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by usemeinva

Apparently each day several slaves were chosen to make the hor d'oeuvres that would be served to the potential bidders that evening. B and I would spend most of the day in the kitchen but of course there were breaks for the professional kitchen staff to make use of them. It wasn't exactly allowed apparently but we couldn't say no and they covered for each other so they didn't get in trouble. B and I each got fucked hard several times over the course of the day.

That evening about an hour before the viewing we were served our protein shakes for dinner and our only meal of the day. My stomach felt empty but we were promised a better meal tomorrow to help keep our strength up.  After dinner was complete we were taken to the hose room to be cleaned up and out before the evening's viewing session.

About ten minutes before the viewing was to start we were instructed to be waiting at our cell doors with our asses lubed. Once again our leather cuffs and collars were attached to our necks, wrists and ankles. The same younger slave that had led us in the parade was there at the door waiting for us except this time he wore simply a collar and very skimpy black thong. We knew that he would lead us to our platform for the viewing and wait by our side to attend to any needs that we may have. If we need additional lube he will bring it for us and do the duty of lubing us up.

B and I both took the poses we were instructed with our feet three feet apart and our hands behind our heads. This viewing was done with the restraints on the next one will be without to appeal to different clientele. As B and I were being sold as an always naked lot our viewing platform was beyond the main viewing room, so we did not have viewers right away. It looked like bidders were starting in the front room with the naked now but would be covered for the final viewing slaves. Our handler had taken his position kneeling to our side still holding our leashes. I guess the thought was that even a small boy could handle us we are so well trained.

Soon Previewers entered our area. The first Gentleman to make his way to us was a kindly older man about fifty years old. He was large and not very tall maybe 5'6". He started by grasping B and I by our cocks and pulling on them, he then did the same to our balls. He told our boy that he wished to see our asses. The boy stood and pulled on our collars which was to be our signal to comply so we did. We turned around and bent over presenting our holes for the Gentleman. He inserted his finger in each of our holes to check the tightness. He then told the boy he wanted to see us erect. The boy nodded and took us both in his hands and stroked us a few times. It did not take long before we were both fully hard. The Gentleman fondled our stiff cocks. Muttered something about us being nice and moved on.

Only moments later another Gentleman came up. This one was older still maybe seventy. He pretty much treated us the same as the first but did finger our holes a bit longer. I sincerely hope he does win us. Having to have sex with someone that old would be rather creepy.

Most of the rest of the viewing session went much the same. Older Gentlemen mostly would feel us up a bit then move on to the next slave lot and do the same. That is until just about time for us to be taken back to our cell. Jimmy Jones from high school came in. He would always try to pick on us and make fun of us. He had correctly guessed we were lovers and endlessly tormented us over it. He made a beeline for us with an evil grin on his face.

He said. "I see you faggots finally ended up where you belong. I hope you get sold to some sadistic master who will torture you for the rest of your miserable lives."

He started taking his belt off like he was going to hit us when our boy said that hitting the slaves at this preview was not allowed. He replied he would do as he fucking pleased and backhanded the boy. Fortunately the security guards were right on Jimmy and hauled his ass out of there and he was told on the way that if he ever stepped foot in their facility again it would be naked and standing on one of the stages.

The caretaker of the boys was checking on our boy right away and he said he was ok. He could fulfill his duties for the evening. He simply had to escort us back to our cell. I felt horrible that he had been hit like that but couldn't risk saying anything until we were back in our cell. Much to my relief, he assured us that he was fine and he didn't blame us at all. It wasn't our fault that guy is a jerk.

We were only back in our cell long enough to refresh the lube in our asses when the door opened and we were once again escorted to a room for a special viewing. This time it was a different room. There was a big table like a board room for a company with several comfortable chairs surrounding it. Our attendant pulled back one of the chairs and told us to get on the table on all fours facing each other with our asses up and our faces down. We were to be inspected by the board of company looking to use us as part of their business. Shortly after we were in position a group of men including that fifty year old short heavy man from earlier entered the room. The sat at the table. The man that originally inspected us said that these are the slaves we are considering buying for the company. He said that morale at the office was low lately and he thought having a couple office faggots on duty to take care of the needs of the employees was exactly what was needed. He said we could be used by any employee during the day but the employee with the highest sales for the day could take us home for the night or we'd simply be locked in our cages if we weren't needed. A couple of the men smiled and asked to try us out.
The gentleman said, "Sure. We have full use of them for the next 30 minutes or so."

