Ego Vs. Desire: A Sissy Transformation

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Part 4


I tried to ask what the reward would be but quickly stopped myself remembering the dildo in my mouth that I was told to not drop. Jamichael saw this and walked over to me, pulled it out, and stuck it to the floor with the suction cup.

"You're probably wondering what the reward would be, right?"

I nodded in anticipation hoping that he was going to let me cum. I didn't care how. I didn't care if I had to do it in front of his friends, if I had to do it with the butt plug in my boy pussy. I didn't care. I was secretly hoping he would give me a hand job or have Gia do it, but I wouldn't even care if it was Marcel at this point. I just needed to cum and he knew it.

"A spanking" Jamichael said with a smile

"A-a spanking...I-I don't understand..."

Jamichael placed a single finger across my lips to hush me as he stepped behind me and uncuffed my wrists. He pushed me forward and on to my hands and knees all the while pushing my head toward the dildo he had stuck to the floor which was now sticking straight up at my mouth. I knew what he wanted and so I opened my mouth and let it enter without fuss. At this point Jamichael began to rub and massage my ass cheeks spreading them and closing them and then asking me to plop the butt plug out of my hole. I was so embarrassed, my stretched hole on display for everyone to see.

"Wink at me" Jamichael stated.

I knew what he meant, he didn't want me to wink at him with my eyes of course, he wanted me to pucker my tight little butthole for him. I never did that before at least not knowingly it was again extremely humiliating, but I did as I was told.

"Again. Keep doing it. I'll tell you when to stop oh and while you're at it. Suck on that dildo"

God. This was torture. My tiny penis was hard as a rock sticking straight down, I was beat red, my butthole twitching and my mouth sucking all for their amusement yet I was more turned on then I have ever been in my life. I "winked" at my daddy as fast as I could. It gets pretty tiring after a few seconds, but I kept going. After a short while he began lightly smacking my hole every time I opened it causing me to moan in ecstasy and drool all over the dildo and onto the floor. By the time he grew bored there was a puddle of my spit in front of my face and a puddle of pre-cum below my tiny penis.

"It's been what? 9 days now since you came?" Asked Jamichael

I mumbled a "yes daddy" threw the dildo

"I can tell. Those balls are so big. A lot bigger than you're used to that's for sure."

Jamichael continued, "but you do realize what you have to do in order to get release don't you?"

He wanted me to suck his cock. He was pretty clear about me not being allowed to cum until I willingly give my mouth and my manhood to him, and at this point my inhibitions, fear, and ego were fading away to make room for my desire to fulfill the space they held in my mind. I was so stupid for thinking my reward would be to cum, and so I mumbled another "yes daddy" through the dildo releasing another cup of spit all over the floor.

"Good. Now for your reward"

Jamichael began to smack my ass. Light at first but he began to increase speed and strength quickly. He picked the butt plug up off the floor and slowly inserted it back into my pussy and told me to not let it fall out. He then grabbed Gia by the arm and walked in front of me. He began to strip naked and laid down perpendicular to my head with his already hard cock sticking 9 inches into the air. His cock was bigger than the dildo I was sucking and the only thing separating my mouth from his cock was his hip pressed up against the top of my head.

"I want you to look up at me while you suck that dildo sissy" Jamichael said sternly

Gia laid down on her stomach with her face between his legs. She began to suck on his sweaty black balls gently and one at a time while she began to stroke the length of his gigantic cock with her tiny hands. Jamichael placed his hands behind his head, closed his eyes, and began to smile. Gia popped each plum sized nut into her mouth softly and massaged it with her wet warm tongue. She moved back and forth between them for some time before kissing them and moving toward the thick shaft. She kissed and sucked on the base of his cock and slowly worked her way up inch by inch leaving a trail of glistening spit behind her. I could hear my Daddy's breathing getting heavier and without thinking about it I began swirling my own tongue around the cock head of the dildo while sliding it back and forth inside my mouth. As Gia reached the underside of Daddy's cock head I moaned and was instantly in pain.


Marcel was back with the paddle and swatted me hard. The plug in my pussy nearly popped out and my struggle to work my boy pussy muscles to get it back inside me made him laugh.

"Yea bitch, work that pussy girl. Work that pussy. I can't wait till I get to fuck you" Marcel whispered.

The thought of Marcel fucking me would normally make me vomit, but I was so horny that it was what I needed to get the plug back inside of me. Marcel continued to spank my soft round white bubble butt until there were tears in my eyes. The mix of emotions going through me where like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. My booty was in pain and my aching and cum swollen balls violently swinging back and forth did not help the situation, but the humiliation of it and the pressure of the plug in my hole made my legs shake, the dildo in my mouth that I was relentlessly sucking on while watching Gia give the most amazing head I have ever witnessed to Jamichael made me wish it was me doing it. What was going on? I'm not a faggot am I? Am I really just a little sissy boy faggot? The puddle of precum below my pathetic girly pee pee seemed to say yes. Was I finally breaking? Is this actually what I want or am I being tricked? I didn't know for sure, but all I did know was that I needed to cum and the thought of a sucking a cock Jamichaels cock my daddy's cock made that pathetic girly pee pee jump.

Marcel began to slow down with the spanking as Jamichael was getting closer and closer to cumming. He leaned over and started to massage my ass while calling me a good girl and began to slowly fuck my hole with the buttplug. Gia had both hands on Jamichaels cock now twisting each in opposite directions and she pumped it up and down. I could see her tongue massaging the base of his purple crown each time she twisted her neck when her hands reached her lips. Jamichael's breathing got heavier and heavier but he did not say a word. All he did was take one of his arms and place it on the back of Gia's head, and to my surprise he took his other and placed it on the back of mine. He began to force both of our heads down on the cocks in our mouths in sequence. I kept my eyes locked on his cock and gia's mouth wrapped around it. It was becoming a blurr has he face fucked us both and then just as I thought I couldn't take any more he erupted in Gias mouth. I could see Gia furiously attempting to swallow each blast, but it was too much even for her. Her cheeks began to swell and what looked like gallons of cum came oozing out of her mouth and down the length of his still hard 9" monster black cock. Daddy was still cumming though and Gia continued to swallow all that she could. When He finally subsided and let his hands off the back of our heads Gia quickly began to lick and suck the left over cum cleaning his beautiful penis for him with her mouth.

"Fuck, that was pretty good. You've done better, but that was at least top 5 baby"

Gia blushed while she continued to lick up the cum off the floor.

"Hey Gia?" He asked

Gia looked up and responded with a soft "Yes, daddy?"

"Kiss the sissy faggot"