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Testing Evan


Laguna Cerrita was always a beautiful town –great beach, well-to-do homes on the gentle hills rising above the shoreline. But it was best known for its amazing high school athletic teams in several sports: football, soccer, baseball, swimming. Its teams placed so consistently in state competitions that families with athletic sons wanted to move there to take advantage of the coaching and support. Numerous well-known college and professional athletes had come from Laguna Cerrita, and frequently returned to encourage their younger brothers.

At the center of this success were several coaches who seemed to have a magical grasp of their boys. Their teams were well known for their cohesion, discipline, focus –qualities envied by all those who wondered quite how these coaches did it. In particular, Jim Jacobs in football and his brother Marty Jacobs in swimming produced consistent amazing results, season after season.

Their good friend Hugh Evers, a English sports physician and medical researcher, was less well known than the Jacobs brothers. The brothers had met him in Barcelona in 1992 at the Olympic swimming events in which several of his young British charges were competing. By luck, love, and timing they attracted him to California, where he settled into a research post at a well-known medical school and a small, elite sports medicine practice in Laguna Cerrita. The athletes from Laguna Cerrita almost all knew him well for his research into stamina and pain, because they were his research subjects. The Jacobs brothers sent him their boys who knew that he was the real secret to Laguna Cerrita.

Not long after Evers settled down to his practice, Marty Jacobs referred one of his best young distance swimmers, Evan Bauer. At 16 Evan had astonishing gifts of stamina and breathing, but he needed focus beyond what his single mother could give him. Hugh Evers’ could help him to build it. So one afternoon practice in August, Marty dismissed Evan early so that he could run up the hill from the pool for his first session with the doctor. Marty’s reputation with the teenagers’ parents was so strong that they all unquestioningly signed a blanket release for training and research at the beginning of each season. There was no further need to involve them at all. Tonight Evan’s mother would be out of town –when Coach Marty found that out, he knew it was time for Evan to see Dr. Evers.

It was 3:30. “Time to go, Evan,” said coach Marty. “You don’t want to be late for Dr. Evers.”

So Evan quickly rinsed and dried and threw on a loose pair of soccer shorts, a loose muscle shirt, and few things into his bag, and headed out. It was just as well he left practice early –he was feeling a little tired from the pills Coach Marty had given him about noon, a big yellow diuretic and another small white pill the coach didn’t explain. With those and three glasses of water every two hours, Evan had eliminated almost everything in his system that afternoon just before practice. He felt peaked but relaxed, really loose. He peed again before he left the locker room.

As luck would have it, Evan was just walking past the pool parking lot when a car beeped and Jim Stevens waved. Jim was a popular local boy, a swimmer for USC, tall, lanky with the classic swimmers build, and very well-mannered. “Need a ride?” he asked. “Yeah, up to Doc Evers” replied Evan. Jim smiled and waved him into the car. “You ever gone up there before” he asked as they started up the hill. “Nope, first time,” said Evans. “Well, hope you like it” said Jim and smiled. “He really knows what he’s doing.” Evan caught the smile and wondered. He didn’t know much about Jim, who had graduated the spring before Evan started high school. But he did know from the gym shower than Jim was one of those athletes who always shaved his pubic hairs. Some swimmers said it gave them extra edge. Evan wondered about them. Some said these guys were gay, but that hardly seemed possible. Anyway, thought Evan, I’m sure I’m no fag, despite the many times he had notice athletic older men and almost wanted to touch them.

“Hey, thanks for the lift,” said Evan, getting out of the car at Dr. Evers’ office “No prob,” said Jim, and pulled away. The view from up here was beautiful: the blue of the ocean and the breeze. Evan walked up to the main building of the small medical campus, set back from the street and partial hidden in the trees and plantings. It was 4 p.m. and only two cars were parked out front. Evan entered and found that the building opened onto a central garden in back of the reception desk, with several buildings further back in the property. The receptionist, who was already reaching for her purse at quitting time, waved Evan through the building and said, “No. 6, back left, last building, just knock and go in.” So Evan walked back through the garden, and he heard her lock the doors in back of him.

Number 6 was a small hut set into the hill with tinted windows. Evan knocked and entered, and found a small waiting area with a raw wood bench and a few sports magazines –and a restroom, a good thing because he had to pee a lot again. A moment later a tall young man entered wearing hospital blue pants but no shirt. He was muscular but thin, almost feminine, curly brown hair. His long fingers looked like they could reach the bottom of pickle jars. “You’re Evan, aren’t you?” Evan smiled, and the young man said, “I’m Mike, Hugh’s assistant today. I’ll be helping you through your first course. I have to finish preparing, so please take these and I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Mike held out a paper cup of water and two small pills, one light blue and another white one. Evan dutifully swallowed the pills and handed the cup back to Mike. Then Mike handed him two large glasses of water. “You have to keep drinking water –lots of fluid in your system will help with the tests.”

Well, they don’t explain much, thought Evan. He pulled SwimNews out of the pile and looked at times and reports from various meets, but it all seemed a jumble. As he looked through the ads he felt his face flush slightly, and seemed to lose interest in the magazine. He set it down on the table, and looked out the window into the garden and its fountain with two statues of naked ancient athletes.

