Dogslave training

This story, which is entirely fictional, contains dog training and full toilet training between two or more men. If you are not into this, don't read on.

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By Lewis.

Chapter Seven

        It was a beautiful sunny, warm Saturday afternoon at Master Andy's ranch. He had decided to have a BBQ and His mates Dean, Zack, and Jason were sitting around drinking beers, whilst He cooked up steaks. Dean's Kawasaki was propped up a few feet away, and he was wearing leather biker pants, but had taken off his shirt and boots since it was too hot with them on. Jason wore a tight black vest which showed off his giant biceps, along with a red baseball cap on backwards whilst Zack wore only a pair of tight black shorts. Master Andy wore only a jock strap and dark police sunglasses, which made the other 3 guys continuously hard. He had been spending a lot of time either naked or nearly naked outside, and had developed a gorgeous tan that made Him even hotter, if that were possible.

        The dogslave was tethered to a post that had been driven into the ground. The chain was connected to it via its PA piercing and was about 15 feet long, so it was able to reach the guys to service them if required, but at the moment had to been ordered to “lie down” out of the way. Occasionally it was called over to act as a toilet if one of the men needed to piss.

        “How's that pigdog of yours, Jason?” asked Dean. “The one you picked up at the Pound. Last thing I remember it was feasting on your shit like it hadn't eaten in a week!”

        “I still own it.” Jason said. “Wouldn't give that thing up in a hurry. When I'm not using it myself, I loan it out for money to leather bars as a toilet for the night.”

        “Nice one,” said Master Andy. “You should've brought it with you.”

        “Yeah, I will next time. It's being punished at the moment. It came in its sleep. Of course, it was bound to happen sooner or later, cos I never let it cum at all. But, you know, it still came without permission, so its gotta be punished.”

        “Too right,” said Zack. “What are you doing to it?”

        “I've got it chained up on all fours, where it belongs, with a massive dildo connected to a fucking machine constantly ploughing its arse to keep it hard. I've attached this milking machine to its cock, which makes it cum every half an hour or so. Like what you'd use for a cow. After the first few orgasms it's agony for it every time it cums. And it's been hooked up to it for nearly 12 hours now. Still another 12 to go. It sure wont wanna cum for a while after that!”

        “Ha. Nice. I may have to borrow this machine,” said Master Andy. “For when that piece of shit's been behaving badly.” He waved in the direction of the dogslave.

        “Talking of which,” Zack said. “I really need to take a piss again. Oi. Dog! Heel!” He bellowed. The dogslave came running up to him, the chain attached to its cock dragging behind it, and began wildly liking at his feet. Zack pulled out his gigantic cock, which was as hard as a rock and sticking straight up into the air. The dogslave sat and looked at the cock.

        “Beg for it!”

        The dogslave put its paws up in the air and began to whimper, louder and louder. Started licking its lips.


        No sooner had the dogslave taken the massive dick into its mouth, Zack began releasing a torrent of watery piss from all the beer he had been drinking.

        “This thing's like a fucking drain!” Zack commented. “Look at it go!”.

        “Just let me know if it spills a drop.” Said Master Andy. “I've devised a special punishment for it if it does. Basically its a dildo with a hole in it, a cock sheath and a piss gag, all connected via rubber tubes, which have valves in so I can direct the flow of liquid. If it spills my piss, I fill its arse up with a gallon of water and then insert the dildo and gag, which are then locked on, and then put the cock sheath on its pathetic little dick. The only way it can get rid of the water up its arse is to push it out through the dildo, which is connected to the piss gag, so it has to drink it. When it has to piss, I turn the valve, so it's piss goes up its arse. Then I turn the valve again so it has to drink its own piss from its arse. Or I just make it recycle its own piss over and over again if I can't be bothered to keep changing the valve. It soon learns not to spill any of my piss, though. Or anyone else's for that matter.”

        “Nice. How long do you keep it like that Andy?” Zack asked as the dogslave guzzled his piss.

        “A day or so usually does it.”

        Once the flow had stopped the dogslave licked Zack's cock clean and then stepped back and sat down doggy style.

        “Anyone wanna go out tonight?” Dean asked.

        “Sure,” the other men replied. “Where to?”

        “What about Enslaved? I’d like to find myself a hot slave. I'm jealous of you guys,” Dean said, looking at Master Andy and Jason.

        “Me too!” said Zack.

        “Enslaved it is then,” said Master Andy.

