Dogslave training

This story, which is entirely fictional, contains dog training and full toilet training between two or more men. If you are not into this, don't read on.

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By Lewis.

Chapter Two

Master Andy's dogslave lay in its basket for the remainder of the day, locked in its cage. Its doggy cock remained hard for almost the entire time, and it wanted nothing more than to cum, but it dared not think about the punishment it would receive for that offence. Around 9 hours after its whipping at breakfast for not cleaning its bowl fast enough, the dogslave heard its Master unlock the basement door and walk down the steps in order to release it. As soon as the cage door was unlocked, the dogslave rushed out and began to lick its Master's black leather boots, as it always did.

“Good dog,” Master Andy told it after a few minutes of frantic bootlicking. He clipped the leash onto its dog collar. and then proceeded to lead the it up the stairs and into the living room, where it was given the “SIT” command. The dogslave promptly complied, sitting doggy-style on the floor with its hard cock sticking up in the air.

“I've got a few mates coming round in a bit,” Master Andy informed dogslave. “Treat them just the same as you would Me, or I'll give you one hell of a fucking punishment. Got it?”

“Woof!” dogslave confirmed, keeping its eyes focused on its Masters boots, still wet and gleaming with its saliva.

“Good boy.”

After half an hour the first of Master Andy's friends arrived. Dean was around 6 foot, a little less muscular than Master Andy, but extremely attractive, with blonde hair, and light stubble that defined his square jaw. He was wearing a leather biker outfit, and the dogslave immediately ran over and began cleaning his biker boots with its tongue.

“Nice dog you've got Andy,” Dean commented. “You've got it trained well.”

“Not half as well as it will be trained in a few months, believe me! Anyway, come in man. Want a drink?”

The two men both grabbed a beer and sat down whilst the dogslave continued cleaning Dean's boots with as much enthusiasm as it had licked its Masters'.

“Your slave is making me fucking horny Andy.” Dean said. “I've never known such an enthusiastic boot licker. Can we have a little fun with it before the others get here and put its tongue to some other uses?”

“Sure, why not? What've you got in mind.” Master Andy asked.

“Well my arse always gets so sweaty when I ride my bike.” Dean said.

“I'm sure my dog can help you out with that,” Master said with a smile of His face. With that Dean stood up and took off his leather trousers and T-shirt which left him standing in a black lace-up jock strap. Dean then turned around and bent over, presenting the dogslave with a beautiful, muscular arse.

“Clean Dean's arsehole of any residual sweat, or any other dirt you may find dogslave.” Master Andy ordered. The dogslave didn't hesitate for a second before it burried its tongue in Dean's arse and began licking like its life depended on it. Dean's hard-on swelled even more, revealing a 7” dick that was very thick.

“Fucking hell that feels good!” Dean said.

About 5 minutes into the rim job, there was another knock at the door. Master Andy opened it and let in Jason and Zack. Jason stood around 5 foot 10, but very muscular. He wore an army T-shirt, khaki trousers and black military looking boots. Zack on the other hand was taller and thinner with dark features that made him look like he originated from Italy or Spain. He was wearing a “nasty pig” T-shirt and black jeans.

“Wow, looks like the party's started already Andy.” Jason commented on the rimming Dean was receiving from the dogslave.

“Hey guys.” Dean said. “Get in here and try this thing. Its amazing!”

“Don't mind if I do.” Jason smirked. He walked over to the dogslave which was still eagerly licking out Dean's arsehole and grabed its head. With the other hand Jason pulled down his khaki trousers, releasing his 8" dick which he promptly shoved down the dogslave's waiting throt.

"Yeah suck my cock!" Jason moaned. He kept a tight hold on the dogslave's collar and used it to force its mouth up and down his shaft at the required speed. The dogslave had no choice but to try its best not to gag, and kept licking at the swollen cock head to give Jason the most pleasure possible. Zack meanwhile had started to kiss Dean and they had begun to jack each other off over the hot scene in front of them.

Master Andy said: "I think the dog's got another hole to offer. Ff you don't mind me going first guys?"

