Dogslave training

This story, which is entirely fictional, contains dog training and full toilet training between two or more men. If you are not into this, don't read on.

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By Lewis.

Chapter Three

Master Andy walked down into the basement the following morning wearing nothing but a black leather Master's cap and His boots. He walked to the bars of the cage which contained His dogslave, which was standing on all fours, panting with its tongue hanging out, giving out excited little barks because its Master had come for it.

Master Andy's rock hard 9” cock protruded through the bars and the dogslave's eyes were fixed on it, waiting for Him to give a command. Instead the Master unlocked the cage, reached in, looped two fingers through one of the D-rings in the dogslave's collar and pulled it roughly out. He then proceeded to force His enormous cock into the dogslave's mouth and moments later began pumping a massive quantity of strong morning piss down the slave's throat. He sighed with relief. The dogslave obediently swallowed the entire contents of its Master's bladder, not spilling a single drop of the precious liquid. Once the Master had relieved Himself, He pulled His cock out of His dogslave's mouth and then ordered it to turn around.

The large plug He had inserted into the dog's hole the night before was still securely lodged in place.

“I see you haven't lost your plug. Good dog!” He stroked the dogslave's arse briefly, which gave it a huge feeling of pride. It wanted so much to please its Master.

The Master grabbed His slave's collar again and pulled it around so its head was next to His errect cock.

“Well boy, I've got the whole day free, so I think some serious dog training is in order for you.”

“Woof!” The dogslave replied excitedly.

With that, Master Andy clipped His dog's lead to its collar and lead it out of the basement and down to the bottom of the field. It was a warm day, so He didn't both to dress. Once both dog and Master had reached the clump of trees, it was let off the lead as usual.

“Go on boy. Go piss!” The Master commanded. The dogslave scampered off, sniffed a couple of trees before deciding which one to water and then returned to its Master a couple of minutes later.

“Okay boy, time to take this plug out.” Master Andy grabbed the circular end of the plug and began to pull the plug out of His slave, which did its best to keep silent. The dogslave felt relief that the huge piece of metal was no longer jammed up its arse, but at the same time it felt hollow and empty, and part of it wanted Master to replace it. The Master brought the tip of the plug, which was coated in small chunks of the dogslave's shit, next to its mouth for cleaning. The slave complied more willingly to clean up its shit from the toy than the previous morning, although it was still a long way from doing the task enthusiastically. This, the Master knew, would all change with training.

“Good dog!” The Master praised His pet once the butt plug was clean and shiny again.

“Now shit! Right here.” The Master pointed to the piece of grass directly below the dogslave's arse. It did its best to comply instantly, and a few seconds later a large piece of shit lay on the grass in a stinking heap.

“Lick that mess you've just dumped slave. Go on. I want you to taste it.”

The dogslave turned around and lowered its head to the shit pile, its tongue hanging out, but it stopped short of the stinking mess.

“LICK IT OR ELSE!” The Master shouted. The dogslave didn't hesitate any longer, and began to slowly lick its own shit. It was still warm, and tasted raw and bitter, but not as bad as the dogslave had thought it would. The dogslave continued licking its own shit pile for a minute, until its Master ordered it to stop. The surface of the mess was slick with its saliva.

“Good boy. Good dog,” Master said, patting its head. Master Andy led the dog back to the house and into the kitchen where He opened a tin of dog food and dumped it into His dog's bowl.

“Feed!” The Master commanded, snapping His fingers and pointing to the bowl containing the mush. The dogslave immediately began consuming the food. This time the bowl was completely clean again in 30 seconds flat. The dogslave got more praise and was then ordered to lay down under the kitchen table while the Master made His own breakfast.

The Master sat down to His food, and ordered the dogslave to lick His boots clean whilst He ate and read the newspaper. The feel of His dogslave's tongue vigorously licking the black leather of His boots quickly got Him horny.

“Suck My cock!” He ordered. In a heartbeat the dogslave's lips were wrapped around His huge dick, and it tongue went to work massaging the engorged cock head, which made Him groan. He pushed its head further down His shaft, until the dogslave's nose was pressing against the thick dark mat of His pubes. The dogslave expertly used its throat muscles in order to pleasure His cockhead. 10 minutes later and the Master erupted, injecting many, many loads of cum down the slave's willing throat. Once He had stopped ejaculating, the dogslave licked His cock clean and returned to licking His boots.

“Okay boy,” Master said. “Let's start some dogtraining. Lesson one will be how to walk on the leash I think, since you're not very good at it.” He clipped the thick steel leash with a leather handle onto one of the D-rings in His dogslave's collar and lead it to the door of the basement.

