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`Charlie's Week Alone.' Chapter 2



"Oh fuck yes, yes do it, do it harder please, oh it feels so good, oh God please fuck me harder." Charlie moaned into his pillow as his body, clad in only his white fruit of the loom briefs, pumped and drove his 4 " hard cock into and against his mattress. The bed squeaking as Charlie violated it, the thought of the man fucking him playing out in the teens head.

"Oh God so close, mmmmmm, oh shiiiit, fuck, FUUUUUUCKKK." Charlie moaned loud as heavy blasts of teen boy juice shot into his underwear, the warm cum soaking into the white cotton.

It was late Sunday morning that Charlie found himself lying face down on his bed, the cover to his sheets thrown on the floor, his white cotton clad ass turned up, and the wet cum soaked front of his briefs beginning to turn cold against his skin, the smell of chlorine overpowering his room. It had been a little over 24 hours since Charlie had been taken by the strange man, where he was tied, fucked, and returned to his room, and in that time Charlie had jerked off a record setting 5 times, with the fifth time producing no cum at all. This morning's session made 6 rounds of masturbation since his encounter, and all of them were while Charlie fantasized about the man taking his virginity.

With his parents away on vacation, there was no need for modesty, as he peeled the tight fitting briefs off him, and walked naked through his house to the hall bathroom for a much needed shower. While the water was warming, Charlie examined his cock, the tip red from all its use, his hand groping his wrinkled sack, his balls sore and drained of their life giving seed. Shaking his head as he stepped into the spray of the shower, he knew then he had to find a way to meet the man again.

Back in his room, clean and still naked, his window shade pulled up as it had been since Saturday morning, Charlie pulled on a pair of loose fitting soccer shorts, a tank top, and pondered where to begin his adventure to find the man. He thought about putting a sign in the window for him, but decided against it as he considered the wrong person seeing it. Charlie reasoned his best method would be to put together a list of what he knew about the event and go from there. He knew the man could see into his house, specifically his bedroom. He knew the man had seen him practice, and he knew the man had a garage and what that garage looked like. Looking at his list Charlie knew he didn't have much to go off. He practiced at a large sports complex where multiple teams practiced, so trying to narrow that group of men down could take forever. Figuring it would be a smaller list, he decided to look for houses in his neighborhood that had a view of his room, which would be harder than it sounded as his house sat at the bottom of a hill.

Being the beginning of June the weather was more than hot enough for his current outfit, so throwing on some socks and running shoes Charlie was out the door, opting to remain without underwear. Grabbing his bike, Charlie headed out, his first stop was at Coach Watkins house and without even getting off his bike to talk to the coach he could tell he wasn't the one, as his house had no possible view of Charlie's room, as there were large trees lining his backyard. The Coaches garage door was open as well, and it was cluttered with sports gear and toys for his two little kids, nothing like what Charlie had been in. Pedaling on Charlie had found a couple more houses on the next two blocks that could possibly have views of his house, and more importantly his bedroom window, but upon closer inspection he knew they weren't the right ones either. One belonged to an elderly couple, where the man looked to be in his eighties, as he happened to be outside unloading groceries. The other one belonged to a single mother as Charlie had found out by pretending to be a kid looking for some extra money by doing yard work. It's here he learned this house wasn't the one he was looking for, as he damn near fell off the porch when the woman got all excited about it, telling him it had been awhile since there had been a man around to do the yard. It wasn't until Charlie gave her some ridiculous cost to do it, did she start to get less enthusiastic about it, but even then to Charlie's shock she was still considering it. Charlie rode away from that house, making a mental note should his cash supply need refilling. Charlie rode to the last street on the hill that overlooked his house, disappointed by his results so far, wiping the sweat from his forehead before starting down the street.

Charlie's house was in the middle of his street, so he knew the houses that could have a vantage point of his house would probably be those that matched that same location. When he reached those houses Charlie stopped to examine them, as the 4 that had potential seemed very quiet.

"What's going on Charlie?"

Charlie snapped his head back around to look at the house behind him and where the voice had come from. "John"?

John Sanders was a teammate of Charlie's. He played third base and was one of the larger players on the team, standing at 6'- 2". He had dark auburn hair, white pale skin with freckles everywhere, or at least Charlie had assumed they were everywhere, and the greenest eyes you had ever seen. His large framed carried a nice beginning of muscle, but still held on to some pre-puberty chub, especially around the belly. Charlie had always liked John, as he was one of the few players that wouldn't join in on making fun of him, but Charlie had always kept his distance from him as he knew John had a temper, as he would be nice and friendly one minute and then yelling at someone the next. Charlie had seen John clench his fists in rage plenty of times, but as of yet he had never seen John loose his cool and hit someone, but Charlie sensed he could snap at any minute, and Charlie had no plan of being near him when he did.