        Enslaved was a private leather bar that the guys were all members of. It was a little less hard-core than The Pound – the toilets were unfortunately not filled with grovelling slaves chained and waiting to consume large piles of shit or torrents of piss from horny Masters, but nonetheless it was a hot place to hang out. The bar staff were all extremely sexy, and kept naked and collared, and you could often pick up equally attractive slaves. Like The Pound, there was a strict dress code where slaves had to wear a collar and leather boots, and nothing else, and Master's had to wear leather or rubber. Usually this meant that Master's wore leather/rubber boots, leather/rubber jeans/chaps, a leather/rubber harness or tight fitting t-shirt, and an arm band. The club also had a very well equipped dungeon and often invited experienced Masters to demonstrate various aspects of slave training, which was always fun.

        The 4 men turned up in their full leather gear looking as hot as ever. The dogslave was wearing black leather boots, the first time it had worn any clothing since signing the slave contract, but was otherwise in normal dog mode, heeling at its Master's left boot and kept on a short leash. Jason had also brought his pig-slave along, likewise leashed and crawling on all-fours like the dogslave.

        The men gave their names and ID to the bouncer on the door and were welcomed to the club. He stared at the dog and pigslave and got an instant boner in his leather jeans, wishing he had an animal slave crawling at his boots.

        Inside the club there was a mixture of dog and pigslaves crawling on all-fours and slaves standing on two feet. Most were owned, but a good number wore collars that were not locked on, signifying that they were looking for a Master. Master Andy and Jason walked to the bar, leading their respective animal slaves with them, whilst the Zack and Dean motioned that they were going downstairs, to the dungeon.

        “What can I get you, Sirs?” A hot bar man who looked to be in his very early twenties with a short cropped mohawk hair style, chain collar, several piercings in his ears/eyebrow/nipples and a large tribal tattoo down one side of his tanned muscular body asked. The two Masters ordered and the hot stud quickly fetched their drinks.

        “Good boy,” Master Andy smiled and led His dog towards the stairs to the dungeon. It got a lot of looks from other slaves and Masters due to its FUCK HOLE and DOG SLAVE tattoos covering its back and arse. It followed its Master down the stairs and found itself in a large dungeon, with a row of 8 small cages with thick, black metal bars against one wall. A naked, collared dogslave was locked in each one. They were all excited, their heads pressed against the bars of the cage, their thick cocks hard. They seemed to be aged around 20-30. Jason's pigslave seemed to recognise one of the caged dogs and crawled forward, and Jason had to jerk back hard on the leash. He put a booted foot on the back of its head and pressed its face into the floor, keeping it there for several minutes whilst he made conversation with Master Andy. After a while they went to find Dean and Zack, who were talking to a Master wearing a leather vest which nicely showed off his heavily muscled arms covered in beautiful tattoos. He appeared to own a slave, who was standing slightly behind him, completely naked apart from a chain collar padlocked on, its head submissively bowed, its feet shoulder width apart in order to properly expose its nice 7” cut cock, and its hands on the back of its neck – the classic “at rest” slave stance.

        Dean and Zack greeted Jason and Master Andy, and introduced Master Keith, whom they had been talking to. Just then a true god of a man stepped in front of the cages and announced that the evening's dog training talk was about to begin. He was at least 6 foot 6 inches tall with massive, broad shoulders, close cropped dirty blonde hair, a chiselled jaw with a light amount of stubble. He had what looked like 25 inch biceps that were fantastically toned, a huge chest and abs to drawl over. He wore chaps and black leather biker boots. In his right hand he carried a short dog lead. He opened the cage furthest to the left, clipped the lead to the dogslave's collar and dragged it out before making it sit by his boots.

        “Good evening fellow Masters,” he said in a loud, clear, authoritative voice. “I am Master Jack. As you can see I am primarily interested in keeping and training dogslaves. All of these animals you see before you are owned by me. This dog,” he jerked on the lead he was holding, “is my latest acquisition. All the dogslaves are caged in order of how long I have owned them, with those on the left the newest and least experienced, whilst those on the right I have owned the longest and are the most experienced. I have been asked by the club to give a talk on the different aspects of dog training and I thought I would start off with the basics with the newer dogs and move onto more advanced topics with my more experienced dogslaves.”

