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The story that follows is vaguely based on the author's personal sexual experiences and fantasies; the story is purely fictional and has no relation with real-life facts or persons.

Genre: Gay male: Authoritarian

Can't fit in you said?...

I was laying Immobilized by ropes, tied tight on the table, with my arms stretched and my legs wide open, and Master trying to shove up my arse his all brand new, XXL plastic dildo. He was so impatient and anxious to put it in me. He even sent me a message during midday break: "I've got the new one, the large! Six-teen centimeters long and eight centimeters wide. Is your arse up to take it slave?" I answered I was and he demanded me to be ready to accommodate him at my house this evening. Thus it happened.

After work I went home, and during the trip down in the metro, I hardly could conceal my heard-on in my pants. I arrived at home an hour later, and start the preparations. Cleaned up a bit, mopped the floor to be clean in case Master wished to push me down the floor, got my S/M gears ready and jumped in the shower. After cleaning my self thoroughly, I put on my black leather briefs with the zippers in front and back, got my leather collar round my neck with the two meters chain, and made the final preparations for Master's visit.

As usual, a minute or two before his arrival, he sent an SMS on my cell phone, announcing his imminent approach. I went and unlocked the door, closed the lights and sat on my knees right next the door, looking down and waiting for him. A minute later the door opened and Master came in. He closed and locked the door behind him.

I noticed he was wet; it must have started to rain a bit, I presumed. Without waiting for command, with my head always looking down, I stood up and took his coat and put it to dry close to the heater. Then, I sat down again and took off his shoes, and put his slippers on his feet. Master grinned a bit, showing he was pleased with his servant.

He went in the bedroom and put off the rest of his clothes and came in clad only in his white briefs, which hardly could hold the huge bum which was his semi erected penis. Master is a very "gifted" man and knows very well how to use his twenty one centimeters long and four centimeters wide rod of meat.

He ordered me to drop on my knees and to massage his front bulge; carefully and with respect. As I caressed it as ordered, I could feel it getting harder and harder and bigger and bigger, until it "exploded" and jumped out of his briefs. I saw his big, pinky mushroom head being pushed back on his belly from the waistband from his briefs, mesmerizing me with his unique aroma; just like it was some magic flower. Instinctively, I got my tongue out and licked it softly, just to get a strong slap on my face from Master's big and strong hand.

"Did I give you permission to lick my cock slave?" he yelled angrily.
"No Master," I replied. "You did not Master. I deeply apologize Master." I replied sheepishly.
"Good. I'll be merciful this time, but with your second mistake, I'll bring out my belt. And I'll make sure you learn you place well!" he said. "Now get down and give me a foot massage. And use your longue to soothe them well slave! I had a hard day at work."

As commanded, I immediately dropped down and start licking his feet, kiss and rub them with my fingers. The sound of Master's moans of pleasure was the best reward for me. God, I love my Master so much!

It's been three years now, since the day I declared my ultimate loyalty to Master, and Master honored my by accepting it. He visits me at least three or four times a week, and gives me the honor to serve his needs. I do everything. Wash him, cook for him, wash his laundry, iron his shirts —you name it! And of course, I offer him my body, to use it as it pleases him. Some times he uses me as a pet, sometimes as a slave, sometimes as his whore. With time I've learned what pleases him and what not; as he knows what my limits are, and which punishes "hurt" me the most and which not.

So, Master must've been very angry to threat me with his belt, cause the belt is one of the few things which crack my resistance easily; on contraire with the cane, which I'm a bit used to it and can handle lots of dozens delivered on my body; both my back and my arse.

Soon Master pulled his feet back an ordered me to stand up. He looked at me with a smirk drawn on his face and asked: "Slave. It is a fact that, with few exceptions, you've served me well the past years, and I'm very pleased with your services. I have to admit you've proven yourself a good purchase at the market." Those words made me burst with pride and dared to look up his face with aw. He looked with sympathy back, but gave me a grin which made me look straight down at his feet again. I violated the second command: `Thou shall not look upon me without permission'. How stupid I was? I deserved to be punished for being so fool. Although the sin, he kept on talking. "But, as you know, all these years, you have one major problem. Your arse, although good enough to fit my big cock, is a bit tight for the rest of my... amusements. As I said to you some time ago, it is time to fix that problem. And the day has come my loyal servant. As you already know, I've got with me a new XXL dildo, which will teach your back to think more... wide," he said and laughed.

He stood up and walked to where his things were and took a box out of his bag. I knew what it was and waited for him to show it to me. Indeed he sat again in front of me and bent a bit over to give me the box.

"Take it," he said. "Open it; it's your present my little slave."