"I didn't know you lived in my neighborhood." Charlie said.

"Yeah, I told you I did a while ago, you probably just forgot." John said as threw a bag of trash into the garbage can, the reason he was outside to begin with.

"What are you looking for?"


"It looks like you're looking for something?" John said as he turned to head back in.

"Oh, uh, no, just out on a bike ride, just got tired I guess."

"It's pretty hot to be out riding your bike. You want something to drink?"

Charlie had forgotten what he was looking for after seeing John, and when offered a drink it honestly sounded good, as he was extremely thirsty.

"Yeah that sounds great, thanks."

Walking into the house Charlie still found himself keeping his distance from John, even as he was handed a drink.

"Wow this is a great house," Charlie said sipping on a glass of ice water."


"So if you're not doing anything, you could come up to my room and play some playstation or something, I mean since you're here?" John said excited to have, what he considered to be a friend, over to hang out with.

It didn't hurt either that John had always found Charlie to be an attractive guy, even though John was still battling with the idea of looking at other guys, as he considered that to be gay and he didn't want to admit that he might be. He had always felt bad about the way the team made fun of Charlie, even though to John it seemed it didn't bother Charlie, as it definitely bothered him, and he hated watching the other kids on the team pick on him. John had always wanted to do something, but he knew his very strict father would have his ass if he ever lifted a hand against anyone. John's father was a large man, and had warned John that with size came a responsibility not to hurt those smaller than you, which for John was pretty much everyone on the team.

"A, um, sure, yeah that sounds great." Charlie said loving the cool air of the air conditioned house.

Charlie fallowed John up the stairs, noticing pictures on the wall of John and what looked like a younger girl. John's room was like Charlie's in that it faced the back of the house, but unlike Charlie's it was very clean, cleaner than Charlie's by a long shot, cleaner than most teen boys rooms period.

"Wow, your room is clean." Charlie said the minute he walked into the room.

"Yeah, its how my father wants it. He's a surgeon, and he keeps everything clean like an operating room."

A sudden light bulb went off in Charlie's head as he remembered what he was looking for, and he wondered if John's dad was the strange man. His thought shifted to Mr. Sanders and what he looked like, however it had been several years since he had talked to Mr. Sanders, as john and Charlie had grown up playing baseball together, but he still had some idea of what he looked like. Charlie couldn't put the details on Mr. Sanders face, but he knew he was a good size man, taller than John by a few inches, and Charlie thought he remembered him as being in really good shape and having dark hair, but after that Charlie just couldn't picture anymore details about the man. But what he did remember was enough to get his cock to twitch.

"A, so your dad is really clean huh, I bet that drives your mother nuts, huh." Charlie said with a light chuckle.

"Yeah, it did more than just drive her nuts, it drove her away. She divorced my dad three years ago, and then took off, and now I hardly hear from her except maybe for birthdays and shit."

Charlie noticed more anger in John's voice than sadness and took a step back, "I'm sorry I brought it up."

"It's alright." John said noticing the bulge in Charlie's shorts.

"I couldn't help notice the pictures on the walls, and the girl in them, is that your sister?"

"Yeah, that's my younger sister Ashley, she lives with my mom, but at least I get to see her every once in awhile."

John answered Charlie's questions as best he could while stealing glances at the smaller boy's tented crotch.

"Um, so with your dad being a surgeon and your sister at your moms, you're like left alone a lot huh?" Charlie asked as he dug for more info, while the two of them sat on John's bed playing the PS3.

"Actually he's home a lot. He's a plastic surgeon, and only does the surgeries once a week, so he's pretty much free the rest of the time, outside of the occasional patient check-up exams, and shit like that."

"Oh, that's cool."

"But, he's at my grandfather's house, taking care of him right now." John said hoping this conversation was going in a direction he thought it was.

"Yikes, is your grandfather ok?"

"Yeah, he fell a few years ago and broke his hip and now he just stays in his bed all day."

"Oh. That sucks."

Charlie noticed that John was biting his lower lip, and seemed to be getting closer to him, both of which Charlie took the wrong way, and thought John was getting upset with his questions.

"Um can I use your bathroom?" Charlie asked, truly needing to go, but also trying to avoid making John any madder, while still trying to get more information on John's father.

"Yeah sure, it's down the hall." John said pretending not to care by keeping his eye on the video game they were playing, but as Charlie jumped off his bed and headed out of his room he couldn't help but looking at the smaller boy's bubble butt in his tight soccer shorts, the sight causing Johns cock to begin to chub.

