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White Rabbit

The gun was just not going to get them through the corridor. Rowan put the controller down gently before him and ran his hands through his long hair. It was the only sign of his frustration.

“Just give up Rowan.” Zander stuffed a handful of popcorn into his mouth. He was assembling a solar powered robot, which to Rowan’s mind actually meant disassembling Hayden’s careful construction. “Look for a cheat code.”

Rowan sighed, What would be the point of that? He turned to Hayden, “We need a break I guess.” His friend was already taking a break. Rowan flopped back on the floor beside Hayden. They stared at the same spot on the ceiling, shoulders pressed together. Rowan smiled softly to himself. He frowned slightly when Hayden sat up.

Hayden reached across for the controls. “We could try it in two player mode. Two guns would do it.”

“We were trying to see how far one player could go.” Rowan folded his arms behind his head, watching Hayden’s eyelashes.

“Maybe this is it. Maybe we have to admit it takes help to get through to the end.” Hayden switched to a sports channel. He absently twisted a corner of Rowan’s shirt as he switched his attention between the baseball and Zander’s demolition. Rowan was content with Hayden’s fingers brushing his side. He closed his eyes.

Water painted a line across his nose. He woke up startled. Hayden collapsed across his chest laughing. Another spurt hit him and he realized Zander had ambushed him with a water gun. As Rowan pushed Hayden off, Zander took a last shot and scampered off the bed toward bathroom to reload.

Rowan grabbed the closest squirt gun from Hayden’s collection. He chased after Zander, who started screaming desperately, “Neutral zone! Neutral zone!” Rowan backed around the corner and waited in ambush. His plan derailed with the first volley from Hayden’s favourite weapon. Rowan turned on his best friend and chased him to the basement bathroom. They stood at the sink giggling as they fought to fill the guns first.

Hayden's dad chased them outside. Hayden teamed up with Zander. It was to be expected. Being an inseparable team, they consciously sided with others. The boy's lurked around the yard, planning ambushes and making panicked retreats across the lawn. He was losing badly against the pair when suddenly they scattered in delighted fear. Rowan stood in the growing dark, heart aching with envy as Hayden’s dad chased his enemies down with a Super Soaker, rescuing him. He came alive and rejoined the fight.

The dryer was rattling away efficiently with a load of soggy clothing. The boys snacked on Pizza Pops at the island, clad in clothes scrounged from the Ratt family. Hayden’s boxer briefs felt a bit tight, but Hayden’s dad’s t-shirt covered Rowan’s crotch until his own clothes would be dry. They talked of school, less than a week away. It was a year when Hayden and Rowan would not share a classroom. Only Rowan could sense how anxious Hayden seemed to be about that. “Paul and Rifat are in your class, Jackson is too.” Zander consoled Rowan.

“Sure, no problem Zander.” Rowan laughed. Hayden was not going to be reassured though. His stared intently at him, and Rowan felt exposed. Hayden rubbed a thumb along his scar. Rowan dropped his eyes to the remains of his snack. He felt sick. Hayden sensed he was not Rowan. He bit his lip and realized Hayden would see that too. More than anything, he wanted to be Rowan again.

They escaped the house a second time, cruising the streets on their scooters, sharing their tricks, a 180, barspin, and practiced tail whips. Zander scraped himself up trying a 360 so they called it a night. Their loud voices filled the neighbourhood.

It was whispers in the dark while the TV flickered with a late night action movie Hayden’s dad had let them rent. The three friends sat in a row on the bed ignoring the movie as they stared at their devices. Rowan sent a quick heart to his dad in St. George and got an emoji back. His mom had messaged him as well from her latest travels. Zander was on Rowan’s iPad giggling about a site he shouldn’t look at. Rowan checked out the page and shook his head.

“Okay boys, now I have a boner.” Zander exclaimed with innocent delight. He nudged Hayden on his other side. Hayden’s face was illuminated as Zander held the iPad up for inspection.

“Just keep it in your pants Zander.” Hayden muttered with a chuckle. He glanced at Rowan shyly.

