Cover Me, Chapter 1


Art by Amanda Bruno


"Yes what?"


"Heh. Nice, but not what I meant. I want to hear you say the whole thing. Want to make sure you know what you're asking for."

"Oh. Yes, I'd like to be your..." I'm stuck for the right word for it.

"Sub? Slave? Pet?"

Shit, he's got me blushing again.

"Heh. Let's go with boy, for now."

God he's cute. Cuter then in his pictures.

Going on this date was a good decision.

My name is James Griffin. But my friends all call me Jamie. I'm 21, and I live, and grew up in Long Island, New York. I attend Long Island University, though I haven't picked out a major yet. I live with my older brother and his wife, and our parents are retired and live in Tampa, Florida.

I've known I was gay since I was a teenager. I always enjoyed looking at the football players more than the cheerleaders, you know? It's never really been an issue. My family and friends all supported me. I never got beat up for it or anything.

But I've always kind of wanted...more. More than just a regular relationship. It's kind of weird to talk about. I've always been attracted to the muscle types. The jocks. Big, strong, cocky, manly men. I've dated a few. Had some great times with them. But I still always felt like something was missing. I just wasn't getting enough.

Then I became best friends with the Internet.

I spent a lot of time online. And between the porn and personal sites...there was plenty to discover. Anything I wanted to know about was at my fingertips. I slowly started to learn, that I liked things a bit...rougher than most. I read stories about domination and submission, watched porn with bondage and chains, even hooked up with a few guys who liked to be rough in bed. But, none of it seemed to be enough. I was still looking for...more.

So, one day, while cruising about online for...something – I hadn't quite decided just what yet – I stumbled across the profile of someone going by the name of "TopCop82." Well, it was his photo that caught my eye. What I saw, was a tall, muscled, dark haired man. He was shirtless, and had a slight tan, and just the right amount of body hair, slightly fuzzy on his chest, stomach, and arms. I clicked to get a better look at his profile.

He was 27, 6'5", 220 lbs. He had black hair, brown eyes, and an amazing smile. The rest of his profile...okay, normally, people fill in their stuff like their cock size, if they're a top or a bottom, and pretty much how they like to fuck. This guy...well, he put down that he was a top, but that was it. That, and a few sentences.

Hey, I'm Rob. I'm not really about all the games on here. I'm a top, and a dom. I know what I like in bed, and I know what I like in my subs. I like being in charge, and for the guys I'm with to enjoy that.

Right now, I'm looking for something more than just a hookup. So, if you're just looking to get fucked, look elsewhere.

Interested? If you want to talk more and find out, shoot me a message.

That was it. He had a few other pictures – All equally good looking as the first – and nothing else. Not your usual profile, especially not on a site primarily used for hooking up.

I sat there for a while and thought about it.


Sending him a message couldn't hurt, could it?

To: TopCopRob

From: Jamieboy88

Subject: Hey There

Hi, Rob. Was looking through some profiles and I stumbled across yours. Why so stingy with the info? It seems like you wouldn't get a whole lot of messages that way.

...I'm Jamie, by the way.

I thought it sounded innocent enough. I clicked send, and sat back for a while. After a few minutes, I had a response.

To: Jamieboy88

From: TopCopRob

Subject: Re: Hey There

Hey Jamie.

Look at it this way: The less information I offer up to strangers on the internet, the more they are forced to actually speak to me. It helps to weed out all the flakes.

Your profile's quite...prolific. You're into some very, very interesting things. Someone's a naughty boy.

Besides, I do better than you think.

 It got you to message me, didn't I?

I blushed a little as I read that. I completely forgot that I also have a profile on here. And I am nowhere near as conservative as him about what I'm into.

He's a cocky one.

To: TopCopRob

From: Jamieboy88

Subject: Re: Hey There

Oh. Yeah. Thanks.

Is that the kind of stuff that...appeals to you?

