Editors note: The events described in this posting are 95% true. A couple of things have been left out mostly to make the narrative flow more smothly. Even stupid stuff like swinging for the boys balls and missing have been included. I have not decided what to do about the boy yet. Feel free to contact me at matt4rentsOwner@hotmail.com. :-)

Today is November 10th, 2008. I am sitting in front of my computer in total amazement. I don't think I can concentrate until I have told the other side of the story!

Let me go back to last night, around 10:00 PM. I occasionally go to nifty to find "interesting" reading material :-) I came across a story entitled "Consented Blackmail" and thought that would be an interesting read. If you have not read that story, go ahead and find it and read it now if you would like, then come back to my narrative.

Without thinking much about it, I began to read what the author describes as a "semi-fictional" story. By the second paragraph I was totally amazed. I was certain that this story was more truth than fiction, as you will see...


Lets go even further back in time. All the way to June 2005. I was a member of the web site alt.com. Scanning the profiles, I discovered one that looked interesting... Slaveboytoy. The profile description read:

"I wanna be a slave! Looking for a master who will take complete control of me, turn me into a cock sucking faggot bitch",

and the Ideal Person was listed as:

"A cruel, hot master, who will tie me up, abuse me, force his cock down my throat, etc...",

The profile had a couple of smoking hot pictures. Seeing as how that seemed like the perfect boy for me, I sent a message to the boy.

We had a couple of very hot email exchanges. Slaveboytoy sent additional photo's and links to stories he liked reading on Nifty. That's when I first found the nifty archives!

One of the stories was hot. A young nerd is using the bathroom out by the football field on his way home from school. While inside, a jock comes in and stands in the next urinal to pee. The boy takes a look at the jocks cock, and gets caught. The jock goes ape shit, slams the boy against the wall, drags him into a stall where he pushes the boys head into the toilet and proceeds to finish pissing on the boys head before jamming his cock into the boys ass and fucking him senseless. This story keeps going with the boy eventually being the piss and fuck toy for the whole football team, including serious bondage and beatings. One hot scene has the boy's head duct taped inside a toilet bowl and the entire football team pisses all over him and rapes him for an afternoon.

I thought it was great that Slaveboytoy was into abusive stories. That was exactly what turned me on. He told me over and over that he wanted a cruel master to abuse him without mercy, just like the stories he linked to me from nifty.org. As we exchanged emails, it was pretty clear that this boy was very nervous and more than a little skittish about the whole "thing", but he kept telling me he really wanted to make it happen in the real world. I learned a lot about the boy. Two weeks into our conversation the boy sent a message saying he had decided to try being straight again, and was going to give up all thoughts of being fucked by men.

The next day the profile was closed and the boy disappeared.


I went on about my business as usual. Still checking out various web sites. A year later in February of 2006 I was again on the alt.com web site when I stumbled over a profile for Pussyboicunt... who's profile read "I wanna be a slave! Looking for a master who will take control and turn me into a cock sucking faggot bitch. XXXXXXXXXX, now would be time to contact me."

Holy shit. There was the same boy, and he specifically listed my profile name in his text... HeHeHe... I guess I made an impression on the faggot in our first exchanges. I'd written a story for him where he had to race across town to meet me one evening. When he arrived, he was to walk down the deserted bike trail in nothing but a pair of running shorts, a tank top and his running shoes. I was waiting for him on a secluded part of the trail. Carefully sneaking from behind a tree when he passed my hiding place... I'd tell him to freeze, pull his shorts down just far enough to allow me to slip a slick lubed butt plug into his ass before pulling his shorts back up. I'd then lead him to a construction site and after long abuse end up with his arms tied to a tree limb, and a switch being applied to his ass before slamming my cock into him. He loved the story when I first sent it to him.

His return to the internet seemed too good to pass up. The skittish boy had returned.

Again, we started an email exchange, including the boy explaining that he wanted to provide me with information about him to blackmail him into going through with his fantasy and making it real. He explained that he would wimp out if he were not being blackmailed, and would likely beg to be let out as soon as he started anything. The exchange continued for a couple of weeks, talking about what turned him on, what it might be like to submit to me, generally feeling each other out to see if something this intense could work.