After about five minutes Mike came back in. “Come on back here, Evan,” he said, and held open the door. “You can use the door on the left,” and Evan found a pleasant room with another raw wood bench, a wooden bar stool, clothes locker, and a bathroom around the corner. The bathroom included an open shower, two walls with full-length mirrors, and an odd thing like a toilet between the toilet and the sink. “You can leave your clothes in the locker there –I’ll be back in a minute,” said Mike, who disappeared again.

Evan casually stripped off his shirt and shorts wadded them up and threw them into the locker on top of his sandals. It felt great to be naked just now, and he turned to look at himself in the mirrors. At 16 he had grown substantially in the past year, from a trim young teen to much more muscled, very clearly defined lattes, abs, and pecs. More muscular than many swimmers, he was occasionally mistaken for the running back of the football team, whom he resembled slightly. Blonde hair lightly swirled around his dark brown nipples, and a small trail was growing from his “outie” navel to his pubes. His uncut penis swung above his medium balls, now drawn up tighter against his body in the cool of the room. At 6’1’ and 170 pounds, Evan drew appreciative looks from women, and as he ocassionally noticed more, some men.

A summer job life-guarding at an outdoor pool had left him lightly tanned –he had taken care to use plenty of sun block every day. He dutifully wore the knee-length red lifeguard trunks when he was on the lifeguard’s chair, for a 10-minute break he would casually strip them off to reveal his very tight red speedo just before he gracefully dove and did laps butterfly or freestyle. His butterfly was still too rough for Coach Marty –“if you fight with the water, the water will win,” he kept saying. Evan wanted more finesse, more class. One day when he climbed back up the chair he forgot to put his trunks back on, and noticed through his sunglasses a trim 30ish man looking at him. Evan felt his interest, and impulsively opened his legs slightly to reveal more of the contents of his bulge. The man dove into the pool, swam two laps, and headed for the changing rooms, turning to look at Evan across the pool as he neared the entry. Evan suddenly was aware that he wanted to follow the man, but couldn’t. Evan was working. After that Evan always looked for this man before he swam, and would neglect to put on his longer red trunks if he were there.

Mike knocked gently and entered again, this time without lab coat, wearing only blue hospital pants cut just below his knees, and barefoot. His muscles were less defined than Evans but still traceable, his brown hair cut very short, with slightly professorial glasses. Evan noticed that he had very little or maybe no body hair.

“I’ll help you get ready for your first session,” said Mike. “We all call Dr. Evers Hugh –you can call him that too. We’re all pretty informal here.” Mike smiled, and his eyes ran up and down Evan’s body.

“Let me see your eyes a moment,” said Mike, who held a kind of protractor up to them. “Ok,” he noted a chart, “how are you feeling?” “Well, kinda relaxed,” said Evan, “my face feels a little hot.” “That’s OK,” said Mike, “about where you should be right now. You took a shower before you came up here?” Evan nodded, so Mike continued, “so first you need to be sure to empty out. Have you ever used an enema?” Evan mumbled, “um, no.” “Ok, I’ll help you with this one then. Come over here,” and Mike went to the toilet. Mike held up a nozzle attachment to a small water hose. “This bidette has a nozzle that you can use to squirt water into your anus so that anything that’s in there will come down and you can flush it away,” said Mike, turning the water on. “Of course, you don’t want the water too hot or too cold. Now, just stand over the toilet here, and bend over, and I can insert this nozzle for you the first time.”

Evan’s head swam. “Put this in my ass?” he said. “Yes, its quite thin, won’t hurt at all, and its warm now,” said Mike. “This really isn’t as strange as it seems before you do it.” Obediently Evan stepped in front of the toilet, turned around, and bent over. Mike gentle inserted the nozzle into his ass and sprayed water into the boy’s hole. “Now just hold it there as long as you feel you can, and then sit down on the toilet and let go,” said Mike. “I’ll look away so you don’t need to be embarassed.”

Evan breathed deeply in an effort to hold in the water, then sat down on the toilet suddenly and let it all go. He immediately flushed, and stood up, but Mike said, “Let’s do that two more times just to be sure.” Evan flushed, and felt his cock stir, but also felt a little strangely fuzzy. “OK,” he said, and repeated the cleansing. The third time he suddenly had to pee very hard and stood up again after he finished that.

Mike smiled, and moved the raw wood bare stool next to the sink, and padded it with a towel. “Now just settle down there and I’ll shave you,” he said.

“No –wait a minute,” said Evan. The words seemed to stick in his mouth. “I din’t know I had to get shaved.” He stood feeling flushed, defiant. He was also worried about getting hard; his cock already felt large. “Hey, no problem,” said Mike, “all the guys who come here get shaved. It’s part of the protocol. Hugh doesn’t want to hurt you in any way, and it’s best in his judgment that you should be shaved.”

Evan sat down, feeling just slightly woozy, like he’d had two beers. This was more than he thought he was getting into, but it suddenly occurred to him that this was probably why some guys were usually shaved bare. It didn’t have to do with speed at all –something he always found fishy. They came up here. That was it --well, that wasn’t so bad. So relax. He spread his legs apart.