“Stay!” Master commanded. He entered the basement and came back with leather pup mitts, two padlocks and a small butt-plug. He then proceeded to lock the leather bags onto His dog's hands, which rendered them useless, and shoved the butt-plug up its arse hole.

“These will stay on indefinitely,” Master Andy informed the dog. “Wouldn't want you using your hands now.” He grinned with sadistic pleasure, thinking of the longs nights the dogslave would spend in its cage, longing to wank off, but not being able to. He led the dog back out into the garden for its training.

“A good dogslave will always stay half a pace behind its Master's left leg.” Master Andy told it. With that He began to walk the dogslave briskly down the field towards the trees. The dogslave did its best to keep up, but couldn't keep the half-pace distance up for long when the Master was walking so fast.

“Stop lagging slave!” Master yelled at it, jerking harshly on the leash. “I can think of at least one punishment to give you, if you don't keep up, judging by how slowly you complied to the order of licking your shit pile this morning.” Another sadistic smile spread across the Master's beautiful face. That threat hurried the dogslave up, and it managed to keep up the half-pace behind Master's left leg rule for a hundred yards until it got tired again, and started lagging behind. By this stage the dog and Master had nearly reached the clump of trees. Master deliberately walked up to the shit pile His dog had created early, and then slowly trod in it getting slave shit on both His leather boots.

“Oops.” The Master said. “Looks like these boots need cleaning. Stay the correct distance away from my left leg whilst walking on the leash back to the house, and your only punishment will be to clean the shit off my boots. Otherwise I'll make it much worse. Got it boy?”

“Woof.” The dogslave confirmed it understood.

The Master moved off in the direction of the house, and this time the dogslave put every effort into keeping up with His pace. it almost made it to the house, but a few yards off it tired and fell a full step behind its Master.

“Well, looks like its double punishments for you dog,” Master Andy smiled, thinking of something creative that could be used to punish the dogslave. “Firstly you can tend to my boots with your mouth.”

He led the dogslave into the kitchen, causing the floor to become smeared with shit, and then sat down at the table.

“Clean these boots up so they shine dog!” He commanded, expecting His slave to instantly starting vigorously licking the boots. Instead the dogslave remained where it was, growling softly.

“Fucking dogslave. Deify me will ya? CLEAN THEM NOW!” He bellowed. Still the dogslave remained where it was, not being able to lick up it own slave shit off His Master's boots.

“For every second you sit there, not cleaning My boots with your fucking worthless tongue you'll get an extra hour of punishment boy!” With that the Master began counting. “One, two, three...” The dogslave looked worried. It couldn't bear to eat its own shit, even from its Master boots, but it had already earned three hours of extra punishment for the delay. “...sevcn, eight, nine, ten...” Master Andy began to count faster. After “18” the dogslave finally gave in and rushed over to its Master's boots and began licking at the shit furiously. Most of it was stuck in the treads, and the Master angled the boot so to allow His dog to clean them properly.

The dogslave licked out large chunks of its stinking shit from the treads and swallowed it quickly. It tasted bitter and rank. Once the soles of His boots were spotless, it moved on to the sides of the boots and continued cleaning. Its tongue had turned brown by the time it had finished.

“Disgusting fucking pig dog,” Master Andy commented. “Don't forget about the floor piggy,” He said, pointing to the shit smears from where He had walked in. The dogslave complied quickly, running over to the nearest shit smear and licking the floor until the tiles gleamed again.

Once the dogslave had completed its cleaning duties Master Andy led it to the bathroom.

“I've decided that, in addition to My piss, you may also drink from the toilet whenever I allow it. That's where dogs like to drink from, after all, isn't boy?”


“Seeing as you've got 18 hours of punishment to go for taking so long to lick the shit off my boots, and I'm a very kind Master, you can take a drink now pup.”

The dogslave crawled toward the toilet, looked down at the water. Small bits of its Master's shit clung to bowl, but the water looked clear.

“Lick that shit off first dog.”

“Woof.” The dogslave, not wanting its punishment increased further, wasted no time in sticking out its tongue and licking the toilet clean.

“That's a good dog. No go on. Take a nice long drink.” Master Andy placed a booted foot on the back of its head and forced it down into the toilet water. The dogslave began to lap up the cool water quickly, and continued drinking for several minutes until its Master pulled its head out of the toilet via its lead. its stomach felt full and bloated with all the water it had drunk.

