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What a ride!

I can't believe the last couple of days. I am sitting naked in a small room with a concrete floor and no furniture. I have only a small hand towel for warmth, and the only entertainment is a small television playing porn from the upper corner of the room. As I look up at the television, I see the `hired hand' getting spanked by his boss as he sucks the boss's large endowment. The smooth bubble ass of the hired hand gets redder by the smack. The frequent whacks do not seem to deter him from doing his best to swallow his boss's 8 inch erect cock down his throat.

My time in this room is called `Rest and Replenish' time. It is my third visit here so far in the last 24 hours, and if this visit is like the previous 2, it will last for approximately 30 minutes.

While I am 'resting and replenishing', I replay the events of the last day or so in my head. It is unbelievable, but yet, as I feel the sensations of my body, I realize that it is reality.

Yesterday morning, I arrived at the home of a couple of friends of mine. My 10 year relationship is on the rocks, and I felt like I needed to visit these guys to try to get some perspective on my rough times, and hopefully figure out whether or not I should keep trying to maintain my long-term relationship. My friends are a few years older and wiser than me and they have had their own rocky periods, so I was hoping that they would give me a shoulder to cry on. Well. . . , they gave me a bit more. . . .

Wynn and Lee live on a large tract of land in a rural setting. When the large stream that runs through the property is not full of rain runoff, the time on the land is very quiet. The trickle of the stream is audible but very soothing. I had spent time in one of the guest cottages here many times before. I basically used the place as a retreat when times got stressful.

After arriving the day before, we had all gone on a long hike and I had shared many of the issues that I was dealing with. "My partner drinks too much, he can be very overbearing, we never have sex anymore, etc, etc. etc. . . ." My friends listened as we hiked, but commented very rarely. After awhile, I got tired of hearing myself talk, and we settled into a nice quiet hike. When we arrived at the edge of their property, we took a break at a really nice overlook. The view below was of valleys and distant hills. It was a clear day, and it seemed that we could see for miles.

Wynn threw out a blanket from his backpack, and he and Lee got comfortable. The breeze was blowing and they started to get a little frisky as they sat back. "Don't mind us, Scotty, but I think I'm in the mood to suck some cock. . .Lee said as he began unzipping Wynn's pants and maneuvering his package out of his pants. I was sitting on a tree stump near by and I just watched as Lee began giving Wynn a long and luscious blow job. He licked Wynn's balls and cock until the hardening process began. When the blood started to engorge Wynn's dick, Lee pulled a leather string from his pocket and tied it around the base of Wynn's cock and balls. Wynn laid his head back clearly enjoying the attention he was getting. His cock and balls were getting redder and darker as they grew to a really nice size, with some help from the makeshift cockring.

I was getting excited by watching the blowjob. Wynn's penis was beautiful and Lee obviously knew how to manipulate it into excitement. Within a few minutes, Wynn tensed and squeezed his eyes shut and sat up as he held the back of Lee's head onto his cock. I could tell that he was cumming in Lee's mouth. Lee's adams apple was bobbing up and down as he gulped Wynn's jizz down his throat. After the orgasm, Lee cleaned Wynn up with his tongue, and untied the string from his cock and balls and tucked his deflating dick back into his pants.

"Wow!" was all I could say. Lee looked over at me and smiled. "Why don't we head back and grab a few drinks and start the weekend!". Wynn and I agreed with that and after a couple of minutes we were on our way back toward the house. I hiked behind the other 2 and I noticed their asses as they hiked down the path. For the first time, I was actually looking at these friends in a very sexual way. `Could be interesting, I thought.'

Wynn offered up icy bottles of beer. The beer went down quickly and easily after the hike. We sat around drinking the beers and basically shooting the breeze. We talked about past times we had spent together, and we also talked about plans for a trip that we had for the upcoming Fall.

