My Story -- Brothers, Friends and Lovers

Chapter 6 -- Afterglow

By Sasquatch

Copyright 2005 by Sasquatch

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I had no idea how long we embraced; it could have been minutes, hours or days. I was totally drained, relaxed, unable to move a muscle, I felt wonderful. Bill held me to his chest, my head resting on his shoulder. Holding me he gently stroked my back and buns, softly kissing my face. I melted into his loving embrace. I felt as if my body was joining with his, that we were becoming one.

I slowly started regaining my senses and could hear Bill's deep voice softly saying "relax love, relax, enjoy", then even more softly "I love you."

What he was saying was slowly sinking in to my coconsciousness; into the warm feeling of relaxation and contentment I was experiencing. Suddenly I realized why I felt so good, "BILL LOVES ME!" The realization of what he was saying, sank into my mind and caused feelings that were ecstasy beyond belief.

I shuddered as if I was having an orgasm, Bill hugged me a little tighter rubbing my body a little more firmly. I listened more carefully waiting for him to repeat what he was saying. He kissed my ear and in a soft exhale said the words "relax my love, just relax, David I love you."

"yes, Yeesss, YES!" I thought he really did say those words he really does love me.

I raised my head from his chest and brought our lips together in a gentle kiss. I broke the kiss and slowly leaned back, my eyes searching his face as I quietly asked "Bill do you really mean that?"

Bill ran his hands up my back until he had a firm but gentle grip on the back of my head and neck. He moved my head so that we were looking straight into each other's eyes, moving his head forward until our noses almost touched. In his deep voice, he gently but firmly said, "Yes David I really and truly Love You."

I brought my hands up and placed them behind his head and neck as he had done and with tears running down my cheeks told him "Bill, I really and truly Love You too."

We gently pulled our lips together in a soft kiss. Then exploded into a strong deep passionate one. Sliding our hands down each other bodies, wrapping our arms around each other, compressing our bodies together in a strong crushing hug. We eased our hug and our hands roamed softly, caressing each other's bodies.

Our kiss must have lasted for at least 15 minutes. We finally leaned back from each other and smiled. "WOW!" I exclaimed, "you have really made me feel wonderful, not just the way you made love to me, but telling me that you love me." I dropped my eyes and with apprehension in my voice softly asked, "You did mean it when you told me that you love me didn't you?"

Bill put his hands behind my head again and moved my head so that we were looking each other in the eyes. In a firm voice the told me, "Yes David, I meant exactly what I said. Did you?"

I leaned forward so out noses touched, looking directly into his eyes, starting in the same firm uncompromising tone of voice he had used "Oh yes Bill" I exclaimed, "I think that I have loved you since the first time we met, I really and truly love you", my voice filling with excitement as I confirmed my feelings for him.

"Bill if we hadn't met I think that I would have never experienced the wonderful feelings you created when you made love to me. I wouldn't have known what it feels like to be loved and desired by someone, I feel like I could burst. I am happy that we are finally being and doing what we both know is right for us." I exclaimed in a rush.

We sat there smiling at each other for a while and I leaned forward melting into his body while his firm and gentle arms held me close. I was so filled with happiness, so relaxed resting in Bill's embrace, that I was falling asleep. Bill gently moved me back, brushed his lips past mine. He said, "Dave lets go back to bed for awhile so that you can relax and get a little more sleep."

"Bill" I said softly, "I want you to experience those wonderful feelings, I want to make love to you."

Bill nodded and softly replied, "I want that too, but now I just want you to relax and enjoy the afterglow. I want to cuddle with you in bed and just let you enjoy what you experienced. We know now that we love each other. There will be time in the future for me to receive the sensual pleasure of your love."

Bill helped me stand, led me to the bed and helped me lay on my side; he slid into the bed behind me, pulled the covers up and nestled into to my back. He pulled my back into his chest and my buns into his groin. We were snuggled together like two spoons. He placed his arms around me and gently held me, so that we were touching as much as possible. He kissed the back of my neck and softly spoke those special words. "Relax my love, just relax, David I love you."