“Now its punishment time!” Master Andy smiled sadistically, and led His pet down into the basement where it slept. By one wall Master Andy had constructed a device to secure His dog in the all-fours position a couple of feet above the concrete floor. It consisted of two platforms, one for its front paws and one for its hind legs, with a gap in the middle. Leather straps bolted to each of the platforms ensured it couldn't move from the all-fours stance, whilst a steel collar attached to a metal bar which was bolted to the middle of the front platform kept the dog's head immobile. Master Andy ordered it to get up onto the contraption and then went about locking it in place via the leather straps and collar. He then fetched a rubber cock sheath complete with piss tube and put it on His pet's doggy dick. He then attached a parachute to its balls, and then attached an empty bucket to the parachute via a rope. The piss tube attached to the cock sheath He put into the bucket. Finally He attached a funnel piss gag to the dog's front hole.

“Hope you enjoy the next 18 hours pup,” Master said sarcastically. “Every time you piss, that bucket will get heavier and heavier, and stretch your balls more and more.” He smiled at His handiwork. “And I'll make sure that you gotta piss often. See you soon boy.” He turned and left the dogslave to its punishment.

The first hour for the pup was okay, but pretty soon after that the urge to piss became unbearable. It desperately needed to empty itself of all the toilet water it had lapped up. It hung on as long as it could, before giving in, 90 minutes after its Master had strapped the bucket to it balls. It kept on pissing for what seemed like forever, and every second it felt the bucket pull on its balls more and more. By the time it had stopped voiding itself, the bucket was around 10% full and although it wasn't exactly painful, the weight soon made its balls ache after a few minutes.

Two hours after its punishment had begun Master Andy entered the basement. He had dressed now, and was wearing a muscle fit T-shirt with black, tight leather trouser gripping his thick legs. The sight gave His dogslave an instant hard-on.

“Thought you might be thirsty boy. Wouldn't want that now. So I had a couple large cups of coffee and now I really gotta take a piss.” With that He unbuttoned His trousers, took out His thick cock and began to piss into the funnel strapped to His slave's head. The dog drank the bitter piss quickly, knowing full well that it would mean it would have to piss again soon.

Master Andy sighed. After a couple of minutes the flow eased and then stopped altogether. He shook His cock and the last few drops fell into the funnel. Master Andy buttoned up His trousers and left.

4 hours into the punishment, Master Andy returned again, this time carrying a jug containing around 4 pints of water.

“Seeing as your all tied up here and can't get to the toilet, I thought I'd bring the toilet water to you pup, as I'm such as kind, caring Master.” He smirked. “Drink up.” With that He poured the toilet water into the funnel. The dogslave drank furiously. “Good dog. Don't worry I'll bring you some more soon. That bucket'll be overflowing. That'll teach you to take so long to follow a simple command.”

After 10 hours the bucket was half full of piss and the dogslave was in serious pain. The weight was stretching its balls down and they felt like they were on fire. Master Andy had visited it frequently to keep it filled up with either piss or toilet water. The dogslave vowed to itself that it would obey any command given instantly in order to avoid this punishment again.

After 15 hours, Master Andy came down into the basement to piss into the slave's funnel. By this time the bucket was two thirds full, and sweat beaded the dog's naked skin. After He had finished pissing, He went around to the rear of it, pulled out its butt-plug and began to fuck it hard. The motion made the bucket tied to its ball sack swing, adding to the pain it was experiencing. The dog whimpered, and Master Andy had to tell it to be silent. It obeyed, and He didn't hear another sound out of it. After 15 minutes of bareback rough fucking the Master exploded deep in its arse and moaned loadly as He came. He dettached the piss funnel, and order the dog to clean His cock, which it did eagerly. It tasted of cum with a hint of its own shit. After His cock had been thoroughly cleaned by its tongue, He strapped the piss funnel to its mouth again and left.

By this time, it was getting late. Master Andy couldn't be bother to stay up to release His pet from its punishment, so in the end the dogslave endured the immense pain in its balls for 24 hours. When its Master finally detached the bucket from its balls, they hung lower than they ever had before, and came half way to brushing its knees as it ran over to lick its Masters boots to thank Him for the punishment He had given it.

“Good dog. Now will you obey my commands instantly?” He asked.

“Woof!” The dog replied, loud and clear.

“Good. You better, or your balls'll be dragging on the floor by the time I'm done with you.” With that He went to the kitchen, grabbed a tin of dog food, opened it and walked back down to the basement, and then emptied its contents directly onto the concrete floor.

“Feed!” Master Andy commanded. The dogslave realised at once that it was starving, having not eaten in over 24 hours, and went to work licking the dogfood off the floor. It was so hungry it tasted delicious.

Once it had eaten all of its dog food and licked the floor clean, Master Andy made it lie in its basket and then locked the cage door.

“Get some sleep boy. I'm taking you to The Pound tonight, with the guys, and you're sure to be used hard there.” Master Andy left the dogslave, its hands rendered useless in the locked-on leather bags so that it could not cum, and went to arrange the night ahead.

To be continued...