Dealing With The Bully

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Alan was lonely. His birth had been the result of a split condom and his parents had never let him forget it. They would carry on doing their duty, as they described it, providing he stayed out of sight and didn't cause them any trouble. As a result he had little confidence or self esteem and was unable to mix with others.

Gradually he discovered that he earned a little respect and was noticed by others if he played the tough guy. Being tough merged into bullying and now that he was 17 he was thoroughly hated by every one.

Not only was Alan lonely, he was bored as well and decided he wanted some money so he could go to the arcade. He chose to get his money from Steve who was only 13 years old.

Steve was left bleeding and in tears while there wasn't a mark on Alan. As usual, there were no witnesses and as it was one boy's word against another, Alan got away with it. His parents could not care less whether Alan had done anything wrong only whether it would reflect badly on them. As Alan was not charged, his name would not appear in any court report and so there would be no bad publicity. Alan walked out of the police Station with his parents. He was told to go home and stay there until he could stop embarrassing them while they drove off to one of their social functions.

Alan's father worked in a large city firm. He was ambitious but with very little talent so he sought promotion by ingratiating himself with his superiors, encouraged by his equally unpleasant wife. When advancement failed to come through, he always blamed it on the backstabbing of his colleagues. They lived in one of those small towns where everyone seemed to know everyone else. Alan's parents saved their greatest contempt for the 'third rate no-hope' professionals who seemed content to live their lives in such a provincial backwater.

Something was passed onto Alan as his particular targets were the children of the people his parents disliked so much. In particular there was a group of boys a couple of years younger than him who enjoyed the sort of friendship he craved. It was this group who had the most interest in stopping Alan and who finally decided that something had to be done.

Marks father was a police detective and his mother a psychologist. For both of them their work relied on reading people. Without realising it Mark had absorbed a deep understanding of what makes people tick. Mark was aware of Alan's home life and made some intelligent remarks about his needs. Although no one cared about about Alan's needs, it gave Dominic an idea. He was gay and had an uncle who was not only gay but deeply into the BDSM scene. Uncle Robert had a master and always had a collar padlocked round his neck. Dominic had never been allowed to see his Uncle Robert alone but he had definitely inherited his uncles interests. It was this sexual drive that led him to take the lead and drive the planning on. The other boys would have talked about doing something but done little. Their schemes centred around beating Alan up without the risk of retribution afterwards. They were a little shocked as they learnt about Dominic's sexual orientation and his plans, but they were thinking more about getting Alan off their backs and gradually came round to both ideas.

They needed some extra help and approached Dave, who was old enough to drive. Being Steve's older brother, he was only too keen to get at Alan.

The boys were still nervous about being caught and the project may have petered out if it had not been for a barbecue the boys attended with their parents. Where Alan was a bully to the children, he was rude and abusive to the adults and the consensus was that something had to be done. There was a lot of talk but nothing was decided. One of the guests was talking to Dominic's parents.

"He needs some of the discipline Robert's friend gives out." he said.

Dominic and the boys were used to seeing the adults look very uncomfortable when Robert's lifestyle was mentioned. This time they were surprised to see many of the adults nodding in agreement though they still hurriedly changed the subject. It was not much but it seemed as though their parents were giving their approval to their scheme. It was an extremely weak approval. but their fear of Alan's bullying during the holiday, made it enough encouragement for them to continue.

For the next couple of weeks Alan remained blissfully unaware of their scheming until the last day of school before the Summer break. It was a half day but he'd got a message to go to the office. No one was there and by the time he'd found a member of staff who in their turn had satisfied themselves that no one wanted to see him, he was among the last to leave the premises. The whole incident and waste of time had put him in a thoroughly bad mood.

At one point his route was bounded by trees and high hedges on a road that was usually deserted. Today however he noticed a van parked with one of his favourite targets, Sean, lounging beside it. Still in a foul mood from his wasted trip to the school office he saw a chance to take it out on the other boy. Pausing as he reached the van, he prepared to square up to the Sean, but as he did his world went black, enveloped in searing pain.