Mike sat down on the raw wood bench and got out a wash cloth and shaving cream and moistened Evan’s pubic hairs without touching his penis. Immediately Evan became totally erect, his thick seven and a half inches straining forward, his crown peeking out his foreskin, his veins standing out on either side. It was long and straight with a slight curve up at the end, and it stood straight up towards Evan’s navel.

“Whoa, sorry,” said Evan quietly, but Mike said, “Hey no problem, everybody up here knows that a boy can’t control his erection.” He grinned at Evan, “You should be hard. It’s your natural state.”

“Well, I’m not a fag,” Evan mumbled. “I never said you’re gay,” said Mike. “And anyway, who cares here? Us guys get hard. It something we do,” and laughed lightly.

Mike trimmed Evan’s hairs above his penis and around his testicles, gently moving his penis out of the way to reach every place. Mike’s fingers on his penis felt so alive, Evan flushed and caught his breathe twice when Mike moved his hands. Mike brushed cut pubic hairs away and spread a very light shaving cream around his pubic area, testicles, and thighs. With a small straight razor he expertly shaved every hair without a single nick. “It’s really easier if your balls are tight for this,” Mike said, “I can get them a lot smoother.” Mike wet the washcloth again, and rinsed away the remaining shaving cream and hairs.

Then without explaining Mike touched some shaving cream around Evan’s nipples. “This needs to be smooth too,” he said as he shaved the few hairs, “and none on your chest, so that’s easy. Can you lift up your arms and put your hands behind your head.” Evan might have protested his armpits being shaved, but felt so relaxed he didn’t really care. And besides, he had shaved his pits for state finals last spring.

“Now one last place,” said Mike. “Get down on all fours on the floor, and spread your legs just a little.” Evan sat up, “no, what you gonna do?” he said a little thickly. “Your ass needs to be smooth too,” said Mike, “so the tape doesn’t pull after your tests.” Reluctantly Evan got down on the floor, and felt Mike’s long, warm fingers separate his ass cheeks. Evan knew he was certainly clean there, but was unprepared for the strong, sexy feeling as Mike lathered his ass crack and shaved it quickly, his long fingers just glazing over Evan’s rosebud hole. Evan felt flushed again and his erection strain. “Ok,” Mike said, rinsing away bits of soap, you can stand up now.”

Evan stood up and looked into the mirror. He was tanned, muscular, and completely smooth. No pubic hair, chest hair, pit hair –he looked like an overgrown boy with an erect pink penis. His ass crack still felt deliciously wet. Mike tossed the wash cloth into the sink and left it. Evan noticed just a drop of precum at the edge of his foreskin when Mike saw it, reached down and took it with his finger, then sniffed it. “OK, very nice,” he said.

Suddenly Evan had to pee immediately. “I gotta go,” he mumbled. “OK, you can pee when you’re hard,” said Mike, “just press with your hand at by your balls right here so the piss can get past your prostate.” Evan pressed where Mike’s hand had been and felt the pee surge and turned to the toilet. “Just aim it in if you can,” said Mike, “don’t worry I’ll clean up later.” Mike held Evan’s penis as the clear urine arced from his erection to the toilet. Again Evan felt like he was peeing his insides out. When the force diminished, a little splashed on the floor, but Mike was unconcerned. Mike turned to Evan, holding another large glass of water. “Sorry, buddy, but you gotta keep up your fluids here.” Sighing Evan drank it down. Then Evan noticed how much Mike’s hospital blues tented up, like he was wearing no underwear. “Sure, I always get hard when I shave a guy,” said Mike. “Wanna see?” He stepped out his pants and stood naked, his thin six-inch cut penis swaying in front of him, totally shaved. “See, guys get hard. It’s the way I like to be,” he laughed, and Evan couldn’t take his eyes off it. “Wow,” he thought, and sat down suddenly on the bench. “Ok it’s time to meet Hugh,” said Mike. “I’m here to help you. You care if I’m naked or not?” “Don’t care,” mumbled Evan. He shook his head as though to clear it, and stood up. “Come on out this way,” said Mike, holding a side door to the courtyard open.

“Out here?”

“Sure, there’s nobody here now anyway, and we’re all guys,” said Mike. “Hugh’s lab is across the court yard.”

So Evan stepped barefoot, naked, erect, and squinting into the afternoon sun, shaded by large eucalyptus trees around the garden. He held his hands over his eyes to shield from the light, and followed Mike, a muscular, obedient, erect, and woozy jock. Suddenly it felt great to be naked, outdoors, hard, relaxed. The air felt good on his flushed checks, his denuded armpits, his hairless crotch. As they walked the path, Hugh emerged from the door of another small cottage door. “Hi Evan,” he said, “all ready for your first course?” Hugh was dressed in hospital blues like Mike’s and a loose blue muscle shirt.

