Dogslave training

This story, which is entirely fictional, contains dog training and full toilet training between two or more men. If you are not into this, don't read on.

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By Lewis.

Chapter Eight

        Master Andy got back to His ranch just after midnight with the two slave twins He had picked up sitting up front and His dogslave sitting in the bed of His truck. its leash was clipped to an eyehook and it was shivering slightly from the night air. He parked by His house and ordered the slave twins out, still naked apart from their boots and collars, whilst He unclipped the dogslave’s lead and pulled it roughly down from the truck. He walked up to the front door, whilst the dogslave obediently crawled just behind His left boot and the gorgeous slave twins followed behind dog and Master.

        Once inside Master Andy continued down to the dungeon basement where He kept all of His sex toys and bondage equipment, and where the dogslave slept in its cage, with the trio of slaves following closely behind Him. Once there He began to remove His clothes, such that He ended up wearing only His leather boots and a leather top harness, which made His chest look even bigger. The twins, who had not seen Him naked before, nearly came simultaneously without even touching themselves at the sight of Him, and couldn’t take their eyes off Master Andy’s gigantic cock, now fully errect and throbbing. Master Andy sat on the rim chair set up next to the dogslave’s cage. The twins saw that a large metal dog bowl was positioned underneath and they guessed that the Master would sit on the rim chair and then shit into the bowl before ordering His to dogslave to feed on His waste. They guessed correctly. Tonight however, Master Andy just used it as a chair, His hard cock sticking up into the air. He snapped His fingers and pointed at the two beautiful slaves.

        “Take off your boots, then 69 each other.” They both hurriedly pulled off their black boots and then lay down on the hard concrete floor. Ben started to suck Blake’s 7 inch cock, and a second later Blake reciprocated, firstly licking the engorged purple cockhead and teasing his piss slit with his tongue, before slowly working his way down his shaft. Soon the twins picked up the pace of the sucking, until they were moving their heads frantically up and down the other’s dick. Master Andy used the lead to drag His dogslave in front of Him.

        “Suck My cock, dog!” Before Master Andy could finish the word ‘cock’ the dogslave was deepthroating all 9 throbbing inches of its Master’s dick, and He moaned in pleasure, both from the exquisite blowjob and the sight of the beautiful twins 69ing each other on His dungeon floor. After 10 minutes of the twins simultaneously sucking eachother off, Master Andy ordered them to change positions:

        “Slave ben, start rimming your brother’s fuck hole, whilst slave blake continue sucking your brother’s cock.” They quickly changed position, so that slave ben was lying on his back, and slave blake knelt over him, with his arse next to his brother’s head and his mouth by his cock. slave ben started flicking his tongue over his brother’s arsehole, and then gradually started to work his tongue deeper and deep into his hole, until after a few minutes he was vigorously tongue fucking him. slave blake meanwhile was switching between gently licking and teasing his brother’s cockhead and deepthroating his dick and massaging his shaft with his throat muscles. This performance made Master Andy even hornier, and He grabbed His dogslaves head and began rapidly forcing it up and down His long, thick shaft. This would have caused a less well trained dogslave to gag, but Master Andy’s animal had long since learned to overcome this reflex and simply opened up its throat to allow its Master giant dick to enter. After several more minutes of the dogslave expertly blowing its Master, and the slave twins rimming and sucking each other, Master Andy felt as if He were about to explode into the dogslave’s mouth, but He wasn’t ready to come yet. He roughly pushed the dogslave off His cock, and ordered it, along with the two slaves to get on all fours in a line and present their arses to Him. As they rapidly arranged themselves, Master Andy grabbed a bottle of lube and then went about greasing up each slave’s hole, starting with His dogslave, and then slave ben and blake, whose holes’ felt extremely tight. He grinned in anticipation of the pleasure that would follow.

        “slave ben, you will fuck My dogslave. slave blake, you will fuck your brother’s hole, whilst he is fucking my dog. I will fuck you. Got it?”

