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Male-to-Male encounter. If this offends you or you are under the legal age, you should not read this stor.y

This is an almost true story of a young man and his encounter with a Uniform Motorcycle City Policeman. It contains domination and male-to-male sexual encounter. No intent of any particular person or persons should be intended. No one was injured during in this story and all participants were willing.

From Part 1 of `"Cop Sucker"

I sat naked on the floor in my own cum while his cum was still dripping from my face. I was pleasantly exhausted. I looked up at this hunk of a cop as he dressed. He turned towards the door to leave then he turned once again to me and said.

"I will be back here again next week same day, same time. Get your ass cleaned up and be ready for another fuck, you cock sucker." Then he left the apartment. I knew right then, `I was in love'.

Continuing story of "Cop Sucker"

PART 2, "Willingly Forced"

That night I slept very well but when I woke the next morning I was thinking of my new Policeman master. I had always been the dominant person but now he was dominate over me. What a sudden change I had made in my sexual attitude. When you like a person you do things you never thought of doing before.

I could still smell the man sex and leather in the apartment from the night before. I hadn't even cleaned up the cum that was on the tile floor or the stain marks on the wall. We hadn't even made it to the bedroom for our sexual encounter, but did it in the entranceway of my apartment. I had never had such hot and demanding sex with anyone. He was a hot stud policeman and I was looking forward to a repeat of another session.

I went through the week in a spinning daze of my encounter with?? ...Wow, I didn't even know his name. I decided to find his name on the mailbox downstairs. I carefully looked over the names and found what I assumed, was his name, Bart Adams and his roommate Larry Stewart.

I hadn't seen or heard their motorcycles this whole week.I was anxious to see if he would show up again at my door tomorrow night for another wild and hot man-to-man encounter as he promised.

I went about my regular routine during the slow passing week. It was Friday night and I had worked later than usual. I stopped at a favorite place to eat then headed home. My street was pretty well lighted and in a nice part of town so I didn't worry about getting robbed or molested on the way home.

I was about 2 blocks from my apartment when I head the sound of motorcycles but didn't bother to look around until 2 bikes pulled over to the curb about 20 feet in front of me. The 2 cops stopped and turned off their motors. I continued walking until I realized it was the cop from the apartment and possibly his roommate. He continued to get off from his motorcycle and motioned for me to come to him.As I walked over to him he and his partner on the other cycle had turned off his motor and was setting there waiting.

"Hey, cocksucker! Get the fuck over here! " He said in his rough deep demanding voice as he headed towards the opening of the nearby alley.

I was wondering what he was up to now. I hesitated a minute then headed towards him dressed in his `spit and polished' cop uniform.God, he was a hot looking dude. He was so trim and handsome in his brown and black police uniform, his helmet, leather gloves and ridding boots. He walked towards the edge of the near by building next to a dimly lit alley. He didn't say another word to me as he motioned for me to follow him down the alley.

The alley was between 2 warehouses in a quiet part of town. About halfway down the alley was a doorway to one of the buildings. Above the door was a dimly lit bare light bulb and near by were 2 rather large trash dumpsters. I followed obediently as he finally stopped close to the doorway next to one of the dumpsters.

"Get the fuck over here, punk ass. I need to take a piss and you are going to hold it." He said as he undid his belt and gun holster.

I was wondering what his partner though when he headed down this alley with me. Perhaps he had already discussed his session with me at the apartment. I assumed it was an accepted fact that I was now his cocksucker. I thrilled at the sight of him there in the soft light about to pull his cock from his uniform. I assumed my position next to him and unzipped his pants. I could already feel the hard buldge anxious to be released from the prison of his uniform. I clumsily dropped to my knees to get better access to his cock.

"What the fuck? Do you want to drink my piss, cocksucker? Can't you even wait until I take my piss before you wrap you cocksucking mouth around it? You are sure hungry for my meat again, aren't you?" He said trying to humiliate me as I waited patiently for his next instructions.

He pushed me away from him as he opened his pants and pulled them down past his thighs. He wore a jock strap to protect his balls and cock when he rode the bike. There he stood once again before me ready for me to worship his manly cock. I looked up at his face for his approval to proceed.

"OK, fagot, now you can kiss my jockstrap before you release my dick. I have to take that piss before you suck the cum from my dick...if I let you. Now take out my dick and hold it while I take my piss." He instructed.

I squatted on my knees in the dirty alley eager to serve my master. I took a deep whiff of his musky jock strap. He had been ridding for several hours and now the manly musk of body sweat make his jock strap and his body reek with warm sensuous smells.I buried my nose between his jock halter and his legs and quickly licked the sweat from between his legs. He pushed my head into his crotch and sighed softly.

