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Dog Star


PJ Franklin

EPISODE TWO: Jupiter Station Bound

Tucker Vaux's new career as Captain Zander's cabin boy almost didn't happen …

Excitement, nothing but pure excitement filled Tucker Vaux's young being as he stood at the dock entrance to the Dog Star's boarding plank at 05:00 the next morning. Jud and Bernita Lacoline were there, his Mom, Farrah, and scads of other well wishing folk from the Moon's Dark Side pub crowd, all to see them off on their six month mission. The bystanders streamed onto the ship to tour its large and small cargo and living spaces for awhile, then when the word was given, time for departure, they all streamed off and stood about as Captain Seth Zander said a few words to the gathered crowd.

Then Tucker kissed his loved ones good-bye and made a triumphant final boarding of the ship and practically ran to his new home, Captain Zander's quarters, to stow his gear.  When he arrived, he saw two unexpected last minute additions to the small cabin's furniture, placed there by his Uncle Jud Lacoline. The first was the very same tall wooden pub barstool that Uncle Jud had used by Tuck's old kitchen work station for Tuck to lay over for his two whippings.

The sight of it made Tuck sigh and his eyes even got a little red with glad emotional memories for how that old stool had indeed played a part for him being on the Dog Star even now; but hanging up on the bulk-head wall right above it was something that really surprised Tuck. It was a very old and very used space merchant's leather crew belt with a note attached to it that Tuck read, "For a cabin boy's correction, at the pleasure of his Captain." Tuck took the leather down and handled it and doing so made his cock stir in his trousers. How did Uncle Jud know about his fantasy? But just then, the pleasurable moments were burst. Joss Riley was at the door with a look of horror on his face, "Tuck! Quickly boy! Follow me!"

"What? Why?" Tuck responded a little slowly. "I said NOW you little prick!! Don't question me boy, just obey!" and Tuck now did rush after Joss, but just that one slight hesitation had nearly gotten him thrown off the ship before his adventures had even started!  Seth and Joss had spied a last minute and surprise AOC company inspection team preparing to board the Dog Star and if Tuck were found, he would be thrown off of the ship, no questions asked, his dreams shattered. Seth sent Joss running aboard to hide Tuck safely away.

Tuck followed Joss at a brisk trot and asked no more questions, even when they ended up way aft in the cargo bays and he had to stand up on Joss's already tall shoulders to even make the effort at hoisting his body weight the rest of the way up from a flimsy hand hold of the edge of an open air duct grating above his head! Thank god for the several weeks of hard, back-breaking, but muscle building dock work. He made it, oh by about fifteen seconds, quietly moving the grating back over the opening just as an AOC agent appeared from around the bulkhead corner, "What's going on Riley, are you hiding something or someone back here?"

Tuck was shaking like the devil, but felt safe in the otherwise very tight space and would easily keep deadly quiet except for a white rat with brown splotchy markings, a common merchant ship's rat if you will, had taken up residence in the air duct a few weeks back and it started to crawl up Tuck's trouser leg! It tickled! Then the rat started to nibble at his skin! Tuck didn't hate rats, but neither wanted them biting him. He wanted desperately to scream; but he knew that would be the last thing he would do aboard the Dog Star, so he instead just started to carefully and quietly shake the rat out of his trouser leg.

The agent heard something and looked up, "What's up there? What's that sound?" Joss paled a bit, "Nothing sir, just an air vent, nothing up there." The agent frowned, "Get me a ladder, I want up there to look, I don't trust you!" and Tuck's face fell, It was over! He would be caught! Joss had no choice and finding a nearby ladder, brought it over, climbed up and sliding the grating aside, even peered right at the hidden and terrified lad; but there was nothing he could do, that is until the rat appeared, crawling towards Joss!

Tuck saw it too and had an idea and nodded silently to Joss, who then climbed down, "All yours sir," Joss said confidently. The man started up the ladder, when quite suddenly, Tuck shooed the rat over the edge and it landed right on the agent's head before he could get up to the opening! "Get it off of me!! I hate rats!!" the man screamed, brushing the rat off of himself and almost fell off the ladder, he climbed back down so quickly, "Fine! It was a damn rat!" The agent stomped off, satisfied, the rat scurrying safely away.

Joss waited to make sure the man was gone, then threw his head back scowling and pointed his finger up at Tuck, "You stay there! Never and I mean never question an order Tuck! Seconds always count on missions! You are on report to your Captain boy and that likely means a good hard strapping this time! … I'll be back to fetch you when the coast is clear … " and then Joss calmed down, "Still, welcome aboard Tuck," and then walked off shaking his head, "Squids," in reference to new "sailors."

Tuck was still shaking, but so relieved about the near discovery that Captain Zander and Joss Riley both could whip his bare ass a month of days and he'd be OK with it, so he stayed put and just quietly laid himself out on his back inside the bottom of the lightless close quartered air duct as ordered.  So, this was how space adventures started huh? And he was already on report and holed up in a damp and heavy-aired cargo bay up in inside a rat infested air vent? Not very romantic, but it was adventurous, having narrowly escaped the agent with the little rat's help. The main thing was that he was safely on board the Dog Star for the duration.

A little while later, Tuck heard Joss's familiar voice, "Captain told me to fetch you forward now Tuck, get down here lad." Tuck sighed, time to face the music, not a good start to impress his Captain, but it had to be done. Joss had filled Captain Zander in on the mishap and without Tuck present, the two veterans could afford to laugh about it now that the AOC agents had all finally left the ship, one with his rat phobia clearly in place; but even Seth had cursed some under his breath at the close call and Tuck's near miss. Seth really liked the boy and would have been just as heart-broken as Tuck, if the careless boy had been caught and grounded.

Tuck wordlessly and quickly complied, slid the duct grating away, eased his body back through the opening, dropped down to the decking below and then climbed back up the ladder to replace it. Then he put the ladder away and turned his attention to Joss who silently nodded and started to walk forward, Tuck quickly caught up, "Is he angry with me, Captain Zander that is, sir?"