Evan looked at him blankly. “Let’s see,” said Hugh, and held a protractor up to Evan’s eyes. “Three mil dilation, flushed,” he looked down, “fully hard,” and gently moved Evan’s erect penis back and forth, inspecting his groin. “Mike, you do such a great job,” said Hugh. He smiled at Evan, “I think you’re ready.” Hugh turned to Mike and gave his erect penis an appreciative squeeze, “get him seated and strapped and put on the first patches, and I’ll be in.”

Savoring the warm light and gentle breeze, the thin, naked young nurse lead Evan to the research cottage, knowing what Evan would experience, pushing him gently for his own good into the door of the trap.


Mike lead Evan into a slightly larger cottage in the very back of the compound, shaded by pine and eucalyptus.

Inside the door the interior seemed at first very dark, a welcome relief to Evan’s dilated eyes. It was one large room with dark tinted windows, all rustic wood, and one wall completely finished with a black glassy surface. At one side of the room was a table with some electronic gear and a few instruments on surgical trays; on the wall something like a harmess was hung up jumbled with a line that ran up to the dark pitch of the roof. In the middle of the room was a kind of reclining chair something like a dentist’s, with a few small rolling stools and a small side table that held a laptop with various wires running off it. The track lights above focused dimly upon the chair.

Mike arranged two towels on the seat and the back of the chair, which had sections that seemed to be able to swivel in various directions. “Ok,” he said, “you can get situated there.”

Evan felt stupid, confused. “But I thought this was a muscle and stamina test,” he whined.

“Oh, it is,” said Mike, “but most of it happens right here in this chair. Don’t worry, you’ll get to like it.” Mike put his arm around Evan and guided him onto the chair, making sure that the towels did not bunch up in back of him.

When Evan settled Mike brought up the arm rest and adjusted them to hold Evan’s arms slightly extended, away from his torso, and bent about 30 degrees at the elbow. When both forearms were in place on the rests he brought up a wrist rest on each side, and swung a mounted rubber ball on a universal joint which Evan could squeeze with each hand. Then Mike quickly secured Evan’s arms to the rests with velcro restraints, two on his arms, and one on each forearm, one above each wrist.

“Hey, wha thiss for?” demanded Evan.

“For the tests, most of you needs to be quite still, otherwise we can’t get the results that will help you,” said Mike. This pacified Evan, who was now too relaxed to protest further.

Mike then unfolded leg rests and stirrups from underneath the seat, and gently placed Evan’s legs on each side, so that his knees were gently bent and legs splayed open in the center. Again he quickly applied velcro restraints so that Evan now could not move from his position. Evan’s feet were the same height as his head, but his knees were higher, and after restraining him Mike pushed them yet a little higher so that Evan’s abdomen was totally exposed. Mike then fastened a stronger velcro restraint around Evan’s midriff.

“If you have to pee again, just let me know, and I can hook you up,” said Mike.

Mike adjusted the chair so that Evan’s shoulders and head were higher, giving him a view of what was happening, and Mike attached electrode sensors to Evan’s chest, arms, neck, and ankles. He attached these to instruments and switched on screens so that Evan could see his heartbeat, respiration, and pulse monitored. Finally, Mike unexpectedly detached and pushed aside the lower portion of Evan’s seat so that Evan’s scrotum and anus were in easy reach of a researcher working between his spread legs. In the dim light the boy lay on the appartus restrained, relaxed, completely hard, and totally exposed to whatever Hugh might want to do.

Behind the glassy wall, on the side of the room where Evan lay ready, coach Marty Jacobs and the swimmer Jim Stevens slipped quietly into an observation area. They both stripped and sat back on the comfortable chairs to watch Hugh’s work, Jim seated lower and in front of Marty. The swimmer nestled his head against his former coach’s hard penis, and Marty played lightly with Jim’s nipples. “Evan has no idea what he’s in for.” “The time of his life,” Marty replied.


As though by a signal, Hugh entered the research room, now barechested and wearing only sweat shorts. “I’m more informal here, because it’s so warm,” he said to Evan, “I hope you don’t mind.” Evan mumbled incoherently and Hugh knew, “he’s ready.”

“OK Evan, I have to explain to you better what we’re doing here,” said Hugh. (Even though he couldn’t possibly absorb this now, he thought to himself.) “At the center of gravity in your body is a little-understood organ called the prostate. One of the things a prostate does is to control when you pee and when you ejaculate semen, or cum. But for some reason nobody knows, the prostate is particularly rich in nerve endings, and this has given researchers like me a clue that somehow it is involved with your nervous system, and helps to control how you use your muscles for everything, especially swimming in your case. In other words, a happy, sensitive prostate keeps your whole body happy and in harmony, what the ancient Asians called chakra two, corresponding to movement, emotions, and sex.”

“Your prostate is about the size of a walnut and is very easy to reach just inside your anus.” “My wha?” mumbled Evan. “Your anus, your boy hole,” said Hugh smiling. “Today we’re going to stimulate it and see how your whole system responds. I know you can get improved athletic performance by regularly stimulating your prostate –I’ve done it with so many athletes. Today we’re just setting a base line so that we can measure your progress in coming months. We have restrained your arms and legs because you will experience very intense pleasurable feelings as we do this, so we are keeping you safe for your own good.”