In the hall Charlie noticed the door to John's dad's room and quietly walked in. The master bed room was on the opposite side of the hall from John's room and therefore on the front of the house. The room was huge, and very sterile, no pictures to be seen. Right off the bat something caught Charlie's attention; it was a telescope located in front of the master bedroom window. Charlie's hair stood on end as he felt he was getting closer to finding his man, as he walked over to the window. Pushing the shade to the side Charlie looked out the front window to see if he could find his house and his room. It took a second but there it was over two roofs and between a series of trees, was Charlie's bedroom window, clear as day, and this was without the telescope.

Charlie quickly left the room, noting John was still on his bed playing the video game, as he tiptoed past his door and headed to the bathroom. He was certain John's father was the man who had taken him and now all he needed was a couple more pieces of the puzzle and he would know for sure. Being a young teenage boy Charlie had become accustom to waking in the morning and pissing with a hard-on, so it was no effort to do so now as the excitement of possibly being in the room of the man who had occupied his every thought, had his cock rock hard as he stood there forcing his 4 " hard-on to aim down toward the toilet, his stream of piss shooting out with such force it was turning the toilet water frothy. Charlie's eye's got huge as he figured out how to put the next part of his plan into action.

Returning to John's room, Charlie noticed as he walked in, John's thick legs as they were displayed on his bed. His khaki shorts revealing the pale white skin covered in freckles, his leg hair light in color but thick, nothing like his smooth legs. John's feet were huge compared to Charlie's, and the veins and tendons showing with great definition, his toes almost as long as Charlie's fingers he guessed.

"You weren't kidding when you said you had to piss dude, it's been like 10 minutes."

Charlie blushed thinking John had caught him staring, and looked at the floor, "Yeah sorry, the ice water must have run through me."

"No worries, I was just giving you a hard time, you all right?"

"Um yeah, but um John, a, is it cool, um," John was on edge hoping the next words out of Charlie's mouth would be what he wanted to hear,... "If I like put my bike in your garage or something?"

John looked at Charlie for a long pause. John's heart sunk, as he stared at Charlie, confused by Charlie's word and actions. John found himself transfixed in the sight of Charlie, he really was a cute kid; it was hard to believe they were the same age. Snapping out of his trans, "Sure I guess, I doubt anyone's going to take it in this neighborhood, but if it makes you feel better."

Charlie was really worried he had made John mad with that awkward pause, but at least he didn't seem too mad.

"Cool. I know it's probably safe, but my parents would kill me if something happened to it, especially if they knew I had left it out like that."

"I understand that." John said.

John and Charlie ran downstairs to the kitchen where Charlie followed John out through the door that led to the garage. Once inside Charlie's heart dropped in his chest as he knew right away this wasn't the garage he was in. It was clean like the one he was in, but it looked clearly used as there were tools hanging on peg boards and camping gear in a corner. Charlie couldn't help but notice a large supply of baseball equipment that lay piled in another corner, more than just John would need.

As the garage door went up, Charlie asked, "Dude you have a shit load of baseball gear."

"Yeah my dad used to assistant coach with Coach Watkins when I was younger, then Coach Watkins and I moved into the higher leagues with you and my dad could no longer make all the practices to be an assistant, but he still comes to a lot of our practices now to watch."

"That's cool." Charlie said.

"So he's friends with Coach Watkins?"

"Yeah they've been friends for as long as I can remember."


The boys headed back up to John's room after bringing Charlie's bike in. Both boys jumping back on the bed, picking up where they had left the game. Charlie sat there on the bed absent mindedly playing, while his head started putting the puzzle pieces together. He knew Mr. Sanders could see into his room, and he knew Mr. Sanders was at his practice on a regular basis, and now he knew how Mr. Sanders could have known ahead of time that his parents were leaving for vacation, with his friendship to Coach Watkins. But what bothered Charlie was that he also knew the garage was not the right garage.

"Dude, are you ok?"

"Uh, yeah,... why?" Charlie asked.

"Cause you been pretty quiet since we came back from the garage."

"Oh sorry, yeah lots on my mind I guess."

Charlie wasn't 100% convinced Mr. Sanders was his man, but until he was, he wasn't sure he wanted to be there when Mr. Sanders arrived home.

"I should get going, I don't want to get you in trouble with your dad when he gets home, you know, having an unexpected guest in your house."

"That's alright, he usually stays at my grandfather's house for a long time before heading home, and even if he did come home, he wouldn't care if you were here, he's actually a pretty big fan of yours. He always talking about you with Coach Watkins, saying shit like you're naturally gifted at baseball and how you could really go far if you got just a bit taller and all."

"They're not the only ones wishing I was a bit taller, shit I would give anything to be like you?"

"Why, I think you're pretty good the way you are." John said, regretting it the minute it left his mouth.

However John had nothing to worry about as none of his words had really registered to Charlie as that light bulb in his head, flashed once again, it occurred to him there was a house he had yet to look at.

"So John, your grandfather, does he live around here?"

