Drums Of War ~ Bonds Of Peace
By Waddie Greywolf

The Deflowering of Saint Roland The Less Than Fair But Nice Enough

"Where is my new slave I was promised by that Human scumbag, Olefin?" The great Ork King Klugg bellowed to his second in charge.

"King Olefin's son is in your chambers lying on the Carpathian carpeted ritual-virgin deflowering-dock, your Royal Highness. He is ready and waiting for you, Sire. May I be so bold to remind you, he has not yet reached his full growth potential and certainly is not the fairest young Knight in the land. There has been rumors he may not be a true son of the King, but only from the most unreliable of sources. At twenty-one yarens of our moon's yearly passage, he is still small and rather unremarkable looking as humans go. He is the youngest of King Olefin's seven sons and sits at the lean end of his family's table with his three sisters and his mother, the Queen.

"His arms have neither grown their proper length nor are they strong enough to reach across the royal table to fight for the food he needs to sustain his intake properly. While he's considered an adult, old enough to fornicate and ejaculate, he has not yet developed the massively large body for which his sire and sons are so noteworthy. Young Roland is definitely his father's son, but he is lacking his final growth spurt to make him hardy enough to fully accommodate you, Sire. Being a virgin and attempting to take an Ork warrior as large as yourself will definitely present a challenge for him. It will be difficult and unusually hard on him. Due to political agreements with his family's representatives, you might want to wait and postpone his deflowering until enough time has passed for him to grow and gather meat and muscle-mass to clothe his skinny bones," Boito Durg, the Tribal Mage said.

"Nonsense! If he's old enough to be a bargaining tool for his family's survival, he's ready! Is he clean?" Klugg asked.

"He has been fully groomed, Master Klugg. We would never allow a pleasure slave in your quarters before he was properly prepared -- for fucking or baked into a nice pie with a light crust for which you have expressed such a passion," Boito replied drolly.

"Are you sure he's a virgin? Klugg asked, "You know how hard it is to find real olive oil these days," he added metaphorically.

"He passed our litmus test, and due to his inordinate homeliness, I would stake my life on it, Sire," Boito replied.

"A lack of masculine pulchritude has nothing to do with sexual performance. Why you're living proof, Number Two. Attitude -- a stable mental stamina; fortitude -- active and ample testosterone, strong masculine pheromones -- a heavy appreciation for leather over silk brocades; presentation -- personal hygiene, if any; a keen sense of purpose -- a positive attitude, and enthusiasm with a dash of optimistic humor are  most important. Careful with your opinions, Boito, it would bring me great sadness and considerable discomfort to look upon your ugly face after your severed head has been mounted on a pole before the city gates for having lied to your Monarch," Klugg said and smiled.

"Have you been watching those terrible Game Of Thrones ancient re-runs again, Master Klugg?" Boito asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, how'd ju' guess?" Klugg asked like a bad child and grinned real big.

"The memory of the Lannister family notwithstanding, and with your threat in mind to warm my heart, Sire, I would still make the bet. Young Roland has never been deflowered, your Majesty," Boito said with strong confidence and a hint of sarcasm.

"Let us pray to some unknown god you're right," Klugg growled and grinned at his second, "Have you given him the Ork elixir with the mental calming and muscle relaxing herbs?" he asked.

"He drank a full flagon, Sire. Not the flagon with the dragon, but the brew which is true. He said little but used the Ork words 'mm-mm-good' to express his liking, Sire, and wiped his mouth like a peasant on the sleeve of his handsome cavalier shirt," Boito replied. "More than one 'mm' might be taken to indicate the young prince's enthusiasm," he added.

"Did you tell him the liquid base was my captured urine?" Klugg asked, raised a pierced eyebrow, and sneered.

"No, Sire. I decided to leave it up to you if you wish to share it with the young human. His family keeps Ork slaves, and he was educated by his own Ork tutor. I'm sure he's well aware an Ork's body waste is not only consumable by other mammals, a regular diet may become addictive to humans. Meaning no disrespect, but I would be willing to make a lesser wager than my life, the young human who is known as Roland, even though he is not fully developed and not what one might call a 'looker,' might just prove to be a challenge for you, Sire," Boito said boldly.

Boito's boldness and honesty was one of the reasons Klugg made the big, ugly Ork his second in command. While Boito was frightful to look upon, even for a fellow Ork, he was honest as the day is long and as sincere in his ways as any faithful warrior should be. He proved his faithfulness and his enduring personal strengths to his great Lord many times.

"If you lose our bet, you will surrender your clean, beefy ass to your master every night for a week for his use. I will be the judge of the young humans reaction. Oh, yes, but if you're correct, you get to butt-fuck your master for one evening or he will suck you off; your choice," Klugg said firmly.

"Change it to a butt-fucking one night, a blow-job the next, and you have a bet, Master," the ugly Ork said boldly without hesitation.

The great King of the Orks, Lord Klugg bellowed with laughter. "The wager is on, Number Two!" he growled and laughed again.  

* * * * * * *
Klugg entered the chamber with the clamor of his body armor, and the fearsome stomping sound his huge boots made, proceeded him. He saw the young man lying face down on the deep-blue ritual deflowering-dock naked as a Baby Jay. The mighty Ork King was impressed by the size of the boy. For a human his age he was much larger than his Number One led him to believe talking about how young his new slave was and how the boy might have problems with the size of Klugg's enormous cock. To the large beast, all humans were ugly, foul smelling, myth worshiping, son's of bitches, and he didn't adjust his opinion one way or the other when he got a good look at his new slave.

Roland didn't sit up, but he could see the size of the Ork monster as he came into the room. Klugg stood for a minute for him to get a good look at the young man, put his hands on his hips, leaned forward in a menacing pose, and spoke, "You may have your choice, Slave. As long as you remember your place, you may interact with me, and I will allow you my consideration; or, you may lay there like a chamber whore, I will take you like one, and if you survive, dismiss you when I am finished," Klugg bellowed.

The young Prince didn't hesitate, but moved to the edge of the deflowering-dock to sit up. He took a good look at the mature Ork monster standing before him. Klugg was, without a doubt, the biggest monster Roland ever laid eyes on, but there was something equally fascinating about him which set off every bell and whistle in Roland's young human body. By human standards, Klugg wasn't pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but he was handsome enough in the hardest, animalistic masculine way possible. The immensely proportioned giant Ork dripped of raw male-animal sex. He was the biggest, most masculine, fearsomely fantastic male Ork Roland ever saw. On the other hand, even by Ork standards, Klugg was one of the most physically attractive male Ork Warriors Roland ever encountered. He was massively built like a mighty bulwark on legs.

