Cocktease Meets His Match (M/t, oral, anal, Auth)

This story depicts sex between an adult man and a teenage boy of legal age. If reading this is not legal where you are please leave now. If you have trouble seperating what is acceptable in fantasy from what is acceptable in reality please do not read further and seek professional help. If you enjoy this please support the archive, even small donations help.

Billy was a hot gay twink, and he knew it. He knew that men lusted after his slim, toned, teenage body. He knew that men were turned on by his perfect skin, high cheekbones and boyish grin. Most of all he knew that men wanted his cute butt and would love to bury their dicks between his fleshy cheeks. But Billy was a virgin. Like many gay teenagers he was desperate to have sex but also really scared by the idea so he found other ways to get his kicks.
It had all started at scout camp. Chatting in their tent late at night Billy had complained to his friend Kyle about how their scout leader always seemed to be staring at him. 'That's because he fancies you!' Kyle had replied, giggling. Billy had laughed too but the following day after swimming in the lake he noticed how the man's gaze kept flitting to Billy's half-naked body and how his trousers were stretched around an obvious erection. Could it be true? Could this grown man really find him attractive? Lots of teenage boys would have been repelled by the idea, but Billy was turned on. He loved the idea that this older man wanted him. It made him feel sexy to think that the man's hard-on was due to him. As Billy's own excitement became obvious in the small trunks he was wearing the man's eye's were glued to his young body, a yearning expression on his face. From that moment Billy learned how much he enjoyed using his body to arouse men.
Billy was always selective in who he targeted with his cockteasing. He never went for guys his own age or those he thought might reciprocate. His targets were older men, married men, men with responsibilities and a lot to lose: teachers, sports coaches, even the fathers of some of his school friends. He was amazed how even outwardly straight family men would respond to his hot teenage body and flirtatious manner, but then Billy had developed cockteasing into a fine art. He would always dress provocatively in the tightest jeans and body-hugging t-shirts, guaranteed to highlight his lithe young figure. He was never blatant in his flirting; small signals would usually suffice: a slight swing of the hips or subtle lick of the lips or sexy smile. If all else failed he would bend over to tie his shoelaces giving the man an ideal opportunity to surreptitiously ogle his perfect bum, so ripe for fucking. It usually wouldn't take long before the man was lusting after him. Billy had learned to spot the telltale signs of desire in his victims: the furtive, hungry, glances, sweaty brows and tented trousers. He had cockteased his Physics teacher so successfully that the man  now avoided talking to Billy in class and whenever forced to would turn a shade of bright crimson. It turned Billy on so much that these men wanted him! He loved the power that his cute teenage body gave him over these fully grown men, two or three or four times his age. The feeling of sexy power would often be too much for Billy and he would have to run to the nearest bathroom and jerk his five inch cock until he shot his load over the cistern: it rarely took more than a few strokes. Sometimes as he jerked his cock he would imagine his victims doing the same: jerking their old man dicks as they lusted after his body, lusted after his youth. The thought always made Billy cum extra quickly.
This week in school Billy had a new history teacher and as Mr Jackson walked into their first class and began to talk about French history Billy spied his next victim! Mr Jackson was a big man, well over 6 feet tall with rugged features, broad shoulders and grey hair cut in a severe style. School rumour said that he used to be a sergeant in the army and Billy could believe it: he had the look of a powerfully-built man gone slightly to seed with huge biceps but a paunch stretching his blue shirt. He was just the sort of up-standing older 'straight' man who Billy liked to tease. Through that week Billy tried all his normal tricks but none of them seemed to work. Mr Jackson just went on teaching as Billy shot him sexy looks and licked his lips. That week Billy's shoelaces must have come undone more often than the rest of his class combined but even that didn't elicit any response. What did he have to do?! By the end of the week Billy was getting desperate, redoubling his efforts and partially unbuttoning his school shirt to expose his hairless chest, but still Mr Jackson carried on levelly talking about the French Revolution. Could he really just not be interested?
As the bell rang at the end of the last lesson of the week the class stood up and made for the door. Billy was just shoving his schoolbooks into his bag when Mr Jackson called over 'Billy, could you stay behind please?'
Billy sat nervously at his desk as the rest of his classmates filed out, looking on in sympathy and wandering what Billy had done to deserve being singled out like this. As the last student left the room Mr Jackson locked the door and lowered the blind.
Without looking over at Billy he went to his desk, pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit up. Sitting down on the desk in front he took a deep drag and looked down silently at the nervous boy.