“But I can't!” Zander blurted. He bounced off the bed, spun around and jerked his briefs down, exposing a wicked erection. With an evil grin, he gyrated his hips and thrust his penis toward the boys. Hayden just groaned and covered his face, as he might if Zander had simply filled the room with a fart. Rowan stared at the curve of hard flesh glowing in the light of their multiple screens. After a ragged breath, he launched himself off the bed and walked to the dresser where he had left his glass of water. He sipped it, his back turned to his friends. “Let me see your boner Rowan!”

Zander pantsed Rowan. “No!” The anguish was raw. Rowan dropped his glass and recovered his briefs. Without a word, he escaped to the hallway. Hayden’s mom and dad were in the living room. Rowan froze for a second, hastily threw his arms across his bruised torso, and fled to the kitchen with their concerned questions humiliating him further. Rowan found refuge in the basement, under the stairs near the water heater. He hugged his bare legs and rocked. Rowan trembled like a hunted animal.

Mixed voices reached him in the dark. “He went down to the basement son. What happened?”

“Just a mixup Mr. Ratt. It's my fault.”

“Should I check on him?”

“No mom, we’ll go see if he’s okay.” Hayden’s voice, reassuring them. Rowan closed his eyes. There was no way out of the trap. Hayden knew where to find him. They approached cautiously, waiting for him to bolt off into the night. His best friend carefully sat beside him on the floor. An arm snaked around his side and pulled their bodies close. Rowan shook uncontrollably.

Zander squatted before him. Zander thought he understood Rowan better than Hayden. The words were soft. “I'm sorry Rowan. I wasn't thinking.” Rowan started crying in earnest. He wasn't Rowan anymore, so what did it matter if his friends watched him cry?

The three sat in the dark until Rowan cried himself out. They held the vigil patiently until piece by piece, he managed to reassembled most of Rowan. Hayden would not let go of him until he sighed and hesitantly joked, “Zander's snake frightened me.” It was lame, but his friends chuckled with relief. “Enough of this.” He added wiping his eyes.

Hayden grabbed his shoulders before they followed Zander up the stairs. “It's okay Pen.” He whispered, foreheads touching. Rowan nodded silently back. It was better if they did not talk about it. He felt Hayden’s hand on the small of his back, steadying him as he climbed back into the world.

Rowan wanted to diffuse the tension when they got back to Hayden’s room, so he jumped Zander from behind. Hayden had lingered to reassure his parents. He found Rowan and Zander in a straining tangle on on the floor. He let Rowan pin Zander before he attacked. Twelve year olds dancing out their problems in a different way. That lasted till the Ratts told them it was really lights out.

“Just ignore me if you hear me jacking off over here. I'll try to be quiet.” Giggling, then the silence returned. Restless bodies shifted under constricting covers. The obscene sound of cheeks slapping brought on more giggling. It was followed up by a symphony of grotesque moaning ending in tortured grunting. Silence, then Zander whispered, “Sorry guys, I'm a screamer.”

“Take good care of that hand. That’s the only girlfriend you're ever going to have, treat her well.” Hayden snickered.

Rowan smiled in the dark. He lay on the floor beside Hayden’s bed, the light blanket tossed aside so he could enjoy the Ratt’s air conditioning. He slid a hand down his briefs and touched himself furtively.

“Anyway, Paul is getting some pubes.” Zander tossed out casually.

“No way!” Hayden sat up in bed. “I guess he is a bit older than us.” He lay down again and the silence returned.

Three months till I’m thirteen. Rowan calculated. A teenager, and then I slide into looking like Davon. He supposed all three of them shared that thought. Tweens was cool if you were around fifth graders, but teenage meant you were old and all the secret doors started to open for you.

“Are you guys, like, cumming yet?” There was a note of anxiety in Zander’s question. Rowan jerked his hand away from his crotch and lifted his head. Zander was propped up on one arm, the summer night revealing too much of his face for that sort of conversation. “Paul says he has been doing it since his birthday.”

“No.” Rowan glanced up at Hayden’s reply. Hayden had rolled over and propped himself up as well. Their eyes met. Hayden knew Rowan was firing off a little cum. That was for Rowan to tell.

Rowan sat up and leaned on his knees. “Yes, a little bit. Not all the time, but yes, I cum.”

