Dogslave training

This story, which is entirely fictional, contains dog training and full toilet training between two or more men. If you are not into this, don't read on.

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By Lewis.

Chapter Eleven

It was Friday morning, and Master Andy's dogslave had been locked in the punishment cage for almost 5 days. it was due to be released in order to undergo its test later that day, and was extremely worried that it would fail and be locked back in the box for an extended period of time. its cock, balls and prostate were all constantly in agony from the mammoth session of despunking it had been forced to endure, its muscles cramped sporadically from not being able to move and nearly 5 days' worth of its own shit were beginning to pile up at the rear of the box. This fact was particularly torturous for the dogslave, since whilst it was in the punishment box it was fed exclusively on shit and had to forgo its daily can of dog food, meaning it was constantly hungry. Knowing that a large amount of `food' was right behind it, but that it wasn't able to turn around in order to eat it was a great source of torment for it.

                  The light in the box suddenly went out as an arse sat on the toilet seat above.

                  "Master Dan!"

                  Soon after its bowl was filled with the usually huge quantity of firm stinking shit, and the dogslave began to feast, wolfing down its bitter meal to try and alleviate its hunger. Hot piss soon began to flow over the back of the dogslave's head and into its metal dish once Master Dan had emptied His bowels, which the dogslave expertly lapped up. He then stood up and slave ben started to rim Him clean – he had learnt to accept his role as a toilet paper slave when chained to the box, as had his brother, and they both now readily licked arsehole clean upon command, whatever state it was in.

                  It would normally be a few hours until the dogslave got fed again, but this morning, as soon as Master Dan got off the box, Master Andy sat down and announced Himself before topping up the dog's bowl with piss and shit.

                  "Better fucking eat it fast cunt!" He growled. The dogslave, knowing that its Master could inspect the bowl at anytime, redoubled its efforts to eat faster. Just as Master Andy stood up to get His arsehole cleaned by slave ben, the milking machine locked around its cock clicked on, bringing fresh agony to the dog's cock and balls. However, its breakfast was not over, as slave blake sat down on the box and relieved himself, quickly followed by slave ben. The dogslave worked hard to empty its bowl, all the while gasping in pain from the milking machine wanking its cock. After a few minutes it dry orgasmed thinking about Master Andy forcing the hot slave twins to rim each other clean – it hadn't cum for the last two days - and the machine shut itself off. The toilet seat was then lifted up, Master Andy lifted out the steel bowl, inspected it, grunted, and then threw it back inside the box.

Evidently it had managed to consume all traces of its large breakfast.

                  Suddenly the dogslave felt a strange new sensation. It realised the box it was confined in was being lifted up. After a few seconds the box tilted back and it understood that it was being carried up the stairs that led to the dungeon. Slave ben and blake had in fact been ordered by Master Andy to put the punishment box on the back of His truck. They had been told they were going to take a trip to see another Master, a few hours' drive away. The dogslave would act as a portable toilet for everyone while they were on the road, and would be made to perform the test in front of the Master to see if it would be allowed out of the box. Even though the box was now on the truck, the dogslave would still have to endure the milking machine wanking it off every two hours, since the twins had been ordered to connect it to a car battery for power.    

                  Once the box was stowed on the back of the truck, Master Dan whistled and ordered His dogs to heel. They came running and sat by His feet, before being ordered up into the truck where they sat beside the box. "Lie down!" Master Dan ordered, and the dogs complied immediately, settling down for the long journey. Master Andy then ordered slave ben into the back to sit with the dogs, and then threw a tarp over the slaves. Slave blake was ordered into the truck's cab to service the two Masters during the journey.