        The twins both confirmed with a loud “SIR, YES SIR”, whilst the dogslave woofed. slave ben then moved so he could shove his cock into the dogslave’s lubed up hole. There was some resistance and then its sphincter opened up, allowing slave ben’s dick to slide inside. he pushed until his toned abs came into contact with the top of the dogslave’s arse, just above the “FUCK HOLE” tattoo which he found extremely hot. slave ben then spread his legs and relaxed his hole so that his brother could enter him. he felt pressure at his hole, a quick flash of pain, and then the exquisite pleasure of his arse being nicely filled by a warm throbbing cock. slave blake also pushed his cock fully inside his brother’s hole until his 8-pack was touching the top part of his arse, and his balls were hitting the lower part. Finally Master Andy began forcing his enormous dick into slave blake’s arsehole. It was by far the largest cock that slave blake had ever taken, and he winced in pain as the huge cock head forced his sphincter open, but after this, he too felt the blissful pleasure of having his arsehole filled by a beautiful, horny, Master’s cock. slave ben felt his hole being stretched open wider, as his brother’s cock got thicker.

        “None of you will come until I come, except you, dog. You’re not to come at all. Understand you fucking piece of shit?”

        “Woof!” the dogslave barked, showing it understood that it did not have permission to come.

        Master Andy began pulling His giant cock out of slave blake’s hole, and then just as the cockhead met his sphincter he roughly shoved it back in. His large balls smacked against slave blake’s butt. The wonderful pressure from Master Andy’s cock against his prostate made slave blake think he was in heaven, and it took all of his control to stop himself exploding there and then into his brother’s hole. Instead he began to fuck slave ben, who in turn started fucking the dogslave; both of them fucking at the rhythm set by Master Andy.

        They fucked like this, all in a line, for at least 15 minutes, until Master Andy began to groan loudly and then started pumping load after load of hot cum into slave blake’s tight arse. It felt like he was being given an enema there was so much cum flooding into him. Seconds later slave blake also came into his brother, moaning loudly as he did so. slave ben followed suit, dumping his hefty load of semen into the dogslave’s hole.

The dogslave, who had been ordered not to cum, was left desperately trying not to ejaculate after the hot fucking it had just received. slave ben’s cock was still hard and filling its arsehole, causing its cock to twitch rapidly up and down, the engorged, purple cock head hittings its six pack as it did so. it tried desperately to control itself, willing itself not cum and face the wrath of its Master, despite the fact it hadn’t had any relief in weeks and was horny as hell. It thought it had managed it, but just as slave ben pulled his thick, hard, dripping cock of it arse it spontaneously erupted. Thick white spurts of cum fired out of its rock solid cock, flew several feet through the air and landed to form a gooey puddle on the concrete floor.

“What the fuck did I tell you, you stupid fucking shit head?” Master Andy roared. He ripped His cock out of slave blake’s hole, causing the slave to yelp in pain, and started laying into the dogslave with His heavy leather boots. He kicked the dog over to the wall where a variety of whips and crops were hung up on display and selected the meanest whip in His collection - a ‘Cherry Bomb’ - which He had purchased from Mr S Leather. The short whip had a woven knob at the end which caused excruciating pain if used hard enough. Master Andy began bringing it down as hard as he could on the dogslave’s back, causing it to scream out in agony.

“Silence you worthless fucking DOG!” He placed his right boot next to the dogslave’s mouth and brought the other boot down on the back of its head and pushed its mouth onto the leather of the toe, effectively gagging it before continuing with the whipping. Only muffled screams emerged. After 10 more lashes with the Cherry Bomb the dog’s back was covered in angry red marks and black bruises where the end of the whip had landed.

“That was just a warm-up slave. You are in for some serious punishment over the next few days. Now, fucking lick up that disgusting puddle of dog cum you stupid, useless fucking animal!”

The dogslave ran as fast as it could to the puddle of cum, already liquefying. It stuck out its tongue and began lapping feverishly at the cold gunk. It own cum tasted salty and horrible compared to its Master’s glorious nectar, especially after the brutal whipping.

Whilst the dogslave was licking up the pool of its own cum, Master Andy ordered slave ben to go and bring him 3 bottles of beer from the fridge. The slave came back quickly with the bottles and handed them to Master Andy, all the while keeping his head bowed to avoid any eye contact with Him. Master Andy sat back down on the rim chair.

