Dogslave training

This story, which is entirely fictional, contains dog training and full toilet training between two or more men. If you are not into this, don't read on.

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By Lewis.

Chapter Five

Master Andy woke up late in the morning the day after He had taken His dogslave to The Pound. He got up, found He had a massive piss hard-on and went down to His basement to get it taken care of. His dogslave eagerly swallowed every drop of piss that came out of His cock, despite its own desperate need to piss: it had been locked in its cage for over 10 hours, and its Master had not given it permission to relieve itself when it got back the night before, after being used as a toilet by several men. The dogslave began to whine to try and convey to its Master that it urgently needed to piss.

“Shut up!” Master Andy shouted. “You'll piss when I tell you to piss.” With that He exited the basement and went into the kitchen to make Himself breakfast. An hour later He went to fetch His dog. By this stage it was in agony and shaking slightly with the effort of holding its bladder. Master Andy unlocked the cage door, clipped on its leash to its collar and led it to the bottom of the field. From the previous days training the dogslave managed to walk on the leash well, staying the correct half-step behind His left leg.

“Piss!” Master ordered, when they had reached the trees. The dog wasted no time, and instantly cocked it leg and released a torrent of piss onto the grass. It continued to piss for a long time, and puddle began to grow in size until it reached its knee. Eventually the stream stopped and the dog went back to all fours. It waited for its Master to pull out its butt-plug and allow it to shit, but instead, He led it quickly back to the house.

Master Andy dumped some dog food into His pet's bowl, and ordered it to feed. The dog attacked the food ravenously and a few seconds later it was licking the shiny metal bowl clean. After that the dogslave was ordered back to its cage and left locked in there, hard and horny, for several hours.

When its Master came for it, He led it to the bathroom and had it lick the toilet clean. He then permitted His pet to drink from the bowl, and then led it back down to the basement. He ordered His dogslave to suck His cock, and whilst He was being serviced informed the dog:

“I've decided to loan you to Master Dan, who you had the honour of meeting at The Pound the other night. He'll be continuing your training for a few days.” Fear came into the dogslave's eyes, but the rhythm it was sucking its Master's cock did not change. It continued servicing its Master for another 15 minutes until He groaned and filled its mouth with hot cum. After the dog had properly licked His cock clean He led it to His truck and ordered it to get in.

It was an hours drive to Master Dan's ranch. Once they got to the isolated property, which consisted of a wooden building surrounded by several acres of fields, they saw the 3 dogslave's playing a game of fetch with their Master. They all ran quickly, supporting themselves on the balls of their feet, rather than their knees, so that they cold run faster.

Dogslave 2 reached the toy bone a couple of seconds before dogslave 0 did, and proudly ran back to Master Dan and dropped it at His booted feet. Master Dan praised it, and then picked up the toy and threw it in the direction of Master Andy and His dog.

“Go fetch!” Master Andy ordered, snapping His fingers and pointing at the bone. The dogslave immediately went to the toy and picked it up with its mouth.

“Go and take it to Master Dan boy,” Master Andy told it. The dogslave did as it was told, and deposited the bone at Master Dan's boots.

“Good boy!” Master Dan praised the dog and patted its head before running His hand over its muscular back and arse.

“Woof!!” The dogslave barked proudly, and then went about the task of greeting Master Dan properly, which involved licking His boots enthusiastically and thoroughly. Master Andy walked over to Master Dan and said 'hi'.

The two Masters talked for a few minutes, whilst Master Andy's dogslave continued to lick Master Dan's boots clean. Near the end of the conversation the dogslave over heard Master Dan say: “Don't worry, Andy. I'll have your dog fully toilet trained by the time you come and pick it up.” Now it understood why it had been loaned to Master Dan.

“Great,” Master Andy said. “I can't wait! I gotta run, but I'll see you in a few days. Thanks so much for this.” Master Andy drove off, leaving the dogslave in the care of Master Dan. His 3 dogslaves began to bark at it, ensuring that it knew it was at the bottom of the pack. It went and submissively sniffed at each of their arseholes, which were all filled with dog-tail butt plugs.

“Okay, go and show this new dog you kennel,” Master Dan ordered. The 3 dogs turned and ran in the direction of the house, and Master Andy's dog did its best to keep up. Master Dan walked briskly behind the pack. Dogslave 2 reached the kennels first. They were situated in a small wooden barn separate from the main building. In one corner was a cage constructed of thick metal bars, 6 foot by 6 foot by 2 feet high. A heavy padlock was attached to the door, and a thick blanket was spread over the concrete floor. The rest of the barn was kitted out like a Master's dungeon, with chains, whips and leashes hung up on the walls, and shelves containing dildo's, butt-plugs, cock rings, hoods, gags, manacles and all other manner of slave-play toys. D-rings had been set into the walls and concrete floor. The dogslave saw that a rim-chair had been set-up in the room, along with a gym horse to which a dogslave could be tied and fucked. In another corner was a small wooden box 3 feet long, 2 feet wide and 2 feet high. The dogslave didn't know what it was for. Near the main cage was an enormous metal dog bowl, and the dogslave saw that one wall had shelves containing only tins of dog food, as well as huge value bags of kibble.

