Dogslave training

This story, which is entirely fictional, contains dog training and full toilet training between two or more men. If you are not into this, don't read on.

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By Lewis.

Chapter Six

It was now two months since the dogslave had become the property of Master Andy. In all that time it had been kept naked, collared and on all fours. Never once had it uttered a single human word, been allowed stand on its feet, worn any form of clothing or had its thick leather dog collar removed for even a second. It had been forced to shit and piss outside at all times, like the animal it was. Except when allowed to shit, or when being rough fucked by its Master or His friends, it had to endure a large butt plug up its arse. And of course, when not in use or sleeping, it was locked away in a small cage in Master Andy's dungeon. Then there was the fact it had been trained to be a toilet slave. Since its visit to Master Dan's ranch, it had eaten all of its Master's shit every single day. At first it had been disgusted by this prospect, but now looked forward to its Master coming down to the dungeon first thing each morning, sitting on the rim seat with a large steel dog bowl set up underneath, and producing a massive quantity of warm, firm, stinking shit for it to feed on.

This morning had been no exception but after the dogslave had consumed its Master's shit pile, He told it that it would be taken to see His friend who was going to modify its body so that it would better please Him. The dogslave was instantly scared about what Master was going to have done to it, but knew that whatever it was, it must accept it gratefully. It was only a piece of property after all – to be used or modified in anyway that would please its Master.

After Master Andy had been rimmed clean and then rinsed its mouth out with His morning piss, He ordered His dogslave to suck Him off. The dogslave immediately began deep-throating its Master's massive dick and sucking like its life depended on it. Master moaned and then grabbed its collar to hold its head steady and began violently face fucking it. The sound of it chocking on His cock made Him harder still. After 25 minutes of cock worship, the young Master groaned loudly and then began to spurt out load after load of hot cum which filled the dogslave's mouth. It swallowed greedily, not letting a drop escape its lips. Cum was now by far the most delicious part of its diet, with the only other things it was allowed to eat being shit and cheap dog food. Once the dogslave had properly cleaned its Master's cock, it was leashed and walked to its Master's truck. It was ordered in and then sat doggy style on the passenger seat.

It was an hour's drive to see Master Andy's friend, Ethan. When they arrived at his shop, the dogslave realised what was going to be happening to it. Ethan owned a tattoo/piercing parlor.

“Come on boy,” Master said, tugging on the leash. The dogslave jumped down onto the road and Master and slave entered the shop. As arranged, it was closed to the public, so they were the only customers. Ethan was waiting for them. He looked to be in his early thirties, wearing a black vest showing off heavily tattooed arms, with a mohawk hair style and several facial piercings including septum, lip, eyebrow, tongue and about 15 ear piercings. A cigarette was held in between his lips.

“Hello Andy,” he said. He put on an accent like he was speaking to a dog: “Hello boy!”

The dogslave trotted over to Ethan and began licking his boots and then began sniffing his crotch and arsehole. “You're a good boy!” he said, stroking its head.

He turned his attention back to Master Andy. “So, what do you want done to it?” he asked.

“Well it needs a few piercings for a start,” Master Andy told him. “The usual – cock head, nipples, septum. I think maybe a tongue piercing would feel good on my cock. I like your eyebrow piercing too, so give it one of those. Then I want it tattooed as well. On its arse, in black capital letters tattoo the words 'FUCK HOLE', one word on each cheek, with each letter 2 inches tall. On its back, running down its spin, again in black capital letters tattoo 'DOG SLAVE', each letter 4 inches high. And on its chest in a hand written style 'Property of Master Andy'. That should do for now.”

“Okay, no problem. If you wanna leave the dog with me it should be ready in a few hours time.”

“Great. Your welcome to use it in any way you want. Just tell it what to do. If it's badly behaved give me a call and I'll deal with it.”

“Nice one. Thanks Andy!”

“No worries mate. See you later then.”

As soon as Master Andy had left Ethan ordered it to lay one its back with its paws up by its neck and its feet wide apart so its cock was nicely exposed. He then went to fetch various needles and rings with which to pierce the slave.

“Okay then doggy. Lets get this pathetic little cock pierced. I don't wanna hear a fucking sound out of you boy. Not even a whimper.” He selected a needle from the table, grabbed the dogslave's cock and without hesitation forced the needle down the piss slit at an angle so that it emerged from the cock head half an inch below. The dogslave clenched its teeth and managed not to make a sound despite the burning pain in its cock. Ethan then attached a ring to the needle, pulled it back, and closed the loop of the ring with a ring ball.