                  It was a six hour drive to Master Jason's ranch, and after they had reached the halfway point, Master Andy pulled over on a quiet road so that both He and Master Dan could take a piss in the toilet. Half an hour into the journey they had stopped off and drunk a huge mug of coffee each, so they were both pretty desperate by now. Master Dan threw back the tarp to reveal the box, and then both men climbed up into the bed of the truck, unzipped and simultaneously pissed into the dogslave's bowl. The torrent lasted a long while, and it was clear that the bowl was overflowing. Inside the box, they could hear the dogslave furiously lapping at the golden liquid.

                  Master Dan decided He'd had enough of slave blake and switched him with his brother. They then drove on for a further hour, whilst all the while slave ben sucked Master Dan's and Master Andy's cocks. After a further hour the Masters stopped for food, although they didn't allow the dogs or slaves to eat, piss or shit since they were in a hurry to get to Master Jason.

                   By mid afternoon they finally made it to Master Jason's ranch. A trainer greeted them, dressed in leather army boots that gleamed with saliva suggesting they had been recently served by a slave's tongue, a black jock strap with a white zipper running up the bulging pouch and a leather harness that showed off his perfectly ripped body. His dark hair was cropped very short in a military high and tight style that emphasised his position of authority. Master Andy got out of His truck, shook the trainer's hand and then explained who they were.

                  "Yes Sir, the Master is expecting you. Please follow me and I'll take you to Him."

                  "Great." Master Andy said. Master Andy and Master Dan then started to follow the trainer, leaving the dogs and slaves in the truck for the time being. The trainer led them into the main building and then into a large well furnished office. What Master Andy saw next caused His giant cock to become fully erect and start throbbing and leaking precum within just a few seconds. Master Jason stood before the men completely naked. He was built like a God, with perfect muscles that were both huge and incredibly toned. He was also, in Master Andy's opinion, without question the most beautiful man He had ever set eyes upon. His smouldering green eyes exuded confidence. Just looking at His body would have caused Master Andy's cock to start drooling, but there was more. Kneeling in front of Him was what looked to be an 18 or 19 year old slave. It was completely naked apart from a leather collar locked tightly around its thick neck. Its hair had been shaved into a Mohawk an inch wide, cut using a number 2 blade, whilst the rest of its hair was completely shaved. Its beautiful body was also free of hair and from the way it was kneeling, Master Andy was getting a great view of its tight, pink hole. A barcode had been expertly tattooed on its upper back, just below where the collar stopped. The slave's full, pink lips were locked around the base of Master Jason's massively thick cock, and from the way its adam's apple was going up and down Master Andy knew that it was expertly deep throating its Master. Not only this, but it was also massaging Master Jason's enormous balls with its wide tongue. Its hands were behind its back – clearly it was only allowed to pleasure its Master with its mouth. One slave sucking His cock was not enough pleasure for Master Jason, however. Behind Him was another equally hot slave who had its face buried in His muscular bubble butt and was rimming His hole.

                  The trainer introduced Master Andy and Master Dan.

                  "Hi, great to see you both," Master Jason said. "Please have a seat." He gestured to a large leather sofa. The two Master's sat down.

                  "Thanks for agreeing to meet me," Master Andy began. "I've heard about your slave training ranch, and you're night club, of course, and just had to meet you. I've got one novice dogslave and 2 very new slaves, and Master Dan here has 3 very experienced dogslaves. I was really hoping I could get some training tips from you."

                  "Sure, I'd love to show you round," Master Jason said, all the while being serviced by the two amazingly hot slaves in front and behind Him.

                  "Great," Master Andy smiled. "Also, my dogslave is currently being punished for cumming without my permission. I've had it locked in a tiny wooden box for the past 5 days, and all its been fed and watered on is the shit and piss from Myself, Master Dan and my two slaves. Its also been milked every two hours, day and night. Its cock and balls should be pretty sore by now. Every time one of us has taken a shit into its box, we've shouted out our names, so I've told it that it will be released today, but only if it can correctly identify our shit blindfolded. I was hoping that we could do that here?"

                  "Sounds hot. Sure we can," said Master Jason. "What're you gonna do if it fails though?"

