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Dog Star
Episode Three: Viva Las Vegas! ...


PJ Franklin

… "Las Vegas in space" that is, Jupiter Jump's well-earned nick-name. The massive space station was half trading station and half pleasure palace though the latter dominated. The really big corporate trading profits were not to be gained at Jupiter Jump so close to Earth. To get the real profits that companies like AOC desired, one had to journey much further to their actual sources far beyond Jupiter Jump.

So why was it named Jupiter Jump station instead of Saturn Jump station? That the giant engineering feat had been located between the two largest planets in our solar system made sense gravity-wise as well as for pure aesthetics.

I mean, Jupiter and Saturn are magnificent cosmic wonders to gaze upon from any angle from within the space port, certainly better than having the cold colorless Uranus on the other side of Saturn to frown at. Actually, it wasn't anything special, simply just the way the name Jupiter Jump "jumped" off the tongue that the name stuck.

One thing was for sure, by the time the Dog Star was making its final approach into Jupiter Jump, its inhabitants were well ready to partake of some classic Jupiter Jump R & R. Tempers and nerves were a little frayed. Even aside the brush with extreme danger via the asteroid collision with the ship's hull, there were a few more bugs and glitches to fix to make the Dog Star mission-ready than had been anticipated.

You see, space merchant ships, especially new ones, don't exactly come off the show room floor perfected and ready to roll like a common everyday personal transportation device (used to be called a car). The ship builder guarantees basic outer hull integrity, otherwise look-out, internal ship systems and even structure can be a bit flaky right out of the box, as they say.

Everyone from the low tech cargo handlers like Big Jack, Ned and Little Mo to techno-wizards Thad Rideout and Rudy Mellows were kept busy in their own departments 24/7, tweaking, fixing and otherwise making double sure that the Dog Star would be 100% operational when it came time to do the real work of space merchanting far beyond their Jupiter Jump lay over.

Captain Zander also had his own ideas on how to best re-configure the ship's giant cargo holds born out of his family's vast experience and given the crew's relative sparse number, it took most of the heavy handlers plus the Captain and his First Officer to get the refits, improvements and revisions all done before they reached Jupiter Jump.

Cabin boy Tucker Vaux had mainly become Paddy Ennis' right hand man in the ship's galley serving the crew its food and drink around the clock either in the ship's small mess hall or delivering directly to wherever the crew was working. Tucker slept as much alone as with his Captain in those days and the keenly anticipated minutes of sexual pleasuring between them were disappointingly few and far between during this critical period.

* * * * * * * * * *

"But I want to go with you Captain, please!" Tuck begged Seth. Everyone had been forward during the exciting docking procedure into Jupiter Jump's docking bay and Tuck especially, his ears having been filled by each crew member with bawdy tales of prior fun and exploration of the station.

Joss scowled at Tuck, "Do as your Captain wishes boy! You'll stay behind with Mr. Rideout who is on first watch and learn some computer and electronics to pass the time properly."

"Yes Mr. Riley," Tucker said with a disappointed tone nonetheless, but was quickly distracted by a hard swat to his hindquarters courtesy his Captain's hard hand,

"Chin up Tuck! It'll only be for a few hours and I'll come get you. There's rumor of AOC agents around and I don't want to risk your discovery before we've even got to the real mission ahead," Seth reassured his cabin boy.

Tuck briefly but enthusiastically rubbed the sting from his scantily clad rump, as usual more bare boy bottom showing than not, a fact not lost on many of the crew over past days, especially Thad Rideout. Thad was boiling over for sexual release having seldom gone this long without engaging a male partner back on earth or at the moon's New London colony.

"Don't worry Vaux, I'll keep you busy. You said you wanted to learn my station, now's your chance!" Thad grinned clapping his hand on top of Tuck's shoulder.

Tuck nodded and managed a small disappointed smile at Seth and Joss,

"Don't do anything too fun before I can be there please?!"

Seth, Joss and the rest of the departing crew heartily laughed and Tuck watched at Thad's side as they left the ship through the large main gantry-way.

"Come on Tuck, let's get started. The time will pass quickly!" Thad said giving Tuck a little push in the opposite direction while also leering at his attractive backside from behind, his tongue giving a wishful lick of his lips.

