Do Unto Others - By Gagahman

This is happening... today.
It was a club. A group of men that moved around to avoid being caught; they wore masks -- so even if you managed to find the place you'd visited again, you would never know who they were.

They called themselves `Voyeurs of Rape' -- and their club had grown to be many; an intricate league that spread itself to every quarter of the globe. They would work a small area for a few months and then move on. Leaving ruptured shattered men in their wake.

The game was simple. They'd originally been three in number -- a bet that had since got so far out of control the `Voyeurs of Rape' had become a powerful sectarian force in its own right. They had vowed to stop the experiment the moment one person said no to their offer... and they were still waiting for that to happen.

A member of the `VoR' would slide into a city or area and make plans for one of their sessions. First they'd rent a house -- under untraceable assumed names.  Then they'd trawl the web sites like Salves 4 Mater -- contacting dominant tops --  always selecting 100% active guys. They'd explain they too were 100% active Dom top and had recently seen the light and now wanted a real man to take their cherry and turn them into a little sniveling sub bitch. No consideration required to any of the subs wants or desires. The only extra information needed was that some close friends would be there to watch the deflowering -- so if the guys were shy about fucking -- it may not be for them.

The logistics of arranging a day were brutal -- sorting out the agenda and schedule and keeping people in order. But over the years the job had been learnt to a fine art and was now earning the event `managers' large salaries.

Ryan was an easy choice. The moment he replied to the initial message he was locked in as a candidate. At 6'2 he was a striking young twenty-three year old. His body was naturally smooth and his days as a football player had left the muscles and sinews of his body rippling with every movement he made. He had dark brown wavy hair with a fringe that seemed to know how to cover just enough of his eyes to give him a sexy sultry sort of look. His skin was brown, a southern European heritage gave him that olive skin that soaks up the sun. His teeth perfect white and when he smiled his cheeky frat boy smiles and let his hazel eyes sparkle in your direction it took your breath away.

This was a guy who loved sex. He claimed he wasn't gay -- not even Bi -- he only loved woman -- but he'd have sex with any warm hole open to him and recently he'd discovered his passion for rough sex. Something he'd come to learn was a lot easier to get from a Sub-boy than it was from even the most adventurous girl.

Ryan was nervous about the meeting, but calmed down when a taxi arrived to pick him up. His nerves increased again when the taxi driver offered his lack of English as an excuse whenever he'd try to ask the address of where they were going.  

Ryan was dropped off outside a large house at exactly the time they'd agreed. It was grand although contemporary. Well guarded by gates and hedges and looked impressively large. He rang the bell and was ushered in by a well-built man in his early thirties -- wearing a leather brace and a leather mask.  When he entered the large lounge room of the open planned house he saw, strapped to a horse and struggling hard a young man who was almost as perfect as he was. The crowd applauded Ryan as if he was a celebrity.

Ryan liked the acclaim and it helped him relax.

A man with the poise of someone in charge came to him and told him they'd been waiting for him -- and his `victim' was already restrained and very excited about losing his cherry.

Ryan was guided down to look over the helpless victim -- the boy struggling, his head writhing from side to side. The gag in his mouth moist from spittle that had managed to escape as he tried to scream and shout. The leather restraints holding the boy to the horse creaked as he strained and pulled against them. A sheen of sweat made his entire body glow and reflect light. And right there -- at the perfect height -- a rosebud in pink, surrounded by two muscular mounds of ass, his hole winked and tightened with every move he took. The boy's his legs were fastened tight and wide at the base of the horse, his arms over the far side and his stomach bent on the saddle -- leaving that smooth ring of wrinkled muscle open and inviting.

Hands began to caress Ryan -- helping him undress. He was turned on by the site of the boy waiting to be fucked; struggling to prevent it and so well tied he had no chance of stopping anything anyone did to him.

When Ryan allowed his boxers to be slide down from his waist, his cock sprung up hard and hit his stomach. The level of excitement of fucking a boy who'd never given it up before -- and doing it for a crowd -- along with the build up suffered since the first message exchanged on the internet site -- was a seriously intoxicating aphrodisiac. Ryan's cock showed a single drop of pre-cum that damned in the eye and then slowly lowered itself to the ground as if a web was being spun in liquid glass.  

He was guided to the tied boy's head. The boy stopped struggling for a moment and looked forward. He couldn't look to Ryan's face because his neck was collared and a chain passed below the body of the horse to a small leather band that had been fastened to the boys ball's. If he tilted his head higher than the height needed to look at a person's waist -- his balls would be ripped clear off.