Mark stepped out from behind a tree, waved and ran off. He needed to get the Taser home before anyone missed it. His dad kept it in the house in case of burglars. Sean had caught Alan as he fell and helped by Dave who had been hiding behind the van lifted him into the back, quickly securing Alan's arms behind him with handcuffs. Dave jumped into drivers seat and they drove off.

As Alan regained consciousness he became aware of Sean's foot resting on his groin.

"You can stay quiet," said Sean menacingly looking pointedly down to his foot," or I can give you something to shout about. Choose..

"I'll keep quiet. What's going on? Tell me," begged Alan. His voice was ragged as he was still in agony from the electric jolt. Sean did not bother to answer him. As Alan's muscles eased their spasms he began to feel physically better. Suddenly being the victim, together with the physical shock to his system, had taken all his confidence. Instead of the bravado and defiance his captors had expected, he stayed calm and quiet.

Where are you taking me?" he asked.

"None of your concern."

"My parents will be worried and start looking for me."

Steve, who had been waiting inside the van, and Sean looked at him sadly. They knew his parents and Alan realised that they both knew knew that his parents would not care less.

"That's enough questions. There's something we need to get straight. Things are going to happen to you that you won't like. Accept it and it'll be easier for you. If you feel like causing trouble then Steve here would like nothing more than to pick up that tyre iron and beat the crap out of you. Understand?

Alan nodded looking fearfully at Steve and Sean continued," He's not the only one. You've hurt all the guys at some time and they all want the chance to get even. OK?

Again Alan nodded, frightened and wondering where it was all leading to.

"We're nearly there. It's time to strip you. You don't want to argue, do you?"

Alan looked shocked but shook his head.

"OK then. Over on your stomach and keep still. Steve, get busy with the shears." Alan twitched as he felt cold metal touch his wrist and slide up his arm to his neck. He heard the click of the large scissors as they opened and closed. The process was repeated along his other arm and then down his spine. He did not object. He even tried lifting his arms slightly to allow the scissors to pass down his back and under the handcuffs.

Next it was his heels. They were even cutting his trainers off instead of undoing them. He could feel the shears on his legs as as they cut along the seems of his jeans. His boxers and even his belt suffered the same fate.

His clothes still covered him so he lay as still as he could trying not to shake them off so he could retain his modesty for as long as possible.

The van finally stopped. He heard Dave get out and walk round the back opening the doors.

"Up you get," said Steve,"This is where you get out..

The boys helped Alan to his feet and out of the van. By the time his feet touched the ground, his clothes had fallen away and he was completely naked. They were standing in front of a recently deserted farmhouse. Abandoned building materials were heaped untidily around. Two other members of the the gang, Ricky and Dominic, greeted them. Ricky's parents had inherited the property but hadn't got around to continuing the repairs his father's uncle had started. It had it's own electricity generator and was still connected to the water mains.

"You know," laughed Dave looking at Alan's groin," I think he's beginning to enjoy all this."

A warm breeze, all the handling and standing there while the other boys studied him was having it's effect on his manhood. Alan flushed red with embarrassment then grunted with pain as Dominic grabbed his hardening cock and yanked him towards the door.

"Get moving, boy." snapped Dominic, then to the other boys clambering into the van,"I'll see you later..

Adding to his discomfort, Dominic grabbed his cock again and towed Alan along behind him. Dominic hauled him into the cottage and down a flight of stairs into a cellar. The boys had been busy. Using the scaffolding poles and other stuff lying around they had constructed a sturdy cell.

"Before I shut you in. Are you thirsty?.

"Yeah" replied Alan.

Dominic didn't say anything for a moment just played with Alan's cock. Gradually he began to squeeze harder and harder until Alan was writhing around trying to escape Dominic's grip and grunting with the pain.