After each of us had had about 3 beers , the talk turned to the topic of `sex'. Lee asked, `So Scotty, when was the last time that you had sex with someone other than yourself?" He and Wynn both laughed, but I knew the question was serious, so I wrinkled my brow, and remembered a failed attempt at sex that my partner and I had tried about 8 months before. I didn't want to think about the last time, so I masked the reality with the response, "Probably a month or so. What of it?"

"Well, buddy. . .this weekend is the end of your dry spell.", Wynn stated matter of factly as he looked me square in the eye.

"We'll see about that", I said, hoping to God that he was right. After the bj on the hill, I was feeling the flow, if you know what I mean.

It was getting close to the dinner hour, so I figured that I would go take a shower to get ready. We had planned to go out to Lee's favorite burger joint for greasy food to help me `relieve the pain'.

"Well, boys, I'd better go clean up so that I'll look respectable at the Burger Hut." I hugged them both as they stood up and I thanked them for letting me stay with them during this weird time.

"Don't worry Scotty, we'll get your mind off things. . ." Lee said.

As I headed back to the bathroom, the boys followed me. "We figured we need a shower as well, why don't you join us?" Wynn asked as he was already removing his shirt.

I followed them into the master bedroom and they were naked before I had even put my beer on the table. Wynn is about 5' 9" and is a letter heavy around the middle. He is smooth except for a patch of hair between his pecs. His penis is impressive as I had seen earlier, and together with his low-hanging balls, I enjoyed the show. Lee is a little more lean and lanky. He is about 5'11" and a little rough from doing so much manual labor during his life. His cock was already at half-mast and truly a beauty. Lee`s smooth body drew your eye to this impressive focal point. Lee's pubes were trimmed to less than inch. This was one lucky couple. Wynn with his 8 inches and Lee with his 9. I was starting to fantasize about what may be cumming up.

They stood there and stared at me. I hesitated but I began removing my clothes. Wynn came over and helped me out. As he removed my t-shirt, he ran his hands through all my chest hair. He put his hand down the front of my pants and ran his finger through my pubes.

"Well I know the first order of business," Wynn said as he moved over to the vanity. "Scotty hasn't done any body grooming in a long time, and we're going to trim him up."

As I finished removing my clothes, I looked in the huge mirror and saw what Wynn was saying. I had hair everywhere. There was some on my back, my underarm hairs were really long, my chest hair was really long, and my dick and balls were covered by long hair.

"This is going to be great fun," Lee said as he plugged in the hair trimmers that Wynn had retrieved from the vanity. The trimmer buzzed as Lee approached me from the back and began removing the hair from my back. After finishing my back, Wynn told me to spread my feet to shoulder width and to bend over and touch the floor between my feet. Lee began running the clippers over my ass cheeks as I bent over. I felt Wynn's dick on my back as he leaned over me and spread my ass cheeks so that Lee could trim the crack of my ass. From between my legs, I looked at Lee's swollen cock dangling between his stooped legs as he worked eagerly on my butt. A string of pre-cum connected Lee's cock to the floor below.

When the crack work was done, Wynn moved away and pulled me up from my bent over position, but he didn't let me stand all the way. He lifted my chin, and put my mouth in the vicinity of his ball sac. I took the hint and began licking the loose-hanging punching bags. I wet them thoroughly while lifting them up and letting them fall over my face. I licked the underside of his semi-hard dick and felt the heat generating from his entire groin area. The smell of sweat didn't bother me as a I used my tongue as a wash rag all over my friend's sex organ. I was getting hornier by the second, and the lust was coming out in my total abandon as I ravaged my mouth with Wynn's cock and balls.

Lee had finished trimming my back side, so he had grabbed some lubricant and had begun running his finger over my newly trimmed asshole. He blew on my asshole and then began working his fingers in one at a time. His fingering action only made me more intent on swallowing Wynn's cock. I had gagged a couple of times, but by my third try, I finally had Wynn's long, thick cock down my throat. I left it there for a few seconds as I concentrated on breathing through my nose. My asshole was tingling as Lee was finally working his way towards my prostate with his middle finger.