“Oh my God Rowan!” Zander was impressed with him. “So what does it feel like? When did you start.”

“I don’t know, I noticed it in the middle of the night a while ago.  I was messing my shorts.  It’s hard to say how long. Maybe the start of summer.” Zander was sitting up too. “I don’t think it really feels different. It just comes out now when when I climax.” Zander was impressed with him. It was like Rowan could drop a three pointer without a second thought. What a hero. He asked how often Rowan jacked off, which turned into something of a shamefaced bragging contest among the three boys. Perhaps jacking off more than once a day was normal.

“Show us what it looks like.” Zander prodded unexpectedly.

“What, here?” Rowan looked uncertainly at Zander. Hayden had a small smile on his face Rowan could not read.

“It’s just us guys, no big deal. I want to know what to expect.”

Rowan looked back at Hayden. “Rat?” Hayden stared steadily back at him. There was a small movement when Hayden’s lower lip vanished, then an imperceptible nod. Hayden was curious too. There was so much to understand about being a guy. Adolescence was a frustrating minefield. One wrong step with your classmates and you were ruined. Every scrap of information mattered. No one in that room knew that better than Rowan. He was paying the price every day with Keegan and Davon. “Okay.” He knew would do it to share himself with Hayden.

Rowan scooted around so his back was against Hayden’s bed. The boys sat on either side of him. He looked between them before slipping his underwear off. Rowan slumped a little on the plush carpet as he pulled his soles together at his crotch. Zander asked if that was how he always sat. That flustered Rowan. “I don’t know, no. I do it lots of ways!” He sighed and turned to Hayden. “I need some stuff.”

His friend looked uncomfortable, but Rowan stared him down. Hayden went to his book shelf and reached behind a row of graphic novels for a small bottle of hand lotion. That was a revelation to Zander. He only used soap in the shower. “I rub myself raw sometimes.” Hayden sat down facing Rowan. One hand unconsciously rested on Rowan’s knee.

“Yes, well, this works pretty good.” Hayden replied. They lapsed into silence as Rowan began to massage his penis. Rowan was hooked on his favourite brand of lubricant from the pharmacy. He was on his third tube and no longer cared what the old cashier thought. It was there handy in his bag, but taking it out would be awkward to explain. He had even bought the last of the sensitizing cream.

Rowan’s cock was hard. He squeezed another squirt onto his palm. Hard blue light bathed his crotch and torso. He blinked at the glare. “What? It's too dark, I want to see.” Zander was holding his iPhone. “No YouTube video, promise!” Rowan went back to masturbating.

He tried not to think about his audience, sensitive to Hayden’s fingers tickling the inside of his thigh. He kept his attention on his cock, watching it move against the bands of his curled fingers. He tried to clear his mind, feel a rhythm. As he roused himself, his free hand wandered to his tight scrotum, then down to the sensitive skin leading to his anus. He stopped short of that, not wanting to betray his desire to stimulate the gay spot in his cunt. Hayden and Zander were straight.

Rowan concentrated on his sensitive head, thumb teasing the little mouth, rubbing the clear drops around his rubber head. “It does that now. This leaking, it's supposed to be a lot more when you're older.” He thought of Davon’s dripping cock and the taste of precum on his tongue. Zander leaned forward so Rowan ran a finger along his shaft to milk the fluid. Hayden shifted onto one leg, shielding his bulge, and leaned his chin on his knee.

“Is that all there is?” Rowan could see the same question in Hayden’s eyes. Rowan shook his head and leaned back against the bed. His erection glistened against his smooth belly, twitching with each flex of a groin muscle. He let Zander talk about different techniques for jacking off, sensitive to Hayden's short replies and accepting the way his friend’s eyes roamed his body like Davon’s fingers. He resumed stroking himself as Zander chattered.

Nobody knew his body better. Rowan let it build. His cock was speaking to him now and Rowan knew he could not answer it. He had to choke it off somehow. His pants were close at hand. Rowan stripped his belt free and clamped his teeth on it's worn web. The taste was so familiar. It evoked the sensation of Davon handling him, demanding Rowan submit to his need. Rowan worked his cock furiously.

