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Caught Professor


It was the last day of the term and I had cleaned up my desk at the college where I was a professor.  I had packed up what I needed and headed out.  Strangely, I thought that I would not be doing this more than a couple of times more as I was close to retirement.  My car was at the far end of the parking lot where it was shady.  I really had not expected to have to been so late but no matter now.  I was now free for a month – no classes, no reports, no deans and certainly no students to deal with.  I was relishing these thoughts when suddenly I was grabbed from behind.  There was a forearm crushing against my windpipe and holding me tight to the aggressor's chest.  It was so tight that I could not even turn my head.  I could not even scream although it was unlikely that anyone else was here in the parking lot.  I was starved for oxygen and lightheaded.  I certainly went limp as I blacked out.  The pressure must have been reduced as I realized that I was gasping for air.

A gag was stuffed into my wide open mouth and fastened tight although I still could breathe.  A hood was slipped over my head.  The large strong man holding me then slipped and tightened something about my wrists fastening them behind my back.  I was caught.  I knew not by whom nor why.  He turned me around and threw me over his shoulder like I was a little boy being played with by his dad.  With his strong arm about both my legs I could not even kick.  He tied my ankles together as he carried me some place.  I was a helpless captive totally in someone's power.  I felt like I was a kid playing tie up games except this was most definitely not a game.

After a bit he put me down.  He reached into my pocket and took out my keys.  "In you go, Professor."  He said cheerfully and picked me up and put me down.  Then I heard the car trunk lid slam shut.  Seconds later he drove away.  I lost track of the time.  I tried a little to free my hands but I failed.  There was nothing I could do to escape.  There was not even anything to do to escape the bumps.  I was surprised when I noticed that the gag did not taste or smell bad but just the opposite.  What ever it was subtle but just enough to over power the stink of the trunk.  When my disappearance was noticed it would be days later at best and the most the college guard would remember would be that I left late if he remembered anything at all.  Scrunched up in the trunk in an almost a fetal position I awaited my faith.

Should I survive and had a Sherlock Homes to tell of my kidnapping, I would know even less than the poor engineer in the story "The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb" for it was my own poor vehicle that was used.  I had no idea if I was being taken far away or merely driving about in circles.  Eventually, after a brief but rough bit of road we stopped.  The lid was raised and again I was hefted over the shoulder of my captor.  It was very quiet; certainly not in the busy city.  The trunk was closed and then, presumably, the garage door.  I was carried into a house (I heard the door) and then down some stairs.

My captor was silent as he removed my clothes.  My shoes, socks, pants and briefs came off without resistance after he untied my legs.  My jacket, shirt and undershirt were all undone and slipped down below my elbows.  Something was fastened about my upper arms, the wrist restraints removed along with my clothes.  I was placed on some sort of bed.  I heard a couple of footstep.  And then clank of a heavy metal gate and the ominous snapping of bolt.  There was a tugging at the arms restraint, it gave way and I was unbound.  There were more footsteps and a door closed.  I sat still for a while and then took a chance.  I removed the hood but the gag was locked on.  There was a tiny little light, like that of a tea candle, that broke the pitch darkness.  I was in a cage.  I was a prisoner.  Perhaps it was more accurate to called it a cell as in a jail.  Beside the shelf supporting a thin pad pretending to be a bed, there was hole in the floor under a shower head although I did not see any water controls.

It was strangely silent.  I used the hole a few times and even catnapped some.  Time crept at best.  I was hungry, scared and disoriented.  At times I felt cold and at other times hot.  Was my captor playing with me or was that me?  I did not know.

* * * * * * * * * *

Suddenly the lights came up to very bright and went back down to a normal level.  A light was flashing.  When I looked there was a display screen.  As I read the instructions two panels opened reveling a wash basin and table with some food.  The instructions on the screen were very terse.  I was to use the key to unlock to gag, eat and take the medication, then wash up and replace the gag.  I certainly did not hesitate to remove the gag.  The pills looked like my regular prescriptions and if my captor (captors?) wanted to drug or poison me, he could do so in the food or water.  I was hungry and ate.  The food was simple but of good quality.  After I brushed my teeth, the light flashed again and directed me to shower.  There was an air drier that turned on after the water was cutoff.  While I was showering, the panels closed.