The conversation seemed to be going no where. He would not move forward and commit, but he kept talking and did not go away.

Finally, I told him to set up his digital camera and take pictures of himself jerking his little cock, until he cums on his stomach, and then wipe his cum up and eat it. He was to make sure that each of the pictures clearly showed his face, his cum, and eating his cum... those pictures are the initial blackmail materials that the boy was to provide (I love cameras with remotes that allow this sort of photography!).

Given how afraid this boy was but how much he seemed to need rough treatment, and then to back way off because it was "wrong", I was pretty sure he would never go through with any of his fantasy and make it real. I was also certain that he would not respond to the instructions to take the photographs. A couple of days went by without a response from the boy. Then an email arrives with about a dozen photos exactly as instructed. There is no doubt it is the boy jerking off according to instructions. Hmmm... maybe this boy isn't going to flake after all.

All I needed was contact information for his friends and family and he would be completely vulnerable. Of course he had to be treated with care or he would bolt again! Our emails began to take a different note. He was trying to understand how long he might be enslaved, what would really happen, etc. He was asking questions to build up his nerve to provide me with blackmail information. Until that point, he was just a hotmail account and a first name.

Then one day it happened. After slowly leading the boy along, he did it. He sent a message with his mothers email address. That was it! The copies of his profiles begging to be a faggot cock sucker, the photos of him eating his own cum, and contact information for his mother. I immediately began planning to have the boy.

Little did I know he was jerking off his little cock after sending me the information (See his version of the story)

Then the next day he begins begging. Please don't make me do this. Please, please, please. I'm a fool. It went on and on. He even worked up the nerve to call me on the phone (something he was afraid of doing before), begged and cried to please not be forced. "Please, I am going to Atlantic City with friends, and there is this girl I like. I think I'm going to hook-up with her. Once I've had sex with a girl, I won't think about being abused by men!" Ha! What a fool, he was getting annoying.

By that time I had found another new playmate who was not nearly so scared of his desires (That boy was diabetic with the automated pump. It made for some interesting times making sure to abuse him without impacting the pump! Fucking him as hard as I could bent over my desk without catching the device on the edge took real skill, but that is another story).

Since I had already planned to meet with this other boy, I decided to let this boy off the hook. He was more trouble than he was worth, but... I told him if I ever saw him online again, I'd abuse him mercilessly and fuck him without any regard for his desires.

Again, the boy disappeared and the second account was disabled.


Fast forward to July 2007. You can guess what I stumble across... a new profile on alt.com, CumDumpBoiSlave, with pictures of the faggot. I was not at all surprised. He just could not stay away from it. He is born to be a bitch. This time went a little different...

I sent him a simple message (cut and pasted from my hotmail account):
>Very nice pictures. I love the red trim on the shoes and underwear.
>Do you remember our last conversation in March 2006?
>I do.
>So, here we are in 2007, and I see you online looking for the same thing
>again. Guess we know what that means...
>So tell me what you have been up to over the last year or so? Did you ever
>manage to get a girl in bed?

His response came the same day:
>Subject: Re: Good too see you again.
>Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 17:25:25 -0700 (PDT)
> Haha, I do remember, you wrote up that little story and everything.
> Anyway, a lot has happened I guess. I've pretty much fallen into
>financial ruin, so I started looking at part-time jobs on craigslist, and
>ended up working as a nude assistant for an escort agency in DC. This pretty
>much got me back into the whole guy realm of things. The manager I worked
>for was kind of into bondage and stuff, and basically had me blowing him
>every night. He was really disgusting though, so I ended up quitting there.
> Seeing how much money escorts could make made me decide to try it,
>so I started doing that recently. I've only had two clients though, and
>can't say I've enjoyed it at all, so I don't think I can keep it up.
> Anyway, I was really horned up a couple weeks ago, and here I am
>posting again. I don't know, it gets me off, but it's not where my heart
>is or whatever. Still trying to get with chicks, but I never did do that
>girl in Atlantic City, although we still hang sometimes.
> So, that's where I am. What's new with you?

