Friends at a Stressful Time Part II


This story is for ADULTS only. If you are not an adult, do not read this!

My name is Scotty, and I find myself being kept in a small dark room with a concrete floor. I am visiting some friends, Wynn and Lee, because I'm in somewhat of a crisis in my life, and they have been doing an excellent job of getting my mind off of my troubles.

It is my third `captivity' in this little room, and I find as I remember through the events of the previous day, that I am yet again regaining that horny feeling. I take a break from my thoughts to check on the progress of the porn movie that is showing on the small television above me. The hired ranch hand that I had seen with his boss earlier is now getting fucked up the ass by one of the other cowboys. The camera finds a perfect angle as it shows the slick, shiny cock of one cowboy moving in and out of the ass of the other cowboy. Eventhough there is no sound, I can tell from the expressions on his face, that the cowboy on the receiving end is truly enjoying himself.

I catch myself running my hands over my smooth freshly-shaven body, and I feel the smooth, silky loose skin of my balls as they drape onto the hand towel that I'm using as a seat. This brings my mind back to the recollection of events that have brought me to where I am.

. . . . . .After a few minutes into my first visit to the `Rest and Replenish' room, I noticed that I was already semi-rigid from watching the old porn flick playing on the television. I was also aware of the feeling of my shaved ass as the cold made its way up through the hand towel from the concrete below.

I was getting horny again, and I was about to go try the door knob again when a ray of light split through the darkness.

Right in the middle of the door, a cover had been slid away to create an opening. After about a second, it finally registered what this hole represented. It was a really nice `glory hole'.

I went over and tried to peer out, but I saw nothing until a hand came from somewhere and motioned for me to approach the hole more closely. As I went down onto my knees and towards the glory hole, a flaccid penis flopped through the hole with the balls carefully pushed in underneath after the fact.

It was clearly Lee's long and smooth penis with a ball sac full of cum. His trimmed pubic hairs had been shaved off and although he was hairless like a boy, the size of the instrument was clearly that of a real man. Like I said, I was already horned up again, so it only took me a short second to begin the mouth work on this jewel that it deserved. I took Lee's balls in my mouth one at a time and gently swirled them around in my mouth. I also began the oral manipulation of his flaccid penis until I sensed that it was beginning to harden.

Lee's body was fully pressed against the door, so no light was entering the room. The television flashed light from its corner as it showed the trucker at a rest area getting a blowjob through a glory hole. I used my hands and mouth to monitor my progress as I worked to bring Lee to an orgasm. His dick had grown to its full 9 inches, and I used my hands to manhandle his balls while I used my mouth and throat to massage his cock. After a few minutes of diligent work, I felt his balls begin to tighten up and I knew that I was in for a cum shower.

I pulled Lee's cock from my throat and out to my lips as I sensed he was nearing eruption , and as he came into my mouth, I held my breath and kept the load in my mouth rolling it over my tongue. My goal was not to swallow it right away.

The saliva had built up in my mouth and as it mixed with Lee's ejaculate, I ended up with quite a volume of liquid in my mouth. I swirled it around like mouthwash and swallowed it down. The slightly bitter edge of Lee's jism mixed with my saliva served as tasty protein drink. It was quite an experience.

Lee was losing his erection, and as he pulled away from the door, light once again entered the room. He carefully removed his relaxing balls and semi-rigid cock from the glory hole.

I heard the door unlock, and open. I was still on my knees as Lee stood in the doorway. He lifted me up and gave me a huge kiss on my lips. We hugged deeply, and he rubbed his hands over my smooth ass as he nestled into my neck. My dick had gotten hard during the blow job and was jabbing into Lee's groin, but he seemed intent on the act of hugging and not the fact that I had a sword poking him.

He pulled me from the room and we walked with our arms around each other toward the kitchen.

As we arrived into the kitchen, Wynn was just getting back from the Burger Hut. He brought in several bags which smelled like heaven and sat them down on the counter.

"Scotty just gave me the most incredible `glory hole' blowjob," Lee said as he went over to kiss Wynn.

"That sounds like something I'd enjoy as well,. . .what do you say Scotty, are you thinking you may have another one in you?" Wynn asked me as he moved over and hugged me while giving my semi-rigid dick a nice tug. Before moving back to the dinner prep, he ran his finger down the hairless crack of my ass.

"I'll do anything for one of those hamburgers", I said tugging at his t-shirt to pull it back over his head. Lee undid Wynn's belt and pulled down his jeans, as he returned to the same state of nudity that we were in.

We all stood around the kitchen island and began eating our burger feast and drinking a few more beers. By this time, we were all flaccid since our minds had turned to our stomachs. My dick still had an occasional twitch as I looked around me at these 2 very manly men sharing a meal with me with no clothes on and with no shame.

Wynn finished the food that he wanted and he moved towards me. "Scotty, I owe you something from earlier. While you're finishing up your dinner, I'd like to return a favor. Spread your legs, boy!"

