Dogslave training

This story, which is entirely fictional, contains dog training and full toilet training between two or more men. If you are not into this, don't read on.

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By Lewis.

Chapter Four

Master Andy came for His dogslave around 8 pm. After a thorough boot-licking, followed by being fed dog food which it had to lick up off the floor again, it was led to the bathroom, where it was ordered to clean the toilet with its tongue and then take a drink from it. The Master then filled up a large douche bag with water, hung it up high and inserted the tube up the dogslave's arsehole. He filled its hole with the entire contents of the bag and made it hold the water in for 15 minutes whilst He went to select what He would wear to The Pound that evening. He decided on black leather trousers and a leather top harness which nicely showed of His muscles. By the time the 15 minutes were up the dogslave was getting painful stomach cramps, but it had not let a single drop of water escape its arse. The Master ordered it to release the water into the toilet and seconds later a torrent of brown douche water poured out of its arse and filled the bowl. Master Andy then filled it up again and again until the water ran clear. He then ordered it to get into the bath and began to wash the dogslave with cold water from the shower. Finally He got a razor, and began to expertly shave its cock, balls, and arsehole bare.

“That's much better.” Master said. He rinsed the dog of hair and then ordered it to shake itself dry.

An hour later, Master Andy pulled up outside The Pound in His pick-up with His dogslave sitting doggy style in the passenger footwell wearing nothing but its collar. He led it to the entrance. A huge, muscle-bound hunk of a man stood to the left of the doorway - the bouncer. He was there to make sure everyone followed the strict dress code of The Pound: dogslaves wore collars (locked on if they were owned, unlocked if they weren't) and nothing else. Masters could wear what they wanted, as long as it was made of either leather or rubber.

“Evening, Sir.” The bouncer greeted Master Andy. He bent down to pat the dogslave's head and spoke to it in a belittling voice: “Hello, pup. Aren't you a good dog!” The dog woofed in agreement, and started licking at the bouncer's boots. “Nice dog you've got there, Sir,” the bouncer commented. “Please, go on inside.” He opened the door for them, and Master Andy led His dog inside.

The night was still young, and The Pound was only about half full: approximately 50 Masters and their dogs were in the main room. The Masters were either sitting at tables chatting to one another, whilst their dogslaves sat obediently by their sides, or standing sipping beers, whilst their dogslaves curiously sniffed each other out. One Master standing near the bar was holding a thick piece of leather in his right hand to which 3 leads were attached. His 3 dogslaves sat on the floor in a line, enjoying the attention of the other dogslaves, who came up and sniffed and licked at their massive, hard cocks and large balls before being pulled away by their Masters. The owner of the 3 dogs looked about 30, very muscular, very attractive, wearing biker boots, leather chaps, which exposed his beautiful, round muscular arse, and an unbuttoned leather shirt which revealed his well defined six pack and huge pecs. His dogslaves were similarly hot: all had dark hair, cropped short, with the rest of their body hair shaved. They all had a dark tan without any lines, suggesting that they spent all the time naked. Each had two tattoos on their back, one stating “Property of Master Dan” and the other stating “Dogslave 0/1/2” depending on the animal, written in large, black ink. As Master Andy approached them, He also saw that each dog had its nipples and cock pierced. He got hard at the sight of them.

“Evening. I'm Master Andy, I don't think we've met before,” Master Andy introduced Himself.

“Hi. Don't believe we have. I'm Master Dan, as you might have noticed.” He pointed towards the tattoos on his dog's backs.

“Fantastic looking animals you've got their. How long've you owned them?” Master Andy asked.

“Zero I've had the longest. About 7 years now. The other 2 I found here, I've had them about 4 years.

“Haven't noticed you in here before. You come often?”

“No not really. I live quite a way out, but it's good to meet other Masters like yourself, and their dogs. I'm always on the lookout for a stray that I can train up.”

“Aren't we all.” Master Andy said. “Can I get you a beer?”