Rowan did not want to think of Davon’s hands on him. The teenagers sank too deeply into him now. They had taken his strength.  He lifted his head and looked into Hayden’s eyes. Hayden was mesmerized. Rowan dropped his head again and closed his eyes for the finish. He curled his body over his cock, pumping it as each contraction hammered his body. The belt dropped from his mouth, and he swayed.

“Wow, it just popped right out of there. Three times and you're still dribbling.” He was weak now, uncertain of what he had just done. They were still watching and he knew he was the slut Keegan kept saying he was. Go ahead, you know you want to do it. Rowan sat, damp crotch splayed before them, hands clasped unconsciously behind his back in submission as he displayed his shame. Hayden and Zander masked their sneers at least.

“Give me that bottle.” Hayden tossed the hand lotion over to Zander. Rowan watched Zander jack off as the cum dried on his belly. Hayden twisted around and dropped next to him. He pulled the belt over Rowan’s limp crotch and slowly rolled it up as they watched Zander together. Zander’s masterbation chased the dark thoughts away.

“I've had a few wet dreams Pen.” Hayden whispered in his ear. “Are you okay?” Rowan shifted his tired legs. They were helping him, each in their own way.

“I'm cool Rat. Don't worry so much.” Zander heartened him. Maybe he did not know Zander's story, but they were friends together, maybe he was okay and jacking off for them meant nothing. He leaned over to whisper, When do I get to see you cum Rat? just as Zander reached a dry climax. The words never broke free. It was probably for the best. Rowan figured if he started to speak his mind to Hayden, he would not be able to stop.

Rowan woke as the sun turned the southeast grey with the first intimations of the new day. Zander and Hayden slept on. Restless, he sat cross legged staring at Hayden’s face. There were few opportunities to do that. He wondered if Hayden ever woke up in the middle of the night to look at him. If Zander had not shared the sleepover, the boys would have automatically shared The bed. Hayden was a really neat friend, even when he was asleep. Rowan was tempted to tickle his earlobe.

He plucked his bag off the floor and tiptoed past Zander’s shrouded body. He locked the bathroom door before stripping off his briefs. His glass beads slipped easily in after a liberal application of lubricant and the sensitizing cream. He added more of the cream to the tip of his penis, closed his eyes and enjoyed the solitude as he luxuriated in the gift of his own body.

All the different memories ran together as he played with himself. Strange teens at the pool, Faith soaked and laughing on green grass, Davon, always Davon and the belt, all melting together each time he touched himself. Tangled on the floor with his near naked friends. Now, Hayden’s eyes watched him pleasure himself. A strong hand slid up and down, his own, then not his own. The cream inflamed his cock and infused his rectum stoking his fire. He flexed his muscles, feeling the beads shift and tease his anus.

With a practiced tug, the first bead popped free, massaging his sensitive anus now from both sides. He swung around, directing his ready cock toward the bathtub. Another tug and he was at the crest ready for his release. Somehow, Rowan strangled his groans without the belt as the glorious contractions racked his body. It would serve while he waited for Davon summoned him.


Davon was back next to the furnace with Luka Horvat’s little brother, Lav. Keegan paused, half empty bottle of coke in his hand. He panicked a little as he watched Davon’s hand slip off the thirteen year old’s shoulder and fall to the boy’s waist. Their heads were close and Keegan’s gut warned him Davon was going to pull some stupid shit like lighting a joint. His dad turned a blind eye to the half empty bottle of sour mash Rey Dougherty had barely bothered to hide when he came in with his damn cow-fucking cousin. Robert Bressler was not going to let a pack of teenagers get stoned in his basement. The two boys rubbed shoulders in an intimate parting and then Lav laughed at something Davon said before turning toward Keegan.

Keegan dismissed Davon for the moment and helped Lav refresh his drink. They said little to each other. The younger boy was there at Davon’s suggestion. After a friendly thanks, Lav went back to the noise of the party. Keegan followed him. An empty couch arm near Tessa beckoned and Keegan dropped onto it casually beside Luka. They had on some Netflix marathon the girls liked for background noise. Mostly, the small gathering was rehashing the summer and anticipating ninety grade. Lav and two of the girls Tessa had invited were a year behind. People latched onto that, updating the with graders about teachers and coaches.