The dogslave went over to the small wooden box to investigate it. The lid seemed to be on hinges, and it saw that it could be locked shut with a padlock. It couldn't quite see the top from its all fours position, but it seemed as though a smaller flap had been built into the main lid at one end of the box. Master Dan saw the dogslave looking puzzled and went over to explain its purpose.

“This is the punishment cage,” Master Dan informed it. “Bad dogs are locked in here for as long as I deem necessary. The inside is lined with thick rubber, so it's hot and cramped and you'll only have your own waste to eat and drink, along with My piss and shit if you're in there for an extended period of time.” To make His point, He lifted up the small lid at the front of the cage, which the dogslave now understood was a toilet seat. “No dog is allowed out until the inside is thoroughly clean of piss or shit.”

“Now,” Master Dan announced, “I think it dinner time for doggies.” He went about opening a couple of large tins of dog food and emptying the brown contents into the huge dog bowl. He then poured in a large quantity of the dried kibble and mixed it with a stick.

“The dog bowl is communal,” He told Master Andy's dogslave. I think it encourages dogslaves to eat faster, since otherwise the other other dogs will eat all the food, and the slow one will go hungry. He then ordered the four dogslaves to feed. His own 3 dogs instantly surrounded the steel bowl. Master Andy's dog was a little slower, and had to force its way to the bowl. It was thankful that its Master had trained it to eat quickly, as the other 3 dogs were wolfing down the food as if they hadn't eaten in a week. Master Andy's dogslave followed suit, and within seconds all the dog food had been eaten, and they were whining for more. Master Dan liked to keep His dogs slightly hungry at all times, just like real dogs were, so that they would consume anything on command.

“Dogslave 2, heel!” Master Dan ordered. The dog did as it was told, sitting doggy style just behind His left boot. He unzipped His leather trousers, released His thick cock and then gave the “Suck” command. The dogslave complied immediately, stretching its mouth wide open to accommodate His cock. Master Dan grabbed His dog's head and roughly pulled it up and down His shaft, whilst moaning in pleasure. When His cock was slick with the dogslave's saliva He ordered Dogslave 0 to heel and present its arse. It complied quickly, and Master Dan was soon thrusting His cock deep into its tight arsehole. The dogslave kept its submissive stance: arse high in the air, forehead pressed to the concrete floor, and concentrated on controlling its spincter muscles to give its Master's cock the most pleasure possible. It soon heard Him gasp, and then felt Him explode in its arse.

Finally He ordered dogslave 1 to clean His cock. It took His dick into its mouth, and sucked out a few drops of cum. It tasted of dogslave 0's arse – a taste it had experience many times in its life as Master Dan's dogslave.

“Dogslave 0, SIT!” Master Dan ordered, and it complied instantly, almost as if it was reading His mind. Just as Master Dan had intended, His cum began to leak out of the dogslave's arsehole. After a couple of minutes He ordered dogslave 0 to the cage, and then made Master Andy's dogslave lick up the pool of cum, which it did willingly, although with less enthusiasm than Master Dan would have liked.

“Cage, all of you, NOW!” Master Dan commanded. All the dogs returned to the cage and lay down, packed very close to each other in the small space. Master Dan padlocked the cage shut and left them for the night.

It got very cold in the night, and the four dogs had to huddle together to keep warm. Although they could not fuck each other because they all wore butt-plugs and had not been given permission to by Master Dan, they nevertheless sniffed and licked at each other cocks, being careful not to make the other dog cum. All three of Master Dan's dogslave's remembered the last time one of His pets, dogslave 2, had cum without permission. it had spent nearly a week in the punishment cage to teach it a lesson. When it was finally allowed out, its stomach had been distended from a week's worth of consuming its own, and its Master's, waste. It hadn't cum without the express permission of Master Dan since.