Joss allowed himself a moment to wonder why Tuck wasn't worried about him also being a bit perturbed, but then just patted Tuck's shoulder, "Tuck my boy, it's a Captain job to show himself properly as it suits him. A good trader avoids emotion, but I don't think he was very happy that you made things a big edgy for a little while, just accept his judgment Tuck, it'll be fine." And Tuck nodded. Too many questions would only give a bad impression.

If he got a hard strapping for his mistake, then so be it; so Tuck rubbed at his seat and followed closely behind Joss, and focused instead on the true fact that he was about to embark on a boy's dream-come-true six month long journey that promised rare and heady space adventures, well worth the price of a throbbing red bottom for having nearly jeopardized his dream.

* * * * * * * * * *

The fuel cell powered twin main engines blasted the ship into space off the New London docking bay and after a very short and eye-poppingly spectacular view of their home planet, Seth manually guided the ship and turned spaceward, the Earth, the New London colony and the Moon now behind them. The whole crew gathered up forward, concentrating on the starry void ahead. It was considered bad luck for the whole crew to not be forward at that time, and though the crew was small in number to spare cost and maximize cargo space, they could at least all be there to practice their old superstitions.

Tuck was on his knees next to the Captain's chair, his right hand clutching tightly onto the left arm rest, the other crew gathered about inside the smallish low headroom compartment.  Mr. Riley was sitting as he always did on the first leg, as co-pilot to Seth's right. Big Jack and Ned and the other heavy-armed cargoman, Little Mo' (Short for Little Morris), stood in back; Paddy Ennis, the cook and self-styled medical officer, stood to the side next to Tuck. The ship's computer and electronics engineer, Thad Rideout , stood next to the Chief Propulsion and Weapons Engineer, Rudy Mellows, on the other side of Joss Riley.

Tuck's mind was at first worried that the Captain was still angry with him, but as he watched the Captain's face after his arrival at his side, but it would seem that Joss was right. The Captain was intent on his ship and getting it safely out of dock and on its way and certainly not on a lowly cabin boy's error, at least for present. Besides, to be leaving New London and not going back to earth gave Tuck exciting chills through his whole being as the blackness of space beckoned. But Seth was not unconcerned or unable to realize that Tuck was near. And though he was intent on the important job at hand, he glanced down and gave Tuck a slight little finger wag, a sign that he was not thrilled about having had to worry about Tuck this early on. Tuck got a different chill this time, but didn't mind and just sighed. It was a wonderful thrill to be at Seth's side, no matter his gaff.

"Always the best part, always, leaving New London and getting ready for the leg to Jupiter station!" Joss grinned. "Jupiter Station!" the men all shouted in gleeful unison. Tuck listened and grinned, his mind now distracted and full of the future voyage, but also wondering what the enthusiastic response was all about. Captain Zander was very busy with the ship, so he turned and looked at the ship's older Irishman cook. Paddy grinned. He had been among the happiest that Tuck had worked his way aboard the ship, "We've been working our arses off to get here laddie, and still have a bit to go ; but we'll be restin' up at Jupiter Station, nowhere better!" and ruffled Tuck's hair.

"Why better Paddy?" Tuck grinned back, enjoying the older man's affections. "Oh, you'll see laddie, you'll see; not accountin' even that there's nowhere else better to purchase jumpin' cells for the long leg into Hadar, there's plenty of fun to be had on Jupiter station!" and then Tuck felt Seth's strong hand firmly alight palm down on the top of his head, "The kind of fun you won't be having Tuck, you'll be stuck to my hip!" the half-serious, half-affectionate voice said and the rest of the crew all roared as Tuck's face screwed up in a disappointed smirk, but he answered quickly and correctly, "Yesssir."

Paddy chuckled and leaned far over to Tuck's ear as Captain Zander went back to program his navigation computer, "It's the kind of fun that will only get you into a lot of trouble laddie, and we all know what that means, hey?" and Tuck could only smile his way out of his brief pout, "Yea, yet another sore tail." Paddy grinned and laughed softly, "Aye, laddie!" and that seemed to be that.

Very soon thereafter, Seth excused all the crew but Mr. Riley to their various duties to start the ship's laborious break-in process and prepare for the higher speeds they would need to greatly shorten the trip past to the far side of planet Jupiter. It was those initial higher speeds that would induce a few days of dreaded space illness and the miseries thereof, until all were acclimatized.

"So Mr. Riley, what was this about my cabin boy flinching at the wrong moment?" Seth asked to his right, Tuck still kneeling to his Captain's left, ears alert for Joss's answer, "Aye Captain, the boy needs to learn to respond quickly without useless words. Almost cost him his passage with us!" Joss announced and Tuck blushed into a sheepish small frown. "Is that right boy?" Seth asked Tuck directly. Tuck nodded and looked up without hesitation, "Yes sir, I was slow and barely escaped, but did thanks to Mr. Riley's quick action," though in the back of Tuck's mind, a certain white and brown rat had gone a long ways to help as well.

"Very well Mr. Riley, I'll have him a few moments alone, then meet us in my cabin quarters in about ten minutes, you've a boy's bare breech to put to the strap." Joss stood up to his feet as Tuck stood up on his knees, slowly rubbing at hindquarters soon to be made very painful. "Aye Captain Zander, shall I bring the crew strap?" Joss asked. "No Mr. Riley, he has his own that I wished used this go around." Joss nodded and looked at Tuck, "See you soon boy, you'll learn!" and Mr. Riley exited aft.

Man and boy watched Riley exit, then Seth looked down at Tuck, "Stand up, come here, between my knees Tuck." Tuck sprang up to standing, eager to please and snuggled into between the man's knees, standing sideways, "Did you have a chance to see the barstool and strap that Uncle Jud gave to us for use on your bared bottom Tuck?"

Tuck nodded, "Oh yes sir, the strap looks painful!" and then Seth pleasured himself by rubbing on his cabin boy, fore and aft. That made Tuck smile and he felt himself stiffening up. "Ten hard cuts from Mr. Riley will remind you that out here in space, things happen double and triple quick Tuck. When a crew orders you to do something, never ask questions. You must react and react fast, much like your cock is right now!" and indeed it was. The strong man's hand was stroking the front of his trousers and pawing greedily at his rear, it felt wonderful. "Yes Captain, I will," Tucked gently moaned, happy to please the man in any way.