        “I have owned this animal for only a little over a week and like many new dogs it is having trouble staying on all fours and off all furniture at all times. When I leave the house and order the dog to “stay” I demand that it remain in the exact position I left it until I return. However I often find this dogslave on the sofa when I return. Obviously it is severely punished for its digression through a good 30 or 40 lashes with the bullwhip, as you can see,” he pointed to some now fading red welt marks on the dogslave's back and arse, “but this causes me a great deal of time and effort, so I wanted a simpler, easier solution that would train the dogslave to stay permanently on the floor where it belongs. I hit on the idea of using a modified shock collar. Basically you attach these devices,” he held up a small black box, “to the wall a couple of feet above the ground. They emit an invisible laser beam that if broken by the collar gives the animal a nasty shock. Therefore I set up my dungeon with the lasers and put a nice comfy sofa in one corner. I then put the pup in the dungeon, and ordered it to stay off the furniture. Sure enough a few hours later I found it curled up on the concrete asleep. The collar altered its psychology so now it wants always to remain at boot level. I found this solution much quicker than the way I trained my other dogslaves to remain on all fours 24/7 which was to use the traditional wrist and ankle restraints which are all attached via short chains to a cock ring, so if the animal tries to stand it pulls painfully on the cock. It took several weeks to train the dogs this way, but only a day using the shock collar.”

        The Master used his booted foot to push the young dogslave back into its cage, locked it, and then led out the second dogslave. “Now for my next topic – training dogslaves not to cum. It is very easy to stop a dog playing with itself simply by locking leather puppy mitts to its front paws – an item which all my dogslaves have locked on permanently. However, a dogslave can still hump various items, usually the floor, to get relief. There are several ways to deal with this problem. Some Masters would simply castrate their dogs, although personally I like the fact that a dog longs to cum but is not able to simply because I have denied it permission. Other Masters would simply lock their dog's dick in a chastity cage, but again, I find the idea that the only thing stopping my dogs from cumming are my orders. Therefore I do not use chastity devices, neutering, enforced milking or anything like this on my dogs. They are simply punished extremely severely if they dare cum without my permission. Usually this involves a prolonged whipping using the most painful flogger I own, directed especially at the cock and balls. Its best to administer this straight after the dog has cum, when it is most sensitive. Following this I use an electric cockring and butt plug on the animal which is set to deliver random, painful shocks for a minimum of 24 hours. The technique seems to be quite effective – my oldest dogslave has not cum in over a year.” As before he kicked the second dogslave back into its tiny cage and led out the third.

        “My next topic is perhaps not for everyone, but to me it is of vital importance for keeping a dogslave for prolonged periods. I'm talking about house breaking a dogslave. For me a dogslave must never be allowed to piss and shit inside the house, unless it is locked inside a punishment cage and living in its own filth for an extended period is part of the punishment. With the exception of the youngest dogslave, all these dogs have been house broken. This means they will only piss and shit outside when ordered to do so. They must hold it if not given permission. Usually I allow dogs to piss twice a day and shit once, although if I am busy they have to learn to hold it for as long as necessary. To begin with, I keep the new dog to be house broken in the dungeon which has an easily cleaned concrete floor. They are kept there, with permission to shit and piss denied until they inevitably can hold it no longer and therefore piss and shit onto the floor. At this early stage in their training, I dont expect the animal to lick up its waste as punishment. Instead I verbally lay into the animal and terrify it. Tell it that if it does this again it will be castrated, or sold off to a leather bar as a toilet slave, or whipped until it passes out. Whatever it takes to make the slave truly afraid. A good Master should be able to come up with endless possibilities. The next step is to force the dog to eat and drink large amounts and then deny it permission to piss and shit for at least 24 hours. A young dogslave with a strong bladder should be able to cope. After the 24 hours are up, let the dog out of the dungeon or cage. It should naturally go and sit by the door, and wait for its Master to let it out. At this point, the Master should make it wait, at least for a couple more hours. The dogslave should be able to see you reading the newspaper, or watching TV for example, whilst it waits by the door, desperately trying to hold its bladder. This reinforces the fact that whatever the Master is doing it is more important than the dogslave's pathetic need to piss or shit. After a couple of hours the Master should allow the dog out. However, it should walk the correct half step behind the Master's left leg until it is given permission to piss/shit, at which point it may run off and sniff out a good toilet spot. If it runs for the nearest bush as soon as it is allowed out of the house, order the dogslave to heel, tell it that it has been a bad dog, and should always stay behind Master, and then make it wait a couple more hours. If it cannot hold its waste, give it a severe whipping, and then repeat the process.”

        The Master brought out the next dogslave - a real pig, with a zero crop haircut, tattoos all over its body, massive septum, nipple and prince albert piercings and a thick chain link dog collar.