By the morning, all of the dogs were ravenous, and wanting to get out the cage to feed, as well as relieve their bladders. Master Dan came for them around 8 am, and ordered all the dogs out. He then led them outside and gave His 3 dogs permission to piss and shit. Master Andy's dogslave was quite desperate to shit by this point, having not been given the opportunity in over 36 hours, but Master Dan did not remove its butt plug, like He did with His own 3 dogs. Master Dan's dogs sniffed around, finding trees and bushes to piss up against, and then they all started to squat and produced large piles of steaming shit. They had seemingly been trained to clean each other's arseholes, since dogslave 0 began to lick dogslave 1's arse clean, and dogslave 1 performed the role of toilet paper for dogslave 2. dogslave 2 then cleaned dogslave 0's arse. Master Andy's dogslave got extremely hard at the sight of such hot dogslave's rimming each other.

Master Andy's dogslave was curious to find out why He was holding two toy bones, but it soon found out. He ordered His 3 dogslave to line up and SIT. He then threw the two bones as far as He could, and then ordered “Fetch!” All three dogs bolted off, each wanting to retrieve a bone for its Master. A couple of minutes later, dogslave 0 and dogslave 2 returned each carrying a bone in their mouths. Dogslave 1 return empty, and it was ordered into the barn, and chained to the floor by the rim chair via its thick leather collar.

“The game of fetch is a little ritual we go through each morning,” Master Dan explained to the new dogslave. “The dog without a bone gets the honour of being my toilet. With that He walked over to the rim chair, pulled down His Nasty Pig jeans and sat down. “Cock!” He ordered, and the chained dogslave went over and took His flaccid cock into its mouth. A few seconds later it began gulping down load after load of its Master's strong morning piss. Once the flow had stop, Master Dan ordered it off His cock, and the dogslave returned to a sitting position, waiting for its Master to shit. The other dogs were also sitting doggy style in a line, watching.

After a minute or so, the Master produced a huge, single piece of dark brown shit that fell to the concrete floor with a soft thud. Master Dan got up, turned around and bent over, supporting Himself using the seat of the rim chair.

“Clean,” Master Dan said, and the dogslave walked forwarded and began furiously licking at His arsehole. Master Dan sighed in pleasure. The dogslave began to force its tongue as far up its Master's arsehole as possible in order to properly clean Him out. “Good boy,” Master Dan praised it. He stood up once the clean-up job was complete, and moved the rim chair out of the way. He then commanded the dogslave to lick up the shit pile He had created.

The dogslave bent down to it without hesitation, gave an appreciative sniff at the mess, and then went to work licking it all up as fast as possible. Master Dan placed a single booted foot on the back of its head. This was unnecessary, as the dogslave needed no coercion to eat the shit: it had been doing it for many years now. All the same, He liked the feel of having a submissive dog underneath His boot, knowing that He could push its face into the shit pile if He so wanted. Soon the shit was all eaten, and the dog began to lick at the stains on the concrete floor until they too had gone.

The sight of a dogslave eating His shit made Him very horny, and He ordered Master Andy's dogslave over to service His cock with its mouth. His was impressed with what a good job it did, and realised why Master Andy wanted to keep hold of this pup. He soon blew His load down its throat. If it were possible He produced even more cum than Master Andy did.

He then ordered dogslaves 0, 1 and 2 back into the cage, which He padlocked shut. They seemed angry that the new dogslave was getting all the attention, and they were not. Master Dan clipped a leash onto the dogslave's collar and led it out of the barn in to the field, where a large stake had been driven into the ground. To this He attached the leash and walked off. He came back a few minutes later with a dog bowl containing some water.

“Wouldn't want you to get thirsty pup,” He told it, and placed the water in front of it. He then pulled out the dog's butt-plug and forced it to clean the shitty end with its mouth. Instead of replacing the plug, He simply said, “Don't you dare shit on my grass, dog!” and then walked off.

The dogslave didn't knew what to do. It was desperate to shit, but at the same time, didn't want to displease Master Dan and in doing so incur the wrath of it own Master. It lapped up some of the water. Little did it know that Master Dan had mixed a mild laxative into the water to ensure that the dog would certainly break His command.

Just as expected, when Master Dan returned an hour later to the dogslave tied up in the field, carrying a bull whip coiled up in His left hand, He saw it had produced a large quantity of shit. It looked very worried when it saw Him approaching. Master Dan smiled. He loved breaking in new animals. He rushed over to the dog, pretending to be extremely angry.

“Fucking dog! Fucking animal! How dare you shit all over my grass! Fucking lick it up NOW!” He began thrashing it with the bull whip, and the terrified dog instantly began to lick up its own shit pile as fast as it could. Master Dan inwardly smiled. The training was working perfectly. It was now learning to associate the presence of shit with being punished, and therefore in future it would strive to clean up the shit pile in the hope of avoiding punishment. Of course the only way it would be able to clear up the shit would be to eat it.