Keegan had lost the center of attention as soon as everyone arrived. There was nothing left to say about his summer construction project. It left him feeling on the margined of his own party. Tessa divided her attention between Luka and Carter Roney, flanking her on the couch. Occasionally she would include others, when her friend Brooklyn asked Keegan to dip into the flow, Tessa would turn her charms on him and listen to his fumbled response.

Luka and Carter were a couple of charming bastards. Keegan could see Luka’s bare thigh brushing repeatedly against Tessa’s creamy leg. He could imagine she was his girlfriend. He would sit proudly beside her, everyone’s attention on her fluid body, nobody noticing his fingertips placed possessively on the inside of her thigh. He just needed his chance.

The chance came when Luka abandoned his seat to exchange a few wrestling moves with Rey and his cousin. The Jack Daniels was loosening his friends up. Keegan slipped off the armrest and settled next to Tessa. There was an awkward battle over which of the boys would get to drape an arm casually behind her head. Carter conceded the battle and dropped his arm onto his own knee, too close to Tessa’s.

Tessa was heady stuff. Keegan was pretty sure she had some fruity perfume on, or perhaps it was lip gloss. Her arms were bronzed from two months kissed by the sun. She shifted slightly to say something to Carter, waves of blond hair rippling across her back. The outline of her bra strap made his heart pound. Her denim-bum pressed into his hip. Keegan ended the drought his mouth with a long sip.

When Tessa sat back, she bumped into him and then shifted slightly away. Keegan dropped his arm between them, bridging the gap. His knuckles brushed against the hem of her shorts. Keegan dared himself to stretch his fingers to the hot skin beyond.

“I saw Allishia at the Sophie’s Kitchen with Randy Stonechild.” Brooklyn confided from across the room. She sat letting her eyes shift between Tessa and Keegan. He liked that. It was almost as if people saw them as a couple already. He waited for Tessa’s response before adopting an expression of scorn.

“No way.” Tessa snorted derision. Allishia was persona non grata amongst the girls for no better reason than she had stolen a book fair personal diary in grade four. The consensus on Allishia was that she was ugly.

“Stonechild was like, trying to hold her hand.” Brooklyn was amused.

“No way.” Tessa repeated. She leaned forward on the cushion to give her friend an analysis of Stonechild’s stupidity. Keegan’s eyes locked onto the exposed swell of Tessa’s buttocks and the luscious cleft firing his imagination. Her panties were a faded pink. Keegan exchanged a look with Carter. He took a last peek before Tessa slumped back against his shoulder.

With Tessa pressed against him, Keegan looked around the comfortable old basement room at the animated teenagers. The core were hockey friends, but there were so many new faces. He had brought them all here through his hard work. He smiled, content to feel Tessa flex her muscles against him, letting himself be drawn into her circle of girlfriends.

Keegan took a sip from his glass and set it on the floor beside the couch. Brooklyn and Tessa had moved on to dissecting another unimportant victim. Rey turned away from chatting with his cousin to give him a grin. He bent a wrist to wave back at his buddy and unconsciously reached his fingertips down to the yielding flesh below her hem. Tessa stopped talking and swung toward Keegan impatiently.

“You’re too fat for me.” She was matter of fact. It was cold. Tessa turned back to her friends, the matter settled between them. Keegan pulled his hands together into his lap. He felt numb.

She kept talking. Keegan sat, heart pounding. He could almost imagine she had not just cut him to the quick. He could still feel the warmth hip as it seemed to caress his thigh. The conversation flowed on around him. Luka and another had started to wrestle behind the couch as a few others, abandoning the girl’s, ignored them. For a moment, Keegan was a stranger at his own party. A hand groped around the floor until he retrieved his drink. He nursed it for a bit, letting the caramel syrup and hard bite linger on his tongue. Then he pushed a few dry words between girl’s excited chatter. Brooklyn answered with a smile.

Rey and the cousin sat, backs against the TV stand, beside Brooklyn. Keegan had been ignoring the pair. Rey asked about volleyball. It was a good moment to get up. Volleyball did not interest Keegan. It was a quick game for boys like Rowan. He would try out for it because his buddies expected him to. The two cousins looked like twins. The talk of fucking cows had to be bullshit. Keegan primed the sports talk and let it volley back and forth between them. Brooklyn abandoned Tessa’s conversation and sent occasional comments his way to keep him engaged.