Hugh now gently took Evan’s erection in his hand and caressed it, especially along the veins on either side. “You certainly have a beautiful penis,” he said, “and you’re quite hard. But I think first we can get you more fully erect, before we go further.”

Hugh brought out a small rule and measured Evan’s penis from its base to its tip, retracting the foreskin to get an accurate measure. “19 centimeters,” he said, “that’s about seven and a half inches –great, but I think you can get bigger.” He produced from the table with instruments a clear plastic cylinder attached to a small hand pump by a short black hose. He lubricated the base of Evan’s hard penis and wound a small cuff around it, with a velcro clasp. He started to place the cylinder over Evan’s erection, but then changed his mind and selected another cylinder from the table –“you’re thicker than I thought,” he chuckled. When the cylinder was firmly seated around the cuff Hugh squeezed the hand pump and few times to make sure. Evan groaned as he felt the suction on his cock, and in response Hugh pumped several more times, watching the boy’s erection spread and lengthen in the cylinder. “This ought to get your blood moving,” he said cheerfully, as Evan squeezed the rubber balls under his palms and felt his cock huge and heavy as never before. “We’ll leave it there for a few moments,” said Hugh, and he began to massage the boy’s balls and inner thighs. “How does this feel?” he asked.

“Fucking amazing,” said Evan, the feelings radiating from his penis to his feet, his hands, his head. Hugh reached up and massaged the boy’s nipples, which became hard and pointed immediately. “Excellent response,” he said, “you really are ready for this treatment.” When Evan relaxed completely, Hugh slowly let air back into the cylinder and removed it from Evan’s penis, a strand of precum trailing it. He left the velcro cuff in place, and measured the cock again, “Twenty two centimeters,” he said, “you grew more than an inch, what a good boy,” and patted Evan on his thigh. Evan’s penis lay straight on his abdomen, bright red, wet, and exceedingly sensitive. Hugh petted it gently, “we won’t be stimulating your penis directly very much,” he said, “because it’s best done internally.”

Mike was standing watching the monitors and the screen of the laptop, relaxed, erect. He glanced up at Hugh, who nodded.

“Ok, we’re going to get the baseline reading on your responses now, Evan,” said Hugh. “Mike does this really well, so he’s going to stimulate you, and I’m going to monitor all your vitals.”

Mike stepped into the center between Evans splayed legs, rubbing a kind of cream on his fingers. Evan felt Mike’s erection brush his thigh. “Whoops, have to keep that out of the way,” said Mike. “At least for now. Ok, this might feel a little new for you, so I want you just to breathe and exhale twice and let yourself go.” Evan complied exactly; his face flushed with the oxygen, and he felt slightly dizzy. Mike smiled, and inserted his long right index finger into Evan’s virginal hole, massaging his pucker with his left index finger.

Evan gasped. “What the …” he cried, and strained against his restraints. They held firm; Evan realized how completely he was tied down.

“Just relax, this will all feel great in a second,” said Mike smiling. Evan struggled, felt violated, and then Mike touched a very peculiar place deep inside his hole, and immediately Evan relaxed. “There, that’s OK now?” Mike asked.

“Ahhhhhhh ……….. ummmmmmmm,” signed Evan, closing his eyes. The incredible warmth radiated out from his spot through his whole body. A healing rush of feeling that washed away Evan’s fears and left him limp and compliant. Mike first felt Evan’s hole contract with anxiety and then completely relax, welcoming him to come in, inviting, demanding penetration.

“This guy’s a real find,” said Hugh quietly on the side into a microphone, speaking to Marty and Jim in the observation room.

“That’s it, Evan, just submit, submit,” said Mike quietly, “you want what we can give you.” Mike gently withdrew his index finger and then penetrated Evan’s hole with his index and middle fingers, deftly finding Evan’s prostate and massaging it between them. Immediately a pool of precum flowed from Evan’s cockhead on to his abdomen, and Evan sighed and felt something in him completely break, wash away. “I want it, I want it,” he said in his haze, realizing how much he wanted to be used.

Mike continued to massage Evan’s prostate and Evan felt the surge of longing and danger flow wildly into his cock. He moaned, cried, thrashed against his restraints; he gripped the rubber balls with his hands, “oh god, oh god,” he yelled as inexorably he flowed downstream to cumming. Mike never ceased his massage, but now reached up with his left hand and tweaked Evan’s right nipple, stony hard in the sweat on his chest. Evan was suddenly bathed in perspiration, his hair matted on his temples, his balls tight against his cock, his orgasm now inevitable but delayed --inevitable, but delayed. “Aahhh!” he yelled, and the room reverberated with the cries of the boy, restrained, penetrated, exploding with his first hands-free orgasm. His cum shot out of his penis to his left cheek, his left shoulder, his abs, six, seven, eight jets; he sobbed with the intensity of pain and pleasure mixed and when his cum was spent, Mike gently withdrew his hand from the boy’s hole.

“Excellent, Mike, your best work yet,” said Hugh.