"There's some things I'd like you to remember. When you speak to any of us, you start and finish with the word, sir as in 'Yes sir. I am thirsty sir'. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." groaned Alan then yelped as Dominic yanked upwards until he was standing on tip-toe.

"Try again."

"Yes sir. I understand sir."

Dominic picked up a jug of water, poured some into a bowl and set it on the floor."Drink!" he commanded.

Alan looked at Dominic in dismay. There was no way he could kneel down and lap the water up like an animal. Dominic punched him in the stomach. As Alan doubled over Dominic grabbed his hair and pulled him upright.

"I've given you an order."said Dominic quietly and menacingly."You can obey immediately or get hurt until you do obey. Your choice."

Dominic watched as Alan admitted defeat, knelt down in front of the water bowl and started drinking. At Dominic's command, he even licked the water, he had spilled, from the floor.

It was humiliating especially as his cock became hard again, nudging against his stomach. It had softened slightly after the punch but had now recovered. For the first time in his life, people were taking notice of him and he was enjoying the attention as much as he was hating the humiliation.

"OK! Into the cage." commanded Dominic.

Unsure whether he was allowed to stand or not he shuffled across on his knees. After securely closing the door, Dominic reached through the cage bars and released the handcuffs.

"Try not to piss on the floor while we're waiting for the others." sneered Dominic as he left the cellar.

At first he thought he'd been left in complete darkness but there was a tiny safety light by the door. As his eyes became accustomed to the gloom he examined his prison. It was about 5ft long 3ft wide and about 4ft 6inches high.

He had room to move around but could not stand or stretch out. It was sturdy and it was obvious he was not going to be able to break out. He just sat then lay there curled up as comfortably as he could waiting for the boys return.

He was used to being alone. He guessed that his captors had all gone to have dinner with their parents and would be back later. He wondered where Dominic had gone. Maybe he had booked a cab, the others had waited for him or he was upstairs eating sandwiches. Wherever Dominic was, he had made it clear that he was in charge and Alan counted for nothing.

The first Alan knew of their return was when the cellar door opened and the lights came flooding back on. Told to kneel with his back to bars he felt cold metal wrapped around his ankles. As he scrambled out of the cage he saw the ankle cuffs and length of heavy chain connecting them. It was long enough so he could walk normally but if he tried running, the chain would prevent him reaching full stride, the weight would certainly slow him down and it could well jerk around enough to cause him to stumble. He did not dare speak but stared anxiously at the rope in Dominic's hand. It had been looped into a handle at one end with the rest doubled over and knotted to make a nasty looking flogger a little over 2ft long.

"You stand at all times with your hands behind your head with your feet slightly further apart than your shoulders. You do not speak unless you are asked a question." instructed Dominic

Sensing that Dominic was losing patience Alan quickly shifted to the stance ordered by his gaoler. Shifting his position Dominic took a swing towards Alan striking across the back of his thighs. Dominic had put no force in the blow, treating it more as a warning than a punishment but Alan groaned at the burning sting spreading from his legs.

"The next time you are told to something, don't just stand there." snapped Dominic."Follow me!"

Dominic led the way up to the living room where his captors had congregated. Alan did not dare speak but flushed red again as he assumed the position while the other boys stared at him.

Alan's parents were wealthy. They had a pool and had bought Alan training equipment or more accurately they had given Alan the money to buy it. He had used both to work through his frustrations and anger rather than any serious training but it was enough to give him a fine body for a boy of his age. There was no fat and his muscles were developing nicely. He could have attracted any number of girl friends or boy friends for that matter if he had not chosen to take all his remaining temper out on them.

Ryan, Dominic, Dave, Sean, Mark, Ricky and Steve were all there, looking at him."You're right Dave," said Steve,"He does like it."

Alan could only stand embarrassed as his cock pointed firmly towards the ceiling. If anything the boys smirks and remarks made his body stand even prouder as if it was glad it was finally receiving some attention.

"Did you jerk off while you were in the cage," asked Dominic sternly.