                  "That's what I'd like your advice on. I'm tempted to put it back in the box for another week or two, but I don't think it'd survive just eating shit for that long."

                  "Hmm." Master Jason pondered. "Well, I'll show you something on the tour that you might find interesting.  In the mean time, you say it's been milked for 5 days solid?"

                  "Yep, hasn't cum since Wednesday though. Its balls have been properly drained."

                  "Well, since it's been punished for cumming I think I've an idea. Let me make you more comfortable and I'll explain."

                  Master Jason then ordered the trainer to fetch two slaves, one for each Master. The trainer rushed out and promptly came back holding two leads connected to the leather collars of two well-muscled and well-hung  young slaves, who, upon seeing the Masters, fell to their knees in front of them, heads bowed, arms behind their backs, awaiting further instructions. Master Andy and Master Dan wasted no time in pulling down their pants, exposing their rock hard cocks, and pushing the slave's mouths down onto them.

                  "Fuck! They are good!" Master Dan shouted.

Master Jason smiled. "All My slaves are impeccably well trained well, yes," he said. "Watch this."

                  His stomach tensed briefly, causing His 6-pack to become even more well-defined, and then He let out a massively loud fart. The slave rimming Him instantly began sniffing loudly, as it had been trained. Master Dan laughed.

                  "I love doing that to my dogs – especially after a nice big steak, makes my farts stink!"

                  "Yep, sure does let a slave know its place in the scheme of things," Master Jason agreed. "So, now you are sitting comfortably, let me explain My plan for Your dogslave. If it fails the shit eating test, I propose chaining it to the floor of my club, and then running a competition. Any Master can sign their slave up, and if they win, their Master's will get a prize, say free drinks for life at the club. That'll make sure the Master's encourage their slaves to try hard. Each slave will be given 5 minutes to try and make your dogslave cum, using their mouth only. If they fail, their Master can publically punish it at the club – I've got several Andrew's Crosses, stocks etc they can use. It'll have to be a pretty orally talented slave to make your dogslave cum after its been milked for days. And if your dogslave should fail to cum, then, as I've said, I have something to show you which means you'll be able to keep it on a shit only diet for as long as you wish."

                  "Sounds great." Master Andy smiled. "I'm really looking forward to finding out how you can keep a slave on a shit only diet indefinitely."

                  "Well, whenever you're both ready, we can start the tour."      

                  When the two Master's were finished with the slaves, Master Jason led them to an underground dungeon.

                  "I usually recruit all my slaves from my club, and this is where I bring them initially," He said. "Regardless of whether they are a pleasure slave, a dogslave, ponyboy, pig, whatever, they will always spend the first night alone in this cage." He pointed at a small metal cage about 6 feet long, 3 feet high and 2 feet wide with thick black bars. There was no feeding slot, no hole in the door where the slave's head could be secured into place – it was devoid of all features save a huge padlock. It was clear that this cage was designed to impress on the slave that it would never be free again and that escape was impossible. The dungeon was completely bare apart from the cage. A single bare bulb hung from the ceiling above it, which provided the only source of light.

                  "I don't have any other equipment in here – no whips or bondage gear etc, just the cage. It forces the slave to think about its situation without any distractions. Once the slave signs the contract in the morning, there is no going back. It's final. So it must be sure. Having a bare room without any gear to get it horny or whatever helps I think. Anyway, on to something more interesting!"

                  Master Jason led them upstairs to a bathroom area.

                  "This is where the slaves are processed – where their hair is shaved off, etc. It's actually a mini replica of the communal showers at Alcatraz; again reminding the slaves that there is no escape." In the middle of the shower block was a padded leather table with metal restraints at the four corners. Master Jason walked over to it. "Here is where the slaves get any piercings and tattoos that I want. All my slaves have at the least their cock, nipples, and perineum pierced. I also have a very skilled tattoo artist that tattoos a barcode onto all slaves that can actually be read with a barcode scanner. Now, let me show you something I think you'll both be very interested in  - my bathroom."