Sorry for asking, but...what exactly is it that you're looking for?

I clicked send before realizing how...needy the message made me sound.

To: Jamieboy88

From: TopCopRob

Subject: Re: Hey There

Oh yeah. All that stuff is great. Plus, you're pretty cute. ;)

But right now, I'm looking for more than I've been around long enough to know what I like, and I want out of life. I'm looking for some cute sub boyfriend to date, have some fun with, and hopefully, develop into something a little more serious.

Is that something that appeals to you, Jamie?

I sat there for a few minutes, nervous. Yeah, the idea of being someone's ‘boy' was pretty hot. But it was also more then I had done before. My experience with this kind of stuff didn't extend much beyond some bondage play and a little spanking with a few guys I had hooked up with.

To: TopCopRob

From: Jamieboy88

Subject: Re: Hey There

I don't really know.

It's not something I've given a lot of thought to before.

 I mean, I've mostly only played around on here. I've never really done anything too serious...

Okay, that was a little bit of a lie, I HAD thought of that before.

I sighed. Because of course, the way to a man's heart, was to act like a giant pussy.

To: Jamieboy88

From: TopCopRob

Subject: Re: Hey There

Fair enough.

Could I take you out for coffee sometime, and talk?

Promise I don't bite.

Hooboy. He just asked me out on a date. That is a date right? Coffee? I haven't been on one in like, a year.

I sat there and thought about it for a while again. It's just coffee. Talking couldn't hurt, right?

To: TopCopRob

From: Jamieboy88

Subject: Re: Hey There

Sure, Rob. I'd like that. I'm free tomorrow, if that works for you?

I sat there and nervously waited for his response.  Because I am a twelve year old girl. I sighed.

To: Jamieboy88

From: TopCopRob

Subject: Re: Hey There

Sounds good. You live near the university, right? Why don't we meet at that little coffee shop up on 24th and Kenwood at 5:00, tomorrow afternoon.

The coffee shop was called "Java the Hut" and was within walking distance of my place. A good number of the students at my school frequented it. Despite the horrible Star Wars pun.

To: TopCopRob

From: Jamieboy88

Subject: Re: Hey There

Sounds good, Rob. I'll see you tomorrow at 5!

And with that, I shut down my computer, and hopped into bed. I knew that if I stayed up, I'd just end up stressing about tomorrow.

I was thankful I had two classes the following morning. They kept my mind too busy to let me think about my coffee date later. If I thought about it too much, my nerves would end up getting the best of me and I'd chicken out. So I buried myself in lectures. That may have been the most I have ever learned about Art History.

But, my classes only lasted until two in the afternoon. That left me with three hours to get home, get ready, and then worry incessantly until five. I got to the apartment I share with my older brother and his wife around 2:15 and headed up to my room. They wouldn't be home until after five. First things first, I need to pick out an outfit. It's supposed to just be coffee, and I didn't want to seem too eager, so I just picked out a pair jeans and a nice polo. The jeans of course being the ones that make my ass look great. What? I still want him to think I'm hot.

I got on my bed and stared at the ceiling for a while. I still had over two hours before I'd have to leave, and nothing to do. I thought about jerking off, but decided against it. On the off chance that Rob would want to fool around later, I wanted to be able to give it my all. I sat up and looked at my computer. The internet should be able to entertain me for a while.

I signed on, and checked through some of my usual news sites. I also checked out my hookup site to see if Rob had sent me anything since last night. He hadn't. I was a little disappointed, but at least he wasn't canceling on me. I surfed the net for a while, losing track of time until I noticed it was almost 4:15. Shit. I still need to shower.

I ran to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I managed to wash and rinse off in near record time. I grabbed a towel and started drying myself off as I walked back to my room. Thank god I'm alone. I glanced at my clock when I got in. 4:30. Fuck. I grabbed some clean boxer briefs and tried to put them on as fast as I could...somehow managing to get tangled in them, and then fall over. Fuck you internet. Fuck you so hard.