He pointed at the two slaves and ordered: “lick My boots!”

slave ben started attacking the right boot with his tongue, whilst slave blake began licking the left boot with equal enthusiasm.

“Good slaves. Keep that up.”

He sighed and leaned back. Closed His eyes and took a long drink of beer, whilst enjoying the feeling of the two slaves grovelling at His boots. He could sense their tongues through the leather, and it was fantastic. Despite having just deposited a giant quantity of cum up slave blake’s arsehole, He was rock hard and ready to cum again.

        He kicked away slave blake and ordered him to begin fucking the dogslave, which he complied with instantly. his large cock entered easily into the dog’s hole, with slave ben’s cum acting as lube. Once he had got into a nice rhythm, slave ben was then ordered to start fucking his brother. Lastly Master Andy got up and rammed His thick cock into slave ben’s fuckhole. It was just a tight as his brother’s, and although he had braced himself, slave ben still whimpered in pain as he experienced Master Andy entering him for the first time. Now that Master Andy had joined the fuck line, the rhythm became dominated by Him. He pounded slave ben’s hole for at least 30 minutes. slave ben in turn pistoned his cock in and out of slave blake’s arse, who was doing the same to the dogslave, his pelvis slamming audibly against the “FUCK HOLE” tattoo. After half an hour of fucking, Master Andy started increasing the pace with which He was ramrodding slave ben, began to groan loudly, and then shot another enormous load of spunk into the slave’s beautiful, muscular arse. slave ben likewise spewed a load into his brother’s hole, and slave blake followed suit, draining his balls into the dogslave. After this second round of fucking, all the slave’s holes were brimming with hot spunk.

        Master Andy collapsed back onto the rim chair, and ordered the two slaves to resume their boot licking duties. He grab another bottle of beer and this time poured a good amount over each boot, then told them to lick it up.

        “Dogslave, rim these slaves, and suck the cum out of their holes!” He ordered. His animal slave complied immediately, starting with slave blake. Cum was starting to leak out of his tight, hairless, pink hole as he bent down on all fours to clean the sides of Master Andy’s left boot. The dogslave stuck its tongue into his arsehole, causing him to groan in pleasure, and started sucking out the warm creamy cum that was a mixture of both His Master’s and slave ben’s seed. It tasted slightly sweet, mixed with a more bitter aftertaste which it attributed to small chunks of the slave’s shit. The volume of spunk up the slave's arse was immense, and the dogslave kept sucking and sucking his hole, only to find more and more cum kept pouring out. Eventually the dog managed to consume it all, then rimmed the slave’s hole for a few minutes. All the while slave blake was licking Master Andy’s boots, who would baste them in more beer for the slave’s to lick off and lap up.

        The dogslave then moved on to attend to slave ben’s hole. By this time, several large drops of cum had dripped out and landed on the floor, so the dog dutifully licked these up first, before moving on to repeat the rimming and sucking out cum. Again there was a sweetness to the liquid, mixed with a slightly bitter/bland shit taste. The volume of cum in ben’s hole was slightly less than blake’s, probably because Master Andy had fucked him second, so was already partially drained of cum.

        After the two slaves holes’ were empty of cum, Master Andy ordered the dogslave to crawl under the rim chair and service His hole. As it was rimming Him, He farted loudly several times into the dog’s mouth, but didn’t use it as a toilet. The next half an hour was spent with the dogslave rimming Master Andy and the two slave’s licking His boots and lapping up beer, whilst all the while their need to piss was increasing. Finally slave blake said:

        “Sir, permission to speak, Sir?” in a tentative voice.

        “Yes, slave?” Master Andy asked. He did not seem so annoyed that he had dared break the silence, since he was not owned by Him, yet.

        “Sir, permission for slave to piss, Sir?” The Master bent down and dragged the dogslave from under the rim chair by its collar, between His legs.

        “You may both give this dog a piss enema,” and then, directed at the dogslave, although He didn’t look at it: “it will hold all piss it receives, or its punishment will be doubled!”