Seth was quickly appreciating the advantages of having an eager and responsive cabin boy and also allowed himself to enjoy the thought that soon his cabin boy would be put over the old barstool, bare from the waist down and he would be watching Mr. Riley adding some pain and regret to his cabin boy's experience and since he was his cabin boy, Seth took additional liberties and brought Tuck's hand to his own groin to encourage his own randy bulge just then. "I imagine that you'll be needing to pleasure both myself and Mr. Riley after your whipping Tuck. It's all just part of what your duties will be at my behest, that and working your tail off around the ship. But I've been thinking of putting you with Paddy for the time being;  learning to help Paddy in the galley, serving the crew at mess times and cleaning up after, much like you did back for Uncle Jud and Aunt Bernita."

"Yes Captain sir!" Tuck responded, not at all adverse working anywhere on the Dog Star including working with Paddy in the ship's galley as he had worked Uncle Jud's kitchen back at New London colony; but at the moment, he was doing his duty as cabin boy, pleasuring his Captain both by enjoying the Captain's hands on his body, as well as rubbing on the man's erection and offered more, "do you wish me to suck and pleasure you now sir, before I do it again later, after my whipping?"

Not that Seth Zander had made such offerings the primary goal in allowing Tucker aboard the Dog Star,  still, neither was it an unimportant perk of having a cabin boy in the first place. Seth smiled, "Not right now boy, I've a bit more work to do, but you will be putting your talents to work quite soon, now, off with you to my cabin, prepare for your whipping and be ready when Mr. Riley and I arrive!" and gave Tuck a final spank on his seat. Tuck bounded away, "Yes sir!" and Seth chuckled, having nearly said yes to the offered sexual service, then turned his attention to the ship's command center.

Joss Riley had gone aft to help Ned and Big Jack as they were patching up some expected leakage around several pipe fittings. The large man was whistling a tune. "Ye are very happy sounding, hey Mr. Riley?" Big Jack grinned knowingly as he grunted at securing a patch around the leak with his big hands. "Aye Jack, I've a job to do soon, setting that cabin boy of the Captain's a bit straighter into the wind." Big Jack grinned at Ned, "You hear that Ned, sounds to me like Mr. Riley is going to get more than a bit of glad work hardly straining at strapping the boy, what do you think?"

Ned's tongue was working hard at the corner of his mouth as he labored a bit to make the patch solid and secure with a wrench-like tool. He and Big Jack had worked for the Zander clan for eons of time and though he was pretty sure that like Big Jack, he wouldn't mind a taste of young flesh at the tip of his tongue in the form of the new and sexy young male crewmember, he was just as sure that Tucker Vaux was going to be off limits in that category for the likes of him and Big Jack.

"I think Mr. Riley has earned the privilege of whatever he can get Jack. He's what had the presence of mind to warn the pup about them agents. Wouldn't have been the best trip without him I figure for the Captain, hey Mr. Riley?" Joss smiled at Ned's wise comment. He didn't mind the crew's suggestion whatsoever and also knew that a young morsel of a boy like Tuck might find a lot of interest among the crew as a whole, but that was not his place to speak for Tuck's duties, in that manner anyway.

The patch secured, Joss stood back and wiped his hands mostly clean of the greasy sealant on his overalls, "Just so you men know, that boy is off limits save that he is to obey you if you've urgent need of his help or the Captain assigns him thusly. Otherwise, his flesh belongs to Zander and any man caught taking the boy to himself without proper advice will be very sorry, is that understood?"

Big Jack gave Ned a good-natured wink and then spoke solemnly to Joss, "Aye sir, I didn't mean any offence, only to be glad for you sir, as you deserve." Joss nodded, "So noted, now you men head back further, make sure there isn't something more pressing and dangerous aft." The men nodded and immediately proceeded. Joss watched them, then turned and started for the Captain's quarters.

The perfunctory warning was given, but even he knew that Tuck's presence over time was going to cause a problem if he was not shared some with the crew, especially on long legs. On the other hand, he also knew Seth well and the boy some. It would all work out. Seth Zander would be a good Captain and it didn't seem as though the boy had any misgivings about sharing himself should he be so ordered, given his history and all.

Tuck was both excited and afraid. The spanking he had received under the big man's hard hand of a few days earlier had certainly hurt plenty. This strapping would hurt a lot more; but even that thought so far failed to quiet his randy cock. He stood inside Zander's quarters with the barstool pulled out and the strap laying neatly over the seat, Tuck himself naked from the waist down, waiting. He passed the time enjoying the thought of working with Paddy and would probably be sent to him straight away after he was ordered to pleasure the Captain or even Joss Riley as well after his whipping.

The door opened, here was Joss. "Boy!" Joss nodded, quickly especially noting the boy's pleasing lewd condition as well as the properly placed barstool and crewman's strap. His own cock had gotten large on the way forward from Ned and Tuck noticed that as well, as Joss picked up the strap, "Aye, this is good old leather, the best, you'll be feeling this just fine Tuck." Tuck nodded, "Yes sir," Tuck replied, but now with increased apprehension.

Seth was a bit delayed to his quarters by checking in with Mr. Rideout and Mellows at their busy crew stations and lending a hand in both areas. Even the ship's computers were being a bit cranky and the engines were going to be a just a little delayed in readiness for higher speeds, but it was the just the usual stuff. "So tell us Captain, that cabin boy of yours, will you be sending him along to learn some of the ship's computer operations?" Thad asked, maybe just a little too eagerly.

Whereas his nearby station companion, Mr. Mellows, favored female company quite a bit more than male, Thad was, in addition to being the next youngest and smallest of the crew up from Tuck, was also somewhat familiar with Tuck's former life style, having done his share of whoring about man on man, admittedly around the much more congenial, clean and safe surroundings of his high powered university education in technology. Seth was neither ignorant nor adverse to the idea, "Over time Mr. Rideout, but if I do, will you spend as much time teaching the boy about your computers as opposed to programming his young computer?"