Attached were a whole slew of new pictures. We exchanged a few quick emails that day. One of which was hysterical and just typical of this cunts fucked up life...

His words from an email:

"The second guy was much kinkier. He was a sub, who was topping for the first time. I had to wear some skimpy jock clothes over to his place. He had me get naked, dressed me up in some cheap jewelry he bought, and liked to call me a slut. He had me pose for him, fuck myself with a little dildo, lick his feet, etc... He also pissed all over me, and had me suck him off, (although being a sub, he had to fuck himself with a dildo to actually get off in the end). He kept calling me "sir" accidentally too, and he'd have to correct himself. Pretty funny :)"

Just like him to find a pathetic excuse for a top.

  I had a busy week, and told the boy I'd be at his place at 3:00 PM on Thursday July 5th. "Be ready." He'd already started whining again about how he did not really want to do anything, it is all just a fantasy, he hated blowing his boss (turns out he sucked the bosses cock for hours but the boss would never cum. How weird is that?) and hated the two disastrous tricks he had turned (both without getting fucked ... he was still a virgin). Blah, blah, blah.

Time for the boy to get fucked.

Now it gets interesting...

When I arrived at his place, he came downstairs to let me into the building. He was very shy and quiet, but acting as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening... sort of like "Nice weather we are having?" I think he was trying to still put on a front to save his ass. Though he was desperate to find out what was in the gym bag I was carrying. He was very funny when we passed the security/doorman in his building... trying to play it cool, but very nervous at the same time.

His apartment was a one room place (the kitchen and bathroom were so small they barely exist). He immediately sat one his bed with his back against the wall, and his arms folded across his chest. He was definitely uncomfortable. Of course the first thing he did was beg me to not do anything to him: "Please, please, please. It's all a mistake. I don't like guys. I do not want to be fucked. I'm going to be asexual from now on."

I was really having trouble figuring this guy out. I asked about his family, growing up, his time in the military, ... Nothing seemed to point to his uncontrollable desire to be abused by men and simultaneously his refusal to let go and just enjoy what he was ... a pussy boy who needed to be controlled and fucked by a man stronger than him. After a few minutes of trying to figure him out, I decided it was time to get started.

"Take you shirt off, and let's see if you still look like the pictures" I say.

"I was hoping we weren't going to do this. You seem like a nice guy. Asking me all these questions and talking. Can't we just skip this? Please", he begs with the look of a wounded puppy.

"Look, you're the stupid faggot who gave me blackmail information, gave me pictures, and told me to not let you off the hook. Time to pay up. Get your fucking shirt off. Now." I growled at him.

He slid off the bed, still begging, "Can't we please not do this. I absolutely do not want to do this. Please", but he complied with my instruction to take his shirt off. Mmm... he was as cute in the flesh as his photos.

I went to my gym bag, and pulled out a pair of wrist restraints. His eyes got big and round... "What are those for?"

"Duh. To tie your hands behind your back."

Could he be this clueless? I proceeded to secure his wrists together, behind his back and then pushed him over onto the bed. In a flash, his shoes and pants were on the floor, and he was laying there. Naked, ready, but still begging me to please not do anything.

I'd had enough of that constant begging. I leaned down to his ear and quietly told him...

"Here is the deal boy. I am going to have my way with you for the next couple of hours. If you behave, I'll only torture you a little, if you keep whining, I'm going to make this bad. You keep telling me you don't want to do anything, but keep coming back to the internet. Today, we are going to make sure you stay off the internet for good."

My clothes went to the floor in an instant.

I rolled the boy over onto his back, and dragged his legs up onto the bed so he was centered on his own bed. My digital camera came out of the gym bag. The pictures started. A couple of him laying naked, hands bound behind his back. I climbed on the bed, and lay my cock across his mouth... picture ... cock on his forehead... picture ... smile for the camera boy ... my cock on his lips... picture. Then a nice picture of the tip of my cock just inside his lips...