John looked at Charlie for a second, trying to gauge if Charlie was just ignoring what he had said, or if he hadn't heard him or what; either way John was happy to change the subject.

"Yeah he lives close."

"Oh yeah, where?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like street, what street does he live on?"


"I'm just asking." Charlie said kind of trying to play off his interest.

"He lives over on Maple Street."

John didn't say anything more and went back to playing the game on the screen.

"Um, your dad drives a white GMC Denali, right?"

"Yeah, why."

"Oh, nothing, I'm just trying to remember your dad, there's no photos of him in the house that I saw, plus I like that truck, it's probably why I remembered it."

John thought Charlie was acting kind of weird, and was going to ask him what was up, but couldn't help but noticed Charlie's nipples had gotten hard, and the shoulder strap of his tank top had pushed to the side revealing a little pink nub. Even though John was getting mad at Charlie's questions he couldn't stop from commenting on Charlie's nipple.

"Wow, I better turn down the air conditioning before you poke an eye out with your nips."

Charlie looked down at his tank top and noticed his nipples had gone hard from the cool air and that one of them was sticking out from the side of his shirt.

"Yikes, I guess I am a bit cold." Charlie blushed.

"I could warm you up, if you want, I, I, a mean, um you know I could turn the heat on or get you a blanket or something." John quickly said as he realized this was his second blunder, as his face turned beet red from anger and embarrassment.

Charlie heard this comment and blushed at John's suggestion, now wondering if John was gay, but it was a thought that would have to wait as he had bigger fish to fry. "Um, that's ok, I really should get going, I just realized, um nobody knows I'm here."

"I thought you had the house to yourself?"

"Yeah but there are people who have been looking in on me, and I need to go before they start to worry."

"Then why did we just move your bike, if you have to leave?" John said getting mad at himself for his blunder, and at Charlie, as he felt Charlie was keeping something from him.

"I forgot dude, I'm really sorry, but I would love to come back, or maybe you could come over."

John quietly said ok through clenched teeth as he was beating himself up on the inside. He hated when he felt he was being lied to. It was something he had experienced a lot of over the last ten years. It reminded him of all the times when his parents had told him as a kid growing up that they weren't going to separate from each other, after John heard the long heated arguments, or how his mother told him she would see him all the time after the divorce, and now she rarely showed her face, it was something that made John mad and he was getting tired of it. John knew Charlie was lying to him, he just didn't know why.

Charlie felt bad as he left John's house, he knew John was mad and had every reason to be. Charlie knew that at any other time he would have loved to stay with John, but today he had to finish what he had started or it would eat him up to no end. But nonetheless it bothered Charlie that he left John in a bad mood, as John had the potential of being a good friend, something Charlie had few of, and the idea that he might be gay, made him even more desirable.

Charlie knew where Maple Street was and after leaving John's house took off in that direction. It was still early afternoon as the heat was intense, his body dealing with the sudden transition of a cooled room to now exerting himself as he pedaled his bike in the blaring afternoon sun, beads of sweat forming on his forehead again.

As Charlie reached Maple Street he slowed down until he spotted Mr. Sanders white Denali. Sitting there on his bike on the opposite side of the street, he stared at the garage and drifted back to the day he had awoken tied to the table. He just knew it had to be Mr. Sanders who had taken him, and he knew the final puzzle piece was in that garage. Charlie crossed the street a few houses down so as not to be seen through any of the windows on the house. Getting off his bike, he slowly walked it up the driveway opposite the side of the main entrance into the house. The garage was on the front of the house and had a door on the side of it as Charlie kept an eye and an ear out for anyone passing by. Charlie crept up to the door, which had a window, as he peered in, his body shaking from a rush of adrenaline and fear.

It was hard to make anything out, as the garage was lit by only what little sun light had filtered in, but as he scanned the room his head stopped as his eyes focused on the object in the middle of the floor, his mouth curling into a smile, the recognition of the table confirming this was the right place. Charlie eyes squinted to see more of the garage, as his heart beat fast; knowing the man who had turned his world upside down was somewhere inside. It was Charlie's last thought before he felt a sharp needle prick and a darkness overtook him.

"Uggggg, mmmm, uhhhhh, rrrrrrrr, uuuurrrrkkkk." Charlie sputtered unable to catch his breath as something plunged in and out of his mouth and throat.

"Ah, shit watch your teeth you little fucker."

Charlie's eye's finally cleared from the haze of the drug induced sleep, as he found himself staring at a pale white stomach covered in freckles. His mouth and chin soaking wet with drool and spit, short red hairs mashing into his face and nose, Oh God I'm sucking someone's cock, Charlie's head screamed as he felt the warm piece of meat sliding across his tongue, it's mushroom tip pushing into the entrance of his throat, causing Charlie to gag.