Rudy Mellows roared with laughter at the look on Thad's face and pointed a finger, "Captain has your number, hey Rideout?" but Thad kept his manners in front of his Captain, "You've no worries about me Captain. If the boy has talent with computers, I'll ease it out of him and not like everyone thinks!" and glared at Rudy, which pleased him all the more. "Oh, don't be so shy Mr. Rideout. I know what you did at that university of yours. That's why I hired you on from many. You're not a prude. You'll get value returned for value given, now keep your nose to it!" and Seth even swatted the early twenty-something year old man's rear and walked off. Thad winced and rubbed his seat a bit, but proudly smirked at Rudy, "See? The Captain will be fair, unlike you Mellows. You'd sell him off at Jupiter station if it were up to you!" Rudy chuckled, "Oh you think so huh? You don't know anything," Rudy concluded with a smirk, his reputation for hard one-sided bartering dogging him a bit.

Seth entered  his cabin, Joss and a naked and randy Tuck turned, "Let's get to it men, there's work to be done! Over that stool boy! Give him his due Mr. Riley!" and Joss nodded and made the crewman's belt ready as Tuck put himself over the sturdy and familiar stool. Seth decided it was his prerogative if he was watching to pull out his erect member and stroke it. It would please him and the boy and what harm was there in further experimenting with the concept of pain with pleasure, both for himself and the boy? None, really.

Tuck was almost tall enough for his finger tips to reach the deck below his hands as he went over, but not quite, so he made sure his legs were spread well wide, totally exposing himself to his Captain and Mr. Riley in all ways and otherwise put on a hard hand-grip to the lowest front stool crosspiece with his fists. He also kept his toes solidly on the cold corrugated metal floor decking, pointing his bare bottom up at an easy angle for the belt to do its needful work.

As he watched Joss prepare, doubling up the crewman's belt, Seth contemplated what is was exactly about Tuck that appealed to him the most. Was it his physical form, his naked young male body, lacking significant hair or his young and untested pucker, at least by him? Seth had never spent that much attention looking at males until Tuck came along, but who could ignore how Tuck's erection so proudly still jutted forward even with the present threat of pain, ignorant of its pre-ordained demise?  Actually, much of Tuck's appeal was his easy willingness to please and take his medicine just now.

Tuck gazed over and up at Seth's large erect penis from his low head position, the Captain gently stroking its long and thick length, then Mr. Riley's warning came, "Hold on tight boy!"  and the belt swooped down hard from up around Joss's right shoulder and hit  Tuck's upturned bare bum, square and centered. Tuck's eyes flew open and his closed mouth and lips now formed a pained "O," at the same time as his forehead furrowed into not a few "Oh,oh! This is gonna be bad!" wrinkles.

The game of stoic manliness was now afoot but after four more cuts across his breech did Tuck think he was most likely going to lose. Mr. Riley was exceedingly strong!  Tuck was already lifting his feet, his belly having to lay flat on the stool, his penis long since limp and now his hands were about to fly back to protect his poor pained behind, no matter he wanted them to or not. Thankfully, he had only groaned in misery and had not said any words, but that could end soon as well.

But Joss was not abusive or incognizant of Tuck's inexperience with a man's strapping and respected his efforts. A strong experienced man could take a hard strapping, a smaller inexperienced boy could not, not yet anyway, so Joss let up just a bit for the last five cuts stopping just about the time Tuck would lose his mettle and feel embarrassed. "I'm of a mind to stop Tuck, I think you get the point."

Tuck had been holding on for dear life and sighed hard, "Loud and clear Mr. Riley sir!" trying his best for his voice to be positive and not whiny though his backside was screaming in pain at the moment. Still, he succeeded. Joss and Seth now saw a well strapped set of boyish bottom cheeks top to bottom, fully red and bordering on purplish edges, perfect. So Mr. Riley counted Tuck's effort as complete, looking over at his Captain for confirmation. Seth had been momentarily mesmerized both by Tuck's bare reddening bottom as well as the boy's good effort and looked up, nodding his agreement.

"Rise boy and settle, " Joss commanded. Tuck nodded and slowly got up, making sure his throbbing red behind faced Mr. Riley and his Captain for approval. Joss leered and growled his approval.  Seth smiled and empathizing with Mr. Riley's utterance,  stood up, his naked erection in need of relief, "OK boy, on your knees. Suck my cock first, then Mr. Riley's before I pack you off to seek some medicinal relief from your new work station boss, Paddy Ennis."

Tuck could at least smile now, his punishment complete, thought his buttocks still throbbed with soreness.  Joss sidled up to Seth and unleashed his erection to the cooler room air and looked down at the eager boy's efforts with Seth. Tuck was not stupid, he reached up with his left hand and started to firmly stroke on Mr. Riley's large throbbing erection, managing the Captain's erection solely with his mouth while using his right hand to reach a finger-tip to between Seth's meaty thighs on its way to tease his Captain's pucker which would further urge the man's balls to fill his throat with their contents. Seth was truly enjoying his cabin boy's enthusiastic efforts, the lusty slurps and smacking lips, Tuck's head tilting this way and that, licking at Seth's big balls a bit, then returning to the hard shaft, not to mention Tuck's finger starting to skillfully snake up his manhole to really make for a good result, which it did quite quickly now! Seth threw his head back and his hands held Tuck's head firmly in place for the finish, "Oh yes boy! Now take your Captain's seed!" and starting to shudder hard, pushed his cock further into Tuck's mouth.

Joss grinned, enjoying Tuck's muffled gagging, but louder gulping sounds as Seth's seed flowed for several long moments and Tuck lost not a drop. Then without missing a beat, Tuck shuffled on his knees to his left, wiped his face a bit and then started to work on Joss Riley's waiting hard meat, just as he had for Seth. "The finger too!" Joss urged Tuck, noting that the anal stimulation had certainly put a smile on his Captain's face, so why not his own. It worked well and fast. Soon Joss was steadying Tuck's head and listening to more eager gulpings as Tuck's expert ministrations did their good duty.