I took it in my hands, and just like a little boy would do, I almost ripped the box open to see what it had inside. I saw it; just like I had imagined it. It was a long, conical object made of silicon, skin-like colored. At the top it was narrow, getting wider and it went down, to end at the maximum diameter of eight centimeters. I shivered, cause I might have had imagined it a lot of times, but seeing it, in real life size, in my own hands, made me realized how big and wide it really was. I started doubting myself. Would I be able to fit this monster inside me?

Master didn't let me think it much. He ordered me to take his monster in my mouth and lick it clean. I zestfully obeyed and took his meat-stick in my mouth. God! I simply cannot describe the taste! It is the meaning of life. Sucking my Master's big cock is why I was born. He moaned again and again, reassuring me that I was and still am a hell of a cock-sucker. After a while he stopped my ministrations by pushing my head away from his yummy lollipop.

"Time to put this fellow somewhere where it's hot. Don't you think?" Master said, shaking his fully erected rod of meat.
"As Master commands," I replied.
"Good slave," he replied. "Go lie on the table. I want to take you there. It's has the perfect height for me to fuck your arse."

I did as commanded and went to lie on the table with my legs spread open. I soon felt his presence behind me.

"Since you were a good slave so far, although your small mistakes, I will use some lub' to relief you from the pain," he said. And before giving me time to regret his unpleasant merciful action, he explained: "Besides, since today's the day we'll open you wide open; we'll better make sure it doesn't damage you or something..."

That's why I love this Master; that's why I adore him. Master loves and cares for me; I know. And even when he punishes me harshly, I know he does it for the best of me. Because I love to serve, and to be a good servant is an art that ought to be taught by all ways —even the hard-hard way.

I heard and felt the zipper from my back of my leather briefs to open with a tug from Master's hand. He caressed my bums a bit; squished them a bit hardly and slapped them several times.

"Now here's a nice arse for my cock to get in to," he said with a joyful tone in his voice. I felt good; Master was happy with me.

I spread my legs open; wide as possible so that Master could easily play with my hole. He start to finger me and at the same time, putting some lub'. Soon I was open enough for him to shove his manhood all up my arse. He took the waistband from his briefs a few centimeters down so that his cock would be free to use, and touched the head of his meat-monster to my anus. I tried to relax as possible in order to get ready for his ramming. Indeed. Master pushed a bit and I felt his big wide mushroom head pushing my hole violently. There was some weak resistance which collapsed easily though; thanks to Master's fingering. With a moan, half of pleasure, half of pain, I accepted the fall of my castle and the destructive ramming of my gates from Master's magnificent ramming-cock.

"It's getting in," he said with a tone of triumph in his voice.

He stretched his right hand and grabbed my hair and pulled my head up violently. At the same time he pushed harder, and again with some moans, I felt the twenty one centimeters getting in me, nice and slow; centimeter by centimeter. Suddenly, when I thought this injection would never end, and with a tear of pain escaping from my eye, I felt his warm big balls touching my scrotum; It was all in!

Master started rocking back and forth; slowly at the beginning, faster as time passed. Soon I got all sweaty form the tension of the fucking and my body started to slip off from the table. I stretched my arms and grabbed the sides, trying to stay on it. The hits from the back got so strong, that the table started to move forward, propelled by the hammering from the Master up my arse.

"Yes!" he exclaimed loudly. –Thank God I live on my own single house– "Yes, yes, yes! Let's shake the foundations boy!" he added with a hard slap on my bum.
"Yes Master!" I exclaimed back. "I live to serve you Master! Fuck me Master, fuck me hard!!"

Master maximized both speed and strength. I was dancing with the table, moving forward, until we reached the wall and stopped there. I got moaning and moaning, dying from pleasure as Master was hammering my butt with all his might. Minutes later I felt his beloved cock retreating victorious out of my warm nest.

"I don't want to come yet," he explained to me without daring to ask myself. "I see your hole is staying nicely open my boy", he added joyfully. "I think it's time to start our serious working now. Stay there and don't move!"

I let my head to fall down on the table, trying to catch my breath. I could feel my heart biting fast after the intense fucking of my arse from Master's big dick. He soon stood back of me again and took place.

"Are you ready, slave, to server your Master unquestionably and undoubtedly?" he asked with seriousness.
"Yes, Master", I replied humbly. "I live to serve you."
"Good. Then prepare your self to be ripped open for the first time of your useless life. Now you'll really learn what the word `fuck' is all about."

I felt his had, all wet with fresh squished lub', getting in my warm hole again, pushing it to open it wider. At the beginning it wasn't that bad, but soon we reached the ending point where we always ended: four fingers and something from the thumb. But that's it; no more. I felt that weird feeling of my arse getting on fire, like the inner surface of my colon was burning or something. And my moans soon transformed in to weeping and sob, as Master was pushing me to my limits of pain.

