story codes: M/bb, oral, anal, mild sm


This story is fantasy and should be treated as such! The behaviour of the protagonists is pretty unrealistic: something like this is unlikely to ever happen and that's probably for the best.

I don't condone or encourage the actions depicted in this story whether legal or not. This story depicts sexual acts between a grown man and several teen boys, if this offends you, do NOT read on.

Covert Camping

One saturday morning Rafael and me were sleeping in. Sunlight seeped in through the curtains and illuminated Rafael's naked, slender form. Some of the steel spikes on the dog collar he was wearing sparkled in the sun. It was chained to the bed post. He moved a little, waking up painfully to the clamps I was putting on his nipples. He smiled and stretched, sporting an erection, moaning a little as his tender nipples were being painfully compressed. He asked: “how did you become a private investigator anyway, Stan?”

Now that is a long story but since we weren't going anywhere – well Rafael certainly wasn't – I began. “I used to be in the marines, not because I enjoyed it but because I was left no choice. Jobs were scarce where I come from and the chance to go into the military, especially on a marine's pay, wouldn't come around twice. So I joined. I never really exhibited special skills, I suppose, until I was assigned to a military school as a stand-in for one of the teachers. The school housed boys aged fourteen to eighteen who were just as mischievous as their civilian counterparts, so the occasional punishment was required. Sometimes letters from home would get stolen and it fell to me to persuade possible wrong-doers to confess or at least give information.”

When I said ' persuade', I tugged the nipple clamps and Rafael let out a surprised yelp followed by a knowing smile.

“At the time I didn't think much of it. It was just a job, although I did enjoy it, just like many others. Even some boys seemed to get into trouble on purpose so they could be interrogated.”

Again the knowing smile from Rafael.

“One day, I was selected for a secret mission in a supposedly friendly country which had a government with the unfortunate tendency to topple every few months. I would have to assist in some stabilizing measures. I never came round to them, being found out early in the mission and kidnapped, drugged and left unconscious in the middle of nowhere. At least, it seemed the middle of nowhere, I now realize that it was only a friendly warning from the local secret services. A torrential rain woke me up. I made for a nearby tree with big leaves and sat out the rain, trying to figure out where I was. When the skies cleared, I went in search of a way out of the country. I walked along the road, but the drugs they gave hadn't entirely lost their effect yet and I slipped. I fell down a slope, hit my head and was unconscious again.”

“I woke up in a tent with two pair of young eyes gazing at me. They belonged two two young boys, brothers, aged twelve and fourteen.”

Rafael stirred, face a mixture between jealousy and lust: “what did they look like?”

“Gorgeous. Slender, brown skins, big eyes. Too cute really, just like you. I actually caught myself staring at them and some things I had suspected since my tour at the school, suddenly were very clear. The boys turned out to be out camping, not too far from their parent's house, although it was still a few hours' hiking away. They asked me to stay with them and I agreed since it would give me the opportunity to recover. Amongst other things.”

Knowing smile from Rafael, hairless dick regaining the stiffness it had lost. What I told him next made his eyes grow big and gave him a full, throbbing hard-on, aggravated by my occasional tugs at his nipple clamps.

“I noticed that they watched me intently when I took a bath to clean myself up from the past couple of days. I guessed that they were interested in a grown man's body. They were. After we had got to know each-other a little, the boys relaxed and resumed their normal play: one boy would tie the other up and 'torture' him for information. I watched their games with interest, growing ever hornier at the thought of having a stab at extracting some information myself. At night, after some hesitations and quiet whispering amongst themselves, the boys would play the same game... naked. During the play they would get very flustered and continuously sported erections. The first night, I just watched, mesmerized, paralyzed by the spectacle, going out afterwards for a supposed 'wee'. I thought my eyes deceived me when I noticed a look of disappointment on their faces. The second night, I gingerly announced that I would like to join their game. The boys readily agreed and frantically undressed. I lay them on their beds and tied their hands above their heads. Helpless, they lay before me, panting, stiff willies pointing upwards. I undressed and they gasped at my erection. I moved to the younger brother, lifted his legs all the way up, tied them to his hands and placed my dick at his exposed asshole. He looked on in fear, wonder and anxiety as did his older brother, tied up on the bed next to us. I covered my penis with saliva and pushed. The tip edged in. I told him to relax his ass and push. He complied and slowly the whole tip slid in. The boy was moaning loudly, tears forming in his eyes but he didn't ask me to stop. His brother looked on, panting and with throbbing hard-on. I was too horny by now to take it slow, so I pushed and plunged the full length of my erect cock into the searing boy cunt. The boy was crying and moaning by now, chest heaving with the heavy breathing as he tried to come to terms with the pain. I started to fuck. Slow movements at first and speeding up later on getting into an enjoyable rhythm, like I like to do.”

Rafael's dick was leaking pre-cum by now and he practically begged me to fuck him. Instead, I plunged three fingers in his hot ass. He moaned ecstatically.

“Despite my horniness, I took some time, varying the rhythm and depth of my strokes to feel as much of this little fuckboy as I could. The boy never really stopped crying, but his penis had reached full stiffness again when I had started fucking him. His brother was watching me rape his little brother with a flushed face and raging erection that was leaking cum onto his smooth belly. All this was finally sending me over the edge so I pushed myself all the way into the whimpering boy, grunted and came, filling him with my seed.”

Rafael was ecstatic by now, moaning and whimpering his high-pitched whimpers as I finger-fucked him. I removed my fingers, tugged the nipple clamps one more time, then plunged my hard-on all the way into his tight hole. Rafael yelled, arched his back and squirted a jet of white cum onto his belly as I was making the first strokes. I fucked the exhausted boy senseless for quite a while before reaching my own climax and shooting my first load of the day into my horny little fuck slave.