Orks of any kind were a fascination for the young human since he was a boy, and he learned the many different shapes and sizes of their order. He suspected his new master might possibly be a partial Human-ork hybrid. Roland reasoned, the great Ork warrior must be pretty awesome to be raised to the position of King of his realm. He was light skinned with a slightly reddish-brown tint which made his huge muscles seem to pop out all over his ritually tattooed body. The great Lord Klugg struck a chord deep within Roland's gonads like the monster grabbed them in one of his enormous hands and squeezed them so hard Roland couldn't get his breath. The huge Ork standing before him was the epitome of an hyper-masculine Ork super-warrior the boy created in his dreams who came to him, night after night, not only to demand his love and devotion, but also avowed to protect him from the craziness of his power-drunk family.

Roland's family made the powerful families in Game of Thrones look like spoiled children in a sandbox who needed a good spanking and an afternoon nap. Roland's family were ruthless, coldblooded, and cunning. Roland's asshole began twitching uncontrollably; not from fear, but the anticipation of fulfilling a dream he conjured since he was a young boy going through puberty. Roland could only think how wonderful it might be to have the big Ork's penis inside him and how very much he wanted to have Klugg's baby.

"May I approach your highness for the purpose of assisting him to remove his armor and garments?" he asked with a sincere but untroubled voice.

"Are you not afraid of me, Young Human?" Klugg growled menacingly.

"No, Sire. If I'm not mistaken, you gave me a choice to interact with you as long as I remember my place and manners. Should I be afraid of you, Master Klugg?" Roland asked without nuance or insolence.

"Do you not find Orks ugly and disgusting -- mean, ferocious, fearsome, blood-lusting creatures?" Klugg asked in a confrontational tone.

"No, Sire. Not in the least. I can recognize a fine Ork warrior when I see one. I grew up among Ork slaves who were good to me and taught me many things my brothers and family would neither understand nor approve. I kept their confidence and secrets to myself. I never shared them with my family. I would never betray my Ork brothers. Because of my shifting loyalties and growing doubts about my family and their purposes, I slowly grew apart from the brothers of my linage. Some say I hear the beat of a different drummer, and they are right. I heard the drums of Ork Warriors calling to me. My Ork mentor was not nearly as handsome as you, but over time, I adjusted to his appearance and grew to love him deeply. When I left and told him 'goodbye', I shed bitter tears because I understood I probably would never see him again. While leaving my family behind was only somewhat moderately disquieting, leaving my beloved mentor and companion was a major trauma for me, Sire.

Roland continued, "He is a Silver-Toothed Soothsayer of your race and possesses many wonderful arcane abilities. In his younger days he trained young Ork warriors for battle. He told me of your coming and prepared me for this day. Now I'm here as a gift to you to become your slave. Do not think I was a great sacrifice to my family, with the possible exception of my mother, and my youngest siblings. I volunteered to become your slave. The larger portion of my family is relieved. It's become a win-win situation for them. They trumped-up a falsehood and spread rumors the king isn't my real dad, which they claimed the suspicion alone was reason enough to disown, dismiss me from their presence, and keep me from receiving my portion of the family fortune upon my father's demise.

"Their major fear was not from my political position but the station of my birth. I am the seventh son of a seventh son. Men born under such a rare situation have always become great leaders and changed the world to become a better place through intelligence and special gifts. Being born a slight but precocious child, I played my first Coach-horn concerto at the young age of ten years. In exchange for a royal prince, whom my family already considers as 'damaged-goods,' they have your solid bond and assurance of peace and open trade between nations. By accepting one of their family as a slave unto your court, they think they have also rid themselves of the Black Sheep of their family and have relieved themselves of an ancient family curse of the seventh-seventh son.

"I have no need to fear you as I have come on my own volition. I hope to continue my Ork education under the tutelage of your strong dominant charge. I'm ready to serve you, Master. Helping abate your legendary sexual appetite notwithstanding, and your Majesty's good grace, I'm sure you will find a challenging yet purposeful position in which to tap my talents for your use, protection, and comfort," Roland said.

"What we're about to do will not be pleasant for you, Young Human. It may be a learning experience, if you're wise enough to accept it as such, but it will not be fun and games. Even though you have a larger bone development and more meat than most, deflowering one so young is looked upon by many as barbaric and mean-spirited. I look upon it as an opportunity and a test for character building. Are you not afraid?" Klugg asked looking for a chink in the young human's armor.

"Excited. Apprehensive, perhaps, but I have no fear. To be honest, I suffered some anxiety when you first came into the room. Your majesty is an uncommonly handsome, exceedingly masculine beast. Never, since I was in the presence of the great Garrosh Hellscream have I seen a more handsome Ork beast. Only his mighty predecessor, Thrall, might compare with your masculine beauty. My heart leaped to my throat at the thought I might be fortunate enough to serve you in any capacity, but your offer for me to participate in my deflowering, rather than pass me off to one of your underlings, told me you are no monster.

"I may be young, but I'm mature enough to understand, a good deflowering by his one and only master is a necessary thing to impress upon a slave the absolute power his new owner has over him. If done properly, there is no better way to bind a slave with his master, and I have no doubt you know what you're doing. It will set the base on which my master and his humble slave may build a platform for understanding each other. I will neither look upon what we do here this evening as a debasement nor a form of punishment. I will look upon it as a necessary ritual to initiate me into your world and become a tool for you to decide a rank for me to fill no matter how lowly it may be to begin.

"I come to you as your humble slave, your Majesty, and I gratefully accept you as my master. I fully understand you will take what you need from me as is any master's due, and I will gladly provide you what portion you require; however, as long as I'm alive and have breath, you will never take my soul from me. You may win it if you so desire. That option is always open to you, but you will never have it without my consent. Such a minor point may not be important to you as long as I prove to be a faithful, devoted, and a useful slave; nevertheless, a good deflowering will be a fine start for me to build upon to win your confidence and understanding, Sire," Roland said.

"You speak with the wisdom of a Silver-Tongued Sylphic-Demon, Slave. Let's hope you're as good a fuck as your tongue spits out flowery words. Talk is cheap. Actions speaks louder than words. I will show you no mercy because of your smaller size or your youth. You have come to me as a mature human, and I will treat you as such. Tears, protestations, or begging for mercy will not steer me from my goal of taking your virginity and giving you a royal deflowering. I don't think I need to tell you, as your new master, it is my right. I will take what I need from my new slave. I promise, you will remember it the rest of your life. It might be the most terrible experience you are ever forced to suffer through, or it could become the most important. It's up to you. Your only saving grace is, if you take my offer to participate seriously, even unto the end of our intercourse together. It is difficult for an Ork to be mean or cruel to any animal trying to do its best to work for him. Show me an effort to please me, and it will buy you my patience and a modicum of consideration. It's as simple as that; but, enough talk! We are only postponing the inevitable! Come! Approach your master, pay homage to my boots, and you will act as my temporary page to undress me," Klugg said gruffly.