"Yeah that's it, ahhh shit so good, mmmmmm, yeah suck that cock."

Charlie looked up with his eyes and was shocked to see it was John pushing his cock into Charlie's mouth, as John matched Charlie's stare with his own, a wicked smile from ear to ear indicating his pleasure. Once again Charlie had found himself in what was becoming a not to uncommon position for him this weekend, bent over with his hands and feet tied. His eyes darting around, Charlie knew he was back in the familiar garage, but unlike last time he wasn't strapped to a table but something smaller, something only wide enough to support his core body, as his upper body and lower body hung off both ends. And unlike last time where his hands were tied out in front of him, this time they were tied down like his legs.

"Nnnnnoooooorrrrrruuuggggg," Charlie moaned around John's fat dick as he attempted to stop John.

John's smile went to look of anger, "I knew you were lying to me, people always lie to me." He said ramming his thick 6 " cock back and forth into the little boy's mouth. "But that's ok you just need to be taught how to be a proper bitch."

"I don't know why you came to my grandfather's house, or why you were sneaking around, but I knew it was for no good, you little queer liar." John's anger was making him say things he didn't believe.

John had one hand on the back of Charlie's head, and the other gripped tight to his left ear, as Charlie had no hair for him to grab. John ignored the tears and gagging coming from Charlie as he continued his rant.

"I always knew you were gay. I saw you looking at me and the other guys on the team, hell I even know about your perverted side, jerking off with your window open for the whole world to see. But I looked past all that and still wanted to be your friend, hell maybe even more than friends, I mean this could have been pleasurable for both of us. I would have treated you so well, but no you had lie, and now you need to be punished, so that you can learn how you should treat a friend."

"Mmmmggghhhh, arrrrrrrrr, guhhrrrrrrrchhhhhh, nnnnnn." Charlie's head was spinning with the lack of air going to it. He heard the words John was spitting at him, but could only focus on breathing and not throwing up.

"JOHN JACOB SANDERS, what the hell do you think you're doing?" the loud booming voice came.

John was shocked and scared by the voice, causing him to first jump forward pushing his hard cock even further into Charlie's throat, only to jump back while pulling his cock unceremoniously from Charlie's mouth.


"It's not what you think, he, he was snooping around." John said jumping around not sure whether to dress himself or untie Charlie, or even the thought of running crossed his mind.

"So you tied him up and stuck your dick in his mouth?"

"No, no, I swear, I just tied him up; he's the one who begged to suck my dick so I wouldn't tell anyone, I swear."

Robert Sanders walked over to the coughing boy tied to a pair of plastic saw horses, and looked him over.

Shaking his head he looked at his naked son, "You took the time to put him in your sister's panties and stockings?"

John stopped jumping around and looked at the cold concrete floor, afraid to look his father in the eye, but answered him just the same, "If he's going to act like a bitch, he should dress like one."

Charlie was finally catching his breath when he heard the words panties and stockings, and with his head now free of the John's hands and cock, he looked down below the saw horses to see indeed his legs were incased in black sheer stockings. And with his head not distracted by a plunging dick he could feel the silky material around his cock and a piece of fabric that ran between his cheeks. He looked over at John when he realized his friend had stuck him in a thong pair of panties, which made him wonder how long he had been out.

"Did he ask for that too, John?"


Charlie was appalled at what john was saying, he didn't ask for this, and he sure as hell didn't volunteer to put on panties and stockings.

"Don't say another word and go stand over there until I am ready for you." Mr. Sanders said pointing to a corner in the garage.

"Yes sir." John said as he and his flaccid swollen red cock sulked over to the corner, he knew it was no use in arguing with his father.

Bob leaned into Charlie's ear and whispered, "Not how I hoped our second meeting would be, young Charles."

Charlie simply looked up at him, scared to talk, fear still controlling his actions.

"Is what my son said true Charles? Were you snooping around the house?"

Remembering back to his first session with Mr. Sanders, he knew better than to waste time with bullshit answers. "Yes."

"Did you beg to suck his dick and wear these clothes Charles?" Bob asked with a questioning look.

Charlie looked over at John, standing naked in the corner, looking on intently with fear in his eyes, as Charlie shifted his gaze back to Mr. Sanders, "No."

"He's a liar, he's lying dad, don't believe him."

"Quiet now!"

Bob made no attempt to untie Charlie as he leaned in once again. "The way I see it Charles, we have a couple ways we can handle this. One, I can let you go, and hope and pray you don't say anything about this to anyone. Two, we can make this pleasurable for all of us, and I can make sure you get what you came looking for."

Charlie's eyes met Mr. Sanders as if to ask if he was serious.

"The choice is yours Charles, either way we will respect your wishes, but I expect you to be honest with yourself and us." Bob said, his voice never getting loud enough for John to hear.