The two Masters talked for a while, about dogs they had used, training methods, gear etc. Dogslave 2 looked interested in Master Andy's pup and slowly worked up the courage to go and say 'hi' doggy style. it got up onto all fours and began to sniff and lick at the dogslave's arsehole. Master Andy's dog clearly enjoyed the attention, and its cock got even harder than it was before, and began throbbing. Master Dan let it carry on for a minute or so before pulling on the lead and commanding: “Sit!”. Dogslave 2 complied with lightning speed. Master Andy was impressed. “That's a well trained dog you've got.”

“You should come over some time, and see how I do it.” Master Dan offered.

“You bet I will. They fully toilet trained as well?”

“They sure are. They willingly eat and drink everything that comes out of my body, just like a good dogslave should.”

“I couldn't agree more. I might have to get some tips off you,” Master Andy said. “My dog is fine with piss, but its been having a little difficulty with licking up shit.”

“Well just bring it over, and we'll soon train it to be a good little pigdog.” Master Dan smiled and pulled out a piece of paper with his number on it and handed it to Master Andy.

Just then, Master Andy noticed His friends, Dean, Jason and Zack enter the club.

“Thanks for the offer. Excuse me, I've just seen my mates.” He said to Master Dan. “It's been real good talking to you. I'll be sure to swing by your place soon.” With that Master Andy went over to great His friends. They were all dogslave-less, and hoped to change it by the time the evening was over.

“Hi. You guys look like you need a dog each.” Master Andy commented.

“We so do. I'm on the look out for a hot stray.” Dean said.

“Well, looks like there are plenty of them about.” Master Andy said. It was true, lots of dogs were walking around on all fours, looking a little lost, their collars clearly unlocked.

“Looks like there are more dogs than Masters,” Jason observed. “We might end up with two dogs each!” He grinned, as did the others.

“Well hope you get lucky. Go grab some beers and get one for Me. I'm just gonna take a piss and I'll be right back.” Master Andy said. He led His dog in the direction of the toilets.

The toilets were a feature in themselves. Along one wall there were six urinals, none of them plumbed in. Instead rubber pipes hung down and led to gas masks or piss gags which could be strapped onto a dogslave to turn it into a toilet. Along the centre of the room a trough around 6 inches deep and 12 inches wide had been dug into the concrete floor and ran almost the entire length of the room. All the way along, short lengths of chain, each of which had a clip on the end, had been set into the concrete, with the floor of the trough gently sloping down at the intervals where the chains were. 2 rim chairs had been set up over the right hand side of the trough. The end result was that a Master could tether his dogslave to the edge of the trough and then either piss of shit in it. The tethered dogslave would then be required to lick up the mess. Master saw that two dogs had been left tethered by the short chains, and one was sitting doggy style by a urinal with a gas mask strapped to its face. Master Andy opened His fly and began to piss into the trough in the middle of the two dogs. The dogslave by the urinal looked disappointed that it had not been chosen to take the Master's waste. Two pools of hot piss began to form in front of the the two dogs and they lapped eagerly at it, competing with one another to see who could drink the fastest.

“Good dogs,” Master Andy said once He had finished pissing, and stroked the arse of both of them as they continued to drink.

Next to the urinals was a flap about 2 foot by 3 foot that a dogslave could crawl through. It led to a small field where they could relieve themselves, if their Master's allowed it. On this occasion, Master Andy denied His dog the option to piss, and led it back to the main room of the club, where His friends were waiting for Him, drinking beer and looking at the dogs crawling on all fours all around them.

“See any you like?” Master Andy asked, taking a bottle of beer from Jason.

“All of them,” he smirked. “But especially that one.” Jason was pointing to a young, well-toned pup who had a wide unlocked leather collar surrounding its thick neck, with a single D-ring at the front. Its hair was cut into a mohawk style, and the rest of its body was shaved smooth. It had several piercing: 3 in its ears, 1 in its eyebrow, bars in its nipples and a large ring through its cockhead. 'PIG' had been tattooed on its left arse cheek, and 'DOG' on the right cheek in large black letters 3 inches tall. It saw Jason pointing at it, and crawled over to him and began sniffing and licking at his leather boots.