Flushing even a deeper shade of red, Alan replied,"No sir, I did not jerk off, sir."

"Good boy," said Dominic "You're doing well. If you carry on behaving like this we'll let you jerk off before you go back in your cage."

He had wanted to desperately wank himself but fear of being caught in the act or found covered in cum and being humiliated further and had prevented anything happening. Now it seemed the humiliation was going to happen anyway.

The boys laid a dust sheet on the floor and made Alan stand in the middle of it. First Sean and Mark got busy with scissors and soon Alan's pubes and other body hair was little more than stubble. Dave then handed Sean some tubes of cream who spread onto parts of Alan's body starting with his arms then working downwards. Every so often he would return to parts already covered and scrape it off. As he did so Alan's body hair came with it.

By the time he had finished, Alan was completely hairless and smooth. By using a cream instead of a razor the hair had been removed from deep within the follicles so that it would take time to grow back and when it did it would be soft down instead of sharp stubble.

While still standing on the sheet surrounded by his shaved hair, Dave ordered him to jack off. Surrounded by the laughing boys, making ribald comments at his expense, Alan obeyed. Following Dave's instructions he kept his left arm behind his head as he wanked with his right. He came quickly. His body was eager and willing and the other boys were impressed by force that ejected a massive quantity of cum.

The boys were going to put Alan back in the cage but Steve noticed a pleading look in Alan's eyes.

"Look! This is his mess. Why doesn't he clear it up?" Steve asked and so Alan was set to carefully folding up the dust sheet and taking it to bins outside. The boys were careless and no one went with him. He stood for a moment looking at the track back to the road. He knew he couldn't get far with the manacles around his ankles. Even if he was rescued his parents would be more annoyed at the embarrassing publicity than pleased at his safe return.

He was returning to the house when Ryan, who had realised their mistake, had come dashing out after him. Ryan paused and waited as Alan obediently approached him and took the proper stance waiting for instructions.

For the rest of the evening Alan simply served the boys their food and drink. Dominic sometimes groped Alan and generally made it clear that Alan could serve him in other ways but to varying degrees the other boys were bound to the idea that they should be straight and not show any interest in gay stuff. No one was sure about Sean though. He really seemed to enjoy handling Alan but never touched him sexually. It was as though he was scared of taking a step too far.

Steve grabbed Alan's cock once or twice but it was excused as curiosity about how his own body was going to develop over the next couple of years. Alan's quiet demeanour softened the boys attitude somewhat. At one point he was allowed to relax and play cards with the rest, though he was still expected to fetch and carry for them.

Towards the end of the evening as it drew time for the boys to go home, Alan was sent to the bathroom so he could 'do his business' then finally returned to the cage. Alan accepted his night alone. For once he could look forward to the boys company the next day.

The next few days very much followed the pattern set that first night. Alan expected to be fucked, gang raped or just beaten up at some stage but it didn't happen. Dominic took blow jobs when they were alone and even gave a couple in return. He fingered Alan's hole when they were together and eased up to three fingers inside. That was about it.

Alan was straight enough to have spent his life chasing women and might never have considered sex with a man but he enjoyed Dominic's handling and even felt as though Dominic was beginning to like him. He certainly enjoyed the attention he was receiving and wanted more.

No one had told him what was going to happen to him. He didn't think they were going to harm him and he couldn't understand why he was being made to turn one of the larger sheds on the property into a makeshift auditorium.

Most importantly the boys stuck to Marks advice on how to handle him. There was some humiliation and there was no doubt that Alan's desires were unimportant. At the same time they were quick to compliment him when he did well, he was properly fed and during the day, someone was with him all the time. Having company was the most important thing to Alan. He got used to being little more than a naked slave. When he had permission to speak someone actually listened and usually responded. He was struck occasionally with the flogger for misbehaving but at least someone had cared enough to notice that he was doing something wrong.

