My Story -- Brothers, Friends and Lovers

Chapter 7 -- The Excitement of New Found Pleasures

By Sasquatch

Copyright 2005 by Sasquatch

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Sitting there naked and holding hands with Bill felt a little strange. It wasn't the fact that we were naked, as we had seen each other this way many times. Nor was it that I was holding his hand. The strangeness was my feelings, my thoughts about what had passed between Bill and me.

I looked down for a moment, when I looked directly into Bill's eyes; I new that all that had been said and passed between us was true. I was happy but frightened, "Was I, or for that matter Bill ready for this?" I thought.

Bill took a deep breath, as his lips parted to speak; I placed my fingers gently over them and shook my head. "Bill I know what your going to say, that we have to talk about this and make plans, so that our parents, brothers and friends don't find out about us until we're ready. I know it's important, but we can talk tomorrow after practice, we will have the gym to ourselves and the privacy to bring everything out in the open discuss it."

I paused for a few seconds then continued "Besides, right now all I want to do is to make love to you like you did to me. I want you to experience the thrills and exciting feelings that you created for me."

Nodding his head in agreement he said, "Dave, you're right we can wait until tomorrow, the gym is the best place for us to talk. It will be private and we especially won't have our nosy little brothers around, snooping and trying to find out what is going on."

Bill paused for a moment, took a deep breath "I want you to make love to me, but we have to wait for a better time. Remember it took us almost three hours to recover this morning and I want it to be as right for me as it was for you."

"In two and a half hours or three hours our parents and brothers will be home and we definitely don't want them to catch us in the act." I nodded my head in agreement.

 "But that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy each other until then. How about your idea of sucking each other until we can't get Bonner's any more?" he exclaimed grinning at me.

"OK" I grinned, "I'll beat you to my bedroom." I finished as I stood up. We raced down the hall to my room and got jammed in the doorway in a tie. We stood there laughing and surveyed my room. What a disaster, clothes everywhere and the bed covers all twisted up.

Laughing Bill turned to me and said, "You better set your alarm clock for 3 so that we have time to clean up and shower before the `rents get home, you can bet that our brothers won't be back before them. I'll get the bed while you set the alarm." While I set the alarm Bill tossed the covers on the floor and the pillows on top of them.

"Do you remember that last video we watched, the one where the guys lay on top of each other then turned over while sucking each other?" Bill asked me.

"Yea, what about it?"

"Remember how they changed position by rolling over, while they kept on sucking each other? How the guy on top would fuck the mouth of the other guy until they turned over? I want us to do that and turn over after the one on top cums. I want to be on the bottom first. OK?"

"That sounds like fun" I answer with a big shit-eating grin, "lets get started."

Bill lay on the bed and stretched his arms above his head and spread his legs wide pulling his feet up toward his ass.

I crawled onto the bed, straddled Bill's arms with my knees at his armpits. As I settled down my balls hit his forehead. When I leaned forward my cock was resting along side of his nose.

I started moving forward to capture Bill's cock. My cock sliding down his nose, Bill tilted his chin up and turned his head a little and my cock slid into his hot moist mouth. He immediately started sucking on it; the feelings were so intense that I stopped for a moment, "Oh God Bill, that feels so wonderful, Ooooohh."

I lowered my head and stuck my tongue in Bill's belly button; I licked down his stomach until I captured the head of his cock between my lips. I closed my lips tightly around his shaft, continuing down his cock until I had it buried deep in my throat. My nose buried in his balls and my chin resting on his tightly curled black pubes.

I felt Bill hands on my ass pulling me down until my cock was fully embedded in his throat. He was gently massaging my cheeks and teasing my hole with his fingers. I shivered from the feelings he was creating.

I moved my arms so that I could get my elbows behind Bill's knees and pulled his legs back towards my body. Bill raised his legs and lightly locked his ankles behind my shoulders. My arms were holding his legs up and my hands were resting on his ass cheeks. I could see his ass hole pushing in and out to the beat of his pulse.

After about a minute I pulled back up Bill's cock, holding the head between my lips. I started tonguing his cock head as fast as I could, then gently sucking on it.

At the same time I was slowly thrusting in and out of Bill's mouth. My balls hitting his nose each time I bottomed in his mouth, holding my cock deep in his willing throat. Then repeating the slow withdrawal and thrust. It felt so good that I wanted it to go on forever.

I knew that Bill would want to cum when it was his turn to be on top, so I stopped aggressively sucking his cock. I relaxed my lips and slowly and gently caressed his cock head. When I took his cock deep in my throat, I didn't press my lips as tight on his shaft. With his cock buried in my throat I just held it there; I didn't swallow that way I didn't excite him as much. My goal was to keep him hard for his turn.