'So Billy, you are a faggot' he stated after a moment, exhaling smoke into the boy's face.

'Nnnoo I'm not!' Billy sputtered back, alarmed and coughing slightly on the smoke.
'That wasn't a question Billy, I can see what you are.' Mr Jackson continued, taking another drag 'A little faggot cocktease. A little virgin faggot cocktease who likes to sexually arouse men and then run home to masturbate'. How could Mr Jackson know that?! Billy wondered, shocked but Mr Jackson had met a hundred Billys before.
'No I'm not! I'm really not!' Billy replied, but his attempt to impersonate an affronted straight boy was undermined by the blush spreading across his face.
'It's OK, Billy. I know what you are, and I know what you need. You need to be fucked, Billy. You need to be taken by a real man. You need it desperately and I am the man to do it.'
'Please Mr Jackson! How can you say that!'

'You know it's the truth Billy. Protest all you like but I know that you will thank me for what I am about to do to you.' Mr Jackson continued, sucking lazily on his cigarette. 'It really doesn't matter what you say or do.' Billy had to concede that was probably true, the huge muscled man must have weighed twice as much as him, there was no way he would be able to resist anything Mr Jackson wanted to do to him. His sputtered protests continued but became more subdued and halfhearted.
'Now Billy, you need to get out of those clothes'
Billy hesitated. OK so he *did* really want to get fucked, but like this? in school? by his teacher?
Leaning forward Mr Jackson casually dealt him a sharp blow to the cheek with the back of his hand. Billy gasped and clasped the side of his face. It hurt like hell!
'You do what I say, when I fucking say it, boy!'
Billy undid the buttons and pulled off his school shirt. Mr Jackson cast his eyes over the virtually hairless torso of the slender boy in front of him, noting his pert pink nipples and slim teenboy physique. Yes, he would do very nicely.
'...and the rest Billy'
Hesitantly Billy pulled down his trousers and underwear. Mr Jackson bent down and forcefully removed the hands which the boy had clasped in front of his body. Just as he had expected the boy's penis was painfully hard, a drop of precum shining on the end of five inches of delectable uncut boymeat. This boy was so clearly a slut!
Taking a long drag on the cigarette the man pulled the naked boy towards him. Billy thought that Mr Jackson was going to kiss him and lent forward, opening his lips, but instead the man exhaled the smoke into his mouth. Billy had never smoked a cigarette in his life and coughed deeply as the smoke hit his lungs. Mr Jackson gave a small chuckle.
Stubbing out his cigarette on the desk Mr Jackson stood up, unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock as Billy looked on transfixed. Of course he knew what a penis looked like, he'd watched plenty of porn, it was just that he had never seen an erect man's cock in real life and certainly not one as large as this. In fairness most gay men and boys would have been impressed by Mr Jackson's cock which was every bit as huge as the rest of his body: 9 inches long and massively thick, deeply ridged with purple veins. The man's balls were huge, swinging low and surrounded by a forest of wiry grey hairs. This was definitely the package of a dominant man.
'Suck my cock Billy' said Mr Jackson, simply.
The naked teenager kneeled down in front of the fully-clothed man. It felt so weird to be on his knees, naked, in this draughty classroom. Tentatively he put out a hand out and felt the cock of his history teacher: so soft to the touch but so hard and so thick that Billy's fingers didn't meet as they grasped the shaft. Tired of waiting on Billy's tentative exploration the man took hold of the boy's head and forced his cock into his mouth. Billy gasped as the thick shaft was roughly shoved into his mouth. This was it, he was finally sucking cock! Mr Jackson began to pull the boy's head on to his shaft with short rapid thrusts.
'Mind your fucking teeth!' he growled down at the inexperienced cocksucker. It wasn't the best blowjob but the cuteness of the boy and danger of the situation was really turning him on. The janitor or one of the other teachers could try that door handle at any moment!
He began to fuck the boy's mouth more aggressively, thrusting deeper and harder. The boy's mouth felt great as it rubbed across the head of his cock, stroking and arousing him. Mr Jackson's cock was hitting the back of the boy's throat now and Billy began to gag and struggle but the man held him firmly. Billy's eyes were streaming as the man thrust his cock into him but Mr Jackson didn't slow down.
'Oh yeah! You hot little slut!'
Facefucking the teenager was seriously good but time was short and this boy needed to be assfucked more than any boy he had ever met. Pushing the boy sprawling on to the floor Mr Jackson withdrew his cock and began to pull off his clothes. His body was big in every way and covered from ankle to neck in dense grey hair. Looking up at the naked teacher Billy thought he looked more like a bear than a man.
'Lean over that desk', the man instructed. Not seeing much option Billy did as he was told, feeling very vulnerable with the cold wood on his naked stomach and his bottom poking up in the air. 
Inspecting the boy's perfect round bum Mr Jackson was amazed that Billy had survived this long without being raped by one of those men he cockteased. Spreading the teenager's cheeks he admired the boy's tight pink hole. The boy gasped loudly as Mr Jackson shoved a spit-covered finger inside him; that was all the lubrication he was going to get.