Roland did as he was told and proceeded to assist his master with removing his heavy armor. He worked swiftly and efficiently. The young man never gave Klugg the impression he was trying to stall for time. On the contrary, he seemed more interested in seeing what his master was hiding under the bulky armor and heavy skins he was wearing. Rather than throw them aside, Roland found places for each article and neatly arranged them in the order they were removed to more readily assist his master should he be ask to attend him when he dressed again. The more layers of armor and clothing Roland removed, the stronger Klugg's masculine male Ork scent became, and it noticeably began to effect the young human's sexual response.

Roland's good size penis betrayed his greater interest in his master until he became rock-hard and stood at salute to slap his muscular young stomach when he move about too quickly. He saw Klugg noticed his erection and watched the giant Ork grin. Roland didn't respond but focused his attention on the job at hand. Klugg admitted to himself there could be a slim possibility his number two Ork might win the bet between them after all. He never experienced such a willing new slave do his bidding so readily. Most were scared to death and did nothing but cry and scream from pain while he deflowered them. Even in the Ork language, deflowering was a softer synonym for rape.

The more a slave screamed and hollered, the harder Klugg fucked them and the more viciously he took their virginity away from them. When he was finally through, having filled them with half a quart or more of Ork gizz, they were reduced to a pile of whimpering slave flesh barely able to function; certainly not able to think clearly. Klugg would make them sit on a cold brass chamber pot and remain there until their bowels flushed out his deposit. When Klugg was satisfied they drained the contents of their lower colon into the pot, he would ordered them to drink it. Several made the mistake of refusing.

Without further conversation, before they knew what was happening, Klugg immediately beheaded them with his razor sharp ax, strung them up by their heals, and allowed their bodies to drain into a large pot. Their blood would be saved for making a fine Ork blood-wine. He would then send for his kitchen staff. They would clean the area, carry the body away, and the dead slave would be on the menu for the next week or so until there was nothing left but his bones. His bones would be allowed to dry in the hot summer sun, ground to a fine power, and spread on the crops as bone meal. Nothing was wasted.

Not one slave, before Roland, showed any interest in trying to participate or cooperate with the great Lord Klugg. While Roland was certainly an unusual slave, the young human's attitude was new and refreshing for the big Ork. Still, he didn't dare give the boy hope. There was a long road to travel before the young slave and his master reached a destination together or the young human became food for Klugg's pantry.

Roland had yet to see his master's awesome cock. Klugg was almost certain it would break his young slave. They came down to the carefully wrapped loin cloth which was ritually wrapped to protect Klugg's thighs, penis, and testicles. Roland was so awestruck and impressed by Klugg's massively muscular, ritually tattooed body, he almost forgot his situation for a moment, and what he was doing. He wanted to fall on his knees before the huge Ork and worship at his feet, but he persisted with his task of undressing his master.

Klugg didn't have to tell the young human what to do or how to do it. When it came time to remove his loincloth, he simply raised his huge beefy hands and laid them on top of his head to move his arms out of the young human's way. Roland correctly read it as an invitation for Klugg's slave to remove his cloth. The young human didn't hesitate and found the final tuck in the intricate winding and slowly began to move around him unwinding the cloth and folding it neatly as he worked around his master's waist. Roland paid particular attention how it unfolded in case he might be lucky and live long enough to help his master dress.

When Roland carefully unwrapped the last of his master's loin cloth, he almost gasped at the sight of Klugg's enormous, uncut penis, and his low hanging balls. Klugg's penis was close to a human's in shape but his testicles rested in a great leather-like sack. The great Ork's pubic area was void of hair. He reminded Roland of a great bull his father owned who roamed the hills around their castle tending and bringing comfort to his herd of cows; however, Roland didn't let Klugg's size intimidate him. He admitted to himself it would be a challenge to take his master but such a handsome cock should not only be worshiped, but like a fine musical instrument, it should also be used to it's fullest and experienced at its best.

If he could somehow manage to take Klugg, offer him comfort, and please the long-leggedy beastie, he knew his future would be set as his Silver-Toothed-Soothsayer promised. Roland quickly folded the loincloth neatly and took it to add to the growing pile of Klugg's clothing on the large table. Before he set the folded cloth down, he raised it to his head and buried his face in it. Roland took one long, deep breath and breathed in the masculine Ork essence of his master's crotch. He sat it down like it was the sacred Shroud of Turin, and when he returned to his master, his cock was standing at full salute in anticipation.

Klugg was watching carefully and a big smile spread across his face as as the young man returned to stand before his master. Klugg was sitting on a bench with his legs apart. He pointed to his boots and Roland was on his knees in an instant. He carefully kissed each huge boot before he unbound it, removed it, and set it aside. After he removed his master's heavy boots and set them under the table holding Klugg's other clothing, he returned and fell to his knees before his master.

"May I have permission to pay homage to the most handsome cock I have ever seen on any creature, Master Klugg. Perhaps, if I show it your slave's honest admiration, it will be good enough to share its love with me, and if it finds me worthy, will trust me to spill its seed inside my body, Sire," Roland said sincerely.

"Pretty words, but meaningless for the moment. I assure you, Slave, it cares little about love. If it could think, it would be more about lust and the need for release with no time or consideration for romance," the naked monster said. The boy aroused Krugg's curiosity, "What prompted you to act so boldly with such confidence, Son?" he asked. Roland's new master slipped and used one word which let the young prince know he was making an impression. The great Lord Klugg addressed him as his 'Son.'

"I don't know if you're aware of the magic or the significance behind mystical placements in the universe, but being the seventh son of a seventh son has blessed me with certain talents other Humans and Orks don't possess. Along with the station of my birth, there is great expectation of mystical powers the likes of which are said to be exceptional and powerful. A seventh son of a seventh son doesn't come along very often in history, but when it happens the world of humans is thrown open for a change of power. It seems like I've been training my entire life for this moment, but I'm almost sure part of my boldness is coming from the ground herbs mixed with a flagon of your urine your number two warrior bid me drink to ease any anxiety I might have," Roland replied and smiled, "It was very much to my liking, Sire. It had its desired effect. I thought about asking for another, but I didn't want to appear presumptuous or greedy; however, right now, the animal inside me is shouting for me to ignore everything I've learned. Forget it all! Training be damned! It's telling me, if I'm allowed, I must befriend the handsome one-eyed monster before me, gently expose its head, make sweet love to it, and humbly invite him into my body.

"He should not be shy to make himself comfortable, and if I please him, I hope I might convince him to consider my body his second home where he might empty his burden, find relief, and rest for a while. If one must become a slave, he should have the boldness of heart to recognize the best and right master for him when he comes along. Please, Master, give me a chance to become your devoted slave. I'm willing to trade my life to assure your safety and comfort, Sire," Roland said.