The screen flashed a single word: "GAG".  I stared at it a while and then it changed.  "10",  "9", "8", "7", "6", "5", "4", "3", "2", "1".  As soon as the count reached the end, the screen went dark.  I did not know what to expect and then I heard the door open on the far side of the space outside the bars.  A large man entered.  He was dressed in black leather – jeans, dress shirt and tie – and was carrying something.  He stuck a large key into the door and turned it.  The bolt clanked and he opened my cage.  He did not say a word but just grabbed me and sat on bed.  He easily pulled me over his lap and began to spank me with the thing he was carrying.  He spanked long and hard.  Just like I had when I was a boy, I was crying from the pain.  He pushed me down and I curled up like a baby.  I heard the cell door clang shut, the bolt clank and then the outer door close as he left.

When I stopped crying, I knew I was a well punished disobedient boy.  I wiped the tears from my face and rubbed my hot bottom.  I noticed that there had been a change in decor.  Now hanging, out of my reach, on the wall was the most effective implement that the man in black leather had spanked me with.  It was about a foot long and a hand wide and made of heavy leather with a handle (like a fraternity paddle).  It was clearly a warning that I had best behave as they wanted me to.  I replaced the gag.  I thought about how it was shaped like phallus and even had the feel of a hard real cock as well as seeming to taste nice although it was plastic.  I waited.  I used the hole.  I waited and waited some more.  The bed reappeared and I sat down.  I waited still some more.  I was fed again and this time returned the gag promptly.  Strangely, it was comforting while the electric shock was most unpleasant and had to be avoided.  This went on for several cycles although I don't know how long they were.  I lost track of time without any outside indicators.

Between feedings, I was allowed to drink some water.  The screen indicated "Kneel and drink when light on" and showed a picture of how.  Unfortunately, the picture was most graphic and I did not like the image but I was very thirsty.  I knelt and pushed the gag onto the tap below the flashing light and got some warm water.  It flowed through the gag but it still relieved my thirst.

The screen ordered me to shower and then to go into another room.  I heard the panel slide closed behind me.  Unlike the barren, harsh cell the room was a luxurious bedroom.  There was a thick carpet, a large bed with a black satin sheet, soft lighting, homoerotic pictures on the walls and some other furniture.  I was not sure what I was to do, so I just stood there waiting.  A man came into the room.  He was big and with a well developed body.  He was, like I was, nude except for a mask that covered his upper face.  He sat on the bed and beckoned me over.  I could not be sure of his age but I felt that he was young – certainly under thirty and maybe even close to twenty.

"Kneel, boy." he said sharply.  I hesitated and then he added: "Now…or…else."  I remembered that spanking and I obeyed for I was sure he could and would punish any disobedience.  He made sure that I was looking directly at his crotch.  He had a thick dense bush and a full sized penis and balls.  He was semi-hard.  "When the gag is removed, it is time to eat.  Understand, boy?"  His cock was stiffening as he spoke and he made 'boy' sound like an insult.  There was only one possible meaning.  I nodded.  He unlocked and removed the gag.  There was only one thing to eat.  I leaned forward and licked the head of his now fully hard, rampant cock.  Immediately, I tasted his sweat essence.  I went down on him and he laid his hands on my head ready to control me physically.  I was surprised that I found this to be relaxing and even pleasant.  Almost immediately he was controlling how fast and how deep his man-shaft penetrated into me.  He made me pleasure him exactly as he wanted.  I was surprised that his hard cock felt good in my mouth just like I was getting comfortable with the penis-shaped gag.

I could tell that he was close and he pulled almost all the way out.  Then he exploded and filled my mouth with his semen.  Almost immediately some flowed down my throat and he pushed a lot more down as he pulled my face close.  He pulled me close until my nose was pressed against his pubis.  "Good boy." he said and petted me like I was a pet dog.  That made me feel good although I still don't understand why.  It certainly did not hurt like that spanking had.