Evan was only dimly aware of anything around him. He felt himself spinning, floating, felt almost suddenly sick and then through the fog felt the restraints, the chair, was sensible that Mike had taken his fingers out and Hugh was again between his legs. He focused on Hugh speaking; he couldn’t quite understand him. Then he felt his entire body covered with sweat and cum, and one of the electrode sensors had fallen off his left arm pit.

“You’re a vigorous boy,” said Hugh, “and you said you’re a virgin? Really you took to that very fast. You have amazing stamina and response, but I think we can go further. You want to try today?”

Evan nodded in a daze. As incredible as this was, he certainly didn’t want it to stop. He had never known he could feel this way. He was totally relaxed, still completely hard, restrained but wanting to be used in ways he did not yet understand.


Hugh turned away from Evan and busied himself with some paraphernalia on a table just outside of Evans range of vision. Evan’s breathing slowed and he felt the cool of his perspiration and cum on his shoulders, chest, and torso slowly run down his sides and puddle on the table. He wondered dreamily if Hugh or Mike would bother to wipe him off –and then thought, “Hey, I earned it … I can sweat like a pig and lay in my cum if I want to.”

After a few moments Hugh adjusted the lights a little dimmer as the afternoon sun waned through the high, tinted windows of the lab. Evan was now even more bathed in light, the bright focus of the quiet, shadowy room in which Hugh and Mike prepared the next stage of lab work.

Mike gently fingered Evan’s boy hole again and then, out of Evan’s sight, deftly inserted a thin inflatable rubber dildo. Since it was warm it took Evan a moment to realize that it wasn’t Mike’s finger but something else, but just when he tried to protest Mike began to inflate the dildo just enough to press against Evan’s prostate and maintain even pressure all around the walls of his hole. When there was just enough pressure, Mike turned the valve and the dildo stayed inflated.

Hugh returned to Evan’s vision holding some slight, short straps with wires trailing a short ways. He adjusted these straps around Evan’s swollen penis, just below its head. Two other electrodes he positioned at the very base of Evan’s balls, and then he connected the short trailing wires to longer wires that stretched through the darkness to electronic equipment on a lab table that Mike rolled up next to Evan’s head, positioned so that Evan could not really see it.

“Next we’re going to test your responses to special stimuli,” said Hugh. A cloud passed over Evan’s face: should he worry? Or trust? “I know you can take this really well, but this could improve on our bench mark setting for your orgasm a few moments ago. This first part is just to get the measurements we will need for later.”

Mike clicked a few keys attached to the laptop on the work table. Hugh completed a few adjustments, applied a touch more lube under Evan’s cock head, and stepped back.

“Try the lowest number 2 preset,” he said to Mike.

Immediately Evan felt the slightest warm tingle in his penis; its warmth radiated and spread to his balls; he felt as though his penis had just tasted mint juleps on a warm Spring afternoon. His penis stiffened and spread ever so slightly.

“Nice response,” said Hugh. He turned to Evan, “you can really take to this. We’re going to up the setting just a little so we’ll know where to start in the next round.” Mike clicked a key and Evan felt a strong surge of power through his penis which completely hardened, his balls tight against him now, powerless against the onrushing current coursing through his boy flesh.

Evan closed his eyes –as though a giant hand had reached into his insides and was making his penis grow larger and larger, as an irresistible drive to a summit of sex crested over him. “And that was only a setting of 4,” Hugh said. “I’ve seen enough, let’s move to the full training.”

Evan slowly came down from his peak without cumming although he felt inside as though the contractions in his penis came from cumming for a long time. When he came to he heard Hugh speaking to him, “Evan – Evan – you have a real talent for peak sexual output; your body is ideally suited to performance at a level reached by very few other young men. The challenge for us is to translated that talent into athletic output – to put outin the pool the way you put out sexually. So we’re just going to skip several usual steps and move right to the point, but first we need to set you up, so you can relax right now.”

Evan realized that he had been breathing very heavily, perspiring freely under the lights, his hair matted and lip glistening with sweat. The cum that had coated his abdomen dissolved into his perspiration; he craned his neck and realized --“I’m a mess.” He felt Hugh release the air in the dildo pump and felt him gently withdraw it from his hole; then Hugh gently unfastened the Velcro strap around his penis and let it flop down on Evan’s stomach, full engorged, bright red, hard yet relaxed. Evan exhaled deeply and lay still.

A moment later Hugh turned and daubed a touch of a light, cool damp mixture on the of Evan’s penis. “A topical anaesthetic,” he said, “ sometimes the next step can sting for a moment. We’ll give that a minute to take effect.” Mike appeared and inserted his long index finger into Evan’s hole, searching, searching …. “Found it,” he grinned as Evan started when he gently stroked his stop. Mike withdrew his finger and inserted a long, thin dildo with a small dark metal head so that it rested squarely on a Evan’s prostate. “That may feel cool for just a moment,” Mike said, and then he connected the wires that ran from the base of the dildo to the junction board next to the PC on the worktable beside Evan. Mike sat down, his own penis dripping precum, and began to set up the software for the following session.

