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Encounter Trap 2


I was worried about … well … almost everything that could be related to my young alpha male.  I better not say 'my' for I am far more his than he is mine to be honest.  Would I encounter Mr. Alpha (I had to give him a name) on the subway again?  Would he suddenly appear at my door one day with some pretext to spank and fuck me again?  Would he tell – or worse, introduce me to – his mates that I was the naughty boy he spanked and fucked?

Then for an entire week the only thing that happened was that I saw him on the subway platform.  He never seemed to notice me.  Each time I reached my apartment door I gave a sigh of relief that I was home safe.  Yet, later when I was in bed I fantasied about the young alpha male being there to roast my bottom and then bred me however he saw fit to do.  I never failed to cum with those thoughts in my head.  The ideas that I had about my having him as my boy had apparently disappeared since the Encounter.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was unusual but halfway home on the train I lucked out and got a seat.  I just sat there lost in my thoughts effectively ignoring all the other passengers when I realized that a guy was standing directly in front of me.  He was standing closer than most so that his crotch was only a hand span from my nose.  It was impossible not to imagine what each ripple in his pants was concealing.  I was not expecting it but I heard that deep baritone voice; that all commanding voice.  "You have continued to be naughty and for that you need to be punished."  Yes, of course, it was Mr. Alpha.  "Again."  It was he who was standing over me.

"What?" I said taken unawares.

"You heard me, you continue to perve day after day for which you need – shall – be punished.  You're been staring at my crotch for more than five minutes now."  Fortunately, the guy next to me was playing a game and listening to music with his smart phone so did not hear what was said.

I didn't know what to say.  The train pulled into my station and he stepped back.  "Come along, now, boy."  He grabbed my wrist once again and lead me home.  This time he demanded the key and opened the door himself.  He was in control and I knew he would always remain in control.

He began to lecture me about my misconduct.  He was terribly effective and I was soon feeling great guilt.  I could not look at him but tried to stare at the floor just as I did when my father lectured me years before when I was just a kid.  Unfortunately, my glaze did not get there but stopped at the tent in his pants.

"You are incorrigible!" he snapped and wacked the tent in my own pant before he pushed me down so I dropped to my knees but my eyes remained transfixed on the bulge in his pants.  My mind was thinking of the tent pole that had been in me and wanted a repeat.  "Open my pants, boy."  I fumbled with his belt and zipper and clumsily got his pants and then his underpants down.  His man shaft was magnificent standing out proud and tall.  I licked my lips not daring to ask.  But I did not need to ask for he commanded me: "SUCK!  Suck my cock, boy!"

And suck I did as best as I could for it was an honor to serve this alpha youth.  Without any warning, he grabbed my ears and held me still as he potently blasted his seed and more into me.  I had no choice but to swallow or choke.  "Remove my shoes and pants, boy." he commanded and I naturally obeyed.  Then he ordered me to strip.

"You obviously did not learn your lesson last time so this time it will be the belt."  He bent over and extracted his belt from his pants and ordered me over the arm of the couch.  "Please, Sir, …" I whined fearful but even more fearful not to obey.

"Silence, boy." he snapped as he folded the belt and snapped it also.  That made me jump.  I got into position and he ordered: "Don't move until I tell you may, boy."  He raised the belt and I closed my eyes not daring to watch.  Then with a loud WHACK it landed on my upturned bottom.

I saw stars.

I howled in pain.

I gripped the cushion already fearing the next stroke.  It wasn't long in coming.  It slashed down on my tail hard and painfully.  The pain was immense.  The rest of the strokes which rendered my bottom a painful deep red were just as horrid.  After he first few I was begging him to stop but once I was bawling I could not do that any longer.  Then the blows stopped.  I waited not daring to move beyond the heaving due to my bawling.

Then I felt his fingers pressing into my hole.  I naturally yielded knowing I must obey.  Then he had his way with me.  He fucked me hard and fast.  It was wonderful; even better than the first time.  Better than I had been dreaming about.  He exploded in me.  I messed the couch.

"Stay, boy." he commanded as he withdrew and went to the bathroom to clean up.  He soon returned and dressed while I remained bent over the couch.  He turned on my computer and went to some website.  "Get up boy and come here."

The screen showed a checkout payment setup.  "Fill-in your credit card info, boy.  This is for something you really need."  Meekly, I obeyed as I always did and when I finished he closed the browser.  "When you get the package, don't open it, boy."

"Yes, Sir."

He left without a further word.  I rushed to check the browsing history but there was not any as he had turned on private browsing.  There was not anyway to know what he had just ordered for me and no way to cancel it either nevertheless my ass was red hot and my cock was as hard as it could be.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

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