'This is going to hurt' the man said impassively as he lined up his huge cock.
Without hesitation the man shoved his cock into the boy's hole. The huge purple head pressed against the tight boy ring and then, as the man applied more force, seperated the pink lips and popped inside. Billy screamed, the pain was worse than his worst nightmares. Mr Jackson had anticipated Billy's reaction and had one hand across the boy's mouth so only muffled sounds escaped. Billy thought he might pass out but so-far Mr Jackson only had the head of his cock inside him. With one hand clamped firmly across the boy's mouth and the other arm around the boy's neck Mr Jackson drove in, forcing every inch of his huge meat into the boy's butt. The pain in Billy's virgin hole was intense, he felt like he was being ripped apart, split in two by this huge rod invading his body. He struggled and groaned but Mr Jackson showed no mercy and there was no way for Billy to escape.
Soon Mr Jackson had his entire rod buried in the boy's body. He was under no illusions about the pain Billy was feeling: many experienced sluts struggled to take his huge meat. However he knew that the little cocktease needed to feel the power of a dominant man. Needed to learn that a little slut couldn't prance around flaunting his body without expecting consequences.
He began to fuck the boy hard and fast. Pile-driving his cock into the boy's butt. Dominating him. Possessing him.
The slut's tight little hole gripped the man's huge cock tightly with every thrust. The boy groaned and cried out, tears in his eyes. The man was oblivious to his pain, his entire focus was how good the boy's body felt around his cock. He thrust hard and fast, paying the boy back for his cockteasing. Teaching him what it meant to give up his body to a dominant man. Showing him the consequences of his actions.
This wasn't love, it wasn't even lust, it was just use. A dominant man using a hole for his pleasure. Using it roughly. Using it with no more emotion than he would use a fleshlight.
Mr Jackson was fucking Billy deep and hard. Using all his power to bury his cock deeply in the boy's guts then pulling out and pounding in again. Billy was getting fucked like a bitch in heat. A brutal, forceful fuck.
Although Mr Jackson hadn't touched Billy's cock once and the boy was in a lot of pain his cock was still painfully hard. Every brutal thrust of the big man pressed the boy's slender body down in to the desk, compressing his cock against the varnished wood. He wasn't going to last long. Billy was hurting but loving how this man used him. Loving how the man took and possessed him. The thrill of giving this real man such pleasure was even better than the thrill of cockteasing! Soon the pressure built to a level he couldn't contain and Billy shot his load, coating the desk beneath him with his boycum. The feeling was incredible! A thousand times better than masturbation!
As Billy came his ring clamped even more tightly around Mr Jackson's cock. Mr Jackson buried his cock to the root in the boy's hole, grey pubic hairs pressed against the boy's creamy cheeks. His orgasm was intense as he released shot after shot after shot of cum into the boy's battered body. His cum filled the boy's guts, coating his rectum, filling his intestines. The boy's body was flooded with a huge injection of man seed.
Fuck that was good! This little slut was his new favourite and the bitch clearly loved it. The only problem was going to be resisting the urge to fuck the boy in the middle of class! As Mr Jackson withdrew his cock from the boy's reddened and inflamed ring a dribble of cum leaked out and trickled down the boy's legs.
Craning his neck, Billy flashed Mr Jackson his cutest cockteaser grin and asked 'can we do that again next week Mr Jackson?'.
As he walked home from school Billy decided that cockpleasing was even more fun than cockteasing. 
Next Monday morning as Jack Sinclair sat down for his 9am history class he wondered what this sticky stuff was covering his desk. Running a finger through the mess and bringing it to his mouth he found that it tasted salty and vaguely like chicken. As he wiped the surface clean he thought it must be the remains from somebody's lunch, maybe those chicken noodles the asian kids were always eating.

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