He then repeated this procedure on the slave's nipples and septum. He placed a barbell in its right eyebrow to match his own piercing, and likewise put a barbell through its tongue. The slave's body was in agony after the piercings, but it knew it still had many hours of painful tattooing to endure. It was not worried about the implications of forever after being marked as a dogslave, and the property of its Master. It was instead honoured that its God-like Master wanted to keep it as His dogslave and pet. It wanted nothing more than to be the property of its Master for the rest of its life. It would be proud to have 'Dogslave', and 'Property of Master Andy' permanently written on it, as a constant reminder of what it was and who owned it.

Ethan went to fetch his tattoo machine. He would start with the chest, then the arse, and finish with the back, which would take the longest amount of time. The dogslave was still on its back, so Ethan simply ordered it to stay completely still or else. He then proceeded to begin writing 'Property of Master Andy' in a flowing hand written script across its chest, with the whole phrase taking two lines. The pain was not as bad as the dogslave had thought it would be – certainly much less painful than the cock head piercing it had just received, which was throbbing like crazy. All in all it took two hours for the first tattoo. By this time, Ethan was in need of a piss. He opened his fly, pulled out his semi-erect cock and ordered the dog to drink. It tongue hurt due to the piercing when Ethan stuck his large cock in its mouth, and the torrent of piss caused a burning sensation, but it nonetheless dutifully swallowed every drop.

“Good dog. You're a good fucking dog, aren't you boy?” Ethan said, stroking its head.

“Woof!” The dogslave agreed loudly.

“Does doggy want some lunch?” Ethan asked it.

“Woof! Woof!” The dogslave barked in answer.

“Okay then boy. Where's lunch? Where do you think it is boy?”

The dogslave walked forwards, sniffed his boots, and then worked its way up his left leg before starting to sniff and nudge at his arsehole.

“Uh-uh. That's where dinner is going to come from when I've finished all your tats. Try again boy.”

The dog moved round and began to sniff at his cock and balls. Whilst his cock wasn't particularly long, at around 5 inches, it was extremely thick. The dogslave had only been able to comfortably accommodate it in its mouth when its was only semi-erect. Ethan's balls were also massive, and hung down way below where his cock finished.

“That's right boy. Now get sucking!”

Ethan's erection had grown to a full blow hard-on, and his dick was easily 6.5 inches in circumference. The dogslave struggled to open its mouth wide enough for it to fit in. It resorted to licking vigorously at the cock head in the hope that its new piercing would be stimulating for him. It seemed to work, as Ethan soon began to moan loudly. He grabbed its head and began thrusting his cock into its mouth. He violently face fucked it for several minutes before the dogslave felt his cock begin to pulse and shortly after a huge jet of cum hit the back of its throat. This spurt was followed by several more, all equally voluminous. It had thought that its Master produced lots of cum, but this was something else. The spurts just continued with no sign of letting up. The dogslave was in heaven as he squirted load after load of cum down its throat. At last after well over 30 seconds of cumming Ethan finally stopped and released the grip he had on the back of the dogslave's head.

“Did you enjoy your hefty meal of cum boy?”

“Woof!!” it barked excitedly.

“Good. Now, Sit!”

The dogslave instantly did as commanded. After servicing Ethan it had got an erection which was sticking up in the air. It caused the PA to hurt even more than it did before.

“Stay! I'll be back in a bit boy.”

The dogslave kept completely still as ordered and Ethan returned after 45 minutes. He ordered it onto all fours and promptly began the next tattoo on its arse. Again this took just under 2 hours to complete. Finally he moved onto to the large “Dogslave” tattoo which would run all the way down the animal slave's back. This took much longer to complete, but to its credit the dogslave kept completely still, standing on all fours on a low bench which allowed Ethan to sit and carry out the work.

When he had finished the results were striking. There was no question now that it was a true dogslave, and always would be, customised to Master Andy's specifications.

“Looking good boy.” Ethan said. “Your gonna be the centre of attention down at The Pound. I'll let your Master know you're ready to be collected.” With that he went off to call Master Andy. He came back to the dogslave a couple of minutes later.

“Your Master says He'll be here in a hour. He also said I should feed you if possible. I said sure, no problem. I'd be happy to. Can you remember were I said dinner was coming from boy?”