He lifted me up and lay me on the bed.  It was a wonderful feeling for the bed provided perfect support and the satin was ever so smooth and soft.  He embraced me.  I could feel his powerful muscles as he held me ever so tightly.  I felt warm and protected even thought I was certain that he could easily crush me but was controlling himself.  He let go of me and then half rolled over to kiss me.  It was a long, hard deep French kiss.  His tongue probed where he wanted for even that muscle was far stronger than mine.  I practically suffocated before he let up.  His attention was not just kissing me but his large, strong hands caressed my entire body.  I could not help but to caress him.  His skin was smooth like that of a baby but the muscles underneath were as hard as stone.  When he moved me, I had no more choice than to be moved any more than a little boy's action figure being positioned.  I got lost in the sensuous pleasures.

It certainly was not any surprise when his fingers probed my anus and eased inside.  As always, he was gentle but insistent and unyielding doing exactly what he wished with me just as he had since I was captured leaving school.  I was less fearful than even just an hour before.  I was as helpless as a fly in the hands of a cruel boy with a tweezer and magnifying glass on a bright summer afternoon.  He turned me prone and got between my legs and took me gently although I knew I could not have stopped him in any way.  He fucked long and hard.  I had not been fucked like that since I was an innocent college freshman decades before when one of the varsity football jocks took me in the dorm shower.  After he exploded into me (the second time in an hour) he remained hard.  He continued nibbling at my neck and the proceeded to fuck me more.  I also came, staining the sheets with my skimpy output.

He remained with me for some time and I luxuriated being held in his strong arms and feeling like a youngster.  I carefully did not think of how I came to be here.  When he had me facing him, I would lick him and gently nibble on his tits.  He did not talk and I sensed that I should remain silent.  He gave me another kiss which I happily returned after which he got up and left.  I remained on the bed wallowing in the pleasures past and the traces of his scent.

I must have dozed off for the chime awakened me.  The bedroom was dark and the light was flashing in the cell.  I was being summoned.  Reluctantly, I went to see what orders were on the screen.  The door closed behind me.  The bedroom just a pleasant memory, now.  The cycles started to repeat.  I constantly longed for still another session in the bedroom with the young powerful stud who was my captor.  I also longed for my freedom but knew that I would miss being made love to if I got it.

* * * * * * * * * *

One day I awoke in another place.

I was in my car and was parked in my apartment house garage.  I was a bit disoriented when I sat up.  I opened the door and stepped out but could not stand so I fell back.  A young gentleman had been pulling into to his spot and saw me.  He quickly came over to help me.  He was most solicitous and helped me to my apartment.  He would not leave me by the door but insisted on helping me to the couch and even offered to help get me to bed.  He lived across the hall and said that he would return in an hour to check up on me.

I just sat there and rested.  I felt very weak and guessed that I had been drugged.  I had not realized it at first, but my neighbor was also a strong, tall young man of twenty-three.  (I consider even forty to be still young.)  It certainly felt good when he put his arm about me to support me as we made our way from the car to the couch.  When he returned I had not moved.  He suggested that we order some food and eat together.  Then he insisted that I go to bed and he undressed me.  He stayed with me in the bathroom and then put me to bed.  It was like I was a child of ten, rather than an man more than twice his age, when he tucked me in and kissed my forehead.  I was terribly grateful and thanked him profusely.  He made me promise to stay in bed until he returned in the morning.

I felt much better in the morning.  I told him so when he came in wearing a tight T-shirt, running shorts and running shoes enabling me to admire his great physique – the powerful muscles in his arms and legs bulging like those of my captor.  I could only guess what was hidden in his tight jock strap.  He was sweaty from his morning run but his aroma was intoxicating.  Unfortunately, he found me out of bed and was displeased.  He took me into the bedroom and lectured me on responsibility and the importance of keep my word.  Again, I felt like I was ten.  My head was hanging and I was practically crying.  I whimpered "I'm sorry and that it won't happen again."