The boy saw Ryan's dribbling, thick, 8 and a half inch cock and he immediately began struggling again with renewed and increased ferocity. Ryan simply smiled. All those present also smiled alongside him -- knowing the idea of fucking this struggling hunk of a young man was turning Ryan on.

Ryan was brought back to the boy's ass and he went to line his cock up with the vulnerable virgin hole. The man who had been leading him reached out and stopped him short.

"This boy loves rough sex. He came here voluntarily because he loves it. He's been a top up until now, but today he gets to try something new. You can see by how desperate he's struggling, that he's not 100% certain he wants to be fucked -- but he's tied down and no longer has a choice. You have all the power. You can fuck him as many times as you want for as long as you want and as roughly as you want. There is no limit to how you use his body -- you own him until you can fuck no more. But if you decide his struggling is sincere and he truly doesn't want to give up his cherry to a real man's cock -- you can say no to raping him and walk away."

The announcement settled in silence and all eyes focused on Ryan -- waiting for his decision.

Ryan broke into a grin.
"I'm going to fuck him `til he bleeds!"
The crowd exploded in enthusiasm -- the only person not thrilled by Ryan's response was the boy on the horse. A discerning eye would have noticed his body slump for a split second before it again began a futile struggle to avoid what was about to happen.
Ryan moved to the boy and touched his open asshole. He stuck a finger into the ring and wriggled it.
"Fuck, how tight is that?" He asked no-one in particular.
An older man came to him with an open jar of Vaseline and Ryan dipped a finger in, wiping half of what he'd gathered on the side of the pot.
"Thanks dude, but I don't want him sloppy, just smooth."

The finger with the Vaseline tip touched the sphincter muscle of the tied boy. The hole flinched and tightened. But the grease had stopped it being a fair match and Ryan's finger steadily disappeared as the chute was entered for the very first time. The tied boy's head was snapping up and down like he was in a mosh pit at a concert. His ass was wriggling back and forth the small distance it could still move and you could hear wild screams coming from his throat -- muffled and retarded by the large piece of rubber shoved deep inside his mouth.

Ryan wasn't interested in making this easy for him. The single finger entry was only to make sure the boy's entire chute was slick with grease and ready for his cock.  He pressed the bulbous head against the opening and applied pressure.

The tied boy gave everything he had -- shaking- twisting -- his skin and face bright red from both effort and the strain against the restraints that held him fast. His feet and hands -- the only part of his body with any movement available, flapped up and down and clenched and twisted as the boy's sphincter did whatever it could to keep the intruder out.

Suddenly the head of Ryan's cock popped through and for a second, the shock of the violation so overwhelmed and defeated the boy tied up that his body went stiff and stayed motionless. Ryan smiled to the many onlookers enjoying the torture written across the victims face as a large cock slowly entered his ass for the very first time.

Ryan felt like a rock star celebrity and pushed forward with a series of savage jerks. Each one made the boys head fly up, tugging hard at his balls -- which were his least concern. The boys eyes were literally bulging from his sockets as the pain was registering over every inch of his body and his screams became long guttural internal cries for mercy -- there was none coming.

Ryan kept shoving against him until his pubes sat against the ass of his tied victim. Then he set to work fucking in earnest. Back and forth -- up and down, even wiggling side to side. When the audience seemed preoccupied with the fuckee and not the fucker -- Ryan let fly a series of vicious slaps to the boy's ass that left bright red marks behind.

Ryan fucked hard and long. His orgasm was no surprise to anyone watching as his speed and moans became closer like a chant building to a grand finale. With a loud cry, Ryan held himself hard against the tied boy's ass and pumped his cum deep inside the virgin hole.

"That was so fucking good!" he said, taking his cock out and slapping it a few times on the boy' ass to both clean it and mark the body one more time as a piece of owned meat.

"Can I fuck his mouth?" Ryan asked.
"You can do anything you want with him for as long as you want. He's your fuck toy."
The man walked to the boy's head and put a finger through a loop in the end of the large rounded piece of rubber that was held firmly in the mouth of the tied boy by a series of leather straps that sat over his head like a flimsy bicycle helmet. The ring allowed the center of the gag to pop out like a plug -- leaving the tied boy with his mouth still gagged, his teeth held wide -- but a clear round rubber tunnel now open and available to the back of his throat.