        “The next thing I want to discuss is something that every slave needs to learn how to do properly. That is worship a Master's cock no matter what the size. Like many Masters I know, I have a big dick.” With that he pulled out a massive 11” cut cock that was semi-hard. “See,” he grinned. “I can get it to 12” if I'm particularly horny, and I've trained this pigdog to swallow it all.” The Master then turned to the dogslave an ordered “SUCK!”. The dogslave launched itself at its Master's now fully hard cock, easily 3” in diameter. Somehow it managed to force its mouth open wide enough to accommodate the head and then it slowly worked its way down the shaft until it reached its Master huge balls. The animal slave never gagged once, although the shape of the Master's cock could clearly be seen bulging in the dogslave's throat. The slave continued deepthroating its Master while he explained how he trained his animals to achieve this.

        “I start by forcing the dogs to wear cock gags at all times, apart from when they are feeding or making a pathetic attempt to service me. I have a variety of sizes, so start small, and then gradually force them to accommodate bigger and bigger cock gags over a few weeks. This gets their jaws used to being permanently open. Then for the deep throating part, I usually use my own cock and force their heads down further and further over time. If this doesn't work, then another option is to starve the dogslave for a couple of days and then tell it that it will only get a meal of cum if it manages to deep throat your cock. If this doesnt work, I get a large dildo and put some food about 8 inches from the head. If it wants the food it has to deep throat the dildo to get it. The food can then be moved further and further back.” All the while the dogslave was still worshipping its Master's cock. The Master roughly kicked the dogslave off his dick, ordered it back into its cage, and then dragged out the next dog.

        He pointed to his black leather boots and ordered. “CLEAN!”. The dogslave immediately began to enthusiastically lick the boots and they quickly started to shine with its saliva. “All dogslaves should be enthusiastic boot lickers like this one, but they should also be trained to lick a Master's boots clean whatever condition they are in. If the Master wants to walk through a muddy field, then the dogslave should be able to lick those boots shiny again. Boot licking training is done via three stages. Initially I cum over my boots and have the dog lick the cum off. Next I stand in its dog bowl and have the dog eat its dinner from my boots. Thirdly I'll take the dog for a walk after its rained and get the boots nice and muddy and then have the dog lick them clean again, including the treads. If it refuses, the toe end of the boot is forcibly inserted into its mouth and strapped to its head for the next 24 hours, during which time it is not allowed to eat, drink, piss or shit. After the 24 hour period the boot is removed from its mouth and it is again ordered to lick the boots clean. If it still refuses it is severely whipped, forced to drink its own piss, but not allowed to shit, and then the boot inserted into its mouth for another 24 hours. In my experience the dogslave will beg to lick its Master's boots whatever condition they are in after this.” He ordered the dog back into its cage.

        “I believe that these slaves should be trained to behave as much like a real dog as possible, and this, in my opinion, should definitely extend to them eating real dog food from a can. Of course, it's pretty straightforward to get your dogslave to do this. Simply dump a can of the cheapest dog food you can buy into its bowl and if it doesn't eat it, take it away for 24 hours. If it still doesn't feed do it again. Sooner or later starvation will kick in and then it should be made to beg to eat, preferably for several hours. This really highlights the power the Master has over his dog, and shows it what a lowly, worthless animal it is. Another way whereby you can get the dogslave to eat dog food is to make it compete with either a real dog, or a more experienced dogslave. Initially the real dog/experienced dogslave will eat the whole bowl of dog food, leaving the novice dogslave hungry, but as time goes on, the novice dogslave will become more aggressive and fight with its competitor for food. This will also teach the dogslave to eat its food as quickly as possible.”

        “Lastly I want to talk about training a dogslave to be full toilet. I firmly believe this is something that all dogslaves should be trained to be. In my opinion a true slave should crave everything that comes from its Master's body – His cum, His piss and His shit. A dogslave should consider it an honour to be allowed to consume its Master's shit, piss or cum – that He would give His precious waste to such a lowly, worthless piece of scum. Personally I have not used a real toilet in many years, and do not intend to use one ever again. Many Master's have different ways of training their dogslave's to eat shit. Some like to give their dogs zero choice in the matter by inserting a large spyder gag into their mouths, strapping them down under a rim seat, and simply shit into their open mouths. Others will shit into a hood and force the dog to wear it for a extended period to get them used to the smell, whilst others make their dogs clean up their own shit first, which is thought by some to be easier for them. I like to start by forcing a dog to lick my arsehole clean after I've just taken a shit. It gets them used to eating very small quantities. If the dog is being reluctant to lick your arsehole clean, then you’ll need to apply some force. I usually start by dipping a cockhead or pecker gag into my shit and then forcing it into its mouth and keeping locked on for an hour or two in order to begin to get the dogslave used to licking shit. Some dogs find the smell of shit worse than the taste, so here’s when you can shit into a hood and make the dog wear it for an extended period to get it used to the smell.