I could feel his love flowing from his body to mine, as he repeated those special words, I relaxed back into him and as I relaxed, I fell into a totally dreamless, refreshing sleep.

I slowly awoke, feeling Bill's gentle breathing on the back of my neck. I felt his arms around me and his body relaxed into mine. My mind slowly reran how Bill had made love to me, the excitement and sensations that he had created for me. My heart started beating faster as I remembered that after he made love to me he professed his love for me and I professed mine for him. "Ooohh WOW" I thought, it just feels so good to be with the man that I love feeling him holding me.

I looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand and it was a quarter to twelve, we had been asleep for almost two hours, and while I didn't want to wake Bill, my stomach betrayed me with a loud growl. I felt Bill stirring behind me, his hand rubbing my chest as he awoke. "David, are you awake?" he softly asked.

"Yea" I chuckled, "my stomach betrayed me, I wanted just to lay here feeling you holding me for the rest of my life." Just as I said that Bill's stomach rumbled. We both laughed and I said, "well I guess that we need to take care of the inner man, before they get so loud that they would drown out a thunder storm."

Bill laughing replied, "I guess your right, what's for lunch, I mean besides you?"

We got out of bed and went into the bathroom as we both needed to relieve our bladders. As we stood side by side at the toilet, Bill spoke, "Let me help you with that and reached over and took hold my cock. I naturally took hold of his, our streams started and we moved each others cocks back and forth crossing and re-crossing our streams like two kids peeing in the snow trying to write our names.

When we got to the kitchen both our stomachs growled in chorus. We just grinned at each other. "Bill the bread is over there, in the bread box" I pointed, "lets make Dagwood's so we'll need three slices of bread each. I want the Jewish Rye and you pick what you like. I'll get the fixin's out."

Having two growing teenage boys in the house my mom always makes sure that there is plenty of food stocked. I opened the frig and got out 6 different kinds of lunchmeat and three kinds of cheeses. Mustard. Mayo. Horseradish. Pickles. Lettuce. Sliced Onions and sliced Tomatoes. I looked again and found a container of my Mon's potato salad. "I'll fix the sandwiches" I told Bill, "you get the plates and divide the potato salad with some pickles, use the dinner plates so that there will be room for the sandwiches. Don't forget the drinks."

"Ok" Bill replied, "Do you want soda, milk or juice?"

"I would like milk and juice" I replied.

I started with a slice of rye bread and spread some horseradish on it, then a slice of Swiss, a slice or rare roast beef, and a slice of turkey and some salami, several rings of onion, a couple slices of tomato and a small leaf of lettuce. I spread some spicy mustard on the second slice of bread and put it mustard side down and spread some mayo on the second side. Next I added a slice of cheddar cheese, a slice of roast pork, baked ham and bologna. I topped that with a slice of Munster, some more rings of onion and tomato, and lettuce. "Hmmm" I thought "what to spread on the last slice of bread?"

I checked the frig and found a container of home made ranch dressing. I grabbed a small stainless steel mixing bowl and scooped about 4 tablespoons of ranch into it. I added a small amount of cayenne pepper, some dill weed, garlic powder, and parsley flakes. Shook about 4 squirts of Balsamic Vinegar in the bowl and drizzled some honey in, then whisked it all together.

I spread the mix on the last slice of bread and topped off the sandwich. I grabbed a chef's knife and cut the sandwiches in half. Bill had arrived with the plates just as I was finishing the dressing. I put a sandwich on each plate and we took our plates to the table to enjoy our lunch.

When we finished we cleaned up put everything in the dishwasher and let it run.

Bill took my hand and we walked toward the living room our naked hips bumping. We sat on the sofa, holding hands and smiling at each other.

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