Darko's Story

By Jason Proctor

Well here's my story. It's kind of harsh. My name is Darko, yeah is a weird name. For the record, I will be 16 in a week.

So I met this guy online. He seemed like a sweet guy. He was in his mid 30's. Like I said he seemed like a nice guy. I told the guy in the beginning that I was 20, but as we talked I told him my real age. He seemed more eager than before and, for whatever reason I did something I should not have. Yeah I am a typical teenager, always thinking with my prick. I agreed to meet him and go back to his house. I know it was a stupid idea, but I wanted to experience sex with a guy, and not with a boy but with a man.

When we got to his place, he hand cuffed me at my request. I thought that would be a turn on. So there I was naked and hand cuffed. He could basically do what he wed and I was helpless. I watched as he began to undress. I thought to myself the guy was not bad looking. My jaw hit the floor as he dropped his shorts, and released the biggest cock I have ever seen. I swear to god the guy was at least 11 inches in length, and I cannot begin to tell you how thick he was. The fucker was enormous. I began to freak out, but this just made him even more turned on. He reached down and lifted my legs up. Then kneeling down he licked my ass to lube it up. Standing he did not even give me time to get ready, he just slammed his beast inside my tight hole. I screamed as he slammed in.

"Please stop...you are hurting me!!!"

He did not listen and began really going at it. My ass was hurting, but I admit it was really starting to feel good. I knew deep down that he was really doing damage, but part of me wanted it badly. I began to moan, whether from the pain or from pleasure, I am not sure. He started to fuck me harder, grabbing my hips. I felt my fuck hole burning from friction. I knew he did not lube me right. I needed him to stop.

"Please...stop...I can't handle it!!!"

The fucker would not listen to me. My cries were turning him on. He had a firm grip on things, as he hammered me good. Involuntarily, I shot a load of cum all over his chest. I looked up at him, he was breathing heavy, and I felt as his cock shot his load deep inside me. I screamed as he pulled his cock out. Shit it hurt like a mother fuck. You have no idea. I must admit though, I was totally turned on by it. I shot a second load when he pulled out.

He had moved beside my face, and forced me to clean his cock. I had no choice but to open up and take his cock in my mouth. Okay I thought it would taste gross, I mean it had just come out of the same place I shit from. It tasted pretty good to me. I did taste some blood, but as he began to fuck my face, that taste went away. I let him literally fuck my face, as I could not get my mouth open enough at first, but I quickly figured it out, on how to relax my mouth muscles, and then I was able to get most of his cock in my mouth. He was really fucking my face. I gagged a few times but I was really getting into it. He was grunting.

"Oh fuck...yeah boy!!!"

I was thankful as he pulled his cock from my mouth and with a few jerks of his cock; he blasted his cum all over my face. Some did land in my mouth, and I tell you I really liked the taste of it. He stood over me and smiled. I thought he was going to free me, but he had other things in mind. He leaned down and kissed me, as he reached down and began jerking my cock. He was not rough with it, but he got me hard rather quickly. He moved so he was between my legs, and kneeling down he took my cock in his mouth. I am not sure if he was doing it for pay back or what, but he was good with his mouth, taking me to the hilt and back to the tip. His free finger was playing with my tender hole.

He got me close to shooting, but pulled off. He stood up. I could see that his cock was hard again. Without warning he slammed his cock back into my hole. I yelped when he slammed in. I was thankful that his cum was working as a lubricant. The second time around was not as painful as the first time, but it still hurt. I felt tears but did my best to keep them from flowing. I started getting use to this invasion inside me. I began to moan. I was actually enjoying it more this time. I did not want him to stop but in short order he was filling me with his cum. He pulled out and made me lick his cock off.

For some this might be a harsh way to lose ones virginity. He undid the hand cuffs, and helped me up. I could barely walk, but managed to get dress. As I was going out the door, he told me that we would not meet again, and tossed me a small tube. It was ointment, which he told me would help with my bung hole. He seemed not to even care that he had just taken my virginity. I am grateful that he had taken it, and in the way he took it. I learned that I definitely liked have anal sex, and secondly that I was a bit into S&M. I guess I want to be someone sex slave.

It took a couple days for my hole to heal. I know I am definitely going to find someone to fuck me again. Who knows who it will be? I know though I will start looking soon.

The End

Well there it is. Not too sure what people will think of it? Thanks to Angyl for editing it. I have attempted a story or two before, but this is the first one I am publishing. For those who wonder I am not like the person in this story.

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