I pulled his cock from the jockstrap before it hardened otherwise he could not take his piss. I lifted one side slowly to release his hairy ball sacks then gently and lovingly released his hardening cock from its prison.It sprung out nudging me on the face.I wanted to make love to his cock right then but instead I directed his cock shaft toward the wall as he gradually released his urine. I felt the muscles in his penis open the urine track down his long and beautiful dick. It slowly started to flow as his body released a hard and steady stream of golden piss splashing against the brick wall of the warehouse. The light from the street behind us directed a soft glow on his cock while I watched his piss streaming from his piss slot. It sparkled in the soft light like golden jewels in a bracelet. He placed his hands to his hips to relax as he released his urine while his cock worshiper lovingly guided his man hood. Some of the warm piss splashed from the wall and onto me as I knelt before my master.

As the last stream of piss come down his shaft I felt his balls tighten. He squirted one more spurt then stopped. I started to milk it down and shake off the last few drops but he had other plans. Before he completely stopped pissing, he shoved my head over his dripping cock. I eagerly slurped away at his uncut cock head tasting the remaining drops and milking it down appreciation his body liquids.

"Good man! Good man!Now do your master the pleasure of sucking the cum from his cock." Bart said to me as he spread his legs and leaned forward on the door in front of us. Just then the door slightly opened. Bart caught his balance then he said to me.

"Stop. This door is open. Let's go inside."

He gave it a slight nudge and it opened into a small hallway. A narrow stairwell leads to the floors above the warehouse. He held onto his pants and walked inside flashing his flashlight around in the darkened hall. When he decided it was safe for our continuing encounter, he said to me.

"Come in here where we can have a bit more privacy."

I got up from the ally floor and followed him in. He seemed to think everything was O.K. then he instructed me to take off all my cloths and throw them on the stairway. I quickly did as he said. I was anxious to suck his cock once again. Meanwhile Bart placed his flashlight on the edge of the stairs giving us indirect light.

"Set on the stairs and face me. You can continue sucking on my cock, punk. Lick those balls. They need a little loving too, cocksucker. Oh yeah, that is good. Yeah." Bart said as I licked on his low hanging hairy balls.

I cupped his balls in my hand as I took another deep whiff of his warm body. I licked back up his cock to his piss slot so I could unfurl his cock head from his lacy uncircumcised cock. My tongue was searching and lapping away at his pre-cum juices. I could still taste the salty piss and the sweat from his body. My master's cock mesmerized me. It was so beautiful and tasty. I knew that if we continued at this pace he would be letting me drink his love juices very soon.I would build him up to a climax then slow down to let him relax again. He pushed me away quickly just before he was about to cum and said.

"Turn your fucking ass around and let me take a good look at your man pussy. I want to ram my cock up your ass and cum in that tight ass hole of yours. You know you are such a luck bitch, getting my cock load in that undeserving fuck hole, so turn around and let's get started, punk. I know how much you want it."

I did as he said but was hoping he would be gentle with me. He had been the only one to ever fuck me. I did have a week to recover. I wanted to be prepared for his entry but I did as he said. I positioned myself on the stairs with my butt facing him. My knees rested on one of the steps as I lay my hand on another stair. Bart placed his hand on my butt cheek and rubbed my ass as if he was inspecting my hole .He rubbed his finger up and down my ass crack a few times and close to my ass hole. He then took a whiff of his finger and said to me as I waited for his entry.

"You expect me to fuck this funky hole. Smell this finger.That is the funk and sweat from you ass." Bart proceeded to shove his finger up to my nose and made me smell my own ass crack.

"Well Punk can you smell that? What should we do here, punk? You expect me to stick my man cock up that funky hole? Im waiting." Bart said as I was forced to smell his finger again and forced one finger into my mouth for me to taste.

"No sir. I don't expect you to fuck my funky ass hole with your man cock. What do you want me to do, Sir?" I said as I wondered what he had planned next.

I did want his cock and I knew I hadn't showered since this morning. I had a long hard day and my ass was sweaty and funky as he said.

"Well, we had better clean it up first. Right, pussy ass?You need your ass cleaned before my cock can enter." Bart said.

Bart quickly dropped to his knees behind me and buried his face right into my bare funky sweaty ass. His tongue immediately found my sphincter and tongue fucked me with lightning speed. I gasp, not only with pleasure, but also of the sudden and unexpected moves Bart had made on my ass. I gasp several times as my ass hole was being reamed to unbelievable delight. My master was cleaning and making love to my funky ass with his tongue. He was breathing hot and heavy as he licked and cleaned my ass crack and my ass hole. He took another deep breath then plunged in once again with another fast tongue fucking action.