"Look straight into the camera and look happy boy" ... I slowly sank my cock into his mouth. I had to take the classic picture of his cheek poking out sideways with my cock stuffed into his mouth. You know the universal sign for a blow job!

The camera was getting in the way, and I was getting worked up. Time to make the boy unhappy. I slid him sideways with his head hanging off the side of the bed, took another picture and set the camera down. This time when my cock went into his mouth I pushed it in deep. Being almost a complete virgin, the boy choked on my hard cock. But damn if felt good.

I started ramming my cock into his mouth for real. On the bottom stroke he would choke and gag, but I'd simply slide back till the head of my cock was on his lips and push back in. After a bit of face fucking the boy seemed to be getting better at taking my cock, so it was time to up the ante.

I reached down and grabbed his left nipple, squeezed hard and twisted as I plowed my cock deep into his throat... I slammed the head of my cock went into his throat... he choked and lurked in pain and surprise. That was good... tears were streaming out of his eyes... I pulled out to get a better position and grip.

"Oh God. Please stop... please. I'll do anything you want, just stop. I cannot do this. Please stop." The boy begged almost in tears.

I reached down and gently patted the side of his face, only inches away ... looking directly into his eyes...

"Oh, I can stop, but then we move onto the next phase. You won't like that any better."

The boy just kept blubbering on about how this was wrong... it's not what he wants... please stop...

To shut him up I had to stick my cock back into his face. It seemed to work. At least I could not hear him complain while I fucked his face. After a good while, he wasn't suffering as much from the face fucking... I was ready to move on.

"Boy, you face is red. You want to get your head up off the edge of the bed?"

"Yes, please." The boy replied.

Hmm... that was a little more docile, and a lot less of a complaint than anything to that point. I must be a good influence on the boy.

I flipped the boy around. Now he was lying on his stomach with his head and upper body on his bed, his feet on the floor. I went to my pants and removed my belt. He watched as best he could lying face down across the bed.

"Boy, its time to see what you ass looks like with a little color on it."

He just watched.

I proceeded to crack his ass sharply with my belt. Not hard enough to leave a welt, but after a few stokes he was wriggling around trying to sooth his bottom and avoid the blows. Of course there was no where for the boy to go so his bottom kept taking blows. Wow, I was definitely a good influence... he wasn't begging for me to stop.

I laid into his ass a few good times. He was defiantly feeling the pain. I laid one further down his hamstring to see how nicely it would color.

I almost forgot... the digital camera. Picking it up, I snapped a couple of nice photos of the boys red ass. Nothing to bad, but the one line on his leg stood out very nicely.

That was fun, and the boy seemed to be taking it without too much problem. I'm going to step it up and see what the boy does now...

I stopped beating the boy's ass and asked him if it hurt.

"Yes it hurts. Please stop. You've had your fun. Please let me go" he begged.

The boy was like a broken record.

I rolled the boy back onto his back and slid him up onto the bed. His sore ass was now all the way up on the bed, his head was propped against the far wall, and his feet could prop up on the edge of the bed. It was the perfect position for what I had in mind...

I went back into my gym bag and pulled out a leather boot lace. Showing it to the boy...

"Do you know what this is for?"

"Um. No... Please don't hurt me any more... I don't want to know what it is for..."

I put both of the boys feet up on the edge of the bed, and spread his knees wide. Leaving a nice display of his cock and balls. As the boy says on his current profile, his cock was limp and useless. I slid my hand down his leg till I came to his nut sack, and then wrapped my thumb and finger around the base of his ball sack, pulling his tender little nuts out away from his body.

The boy tried to close his legs, but one small tug made him think better of it.

"Spread your knees wide boy or you will definitely regret this".

I proceeded to tie the boot lace around the base of the boys' ball sack, nice and tight so his balls stuck out high. The skin was tight and the nuts were held up by the thickness of the boot lace.

"Damn that's nice boy. Now we are going to have some fun with those balls of yours. If you scream or make too much noise, I am just going to keep on them, so shut the fuck up and take it like the faggot you are" I told him with a nice smile on my face. I love being nice right before being bad.