All the others shook their heads. "Course not. It's yours after all." Replied Dean. With that, Master Andy got up, grabbed a bottle of lube from the table, pulled down His trousers and then worked the butt plug out of His dog's arsehole. As soon as it was free, He lubed up His cock and then pressed the head to His dogslave's shaved arsehole and pushed. Slowly He slid His hard dick in, and then He pulled out again, until only the cockhead was left in the dogslave's hole. With one quick movement He rammed His dick back inside the dogslave's arse, causing Him to moan with pleasure and the dogslave to wince in pain. This affected the rhythm of the blow job it was giving Jason which earned it a slap round the face and a loud "suck my dick, slave!" from Jason, who was clearly displeased at it.

This scene continued for sometime, with Master Andy and Jason leaning over the dogslave to passionately kiss each other. Dean and Zack meanwhile continued to jack each other off. After 20 minutes or so of Andy fucking His dogslave senseless and the dogslave sucking off Jason to the best of its ability, Master Andy threw back His head and announced: "I'm gonna cum!" As He began to pump spurt after spurt of cum deep into the dogslave's arsehole, Jason began to feed the slave his cum too. As the two men groaned in pleasure, Dean and Zack also started groaning, and then they too shot load after load of cum into the air. It landed in several puddles on the wooden floor.

Master Andy pulled His cock out of His dogslave's hole and then said: "Clean that mess up!" pointing to the puddles of cum on the floor.

"Woof!" the dog barked, and immediately dropped its mouth to the floor and began to eagerly lick up the spilt cum.

"So where do ya keep the beer Andy?" Jason asked.

"I'll go get some for you guys," He replied, and a few moments later came back carrying a box of cold buds. He cracked a few open and all the guys sat down, tired after their orgasms.

They talks for a couple of hours - about work, what men they'd like to fuck, sports, etc. There was a natural lull in conversation, and then Zack said: "I'm really horny again. Mind if I use your slave, Andy?"

"Course not dude. Do whatever you want with it." The dogslave, which had been told to sit in the corner pricked up its ears, realising it was about to be given a command. "Thanks. Really gotta take a piss first though."

"Yeah, me too!" Said Jason and Dean at the same time. They'd both had 5 beers each.

"Okay, wait there a sec guys." Said Master Andy, and He went off down to the basement, leaving the guys with mildy puzzled looks on their faces. He came back a minute later carrying an object they all recognised, and Dean grinned.

A minute later the dogslave had a piss funnel strapped to its head, and the guys crowded around it with their cocks aimed at the opening. Dean began pissing first, followed by Master Andy, then Jason and finally Zack. The dogslave struggled to cope with 4 men's piss flooding down its throat, and took huge gulps, fearing that if it did not drink quickly enough it would not be able to breathe. The flow of piss continued for a least a minute before Zack started to slow down, and after a first minute all the men had stopped. The dogslave had swallowed literally pints of piss, and its stomach looked distended from all the liquid.

"If you want the use of its mouth I can take off the piss funnel," Master Andy told Zack.

"Nah its okay man, I'll use its arse."

Zack's cock grew to a massive 10" in length and the dogslave seemed scared to look at it, knowing that it would soon be forced into its hole. Zack grinned. He loved having such a massive cock - who wouldn't?

With the dogslave on all fours, Zack knelt down and rested his cockhead on its arsehole. In one quick motion he forced his massive tool into the slave's gut. The dogslave let out a howl of pain, and its Master grabbed a whip and stared to lash the slave's back.

"SILENCE!" He yelled. The dogslave put its head down submissevely and took its punishment, whilst at the same time clenching and relaxing its arsehole in order to give Zack's cock the most pleasure possible. He moaned in delight as he fucked the slave's tight arsehole. Zack rested his hands on the slave's hips and roughly ploughed its hole - slowly, then rapidly, then slowly again. Master Andy finished whipping the slave who remained hard throughout, and then turned and sat down next to Jason and Dean to watch Zack fuck His dogslave. Dean and Jason were both naked and their cocks were as hard as a rock as they watched the display. Dean started to kiss Jason hard, and then the two men started exploring each other's bulging muscles. Still kissing Jason, Dean rolled ontop of him so that their massive chests and cocks were touching each other. Master Andy grabbed both of their dicks in one hand and began to wank them off, slowly at first and then faster as they continued to get more and more horny.

"FUCK. YES. YES. YES!" Screamed Zack as he dumped his cum load deep inside the slave's gut. He threw back his head in pleasure and let out a deep sigh before collapsing ontop of the slave. After a minute of rest he withdrew his still rock hard cock from the dogslave's hole.