I felt Bills hands on my ass pushing and pulling, indicating that he wanted me to go faster. He kept it up until I was plunging in and out of his throat as fast as I could.

I was getting close. I could feel my climax building. With one final thrust I buried my cock as far into his willing throat as I could. I exploded with rope after rope of cum directly down his throat. I collapsed on top of Bill.

When my ejaculations slowed I pulled my cock out so only the head of my cock remained in his mouth. Bill nursed on it like a baby at his mother's breast.

I had cum so hard and furiously that I was breathing like I had just run a race. I rested my head on Bill's thigh; my mouth was wide open, inhaling and exhaling as fast as I could, with Bill's cock still in my mouth. My hot breaths were causing his cock to twitch and surge.

I could feel my still hard cock in Bill's mouth, hard, even after such a strong cum. As I got my breathing under control, I started sucking on Bill's cock. He took that as a signal that I was ready and pushed me over so that I was laying on my back. Both of our cock still firmly entrenched in each other's mouths.

Bill started thrusting in and out of my mouth with a slow steady motion. He was giving my cock a lot of attention, making sure that I stayed hard. When he was sure that I was going to stay hard, he started taking care of his own needs. This would be his first cum of the day.

I relaxed as he thrust deeply into my throat, and sucked as hard as I could as he pulled out. As he thrust faster and faster his balls were bouncing off my nose each time he bottomed his cock in my mouth. His urgency was building, he was moaning more often into my cock as he sucked it.

He pumped his cock in and out of my mouth as fast as he could, suddenly he stiffened and thrust his cock all the way into my mouth and held it there. Deep in my throat I could feel it swell and twitch as he fired his load of cum down my willing throat.

He suddenly relaxed and collapsed on my body. He drew his cock out of my throat and I drew in shuddering breaths. I could feel my cock being alternately heated and cooled as he panted around my cock.

As soon as I caught my breath I started nursing on the head of his cock like he had on mine. When his breathing slowed and he had been sucking on my cock for a minute or two, I pushed on him and he rolled over on his back with me on top again. We were still joined mouth to cock.

I lost track of how many times we rolled over after 6, it was probably only twice more, the last time we only rolled half way, laying on our sides nursing on each other's cocks to get them hard again.

After awhile I could feel Bill's cock responding in my mouth and started bobbing up and down as fast as I could. A few seconds later, Bill was bobbing on my cock. We kept this up for about 5 minutes. Then Bill started thrusting his hips, I held my head still and let him pleasure his cock in my mouth.

Bill stopped moving his head so I immediately started thrusting as fast as I could; we kept this up for another 10 minutes or so.

Then at almost at the same time thrust our cocks into each other and held them there. Our last climax of the day was only a few small spurts, but we had cum together.

I could feel Bill's cock wilting in my mouth and mine in his. We sucked each other until we were both soft and rolled onto our backs. About a minute later I sat up, turned around and lay by Bill's side and gave him a kiss. We lay next to each other holding hands with our fingers entwined.

I could see the clock from where I was laying and it was only 15 minutes before the alarm would go off. We lay there just holding hands waiting for the alarm.

As soon as the alarm sounded, we got up. Bill started stripping the bed and I gathered up all of our dirty clothes in my laundry basket, George and I have been responsible for doing our own laundry for several years, Bill's clothes mixed with mine wouldn't be noticed.

Besides we all had some of our clothes at each other's houses for emergencies. Bill tossed the fitted sheet in the basket, and started removing the pillowcases; I untangled the flat sheet from the comforter and headed for the laundry room.

While I was getting the laundry started, Bill got a clean set of sheets. When I got back Bill had finished picking up the room and started making the bed, I helped him finish and we headed for a shower.

I got the water temperature right and we stepped into the shower and stood under the spray, hugging and kissing each other. I grabbed the shampoo and we washed each other's hair.

We each grabbed a bar of soap and started washing each other's bodies. When we reached groins, we played with each other's cock and balls. I guess that we had truly drained our balls of cum, as neither of us got hard.

We finished the shower, dried each other off, got dressed and went to the family room to watch some TV. We were sitting there watching a movie when my parents arrived.

We got up and went to meet them, said hi to my mom, dad and brother. They told Bill that his parents and brother were waiting for him in their car. He grabbed his overnight bag, said bye to all of us and headed for the door.

Mom and dad headed for their room to unpack and change.

George stood there for about 10 or 15 seconds, staring at me with a weird expression on his face. He turned quickly and hurried off to his room.

I was wondering what it was that he saw and what he was thinking about.

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