Lav Horvat took the abandoned spot beside Tessa. Keegan watched her from the safety of the floor. Something Carter said shifted attention onto Keegan for a moment. Tessa listened coolly to his explanation. She even laughed at his weak joke. It left Keegan hurting.

How could she be so casual about it? Keegan wondered. His eyes were drawn to intersection of her long legs. It was impossible not to ponder the strange depths of a girl’s body. She straightened her back, emphasizing her athletic curves. The arrogance of it. He despised her suddenly with the same intensity he lusted after her. She casually accepted Lav and Carter’s attention as her right. How could she say that to me? Keegan had been pushed aside.

Tessa whispered something in Carter’s ear and they both jumped off the couch. Keegan watched them move about the basement room seemingly ignoring each other. She slipped into Rowan’s bedroom. Carter took his time. He leaned against the wall near Keegan. “Our basement is just a hole. I wish I could fix it up like you did here. Man, you seriously did this all by yourself?” Carter seemed genuine.

Keegan tilted his head up. “Yes, pretty much. It was not that hard.” There was an awkward pause. Hating himself as he said it, Keegan added. “Look around if you like.” Carter grinned at him and slipped into Rowan’s bedroom. The party noises seemed suddenly louder to Keegan. Don’t think about them. He turned back to the cousins. Brooklyn was fingering an empty glass. “Do you want a refill?” He asked.

Her plain face smiled softly at him. “Sure Keegan, just some coke. I don’t want any rye.” Keegan pulled himself off the cold floor and headed back to the laundry/bar. They had pushed the door shut. He tried not to imagine what they were doing on Rowan’s bed. Beautiful, spoiled sluts. Anger welled up, fighting with the disappointment and envy. It just hurt too much to think about it.

Davon was slumped between the furnace and the hot water heater. Keegan left the empty glasses on the dryer and went to check on him. You had to wonder if he had been there since Lav walked away from him, Keegan thought. Davon was not unconscious, that was a relief. He sat there in some dream Keegan had way too much on his mind. Dealing with Davon was not high on his list.

Curious, Keegan picked up Davon’s famous tobacco pouch. Davon liked bags. Rowan carted Davon’s gay purse around, another beautiful slut looking to trip up unsuspecting guys, and Davon had his own bag of tricks. Keegan realized both bags were supple brown leather.

Reuben Ball was trouble. Davon’s older brother was probably not doing him any favours. For a year now, Rey could be counted on to find someone to pull alcohol and Davon could score some weed. Since Rowan seduced them, it had turned for the worse. Davon was using all sorts of scary shit. Keegan did not recognize anything in his friend’s handy pharmacy beyond four thin joints. He took two and slipped them in his pocket. “Are you okay man?” His friend’s face was lost in shadow, but his hair was matted down. There was a muttered reply. Davon was really stoned on something. It was probably best to leave him where he was till everyone cleared out. Leaving the tobacco pouch next to him was a bad idea. Keegan stashed it behind the furnace.

“He looks wasted.”

Keegan spun around and looked up. “Yes, the bastard is on something.” He was relieved it was only Rey. “I don't need dad seeing him like this or the hassle of getting him home right now.” Keegan looked at Davon feeling overwhelmed by everything. Girls, drugs and alcohol, being a teenager was turning out to be brutal. It was easier to share the weight with a buddy like Rey. “He’s turning into a burnout Rey. I think he’s in trouble. What the fuck are we going to do?”

“Let him sit there. You worry about him too much. I've seen you zoned out on five or six beer. Just be glad he’s not puking on the floor.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Keegan peered into Davon’s eyes. Davon frowned, shook his head and closed his eyes. Keegan figured he had passed out.

“So anyway, dude, Cam and I are taking off. Parental curfew shit and all that.” There was a pause filled by the happy chatter filtering in from the family room. “So Cam is curious about Rowan. He’s here for...”