“Hello boy,” Jason said, bending down to stroke its head. The pup moved round and started sniffing at Jason's arse.

“I think it likes you,” Master Andy commented.

“You wanna be my dog tonight, boy?” Jason asked.

“Woof!” The pup replied eagerly.

“Okay then. Sit!” Jason ordered it. The dog complied. “Stay. I'll be back for you.” Just going to get a lead from my truck guys, Jason said, and walked out. With Jason gone, Master Andy's dogslave walked over to investigate the pup. The two dogs began to sniff each other out, and started woofing at each other. Jason's dogslave began to sniff and lick at Master Andy's dog's arsehole and the two slaves were quickly hard and dripping.

“Okay, enough of that,” Master Andy said, pulling His dog over to Him and ordering it to sit. Its hard cock pointed straight up into the air, and Master Andy began pushing it down with His boot and then letting it flick up again.

“Lick that precum off my boot!” Master Andy ordered, and His dogslave complied immediately.

Jason returned 5 minutes later with a thick chain link lead which ended in a leather handle, and a small brass padlock. He locked the dog's collar on and then clipped the leash to it.

“I think I'm gonna try it out,” Jason informed the guys. “Getting pretty horny what with all these pups crawling around.” He grabbed his crotch and began rubbing it. Jason's dogslave licked its lips. Master Andy said: “I know just where you're going. I think I'm gonna tie my dog up in there for a bit. A rough fucking by several masters would do it good.

The Pound had a fuck room where Masters could take their dogslaves in order to relieve themselves, and that was where Jason and Master Andy lead their pups to. The room was dimly lit, but Jason could see at least 10 other Masters either pounding their dog's arseholes or getting sucked off. All were moaning in pleasure. Master Andy tether His dog by its collar to a D-ring in the way via a very short chain. A blackboard was attached to the wall, and Master Andy wrote: “dogslave for use by ALL. Fuck it HARD!” and then left the room.

Jason ripped off his clothes, exposing his extremely muscular body and rigid, throbbing 8” cock. His dogslave's cock got harder still at the sight of him.

“Suck!” Jason ordered. The dogslave didn't hesitate, and no sooner had Jason finished the word, his cockhead was being expertly massaged by the dog's tongue. “Good boy!” Jason moaned. The dogslave began to deep throat Jason's cock, its nose buried in his pubes. After a couple of minutes Jason grabbed its collar and began forcing its head rapidly up and down his shaft.

Jason wanted to blow his load down the dogslave's throat, but instead he pulled its mouth off his cock, and, using its saliva as lube, shoved his thick cock up its tight arsehole in one swift motion. The dogslave winced in pain, but quickly began clenching and releasing its sphincter muscle to provide its master with maximum pleasure as he thrust into it. Jason began really pounding his dog's hole and was soon filling it up with huge spurts of hot cum. When he pulled his cock out, the dogslave immediately began cleaning it with its mouth. After it was finished, Jason ordered it to clean up his cum that had dripped out of its arsehole and onto the floor, and then led it past Master Andy's dog who was being roughly fucked by a heavily muscled black master with an enormous cock and back out into the main room, where he met up with the other men.

“How was it?” Dean asked.

“Incredible.” Jason said. “I'll definitely be using it again before the evening's out.”

The men continued to talk and drink for a couple of hours and then in a lull in conversation Dean and Zack pointed to the floor and nodded.

“Me and Dean have both got our eye on that one.” Zack said to Master Andy and Jason, pointing to a dogslave who was sitting by itself, its long hard cock pointing straight up and its tongue hanging out. It looked to be slightly older than Jason's dog, with close cropped blonde hair, and bulging pecks and washboard abs.

“That would be a hot threesome.” Master Andy commented. I would definitely like to see that.

“I'll go and get it,” Dean said. He walked over to the dog. “Come on boy, heel!” Dean commanded. The pup quickly trotted over to his left leg and then sat down.