I got up, fixed my underwear, and grabbed the jeans and shirt I had laid out. I grabbed a pair of socks, and ran back to the bathroom to try and fix my hair. Once I was satisfied, I ran downstairs and grabbed my shoes. I leaned against the wall and put on my socks and shoes, grabbed my keys, and hopped out the door.

The coffee shop was only about three blocks away from my house. I checked my watch. Shit, it's already 4:55. I tore off down the street, weaving in out of other people's paths. By the time I got to the coffee shop, it was 5:10. I looked around and didn't see him. Did I miss him? I caught my breath and headed to the bathroom to try and wipe some of the sweat. I looked around again as I came back. Still nothing. I ordered a small coffee and grabbed a table.

I waited fifteen minutes. It was 5:25 , and he wasn't there. I must have missed him. Or he blew me off. I finished my coffee, and made to stand up, when I saw him walk in. He was much better looking in person. He was wearing jeans, a black t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. He looked around the shop, caught my eye, and broke into a huge smile. He walked over to my table, extended his hand, and said, "Hey Jamie. Nice to meet you."

I took his hand and smiled back. "Same here, Rob."

"Let me just grab a coffee. Can I get you anything?"

"No, I'm good. Thanks."

"Be right back," he winked at me as he turned towards the baristas.

He came back with a large coffee in hand and took the seat across from me.

"Hey. Really sorry about being so late. I had to stop in atwork on my way here and it took longer than I expected. I'm glad you waited."

"It's okay. I was actually just about to leave when you walked in. I was a little late too. I thought I had missed you."

He smiled. "So tell me about yourself, Jamie."

"Oh. Well, I grew up here. Actually, I live just a few blocks from here, with my older brother and his wife. My parents used to live here too, but they retired about a year ago. They're living in Florida now. Tampa." I feel a little anxious. I don't want him to think I'm boring.

He flashed me another smile. "Cool. I grew up over in Queens. Big family. Most of them are still living there. I'm the oldest of 6 kids. I've got three younger brothers, and two younger sisters. You have any other siblings?"

"An older sister. She lives in Europe though, so I don't see much of her. The last time I saw her was...Christmas." Wow, I hadn't realized it had been that long.

"Yeah? My family usually has these HUGE get-togethers for the holidays. Both sides of my family are really into stuff like that. Family being together and stuff for the holidays."

"So is your whole family big?"

"Huge. I'm half Columbian, half Italian. Everyone has at least four kids."

"Wow. Mine is pretty small, and we're not super close with the rest of the family. But I mean, I've never really missed them or anything. I live with my brother, so I'm not really missing the whole family vibe." It's true. I was never said about a lack of a big family or anything. I was always close to my Parents and siblings.

"Yeah, you said you lived with him somewhere around here?"

"Just a couple blocks north of here. Close to school." Did he want to go back to my place?

"I live a few miles away, downtown.  I moved there a few months after high school. It's an okay place, just a few blocks from my precinct."

"Right, you're a co...police officer?" Because I am suddenly so worried about looking politically correct.

Another smile.  "Heh. Yeah, I'm a cop. Coming up on four years.  What about you, do you work?"

"No, I'm a full time student at LIU." Shit. That makes me sound lazy. "I wanted to get a part time job, but my parents wanted to make sure I was concentrating on school."

"And are you?"

"I still haven't picked a major."

He let out a little laugh. "Nice. Very nice."

He takes a long sip of his coffee, and sets it down. He looks like he's thinking.

Then, he leans over the table, looks me straight in the eye, and with a smile, asks me, "So Jamie. Have you thought at all about what we talked about online?"

I could feel the blood rush to my face.

"Heh. I'll take that as a yes then."

"Uh...yeah. I have," I managed to stammer out.



"Yes what?"


"Heh. Nice, but not what I meant. Want to hear you say the whole thing. Want to make sure you know what you're asking for."