"As you can see, your words have caught my warrior's attention, and he awakens hungry with a strong desire for some young human-butt. He is in need, Slave. You have my permission to pay homage to my Ork penis which is about to take your virginity," Klugg said. "Am I right to assume you are a virgin to either sex, Slave?" Klugg asked.

"May my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth and my right hand forget its cunning, I swear on the name of some unknown god, Sire, I am a virgin! The door to my second mouth has never been opened by any man, Ork, or beast, Master Klugg," Roland replied. Roland leaned over and and kissed each of his master's large testicle in their leathery sacks. He took his master's enormous cock in his right hand and brought it to his lips. He began to kiss and lick it with his tongue. It started to grow, and the head slowly came peeking out from beneath its ample sheath to see who was arousing him from his sleep. Roland was breathing in the wonderful masculine essence only a mature Ork can produce, and it made his own cock grow strong.

He licked and kissed the head of his master's cock until it was almost fully unsheathed. With only a small tug with his hand, Roland skinned the rest back and began to lick around the perimeter at the base of the large head on the giant Ork's magnificent penis. He encountered fresh, sweet but salty, bits of Ork head cheese which he quickly sucked into his mouth to let the full flavor of his master's cock burst onto his palate. He was resolved and became quite certain, he was born for this moment in time to serve the great warrior Ork sitting before him.

Klugg gave the young human time to drink in his essence, but he was getting horny and needed relief. He was fully ready and solidly erect from Roland's attention to his now enormous cock. The time had come to take his new slave's virginity. He ordered Roland up onto the deflowering-dock to lie on his stomach. He started to reach for some towels and some extra lubricant. Roland saw what he was about to do and interrupted him. "Please, your majesty, may I have the honor of lubricating your fine cock for you. A master should not bother himself with such trivial things. You are here to fuck your slave and enjoy your property. Your slave's job is to take care of his master," Roland pleaded.

"You're right, Slave. Let's see how well you perform small tasks, but be quick about it. My cock is hungry for your butt and quakes at the sight," Klugg growled.
Roland quickly slathered his master's huge Ork cock with a firm grease, wiped his hands on a towel when he finished and lay down on the deflowering dock on his stomach. Klugg hovered over the young human and positioned his huge cock at Roland's rosebud. He slowly began to rock back and forth with his cock spreading and penetrating at the same time. The human was tight but soon Roland's sphincter muscle began to relax until with one powerful lunge, Klugg popped the head of his huge cock into his slave's ass. That was usually when the screaming and yelling began. He expected the gates of chaos might cry out to sound an alarm, but not with Roland. He drank the whole flagon.

Klugg couldn't believe what was happening. Instead of trying to get off Klugg's formidable Ork cock, he felt the young human push back hard, take a deep breath, and then push back once again taking as much or more than the giant might have given him at that point. Roland raised up on his elbows and then his hands. Klugg helped steady him, put his huge muscled right arm around the young human's waist, and pulled him up and back against his massive chest. The giant Ork threw his other arm around him to lock his huge arms around the boy's front. Roland continued to fuck his own ass with Klugg's cock and each time he would take a bit more.

It was difficult for Roland, but Klugg broke with his bad-ass routine and whispered his encouragement in his slave's ear like he might be a fine, young, but inexperience young warrior in his first battle, "You're doing fine, Slave. You're taking your master like a seasoned warrior should. Keep it up, Slave, and you just may live to see your dreams come true. You're halfway there. Soon you can rejoice and feel good about yourself, you will have pleased your new master by taking the whole of him inside you," Klugg said and licked Roland with his rough, cat-like tongue from his his shoulder, slowly moving up his neck and behind his ear.

The great Ork felt shivers run up and down the boy's spine. He heard Roland give out a deep sigh and felt his ass muscle completely dilate. The young human slowly took the rest of the giant Ork into his body until he could feel his master's rough ball sack wedged tightly into the crack of his ass. He reached down with his small hand and pulled up the great beast's ball sack under his own and locked his legs together like a train coupled to another car following the engine.

Klugg was somewhat stunned. He never expected Roland's first time to go so smoothly. He didn't move for sometime to let the boy become accustom to the feeling of being filled with Klugg's huge penis inside him. Roland raised about halfway off his master's cock and then slowly slid down his shaft again to the bottom, this time bouncing a couple of times to make sure Klugg was completely coupled with him. He grabbed one of Kluggs heavily scared hands, pulled it up to his face, and gently kissed his battle scars. The young man's simple gesture moved something deep inside the great Ork, and he bussed a gentle kiss behind the slave's ear. Roland gave out a soft sigh of contentment. He accomplished his goal and was humbly, but justifiably, proud of himself.

"Thank you, Master Klugg, for allowing me to be so bold. From this point, I will leave my deflowering to you, Sire," Roland whispered.

"You have done well, Slave, but don't get overly confident. We have work to do, Son. We must get you fucked. You will not be totally deflowered until your master has dumped his Ork load into your ass. Now I will lay us down so your master can begin his rut," Klugg growled as he released Roland from his arms. The young human moved forward and down, and Klugg lay on top of him. Klugg began to fuck his slave with small, even, gentle strokes to open him further and relax him even more. Klugg thought if the kid was strong enough to take him on his first time out and make it good for his master, he could afford to cut the young human some slack.

Roland began to make groaning sounds and every now and then he would completely relax and let out a deep sigh like he was a happy soul, surfing on high tide at Wahini Bay. Klugg began to take larger, longer strokes but he noticed the boy began to raise his hips and push back with his small ass to meet his every thrust. Klugg was impressed. The young man didn't lie to him. He asked Klugg to give him a chance, and he was doing his best to succeed in impressing his master.

After fucking his slave for a while, Klugg decided he wanted more. He felt he could do him and his slave more good if he was on top in the missionary position. Klugg referred to it as 'taking-a-female' position and his slave's ass would became the giant Ork's human boy-cunt. He pulled completely out of Roland's butt and with a single massive arm flipped him over on his back. "Lock your legs around my waist, Slave, and I will take you again, but this time I will fuck you like a female of our species. Your ass will become my male slave-cunt to fuck," he growled.

By that time, Roland could care less about how his master looked upon their fuck or how we wanted to label it. It was the very least of his worries. The young man's mind was singly focused on pleasing his master. He would have done anything for the big long-leggedy beastie and not because he knew he had to as Klugg's slave. He did it because he genuinely wanted to please the great Ork. As they took their positions and Klugg held the huge head of his massive throbbing cock tight against his slave's sphincter muscle he looked deep into Roland's eyes, "Is your slave-cunt ready for your master, Boy?" Klugg growled.

"I am clean. I'm ready, Sire. Sink your big, wonderful Ork cock into my slave-cunt and make it your home! Mount me, Majesty!" Roland exclaimed.