        With that, slave blake flipped the dogslave over onto all fours, shoved his hard cock up its hole that was still slick with the slaves’ cum and began to pissing, sighing with relief as he did so. he pissed what must have been easily 2 or even 3 pints up the slaves hole before pulling out his cock to allow his brother to piss into the dog, who filled it with an equally enormous amount of piss. The dog’s belly was distended, and it was in some pain by the time the slaves had finished using its arsehole as a urinal, but then Master Andy stuck His dick up into the dog and let out a raging torrent of piss that would rivaled a horse. its stomach gradually got more and more bloated until His stream finally eased up and He pulled out. The dogslave gave out a slight groan of pain as its intestines started to cramp, which earnt it a good kick to the balls from its Master, causing it even more pain.

        “Dogslave will hold the piss for 10 minutes.” Master said matter of factly, and walked out of the dungeon. He went to make Himself a sandwich, and also to get the biggest dog bowl He could find, rated to hold 5 litres. He walked back into the dungeon to find the dogslave pressing its head into the concrete floor, clearly in pain from the huge amount of piss trying to burst out of its hole. The slave twins were on all fours, muzzling each other and watching the dogslave. Master Andy walked over to His pet and placed the bowl near its rear.

        “Release the piss, dog!” He ordered and seconds later a jet of steaming golden piss erupted from the dogslave’s arsehole and began rapidly filling the bowl. it looked extremely relieved to have been given permission to empty its bowls. Once the initial torrent had subsided the dogslave began squeezing out more and more piss that was still trapped up its colon, such that it came out in bursts. Just as the bowl was about to overflow, the dogslave finally could no longer squeeze out any more piss. it turned around and looked at the huge volume of urine in the bowl. Bits of slave ben and blake’s cum were floating in it, as were chunks of the dogslave’s shit.

        Master Andy pointed at slave ben and blake, then pointed to the bowl of piss and snapped His fingers. “Drink!”

        The two slaves crawled over to the bowl and then stopped, seeing that it had bits of shit floating in it.

        “Drink it all NOW!” Master Andy bellowed. The two slaves did not want to consume the piss, due to the small pieces of shit, but both were frightened of disobeying the Master after the vicious whipping He gave His dogslave earlier, and very reluctantly lowered their heads to the bowl and started lapping and sucking up their own warm piss, along with that of Master Andy. When they were about half way through drinking the whole bowl, they started to lag, as their stomach’s were getting full of piss.

        “Drink faster you disgusting pieces of shit!” Master Andy ordered. He went and selected a light flogger, and started laying into them. That got them lapping faster, and soon the whole bowl had been consumed - almost 2.5 litres each.

        “Start 69ing yourselves.” Master Andy instructed them, which they complied with quickly, although both of their cocks had gone soft because of their disgust at having to drink the piss with small bits of shit in it. Master Andy meanwhile fetched some static rubber bondage tape. It was similar to normal bondage tape, except it didn’t use any glue - only static electricity - so wouldn’t rip out any hair when removed. He started wrapping a long length of the tape around slave ben’s head and slave blake’s arse, such that slave ben’s head was essentially locked to his brother’s crotch and he could no longer remove his brother’s cock from his mouth. Master Andy then repeated the same operation on slave blake’s head, securing slave ben’s cock in his mouth. He then got two pairs of leather handcuffs and locked them on the slave’s wrists, securing their arms behind their backs to ensure they couldn’t remove the tape that was holding them in the 69 position. He then ordered the dogslave to get into its cage, and locked it in for the night. He took a length of chain and ran it through a bar of the dogslave’s cage. One end He padlocked to a D-ring in slave ben’s collar, the other to a D-ring in slave blake’s collar. These slave twins were going nowhere tonight, that was for sure. He checked His watch, saw that it was almost 5AM, and then went upstairs to bed.

        The slave twins did not get any sleep at all. They quickly realised that they would have to recycle each other’s piss all night long until Master Andy removed the bondage tape. Because of the enormous quantities of piss that they had been forced to drink before they were put into bondage, this meant that they were almost endlessly pissing and therefore drinking each other piss. It must have cycled between each brother at least 15 times before Master Andy released them when He felt like getting up after the long night of drinking and fucking He had had.

        The dogslave didn’t get much sleep either. It was much too worried about what kind of colossal punishment it would receive latter that day when its Master awoke.

To be continued...

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