Charlie laid there staring at Mr. Sanders, his jaw still sore from the abuse it took, his cock quickly hardening in the panties he wore. Mr. Sanders was dressed in a nice button shirt that clung to his large muscular chest, the sleeves tight around his biceps and shoulders, as the shirt tapered down to his narrow waist, where it tucked into a pair of khaki dress pants. All in all he was a stunning man with his light blue eyes and dark salon styled hair.


"I don't understand Charles, yes to what?"

"Yes, I want to stay."

"Good boy Charles, you made me very happy." Bob said, there conversation still in a whispered tone.

"Now I want you to think about this Charles, as I want you to enjoy yourself as much as I am going to enjoy this, and tell me if you would rather I let you go, or would you like to stay bound like this? I would like it if you stayed this way, but if it bothers you then I will release you; however I do think you need to be punished for teasing John."

This wasn't the first time Charlie pondered this question, as he had noticed that every time he fantasized about sex with Mr. Sanders, or until today the strange man, he was always tied. And if he was being really honest with himself, he had always dreamt of men or other boys taking charge of him.

"Like this." Charlie said unable to stop his blushing.

"You have no idea how happy that makes me Charles. I knew we would meet again, especially after watching your jerk off marathon in your bedroom yesterday, but I always wondered how it would be, and now, well let's just say you've made me so hard Charles."

Standing up Bob Sanders looked at his son cowering in the corner, "Come here John."

John walked over head still down, as he stood before Charlie and his father.

Bob looked at his naked son, as it had been years since he had seen him in this form and noted that John had filled out nicely, but at no time did he see his son in a sexual way.

"Look John, I'm not mad at you, as I understand that young Charles here has a way to drive a man to do silly things, but what you did was wrong. However, young Charles has graciously chosen to stay, but I think you owe him an apology.

Charlie's first thought was that John owed him more than just an apology, but it was pushed aside by a sense of sorrow for John, now realizing the hardships he'd been through. Charlie also felt bad that he had lied to John and teased him, which he now knew he deserved to be punished for, and of course there was the fact that he was in no position to ask for anything being bound as he was.

John was confused as to why Charlie would agree to stay tied like he was, and why his father seemed to be ok with it all. He did think Charlie deserved to be punished, but he also felt bad for what he had done to Charlie, as he never intended to hurt the smaller boy.

"Um, I'm sorry for hurting you."

"And?" Mr. Sanders said.

"And, putting you in women's clothes." John said with more questioning approval from his father than sincere meaning to Charlie.

"You see John, Charles here was not snooping around to do anything bad, he was simply looking for me."


"Yes John he was looking for me. You see on Friday night young Charles and I had a wonderful evening together, and he was simply looking to continue it. Isn't that right Charles?"

"Yes" Charlie said hanging his head to advert his eyes from John's stare.

"Now the question is if you want to continue it with us? Or if this is too much for you than you can be excused. I would be fine if you stayed since you started these afternoons' activities" Mr. Sanders said in his dry flat monotone voice. "Either way, what has happened and what will happen, whether you're a part of it or not, will not be spoken of."

John was a loss for words, as he once again felt the anger of being on the outside of a secret, like so many times before the people he cared about were lying to him; but then there was Charlie, sweet Charlie, bent over and so inviting, teasing him with his golden tan skin, beckoning John with his soft lips, still puffy from the blowjob, God John was still so horny.

Charlie could see the conflict building in John's eyes, and even though john had treated him roughly, he knew he deserved some of it and he still saw John as a potential friend, or perhaps even more.

"John, I am so sorry I lied to you, I never meant to hurt you, I really didn't even know what I was doing, let alone how to tell you what I was doing; it's all so new to me. And I think it's kind of new to you too, right? Charlie said trying to leave out the fact that until just minutes ago he wasn't even sure it was John's dad who had fucked him.

John's face softened, as he looked into Charlie's eyes and for once saw the truth.

"I'm not mad at you John, I, I deserved to be punished. Plus I heard what you said, and I think I want more too, and I promise to be good and never lie to you again, please."

"Just say yes, ok?"

John stopped to think for a second, but his heart knew the answer, "Ok Charlie, but no more lies."

"Yes sir." Charlie said as it felt natural to say to the larger boy.

John looked at his father with questioning eyes, still not sure how he felt about his involvement in this, but sure of what he wanted to do next as he walked up to Charlie, and using both hands he gently lifted Charlie's head and kissed his puffy lips softly, their tongues embracing, sealing their new found relationship.

"Now that it's settled, why don't you stay there and let Charles continue what he was doing before I interrupted."

John heard his father and a smile crossed his face as his cock quickly hardened at the thought of placing it back in the warm mouth that it recently occupied. Charlie's eyes widened as he looked at John's dick in its hard state for the first time, the fact that this cock had already been in Charlie's mouth never crossing his mind, as to Charlie this was to be his first time sucking cock, and as John's dick swung closer Charlie's nervousness grew in relation to it.

