Close Quarters

By John V

Sean felt lucky to be bunked with Steve. Steve was a guy Sean idolized, felt unworthy of. The ship was going to take three weeks to get to port and Sean was going to be with the hunky boy in shared quarters every night.

Steve was more of everything than Sean. He felt protected by the friendship Steve extended to him. He was thrilled that Steve even paid attention to him.

They wore grey tees and shorts. They had to wait for their turn in the showers, so after the day's work they often wound up hanging out in the cabin until their turn came up. Steve's t-shirt was always sweaty, in the armpits and on his chest and back. He'd pull off the t-shirt and underneath sometimes he wore a tank-top sometimes not. His dark brown chest hair matted in different directions, he'd kick back on his bunk, airing out his scrub-brush furry pits and steamy bare feet. He would handle his dick absent-mindedly through his shorts and Sean would have mini heart attacks.

"Man, I really need that shower, I'm starting to stink", he'd say and then take a whiff of his own armpit. It was true; Sean could smell him, alright.

Sean wished Steve would boss him around. He longed to tell him he was his for whatever. He prayed that Steve would just come over to him and say, "Suck my dick". At least he wanted to spy on Steve pleasuring himself. He would lie still at night and listen, thinking the stud must be full of cum. On their fourth night at sea, Sean was really hoping for it to happen, and finally, almost two hours after lights out, he saw the pumping motion in the shadows, heard the muffled breathing of someone getting close and the brief rocking, slight creaking as his stud boy came.

Steve had beautiful muscles he wasn't shy about so Sean complimented them and asked him how he built them up. Steve said daily flexing was a good way and showed him how to do it.

"Come here and feel. Pretty good, huh."

"You got such a good body, man." Sean managed to say as he gripped Steve's rock hard bicep. Sean wanted to pump Steve's ego, wanted him to know he was a god and act accordingly. Without wanting to suck up too much, he tried to praise Steve in everything he did. During nights, it paid off. Steve knew Sean admired his body and wondered just how much. He felt really comfortable with Sean and good about himself.

Steve had a soft-porn mag with different naked girls and they passed it back and forth. They talked casually, Steve asking questions like,

"Would you fuck that one?" and "Which one has the nicest tits?"

"I'd watch you fuck those girls," Sean thought, and as if reading his mind, Steve said, "You're still a virgin, right bro? You'd have to wait while I went first. Look and learn".

Then Steve said, "I think they'd wanna fuck me first. I'm the better looking guy, after all". It was like a slap in face. He blushed because he had no comeback, could only tilt his head weakly.

"See, you agree, I'm only telling the truth. Your little pecker couldn't satisfy this girl". Steve was high on himself, looking at the big breasted naked girl and rubbing his cock through his shorts. After lights out they both masturbated quietly, each in his own bunk.

Next night they were in the cabin after showers, just talking. Steve was giving Sean another dazzling armpit show and shooting him strange looks when he thought he noticed Sean gazing at his hairy pits and muscular underarms.

"Sean, dude, you're such a pussy. Why don't you stand up for yourself?" Steve was handling his cock and balls again, unconsciously. Sean looked away and blushed crimson. Steve made him feel so much shame and he wanted him to know that.

"Sean, are you gay? If you are you should say so." No answer. "I think you like cock. If you wanna suck my cock you should just ask.". Sean felt like it was a trap. He thought Steve would beat him up, out him to the crew, if he let him know. Despite all this he went down on his knees in front of the reclining god and said, "Please let me try".

"Lick my feet first" Steve answered. Steve dominating him didn't seem awkward for either of them. It was like a new, perfect relationship bloomed then and there. Steve pushed his feet onto Sean's face, poking toes into his mouth, eyes, ears and nostrils. Steve pulled down the front of his shorts. His half-hard cock was about four inches and chubby and cut. It was cradled in a thatch of dark pubes.

"Lick my balls, Sean."

Steve stood up and Sean obeyed, though not sure how he wanted it. He was under his dominating friend and when he looked up, past the cock he saw Steve's body: the treasure trail and hard pecs. From this angle he was more beautiful than ever. Steve bent over the bed, showing his ass.

"Lick me in there, Sean"

Sean's tongue went straight to the excited other boy's asshole, and felt him pressing it into his face, pressing harder and harder until Sean was lying on the floor and Steve rocked his ass on top of his face.

Suddenly, Steve got off him, sat back against the bunk and started jerking off. Sean watched him and jerked his own cock.