"Heel!" Commanded Master Andy, and the dogslave instantly ran over to its Master's leg and sat by it. Andy was still wanking off Dean and Jason, who were passionately kissing and feeling each other's bodies.

Jason moaned he was going to cum soon. A minute later both he and Dean blew their load over each other. Dean collapsed ontop of Jason and wrapped his arms around him. Once recovered he rolled off the hunk. Both their stomachs and chests were covered in spunk. Master Andy pointed to this and commanded "clean these men!". Quickly the dogslave began to lap up the cum from Dean and Jason's bodies. Cum had pooled in the grooves of their well defined abs, as well as their navels and the dogslave took great please in licking up every precious drop from the two hunks. Jason stroked the dogslaves head, telling it "good boy", whilst Dean ran his hand over its arse, causing it to lick up the split cum with even more enthusiasm.

After the dogslave had cleaned the men's bodies, Zack said: "Sorry to be lame, but its getting late and I have work tomorrow." He worked as a mechanic, and his shift started early. "Yeah I should probably head off too," Jason added, who worked as a personal trainer at the local gym.

"Make that 3 of us," said Dean. Like the dogslave had done, Dean worked at a construction site. The foreman would have his balls if he turned up late again.

"Okay guys, hope you had fun. Swing by again soon. Maybe we can arrange to meet up at The Pound some time?" The Pound was a leather club specifically for Masters and dogslaves where Master Andy, Jason, Dean and Zack had all met. The other three men nodded, and Dean said: “Sure, that'd be great Andy. How 'bout this Saturday?” The others agreed and the date was set. The Master saw them off, and then ordered the dogslave to the kitchen. He took a can opener from a draw and began to open another can of dog food. He dumped the brown mush into the steel dog bowl, where it landed in a heap. The slave was forced to stay sitting by it, motionless, looking at the brown heap of cheap dog food and taking in the meaty smell for 15 minutes while its Master went off to tidy the house after the evening's activites, waiting for the command to feed. It knew that if it did not empty the bowl in 30 seconds it would be in big trouble.

Eventually the Master returned to the kitchen and gave the "fed" command. The dogslave lowered its head to the bowl and attacked the food. It was starving, having last been fed 16 hours ago at breakfast. The dog food still tasted foul, but the slave tried to swallow as quickly as possible, as this allowed it to eat faster. Master Andy kept a close eye on His watch.

Once all the brown chunks of food were eaten the slave began to lick madly at the bowl, wanting to leave it clean and shiny so it did not have to face more punishment.

"Stop!" The Master ordered. The dogslave pulled its head out of the bowl. Master inspected it.

"Not bad slave. I can still see some brown stains, but it was much better than this morning's effort. Only a minor punishment for you tonight I think. Let's take your for a piss first though." The dogslave looked relieved - it was desperate to get rid of the 4 loads of piss it had drank previously. Master clipped on the leash to the dog's collar, and led it to the clump of trees at the bottom of the field as usual. It was dark and cold, and the dogslave soon began to shiver. .

"Okay boy, go and piss." Master Andy said, unclipping the lead. The dogslave quickly found a tree, cocked its leg, and let out a huge jet of piss. After, it sniffed the puddle, and then returned to its Master, who reattached the leash and led it back to the house.

"Cage!" the Master ordered when they got in.

The dogslave quickly ran down the basement stairs and lay down in its basket. Half an hour later the Master came down and ordered it out. Since the Master was not wearing any boots, the dogslave licked His feet instead.

"Since you made such a fuss about Zack's large cock, your punishment tonight will be to wear an extra large butt plug," the Master informed it. He went to a shelf and picked up a metal plug 7" long and 10" in circumference. It was very heavy, weighing over 1kg. Master Andy applied a little lube to it and then shoved the massive plug up His slave's hole. It did its best to keep silent.

"Lay down." Master said. The dogslave went to its basket and did as ordered. “That plug better still be burried in your arse tomorrow morning boy, or I'll lock it up there for a week!” With that, the Master padlocked the cage shut, and walked out, turning out the light.

The dogslave found it difficult to get to sleep with the huge plug stretching its arsehole. It was also incredibly horny, wanting desperately to stroke its rock hard cock. Yet it knew it was a dogslave now, and it was not allowed to do such things. it only hoped that its Master would let it cum soon.

To be continued...