Meanwhile Hugh reappeared wearing sterile medical gloves and holding a long, thin, silvery probe. He gently held Evan’s penis and began to feed the thin probe down Evan’s penile hole, stopping when he sensed Evan’s breathing. “This really won’t hurt,” he said quietly, “and it’s just as well you can’t see this –but you’re taking it like a real champ, one of my best boys ever.” Evan wondered silent how many boys Hugh had worked on, and as if in answer Hugh continued, “ … and I’ve had about fifty.”

When most of the probe had entered Evan, Hugh pulled his penis up and out, almost to a right angle with Evan’s flat abdomen. “Just take a breathe now and cough,” Hugh asked, and Evan compliantly gently coughed. With the relaxation after the cough Hugh could insert the probe beyond Evan’s urethral muscle to a position very near his prostate itself, and he very gently set Evan’s penis back down to rest upon his abdomen. “I’d estimate 1 to 1.5 centimeters distance,” he commented to Mike, who recorded this observation. This meant that the two electrical poles inside Evan’s erogenous prostate zone would be very close together, requiring a very gentle, modulated current.

Finally Hugh attached two more electrodes to the inside of Evan’s thighs just under his testicles, and one more electrode by each nipple on his chest to complement the electrode already there. “OK, we’re rigged,” he whispered to Mike, “standing by when you’re ready.”

“Ready now with the testing mode,” Mike replied. With a quiet click of mouse a very gently modulated minimal current began to pass from the anal probe through Evan’s prostate area to the penile probe, and equally gentle current began to alternate through Evan’s nipples, first one side, then the other, several times a second. Evan felt himself stiffen up, as though almost at attention; his firmness felt bright and vivid but not strained or threatening, as though he were gladly following orders. The graphs on Mike’s screen showed that all connections were functioning properly and that Evan’s heart rate, pulse, and respiration had not raced, that there was no danger ahead. “Ah, excellent,” said Hugh, turning to Evan, “We’re all rigged, now we’re going to try the first training setting.”

Mike clicked again and immediately Evan felt lifted up from his prone position, almost floating above the scene as wave after wave coursed through his body; his penis became more rigid and grew beyond anything he thought possible. He felt as though he were flying, that this couldn’t end, that he didn’t want it to end. Still his heart and respiration showed no sign of strain, as this conditioned young athlete shrugged off an approaching orgasm which might cause collapse in a much older man. Mike upped the current to the second setting, at which most of Hugh’s boys topped out, especially in their first training session. Evan felt himself flying higher, drawn upward as if by gravity, almost spinning, he gave himself over to the course of feelings on the edge of orgasm, the final ecstatic moment of near death beyond cumming without ever actually arriving. “This is amazing,” Hugh said to Mike, and with Evan beyond being able to understand what he called, he said loudly in the direction of the observation room to Marty and Jim, “Come down and see what’s happening here.”

Both appeared naked, hand in hand, the older man leading the younger swimmer by the hand, both with erections swaying before them. Marty stood in back of Jim, pressed his cock into Marty’s backside and rested his arms around him with his hand on Jim’s wet cock, both focused completely on the bright red, visibly breathing, transported young boy in the light in front of them.

“We’re going to take this to level three,” said Hugh, “I’ve only done this three times in my whole career. Mike – get the defibrillator in case we go too far.” “Right here on the cart,” Mike replied, “I had a feeling we might want it close by.”

“Ok, now,” said Hugh.

Mike clicked his mouse again, and Evan cried out with pain? Or pleasure? Or pain? As he felt his insides gripped firmly by a gentle but undeniable hand, his prostate alive, his muscles pumping as though he were cumming –but no cum at all appeared from his penis head, instead his orgasm went on and on, as though the giant hand were pumping him from inside of him, as though he were slowly and inexorably jerked into submission and delicious surrender, more present sexually in the moment than ever in his life, and the moment went on and on …

Jim, Marty, Hugh, and Mike watched the young boy twitch slightly and murmur, moan in pleasure and drone on in ecstasy, spittle from his mouth, perspiration pouring from his temples, neck, pits, chest, and stomach and the grip of pleasure continued and would not let him go. Still the monitors recorded steady if quickened heart beat, pulse, and respiration; still Evan had not reached the peak of his athletic performance, but was in a zone beyond, a no-place place of pleasure, surrender, pumping, receiving –totally and abjectly taken, controlled, abused, fucked. He was a total whore for the machine, beyond caring, well beyond any ability to form thoughts, to speak words, to feeling anything but the grip of velvet, steely hand deep in his boy hole, controlling his every move, moving him beyond control to a life-long orgasm at the moment of the small death.

At last after ten? Fifteen? Longer? minutes, Hugh said, “I don’t dare go any longer, not in the first session,” he said to Mike, “take him down to level one, and then use the auto-pilot to bring him down the rest of the way.” Mike clicked again and Evan slowly began to come down from his high; the monitors showed his heart rate and respiration slowing, some color faded from his flushed checks, but his penis remained as rigid as ever, vibrating slightly and then the pulses trailed off. Evan’s eyes opened and he focused on the room, “Where am I?” “You’re here with us,” said Mike, “you’re OK, Evan, and we’re going to disconnect the machine now.”

“That was a machine? I have never ever cum like that!”