                  Master Jason led both the men to His bathroom. At first glance it look ordinary enough, although it was of course extremely large and tastefully decorated.

                  "Notice anything unusual?" Master Jason asked. At first neither Master's did, until Master Andy walked up to the toilet and noticed to His surprise that there was no water in it. Instead, the toilet was installed above a pit. As He peered down into the darkness, He thought He could see a slave an all fours.

                  "You've found it," Master Jason grinned. Directly below us is My toilet pit. It's 2 feet high, which keeps any slave on all fours, and 10 feet by 10 feet. The floor is also subtly slopped towards the centre, above which My toilet is positioned, meaning that all My waste will pool there. I keep two animals in there at a time, which means I can have fun as they fight each other for my piss and shit. And the best part is that I can keep my slaves in there for as long as I want. The current pair have been eating nothing but My waste, as well as the waste of my trainers who are also permitted to use this toilet, for 45 days."

                  "How is that possible?" Master Dan asked.

                  Master Jason walked to a cabinet, and pulled out what looked like a pot of tablets. He opened it up and took one out. It looked normal enough – just a white lozenge.

                  "This tablet contains a very special kind bacteria" he said. "In nature, its normally found in the guts of termites and flies, which is what lets them eat wood and shit. More specifically it lets them digest cellulose, which makes up around 20% of shit. I've had the bacteria genetically modified so that it'll thrive in the guts of humans instead. It's also been modified to allow it to digest other stuff found in shit, like dead bacteria. So basically, it turns all of the shit into sugars, proteins, fats and vitamins that the slaves need to live. Which means all they need to eat is shit. What's more, any kind of shit's fine – human, dog, horse, whatever. So long as they've been given one of these tablets first, they can survive forever on it. The bacteria keep on growing forever in the slaves' guts after they take the pill.

                  "But it gets even better. The bacteria in the tablets have also been modified to respond to various drugs. The Master can take these drugs which have no side effects, and they'll wind up in His piss after a few hours. When the slave drinks the piss, they'll alter the protozoa in its colon, so depending on the drug they'll use the shit to make lots of protein or lots of fat, or make the protozoa produce less of everything. Therefore you can control the body type of your slave really easily.  If you want a muscular slave, take a "protein" pill. If you want a fat pigslave take a "fat" pill, or if you want a skinny starved slave that you can easily control and dominate, then you can cut its diet almost completely with a "slimming" pill. Cool huh?"


                  "That's incredible!" Remarked Master Andy. "So do all your slaves eat nothing but shit?"

                  "No, I've only very recently received these pills from my lab, so the two slaves in My toilet pit, plus three other slaves are the only ones who have taken them so far. But since they have worked so well, all the slaves in My possession will be given them over the next week and then have a shit only diet for the rest of their lives."

                  "So, do the slave need to shit after they've taken this pill?" Master Dan asked.               

                  "Yes, they still produce some waste," replied Master Jason. "Unfortunately though, they can't recycle their own shit, since it of no nutritional value even when they have been given the pill, although of course they can still be made to eat it. They have to shit much less than normal – about once per month I think, although if the slave is on the slimming drug, then it'll shit just a regularly as normal."

                  Just then there was a knock on the door. Master Jason opened it, revealing the trainer that had first greeted Master Andy and Master Dan. A slave on all fours sat doggy style by his left side. A short leather lead ran from its collar to the trainer's hand.

                  "Sir, I'm sorry I didn't know you where in here. I just wanted to ask if I could use the toilet, please Sir?"

                  "Why of course – excellent timing, you can demonstrate the toilet slaves off!"

