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This story contains sex between two consenting teenage males. Ifyou have a problem accepting this or it is illegal to view this in the area in which you live please stop reading right NOW. Some reader's may not like some of the method's used in this story, so If you're not into mild bondage, please stop reading NOW. As for the rest of ya, ENJOY!

I'd like to thank my writing inspiration, Dean Lidster, for showing me that the art of writing is the best gift one can have. Another big thanks to Josh Forester, my co-author on Jackpot, who, through his relentless nagging, has helped me start to break away from the usual IRC typing lingo (For example: you =  u, you're/your = ur, and of course the lack of use of punctuation! hehe) A huge thanks to my IRC family, who have helped me through tough times, and who have always nurtured my horny perverted side. To all of you, THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!!!!

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By: Kenny Valente


It was the night of the World Cup, and all us football followers congregated at the local pool hall, the local hang out place for the teens in our small village, to watch the game. The room was filled with young men. Boys as young as 13 who were here with their older brothers, who themselves have barely passed the threshold into adulthood. Having only turned 18 the previous week, I walked in and took a seat near the back and ordered an espresso. I scanned the room, and then I saw him.

He stood there, across the room, looking as fine as ever. His beautiful hazel eyes perused the room as he brought his straw up to his luscious lips. He started to suck on the straw, bringing the cool soda to his mouth, when our eyes met. We stared at each other for a few seconds before our trance was interrupted by a roar in the room as crowd cheered for the football game on the television. I looked down, embarrassed. Looking up, my heart sank as he headed for the door. Motioning to the waitress, I asked for my bill. I left some money on the table and walked out into warm evening.

Once outside, I looked around in the hope of spotting him, but he was nowhere in sight. Resigning myself to my misfortune, I crossed the street and entered the park, heading for home. Strolling quietly through the night, enjoying the warm ocean breeze, I began dreaming about that young man.

His name was Ryan, a teammate of mine on the school's football team. We had met earlier this year but had rarely spoken to each other. Ever since the first day, though, I hadn't been able to keep my eyes off him, and I think he was starting to notice. He was beautiful, with strong athletic legs and a beautiful head of hair. A beautiful rich gold colour, with dark brown roots.

As I reached my house, I saw that my parents' car was gone. Seems they had decided to go to the country house after all. I reached into my pocket, taking out my key, and inserted it into the lock. It was then that I felt something press against my back. I started to turn around to see what it was, but something...or someone...pushed me into the closed door.

"Don't turn around. Unlock the door," a low voice said, so low I could barely hear it. I unlocked the door and was shoved into the house. The person grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, closing the door behind him. "I know you've wanted this for a time now, and so have I. Now I'm going to give it to you!"

Suddenly, I heard a tearing noise. He had taken out a knife and was cutting my clothes off, keeping me pressed against the wall of the dark room. I felt myself being stripped and started to struggle, realizing what was about to happen. Somehow, he lost his grip, and I found myself running up the stairs, away from the assailant. I heard heavy footsteps following me. As I made it into my bedroom, I was abruptly propelled forward as two strong hands gripped my legs. I fell onto my side and started to get up, but his heavy weight fell on my body. I was about to yell out when a strong hand covered my mouth. I opened my eyes and looked into two rich, hazel eyes.

I was stunned, and my body relaxed, as did his, as we stared into each other's eyes. He leaned down and replaced his hand with his luscious lips as we kissed on the floor of the hall. I pulled his body into mine, the fear melting from my body and turning into passion. I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him onto me as I swallowed his tongue. Suddenly, he lifted me off the ground, my legs still wrapped around his body, and laid me down onto my bed. He grabbed my wrists and pulled them up above my head, and caressed my body as we continued kissing passionately. Just then, his hands left my body and caressed my wrists once more. Then I heard the jingling of metal.

I jumped as I felt him attach handcuffs to my hands, too shocked to move. Then, realizing what was happening, I started to struggle as he cuffed me to the headboard. He slid off my body and smiled his beautiful smile as I cursed at him. He reached down and grabbed my flailing feet and secured them to the baseboard. Then he looked down at me, smiling again, as I continued to yell and scream. It was useless. I was his captive.