Seth smiled and waited for his cabin boy to finish, then as Tuck rocked back onto his heels and looked up. "Good, good, now up and thank Mr. Riley for his service to your rump and off you go boy! Get to Paddy and have him tend to you, scoot!" Tuck wisely and quickly did as he was told, having well learned the lesson of fast response to orders, "Thank you Mr. Riley! I've learned my lesson, thank you Captain sir!" and the two men chuckled as Tuck scurried out the door having just grabbed his clothing and not put them back on. "Did you enjoy that Mr. Riley?" Seth smiled in good humor at his good friend and second in command. "Maybe a bit too much sir," Joss grinned back with equal humor.

Tuck really only got his shirt back on as he zoomed through the ship's narrow corridor. Paddy Ennis seemingly had a million things to do to get back to the business of feeding the crew three full meals and two snacks every twenty-four hours when Tuck shot like a bullet through the doorway. Though punishment strappings were a common thing on board all the space merchant vessels he had served, even Paddy would have been anxious to see the results of Tuck's strapping and Tuck proudly showed him, as well as what his penis liked to do afterwards.

"Aye, that's a healthy strappin' Mr. Riley gave ye, as good as I've ever seen for a boy that is, and a right randy cock you've managed as well. Just lean over the table and let ol' Paddy fix you up!" Paddy grinned, feeling his older member starting to stir not only at the lusty sight of the young boy's roasted tail, but erect member as well.  Tuck obeyed with a smile. Not only did Paddy not mind his nudity and erection, but he seemed enthusiastic about his reddened bottom as well. Paddy grabbed a gob of his medicinal ointment and hand applied it all over. Paddy's hand was soft and the ointment heaven, so much so that as Tuck stood back up and looked, his ass was as red as before, but instantly only half as sore, but not so reduced on the fore side of things.

Tuck was desperate now to masturbate himself and was eye-balling the jar, lustfully so. Paddy was not ignorant about such things either, "Take a bit if you like and work it out over there in the back of the galley at the sink. It works wonders!" Tuck grinned at first, but then his face fell a bit, "But I didn't get permission from the Captain." Paddy nodded, "Good thinkin' boy, but Captain did give you to me to work. Ol' Paddy will speak for ya, so go ahead and have a go at it!"

Tuck grinned, "Thank you sir!" and hurried back to the sink at the back of the galley, it was just like old times. But Paddy watched as well, rubbing his own old groin. He would take liberties with himself later, so he was content to watch Tuck's self-effort from the short distance away, especially as the boy rubbed and fingered his own pucker as his hips juked and jerked, squirting his young fluids into the sink's drain. "Oh to be young again," Paddy warmly smiled as Tuck finished up.

* * * * * * * * * *

Given that that Earth is 150,000,000 km distant of the Sun, Saturn 1,430,000,000 km and Jupiter 779,000,000 km,  that still remains a distance of about 954,000,000 km for the Dog Star to span to the mid-system Jupiter Jump station. Let's just say the captain and crew did not really want to spend their six month voyage traveling at conventional speeds hardly accomplishing barely twenty percent of the journey in that time just to the station, nor did they wish to blast their ship and themselves into small pieces by running into asteroids, icy Kuiper belt objects, meteoroids or any number of other "small bodies" that littered the known solar system because they were going too fast. That was what the Dog Star's speedy  engines were designed to accomplish, shortening the trip by months and months, but slow enough to avoid dangerous collisions. It would be a very passable ten days of hard intra-system space travel, the first three of which were not usually any fun whatsoever …

"Ewwww, ohhh! This is awful Paddy, do I have to? … " Tuck's face drew up in a pinched squint, holding the sipped hot steamy cup of special brewed tea, "… this stuff tastes like a piss-soaked back alley down in my old home on Earth!"  No wonder everyone refused to drink the old world secret recipe, but Paddy had given his galley crew no choice. "You'll be glad for it! You'll see! You won't get the space illness that the others will, neither of us, now drink up boy!" Paddy smiled and sipped away at his own hot concoction.

Tuck could only sigh and looking woefully at Lucky, who sat up on Tuck's shoulder, said, "You're lucky Lucky. Rats don't get space illness do they?" and started the arduous task of downing the terrible tasting liquid, sip by sip. Why did medicine always have to taste so badly? Lucky was happily perched near Tuck's neck, nibbling away on an old crust of bread that Tuck had saved for him, oblivious to much of anything else save that his new human master was faithful to feed him a pretty constant diet of tasty nibbles of this or that from the crew messes, much nicer than scavenging through miles of air ducts and between bulk heads for roaches and other smaller life forms.

The next few days after Tuck's inaugural whipping at Joss Riley's hand, Tuck had helped Paddy serve food in the galley and mess area as well as help just about every other crewmember at one menial task or the other leading up to getting ship ready for its more rapid run to Jupiter station. It was a real new crewmember's education in lots of things, but mostly at the variety of curse words, partial and near total nudity of a relaxed, hard working crew, but also a fortuitous making of "friends" way back in the cargo holds one evening. Tuck had spied the very same brown and white rat that had saved his voyage on that first day and quickly fetching some small food morsels bound for the trash bin, coaxed the small rodent right into the palm of his hand no less and just like that, Tuck had his own little furry space travel companion, naming him "Lucky" for obvious reasons.

Only hours after sipping at the horrid tasting brew, however, Tuck was no longer regretting having been made to drink it. Captain Zander had finally certified the ship's soundness, then kicked in the highest non-jumping speeds that the Dog Star could muster to quicken their trip and a short while after that, one by one, the crew started to turn all shades of green, holding their stomachs and standing in line for the toilets for emptying both ends of their gastrointestinal tracks. Even Seth was very ill, as was Joss Riley and Big Jack and you name it, all save Paddy and Tuck.