“You didn’t even make a drop of cum, Evan – but I know you felt it”

Evan exhaled and his face and chest flushed bright red to match his brilliant red cock. By now the two men working around him, gently disconnecting wires, brushing his nipples, his navel, his penis, not only did not bother him, he felt he should be exactly where he was –in fact, he arched his back when Mike removed the probe, offering Mike his penis, his balls, his whole life energy.


Suddenly Evan was aware that more men were present that Mike and Dr. Hugh –appalled, it was his coach Marty and the swimmer Jim who had given the ride up here. All the men, naked, watched Evan with admiration –and again, Evan went limp inside and accepted that he was being seen, being used by his coach and his hero as well as the doctors.

Mike and Hugh finished disconnecting all the electrical apparatus, the pads, the sensors –but they did not loosen the velcro ties which held Evan in position, legs splayed, ass exposed, penis featured in the pool of light. Since they never became involved with test subjects, they both sat down on bar stools beyond the light, watching what would happen. Hugh gently stroked Mike’s hard penis in appreciation of his work.

When Mike and Hugh were finished with Evan they paused to look at him in the light. Marty and Jim also paused, hand in hand, admiring their work and closing in for their final possession of Evan so profound that only Hugh could have brought it about. Slowly they parted hands and Marty came around the boy’s side so that Evan could look him in the eye. Marty gently brushed his fully erect penis over Evan’s arm and spoke to him softly, “Now all those wires and things are a lot for you to take –so Jim and I are going to help you to remember what a real man’s touch feels like. He’s my best boy, you know, so he’ll get you ready for me in every way.” Marty gently moved around Evan’s head so that he could massage Evan’s hair while Jim, standing between Evan’s legs lightly stroked and massaged his inner thighs.

“You know what’s coming, don’t you,” Jim said as he smiled down at the boy.

Evan strained at the straps, strained to arch his back, as Jim guided his penis head to brush against Evan’s exposed and open hole. “No, no,” cried Evan as he realized what Jim was about to do, “no, don’t tease me …. Take me … take me .”

As soon as Jim’s penis head touched Evan’s hole Jim could feel Evan open for him, his anus opening like a flower, warm, moist, and fertile. As Jim opened and penetrated the boy Evan’s mouth gaped open silently and his breathing became shallow and faster, feminine in its abandonment and desire. The boy made only the slightest gasping sound as Jim’s erection found more and more depth, brushing over Evan’s prostate knob which was both sore and crying for more touch. When Jim penetrated him fully Evan suddenly cried out and bucked against his restraints, aware of the depth of his degradation, his need for mastery. The words barely formed on his lips but then became audible, “take me, take me, fuck me.”

Jim might have lingered in the boy, but he knew his purpose was to lubricate his hole for Marty, and Jim was well trained, since he had been in Evan’s position so many times himself. So with a short cry Jim cast his seeded deep into Evan’s hole as he brushed the hands across the boy’s abdomen, and then withdrew and stood aside.

Immediately Marty came around between Evan’s legs, fully and totally erect, and drove his larger penis deep into the boy. Evan cried shrilly, arched his back, and went limp, giving himself totally to his coach and master, body and soul. “Take me, take me” he again whispered.

“You fucking little whore boy,” Marty muttered back, “you fucking little boy hole. You want to be taken and used. You want to be filled with my seed. You’re a whore and a fuck boy and you never even knew it.”

“Yes, god yes,” Evan mumbled, as the boy could feel Martys hardness and the slop of Jim’s seed in his passage, “fuck me …. Fuck me …. Fuck me.”

With a sudden roar Marty slapped the boy’s abdomen, slapped his ass checks, slapped his thighs as Evan cried out and wept with want, hunger for the man’s penis in his own softest place, the adult male claiming his due exactly where the powerful boy was most girlish. Evan tightened his muscles to hold Marty’s penis and as Marty cried out with passion and grief he seeded the boy, giving his own male secret virtue exactly suited to the boy’s gaping need. “Oh my … oh god …. Oh my” as he staggered towards stillness, his penetration still full, the boy still impaled willing on the man’s penis. And the room echoed with the cries of a boy taken, a boy totally and utterly fucked, a boy’s own beginning manhood taken over and molded and used by a grown and finished man, as Evan produced just a drop of his own seed over his navel, clear, sweet, and boyish.

Marty looked him in the eye, still impaled, as they both calmed their breathing. “This is the training,” he said, “this will give you focus in the pool … you will swim from your center, from this place right here where my power takes your prostate, faster, higher, stronger, and with me in you, you will fuck every competitor.”

Marty withdrew his penis and loosened Evan’s velcro straps, and Jim came forward to help Evan off the table while Marty, spent, collapsed on a nearby couch. “Steady,” came Jim’s strong hands as Evan trembled and stood up, his head clearing, his ever-hard penis swaying before him. Marty threw open the double doors into the warm, sultry breezes of the night as Evan stepped out into the darkness, back to find his clothes. Marty held and steadied him as the seed from Evan’s hole ran down his thighs and calves, dripping onto the flagstone walk –the two swimmers naked arm in arm, one flaccid and the other erect, both sated, obedient, and free.