John stopped his cock waving in front of Charlie's face, as he leaned into Charlie's ear and whispered, in a soft tone.

"You're still just a little cock sucker, just now you're my little cock sucker, understand?" John said his left hand rubbing the top of Charlie's head, his right, stroking his cock.

"Yes." Charlie said, approving of his new position in life.

"Good, now open up." John said as he slowly pushed his cock past Charlie's lips, moaning when the tip of his cock once again touched the warm beginning of Charlie's tongue.

Charlie wanted to suck John's cock, but being tied left Charlie feeling vulnerable to John and the fear that John would go back to rapping his mouth, had Charlie squirming in his binds, as the large mushroom tip scraped slowly over his tongue. A fear Charlie would soon associate with sexual pleasure.

Bob was standing behind the boys, watching his son feed Charles his pride and joy, while Charlie inadvertently shook his bare ass for him. The sight sent a shiver of desire through his body as his rigid cock leak more pre-cum into his boxer briefs, the wetness now showing through his khaki pants. Bob stepped back and quickly joined his son in his nakedness, as he ripped his clothes off. He had never fancied himself as someone who was into to cross dressing, but watching young Charles in a royal blue g-string, the little triangular patch of fabric at the small of his back pointing the way to heaven, with the rest of the fabric disappearing between the delicious looking boy cheeks, had him thinking otherwise. Bob's fetish for socks was fulfilled by the thigh high sheer black stockings that covered both of Charlie's smooth boy legs. The overall sight was just too much for Bob to think about anything other than sticking his hard cock into Charles sweet tight hole.

Charlie was happy that John wasn't forcing the issue literally, but instead taking it slow as Charlie focused on sucking the large meet in his mouth, his tongue rubbing the large vein on the underside of John's dick, with his tongue occasionally coming back to the tip to swirl around the crown when John pulled it back. Truth be told John was only holding back to keep from cumming too soon, but really wanted to shove his cock throat deep into to Charlie and pump his seed into his cute pudgy belly.

Charlie had forgotten about Mr. Sanders as he sucked his first cock, the hairs of John's bush tickling his nose. The sudden touch of Mr. Sanders hands on his ass, allowed John's cock to slip into Charlie's throat as he gasped, the plunging cock making him gag. Charlie's head now switched back and forth from the cock restricting his air, to the thick finger s sliding under the band of the g-string, pulling it out from the crevice of his bubble butt.

"Oh fuck this feels good, shit, mmmmmmm, oh Jesus." John moaned, the tip of his cock pulling and pushing past Charlie's throat.

"Feels good don't it son?"

"Oh God yes, Fuck it's soooo good."

Charlie's ears discerned the sound of spitting through all the moaning, before he felt the wet warm fluid hit his ass and trail down towards his clenching boy pussy.

Bob took his right hand and ran his first two fingers through his spit as he smeared it around Charlie's tight hole. His left hand holding the strap of the g-string and Charlie's left cheek aside.

"Urrrrrr, mmmmm, uhhhhhh, mmmm, nnnnn, uhhhhhh." Charlie moaned as Mr. Sander's finger entered him.

"Slow down son, I want us to cum together, and it's gonna take some working of this hole before I can stick my big dick into it."

John didn't want to stop, on the contrary he wanted to speed up and let his boy juice fly, but the thought of cumming at the same time as his father had a nice sound to it.

John reluctantly pulled his throbbing member from Charlie's mouth.

Charlie was coughing and moaning as Mr. Sanders stuck the second finger into him.

"Ohhhhh, uhhhh, oh shit, oh shit, mmmmmmm."

John watched as his father finger his friend, his father's eyes filled with lust. John knew his father was going to fuck Charlie, jealousy biting John, as he wished he was Charlie's first, not knowing his father had already taken young Charlie's innocence.

As if reading his son's expression, "You'll get your chance at this sweet hole, hell from the sound of it you'll get more of this hole then I will, but for now, why don't you get down there and show young Charles here the Sanders men aren't completely selfish, and that we're willing to give too. "

John looked at his father with a puzzled look until his father nodded towards Charlie's waist. John picked up on what his father was suggesting and got down on his knees and crawled towards Charlie's crotch. John couldn't sit completely between Charlie and the saw horses he was tied too, but he could get his head in there and proceeded to pull the panties down hooking them under Charlie's peach fuzzed covered balls, freeing his hard 4 " cock.