The slave felt his ass muscle rudely pushed apart by his master's huge Ork cock, and it felt like a giant missile of mass destruction was swiftly lowered into the depths of his colon. The human slave never felt anything so wonderful in his young life and pushed his ass up as hard as he could to meet and press against the base of his master's cock. They remained suspended firmly locked together in midair for a few moments like a well-rehearsed circus act until Klugg began his ride.

After the first several minutes of some righteous butt-fucking from his master, Roland decided he cheated the odds. He relaxed and let himself go to enjoy the ecstasy of the moment until he remembered his place and began to work his ass in response to his master's strokes. Roland watched the expression on his master's face and began to read him like a school primer. He could tell when he made a good move which pleased his master and when one didn't work as well. Roland learned quickly, and as he was briefed by his spirit-guide, the Silver-Toothed Soothsayer, he must not lie back and be passive. He must become a good slave and Sexual Warrior for his master so he might provide him with the best his young human virgin ass had to offer. Slowly, Roland learned to put his butt up to anticipate every stroke his master made.

Time after time he worked with Klugg until he saw a smile of satisfied ecstasy come across his master's ruggedly masculine face to be followed by a quick sigh of relief like he just discover one of the woodlands gnome's buried pot of gold. Roland knew Klugg was pleased with his performance and was enjoying fucking his new slave to the max. Klugg stopped while he was fully implanted up Roland's ass and looked down at his young human slave. He took his hand and pushed the hair from his slave's face and made a mental note to himself: he would have his slave's body hair completely removed for his break-in period. He saw a questioning look in Roland's eyes.

"What is it, Slave?" he growled.

"Your sexual power almost overcame me a couple of times, but I fought back by concentrating on clamping down harder on your cock with my ass muscle. What if I can't control myself, Master, and I ejaculate while you're fucking me? Will you be angry with me, Sire?" Roland asked.

"Do your best to control the impulse until your master gives you permission. You will not be punished if you can't control yourself during your break-in period; however, you will be carefully taught, and it will be drilled into your psyche, you must never ejaculate until your master or another master he has loaned you to gets his first, then only if he gives you permission. There will be times I won't allow you to come while I'm fucking you. It will strengthen your resolve, respect, and sense of duty for your master. Your master must come first in all things. On the other hand, if you disobey your master, you will be severely punished.

"How do you avoid the unpleasantness of your master's wrath, punishment, and still allow you master room to be magnanimous with his slave? You learn absolute control of your body. I am your master, and I will control every facet of your life; from your coming and going to your diet, exercise, when you may relieve yourself, education, fighting drills, and rest periods. You will have no life of your own but that which your master chooses for you. Your only purpose in life is to obey and please your master to become the best slave for him you possibly can. From your performance this evening, I can tell you will become a joy for me to break to my will as well as a formidable challenge. For now, do your best and if you can manage to hold out until you have satisfied your master, I promise you a treat," Klugg explained.

Roland didn't asked for a further explanation. He knew his master was an Ork of his word. "Now, if you have no more questions, relax as best you can, and let's get you fucked!" Klugg added firmly and growled as he took another deep stroke into his slave's ass. Roland got a big smile on his face thinking about the things his master told him. Control every aspect of his life? Break him to his yoke? His only purpose would be to live for his master and please him? He could live with those goals, and the comfortable knowledge he now belonged to the biggest, strongest, most fearsome, masculine, handsome Ork he ever encountered. He could see himself rise in his master's rank and someday become Klugg's power behind the throne.  

Once again Roland worked with his master and used his last bit of strength to keep his ass muscle as tight for him as he could until he had nothing left. He lost complete control of his sphincter muscle from Klugg's insistent pounding of his slave's ass. The forbidden gates of Heaven were no longer on their hinges and hanging ajar. Roland could only lay back and continue serving his ass up to his giant Ork's huge cock. After one massive period of deep-dick'n Orc-cock fucking, with two large leather ball sacks spanking his butt cheeks like clappers in a bell tower, he felt Klugg building to climax.

Somehow Roland found enough reserve strength and worked his ass on his master's cock until he heard him scream at the top of his voice which would make a band of Banshee's blush. It sounded like a scream from the depths of Hell. Roland felt his master filling his gut with his hot Ork gizz as he shot several times completely draining his big balls and emptying his abundant heavily ladened Ork testicles deep within his handsome young human slave's ass. Klugg paused and let out another Hellacious scream, then pump another load into Roland until he repeated the same action half a dozen times. After Klugg shot his final load he collapsed on top of his slave pinning him beneath his great weight with his cock still deep and firmly implanted inside his slave's butt.

"There is no other master as mighty as my master! He is master of all," Roland whispered softly in perfect Ork.

"And there is no slave so fine as he who puts his master first in all things," Klugg growled back in his deep booming voice in the Ork language. Roland understood every word. "There will be times when you will be rewarded for good conduct or something you do which particularly pleases your master," Klugg said in Roland's tongue. He grabbed Roland around his waist held him tightly to his huge body and rolled them over so Klugg was on his back with his cock still up Roland's ass.

"When I let you go, sit up on your knees, and sit all the way down on your master's cock. Your ass is filled with my gizz -- it should work as extra lubricant, but I don't want you losing a drop," he ordered his slave. Klugg released Roland, and his slave did as he was instructed. The young slave got another big smile on his face as he took all of his master inside him again. Klugg felt so damn good inside his ass, Roland never wanted to get off this master's wonderful ride. Like any kid who finishes a thrill ride, he wanted to go again.

"You are to ride your master's cock until you feel yourself building up to climax, then like an Ork on the back of a fine race horse, you will ride for the finish line and let yourself go; however, you must not use your hands to manipulate yourself. You can use them for balance but never to touch your cock. As my slave you will rarely touch your own cock; not even to clean it. It will be done for you by your master himself or his appointed groom. If you ejaculate riding your master's cock you win your prize, but if you should take too long, you run the risk of bringing me to climax again and once I shoot for the second time, you must graciously forfeit your chance to ejaculate," Klugg explained.  

"I will do as my master wishes, Sire, and thank you for the good fucking, Master Klugg," Roland said trying not to sound too sentimental or flowery. Roland started to ride his master's cock, but it was awkward for him at first. Eventually he discovered if he could lean forward a bit and rested on his knuckles he could ride his master's huge cock like a jockey in a steeple race. He quickly learned he could use his buttocks as an anchor weight and counterbalanced his ass with his upper body using his knees and arms as pivot points. The young human began to fuck his butt on his master enormous cock with some skill and the surprising promise of a natural sexual athlete at an ever increasing speed.