                  With that the trainer entered the bathroom, although the slave remained outside, pulled down his jock to reveal a massive thick cock, and sat down on the toilet. He didn't seem to mind in the slightest that he was taking a shit in front of the three Masters. After a few seconds he grunted and they all heard his stinking shit slide out of his hole and land with a heavy thud on the concrete floor below. Immediately after the splashing of piss was heard. Once he was done, he got up, and the three Masters crowded around the toilet to watch as the two latrine pigs began wolfing down the meal of shit and slurping up the piss. After a few seconds nothing was left. The trainer quickly left the bathroom and then bent over to allow the slave to rim his arsehole clean.

                  "Let me show you the other 3 slaves who have also been fed on a shit only diet for the past couple of months," Master Jason said.

                  He took them to another dungeon like room which had three cages, each large enough for a slave to stand and lie dow. One of the slaves was incredibly muscled, the other pretty fat, and the third look emaciated.

                  "These are My test slaves," Master Jason informed them. "You can see what a difference the drugs make. Unlike my latrine slaves, these slaves haven't been fed on human shit, but rather horse shit. I've got a couple of real horses, alongside my collection of pony slaves, so it seemed a shame to throw away the shit when I have so many slaves that could use it as a food source. I can show you them being fed if you like?"

                  "Sure that'd be great," Master Andy said with some fascination. Things were never going to be the same again for His dogslave. No more costly dog food each day for it anymore, He had decided that it too would be living on a shit only diet from now on, regardless of how it performed at the club.

                  Master Jason pressed a button on the wall and a couple of minutes later a trainer came in pushing a small wheelbarrow full of fresh horse shit. He then proceeded to shovel a good sized portion onto the floor of each cage. Master Jason waited a few moments. Unbelievably the slaves looked like they were salivating at the sight of their meal – especially the emaciated slave who was presumably starving.

                  "Feed!" Master Jason snapped, and the slaves fell to the floor, biting into the shit with their mouths. Clearly they were not allowed their hands to eat. The Masters watched with fascination as the large piles of horse shit were reduced to nothing and the slaves were left licking up the stains from the concrete.

                  "Let's move on to my kennels," said Master Jason.

                  As they entered the kennels, Master Andy and Master Dan saw 8 remaining dogslaves, all young and heavily muscled, were locked in a large cage. They were all lying or sitting, but upon hearing their Master enter, quickly rushed to the front of the cage and started barking in excitement. They pressed their heads to the bars, and held out their tongues, hoping that the Master might treat them to some of His piss, or else would let them run their tongues over His leather boots. The 2 Masters saw that each of the dogs had an extremely thick PA ring which was padlocked to another very thick guiche piercing, effectively preventing the dogs from playing with themselves, although for good measure they each wore leather dog mitts which were locked onto their paws.

                  "Would you like to take a couple for a walk?" Master Jason asked. "I could show you some of my ranch, along with my pony slaves which are in a field around 15 minutes walk away."

                  "Yeah, that'd be great," the Masters said.

                  Master Jason grabbed 3 leads and unlocked the cage. He clipped the leads onto the collars of `sparky' a white but heavily tanned dogslave with blonde hair, a perfectly muscular arse and short, fat cock; `hunter' a black dogslave with an enormous cock and mohawk which had been died red and `buster' who had a buzz cut and an impressive tattoo of a muscled Master with a giant cock that was pissing directly into His dogslave's open mouth covering its entire back. The excited dogs followed their Master out of the cage and were then led out of the kennel.

As they walked toward the field containing the pony slaves, they met one of the trainers who held a dogslave on a tight leash.

                  "Hello Matt," Master Jason said, speaking to the trainer. "How's the animal's training progressing?"

                  "It's progressing nicely, Sir, although it's of course still a long way off being fully trained. I've just taken it for a long walk to improve its handling on the lead, and since it's quite muddy in places, I thought I'd combine it with boot service training."

                  "Good idea Matt," Master Jason said, glancing down at the trainer's leather boots which were caked in wet mud. "I see it's got its work cut out. Anyway, let me introduce you to Master's Dan and Andy. I believe you've already spoken with Andy on the phone."