That was as far as Rey got. Keegan was on his feet and slammed his friend into the wall. “I told you not to tell that twisted fucker about me.” He slammed Rey against the wall a second time. “You promised you wouldn't say anything.” He was too loud, his own voice frightened him.

“Chill Keegan, it’s cool.” Rey carefully pried Keegan’s fingers free. “Don't get all righteous on me here. Davon has been tapping Rowan’s ass all summer. So have you.”

“No I don't!” Keegan spat back. It was intense and his voice trembled.

“Sure.” Rey’s voice soothed. “Realistically, how long can we keep this little prick quiet.” Rey pointed at Davon. “He said the law was on our side. Just horny kids doing each other, our word against Rowan’s. Our parents creeped out a little maybe, but being all twenty-first century.” Rey grinned at Keegan. “Just a little sex, not that there is anything wrong with it. Another week and it's back to school.”

Keegan wanted nothing to do with it, but once again, Rowan had him by the balls. Why had his dad ever brought Rowan into his life? Another week and back to school, back to watching Tessa out of the corner of his eye. They both kept finding ways to make him feel bad. Every time Rowan looked at him, Keegan knew exactly what the boy was thinking. Keegan had enough of this. He was tired of being made to feel bad about it.

“What the hell, it’s your business. No judgement Rey, keep me out of it.” Keegan surrendered in a quiet voice. Tessa and Carter had humiliated him without a second thought. He did not mind spreading the misery. He remembered the empty drinks and turned back to the sink. Rey put a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“So you’ll tell Rowan he should stop by my place tomorrow afternoon?”

“Yeah, whatever Rey.” He shrugged Rey’s hand off.

“Rey Rey.” It was a lazy whisper from the dark. They both turned toward the voice. Davon swallowed a few times and waved a wrist. Rey squatted and bent his head close. Davon put a hand on Rey’s neck to draw his ear closer. All Keegan heard was, “Belt.” Rey finally stood up shaking his head. He gave Keegan a friendly jab as he walked past.

“I'm glad to see you’re alive. What was that all about?” Keegan started mixing drinks. He forgot Brooklyn had passed on the Jack Daniels. It was a relief to have Davon back.

“Make one for me. Is Vlad still here?”

Body of Work

If you are here on the midway then you have come to the carnival seeking entertainment, company and of course excitement. There are a dazzling array of rides suited your every mood. There are gentle rides that conjure up soft memories of youth and rides that lift you from the dreariness of your grind and send you flying ageless through the night. There are also the side shows…

If you are here then you are in the house of mirrors captivated by the reflections around you. They are all curved in some way. Every mirror is imperfect and every mirror draws your attention to something new. The mirrors magnify or diminish parts of what we think is real. Sometimes you like what you see and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you believe what you see and sometimes you can't be sure what has been distorted. The distortions are intentional and we flatter ourselves into believing the mirrors only stand arrayed like this in such places as the midway. Before you go back to the mirrors of your life step closer to this one.

Eliot Moore, 2007

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Janus: This story was posted to Nifty July 2009. Michael (18) is coaxed into attending a summer party by his older sister. He is college bound and uncertain about the choices he has made. At the party his encounters with Lauren (19) and Scott (20) help him discover himself and make a decision about his future. and

Hound: This story was first posted to Nifty the summer of 2008. The first draft was completed in 2005 and in truth I sat on it a long time before I decided to post it. Six-year-old Ethan Yates is abducted off the streets by a pedophile ring. Cast into a nightmare world he struggles to hold on to his identity. Isolated and confused, he clings to fourteen-year-old Peter. As the years pass their mutual need develops into an indestructible bond.

Turbulence: This novel was first posted on Nifty between February and June of 2007. Fourteen year old Daniel Murrell finds the hazing at Riverview High School as freshie a serious challenge. He negotiates it with the help and hindrance of his friends. After a long year of discovery, he comes to terms with his bisexuality. (first edition) and

Recovery: This story was first posted to Nifty in January 2007. Sixteen year old Greg Cox reluctantly joined his father in a small rural village in Saskatchewan. There his life becomes entwined with fourteen year old Seth Patterson. As he is slowly drawn closer to Seth he struggles with the memories and guilt associated with the loss of his mother, brother and sister while coming to terms with his promiscuity. and