"Now and then, when Roland got a really good rhythm going, his master would raise his hips to meet him so his slave could slam his ass down even harder on his master's surrogate saddle. Roland was a quick study learning to ride Klugg's massive cock. The young human was getting better by the minute riding his master's rod of iron. Just as Klugg was feeling himself about to build to a climax and knew his slave had it in the bag, the huge orc warrior raised his hips and arched his back to once more shoot his own gizz deep inside his slave. Klugg shot over a quart and a half of delicious Ork-warrior gizz every time he ejaculated. Roland could feel the creamy liquid filling him and the extra lubrication made every stroke like a well oiled piston steam engine as he continued to take his master with ease. He didn't slow his ride until he was sure he drained his master, then he poured on the last of his possible strength to slap some leather and ride for the finish line. He was using his Master's cock to propel himself over the finish line and began to shoot his pent up load six feet into the air to land on his master's huge pectoral muscles and didn't slow down until he drained every drop of his sperm.

Exhausted, Roland sat back on his master's cock feeling drained but somewhat smug he not only rode his master to climax for the second time, he won his own prise. His master never said anything about coming together. Roland hoped his accomplishment counted for something.

Klugg pulled him to his body and threw his arms around Roland to turn them over again so Klugg was lying on top of his slave with his cock still firmly planted up Roland's butt. "Not bad, Slave! Not bad at all, Son! Be proud of yourself! You earned two of your master's loads up your ass and timed shooting your own nut perfectly -- slipping right under the wire. No other slave has ever claimed that accomplishment. For a slave, it is considered a great honor to have his master fill him with his seed. A slave's only reward should be to know he has pleased his master and brought him comfort. You're well on your way to becoming an apprentice Ork Warrior's groom. Now clean your Slave gizz from your master's body and gather your spirit to rest in his arms for a while," Klugg ordered and smiled.

Roland returned his smile but wondered if it might be possible. He didn't want to know, because if it wasn't true he wouldn't be disappointed. After Roland sucked, licked, and swallowed his own ejaculate from his master's huge body, Klugg took him into his massive arms and rolled them over together so he was once again on top, and Roland lay beneath his huge body. They lay hooked together on the deflowering-dock for a good while with Klugg soaking his cock in his new slave's ass. Roland didn't dare move or say a word. He figured his master would tell him when he was finished with him, he would withdraw, they would get up, he would clean his master, and they would part. Perhaps his master was testing his patience.

Roland lay beneath the giant Ork gently stroking him and rubbing his huge back and shoulder muscles like he was trying to pet and tame a great beast. Roland watched it grow dark in the great hall except for some small night lights around the room which came on automatically. Then he heard Klugg's breathing change from shallow to deep, and he began to snore. His master fell asleep with his cock still tightly docked up his slave's ass. Roland didn't panic, get upset, or thrash about to wake his master. He considered it a good omen his master felt so comfortable with his new slave he fell asleep in his arms with his cock up his butt. Roland never felt so loved or appreciated in his young life, and he felt more relaxed and unafraid than he experienced in a long time.

Sound asleep, Klugg threw his right arm up over the top of the deflowering dock and his armpit came to rest on Roland's nose. The slave took a deep breath and breathed in the strong masculine essence of his Ork master. He found it interesting, Orks don't grow hair in their armpits. Roland's cock came to life once more, as he began to clean the giant Ork's armpit with his tongue until there was none of his wonderful masculine smell and flavors left for him to enjoy. Klugg moved again, but this time his huge right tit was right in front of Roland's face.

Roland flicked out his tongue. He was getting thirsty, but he was still wide awake. He gently licked the great Ork's teat and was surprised to feel a couple of drops of fluid squirt into his mouth. It wasn't just good, it was delicious. He wrapped his lips around the great Ork's teat and began to suck. Soon his mouth was almost overflowing with the sweetest milk he could imagine. Roland laughed to himself. His mentor and Sooth-sayer carefully explained an Ork's body waste, both solid and liquid, could be ingested by humans and several other mammals with no harm. Some even claimed it possessed magical healing properties for humans, and in Roland's case, his Silver-Toothed Soothsayer assured him, it would greatly enhance his powers as a budding wizard.

Unknown to the boy, in his own home, his trusted slaves were slipping him Ork waste to supplement his limited intake from his family's table and to encourage his powers to develop more quickly. A human could survive on it for long periods of time. Some of the noble class secretly developed a taste for it and began to think of it as a delicacy to be shared only with those who were enlightened. So when the peasants claimed with disgust the noble ruling class was full of shit, they were right.

Roland was more concerned with Klugg's tit milk for the moment. He reasoned it would be natural for the female of the Ork species to produce milk, but he never considered the male Ork might also produce milk. It certainly came as a welcome surprise, but the more he thought about it, it made perfect sense. With both male and female capable of producing milk, it would better insure the continuation of the species if the female died shortly after giving birth. He began to imagine Orks as a one-stop market.

After he drained Klugg's right teat Roland slowly maneuvered himself into position before Klugg's other tit and drained it dry as well. After satisfying his thirst, Roland noticed his master's left armpit wasn't too far away and he spent an hour cleaning it. When he finished his last labor of love for his new master, the great Ork's milk made Roland drowsy and he drifted off into the most comfortable, deeply restful sleep he hadn't experienced in several years of emotional turmoil coping with the bitter infighting of his family. He was coming to believe, it was as much a win-win situation for him as he imagined his family felt about ridding themselves of him. He was glad to be rid of the lot of them, except for his next oldest brother, Hermond and his little sister Gwendolyn. At least, as long as Roland pleased his master and could remain in his good graces, he felt safe being Klugg's slave.

Roland didn't awaken until he felt something big rooting around in his gut. He awoke to feel Klugg slowly fucking him again. His giant master felt every bit as good as he did the evening before. The huge Ork's enormous cock felt like it belonged inside his body. Roland began to wonder if his asshole was made for the purpose of serving the great Ork monarch. He figured it was just as well he might consider it as such -- he imagined he would spend countless hours entertaining the beast and his huge cock. The giant Ork felt his slave began to work with him and Roland saw a genuine smile relaxed comfort cross his ruggedly handsome face. Klugg didn't say anything but continued to fuck his slave. Roland was rested and his ass responded well. He met every thrust of his Ork master's cock, and it didn't take Klugg long to empty his massive quantity of seed into his slave's ass again.

When he finished, Klugg finally withdrew his cock. After Roland slept the night with his master's cock soaking deep inside him, he felt like a part of his own body was remove from him when Klugg withdrew. It was the first of many nights they would sleep hooked together and every time his master withdrew Roland suffered post-partum depression for a while. They lay together for a while longer with Klugg holding his new slave in his arms. The big Ork patted him a couple of time and told Roland he was proud of him. Klugg told him he had a long way to go, but assured his slave, he showed promise.

While they were quietly talking, Roland had to void his ass. Klugg didn't have any problem with his predicament, he rather expected it after he off-loaded several quarts of his gizz into Roland's lower colon. The great Ork pointed to a small brass pot in the corner, told Roland to sit on it, and empty himself. Klugg explained, there was no such thing as privacy between a master and his slave and for him not to feel shy. The quicker Roland got used to the idea, the better groom and chamber slave he would become for his master. They continued their conversation as Roland emptied himself into the chamber pot.