"You have acted like a little boy and shall be punished like a little boy."  He words cut me to the core of my soul for they rang true.  He did not ask but stood me up and opened my robe.  It fell to the floor leaving me naked.  He pulled me across his lap.  He was too strong for me to resist and I was quickly positioned.  His hand caressed my bottom and then he began to spank me.  Just one spank and I knew that I was just a little ten year old boy for the spank hurt deep inside.  Over and over his hand spanked my naughty boy bottom.  I knew that I had been very naughty and had earned this spanking.  Soon I was crying and bawling.  He spanked some more and then cuddled me.  I cried on his shoulder.

Even after I stopped crying he continued to hold me.  I really thought that it was an accident that my hand fell onto his crotch.  I could feel that he was hard.  He held my wrist and kept my hand in place.  He could see that I was also hard.  He stood up and pushed his running shorts and jock strap down.  I could now see it all and I held him tightly.  He sat back down and pushed me to my knees.  I could not take my eyes off of his manhood.  I licked my lips without thinking.  He pushed my head close and his musk was exciting.  My heart raced and I opened my mouth and began to lick and suck his beautiful man tool like I did in that luxurious bedroom attached to the cell except this time I did not feel forced.

All too soon he exploded into my mouth.  He tasted sweet.  I savored it as much as possible and then let it slide down my throat.  He petted my head and told me that I was a good boy.  I had the same good feeling that I had in that bedroom when I was a captive.  I made a mess but fortunately on my robe rather than the carpet.

He gave me instructions, orders actually, about staying inside, taking it easy, napping and promised to return later.  I promised to be a good boy and he gave me a big hug and a real deep kiss.  We had some breakfast and I returned to bed to rest.  He left.

When he returned in the evening I told him I had been good and he rewarded me with a hug and long deep kiss.  He assured me: "I'm most pleased that my boy is taking care of himself.  If you had been disobedient then you would have gotten a hard spanking."  He assured me that he would know if I lied to him.  He showered with me after dinner and then got into bed with me.

It was wonderful to be enveloped in his strong arms (like when I had been kidnapped).  Of course, he had his way with me and I was delighted.  It was nice the way he nibbled on my neck and then bit and marked me when he exploded in me.  I like feeling the mark.  After that we saw each other everyday.  He always made the decisions about what we did and I always obeyed him.  I soon learnt that he was very strict for I made a slight mistake and he stripped and spanked me to tears.  "I will not tolerate any nonsense, young man." he declared as I rubbed my hot bottom.

"Yes, Sir.  I very sorry." I apologized.

That night, in his apartment, he told me that I was getting to big for my britches and that he was going to do something about it.  I was on my back when he fucked me to bliss and then pulled me up some so I was resting on his thighs with my legs apart.  "You need to remember that you are always my little boy."  Then he proceeded to remove my pubes.  He started with a clipper and then a straight razor. I was petrified and did not dare to move a muscle not required for breathing.  When he was done and wiped me clean, I was hard but he did not give me relief like I expected.  He had never withdrawn after he had come and now proceeded to fuck me again.  This time, with my cock untouched I also came.  I slept in his arms and was happy.  In the morning, he removed my axilla hair and the little bits else where.

After that I knew I was his boy. I am past my prime and a younger man has properly taken control of me.  That is the nature of the world.  He is strong and potent while I have regressed back to being just a weak boy.  While he is actually twenty-three, I feel like I am only eleven.  I am lucky that he is here to protect me, to fuck and love me, and spank me when I am naughty and disobey him.

I guess that I also own a debt to the kidnapper who opened my mind so that I can accept that I'm really just a boy.  Whenever I look at my Daddy I am reminded of him.  They are ever so much alike but I'm never sure.  All the memories I have of that time are fuzzy.  All but one – I know that I am just a powerless little boy and need a real man to care for me.  I'm ever so fortunate that I have found one.

The End

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