"I told 'em, I told all of 'em and they all turned me down. Now aren't you glad laddie?" Paddy smiled at Tuck, giving him yet another tray of dry crackers, all most of the men could even hope to hold down for even a little while, that and cup after cup of sips of tepid water. Very grateful for somehow not getting ill, Tuck nodded, "You won't find me trying to refuse anything you give me Paddy," took the tray with the large canister of water around his neck and went to deliver first to crew, then to Mr. Riley and Captain Zander, who greeted Tuck in the forward command deck, "Well, looks like your new found discipline served you well Tuck. Still, I don't know how you could stomach that swill of his." Tuck said nothing, but knew that it would be another long night of unsettled sleep. Yet, it all passed a few days later as one by one, each man grew his space legs beneath him and the journey proceeded in a more relaxed and healthy fashion.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Only a day or so out from Jupiter jump and we have to deal with this!!" Joss sighed in an unusual spate of exasperation as he stared out of the front command view portal, rubbing his eyes. They had all been up without much sleep for nearly 24 hours manning the Dog Star's forward and lateral guns, blasting into harmless dust, the larger asteroid rocks that threatened the ship's outer hull against unwanted and potentially devastating asteroid collision.

Tuck looked at Seth, worried as well. The known asteroid belts had somehow shifted and thickened since any of their last trips on other ships, endangering the ship and crew, forcing Seth to divert some of the power from the ship's engines to its protective shields. It would delay them at least a full day from the station, but they would reach it safely nonetheless. Seth had enjoyed several consecutive nights of sexual pleasure with Tuck, but still without entering the boy's insides, saving that for a special evening he had planned on the station itself to celebrate having made the journey that far. Joss Riley had been up longer than he, stolidly vigilant hour after hour. Seth looked at his long time friend's face, then at Tuck's and whispered in his ear, "Take the big man back to my quarters and show him a good time Tuck, OK?"

Tuck grinned. He had not yet really had a chance to "thank" Joss for everything he had done for him, clear back to that special time out on the docks when Tuck wasn't at all sure he was crewmember material.  Tuck slid around the back of Seth's Captain's chair and then leaned into his ear, whispering, "Mr. Riley, I've a round perfect ass to warm up a bit if you like, a young tight pucker to lick and a ready mouth to suck your juices free of your balls, Captain's orders!"

Joss smiled and his groin instantly growling, he closed his eyes and reaching back, ruffled Tuck's hair. Duty or pleasure was the question. Joss sighed. The crew's and ship's safety was burned into his being, "Oh, I would love that boy, more than anything, but there's too much worry up here!" Seth looked over, "Joss, I'll be fine. Send Rideout or Mellows up here and have Big Jack man one of the lateral guns aft. I think we've passed through the heart of it and are on the other side, we'll be fine. You need the rest! Move it man!!"

Joss looked over at his Captain, not sorry for a direct order, "Well, good then," and stood up. Tuck grinned and winked at Joss, Lucky perched where he now always was, right up on Tuck's shoulder. "Will the wee one be joining us?" Joss joked as they walked aft from the command post. "Ned helped me build a small cage, that's where he sleeps and I'll put him there," Tuck said and Joss nodded him inside the small room while he walked a bit further to re-mix the crew as Zander had ordered.

Tuck went in and opened the small cage, plucking Lucky from his shoulder, "Now don't peek!" Tuck grinned, then decided to give Joss a chance to set his eyes upon a totally naked and ready cabin boy, even pulling out the barstool and sat himself up upon it like a trophy. Joss was not long delayed and walked right into the Captain's quarters with evidence of his own eager anticipation lewdly tenting his flight suit forward. His face widened in an expanding grin seeing Tuck's cock pointing at an upwards angle, then closed the door, "Well, what have we here!?" Tuck jumped off the stool and stood the rest of his naked body at attention, "Ready for my orders Mr. Riley!"

Joss licked his lips, went over and sat on the stool, motioning Tuck to between his knees. Tuck quickly complied and Joss then used his big rough hands to gently rub up and down Tuck's young lithe naked body, fore and aft. Joss loved what he saw, felt and smelled; Tuck's pristine young skin was just a little darkened with a few days of sweat, mixed in with a bit of the grime of hard work, just like all the men onboard now had and gave off a unique lustful boy's musk. Tuck bathed no more or less than any of them, it was just how crew were after a few days, just as in days of old on Earth's seas. Men seldom bathed onboard sea-going vessels in those days, water being scarce and nobody cared. These days of space travel were little different really also to conserve resources. Space merchanting was after all a man's job and the job did not include or need such niceties.

Tuck's hand landed on top of Joss's wide shoulder and he moaned as the big man's firm fist now gently stroked his young hard cock, stilling its twitching excitement. "Let me peel off your suit Mr. Riley, there's no need for clothes in here." Joss nodded and growled his consent. Tuck unzipped Joss's suit and peeled it down and off, then Tuck leaned in and brought his young soft lips to Joss's, breathing Joss's stronger manly scent deep into his nostrils.  Joss then gently turned Tuck and brought the boy's smaller and softer chest to his hairier and larger one and Joss continued the kiss, a surprisingly gentle one for such a big man. Joss's hands also felt for the boy's buttocks and a big meaty finger started to penetrate his young pucker already, but then quickly re-emerged and swatted the naked flesh on either side, hard, with two swift spanks!

Tuck hissed, "Yes! A good walloping Mr. Riley, if it pleases you!" and Joss spanked him hard, twice more, causing Tuck to lift up on his heels and grit his teeth a little. But at that moment, Joss desired to please his mouth and not his hands, "Step back Tuck, bend over the stool and let me have at your tight shoot!" and Tuck eagerly complied as Joss stood up. Tuck stepped forward and bent himself far over the stool top, his legs widely spread and Joss kneeled behind the very appealing sight. He widely grinned and licked his lips.

In his day, Joss Riley had enjoyed sexual pleasures with men and women, but never with a male of Tucker's young age much less aboard a ship like this. Using the fingers of both hands, firmly spread Tuck's bare cheeks, fully exposing the boy's young rosebud. Joss's breathing quickened, "Now that's more like it!" and moved in towards it and took in a deep sniff of the area before firmly burying his scruffy bearded face into the center, his large tongue already out for that first lick, that first taste of the young soft center.