"Now that is better.You ass hole is clean enough for my cock. Push you ass back into my cock. You deserve a rough fucking because of that, you fucking punk ass hole." Bart said to me.

He stood up again with his cock in his hand and aimed his cock to my ass hole. It was nice and moist from his tongue fucking. The big head of his cock immediately slid into the entrance. I flinched. He pause then moved into my ass, this time shoving it all the way in. I jumped as it hit my prostate and I immediate shot my load on the stairs. It was a fantastic feeling cumming without even touching it. He paused again for a short time while I had my orgasm then he proceeded to fuck me long and hard.He was so excited as he pumped away as my willing ass hole. I had never had such wild sex with anyone as I had with him. He would grab my ass and pump his shaft into me hard, while talking dirty to me. Yet, I could sense a kind and loving man behind his body movements and his words.

"Yeah, punk, you have a good tight man pussy. You like that man cock up your ass, don't you, cocksucker? You like my `cop cock' up you tight hole. I make you cum, don't I? I give you pleasure. That is a nice ass hole for my cock. Yeah. Take that man cock up your fucking ass. Shittt, that is good." Bart kept talking to me as he was enjoying my body and the tight crevices of my ass hole.

I was enjoying getting fucked so much that I had forgotten about his partner waiting patiently for Bart as he was pleasuring himself in my ass hole. I head the sound of the door open slowly as his partner spoke to Bart.

"Man, haven't you dumped your load yet? That must be a good piece of ass you have there Bart." The other cop spoke to him as he flashed his light first into my face then at my ass to see Bart's big cock shoving into my hole.

"You don't know how right your are, Larry, This is the best man pussy I have had in a long time. Look at that beautiful ass. That punk can take my cock without even complaining.Better than that `old lady' of yours.You've got to try some of this man.Let me shoot my load then you can move right in. This cocksucker is totally mine. He will do anything I ask and what...and what a tight fuck. Oh, Yea. Shitttt, man.I'm going to cum. Oh yeah! Oh yea! Take that cock, take that cock, you fucking cocksucking punk. Oh Yeah. I'm commmmmming...awwwww, awwwww, awwwww...aww. Fuck, fuck. Man, that is good stuff."

Bart moaned out as he pumped his hot load into my ass while Larry watched. It must have triggered Bart off as his buddy watched his body spasm through a pleasurable orgasm. Larry proceeded to pull out his hard cock and started to jack off. Never once did he take the flashlight off Bart's cumming cock or my ass. He placed his hand down to the entrance of my hole where his buddy's cock was still emptying loads of cum. He brought his fingers up to his mouth to taste the ass juices oozing from my ass. He took the remainder of liquids and moistened his own hard cock while continuing to jack off.

I held onto the stairs bracing myself as Bart wildly bounced against my body shoving his hard cock into me. His strong hands gripped my hips as he pulled violently on my body, impaling his manhood into me. I could feel his big hairy balls bouncing against my butt cheek and his pulsating cum emptying into my love canal. The sounds of moaning continued until Bart finally paused to enjoy one more feel of ecstasy of his orgasm.

This dude was a wild fucker. That was so good I almost came again. I relaxed on the stairs while Bart took another deep sigh and slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. I could feel his moist warm sperm and ass juices dripping out of my ass and onto my balls. He leaned over and kissed one of my ass cheeks then gave me a love slap on the other one. He turned to his cop partner Larry, and said.

"Here buddy. Fuck some good tight ass and use it well."

Then Bart raised his voice as he spoke instructions to me.

"Now listen, ass hole, this is my best buddy so give him a good time. Whatever he wants to do with your cocksucking mouth or you cum filled ass, you let him do it. If he wants you to suck his cock, you do it. If he wants to fuck your ass, it is his. and if he wants you to drink his piss, you oblige him. If his funky ass hole needs licking, you lick it. I am loaning you out so don't let me hear you haven't pleased him. If I hear anything negative, I may not fuck your funky ass for another week. Do you understand, punk? Bart said as he shook his fist at me.

"Yes sir. I understand and I will be happy to pleasure your buddy, and thank you sir for your confidence in me. I am yours to command." I said as I lowered my head in respect. I was really getting into this dominance and obedience thing with Bart. He just had that certain command that I liked besides I was proud to be used by him. He was so hot.

End of Part 2,

"Cop Sucker" by Richard Barber,

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