It was the following Friday that Alan realised something different was happening. All his 'kidnappers' were there and much more tidily dressed than usual. They had brought a buffet meal which they laid out in the shed. Everything was cleaned tidied.

During the afternoon a car drew up. A distinguished man in his late forties got out of the passenger side while a younger got out of drivers side and immediately stripped so that all he wore was a collar. He looked sheepishly at Dominic who looked as though he recognised him but didn't respond. Alan guessed that the naked man was Dominic's Uncle Robert who the boys had talked about. The distinguished gentleman stepped forward and introduced himself to Alan's captors.

Sean brought the other slave over and handed Alan's broom to him while Alan was taken to the bathroom and made to thoroughly clean himself. He was carefully examined and any last traces of hair was removed.

He was then taken to the shed. Facing the 'audience's seats' was a table with a gavel and block on it. Beside the table a horizontal beam hung from the rafters just above head height. Alan was made to stand under the beam while his wrists were locked into cuffs hanging at each end. The chain between his legs was finally removed but the manacles were immediately padlocked to eyelets in the floor. He was left spread eagled but not stretched tight facing the chairs.

He could hear the sound of other cars arriving and then more strangers entered the shed. Still naked, Robert hovered around serving drinks and snacks from the buffet. One by one the visitors came over and examined Alan. He felt their hands all over his body. Some examined his teeth. He felt fingers penetrating his hole and hands feeling and weighing his balls and stroking his cock.

He was hard and was soon so desperate to cum that his balls ached but no one gave that final jerk that would send him over the edge.

Finally the Robert's master checked a list and spoke to Dominic. He nodded to Ryan.

Now it was Ryan's turn to play his part. His father was an antiques dealer and Ryan had gone with him on trips to auctions. He knew how they worked but was still nervous as he stepped up to the table and rapped the gavel. He hoped that he had learnt enough to make this evening succeed.

"Gentlemen would you take your seats please."

As the visitors settled and waited for Ryan to continue.

"Good Evening," Ryan began,"We only have two official lots for the evening but because of the nature of the first lot it may be repeated. As you should have been informed, after deducting our own expenses all proceeds will go to the children's hospital. Donations from unlucky bidders will go entirely to the hospital."

The audience briefly clapped their approval.

"Our offering tonight is Alan. You've all had your chance to examine him so........" Ryan had been interrupted by a strangled,"No please don't," from Alan.

"It seems Gentleman that I can add another lot to this evenings event. So we'll open the bidding for the privilege of punishing Alan for his outburst. Any offers?

"No? No one will start at say 10?"

One of the visitors nodded.


Sean had slipped a gag into Alan's mouth. Alan's panicked struggling against his manacles emphasised his muscles nicely so under Ryan's wheedling the bidding crept up to ?500. Mark was sitting at the end of the table with a cash box in front of him. The winning bidder paid Mark his money then added a few more notes. Mark meticulously recorded the details on a sheet of paper in front of him while the man crossed the floor to Alan.

The man looked big and powerful and Alan stared wide-eyed in terror at him. He could only stand there as the man had calmly stroked his buttocks, kneading them and testing the strength of the muscles there. Alan felt fingers exploring the crack between reaching as far as his cherry. The man's quiet confidence had only exaggerated Alan's fear of the punishment to come.

The man chose simply to spank Alan with his hand but as the first blow landed Alan knew that this was not an easy option. As the the blows continued to reign down, Alan's arse felt as if it was on fire. Tears rolled down his cheek as he struggled uselessly to escape. He could see the others watching his torment as any sense of dignity evaporated.

Finally the blows stopped. The fire in his backside remained fading away only very slowly. Sean removed the gag and Alan hung there quietly sobbing.

The man bowed slightly to the applause of the audience as he took his own seat again.

Again Ryan rapped his gavel "Now the next lot for this evening is the chance to milk him and sample his cream. He seems a bit down at the moment so we'll pause for a moment while an assistant perks him up again."