The roughened face tickled at Tuck's tender and sensitive flesh at first, making Tuck grin and he almost giggled, but grinning turned to a needful smile as Joss's strong tongue started to greedily lick and lap over his hole. Then the wet drooling tongue started to poke and penetrate, making Tuck very sorry that he could not yet offer the deserving second in command a full on butt-fucking. It was still the Captain's special first pleasure to have before others could be offered, but Joss's oral efforts were almost like being fucked with a hard dick instead of the penetrating tongue.

Tuck's throat nevertheless rhythmically alternated his own accented grunts with softer moans as if he was being fucked and he grinned out of Joss's sight for not only the anal pleasuring he was receiving, but for the freely offered grunting and slurping sounds coming from Mr. Riley's throat and mouth with each deep penetrations into the rich, sweet-tangy depths of his young rearward anatomy.

Joss's big hands effortlessly assisted the effort, moving Tuck's pelvis in and out in full rhythm with each oral thrust, but soon enough Tuck started to take that effort over, moving his own hips in rhythm with Joss. That left Joss's hands free to fondle and fondle they did, re-grasping Tuck's stool-top thumping erection, the other smoothing up and down Tuck's lean young and naked body. "That's it boy! Force your hole onto my face!" Joss urged, then had a better idea for both of them, "Get up boy, to your bed, I want this meaty rump of yours coming down at me, and you sucking my cock from on top."

Tuck was quick to obey and knew exactly what to do as Captain Zander had also loved to put Tuck into this position each of their prior nights together. Tuck climbed up and straddled the big man's supine body and turning his head back, gave Joss a leering grin and a provocative suggestive tease, "Now don't be shy Mr. Riley, I'll bet you'd love to eat a young boy's seed. Captain says it's sweet and delicious!" then turned back and bent far forward and wasting no more time, started to part his lips over Joss Riley's cock-head.

Joss already knew that he could have demanded anything of the boy, save fucking him. But to have the boy openly offer with such enthusiasm was so much more inviting. The pleasant choices were therefore before him, a tight tasty young anus to orally invade and the invitation to share in his Captain's enjoyment of Tuck's young juices as well. Why not both? So Joss first started another assault of tongue into the boy's hole, but it soon became hard to concentrate on even that easy task as Riley's cock was already being ravaged by the cabin boy's skills and lustful thoughts of flooding Tuck's mouth with his own seed mightily distracted Joss from his path,  even though Tuck's anus was but a short inch from his own lips.

Finally overwhelmed by the need to get relief from his packed testicles, Joss just smiled and lay his head back onto the pillow and started to thrust his hips upward to initiate the final push towards fulfillment, "That's it boy, you're about to feed on a man's seed!" which only urged Tuck's efforts all the more. Joss's thumb began to push into Tuck's anus and feeling the sharp pain of it only made him want to trigger the man's hard wet squirts all the more and he moaned loudly and things were quickly at the verge of conclusion, Joss's eyes shut and his mind emptied of everything but pleasure.

But suddenly, Tuck found himself flying off the bed and onto the cabin deck on his back and looking up to the ceiling! There had been a simultaneous giant sickening thud sound and a loud klaxon alarm with it. A computer generated voice quickly, but calmly said over the ship-wide communication channel, "Emergency … hull breech, corridor B … Emergency … hull breech, corridor B."

"Shit!!" Tuck yelled, sprung up to his feet and ran out of the cabin door buck naked, Joss right behind him, naked as well, "Fast boy fast!" Joss yelled, but the quick younger legs were already out of sight. Tuck had been taught that the worst and most disastrous fate of any space merchant ship in transit was the loss of outer hull integrity, death for all aboard quickly behind. It could happen by a pirate's attacking guns and missiles or in this case, the failure to evade a giant asteroid's impact. While manning the ship's starboard cannons, Big Jack had in fact spied the giant rock at the last moment and tried to blow away parts of it before impact and did, maybe saving their lives in the effort, but not enough to prevent significant impact and damage.

Tuck flew down into corridor B, his lesson on that first day had been well learned; obey orders quickly and fast and he knew where to be according to the computer's instruction. Captain Zander and all of the ship's crew flew to the sight as well, the automatic pilot having taken over navigation, but already Tuck was helping the crew to seal the breech. The ship's new technology provided a temporary electronic barrier which would last only as long as the ship had the power to sustain it or be overwhelmed by a sudden increase in the breech which would empty the ship's vital life-sustaining atmosphere into the vacuumed void of space, killing everyone in moments.

But that would not happen now. Tuck had been trained to use all of his body weight and pressing himself trustingly into the large softish composite patching material, keep it up in place over the small but deadly gap as Big Jack, Ned and Little Mo' furiously worked to seal the edges as the rest of the crew watched, each heart furiously pounding with the tension of the awful threat.

The patching material magically hardened into a safe barrier as Big Jack and Ned finished smoothing off the edges and Tuck was given the word to back off and did, finally able to breathe and just began to realize what had actually happened. He had helped to save the ship and the crew as well as himself and the emotion of it then hit everyone. A collective breath was finally taken. "I can't stop shaking!!" Ned said looking at everyone and nobody disagreed.

Seth's hands covered his face for just a moment. Hull breaches were rare and though they all regularly drilled on how to fetch the patching material and cover the gapped damage, it was still a horror to see it happen in reality. The patch would provide ample repair until they reached a station and provide a more permanent fix. His crew had acted quickly and smartly and it was only then that it was noticed that two of the party were completely naked, Tucker Vaux and Joss Riley. Seth now could relax and grin, "I don't recall that nudity was required to fix one of these things!"

Tuck should not have had to blush, but he did. Joss did not blush, but grinned and nodded, "Aye Captain, it's not. We were following orders in your cabin, but no sooner had the rock hit the ship and the alarm sounded, he was out of the door like a bolt of lightning! Well done boy!" Joss said and ruffled Tuck's hair. "Threw himself right up against the patch, just like we drilled, hey boy?!" Big Jack added his head-ruffle as well and Seth looked at his cabin boy and nodded, "So Tuck, how does it feel to have helped to keep us alive out here?"