One of the men grabbed my face and forced me to suck his cock while another one forcefully shove his cock in my ass. I looked over and saw B was getting much the same treatment.

One of the men said, "Shit, I'll be right back I need to take a piss."

The older man said, "No need these are full service faggots they'll take your piss right here."

He lined his cock up in front of my face. I put my lips around the head to avoid spilling and he pissed right down my throat filling my stomach with his golden nectar. Once he was done I licked the head of his cock clean and he smiled and said to the Boss, "Yes this is something we definitely need."

Once they were done they had us get back in the original position and they discussed what they should pay for us. The Boss did state that times were tough and he hoped he could get us for less that $20,000.00. Inwardly I smiled knowing Charlie was prepared to bid more than that. The Boss then told us they were done with us and to leave the room. As ordered we left the room and assumed the kneeling position beside the door.

On the way back to the cell, I noticed one of our other slaves hanging by his ankles right there in the hall. It did not look comfortable at all. There were a couple men standing around looking him over and discussing how much they thought they could get for him by the pound. I sure hope they didn't mean they were going to butcher him and sell him for meat but that sure sounded like what they were planning.

This time we didn't even go back to our cells but were taken directly to another room. This one was more Spartan. The walls were bare and it was fairly dark. Once our eyes adjusted to the dim light we noticed that there were various torture devices in the room. I gave B a nervous look. Our handler noticed and told us not to worry that the Previewer wasn't interested in using any of the devices but the other rooms were already in use and this was the last one available. Apparently right after a main preview session is the most popular time for an extended preview session.

In no time at all the Gentleman entered the room. B and I barely had time to take our positions on the podium. He sat in a chair that we had not noticed in the dim light and motioned for us to come kneel before him. We instantly complied. He said "Slaves, I didn't think I was going to make it here tonight. I'm glad I did. I saw you and your story in the catalog and have decided that I want to own you as the centerpiece for a new club I'm opening soon. Not that what the club is matters to you at the moment but I want you to give me a demonstration of how you will be used. The club's name is Pleasure & Pain and will be a BDSM club in a nearby city. You two will be the centerpiece of the club. You will be displayed behind the bar and on video screens throughout the club. For all the hours the club is open I have a device that will be hooked up to both of you. It has a two way switch. One of you will experience intense pleasure because of the device while the other experiences intense pain. The switch will be available to you and you can switch it at any time but when switched it cannot be switched again for a minimum of five minutes. When the switch is thrown the pain and pleasure will switch to the other. The fact that you are brothers and lovers who will not want to see the other in pain will make for an interesting dynamic for our patrons to watch. I do want to see how you handle it though so you (pointing at me) I want you to grab your brother by the balls and squeeze as hard as you can. If you don't you will be beaten severely I don't care what the cost to me is, and you (pointing to B I want to masturbate your brother at the same time. After five minutes either of you can tap the floor and you have to switch. I also want your eyes focused solely on me not each other.

I really did not want to hurt B in any way. I really hope this guy is not our new Master. I love B and will do anything to prevent him from experiencing pain that I can. I did comply and grabbed his balls and started squeezing with all my strength I could see how much it was hurting him out the corner of my eye. Meanwhile he started jerking my cock. We both kept focused on the Gentleman before us. He warned us that if did not matter if we shot our load or not the game did not stop and in the club it would not stop for several hours. I was liking this less and less all the time. The Man finally said that five minutes had passed that either of us could tap out at any time. I immediately tapped to spare B any more pain. We switched and I started masturbating him and he grabbed my balls. The pain was intense. I don't know how I will be able to take this for hours at a time. He restarted his stopwatch and watched our reactions to the pleasure and pain. Soon but not soon enough the five minutes passed but B kept squeezing and I wasn't going to tap and cause him pain. After a few more minutes he tapped and we switched again.
The Man said good job so far. It's time to up the ante a bit. Now instead of watching me I want you to kiss each other while providing the pain and pleasure. It was nice to kiss B but the pain was unbearable. I hoped this was not going to last long but he made us do it for the remainder of his time.

We switched back and forth several times on the pain and pleasure. We each came but still had to keep masturbating when it was our turn. Our cocks were pretty sore by the time we were done. He said, "Very well done slaves. Like I said it will be between you and those twins. I will hopefully see you in a few days at my club. Until then." Then he left. B and I could barely walk but we made our way to the door ourselves and managed to get on our knees as our signal to be collected and taken back to our cell. We fell to the floor and started rubbing our own tender balls until we drifted off to sleep undisturbed until morning.


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