A few hours later …

Tuck frowned in frustration. Captain Zander had radioed in the bad news to Thad that AOC agents similar to the one who had nearly caught Tuck back at the New London docking were still lurking about the station in unsafe numbers, but that they were expected to depart the station "shortly," whatever that meant.

To have gotten this far and have to remain on the ship even a little while longer seemed unfair to the impatient youth. Tuck felt that he had worked hard. He wanted to have fun too!

Besides, as he and Thad were working together, Tuck learning about the Dog Star's computer systems, Tuck had regaled Mr. Rideout about some of his more exciting sexual conquests-for-cash back on earth causing the poor horny Thad to launch more than one suggestive pass at him, the kind Tuck would have easily gone for back on earth for cash or sometimes not.

A bit later …

"Tuck! There you are! You said you were going for a pee and coming right back … " and then the young crewman's voice stopped in its tracks as Tuck approached, stark-naked, his young member stiff and upright in the extreme.

"I want to have sex with you Mr. Rideout! I've seen your looks at me and your cock has been hard for nearly the entire time you've been teaching me things about your work station. What do you say?"

Thad Rideout looked down at the truth of it, his hand reaching down to rub on his obvious aching and insistent bulge. Casting caution aside, Thad motioned Tuck to himself,

"Then get your hot ass over here boy and let's get going before anyone returns!"

Tuck launched himself at Thad right there at the Dog Star main computer control station. Thad unwisely did not resist or at least delay Tuck's lurid advance even though they would have been best advised to have at least taken the time to sequester themselves safely further back into the shadows of a Dog Star cargo hold.

In a moment, Thad Rideout's clothes, what little he had on, were cast aside. He locked his lips with the teen's luscious full ruby-red counterparts, something he had fantasized about for days now when he would masturbate himself senseless during what few sleep hours the crew had been rationed.

Tucker Vaux had been no slouch when it came to seducing a mild earthbound man into a sexual animal with his tongue's prowess alone, much less a wound up Dog Star crewman hardly much older than himself and at the peak of his desires. Hands flew everywhere and already oozing blobs of semen were leaking from the slits of two engorged cocks as Thad pushed piles of computer manuals onto the floor from his island-like work bench so that they might use the top to find exotic positions to sate their mutual desires.

Shortly thereafter, loud drooling mutual oral contact in the classic 69 position, tongue to anus, drove each participant wild for more. Thad slapped and spanked Tuck's beautiful round white rump, turning it red with hand prints all at Tuck's insistence.

Even though each participant knew that Thad had better keep his engorged sex-muscle outside of the younger boy's forbidden love tunnel, they could at least pretend and allow Thad's love juices to squirt a hot moist coating all over both the boy's red-imprinted bottom flesh as well as over his young rosebud.

When the roaring voice bellowed behind them, Tuck was in a prone, suggestive position bent over the end of Thad's work table. His ass was pointed well up with Thad standing there, the tip of his cock a mere two inches from Tuck's anus having just freshly showered the young rosebud with a full load of cum,

"Vaux! Rideout! What in Saturn's rings!!?" Joss Riley's voice roared behind them.

Thad jumped back, Tuck flew off the table and they both faced two very unhappy men, Captain Zander and his First Officer with three crew members also behind them, all eyes wide and jaws slackened.

Shortly thereafter …

If witnessing a fellow crewmember's public strapping had not been mandatory, it would not have mattered. Big Jack, Ned, Little Mo and surprisingly even the much more female enamored Rudy Mellows grinned and rubbed their swollen trouser fronts at the sights and sounds of Thad Rideout's public punishment for misconduct while on watch over the Dog Star.

Not even to mention that Thad was caught teaching or rather enjoying biology with Tucker Vaux instead of sticking to the subject of teaching the Captain's cabin boy the Dog Star's computer systems, one especially does not turn one's back on the ship while on watch duty and especially so when docked at a jump station. Security at such places is flaky at best and dangerously lacking at worst, the risk of looting or bodily harm at the hands of a galactic scumbag not worth letting one's guard down.