The boy was so exhausted and deflated he could hardly even raise his head -- so Ryan had to hold it up for him. Then in one fluid motion Ryan thrust his cock down the boys throat so all could see his neck -- looking like a clown's long balloon suddenly being inflated -- or the belly of a snake digesting food. The tied boy's eyes again popped out of his head -- the onslaught of a cock into his actual throat and the end of any supply of air had re-awoken whatever fight he had left in him. But Ryan was beyond caring about anything to do with this warm fuckable boy with two good and useful holes. He fucked happily down the open throat -- enjoying the spasms and panicked efforts to regurgitate him. Ryan fucked hard watching the eyes of his victim as they rolled slightly and lost focus. Then, just as the boy passed out he'd pull out -- slap him into taking a large breath and start again.

It took less than five minutes for the boy to lose all fight and Ryan held his head at his cock's height -- and went to town on his gullet.

After almost fifteen minutes Ryan wound up again and fired volley after volley of hot young spunk straight into the boy's belly. The boy was wasted -- his formerly cute haircut was now stringy and soaked with sweat. His ass was marked and his wrists ankles and neck were all showing nasty burn marks from his struggles against the leather restraints that held him so securely in place.

Ryan wiped his slimy cock back and forth across the boy's face.

"How about another go at his ass?" The man in charge asked.
Ryan laughed loud.
"You don't think two - one after another is enough for one day?"
"So, no more?" The masked man asked -- with all those watching now listening intently.
"No. I couldn't even if I wanted to." Ryan said admitting to being sexually spent.

"Then relax. There's a shower you can use -- show Ryan where to go."

Ryan was taken to a bathroom that rivaled any he'd ever been in. The entire room was built as a wet room, the shower simply a nozzle in the middle of the room and a sunken bath below. He took his time and enjoyed the substantial product out for use. When he emerged he was wrapped in a perfect white towel, his hair was styled and gelled and he was ready to meet his adoring fans; the masked men who had made him their celebrity stud for the day.

The moment he came from the hall he was grabbed. Ropes were placed with slip-knots about his arms and legs -- being pulled taught quickly. He struggled hard and fought the ropes. Each limb was secured by two or three men on the end of each rope and the length of the ropes left him helpless, well away from reaching any of those controlling his freedom. The ropes allowed others to move in and place heavy leather cuffs around his wrists and ankles. He yelled and screamed with all his energy, swearing and vowing revenge on anyone who continued with the task. He was ignored. The back of his hair was roughly grabbed and yanked back so his adam's apple stood out prominent. He opened his mouth to protests and a thick rubber gag was shoved inside and a series of straps done up around his head to keep it in place.

He was dragged forward to the now empty horse and a moment later metal snaps clipped and locked him in place. A collar was placed around his neck and another far smaller one around his balls. A chain link attached from the loop in the front of his collar to the loop in the collar around his balls ensured he stayed bent way over the horse with no possible chance of gaining back his freedom.

The men then went about their business -- tidying the room. They mingled and visited the drinks area and dined on canapés set out on the tables around the room. Ryan watched what ever he was able to see from his tied position. He'd had time to allow his mind to catch up and his eyes filled with a terrible knowing and fear.

The front door opened and a perfect young man entered. He was tall, blonde and looked like he was extremely well built. He enjoyed being the focus of the group and was quickly introduced to the form tied and bent over the horse in the center of the room.

Ryan began to buck and scream and wriggle and twist -- desperately trying to give some sort of signal that this was all a terrible mistake and that he was a kindred spirit not a hole to be raped.

With the blonde naked and turned on by the thought of busting the cherry of a tight young ex dom boy, the man in the mask pulled him back and spoke.

"This boy loves rough sex. He came here voluntarily because he loves it. He's been a top up until now, but today he gets to try something new. You can see by how desperate he's struggling, that he's not 100% certain he wants to be fucked -- but he's tied down and no longer has a choice. You have all the power. You can fuck him as many times as you want for as long as you want and as roughly as you want. There is no limit to how you use his body -- you own him until you can fuck no more. But if you decide his struggling is sincere and he truly doesn't want to give up his cherry to a real man's cock -- you can say no to raping him and walk away."

The crowd waited for the blonde's decision.

"That pussy is getting fucked!" The blonde said with confidence.
The crowd cheered -- and Ryan once again began the futile struggle to avoid what he was owed.

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