The audience chuckled appreciatively and then clapped even more enthusiastically as Steve appeared showing off his young body by wearing speedos. He seemed a bit shy and nervous to begin with but encouraged by the cheers and claps of approval of his audience, knelt beside Alan and started stroking his cock. Everyone watched attentively as Alan's grew, stood erect almost pressing against his stomach under Steve's ministrations.

"Careful Steve. Otherwise you may to be the next lot." joked Ryan. There was no doubt the audience was enjoying its entertainment as again it laughed at Ryan's remarks. By now, Steve's speedos were tenting and it wouldn't take much for his cock to find it's way above the waistband. Steve gave one last jerk to Alan's cock and left the room smiling at the success of his little performance.

"So, gentleman, while he is still up for it who'll start the bidding?"

Robert's master won the bidding this time. Instead of going himself he sent Robert. He saw his nephew watching and blushed as he knelt in front of Alan and began licking Alan's cock. Soon his mouth completely enclosed Alan's cock as Alan pulled against his bonds again, this time dealing with the sensations that Robert was creating.

Suddenly Robert pulled away and cupped a hand just in front of Alan's cock. Alan was was thrusting his hips to and fro helped by Robert with his spare hand. As Alan's spasms subsided Robert trotted over to his master, knelt before him and held out his cum filled hand for inspection.

Robert's master dipped his finger and tasted it. Saying something to Robert who immediately began licking his fingers clean, said out loud,"It's good."

Loud cheers and applause followed. Even Alan smiled at the compliment although he was exhausted.

Like the other boys Ryan was a little shocked at the little show Robert and his master had put on. They had talked about it before the auction but had not really believed anyone could have done something so gross.

Briefly Ryan lost control of the auction as he was consumed by his own embarrassment. He was not helped by his audience who found his discomfiture highly amusing. Glancing around at his friends he saw that Dave, Mark and Ricky seemed to be as shocked as he was. Sean and Steve seemed startled but fascinated while Dominic looked as excited as the bidders and had joined in with the cheers and applause.

Finally he stammered, "We'll take a short break while Steve gets him ready for the next lot."

When Steve had originally agreed to fluff Alan up for the lots there had been no mention of him being semi naked. The other boys had noticed him talking to Robert's master. Steve had listened seemed a little shocked but had finally nodded then disappeared. All the boys had been surprised to see him undressed and just a little startled to see that he had overcome his nervousness and was actually enjoying doing his act in front of such an appreciative audience. It seemed that Robert's master had given him some tips on how to show off his body because more than one person in the room was having to adjust his rapidly hardening cock. This time he also put his lips around Alan's cock head. There was no doubt that Steve was gaining a real interest in gay activities.

The break ended and Ryan began the bidding again and the process was repeated. This time the winning bidder made Alan cum himself. He duly tasted it, nodded approvingly and cleaned his hands on some paper hankies he was carrying. The boys now knew what to expect though it was still only Dominic who joined in the cheering and applause.

" We now come to the main lot of the evening; the chance to train and look after the boy there." said Ryan,"Physically, what you see is what you get and you have all had the chance to examine him. He was shaved as part of his training and to make his body features and musculature more pronounced. There are pictures of him before shaving so you can see what the possibilities are.

"Emotionally and mentally he is immature and so this is where his training will be most challenging. However you, gentlemen, are all experienced Masters who have trained other boys to grow into well adjusted adults."

To be described in such terms was the ultimate humiliation for Alan. He was beginning to ache from standing in such an uncomfortable position for so long. Ryan's comments and the way his body was exposed for scrutiny seemed to emphasise his complete inability to defend or protect himself.

"He has responded well in captivity to firm discipline," continued Ryan,"Although he is probably straight he has accepted gay activities. My colleague Dominic reports that his experience with the boy has gone far deeper than we originally intended and that he would like to stay in touch with the boy. However that would be up to the boy's new master."