First, the digital camera needed to do its work. Snap, snap, and a couple more photos's for his mommy.

I retrieved my belt from where it had dropped, and wound it around my hand till only about 8 inches hung lose. He closed his knees sharply knowing where this was going, but the boot lace held his balls so tight he hurt himself. I laughed at him, watching real fear move across his face.

"OK. Boy, I like pounding on a nice sack, but let's just take it easy and see how it goes. Keep those knees spread open for me. If you close them you get an extra smack, harder than the last. You got that?"

The boy just looks at me, but slowly his knees spread as wide as he can make them. I think his theory was that by spreading them wide he could keep his muscles tight and hold still, ride out what was going to happen. Maybe he thought I was toying with him, and his balls were safe...

I started with a couple of small belt smacks to his inner thighs. He was expecting searing pain, but I made it just hurt a little, sting really. Very nice tender flesh on the inner thigh. Stings nicely. After 5 or six of those love taps I could tell the boy was not able to keep tense forever and was starting to relax... just a little...

Then the belt came down straight across his balls.

He did not scream.

There was not enough air in his lungs for it.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Another one, but this time trying to get the thick leather tip of the belt to hit the sack ... SCORE! A direct hit. His entire ball sack bounced with the force of it.

Of course, the next one missed his balls completely and hit across his thigh. So much for my aim!

The boy was twisting and bucking like no tomorrow, but he was definitely trying his best to keep his knees apart despite the fact that he knew his balls were my target.

So of course, I took after them ... after a bunch of good solid belt shots directly across the boys balls they were starting to get very red. One more good shot, just too see how far he could go.

I really hit them hard (Not hard at all compared to his ass, but for his sore balls it was very hard).

The boy could not help it. His knees came together, and he rolled sideways as hard as he could, managing to get his hips twisted sideways. I grabbed his knees and tried to swing him back into position, but momentum and leg strength won the day. The boy and I ended up on the floor, wear I managed to flip him on his back. The boy tried his best to kick me with his loose feet, but I got inside them, and slammed my fist into his stomach.

His stomach was surprisingly hard, and he was only a little stunned, but did not have the wind knocked out of him as I had intended. Now he was laying on his back, so I straddled his chest and sat on him. He could not get away, nor use his legs to fight any more. I was out of range.

Reaching behind me, I managed to get my hand on his balls (not a good grip though). Just enough to tell him to calm down or I'd rip his fucking balls off.

He stopped struggling, and begged me...

"Please don't hurt my nuts. Please, it hurts too much. I tried to do what you wanted. Please..."

I was hard as a rock. I thought the skin on my cock was going to split there was so much blood pumped in it. Smacking his balls really got my heart and cock going. I was sweating and horny.

"Time to fuck the boy."

"OK. We can be done with your balls for now, but its time to plow your virgin ass. Get back up on the bed and lay face down. I'll let you go once I'm done with your ass."

"Please no. Please, please no. I don't want anything in my ass. Please don't fuck me. Please, no."

"OK boy, then its back to the balls we go. I'll beat on your balls till you are ready for my cock to split your ass."

The boy was sitting on the floor leaning against his bed by this time. His hands were purple, his ass was red, his eyes were bleary and red, and his balls throbbed. He looked resigned. I could see on his face that he knew he was going to get fucked like a bitch.

"Please, let me have a couple of shots of rum from the kitchen. Please, it will let me do this. Please just a little ... give me a few minutes."

Why not. I can be reasoned with.

I helped him stand, and got the bottle of rum from his kitchen. Amazingly he was able to contort his arms and body so he could hold the rum bottle and manage to take a couple of shots straight from the bottle. I was amazed. I sat on the bed, and he came and sat next to me, and ended up leaning against my chest.

That was weird. This boy wanted NOTHING to do with intimacy, nothing to do with men, but he needed a rest, and was still with it enough to know he might win a short break this way.

After sitting for a few minutes and letting both our breathing return to normal I decided it was time.