                  "Hi Sirs," Matt said shaking their hands. "Pleasure to meet you both."

                  "And you, but please, don't let us stop you from getting your boots cleaned – they really are filthy!" replied Master Dan.

                  "They certainly are. Dog! Boot!" Trainer Matt snapped his fingers and pointed down at the muddy boots. The dog crawled forward. It's cock had been pierced and was pulled back and connected to a guiche perineum piercing via a padlock, which acted as a chastity device. Master Andy also noticed it was wearing a lockable butt-plug. A barcode tattoo had been inked onto it, just below its neck so that it was still visible even though it was wearing a thick leather collar. It began to slowly start licking the boot of the trainer's right foot, but appeared to be avoiding the mud, and only licking the upper part of the boot.

                  "No dog, get the mud off," the trainer corrected it. But it was too slow in complying with the command, so the trainer quickly gave it some encouragement with the bull whip he carried around. He gave it 5 hard lashes, but still the dog failed to comply with the boot licking command.

                  "This is a great opportunity to demonstrate some of the techniques we have developed to ensure that a slave obeys any command it is given instantly," remarked Master Jason. "Here the dogslave has been issued with a clear command to clean its trainer's boots, which it is failing to do, even after encouragement with the whip. Of course one way would be to force it to clean the boots with its dog mouth by causing ever greater pain until it complies, but I think the best way is for the slave to want to do a task. So, as we have 3 very well trained dogs already, we can use them in the training of the novice dog. Dog," he said, looking at the novice dogslave, "sit!" The novice dog did as it was told. "Andy, would you mind holding this piece of shit dog in place and standing on its cock and balls?"

                  "Sure thing," Master Andy agreed, and the dogslave yelped in agony as Master Andy crushed the dogslave's balls between the ground and His massive leather boot.

                  "Sparky, buster, hunter, clean trainer Matt's right boot!" Master Jason ordered, and the 3 dogs quickly began licking the mud off the boot like their lives depended on it. Matt angled his boot once the uppers were gleaming so they could get to the sole and lick out the treads. As they where cleaning the boot, Master Jason stroked their backs and arses, lightly fingering their holes and saying "good dogs!" repeatedly, making them lick with ever more enthusiasm. All the while the novice dog was watching on in agony as its cock and balls were being crushed by the full weight of Master Andy. Once the boot was fully clean, the dogs sat doggy style on the ground, their shitty tongues hanging out.

                  "Good dogs, you may have some of your Master's delicious piss to wash out your dog mouths as a reward," Master Jason praised them, and began to release a torrent of piss into their mouths, sparky first, then buster, and finishing off with hunter. "As you did such a good job, you can also suck your Master's enormous cock as an extra reward," Master Jason said. The three dogs excitedly began to suck their Master's dick, with hunter working the head, buster the shaft and sparky licking His balls. Master Jason threw back His head in pleasure, and after a few minutes gave hunter a mouthful of cum. The dog kept its mouth open so that its pack mates could also share in the delicious cum.

                  All the while the novice dogslave was having its balls crushed and was almost ready to pass out from the pain. However it was also extremely jealous of the 3 other dogs that had got to drink the Master's piss, and suck His cock.

                  Master Jason turned His attention to the suffering dogslave. "So dog, ready to clean trainer Matt's other boot?"

                  "Woof!" the dog responded.

"Good dog. CLEAN!"

                  Master Andy stepped off its balls and it rushed over to the boot and began cleaning it thoroughly with its tongue. Afterwards, trainer Matt pissed in its mouth, and then allowed it to suck him off too.

                  "You see, with both carrot and stick at the same time, you can quickly get good results from an unwilling animal," said Master Jason. "Now, let's carry on and see the pony slaves, and then your dog can carry out its shit test to see if it is allowed out of the box.


To be continuedÉ