"Alive?" Tuck squeaked and felt a little faint. He then realized that without thinking and just reacting to orders and protocol, his small human body had been a mere six inches away from being sucked into instant death through a gap hardly three inches in width, not a nice thought at all. But he managed a weak smile, "I was just following orders. I didn't really care to have my Captain or Mr. Riley using my punishment belt across my bare ass like last time!"

Everyone roared around him and started to peel away and back to their stations leaving Captain Zander, Joss Riley and Tuck looking at the entirely hardened patching material in a final inspection. "Well, did you two finish the job before this happened?" Seth asked Tuck and Joss. "Not hardly sir," Joss replied for them both. "Then back at it, no cause for nerves, this will hold nicely," and Seth walked back forward to the forward command and navigation cabin.  Joss nodded to Tuck to follow him and he did, back to the Captain's cabin, shutting the door behind them.

The "mood" had been well crushed of course and Joss sat on the bed, patting the place next to him. Tuck sat by him, not knowing what to think or feel at the moment. Joss slid his big arm across the boy's narrow shoulders, "When I first found my way to a ship and the life of a space merchant, I had always dreamed about doing heroic things, single handedly saving my ship from disaster, reaping grand respect and plaudits for my effort … I found out instead that nothing happens by oneself, it's all by hard work in concert with your mates. Don't let this go to your head young man, but you did very well, and you've earned this mariner's respect," and then Joss sighed and stood, looking as if he was headed for the door.

"Where are you going sir?" Tuck asked. Joss turned, "To visit ol' Paddy. My nerves are still all a-jangled. I'm sure he has some kind of vile medicine to calm me. You're free to do as you please Mr. Vaux, you've earned it." Maybe Tucker Vaux had dreamed of heroic deeds from time to time in his short life as well, but actually doing it, was less heroic feeling than hoping and wishing that something as frightening as a hull breach on the Dog Star would never, ever happen again. He had reacted only out of duty to help save the ship, nothing more and nothing less.

Tuck then stood and went over to block the doorway of Joss's egress and continue to act some out of duty, but mostly out of affection, "I've a better medicine than Paddy sir," and nodded at the bed, a smile spreading on his young face, then stepped forward and took Joss by his big hand to the bed and lay him down on his back. Joss said nothing, but smiled and obeyed the boy. Tuck kneeled at the bedside and licking his lips over but once, leaned over and engulfed Joss's limp penis into his mouth and used his hands to feel up and down Joss's hard muscled chest and strong legs.

Joss closed his eyes and gently petted Tuck's head to the back of his neck and down to the boy's back, then up again, slowly and carefully, up and down as his cock got hard very fast under Tuck's skilled care. Joss opened his eyes only once, just to make sure that Tuck looked happy in his effort and he was. His eyes were open and alive and smiling even as he was nearly swallowing Joss's long and hard shaft down his young throat. Joss even then took up Tuck's near searching hand and putting it to his lips, kissed the back of it, saying softly and mostly to himself, "bless you boy, you're a fine lad and I'm proud to know you." But the kind moment was pushed aside as his big balls began to tremble and then he moaned loudly and his pelvis rose up.

The room was dominated by Tuck's loud gulps and soft mews as he drank down the big man's voluminous fluids, making sure nothing escaped ingestion until the job was finished. Tuck then sighed and turning, sat himself on the cabin floor, kind of tired now. Joss sat himself up, totally relaxed and glad he no longer felt the need to torture his mouth's taste buds with one of Paddy's medicinal teas, but did fancy testing out a different fluid. He stood and offering his hand to Tuck, "Your turn boy, lie down," and Tuck followed the fun order, stretching out on his back on the bed. Tuck's eyes grew wide as Joss's big mouth descended on his soft groin and easily and totally engulfed his young hard shaft clear to the base without hesitation.

But there was more, albeit only briefly. A big meaty finger from Joss's right hand easily found Tuck's butthole and penetrated and Tuck took up Joss's free left hand and pleasured himself by sucking on the index finger-tip. The combined effort spun Tuck's mind and sex off into space, into a hard and very long and productive orgasm, not unlike what the Captain had done with him each time they had had sex since leaving New London. Joss found it hard to swallow and grin at the same time, but he managed and then licked his lips afterwards and searched for any stray droplets before sitting back on his big haunches, "There! A good job!" and helped Tuck to standing. "Now you go find your Captain and do his bidding boy, you're job with me is done."

"Aye sir!" Tuck said and slipped on but a skimpy undergarment and started to fly out the door. "Wait! Don't forget your little one there!" Joss suggested. Tuck smiled, "Lucky!" and found his furry little pet safely inside of his cage. Tuck let him free and grabbing a few near-by crumbs of saved stale dry bread, gave a piece to the hungry little ball of fur and set him on top of his left shoulder.

Tuck then went for the door and feeling a soft swat to his hindquarters, sped his way out.  Joss followed Tuck, but went the other direction, worried just a bit as he should be over the patched hull breech and decided to re-check its integrity, thinking to himself how fortunate he was to have a generous Captain with an eager to please cabin boy.

Tuck found his way to the forward command cabin and finding his Captain alone in his chair, quickly and quietly settled himself onto his knees to Seth's left and reached up, putting his hand into contact to the back of his Captain's shoulder, saying nothing to otherwise disturb. Seth was busy, worrying himself over preventing any more contact with asteroids, but put his hand out and rubbed Tuck's head, "All finished are we?"

"Aye sir, finished," Tuck replied calmly and then gazed with wonder out the front window at the distant stars and the last of the asteroid belt's diminishing threats. All this time, Seth did not look at Tuck and used both hands to continue to manipulate dials and press buttons or turn knobs and flip levers, but he surely did feel Tuck's affectionate hand and was glad for it. It was easy then to renew his vow to Bernita Lacoline that he would die before any harm would ever come to this boy by his side, but said, "Imagine your Aunt's horror if she were ever to find out about the hull." Tuck smiled a little, "My Mom's too, so let's not tell them sir." Seth grinned and chuckled a bit as he too joined Tuck and relaxing back into his seat, also gazed with wonder at the stars in front of his own ship, the Dog Star, "No, let's not!"

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