Joss Riley's forehead was dripping with sweat, but his right shoulder remained unaffected by each hard and purposeful swing of the punishment strap across Rideout's bared buttocks. Rideout was fully naked, vertically suspended by his shackled wrists via the heavy chain slung over an overhead beam and his toes just touching the decking below.

Deep regretful groans were expelled from Thad's throat as each of the fifteen heavy licks ordered by Captain Zander fell one by one. Thad had been strapped several times before by other superiors on other ships taking each punishment in stride and never blaming anyone but himself for his unwise choices in each case.

This was no different save that Joss Riley had a real passion for strapping miscreant crewmen that many others in his position did not. Captain Zander could have kicked Thad to the curb right on the spot for his lax conduct and he would have missed out on a great deal of needed lucrative pay from the mission to come, but did not.

On the other hand, Thad had never had to suffer this kind of pain before. Fifteen licks from Mr. Riley now felt more like thirty strap licks from other men in the past. Thad's face was wrinkling up in great pain now!

Seth Zander did not especially blame Thad for having given into his cabin boy's wiles, such things were inevitable and would have been condoned if not outright offered, sooner than later. No, that certainly was not the point, nor the crime.

Ordinarily the Captain and his First Officer would have punished the two crewmen in tandem and in public as well. But as Seth's eye had caught the lusty gist of what Rideout was doing to his cabin boy, the several weeks of pleasure-lacking, back breaking and relentless hard work on Dog Star's problems, bugs and flaws, all came to bear. Instantly, Seth knew what he really wanted, it was time. And it would not be publically shared!

Tuck knew it was time as well; time to face the consequences of neglect of duty, but even that had its perks. He was being treated as an adult crew, taken to task for his part in neglect of ship's security. His Captain's curt lecture had seen to that; but even then, it was the passionate fire in Captain Zander's voice and eyes that provided the clue to the rest. Seth Zander was not the only one displaying the results of his deprived state, however.

"I should just give you the whipping of your life and then leave you to rot in here by yourself for a day!" Seth threatened with a twinkle in eye and voice as he stood in back of Tuck, his fist holding Jud Lacoline's gifted worn crewman's belt, his trouser front barely containing his lust.

Tuck closed his eyes. One did not have to see to feel and know what was really going to happen,

"Yes Captain, sir!" Tuck barked back and elevated his pelvis, raising his buttocks and fully exposing his tight pucker to his Captain's drooling gaze.

Only a throaty growl forewarned the first hard pass of the belt across Tuck's tender flesh … CRACKK!!

Thad was finally forced to cry out in pain from Mr. Riley's last stroke, his backside on more fire than he had ever known before. Well satisfied, Joss cast the strap aside and glancing at the comical looks of the observing crewmen still rubbing on their bulging crotches, he strode forward and engaging young Thad, reached out and boldly stroked on what was Rideout's already uprising penis,

"Hmm, one might think you enjoyed having your hindquarters blasted Mr. Rideout!"

Thad did not answer at first. This whole thing of being shackled, fully naked and stretched helplessly upwards in the cargo hold before his leering crewmates and then publically punished by his superior, Joss Riley, had taken Thad by an unexpected (by not unpleasant) surprise.

Yes, his cock was elevating, now that the terrible blows were ended. He looked down and saw Mr. Riley's groin in full blossom as well and his mind quickly dredged up a very closely held and secret sexual fantasy concerning not only the huge masculine first officer, but several of the on-looking beefy cargo handlers as well. So why not go for it?

"Yes, one would think Mr. Riley. The question is, what are you and the others back there going to do about it?"

One does not have to ask twice, save that Mr. Riley thought it wise to let the next to the youngest crewmember down from his precarious position and make him go to all fours on the cargo bay floor. This was not a problem for Thad who quickly found Big Jack offering his randy prick to his mouth in front just as Mr. Riley's was about to enter him from behind!

It did not take many fast hard licks of the old leathery crew belt to squash Tuck's earlier enthusiasm and encourage more realistic verbal complaints about a quickly pained  backside.

"Getting to ya, hey boy?" Seth grinned, his cock-tip sloppy with a thick coating of lusty ooze.

"Yesssir," Tuck managed with muffled enthusiasm,

"I'll not be messing around again when there is work or learnin' to do!"