"Come here", Steve said, "suck my dick". Sean leaned in and Steve guided his head onto his cock and started bucking right away, shooting cum down Sean's throat.

Steve was in a haze, steam rising off his hot body. He lifted his arms and grabbed the top bar of bunk. Sean was hypnotized by his dark wet patches of armpit hair.

"Dig in", said Steve. He'd saved the best for last. Sean worshipped Steve's body in that pose. He licked the sweat of his chest and twirled it around his ripe pits. With his face in Steve's pit he spilled his load onto Steve's belly. Steve fell back on the bunk and Sean wiped the cum off him. Pulling his shorts back on, Steve curled up to go to sleep.

"You're gonna wipe my ass from now on". Sean couldn't say anything and lay down to fall asleep.

"Goodnight, buddy", Steve said, sending Sean into slumber.


Now it wasn't a pit show Sean was treated to every night but a hairy ass show. The morning routine became a face-fuck and every night Steve made Sean worship his ass and lick his hole for long sessions.

On the 3rd night before the end of the boat trip there was a party and for the first time, Sean and Steve got their hands on some alcohol. They sneaked some bottles of beer into the cabin after lights out and tossed off their clothes. Naked, they were kind of leaning on each other in the dark drinking the beer.

"I think I want to fuck you" Steve said.

Okay, I want it too, Steve." Sean really wanted nothing more. He was dieing to get fucked by the end of the trip. He kneeled down on the floor like he was used to doing with Steve.

"No, don't do that. Lie face down on the bed". Sean moved right away.

"I wish girls would obey like that". Steve caressed Sean's back.

"Your back is so smooth, just like a girl, and I'm so rough." Steve lay on top of him and rubbed his hairy body onto Sean's soft backside.

"I'm gonna fuck you with the beer bottle." He whispered, still on Sean's back. I swiped some Vaseline from the medics" and he got up to get it.

"I never done this before" Sean said, sitting up.

"You're gonna love this cuz you're a little whore. You're my fag boy". Steve sat beside him and pinched Sean's nipples gently. For a while, he just pinched, then rubbed his coarse thumbs over them, then pinched and rubbed.

"You like it when I play with your titties, right bitch? You want my cock inside you?" Steve reached for his rock hard cock and held it. He guided Sean back down onto his belly and pushed his face in the pillow. He had the bottle lubed up and climbed back on top of Sean's back.

"Here it comes". The head of the bottle went in and out, in and out as they lay together silently. Steve braced his arm on Sean's shoulder blades.

"This is getting me so hot" Steve whispered. The bottle came out and Steve's cock went blasting in. Steve grabbed Sean's head and pushed hard, pushed his cock all the way in and pushed Sean's head deeper into the pillow, muffling his moans.

"Fuuuuck" he breathed. He started to fuck Sean, humping the boys ass and gasping in intense pleasure. Their bodies stayed glued together as they fucked full of lust intensified by hairy rocking against smooth. Steve came in his ass. He had owned his ass and just lay there a few minutes tenderly enjoying it. It was too close, too intimate. Slowly he pulled out.

"I want you to clean my dick." Steve was feeling aggressive and Sean felt like he wanted to cry. "Get on your knees and Clean it off" he repeated and grabbed Sean by the hair. Sean went down on him and delicately sucked the phallus clean. Steve pulled him off and slapped his face really hard. Sean started to cry. Sean slapped him again and again, until his nose started to bleed. Sean was really crying hard.

Steve grabbed a bunch of tissues and wiped Sean's face gently.

"Come here" he said softly. He put his arm around his buddy who held the tissues to his nose.

"Hold it like this." After a while Sean said, "It's okay, it stopped bleeding." His ass was bleeding too, he was sure of that.

"I gotta go to the bathroom" Sean said. When he had cleaned up and come back, Steve held him, bringing him into his bunk. He wrapped his arms around him and they lay cuddled together for the first time. It felt perfect. Steve held Sean's cock for the first time and felt it as it got hard, then rocked him till he came.

"Did you like that? Did you like all of it? Every part of it?"


"Me too, buddy. I don't ever want it to end"

"Steve, I want to be with you."

"Me too. I think I'm a fag, too, Sean. I really like what you do to me more than anything I did before." Sean kissed him. Steve kissed back. They made out sweetly, reached for each other's cocks and came in each other's hands. They lay there, like that, for the whole night.