        Once you have got the dog licking your butt clean, its normally only a small jump to getting it to be your full toilet pig. Ensure that it is given no choice in the matter. Shit into its bowl, order it to feed, and place your booted foot on the back of its head, keeping it there until it has eaten its meal, or use the spyder gag method I talked about earlier.

        That’s about all I wanted to say tonight. Thanks for listening, I hoped it has helped. Now, all these dogs you see before you are available for use, so enjoy yourselves!”

        With that all the Masters in the room applauded and then crowded around the cages as the dogslaves were dragged out and their mouths and arseholes were quickly filled with long, thick, hard cocks, made bigger by all the talk of dogslave training.

        Master Andy did not at first go and fuck any of the dogs. Whilst the huge Master had been giving his talk on dogslave training, He had noticed two identical twins who both appeared to be slaves. They both had short cropped blonde hair, were around 6ft 2”, and were naked aside from military boots and thick chain-link collars fastened around their necks. Their muscles were not overly large, but fantastically toned, so that both had visible 8-packs. A tribal armband tattoo around each arm accentuated their beautiful biceps. Their 7 inch cocks, both cut, were erect from listening to the Master talk about dog training. Master Andy walked over to the pair, His dogslave obediently walking beside His left leg.

        “Haven’t seen you around before, and I’m sure I would have remembered,” He said. “What’re your names?” Master Andy asked, as His dogslave began instinctively licking the boots of the two twins.

         “I’m Blake, and my brother’s called Ben Sir,” one of the twins answered, their cock’s getting harder both from the boot licking they were receiving and from talking to one of the hottest Master’s in the bar. “That’s an extremely sexy dog you own, Sir.”

        Master Andy smiled. “So, you owned or what?”

“No Sir. Not Yet,” Blake answered again, “but we are looking for a Master that would take both of us on.”

“I see.” Said Master Andy getting interested. “I’ve never come across two identical twins wanting to be owned by the same Master before. So do you two fuck each other or what?”

“Yes, Sir. We both realised we were gay at the same time and then began to experiment sexually with each other. We enjoyed it, so we carried on, but after a while we both came to understand we are both submissive bottoms. From then on our biggest fantasy has always been to be owned and used by the same Master.”

By this time, Master Andy’s cock was throbbing inside His leather jeans.

“So what’re you into?” He asked.

“Mostly we are simply into sexually serving our Master as sex slaves. Although we also enjoy being used as pony slaves, Sir.”

“And have you ever been owned before?”

        “Yes, Sir. We were initially owned by a Master who would use us at the weekends, and then we progressed to full time servicing. However, he moved away, and released us, Sir, so we are now looking for another Master.”

        “Well what’d you say you come with Me to the backroom, and I can see what you’ve got?”

“Yes SIR!” Both twins said at the same time.

Master Andy dragged His dogslave to the backroom of the bar, and the two beautiful twin slaves followed Him. As soon as He got there, He pulled out His massive cock and ordered them both to suck Him off, whilst the dogslave was told to rim them as they serviced Him. The two slaves got down on hands and knees and took up position on either side of Master Andy’s cock. They then started to kiss and lick His cockhead, before kissing each other with His pulsating cockhead inbetween their two mouths. The dogslave meanwhile had a massive boner of its own, as it had its head buried in the crack of Ben’s muscular arse, and was licking his tight, perfectly hairless arsehole. Unlike its Master, however, there was going to be no relief for the dogslave tonight.

Ben then began to deepthroat Master Andy, whilst Blake concentrated on His huge balls, trying his hardest to fit them both into his mouth at the same time. Master Andy groaned in pleasure, and was soon spurting load after load of hot cum into Ben’s mouth. Ben then proceeded to kiss Blake, feeding him approximately half the cum so that they could both savour it, before swallowing every drop. They then began dutifully cleaning Master Andy’s cock, all the while still being rimmed by the dogslave.

“You are coming home with me, right now!” Master Andy said.

“Yes, Sir! Thanks you, Sir!” Both slaves said in unison. With that Master JAndy grabbed the dogslave’s lead, and ordered the two slaves to follow Him to His truck. The night was young and He was still extremely horny. He planned to use His three slaves all night long.

Thanks for reading.

To be continued...