"Ah," he said with disappointment, "here we are again. But don't worry. We'll go on this time," and pushed more. A knee-jerk reaction forced me to shake violently on the table, forcing Master to contract his fingers out of my hole.

"I see we're going to have troubles here," he said, and moved away. He got back a minute later with a coil of rope, taken from the chest with the rest of my S/Ě box in my bedroom. "I'll tie you on the table, so that we don't get any accidents," he said.

He grabbed my arms and tied them on the front legs of the table. Then, took my legs down and tiled them directly on the other two legs of the table, he also tied my thighs on them too; to immobilize them even more. Finally, he even tied my waist, so that it couldn't jump up or side to side; thus, leaving me helpless and completely immobilized.

"Now, that should help better," he said.

He got back to my arse and went back to business. I tried to relax as much as possible. I tried to block any bad thoughts, I tried to think of irrelative matters like my job or the latest news, but the pain in the back wouldn't allow me to do so. I started to weep again, and a bit later I was almost crying.

"God dammit!" Master yielded at me. "Is that all you can? Is this all my dreams of being the first to teach you how to take a huge load up your arse? Do I really deserve this behaviour?... Answer slave!"
"No Master," I cried. "I try, I really do! But it hurts, it really does hurt."
"Well boy... Today's the day. Or you're taking this butt-plug all up your arse, or you can kiss this Master good bye!" he said. And the same time I knew he was serious.
"Please Master. I know I'm letting you down here. But please try some more. Please give me another chance. Try harder. Push harder! As much as you want. I'll try to endure it and please, please Master, don't give up to your slave", and got myself back to weeping.

Master stood still, looking skeptical for a while. Suddenly he left the room and came back a few seconds later holding a big handkerchief; probably taken from one of my drawers. He made a few rounds of it and brought it to my mouth. He ordered me to open my mouth as much as I can and got it around my head, tying it up the back. He gagged me so that I couldn't cry or scream for anything.

"That will stop your annoying talking," he said with an impish look on his face. He gave a slap on my cheek and laughed a bit. "Back to work then."

He got his hand back in me and started drilling my hole. The pain came back as strong as before. I started shaking and having some spasms, which though, were contracted by the ropes around my body. He realized my pain, and could hear my sobs coming down from my throat.

"I think I've got the final solution for you... you... useless slave!" he shouted angrily. "You slimy piece of shit! And to think all the dreams I've banked on you! You little mama's boy! And you call yourself a servant! You can't even handle a good fist fucking for crying out loud!! You shit!! But hold on. Oh yeah, hold on. Cause daddy's got a little medicine for you! Wait here and you'll see!"

I couldn't see what he was doing; nothing but hearing noises from the back. I heard his footsteps getting closer, and before realizing it, I felt something slimy and cold getting in my semi-open butt. I realized immediately what it was: the dildo. He pushed hard enough for me to start feeling pain again, but not as much to force me to tears. I heard the sound of duct-tape, and felt it gluing on my cheeks. I got the picture: Master was duct-taping the dildo up to my chicks, so that it stayed stable in my hole, pushed as much as possible. But what would that help? I wondered.

Master went away again, only to get back a few seconds later. I moved my head a bit to see what he was up to. My eyes goggled as I saw him holding his wide and heavy leather belt from work. My eyes begged for mercy, but his replied with a "no".

"It seems that this is the only way to put you in place," he said, and took up the heavy belt. A second later, electricity hit my body, as he lashed the skin of my back. The force was immense and so was the pain. Tears came out of my eyes in seconds. Before knowing it, a second blow came stronger; the same feeling of electricity.

He started lashing my back with a steady pace, and in between every lash, Master was rhyming his commands: "You –lash– will –lash– take –lash– it –lash– all –lash– up –lash– your –lash– arse –lash– or –lash– I'll –lash– lash –lash– you –lash– to –lash– death" on and on and on.

When Master finally stopped, I could barely breathe; and the pain on my back was like the skin was on fire. He got back and pushed the dildo up my arse. Surprisingly, even for me, it got in a bit and I felt it clearly. Again, he pushed it to my limit and duct-taped it again with new tape.

He came in front of my wet of tears face and said: "You see? The pain in the back takes all your concentration on it, leaving the butt to do what it knows best: Taking it in. you've almost got the two thirds in it, a couple of more centimeters, and you'll have it taken all in.

He took place again, holding the belt and called me to be ready. How could I reply, how could I scream to him that I'm ready to die from the pain, and that I'm at the verge of my human-set limits? My mouth was closed and my body immobilized on the table. Please Master! No more! NO MORE!