Wynn pulled his dick out of my mouth and stood me all the way up to give my back a break. He frenched me with his tongue and he seemed to be trying to lick his own pre-cum out of my mouth.

Lee had moved away from my back when I stood up. He went to the closet and pulled out a bag. I didn't pay much attention since by this point, Wynn was licking my tonsils with his tongue. My dick jutted out in front of me and Wynn stroked it with his hand as he deeply kissed me. My pre-cum was running like a faucet.

Wynn stopped the kiss, and used my dick to pull me over to the bath tub. He helped me step into the tub. He draped a rug over the edge of the large garden-style tub and got me to get down on my knees in the tub and lean over the edge on the rug. I was a little awkward since I didn't know what he was aiming for, but then I saw Lee filling up a large red enema bag with warm water. I knew what was next, and I instinctively moved my ass up into the air.

Lee checked to make sure that my ass was still really lubed up, and he carefully inserted the enema tube.

"Are you ready for some cleansing?" Lee asked as he turned the knob on the bag line. Before I could even answer, I felt the rush of the warm water into my body. I had had enemas before, but never in front of anyone like this. Wynn and Lee stroked me as the water continued to surge into my bowels and I felt like I was going to cum just from all of this wonderful stimulation.

When the bag had emptied out, Wynn stroked my newly trimmed back while Lee grabbed the shave cream. I heard the cream squirt and felt its coolness over my back. Wynn spread the lather over my back and ass, as Lee began using a razor to shave the areas that he had trimmed earlier. As he shaved me, I felt the pressure from the enema, and I thought that I was going to explode. Wynn moved in front of me and picked my chin up again to the height of his own groin and turned to expose his cleanly shaven asshole. Eventhough the pressure from the enema was building, I began to lick the musty ass of my friend. It was a little more musty than his balls had been, but I was so horned up that I savored every aspect of it. He bent over and pulled his ass cheeks apart with his hands and ground his ass hole onto my tongue.

As Lee was finishing up the shave in the crack of my ass, I had to pull away from my licking adventure and moved hurriedly to the toilet. The sound of the enema hitting the water in the toilet was really forceful. Normally, I would have been totally embarrassed to have anyone around for this kind of event, but with Wynn and Scott, it all seemed very natural.

After finishing up on the john, Lee came over and moved me gently back over to the tub where he ran warm water from a handheld shower over my ass. I felt any shit and remaining `stuff' move on down my legs toward the drain in the tub. He rinsed all of the shaving cream from my back and rubbed lotion over my smooth back and ass.

" Scotty, I'm going to finger your clean ass hole with some of this lotion, and I want you to think about what's happening to you and masturbate. I grabbed my erect dick. It was wet from pre-cum. As Lee's fingers were inserted up my clean asshole, I began stroking. Wynn stood in front of me and stroked his own cock. He paced himself to me. In just a few seconds, I was bucking my hips forward as the cum blew from my dick. Some of it landed on Wynn and he used it to bring his own cock to an explosion.

As the orgasm subsided and the strings of cum hung from my stomach and belly and on the edge of the tub below, I felt the usual post-orgasm feeling of `what the heck am I doing?'.

Wynn saw it in my eyes. He handed me a hand towel presumably for cleaning myself, and got me to step out of the tub and led me to a door down the hall. He opened the door and asked me to go in. "Why, what's up," I asked as he gently pushed me into the dark room and shut the door. The small tv in the corner was running with a porn movie, and I just stood there with cum hanging on me, slightly chilled from the water that still wet my back side. I wiped myself, and saw from the glow of the tv that the room had no furnishings. The floor was concrete.

"Hey Guys, what's up?", I asked at the door as I jiggled the locked handle. "Let me out of here, guys. Its been fun, but I'm getting hungry."

There was no response.

I sat down on top of the hand towel on the floor trying to assess the situation, but every once in awhile, my eyes would move up to the television screen where I would see the 70's trucker involved in an orgy at a truck stop. The big hairy asses and cocks were all over the screen, and slowly but surely, I felt myself stirring yet again.