The dogslave got up and ran over to Ethan, then began to sniff and lick at his arse.

“Clever dog! But we can't do it here. Not in the sterile tattoo parlor. No. Follow me boy.”

The dogslave obediently follow Ethan out of the tattoo parlor, downstairs to a basement. It was clearly used for storage, with boxes of inks, sterile needles, and various other items scattered the smooth concrete floor. Ethan wasted no time in pulling down his trousers. He was wearing a black jock strap, so without bothering to remove it, squatted down and dumped a large pile of fresh shit directly onto the floor. The dogslave's erection returned.

“Sniff it. But don't eat it.” The dogslave went to the pile of shit, and put its nose close to it, inhaled deeply. The scent was intoxicating. Totally erotic.

“Lick it!” The dogslave did. It tasted slightly bitter, but mostly just bland. The real flavour only comes when you bite into it a chew.

“Okay you fucking pig dog. Clean that shit up off my floor!” The dogslave attacked the shit pile as if it were ravenous, taking large bites, chewing quickly, swallowing, biting off more. The shit tasted strong and tangy – a taste that stayed with it for hours. It was slightly more bitter than its Master's shit, but delicious for the dogslave nonetheless. The pile was consumed in seconds and after that it began to clean up the brown stain on the floor.

Ethan then ordered it to rim him clean, before pissing another load down its throat. By the time the fun was over, Ethan heard Andy knocking on the door. The dogslave followed him upstairs and then sat doggy style – an act which was extremely painful thanks to the tattoo on its arse – waiting for its Master to come and inspect it.

“Wow!” Master Andy gasped when He saw His pup. “It looks great! That is just what I wanted.

“Stand!” He ordered, and inspected the FUCK HOLE tattoo on its arse. “That is awesome. Thank you so much Ethan! What do I owe you?

“Its no problem. You don't owe me anything. Maybe you could loan it out to me for a night as payment?”

“Sure thing. Whenever you want.”

“Thanks Andy. You have fun with it now.”

“Oh I will. See you soon.”

Master Andy clipped the leash onto the dogslave's collar and led it out of the building and ordered it into the truck. It was very late when they got back to the house, so after allowing it to piss and shit at the bottom of the field like always, and after taking a load of Master Andy's piss, the dogslave was locked in its cage for the night. It's body was in a great deal of pain from the various tattoos and piercings it had received that day, but it eventually managed to sleep.

The next morning, Master Andy came down wearing nothing but black leather boots. After a thorough boot licking, the dogslave was restrained in a device which kept it in the all-fours position and then given a good, long fucking. The tattoos turned Master Andy on no end, and His cock was possibly harder than it had ever been before. He mercilessly rammed the giant tool into the dogslave's tight arsehole, pulled out until only His cockhead was left inside the animal slave and the forced it back in. Despite the pain the dogslave was suffering due to the fresh tattoo on its arse, it was loving every second. The fucking continued for another half an hour, before Master Andy finally exploded and filled the dogslave with massive cum load. As usual the slave was ordered to lick its Master's cock clean. His cock was still hard, and He was still very horny, so He ordered it to suck Him off. The tongue piercing did indeed feel exquisite as it massaged His cock head and ran up and down His thick shaft. Having just cum it took Master Andy nearly 45 minutes of cock sucking before He filled the dog's mouth with His spunk. The slave savoured every drop before reluctantly swallowing.

Whilst the dogslave was restrained Master Andy took the opportunity to clipper its hair to a number 2 all over buzz cut, and shave its arsehole, cock and balls of what little hair there was growing. Master Andy then released His dog, and walked it to the end of the field, where it was ordered to piss and shit. When they returned to the house, the dogslave was led to the dungeon, and Master Andy then fetched dog food for it, which He emptied into its steel bowl. This time however, Master Andy, still naked, squatted over the largw bowl and took a large dump in it. He then used a stick to mix the two 'ingredients' together.

“I have decided that your dog food will always be mixed with my shit from now on boy, so that you are constantly reminded that you're nothing but a lowly, shit eating dog.”

He snapped His fingers and pointed at the bowl. “Feed!”

The dogslave did as commanded. As it was feeding, Master carefully pissed on the back of its head, so that the piss ran down its face and collected in the bowl. The dog slurped up the shit/piss/dog food mess, whilst all the while its hard-on increased in size. For it, its Master's waste was delicious, and it wanted nothing more than to be His toilet for the rest of its life.

To be continued.