"Oh. Yes, I'd like to be your..." I have no idea what to call this.

"Sub? Slave? Pet?"

Shit, he's got me blushing again.

"Heh. Let's go with boy, for now." He winked at me again.

I just know my face is bright red, and I turn my face downwards, glancing up to see him smiling, staring right back at me.

He stands up and holds his hand out to me.

"Let's go for a walk."

It was getting dark outside. We must have been talking almost an hour. There's a park not too far from the coffee shop. It's actually pretty easy to get around here on foot. Between the school and the parks, the area was practically made for walking.

He keeps smiling at me. It's almost intoxicating. It's friendly, a little goofy, with just a hint of cockiness thrown in. "This area is pretty safe at night."

"Yeah? Are you usually around here on patrol?"

"Nah, we don't get a lot of calls for this area, and the campus police handle all the on-campus stuff. You just learn the right places to take a date after a while." He gave me a wink.

I smiled. "Yeah? What makes you think I'm having a good time?"

"Well, you don't seem to be having a bad time." He threw an arm around my waist and pulled me close.

He was strong. His hands were big, and his skin felt warm. I leaned into him a little as we kept walking. "So far, so good, I guess." I looked up at him, wanted to make sure he knew I was just kidding.

He looked down at me smiling, chuckled, and pulled me a little closer. I didn't stop him.

I lost track of time as we walked through the park. We made small talk. He told me about his job, I told him about school. Eventually, we both realized how dark it had gotten.

"It's getting dark..." He pulled a cell phone out of his pocket. "Woah, it's getting late. It's almost 7:30. I better get you home."

"Really? I don't have a curfew or anything."

"Yeah, I know, but I don't want to keep you out too late. You have class tomorrow, don't you?"

That was true. "Yeah. I guess I should get home."

"Alright then, lead the way."

How...chivalrous? "Oh, you don't have to walk me home, really. It's just up the road."

"I insist. I want to make sure my boy gets home safe." Another wink.

"Thanks," I mumble, as I stare at the ground. I think he likes seeing me blush. "It's just north on Kenwood."

 "Let's go then." He smiled and let me lead the way.

We continued our small talk on the way there. He no longer had his arm around my waist, and I missed it a little.

We got to my building after about 15 minutes of walking. "Well, this is my building."

"Let me walk you to your door." He held open the door to my building's lobby for me and I led him inside. We walked up the flight of stairs, and got to my door. I had no idea what to do next.

"Well, this is it. Thanks."

"No problem." Still with that smile. Wait, does he want to come inside?

"Do you...want to come inside?"

He smirks down at me, and places one of his hands on my door, stretching himself out over me.

"Why? Is there something you want?"

My breath hitches for a second. "Just thought, you know, maybe you might want to..."

He leans in close to me, our faces only inches apart, "Might want to take you upstairs, tie you to your bed, and fuck your tight little ass until you're screaming my name?"

I shudder against the door and let out a little involuntary moan.

"Sorry babe. Call me old fashioned, but I like to take my time with these kind of things." He closes the gap between us and oh-so-gently kisses me. There's no tongue, no force, just the gentle sliding of his lips on mine. He brings his free hand up and strokes the side of my face with it.

And as quickly as it started, it was over. He leans back a bit in stares into my eyes, big smile on his face. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a slip of paper, and pushes it into my hand.

"That's my number. Give me a call tomorrow. Have a good night Jamie." He leans in and gives me another quick kiss on the lips before turning around and heading out of the building.

It takes me a second to compose myself, but I get my keys out, unlock the door, and head into the apartment.

"Hey stud. You just get back from a date or something?" It was my sister-in-law, Kelly.

"Yeah, something like that." Wait, did I just giggle?

"Well go you! Hungry? Dinner's gonna be ready in about hour."

"Yeah, sounds good!" I shouted back to her as I headed upstairs to my room.

Fuck I needed to jerk off.