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Dreams Become Reality


It was a dark and stormy night (actually only a light rain but a storm sounds so much better) and Scot was heading back home.  It had been hard going as his head was swollen from far too much booze while his butt was swollen from being paddled at the party.  Because of the former happening early and his resulting lack of judgement he had constantly lost game after game.  Each had essentially resulted in the same forfeit which required Scot to bend over and get whacked repeatedly be it by hand, paddle or strap.  It was only for the first set of pops that he was required to drop his trousers.  Since he was not able to restore them, they were already down for all the other payoffs.  He even managed to lose his boxers so when he was to leave only his trousers could be found.  The taxi delivered him to his apartment house door and he staggered in after a long struggle with the outer door.

A somewhat wet Scot rode in the elevator for a while until Chuck and Jason came home from a night of partying.  Surprisingly law abiding for eighteen-year-old apartment mates, they were sober and in much better condition.  Finding Scot in the elevator they tried to help him but his improper behavior due to his inebriated condition quickly gave them ideas.  They generously and graciously helped him to their apartment.  Once there Scot insisted that he wanted to play another game so that he could do some paddling.  As good hosts they agreed but, naturally, Scot quickly lost.  They were surprised at Scot's exclamations: "Shit, lost again.  Going to get paddled again."  Then the drunken man removed his trousers and flopped down over the ottoman.

Chuck and Jason were surprised at the crimson butt that he presented but that did not stop them from pulling off their belts and giving the loser a few more cuts on his already swollen ass enhancing its glowing red image.  Since both of them were alpha primate males, they responded sexually to the swollen and red butt presentation of the thirty-five-year-old man.  It was not a matter of whether they would fuck Scot but who would be first.  They flipped a coin and Chuck won.

Scot was already in position as Chuck quickly mounted him from the rear while Jason took him from the front.  Shortly after the two young studs came, Scot rolled over, landing on he floor, and complained that he couldn't get hard.  "I want to cum." he cried.  Both Chuck and Jason mocked his impotence and the inadequacy of his equipment generally.  Jason wanted his turn at the hot fuck hole and raised Scot's legs up to take his prize missionary style without delay.

Chuck had another idea.  He fetched his shaver and while Jason was having his way with their guest, mowed his pubes off.  "Little boys who can't get their little pee-pees up shouldn't have any man-fur." he declared definitively.  Jason concurred immediately.

The two young studs easily agreed that they could have a lot more fun with their guest by playing some heavier mind games with him.  That he was so drunk that he could not defend himself any more mentally than  physically not only did not bother them but actually encouraged them.  Jason had read about hypnotism and had played some party games with it already.  He found that Scot was a wonderful subject as he made him relax and then come to believe that he was just a little boy as proven by the fact that he did not have pubes.  Since that was so easy Jason convinced him that his little pee-pee should not get hard like a man's and was only to be used to tinkle.

The evil pair then took Scot to his own apartment so that they could have fun together undisturbed.  They joked about the fun that they had had and hoped that the control words they set would work in the future.

* * * * * * * * * *

Eventually, Scot awoke with a hangover and tried to get back together.  When he saw himself in the mirror, he noticed that he did have man-fur.  For a while he tried to convince himself that he did have pubes before but the hypnotic suggestions were too strong.  "I don't know what come over me.  Why should I have pubes when I'm just a little boy who gets spanked when he is naughty." he said out loud.  It sounded  so right that he kept repeating it for at least a half hour.  Each time he said it, it became more and more true.

Although none of the three knew it then, the hypnotic suggestions were working most effectively for unknown to the roommates, Scot had a very submissive streak and thought of himself as a boy frequently.

The real test came later when Scot met Chuck and Jason in the elevator.  "Have you been a good little boy today, Scottie Boy?" one of them asked.

"Oh, Yes Sir. I been very good." responded Scot as if he was a little boy and added:  "But my bottom hurts terribly because I was spanked yesterday." he whined.

"And have you cleaned up your room today, boy?" asked the other.  At this question, Scottie Boy stared at the floor for he hadn't.  They pressed him on it.  "Well, boy, did you clean your room today as you should have?"

"No, Sir." Scottie Boy replied very quietly staring at the floor.  The naughty little boy knew that he was in big trouble.

"And what happens to naughty little boys like you, Scottie Boy?"  He was asked.

"They get spanked, Sir." replied the boy rubbing his still sore bottom.  When the pair glared at him he added: "They get spanked hard on their bare bottom, Sir."

Once again they led him to their apartment for correction.  This time they knew what sort of fun they were going to have.  Once inside they quickly stripped the man who thought he was just a boy and did not resist.  In quick order his jacket, shirt, pants, shoes, T-shirt, underpants and socks where in a heap on the floor and Scottie Boy was naked.  Even before even a hand was raised, the boy was begging for mercy by promising never again to neglect his chores.  Of course, his pleas fell on deaf ears.  Worse, they even mocked how slow his development was reenforcing the mind fuck of the previous time.

Only then, did they sit on two straight-backed chairs with their knees alternating and pull Scottie Boy over the double lap.  It was easy to hold him in position and with zero possibility off his rolling off.  Jason raised his left hand and brought it crashing down on the left butt cheek leaving a vivid hand print.  Chuck immediately did the same to Scottie Boy's right cheek even before the naughty boy could yell.  After a few minutes, both target cheeks were fiery red and the two spankers were ready for their bonus.

They slid the naughty boy to the floor and got him on all fours.  Unlike the first time, Jason got the tail and Chuck the head to fuck which they did without delay.  Having other things to do, the dressed the naughty boy and sent him back to do his chores while they went out.  As Scot cleaned his room he knew that he was a boy. A small part of him realized that he was a 'boy again'.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a couple of days later that the two alphas dropped in on Scottie Boy.  Although he was sober now, the combination of his natural submissiveness and the hypnotic suggestions made him immediately slip into the role of a boy.  The two quickly looked about and found fault with the apartment's condition.  They didn't waste anytime before stripping their boy for the required corrective spanking.

Scottie Boy docilely and obediently allowed them to strip him and then bent over to be strapped.  This time they alternated cuts using their belts until the boy was crying.  After a couple of quick fucks, they took him into the bathroom and rubbed him down with depilatory lotion.  They made sure to completely coat every part of his body below the neck and had him stand in the corner for twenty-minutes while they helped themselves to a couple of cold beers and watched some TV.

Scottie Boy again obediently showered when called from the corner and while drying saw how delightfully boyish he was in the mirror.  It is hard to say who was most pleased – Scottie Boy or the other two.  "We'll be checking up on you regularly, boy so you better do your chores and keep using the lotion to prevent any nasty hair growth.

"Yes, Sirs." he answered as they left him in his fantasy world come true.

The End

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