My Story -- Brothers, Friends and Lovers

Chapter 5 -- The Next Morning

By Sasquatch

Copyright 2005 by Sasquatch

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I woke up about seven the next morning with my usual piss hard-on. I was still hugging Bill and I could feel his morning wood poking me in the stomach. Our noses were almost touching and his lips were slightly parted, breathing gently.

I turned my head and brought our lips together then gently and slowly pushed my tongue between his lips moving it side to side. Even asleep Bill responded by capturing my tongue between his lips and trying to pull it into his mouth. His tongue started to move with mine, his eyes opened slowly. Awakened he sucked on my tongue and pulled us together our bodies in close contact, grinding his groin into mine.

Bill pulled back breaking our kiss and said, "If I keep doing this I am goanna pee all over you."

"Yea me too" I replied.

We turned and climbed out of bed and started toward my bathroom. "I'm so hard that I'll never get my dick bent down to pee in the toilet." I told Bill, "I normally just do it while I shower."

"I do that too" Bill replied, "so let's just take a shower together and do it there."

I nodded in agreement and started the hot water running and then the cold to get the temperature right. My showerhead has a turn off at the head to conserve water, so I turned it off knowing what will happen as soon as the warm water splashed on my cock.

Bill and I stepped into the shower facing each other, smiled and hugged our bodies together and started kissing. I reached up to the showerhead and turned on the water. The warm water was flowing between our bodies and reached our cocks. We both let go with our morning piss. With our cocks pointing straight up our bodies, we could feel our hot piss on our stomachs and chests. We pulled our bodies slightly apart and our strong streams splashed against each other's chins. We continued kissing until our flow stopped then carefully washed and dried each other.

Being normal growing teenagers, the next thought that came to mind was breakfast. We headed to the kitchen naked as the day we were born. We were both ravenous and wanted a large breakfast. Fortunately our parents believed that boys should know how to cook, so we had started cooking when we were about 9 years old. We both were fairly good cooks.

I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a carton of eggs, milk, juice and a large ham steak and put them on the counter. There was an electric skillet on the counter and a bag of potatoes and a couple of onions. I turned to Bill and said "Why don't you get the ham and eggs ready to cook while I grated some potatoes and onions for hash browns."

Bill nodded and asked, "How many eggs should I make and do you want them fried or scrambled?"

"Make the whole dozen and it will be easier to just scramble them." I replied, "The spices are in the cabinet to the right of the stove."

While Bill started cracking eggs into a bowl, I turned on the electric fry pan to start warming. I grabbed the food processor and plugged it in. I threw about ½ a dozen potatoes in the sink and turned the water on to wash them. I peeled the two onions and cut them in pieces and ran them through the food processor. I got a couple of sticks of butter from the frig and gave one to Bill. I put about a quarter of a stick in the fry pan to melt.

While the butter was melting I scrubbed the potatoes and put them on the cutting board. I put the grated onions and a couple of cloves of minced garlic in the fry pan to start sautéing. I cut the potatoes into small enough sections to feed into the food processor and grated them. The onions were just starting to soften and I added the potatoes to the fry pan and spread them out, they were about an inch thick, and covered the fry pan.

While I was doing this Bill had scrambled the eggs with a little milk, seasoned them with black pepper, garlic powder and dill weed. They were ready to go in the frying pan when I told him the hash browns were almost done. He had cut the ham steak in half and seasoned it with black pepper. The two frying pans were warming on the stove with butter melting in them. He had set the table and poured each of us a glass of milk and juice.

I checked the hash browns and saw that they were browning nicely. I cut them into four pieces and scooped them out onto a plate. I added more butter to the pan and as soon as it melted turned the squares of hash browns over and put theme back in the pan to finish browning. I told Bill to start the ham and eggs and got some grated cheddar and mozzarella cheese from the refrigerator. I sprinkled cheddar on two of the squares and mozzarella on the other two and put the cover back on.

I watched Bill stirring the eggs in the frying pan and turned the ham steaks over. I could see that the eggs were almost done.

I took the cover off the fry pan and the cheeses were nicely melted. I grabbed another plate and put a square hash browns with each type of cheese on the plates. I turned off the fry pan, disconnected it and put it in the sink with water running into it. Bill was just finishing the eggs, I forked a piece of ham steak on each plate and took the frying pan to the sink. Bill had just finished sliding scrambled eggs onto each plate and put that frying pan in the sink and turned off the water. I sprinkled a little of each cheese on the eggs as a garnish.

