggling because of the cum on our faces. By now this video was ending and the credits rolling just like a regular movie.

As I looked at Bill I said, "Damn that was hot and I came all over myself and so did you with out even touching our cocks."

"Yea did I" he exclaimed "and I want to watch the other videos."

I reached into my nightstand and gave Bill my cum towel and watched as he cleaned himself up. He handed me the towel and I started wiping up my cum and by the time I finished the towel was soaked in our cum.

We watched the other nine movies fast-forwarding through the parts of the men doing the women or the women doing each other. We were both hard as steel and would reach over and gently jerk each other's cock until we were close to cumming and then stop. We managed to get through all 9 of the videos without cumming again and were really excited.

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