When he was finished, Klugg handed him one of the towels they used earlier to wipe himself, "What shall I do with it, your Majesty?" Roland ask holding the pot in his hand.

"Drink it, Son! Never waste your master's bounty. It will be your breakfast. If it's green, it's clean, and safe for humans. Waste not, want not. Part of it is my piss I released inside you after I shot my load up your ass to clean you out for the morning. This is your last test. You have shown great promise for a new slave, don't make the mistake of challenging me about this," Klugg said firmly, "The last slave who deigned to drink my body fluids was dead within seconds of refusing his master's bounty. We feasted on his body for several days. He was delicious," Klugg growled.

Roland immediately thought of the situation as just another hurdle, one of many he would probably have to complete before he would be fully accepted. He shrugged his shoulders like it wasn't a big deal, and drank the green liquid. It wasn't as bad as he thought it might be. After all, it was only his master's fluids. As a matter of fact, it tasted pretty damn good, and he popped another boner from the thought of ingesting his master's come the second time. Klugg's new slave responded correctly without argument, and his master was pleased.

* * * * * * *
Later in the morning Klugg talked with his Number Two warrior who also acted as his affairs manager and overlord of the King's household. Kugg told him what he wanted for Roland's diet and daily exercise routines. He talked about Roland like he wasn't in the room -- like he was a prize stallion new to his stable he wanted to be assigned a paddock and gave instruction to see to his care. Even though Roland managed to get through his deflowering initiation successfully, it became obvious to the young prince he was now nothing more than another piece of his master's property with no perks. From his own master's words he understood 'perks' were to be earned. He was certainly nothing extraordinary, but at least he was being given a chance. He remembered the words his Ork teacher said to him, the longest journey starts with the first step.

Roland was pleasantly surprised there was some comfort in the thought of being insignificant and of little importance. He got what he asked for: a chance to prove himself. He must have succeeded the first hurdle because he was still alive and his master was talking about his long term care. To be treated as an object of some importance no matter how small or trivial, instead of being set on a meaningless pedestal as a royal sacred-cow, was actually refreshing for him. At the very least, he thought he just might have his foot in the door.

Klugg went on and on about what he wanted for his new pet slave. Roland was to have a normal Ork breakfast. His lunch would be his master's gathered liquid and solid waste, as much as his slave could comfortably consume. Unknown to Roland at the time, it was considered a great honor for an Ork of Klugg's rank to offer his body's waste to anyone, especially a human. Chemically, it contained more healthy organic properties than the average human slave could get anywhere else; exotic activated enzymes, powerful muscle building proteins, and rapid growth male hormones; which, over a short period of time, if consumed regularly, would completely change a human to become almost as large and fearsome as his master. It was also known to excite and greatly extend a human male's mental and physical abilities, but it played havoc on Roland's sexual libido. He was always horny, and his cock never stayed soft for very long.

It was difficult to deal with, but it kept him alive. Klugg thought his new slave should put on more weight sharing his waste with him and he wanted his staff to make sure Roland consumed enough and got the right exercise to start filling out in all the right places. He would be fed his supper with the rest of the slaves, except when he might be invited to share his master's table. Then Roland would eat what his master ate. He also would act as his master's food taster to make sure his food wasn't poisoned.

"His mornings will be spent with the other young Ork apprentice warriors, and you will instruct them to treat him as one of them. While they are training to become Ork warriors, they have taken an oath and allegiance to accept me as their unquestioned sovereign. They will treat my slave with the same respect they have for their brothers. There will be no prejudice nor will the human be shown any preferential treatment because he is of royal human blood. Here, in my realm and castle, he is just another apprentice warrior who happens to hold the lowly rank of being my Chamber Slave. It is no secret among warriors, a Chieftain's Chamber Slave or Groom takes care of his Lord and Master's every need. They may befriend him, but they will neither mock nor deride him for his lowly position. Some might argue being the Chamber Slave and Groom for their king, no matter the implications, is a higher rank than theirs.

"Tell them if they have any problems to get over them immediately. The first one to imply anything untoward to Roland's position as my Chamber-slave will find themselves changing places with him, and they just might neither have the stamina nor the fortitude of this young human. It is very unlikely they would survive," Klugg growled, "Because of their superior development and intensive training skills, they will not be allowed to gang up on him nor make unseemly comments about him behind his back. It will be up to their training captain to see they behave themselves, and he will report back to you, Brother Boito, about their progress.

"They will not take advantage of my slave because Roland is smaller in statue with less physical powers than they possess. Neither will they be allowed to gang-bang him in the showers. They are to be reminded, in their present positions as apprentice warriors, they are as much my slaves as he is, and Roland will be treated with respect as my personal Groom and Chamber Slave. Absolutely no one fucks my slave but the King himself. Any Orc who even attempts it will be considered a thief and his head will adorn a spike at the city gates. You might also remind them, they should never gamble loosing their head over a little piece of slave tail.

"And you, Slave? How much did your mentor teach you about the arcane arts?" Klugg growled a question to his new groom.

"My beloved mentor told me before I departed, he taught me as much as he knows, your Majesty," Roland replied.

"Do you have the power to conjure spells and foretell the future?" Klugg asked.

"I do, Sire, to a limited degree, but my mentor told me with more experience and practice, I will grow stronger as I begin to mature," Roland replied.

"Then, what the Hell are you doing as a slave in my court? You could have used your magic to escape your retched family and avoided the unpleasantness I demanded of you last evening?" Klugg asked in a roar.

"I'm truly sorry if it was unpleasant for you, Sire. I found the experience much to my liking, stimulating, relaxing, and a great relief from what I imagined it might be," Roland said and stopped for a minute as if he was deeply hurt.

Klugg's Number Two doubled over with laughter at the young human's response. Klugg shot Boito a dirty look, then grinned.

Roland continued, "I'm not a certified 'Mage', your Majesty, but I hope to be soon. I'm a long way from becoming a Warlock or a Wizard, Sire. If I live long enough and learn as much as is required to become such, I hope I might one day become a Silver-Toothed Soothsayer. As I explained to you last night, I volunteered to come here and become your slave to get away from my retched family. I need to serve you, Master Klugg. I must learn what your race has to teach me. I don't think you realize how valuable I consider you and your people to be. You hold the strength and power to protect me from my family until I mature and become of greater use to you. It is my hope, as my talents grow, you will come to need me, and I can repay you handsomely if you allow me to remain in your court as your slave, Sire. Our coming together wasn't an accident, your Highness. It was written in the stars many years before either of us were but twinkles in our great grandfather's eye," Roland replied.

"What do you require to become a recognized 'Mage'?" Klugg asked.

"He would need a recognized, fully certified and qualified Mage or someone of a higher degree to test him," Boito replied for Roland.