He bent down over me and started to kiss my neck, as I trembled with fear. I started to whimper, wanting to be released, when I felt his hot breath in my ear.

"Don't worry. I am not here to hurt you, only to please you," he whispered. He then started to lick his way down from my ear to my neck. My body relaxed itself completely after being reassured by my Adonis. His strong tongue made its way down my body, slowly, swirling around a nipple, gliding over the ridges of my exposed chest then down past my belly, sending me into ecstasy. Then I felt it.

As I lay there, shuddering with pleasure, a warm, wet sensation enveloped my hard member. I opened my eyes and looked down, seeing for the first time his beautiful lips covering my cock. He slid his mouth up and down, making me even harder. Then, as if to tease me, he stopped sucking me. He eyed my cock, caressed it softly with his hand, licking my pulsating shaft every few minutes, and playfully tugged at my balls with his other hand. His tease was working.

I told him I was about to shoot my load. Rapture turned to agony as he let go of my cock and came back up to my lips. We kissed again until my impending orgasm had disappeared. This time he didn't go back down. Ryan got up and stood beside me, slowly peeling off his clothes. I felt like I was going to cum right there as he stripped for me, and only me. Oh how I had been dreaming of this for so long!

The moment I had been waiting for had arrived. He slid his jockey shorts down and off, placing them over my face, so I could enjoy the fragrance. I inhaled his sweet, musky scent, pulling as much as I could of his underwear into my mouth, slowly sucking on the fabric. I heard a tearing noise and tried to see what it was, but his jockeys were covering my eyes. Suddenly, I felt something moist being applied to my cock. I felt Ryan lay down beside me once more, kissing my neck as he removed the shorts from my face. Straddling my chest, he presented me with his flawless cock.

"This is your prize for being such a good sport," he said, wagging his hard dick in the air.

Hungrily, I opened my mouth and whimpered until he stuffed his beautiful 8 inch cock down my throat. I moaned with pleasure as I tasted his cock, watching his head fling back, lost in ecstasy. My lips slid up cock slowly, and I licked around the helmet shaped head. Ryan groaned in pleasure, reaching back to grab onto my balls. All of a sudden, he pulled his dick out of my mouth. I begged for him to give it back to me, but he silenced me with a kiss, as he wiggled his body down.

I felt a pressure on my dick. Suddenly, I yelled out in ecstasy as Ryan impaled himself on me. He looked at my face, eyes screwed shut, mouth open wide and laughing in delight. Slowly, he started to ride me like a rodeo man, up and down like a piston, faster and faster. I screamed with bliss and bucked my body wildly on the bed, the handcuffs keeping me in place. Ryan started to pant as he rode my dick faster and harder, like a bull rider. Just then, I felt a wet sensation squirt onto my face as Ryan's cum shot from his rigid dick. His constricting asshole sent waves of unbearable joy through my body. I tensed and screamed as my cock erupted into Ryan with such an intensity that the room started to spin. Ryan, sensing my orgasm, sped up his rhythm, riding me for all I was worth. I was out of breath now, my mind whirling, as Ryan continued to fuck his ass with my cock. He rode me faster it seemed, up and down, side to side, gyrating his hips until I could take it no longer. I felt my cock erupt a second time, sending my hips high into the air. After Ryan emptied the contents of my balls, a wave of drowsiness came over me, and I passed out.

I opened my eyes slowly and found myself lying on my side, the warm covers over my body. I looked around and saw the remains of my clothes on the ground, next to the handcuffs. It hadn't been a dream after all. I turned over and saw him lying beside me, smiling at me, eyeing my body.

"Hi there..." Ryan said, kissing me lightly on the lips. I returned the kiss with a slap.

"Ouch! What was that for?"

"That was for making me wait so long and scaring the shit out of me," I said, bringing my lips to his, kissing him passionately. "That was for everything else."

Ryan hugged me tightly and kissed me once more. I looked into his beautiful hazel eyes and realized that, yes, I was in love.