Seth dropped the belt to his side and nodded, smiling at the sight of his cabin boy's glowing buttock cheeks as he quickly plotted the next activity,

"Keep those hips high boy while your Captain enjoys a good taste of your sweet little cargo hold!" Seth commanded as he dropped to his knees.

Tuck did as he was told without delay and in short order Seth Zander's tongue was greedy to the task at hand, simultaneously pleasuring himself and Tuck with loud sloppy slurps though accompanied by the Captain's scratchy beard  stubble burning over the inner edges of Tuck's red swollen bottom cheeks.

"Ohhh! Ohhhh! Mr. Riley sir!" Thad bellowed having quickly (and temporarily) detached his mouth from Big Jack's large prick on account of the great pain in his rear. Rideout didn't mind taking a turn on the bottom-side of things once in awhile, but Riley's cock felt as large as a horse's! The crew roared with approval, but especially Rudy Mellows,

"Is he a bit big for your pansy ass Rideout?!" he chided his good friend with delight.

"He'll be unharmed … mostly!" Joss grinned and chuckled, "Shut his trap back up for us Jack!"

Big Jack obliged the direct order quickly plugging the oral gap and causing Thad's throat to expel an involuntary, "Ohhfff!" the result of the First Officer's brisk reentry into the crewman's butt hole!

Seth's cock was impatiently demanding its turn, but the Captain's tongue didn't wish to yield the delicious territory claimed, squatter's rights as they say. Seth's mind found itself a comic conundrum, trying to negotiate fair terms of surrender and use between the two squabbling parties!

Tuck was no help at all and didn't want the present activity to cease, just yet. Even the fast building burning irritation of his Captain's beard stubble upon his tender flayed flesh was a welcome relief or so said his penis, now raging as hard as Seth Zander's.

Tuck carefully finessed a series of backwards wiggles and loudly moaned his approval of the Captain's oral exercise, greatly delaying Seth's decision to move forward. But shortly after, as two long drools of the Captain's saliva streamed down the insides of Tuck's thighs and started to ooze slowly to the floor below, even Tuck knew he needed more,

"Oh my god Captain! Please fuck me! Screw me! Just pound the moons of Jupiter right out of me, pleaseeeeee sir!"

It was like a third breaking the tie, suddenly Seth stood up and slapped his palms to Tuck's hips, his cock sardonically grinning at its target. He bellowed at the top of his voice,

"Get ready cabin boy! It won't be pretty, but it sure will be fun!!"

Tuck had little time other than to slap his palms on the floor in front of himself, perch his whipped ass on high and balance on the tip-toes of his widely spread legs and feet. The Captain's hands clamped on the boy's slender hips, raised them up and he roared as his steel poled swooped in for its long awaited meal.

Tucker Vaux's head lurched backwards a brief moment later and his vocal cords loudly announced to any near-by who cared to hear, that the huge swollen tip of the man's cock was already buried to the hilt!

"Sweeeet heavennnn, sirrrrrrrrrrr!"

Rudy Mellows was nearly on the floor in hysterics, laughing and pointing,

"Rideout you closet whore, you!! Look at you!!"

By now, Little Mo' was at Rideout's aft and Ned was manning the fore, both satisfying Thad's apparent newly found love of his mates' sex rods. Who knew? Thad hadn't, not really, well not THIS much anyway.

As Thad's body swayed back and forth with his partners' synchronized thrusts, his wild eyes gave Rudy a sidelong glance, catching sight of his good friend's unused cock. Rudy loved to brag to him of his expert ability to find the best women to suck him off to his liking.

Thad wondered if a male had ever been called in for an audition, but thought not. Rudy was a bit too proud of himself at times for Thad's tastes anyway; maybe it was time to give Rudy a shock. It didn't take long for Little Mo' to have his way with Thad's backside, nor Ned at the front before the pair both withdrew.

Rudy was on his knees, still pointing and laughing as Thad sat up on his haunches, then made a successful sudden lunge at Rudy, propelling him backwards onto his back.

"Laugh all you want funny man!" Thad pinned Rudy back, "Maybe you won't laugh so hard when you find out that I can please you better than ANY woman in the universe!"

There was a very brief loud silence in the room before Mr. Riley roared his laughing approval,

"This I want to see!!"