Alan was in turmoil. Somebody liked him and wanted to know him. Others had taken the trouble to come here tonight just because of him. During his time at the farmhouse he had found a sense of belonging that he had never experienced before. Now it seemed it might continue in some way. A part of him hated the humiliation and exposure and he felt guilty at the pleasure Dominic had given him. If he had known that Dominic was gay before he had been kidnapped Alan would have set out to make Dominic's life a misery. Now he wanted more of the affection Dominic had offered him and would accept the discipline that went with it. Instinctively as Ryan talked him up for coming auction, Alan fought his tiredness, aches and pains to stand straight and alert. He even managed to flex his muscles a little to give his body more definition. He even found himself becoming hard and erect yet again.

The changes were not lost on the potential bidders. By displaying himself to full advantage he had given tacit consent to the proceedings.

When Ryan opened the bidding, Alan was surprised and strangely proud of himself when the first bid was for ?500.

The bidding went briskly and as Ryan coaxed and wheedled more and more so Alan flexed, arched his back and generally tried to show off his body. At times it seemed as if they were working as a double act, much to the bidders enjoyment. Finally the bids eased to a stop and Ryan rapped the gavel to signify a sale at ?5600.

A youngish man in his late 30s wearing a very expensive suit went stood up and instead of going to hand over his cheque, approached and stood in front on Alan. He nodded briefly at Sean who released Alan. For the first time in a week Alan was free of any bonds. Everyone waited until Alan assumed the correct stance.

"I am Master Jacob," the man said, "You have a number of choices to make. You can go home and pretend nothing has happened. You can go home and call the police. The papers will love to write about your week here and your your parents will really love the publicity. You can sign a letter explaining how you went on a camping trip, spent your time on sponsored activities for the Children's Hospital which will be sent with the cheque. Your parents might like that publicity."

Jacob paused giving Alan time to consider what he said. "Any questions?"

"Sir. I'll sign the letter. I don't want Dominic to get into trouble. But do I have to tell my parents anything, sir."

"No! Can you tell us why?"

Alan paused, "I don't really know, sir. I think that they'll try to spoil it and say I shouldn't have mixed with these kids or something, sir."

Jacob nodded. "Very well. Everyone who came tonight is part of a group who likes boys and young men. Normally we select street kids. Robert, over there had run away from home and was living rough. He's chosen to stay but others have gone on to get married and find good jobs. I chose to stay in the group as a master.

"Over the last week, you've experienced the life we offer you," Jacob paused and smiled, " and I won't be easy on you like Dominic was. So, you have the choice. Come with me or stay with your parents. Take as long as you need to think about it and you may ask questions."

Without thinking Alan asked, "Can I see Dominic again?"

Jacob leant forward and slapped Alan.

"I'm sorry sir. May I see Dominic again, sir?"

"Possibly. You won't be coming back here and it may be difficult for Dominic to travel alone until he is older."

If anything had started to make Alan suicidal it was concern over his future. He couldn't discuss anything with his parents. His teachers were part of the 'third rate no-hopers' his parents despised and so he just could not see where his life was going. Suddenly he was with people who were offering to help and guide him. He didn't even have to think about his answer.

"I'll come with you, please sir." replied Alan

"Are you sure? It's a big decision. Don't you want to think about it."

"No sir," answered Alan, "I want to come with you. What about my parents. Can they stop me, sir?"

Jacob smiled. "Apart from his real job of serving his Master, Robert is a fully qualified lawyer. He works from his master's home and his clients are mainly from our group and their businesses. He'll deal with any problem." he explained, "Again, are you sure?"

"Yes sir. I'm sure, sir."

"Very well." said Jacob snapping a collar round Alan's neck.

"Follow," commanded Master Jacob.

Alan meekly obeyed as Jacob made his way back to Mark to hand over a cheque for the bid and then through the gathering, making his leisurely good byes.

Briefly Dominic stood in front of Alan. He looked apologetic and unsure that he had done the right thing until Alan, after glancing nervously at his new master, silently mouthed, "Thank you."