I am not sure if I mentioned this in any of my previous submittals, but the stories/installments told here are true! These installments are of my personal actions and experiences of discovering alternative means of sexual pleasure for myself. I continue to indulge in this alternative means which I later learned is called cock-and-ball-torture (CBT) or sounding (penile insertions.) In the years since I began , I have continued to seek other styles of CBT and sounding, I have developed a debauched and kinky means of pleasing myself through nipple play and toys, and also come to enjoy my balls by mean of tying, pulling, squeezing, etc. So, CBT, TT (tit torture) and BT (ball torture) may not be for everyone but it works for me. If it works for you as well, I'd like to hear from you via the email given. Remember, if it feels good and doesn't hurt another, go for it!

CBT, Pt 3. Comments to

Well, in that last session I was amazed at what I'd accomplished. On the spur of the moment I decided to use a new toy to stuff my cock. Who would have thought that a cordless telephone could come in so handy,

I didn't think it possible when I tried. After all, the antenna on the handset looked thick compared to the pens, pencils and screwdriver I had used thus far. Thankfully, I was smart enough to lube the antenna with cooking oil before my first use. The antenna looked intimidating. It was about 7 inches long of grained grey plastic and it tapered in thickness from tip to screw-in end at handset. But once I tried it, I was hooked.

The antenna became my favorite toy for quite some time. I loved the way it felt, once lubed, to slide down my cock of its own weight. I never unscrewed the antenna from the handset because I wanted that heft to sink the antenna deeper down my cock of its own accord. As it descended down my urethra I could feel my peetube widen to take its width. Oh man, it felt so good! Aside from the visual stimulation of seeing that handset push down the antenna was the physical stimulation of feeling it go down my cock.

Aside from being the thickest object to insert down my cock, the antenna revealed another first. I'd played with it repeatedly during that first time use: pulling it out just to feel it sink deeper, time and time again. I'd been doing it so long I am not sure the lubrication in my cock was only from the cooking oil or also some precum from my continued play. I reveled in the sight and feel of that antenna impaling my cock. After having done the pulling out completely and falling down fully for countless number of times, I just lay there and looked at myself with the telephone handset above my cock. I laughed to myself lustily. Who'd ever think they see a pic with a cock holding a phone.

I lay there spread-eagled and marveled at what I was doing. My cock was as hard as a rock, the handset was sitting on my cock head, and I would flex my cock to feel the fullness of the antenna in my urethra. Although there weren't means at this time to do it (again, no internet sites or cellphones) I thought how hot I'd get to find pics of this. That I was the first (?) to think up this form of play made me feel wickedly naughty. I found it exciting to see in the mirror which I had placed there a day before. Not only was it hot to see up close, but seeing it in a mirror as others would see me made me hotter.

I decided I must be one of the world's most debauched perverts.

So, I would luxuriate in my telephone-cock play seemingly endlessly during a session. I remember one night I did this for 2 hours...never once using anything but the telephone. When ready to cum, I would again let it drop fully after completely removing it. Then, once it stopped at the 5-inch restriction, I would maneuver the handset,and thus my cock, until I felt the antenna plunge downward about two more inches. I knew I'd cum quickly. I moved it back and forth repeated over that new depth and would rotate the handset to feel it revolve in my cock, My lord! The feeling at that depth and the feeling of the rotation was absolute ecstasy. I felt my orgasm approaching. I let my orgasm arrive and I continued to rotate and push-pull deeply in my cock. I came and continued. The throbs were strong and I gasped out loud as the pulses occurred in my cock. I kept my cock filled deeply and felt the cum press against my urethra trying to get out. When the pulses finished, I lay there panting with the

antenna still down deep in my cock. I was so overcome with passion and release, I just lay there and looked at myself in the mirror with the handset at the head of my cock. I hadn't caught my breath, the orgasm was so intense. I must have lain there for about 5 minutes after my cumming looking at myself in the mirror with my telephone-impaled cock. My cock had now softened with the antenna still at its greatest depth. The idea of inserting further with my soft cock never occurred to me. After all, I just had a fantastic orgasm and was satisfied and couldn't think of trying another session so soon.

As I said, I used this telephone over a period of some time since it gave my the greatest feeling in my cock and the view of it in the mirror of a cock holding up a telephone was very kinky and erotic.

Of course, in time, I tried other toys and continue to try new toys to this day....20-some odd years later.

Once I used a knife sharpener, for those who remember them, This sharpener was shaped much like a screwdriver. The shank was about 7 inches ling and tapered from the handle to the end. It was an old sharpener that came with a set of cutlery. It looked old and the sharpening shank had lost its luster, It seemed brown or rusty, considering its age. I would lube it with cooking oil and let it descend on its own, The shank wasn't as thick as the antenna and it wasn't heavy enough to sink to its fullest depth. I would have to push it down the to maximum depth. Although I would rotate it when down to the 7-inch depth, somehow the texture of the shank was wanting. I'd played with it a few times and had to work with it more to get it to make me cum. It also gave a strange, metallic feel while in my cock. I used it only a few times and have it to this day. I rarely use it. Unfortunately, the phone was lost to time. After all the times I'd used it, I lost track of it after moving to a new place. Today, I cannot find any cordless phones with antennas like that old model. I think I would buy one just to use for cock play.