"Nooo! Noo! I take it back Thad, you're not a whore, you're … noooo!" but no man who just thinks he doesn't want to be sucked off by another man can resist when he's already got an insistent erection and especially when his mind was only weakly trying to conjure up visions of females sucking his cock as the males around him were having their fun.

Now it was Ned's, Little Mo's and Joss's turn to point and laugh as try as he might (and he really didn't try very hard), Rudy Mellows only gave Thad token resistance to opening his fly, pulling out his mighty sword and then going down on his fellow crewman. Rudy was quickly watching in helpless (but pleasured) horror as a man, Thad Rideout no less, was for the first time, trying to suck out the thick aromatic sex juices from his taut love muscle.

"Want me to stop?!" Thad said, bobbing up. Their eyes met for a brief and tense moment. Then Rudy's head fell back and he chortled, "No! Don't stop, I fucking like it!"

Thad grinned, "So do I!" and went back down as Joss and the others slapped their thighs and howled with delight.

"Slow, easy does it now!" Seth said, both man and boy sweating like it was 110 degrees in the small cabin and it nearly was!

In fact Seth nearly let Tuck's limp, sweat dripping body slip from his rearward bear-hug as he carried both the boy and himself to his bed, his cock still impaled deeply into the boy's love tunnel having just pounded it furiously hard over the tall barstool.

Seth Zander's strong hug of embrace was all Tuck cared about, well yes, that he was also being royally fucked by the most manly male in the entire universe, Tuck's universe anyway. The young lad  just relaxed and soon he was lying on his side, rather gently spooned, his head on Seth's pillow and Seth nibbling with surprise tenderness at his upturned ear before kissing the boy's soft cheek just under his eye,

"So Tucker Vaux, you're millions of miles away from all you know, a cabin boy on Dog Star … "

"My Captain's ship parked inside my mooring to boot!" Tuck quipped as he inhaled the Captain's wonderfully strong male aroma, tinged with sweaty brine.

Seth chuckled and gave his cabin boy two slow deep penile thrusts, eliciting two grinning moans,

"And you've acquitted yourself nicely Vaux, just don't let your guard down here at Jupiter Jump!"

Tuck knew the comment  was supposed to be a Captain's instructive warning about the Jump's reputation for considerable danger, but why not a mind's dare for an alternative meaning, one that had been building in Tuck's mind for days, but was probably best left to just his own private counsel for now?

Tuck blushed for his thoughts, but gave Seth no other purposeful clues, instead two strong rearward thrusts of his pelvis without the Captain moving his body to help.  Seth enjoyed the way Tuck had just pleasured his cock but was neither a fool, nor untrained. Tuck's body language had changed and the boy's eyes were closed, his face russet with an almost angelic smile.

The Captain's mind raced back to weeks before, sitting with Jud and Bernita Lacoline inside of the Dark Side pub, that boy in the kitchen service window, peeking out, stealing glances with a familiar tell-tale yearning in his eyes that Seth easily recognized even then.

"I won't forget that crew belt's warning sir, there's nowhere I can let my guard down I think."

"Hmm, well said Vaux, well said. Now, how about I blast away my gun at someone's ass-teroid!"

"Aye Captain!" Tuck opened his eyes and smiled and then the two males went at rutting in hard earnest.

"Makes you want to bust in there and join them, hey?" Thad whispered as every other man on the ship, Joss Riley included, had ears pressed to Captain Zander's closed cabin door or the adjacent bulkheads.

"Oh fuck yea, oh god yessssssss!" Tuck screamed just then from inside causing all of the men on the outside to lurch back from door and bulkheads and stare incredulously at each other.

Even Rudy shook his head side to side and quietly commented as they all decided to retreat and leave their Captain alone with his prize,

"That's a lucky man inside there, I'd say!"

* * * * * * * * * *

Having left Ned and Rudy on Dog Star's next security watch, Tucker Vaux now stood surrounded by Mr. Riley, the Captain, Paddy Ennis and the other free crew at Jupiter Jump's huge post-docking entrance to the rare and wondrous world of space station commerce and entertainment.