We each grabbed a plate, went to the table and ate the best breakfast that we had ever had.

It was Sunday and while Bill cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher I grabbed a robe and went out to get the papers. As I was walking in the front door Bill came into the living room. I took off my robe, sat on the couch and offered Bill his choice of papers.

We were sitting next to each other but not really close. While we were checking out the sections of the paper we were interested, I noticed that Bill was occasionally glancing my way. I only noticed this as I was doing the same.

After about a half and hour of perusing the papers, Bill sat back and looked at me smiling. "Dave I really enjoyed last night and want to explore sex with you more. Since our parents and brothers won't be home until 3 or 4 this afternoon we have 5 or more hours to enjoy each other." Just smiling I reached out and took his hand, standing up I pulled him to his feet and led him to my bedroom. We were both hard before we left the living room.

When we got there I pulled him into an embrace, brought our lips together and proceeded to kiss him deeply and passionately. He responded to my kisses and pulled me tighter against his body, rubbing his cock and balls into mine. I broke the kiss and whispered to him "Bill I want us to suck each other's cock until we can't get hard any more."

Bill smiled and told me "Yes I want to do that, but first I want to enjoy your body and give you all of the pleasure I can." I just nodded in agreement.

He started kissing me again and then moved his lips to my chin and using his tongue he traced my jaw all the way to my left ear and tried to bury his tongue in it. I groaned loudly as the pleasure was flowing through my body that I thought I would cum right then. We were definitely learning about erogenous zones by experience.

He left my ear and nibbled his way down my neck to my collar bone, then traced it with his tongue to my shoulder, kissing my chest until he reach my nipple. He ran his tongue around it in both directions; finally closing his mouth he sucked it into exquisite hardness. He flipped my nipple with his tongue a few time and then used his teeth to gently nip it. All the while he was doing this I was moaning and groaning my head rolling from side to side. I had to hold on to him tightly as my knees were weak.

He left my nipple and nibbled his way down my pec and abs until he reached my belly button. He drove his tongue into my belly button and I started to squirm, this tickled and made me giggle. I realized that he was keeping track of what excited me and what didn't as he quickly left my belly button and traced his tongue to my right hip and down the outside of my thigh. He brought his tongue across my knee and started up my inner thigh. Before he got half way up I was trembling with excitement and mumbling "Oh yea, yea oooh oooooh yea."

Bill slowed and started nibbling on my thigh, working his way up to my balls. By the time Bill reached my balls I was trembling and my knees were weak. Bill had run his hands up the back of my thighs to where my ass and thighs joined. He had pressed his arms against my thighs and his shoulders above my knees to help me stand.

He touched my balls with the tip of his tongue and they pulled up tight and I thought I would cum, but that wasn't in Bill's plan. He quickly sucked one then the other and then both of my balls into his mouth and pulled them away from my scrotum. This pulled me back from the edge of the cliff, and my breathing slowed a little. After sucking on my balls for a couple of minutes he let them loose.

He licked up one side of my pubes and then the other; he went back and forth 8 or 10 times, never touching my cock. He placed his tongue firmly against my balls pressing them down again reducing my need to cum. Then he slowly licked up my shaft gathering my pre-cum and flicked the head of my cock with the tip of his tongue.

He brought his lips close to the head of my cock, opened his mouth and slowly exhaled his hot moist breath causing my cock to twitch. With his mouth wide open he captured my cock and breathing out lower his mouth half way down my cock. He paused for a few seconds, then closed his lips, sucked and moved back up to the head of my cock.

He spent some time just licking the head of my cock and teasing the cum slit. Then he started bobbing up and down my cock about half way lapping the head of my cock each time.

Finally he stopped with just the head of my cock in his mouth and waited. I could feel my climax building, my cock hardening and swelling. This is what he was waiting for; he lunged down my cock until it was buried in his throat, when his nose reached my pubes he started humming.

The sensations exploded through my cock and balls, through my whole body. My balls exploded with the strongest and largest ejaculation I had ever experienced. My first two shot straight down Bills throat. He pulled back to the head of my cock and was able to savor 4 more strong spurts and at least 4 or 5 weaker ones.

I was so overcome with the thrill and excitement of my climax I almost fainted. I had partially collapsed over Bill's head and my knees were sagging. Bill slowly let me slide down his body until I was sitting on his thighs and hugged me snuggly to his body. He was slowly kissing my face with such gentleness that I knew that he loved me.

I just relaxed into his embrace and lost myself in the feeling of bliss he had created for my special pleasure.


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