“You wanna go get fucked by me and master Zack?” he asked it.

“Woof! Woof!” was the excited reply.

“Okay, come on then boy.”

He led it to the fuck room and Master Andy and Zack followed. Jason said he'd be there soon, but needed a shit first and wanted to find out how much of a pigdog his animal really was. When Jason entered the toilets he saw 2 master's pissing into the urinals with the dogs attached to them drinking rapidly to keep up with the flow. No animals however were chained to the trough. Jason changed this by chaining his pigdog next to one of the rim chairs and then proceeded to pull down his trousers and jock, and sit down on the chair. He sighed, farted, and then a huge piece of firm shit fell out of his muscular arse and landed with a smack in the concrete trough. The pigdog licked its lips. A few seconds later a second piece of shit, almost as large fell on top of the first bit. The room began to fill with the heady smell. Jason then snapped his fingers and ordered: “Feed!”. The dogslave instantly complied and buried its face in the brown mess, swallowing large chunks of its as quickly as it could. Its arse with the PIGDOG tattoo was high in the air as it bent over on all fours to eat. The other 2 masters who had been using the urinals came over to watch it feast on Jason's shit.

“Quite a pig you've got there,” one commented. The dogslave continued eating for a minute, relishing the bitter taste of the shit, and the degradation it was in. it secretly hoped that its master, who was still sitting over it on the rim chair would shit on its head in order to humiliate it further, but to the dog's disappointment he produced no more shit. Soon, just a brown stain remained in the concrete trough and the pigdog went about licking it clean. When that was done, Jason bent down and unclipped his dog from the chain, and then ordered it to rim his arsehole clean. The dog turned over so that its hard, dripping cock was resting on its stomach and then slid back to give itself access to Jason's hole. Bits of shit clung to the hole, and it buried it nose in the crack and breathed in deeply. The smell made its cock harder still. It then started to lick his hole clean, and then started to tongue fuck him. Jason groaned in please, and let the dog carry on for a few minutes before standing up and grabbing its lead.

“We can carry this on in the fuck room,” he told it. When he got there, he saw Dean and Zack making full use of the blonde dogslave they had found. Dean was pounding its hole with his massive cock, making it wince with each thrust, whilst Zack had his hand on the back of its head and was forcing his dick deep down its throat. Master Andy was watching, and had His dogslave enthusiastically sucking Him off. Jason noticed cum was still dripping out of its arsehole, suggesting it had been well used whilst it had been chained up and free to use by anyone.

Dean and Zack had started to passionately kiss over the blonde dogslave. Jason went and stood by Master Andy, bent over and ordered his dogslave to resume the tongue fucking. It immediately began forcing its tongue as far up Jason's hole as possible. “Fuck that feels good!” he moaned.

The rhythms of Dean and Zack increased until Dean shouted: “I'm gonna cum!” Zack moaned: “me too,” and 10 seconds later the dogslave was being filled at both ends with huge loads of hot delicious cum. The blonde dogslave first cleaned Zack's cock of any residual cum, and then began to lick Dean's giant tool clean. “Good dog,” he praised it.

At that point, Master Andy's cock exploded in His dogslave's mouth. The animal expertly swallowed every drop, and then licked the cock head clean. Jason began wanking himself as his dogslave continued the amazing tongue fucking. Soon he was spraying many loads of cum over the floor.

“Clean that mess up!” Jason ordered his dog. The animal pulled its tongue out of Jason's hole and began to lick the cum off the floor. When it had finished Jason asked it: “You wanna go home with me, boy? We can have some more fun, and I've got a nice kennel for you to sleep in.” The pigdog woofed enthusiastically.

“I'm gonna head off guys. It's been a great night. See you all soon.” The others said their goodbyes, and Jason led his dogslave to his truck and drove off.

“I'm gonna head off too, guys,” Master Andy said. Dean and Zack said they were going to take their dog home and play some more with it. The dog looked delighted.

The 3 masters led their dogslaves out of the bar, and headed home for a night of pleasure.

To be continued...