Tuck's awestruck eyes grew wide and his mouth gaped for what seemed like minutes to him, but really was just a few seconds and was interrupted by a growlingly fierce and other-worldly sounding voice,

"What the fuck are you staring at young HUMAN!? Can't you control your whelp Zander or do you need me to do it for you!!?"

Old friends (meaning enemies) are never far away at Jupiter Jump.

"Don't stare at folks Tuck, they easily take offence," Paddy Ennis whispered in Tuck's ear, wisely pulling Tuck far to the side as Seth was confronted by easily one of Jupiter Jump's most violence prone visitors, a humanoid merchant from the dark and dreary Monsoon system.

Tuck nodded and looked down, but it was nearly impossible not to stare. His mother and anyone else back on the Moon or Earth would never believe that he was in the actual presence of a real live Monsoonian, his skin (or was it hide?) just as greenish-lavender as in the pictures they all had grown up looking at or studying back in school.

"Well, well, if it isn't Crock Ashtar! I see they finally let you out of prison for that last pathetic botched heist of illegal sex slaves!" Seth growled back. It was never wise to greet a Monsoonian from anything other than a position of strength and equal verbal force or sarcasm.

"Illegal here! But not in Monsoon! I'll give you ten times the going price on Jaxtar (Monsoon's system main planet) for the whelp, what do you say Zander!? You're a clever trader and I'll wager you can get ten more just like him!" Ashtar boomed with a sardonic grin towards Tuck that made Tuck's skin crawl with fear.

Tuck scooted behind Big Jack's bigger body just then, but carefully peered around his shoulder. Seth suddenly grabbed Crock by his thick and ornate leather tunic,

"So much as even touch the boy Ashtar and you'll find your body cremating away in a space station trash furnace!"

Crock grabbed at Seth's tunic and was about to level his version of a similar threat when a much younger version of Crock, his son Kord Ashtar, was at his side, having viewed his father's confrontation from afar. Kord then caught Tucker Vaux's eye and grabbed at the front of his leather britches, his hair-trigger Monsoonian libido pretty obvious,

"Buy me the human father! I want to own him like a pet and fuck his human buttocks with my friends whenever we want!!"

Tuck's hand reflexively swept back to his protect the center of his quivering buttocks, but even Kord's odd-colored skin and those strange scales where eyebrows should be above his big black-pupiled eyes could not deter his mind from a bit of unexpected guilty lust, wondering how it might actually feel to be sexually dominated by such an alien creature! The younger humanoid's stimulated prick looked to be massive, even encased inside of his leather britches!

Crock roared with displeasure at his son's suggestion and pointed a bony finger,

"Own him? Never!! We are profit merchants Kord! Tell me how many credits he would fetch on Jaxtar!"

"200,000 father, not a credit less!" Kord replied, grinning at Tuck like he was a piece of meat!

Fortunately, credits were the same value anywhere in the trading systems including Earth, so Tuck's eyes understandably grew wide with amazement. Tuck knew of illegal sex rings on Earth and no number greater than 40,000 or 50,000 had ever been asked for such an illegal black market sale.

"We will offer 90,000 for him Zander, how about it, huh?" Ashtar backed away from Seth's grasp, howling with delight, knowing full well there was no point save the fun of causing Zander's naïve young apprentice a great deal of anxiety.

"Don't try me Ashtar! I'm not in the mood!" Seth replied as son and father quickly walked away, but not before Kord hissed at Tuck one last threat,

"Don't ever turn your back when I'm around human!!"

Seth was actually glad for Crock and Kord Ashtar's early and harsh confrontation and threat. Maybe it would make a good lesson and deterrent for Tuck, but Seth could not let his guard down either. He saw Tuck's mesmerized eyes follow Kord Ashtar a little too long and one of Tuck's hands was furtively rubbing in front on what looked to be a bit of a bulge.

Seth glared at Tuck and slapped hard and purposely at Tuck's hand as he swept by,

"Follow me men! It's time to visit an old friend and show Tuck the sights!!"

Tuck winced and shook the sting from the back his hand, freshly reminded of his recently torched rear end. Caution now dominated his thinking, but even a little ambivalence is a dangerous and tricky feeling in situations like this. Tuck's impressionable mind would not soon forget the exhilarating confrontation with Monsoonians, Crock and Kord Ashtar.

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