BY Eff Del

He guided me up from my position over the arm of the couch. I was sobbing silently partly from the humiliation of what I was allowing him to do to me and partly because in some deep recess of my mind, I was taking some strange pleasure from being used and abused by a fifteen year old boy.

As he instructed, I kneeled down and used my mouth to clean his semi-hard young cock.

He led me down the hall into my bedroom and indicated that I should get into bed. He climbed in after me and gently stroked my cheek.

"Aw Travis, don't cry. I'm really still your friend it's just that I need a sex pet to help me get through this difficult part of my growing up. You've always been so nice to me and you're so hot, you were the natural choice. You understand that don't you? I'd of never picked you if you weren't so special to me you know.

Now, crawl down between my legs and lick my balls and my ass until I fall asleep and remember I need a blow job in the morning, then you cook us breakfast and then I've got some stuff to do. You can drive me there and then you'll have about three hours of free time before you need to pick me up and then I'll be fucking you back here some more. The weekends will be our really busy time Travis. Normally I'd have to leave early on Sunday morning because my Mom expects me to go to church with her but since I'm "camping" this weekend, there will be lots of time to break you in and to discuss future plans. It's going to be a great weekend Travis."

"D-Dorn..." I actually moaned in my misery.

"Shut up Travis! If you can't be enthusiastic, then don't say anything at all. It only makes me want to punish you." He settled back onto my pillows and opened his legs as he raised the duvet into the air.

"Scoot down there and get your tongue to work. You can come back up here after I've fallen asleep."

I slid more than crawled down the bed and placed my head between his legs. I no longer had any shame. I was totally defeated. I leaned down and began to lap at his tight little wrinkled scrotum. He sighed as I did so and I continued for about fifteen minute before he said;

"OK, now rim my ass hole and don't stop until I'm asleep. I don't want to punish you our first weekend together."

I silently prayed that he'd at least had the decency to wash and thankfully, he obviously had. The taste on my tongue was decidedly acrid but also tasted of soap and nothing disgusting. I zeroed in on his small rectum and lapped it in slow languid strokes of my tongue hoping that the regular rhythm would lure him to sleep. It worked. He murmured softly;

"That's good Travis. You keep that up. You're my favorite toy."

Soon after, I could tell from his regular breathing that he'd fallen asleep and so, I scooted up the mattress and placed my head on a pillow at the same time pulling the comforter over both of us. Thankfully, sleep came to me quickly.

I woke up before he did which wasn't surprising considering he was only fifteen, but I noticed that his cock was awake before his head was. I tried to decide if it would be better to start sucking it while he was still asleep or wait until he woke up and demanded my ministrations. I was afraid of angering him because I didn't know what his reaction would be.

I decided to take the chance and crawled down alongside his hips. I lowered myself over his stiff morning cock. I took it into my mouth. I began a slow smooth bobbing of my head as my tongue stroked the underside of his cock. I recalled he'd said he wanted me to work on my tongue action. I figured that until I could figure out a way out of this horrible situation, it was important to keep him happy.

His eyes flew open and he pulled out of me in a flash.

"Crap Travis! You don't want me to piss in your mouth do you? Jeeze! I'm using you but not like that Travis. You gotta let me get up and take my morning piss. I want to cum in you not piss in you! I want you for sex not disgusting shit like that."

As he was climbing off the bed, he turned and patted my back as if I was a true dog or other pet.

"Thank you for thinking about that though. It was very good of you. You're my best toy Travis. Let me just go pee and then you can take up where you left off."

He returned with a big grin on his face.

"You sure wouldn't have wanted that load of piss in your mouth I promise you that."

He hopped back onto the bed and pointed to his semi-flaccid cock.

"OK Travis, now you can get to work on this and then scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast OK?"

I sighed disgusted at what I'd allowed to happen and knelt beside him on the bed and lowered my lips around his young prick.

After I'd blown him, I moved to the kitchen and prepared breakfast. We ate in relative silence and then, he said with youthful glee;

"Come on, get dressed you need to drive me across town and then you'll have some free time." As he retrieved his own clothes I selected some jeans and a tee shirt for myself and soon we headed down to the garage and got into my car.

"I like your car Travis I'm glad I'll get you to drive me around in it it's cool."

He directed me to a condominium complex at the north end of town and told me that he'd need to be picked up in three hours.

"Enjoy your time off!" He smirked as he exited the car.

I drove home and immediately took a long hot shower. I then changed all of the bedding and then poured myself a glass of wine.

What in the hell had suddenly happened to my life? I needed to regain control but; How?