"Well, there you have it, Slave! My number two is a well known Ork Wizard of great renown. For this next week, you are to report to him in his chambers in the afternoon after your warrior training classes. You will learn more and be tested by him. I will expect a report from you, Number Two, after you have put him through his paces or whatever it is you men of magic do," Klugg said.

"Are you forgetting our bet, your Majesty? Did our new slave perform satisfactorily for you last night, Sire?" Boito asked and grinned wickedly.

"He's alive isn't he?" Klugg asked and grinned.

"From your good humor this morning, and the arrangements for his future you have ordered, may I assume he performed quite willingly and adequately?" Boito asked and grinned.

"He was adequate for his first time, but he has much to learn to become useful to me. He humbly asked me to grant him a boon and give him a chance. I decided to give him a trial period of one month as my chamber slave and groom. I will decide at the end of the month if he will be allowed to continue in his new position. Other than being a half-way decent fuck, there's something about him which fascinates me. It's like he's an old soul in a young body. Oh, yes, and I concede, you won our bet, Old Friend, so anytime you would like to collect, please give me notice, and I will arrange my schedule accordingly so I might arrive at your apartment ready for you," Klugg said and grinned at his old friend. Boito nodded his agreement and smiled. Klugg continued, "And before I forget, my new slave is to be completely denuded of any hair on his body except for his eye lashes before the sun sets this evening," he ordered.

"We should have taken care of it before his deflowering, but due to unforeseen circumstances we didn't get around to it; however, today it will be done," Boito assured his Master.

"He is to be kept hairless until I decide if and when he may grow hair at all or the traditional Ork single circle of hair which I will indicate placement with an ink pen. While you're at it, have my armor slaves and leather-craft personnel create a chastity harness for him with a lockable cage for his penis so he can't play with himself without permission. An apprentice warrior-slave has no time to think about sex until it is required of him by his master. We will start his slave training immediately, and when you have groomed him for this evening, before you bring him to me, plug his ass so I won't have to waste time opening his gate," Klugg ordered.

"Anything else you desire, your Majesty?" Boito asked smugly. Klugg's old friend couldn't remember a morning in a while when his master was in such a good mood.  

"Yes, have several of our best, most trusted, human-warriors assume a more human look than copying their Ork brothers. Have them cut off their top-knots if they have one and allow their hair to grow in like humans do. They will act as spies to travel to Roland's town to learn about how the Orks who live in the community and work in the castle are treated. We will have them make a trip disguised as vagabond minstrels and peddlers. Can any of them sing or play an instrument?" Klugg asked.

"Yes, several can sing and play quite well, your Highness. It should be no problem," Boito replied.   

"Good, take care of those things for me, and I will be a pleased monarch," Klugg said and smiled at his old friend.

"Your wish is my command, your Majesty," Boito said, "I'll be looking forward to collecting our wager, Sire. Would Friday evening be convenient?" the older Ork asked and grinned.

"I will be at your door an hour after supper," Klugg replied, raised an eyebrow, and smiled, "Aside from the fact you robbed me blind, you Old Buzzard, it's been way too long since your King as spent the evening in the comfort of your capable arms, Old Friend," he added.

"While your kind words are greatly appreciated, your Majesty, when you cross the threshold to my humble abode, I will be in charge and take what is mine to claim, Sire," Boito said firmly and bowed to his master.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. Even a king needs a good fucking from time to time to keep his head screwed on tight, and there's no other warrior I would consider submitting to," Klugg replied and smiled. "While you may be uglier than nine unholy sins, you're a demonic angel in my bed and are the only Ork I can count on to provide me with a glimpse of heaven," the king added.

"That's good to know, your Majesty. However this time I hope to provide you with more than a mere glimpse. I plan a four hour guided tour of some of the more arcane, rarely seen parts of heaven especially reserved for regents," Boito said and smiled, "In the mean time, why are your pectoral muscles so much larger this morning, your Highness?" Boito asked.

"I don't know, but they're beginning to become uncomfortable," Klugg said and turned to look at himself in one of the floor to ceiling mirrors in the great hall, "My God someone's tripped my paternal switch! Roland!" he shouted at the top of his voice.

Roland was standing with his new Ork Warrior brothers, turned, ran to his Master, and hit his knees several feet before the huge monster and slid the rest of the way like a runner stealing second base. "At your service, your Majesty," Roland said.

Klugg had his tight fists resting on his huge hips like he was pissed, "Did you suck my tits last night?" he bellow his question in an angry tone.

"Yes, Sire. I was locked beneath you and couldn't move. I didn't dare wake you from your peaceful sleep. My body was moisture depleted from our exercise, and I was thirsty. I saw a bead of milk on your tit and licked it off. The more I licked the faster it began to flow until I rapped my lips around it and drank my fill. I emptied the one. I was still thirsty and emptied the other. It was so good and it made be sleep peacefully beneath you all night -- massive green farts and all. I thought it was Manna from Heaven falling from our Desert of Sin, and it was your invitation for me to drink my fill. Did I do something wrong, my Lord?" Roland asked almost shaking with fear.

The whole room of Orks broke up laughing. Klugg looked around the room and then a big grin crossed his fiercely handsome face. "No, you didn't do anything wrong -- consciously. I believe your explanation. You were trying your best to do a good job, and I assure you, you did well. I shouldn't have let myself drift off to sleep and finished up with you as a good master should. It was my fault. In a way, it was a complement to you. I was so drained, I haven't felt that relaxed in a long time; unfortunately, for me, you managed trip my paternal switch to the 'on' position and my tits will now need to be milked regularly every evening for several months," Klugg said with forced disgust in his voice.

"I'm so sorry, Master, but as your slave, I stand ready to correct my wrong," Roland brightened, "It would be an honor and a privilege to drain the milk from your breasts every evening until we convince your breast your surrogate-bairn can make it on his own, Sire," the young man said enthusiastically.

"And how long would you estimate that to be, Slave?" Klugg asked with a smile.

"Hopefully, if there's an Ork God to answer my prayers, a minimum of six months, your Majesty," Roland said enthusiastically and returned his master's smile.

"Let's try for three, Son," Klugg said and laughed.

"As you wish, Sire," Roland said and smiled.    

"Does this have something to do with your station as a Seventh Son?" Klugg asked Roland.

"It has everything to do with his station!" Boito answered for the boy.

* * * * * * *
Roland found a new home and began to grow and change. Aside from the unusual diet provided by his beloved monarch, drinking Klugg's milk night after night contributed to major changes in the young Slave's body and his physical appearance. Roland was right. It took damn-near six months to convince his King's breasts they could begin to shut-down their milk making machine, but by that time neither man nor beast wanted to give up their strong bond. Roland and Klugg grew closer until their evenings together almost became a holy ritual for them. Their mutual respect and love for each other grew to form a great bond between the great Ork Master and his devoted Slave.

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