“I should put you in the punishment cage for a week!” He yelled at in mock anger. Instead He unclipped the leash from the stake and led it back to the barn where the other dogslaves were. The day wore on, with Master Dan using each dog to pleasure Himself when He felt like it. All the dogslave's were treated equally, with the exception that Master Andy's dogslave was made to eat twice as much food as the other dogs. The next day, Master Dan repeated the procedure He had used the day before with Master Andy's dog. Once again the dog, which was desperate to shit, was told it must not relieve itself, and once again, Master Dan put the mild laxative in its dog water, ensuring that at some point it would not be able to hold it any longer. The only difference on the second day was that the dogslave had already eaten its shit load when Master Dan came to inspect it, just as He thought it would.

“Good boy!” Master Dan stroked it head, pretending it had followed His command, but knowing full well it had not. The brown stain on the ground gave it away. Master Dan was happy that the first stage in toilet training was going well. It now did not seem to have any trouble licking up its own shit.

The next day, Master Dan did not bother with the game of fetch to decide who ate His morning shit. He simply chained Master Andy's dog to the D-ring next to the rim chair and sat down. He dumped a massive quantity of shit, and had the dogslave lick His arse crack clean, which its did willingly enough. The problem came when He ordered it to consume the pile of warm, fresh, stinking shit lying on the cold concrete floor. It bent its head to the heap, breathed in, and could not continue for fear of vomiting.

“Clean it up!” Master Dan yelled at it. The dogslave began to lick the pile. It tasted bitter and raw. Again it stopped and moved its head back. “Clean it up, or I'll lock you in the punishment cage for as long as it takes,” Master Dan said coldly. The dogslave sensed that He meant it, and reluctantly bent down its head and began to consume the shit in front of it. It took nearly 10 minutes for the dogslave to eat the shit pile, but Master Dan knew it was important not to rush the animal on its first time. Speed would be added tomorrow, once it knew it was capable of being a full pigdog.

When all the shit was finally consumed, Master Dan praised the dogslave, and then fed it and His other dogs on a mix of tinned dog food and kibble as usual.

The next day, Master Andy's dogslave was forced to eat Master Dan's morning shit load once again. This time it was given a time limit of 1 minute, or it was told it would be locked in the punishment cage for a full week. It complied, biting into large chunks of His warm shit and swallowing them whole. It cleaned the shit pile up in just under a minute, which earned it a great deal of praise from Master Dan. It felt proud that it was a good pigdog for its Master's friend.

Later that afternoon, Master Andy came to collect His dogslave. Master Dan explained what He'd done, and what the dogslave was now capable of. Master Andy thanked Him profusely, and told Him to call Him anytime if He needed a favour.

When Master Andy and His dog got back home, the dog was made to go to its cage, and was kept there for the rest of the day. Master Andy watered it with His piss, but did not feed it. It was kept starving the next day also. The day after that, Master Andy came to its cage and ordered it out. He made it lick His boots, which it did willingly despite its hunger. Master Andy bent down and grabbed its cock. It was rock hard as expected, for it had not cum in several weeks. He began to wank the dog's cock and told it it had permission to cum. After a couple of minutes the dog gasped and sprayed cum all over the floor. As usual just after it had cum it wanted to get out of dog mode. It wanted nothing more than to take off its collar and stand up on two legs. In short, it was no longer turned on. Master Andy knew this, and had made His dog cum deliberately as a test.

He went over to His rim chair, placed a dog bowl beneath it, pulled down His leather trousers, and dumped a truly massive quantity of firm shit into the bowl. He stood up, bent over and ordered the dog to rim His arsehole clean. Having just cum, it was disgusted by the prospect. Yet some core of its being that was 100% dogslave made it crawl over to its Master and begin licking His arse clean. After Master Andy was satisfied it had done a good enough job, He ordered it to consume the bowl of stinking shit. The dogslave could think of nothing worse. It was sure, even after the training that it had received from Master Dan that it could not do this, no matter what the consequences of not obeying might be. But yet again, something made it bend its head down and start enthusiastically eating the shit. It was not just that it was starving. It realised that, even after it had cum and was at its most turned off, it was still a grovelling pigdog, fit only to be a toilet for its Master who now had infinite control over it.

It went to work licking the brown smears of shit off the steal bowl, and Master Andy praised it.

“You are now a fully training pigdog, and will live like this until your contract expires, understand piggy?”

“Woof,” the dogslave barked. It realised now more than ever that its purpose in life was to be nothing more than a lowly shit-eating dog/pigslave. Suddenly it realised it was more turned-on than ever, and wanted nothing more than to cum again. It couldn't wait to continue serving its Master in any way He choose.

To be continued...