Charlie felt John's hand stroke his cock a couple times as his head spun with pleasure, his breath labored and his moans raspy. John's mouth was but inches from his teammates cock as he closed his eyes and let the dick enter his mouth completely before closing his lips. His mouth holding the warm throbbing meat, feeling each pulse, as Charlie fought to try and pump his cock in the velvety glove it was now wrapped in, his bound extremities and Mr. Sanders fingers in his ass, restricting his movement, tormenting him as it forced him to wait for John to move, for John to please him.

"Oh God, pleahease Johnnn, please suck me, uhhhh, it tickles, please."

John hadn't realized his technique was torturing Charlie as his efforts were to make Charlie feel good, but when Charlie begged for John to suck him, he felt a sense of power and liked the idea of teasing Charlie.

"No, no, no, suck it please, shit mmmm, OH fuck, oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Charlie moaned as John had moved to just running the tip of his tongue around Charlie's piss hole, while Bob had once again moved swiftly and removed his fingers from Charlie's hole only to replace them with his hard fleshy tube.

"Ohhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddddd, PLEASSSSSSSSSEEEE." Charlie cried as Bob's cock slid into him, the pace so slow Charlie could feel his anal lips expanding and contracting around each thick vein of Mr. Sanders cock.

Charlie was on his toes, the feeling of John's tongue flicking his piss hole while his father's thick cock slipped into him was too much and his body was on sensory overload, the teasing pleasure making him mad with desire to be fuck and sucked.

"Please, please, please, fuck me, suck me, please harder please, uhhhhhh, please." Charlie begged his body thrashing in his binds trying to force his cock into John's mouth or his ass back against Mr. Sanders cock.

"I think it's time for you to return to your spot son." Bob said as he slowly loosened Charles up with his cock.

John pulled the panties back up over Charlie's cock and stood up his own cock still rock hard.

"No, no, no, don't stop, please."

John returned to standing in front of Charlie, and for the third time slid his cock into the bound boy's mouth. A simple nod between father and son, and Charlie found himself being spit fucked by the two Sanders men. The Saw horses rocked together on their legs acting like a pendulum swinging with each thrust of a cock, pushing him onto the other piece of meat as it returned the thrust and sent him back.

The pace was quick, as both men held back no longer and surged on towards nirvana, the sounds of their taught sacks slapping the sixteen year old in both the ass and chin, echoing off the walls and floor of the garage. Had grandfather Sanders had either the ears or the hips he surely would have heard the cries of pleasure coming from his garage, and investigated.

"Oh man, so close, shit dad, I'm almost there, don't... think... I...can...hold...on...much...longer."

"Go for it son, I'm right there too." Bob said, his dick plumping in Charlie's ass, pushing out the walls of his anal pussy, preparing to unload its hot jiz.

Charlie felt the pleasure building in his ass with each poke and prod of his boy button, his head swimming in the pleasure of knowing he was truly pleasing both men, which intern pleased him.

"Oh fuck." John said his face turning red as his body stopped breathing and focused all of its efforts on delivering his baby making seed into the throat and belly of the mouth attached to his man hood.

His father let out a primal growl as he too unloaded his DNA into the pussy gripping his twitching flesh, his fingers digging into Charlie's hips, trying to force his cum as far into the boy as possible.

The warm cum entering Charlie from both ends as he quickly felt stuffed with it, the excess dripping from both holes.

In a ragged voice, Mr. Sanders instructed his son to quickly untie Charlie's binds.

John scrambled to follow his father's instructions, as the cold concrete floor bruised his knees. Once untied, Mr. Sanders stood Charlie up, never once removing his cock, not fully hard anymore, but still large enough to remain in the boys tight ass.

"Put your face in front of his cock John." Mr. Sanders said as he pulled down Charlie's panties and began stroking his hard cock."

John knew what was coming and while he saw himself as more of a giver than a receiver, he felt it was the least he could do, was to catch the load of his new friend's orgasm.

Charlie's ass was squeezing on the tool still in his ass as his stocking covered feet curled and flexed with every pump of Mr. Sanders's hand. His new friends face at the end of his dick, his green doe eyes soft in expression, accepting of what was coming, as the first blast traveled up Charlie's bent rod, and fired into John's open mouth.

"Uuuuuuu, oh God, mmmmmm, huh,huh, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck." Charlie moaned as Mr. Sanders used his hand to pull the rest of his cum from his cock and aim it all over his kneeling boy's face.

The first load hitting John in the back of the throat, as the rest surprised him and hit him in the eye, nose, and cheeks.

Bob let his softening cock pull free of the teens sweet ass as he slowly place the g-string back in place and lowered the exhausted boy onto his knees to be with his son.

Charlie wasted little time and began kissing and licking John's face, as the two embraced in their new friendship.

"Well now Charles, there goes your week of being alone." Bob Sanders said watching the only two loves of his life make out.

"Charlie stopped kissing John and with a big smile on his face looked back at Mr. Sanders, "Yeah I guess so, but it's overrated anyway."