I looked down at the boy and told him to roll over. It was time to have my cock up his chute. Without complaining, but looking VERY unhappy he rolled onto his stomach and just lay there.

I pulled a bottle of lube out of my gym bag and got my cock nice and slick (no point hurting the boy while I fuck him). I cleaned my hands, and spread his ass cheeks wide apart. His little pink boy hole was inviting me.

"You know your raping me. I do not want this. I do not want you to fuck me." The boy said in a completely flat voice. It sounded as if he knew it would have no effect.

My answer was very simple.

My cock head lined up with his mancunt. I pushed just enough to make sure he could feel tightness in his asshole, then I pushed and slid into him, sinking my cock all the way up in one steady push. His back arched in pain and shock as I penetrated his virgin hole. Placing my cock exactly where he needed it to be.

"Damn that's one tight asshole boy."

He did not answer and forced his face down and into the blanket on the bed. Trying to hide from the assault on his ass.

After staying hard for hours while torturing his body, and all of the cock sucking he had done between the events described above, I was totally worked up. I got a good stead rhythm pounding all the way into his ass. My cock pulled back, just barely inside him to so deep I could not stuff more cock into him.

I came rather quickly, remarking what a tight cunt he had.

Once I unloaded, I lay on the bed beside him... catching my breath...

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"It didn't hurt as much as I thought, but I hated every second of it." He replied.

HeHeHe. Poor little boy. His hands were very purple by this point and the knot on his hand restraints was so tight that I had problems removing them.

When I let him go, I was fully prepared for the potential of a raging bull trying to kill me, but instead he was completely clam, and at least a little drunk. He went into the bathroom and started the shower... cleaned himself up, and asked me if I needed to clean up.

After my wash, we both got dressed. Another strange shift. He acted as if nothing had happened. Talked about normal stuff, about what he was going to do for dinner.

A few days later, I had the images off my camera. Damn they were hot. I did not remember making his ass that red, tying his balls so tight, or his sack looking so battered.

I decided right then. If the boy still talks to me, I was going to make him my slave, despite the complications that would cause in my life (I was not at a point where a slave would fit).

I sent the boy an email, asking if he wanted copies of the pictures from our "afternoon together."

He never responded. His profile disappeared and I never saw nor heard from him again.

That was a year and four months ago.

Let me go back to last night, around 10:00 PM. I occasionally go to nifty to find "interesting" reading material :-) I came across a story entitled "Consented Blackmail" and thought that would be an interesting read. If you have not read that story, go ahead and find it and read it now if you would like, then come back to my narrative.

Without thinking much about it, I began to read what the author describes as a "semi-fictional" story. By the second paragraph I was totally amazed. Matt, the boy, was writing an account of our encounter, but embellishing it in ways that make his useless pussy boy cock get hard when he remembers the events.

He departed from the basic outline of our real encounter after Chapter 1, and got lost in his fantasy of public exposure.

Then I read Chapter 4...

Hmmm... What to do. What to do?

I thought I had beat the fag out of the boy, and terrified him so much that he would NEVER go anywhere near me or the internet again. He knows I have a copy of each and every photo he has ever sent or I took, copies of all his profiles, copies of all his sick little email messages... Stories he wrote to me... everything that shows him as a boy who WANTS to be a fuck toy cunt for a real man.

What he doesn't know is that my life has evolved and today I will keep him, own him, posses him. Use every part of his body for my pleasure without giving a shit about his little pussy boy wishes... make him my real fuck toy and whore.

And best of all he knows I have his mothers email address, full name and his home address, as well as the name of his employer (unless he fucked that up too). I don't think he knows I went through his wallet while he was in the bathroom. I have everything I need to track him down even if he moves to California. I guess he could leave the country, but even then...

From what little research I did today, all the information I possess still allows me to completely fuck this boy.

Just like he says in "Chapter 4" He thinks he can live without his parents (He told me that in one of our conversations). Can he live without his job. His friends, his old military folks.

So this is the bottom line ... should I fuck this boy?

You decide.