"Whack," the sound of the lash; "Spat," the sound of it hitting my skin. Master started again like previously: lashing and talking between the hits. I wasn't just crying; I was screaming from pain. My throat got sore and my nose was running and saliva was slipping off my mouth. I got a heavy head and felt a strong heading coming as the pressure was getting higher and higher in my skull. The pain was indescribable and started to hope and pray for a faint. What would save me from my misery?

Master, he and only; and so he did. He stopped with the belt just when I thought I would pass out. He came again back of me, and by my own surprise, I felt something slipping up my arse and lock there in perfect mach; like it was a shipping docking to a docking place.

"Ha!" Master exclaimed. "Huston we've got it in!"

I got it in? What? My arse as wide open up to eight centimeters? And it's not ripped open? No carrying to the hospital in the night for emergency call? Could it be true? Well, if I combine the whole feeling back down in my arse, and the happy moaning and exclamations from Master, then it must be true! I've got it, I've got it all in me! Hooray!!

He came and stood in front of me and lowered his head almost to my eye-level. "I told you that you can take it up your arse; everybody can. Do you feel it boy?" I moved my head up and down. "Good! Now, before I ungag you, I'll play a little more with your hole slave."

He went back of me and I felt his hand removing the duct tapes and pushing the but-plug gently. The pain was tolerable but sharp at some points. He rocked the plug in an out, softly in the beginning, harder and deeper later. Soon I could feel the soft pain of pleasure, taking up the anus and the surrounding area, climbing almost to the half of my spine; I was all wide open now. Master was playing with my pink hole like a kid with his little cars; in and out, in and out —pluck-plug!

At some point, he came and untied the handkerchief and took it off my mouth. I got scared from his red hands. He noticed my surprise and told me without asking him, that he gave me some nasty cuts on the skin of my back, which would take a few days to heal; but nothing too deep. Dammit, I thought, that's why I feel that itchy pain on my back.

He got back again playing with my hole and the butt-plug: in and out, in and out, and I escorted each penetration with a moan of pleasure. Master was pleased with his slave and at some point, took off the plug and shoved his fist in me. It got in nice and clean. I could feel his hand inside me. His fingers, folding and unfolding, caressing my colon. The feeling was incredible.

Soon he released me from my bonds, and let my body free. Before standing me up to my feet, he plugged the but-plug back to place, and zipped the back zip close. Now I could stand on my feet, with my leather briefs pushing and keeping in place the butt-plug, giving that indescribable joyful feeling.

"Now, how about thanking you Master by sucking his cock and drink his life-full juice slave?" he asked me.
"Oh, Master," I cried with tears of joy, "I love you so much! I'll do anything for you."
"Not anything. A nice blow will do for now."

It happened as he said. He sat on the couch again; legs spread open, with me on my knees, cramming my mouth with his meat-rod. Up and down, right and left, in and out. Again and again and again. After almost a quarter of serving him, he grabbed my head and pushed it forcefully on his large throbbing cock, and ejaculated his tasteful load of cum, right in my throat.

I gagged and coughed, but succeeded of getting the most of the load down to my stomach. The few drops, who escaped, were licked back in my mouth to join the rest of the cream. Master released his grip around my head, leaving a deep and long moan of pleasure. I, on the other hand, kept sucking on his shaft for some minutes, until it got completely flaccid and soft. I kept kissing and licking both his cock and his balls, until, with a gentle push of his hand, he pushed my head away from the triangle of my lust.

"Lets take a break now slave; shall we?"
"As you command Master", I replied with adoration in my eyes.
"Does your arse feel ok with the plug?"
"Oh yes Master. Thank you Master! It's wonderful Master! It's—"
"Ok, I got your point slave. You see now that Master knows best for you?"
"Yes Master!"
"So, thank you Master then by cooking something nice to eat, to get energy to do you right for the rest of the night."
"Yes Master", I replied, and with joy I jumped up and ran to the kitchen to execute Master's order.
"And," he said as he stood up, following me, "I want this plug to stay there in place for the rest of the night. I and only I will remove it, if I want it and according to my pleasure! Understood?"
"Yes Master!" I exclaimed, happy to know that this plug would stay there some longer. I was starting to feel it like a part of my body; so natural, so ok to be there; shoved up my arse.

As I was putting the casserole full of water on the fire, to cook some spaghetti for my Master, he came and gave a strong slap, right up my butt where the plug was resting. The whole feeling was nice and I giggled. Master smiled back and gave me a kiss on my mouth.

I Love you Master! I'll serve you for ever! My body and soul belongs to you Master! I live to serve and please you Master! I was born for you and I belong to you; who knows what's best for his slave.



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