I spread my legs as I ate a few more fries. Wynn went down behind me and began munching at my asshole. Shortly thereafter, I gave up on the food since all I could do was bend over the counter and let Wynn's tongue work its magic on me. Lee cleared off the counter and put a towel on the edge. "Sit up here Scotty, before Wynn hurts his back down there." Lee joked as Wynn pulled away from my ass and let me move around to jump up on the counter and lay back on the towel.

As I lowered my knees to my chest, Wynn resumed the job of working my ass over with his tongue. I wanted it to go on forever, and I kept my hands off my dick so as to prolong the feeling. I was leaking pre-cum all over my belly, and I used my hands to dip a finger full and move it down to my asshole and Wynn's tongue. He obviously liked the taste of the pre-cum because he moved up and began slurping and licking all of the precum off of my belly.

Lee had fetched a couple of items from the bathroom and returned to the kitchen. The first item was a butt plug that he handed to Wynn. The second item was the hair trimmer which he plugged in and placed on the counter. "Its time for Phase II of your `trim`." Lee said as he gazed down at Wynn beginning the finger work that would result in the butt plug slipping up my ass.

Wynn had created a very relaxed asshole with all of his earlier attention, so it took very little to get the butt plug to enter my ass. I felt no tension. . . only pleasure as the largest part of the plug moved in to take its place inside me.

With my ass filled, I really wanted a hard cock in my mouth again. I started to get off the counter, but Lee had other plans and pushed me back down.

Starting with my shoulders, Lee trimmed my whole front torso with the trimmers. The edges of the trimmers brushed over my erect nipples. The hair began to fall to the sides of my body. Lee lifted each arm and trimmed the hair underneath. He used the trimmer all the way down to my pubic hair. I ran my hands over the prickly hairs on my chest and abdomen and then moved my right hand down to feel the stop of the butt plug resting up in my ass. I rotated the plug to make sure that I didn't forget it was there.

Wynn began spreading the shave cream all over my torso, as Lee, the expert barber, began shaving the same areas that he had just trimmed.

As the razor moved over my torso and I felt the cool smooth flesh of my back and ass, I could tell that I was already perceiving the world very differently than when I had arrived earlier that day.

I leaned my head all the way back and I noticed that my head was half-way off of the edge of the kitchen island. "Why don't you do your barber work from up here?" I motioned with my eyes to Lee as I scooted back so that my head could lean back over the edge of the island. Lee moved around behind me and again, I began working on taking his beautiful cock into my mouth. He was already pretty hard at this point, and I noticed that by taking him while upside down, that his angle went down my throat much more easily. I could also fully appreciate the smooth pubic area since only smooth flesh brushed against my chin as I swallowed his dick to the root.

He took a break from the razor to spend some time fucking my throat, but after a few strokes, returned to his shaving duties and let his hard cock rest with my tongue bathing over it from all angles. When he had finished trimming the line of hair just below my navel, he set aside the razor and resumed the assault on my willing mouth.

Wynn had moved in behind Lee and was fingering his asshole while Lee was fucking me. As Lee's balls moved away from my eyes on the `out' stroke, I could see Wynn's fingers massaging and ultimately invading Lee's hole. On the in stroke, Lee's smooth balls covered my nose, eyes and forehead.

Wynn replaced his fingers with his hardened cock. I had a great view of the whole show since Lee had pulled out of my mouth to align his ass with Wynn's thick meat. As Wynn slipped his dick up Lee's ass, he quickly took on a rhythm that they both seemed very familiar with. After the rhythm was set, Lee again started fucking my mouth. His dick was bigger than it had been before Wynn had entered him.

In less than 2 minutes, I felt Lee's legs tense against my forehead and felt the release of his load into my mouth. Wynn pulled his cock out of Lee's ass and directed it between Lee's legs and also shot his load toward my face. About half of his cum landed on my face.

They both moved to each side of my head to rub their still throbbing and wet cocks all over my cum-drenched face . I grabbed my own dick and began jerking it and in a matter of one minute, I was bucking and spewing my load up onto my own belly. Wynn and Lee ran their fingers all over my belly and smeared the cum and leftover shave cream into a thin film all over my torso.

As I got my breath, Wynn pulled me into sitting position on the counter, kissed me and pulled me down off of the counter. He grabbed my hand and led me out of the kitchen and down the hall to the room. I knew where I was headed as he opened the door and held it open for me to enter. He threw a hand towel in after me, shut the door and locked it. Rest and replenish!

The dark enveloped me but the trusty television was running yet another porn movie. After cumming, I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the sex and could barely stand to watch the flesh on the screen. My newly shaved back, ass and chest were all sensitive, my asshole was tired of the butt plug and the drying cum on my face and stomach was feeling pretty sticky. I decided not to waste my dry towel by cleaning myself. I placed the towel on the floor and sat down. I couldn't bare the thought of pulling the butt plug out of my ass, so I left it there figuring that I'd pull it out when I had relaxed a little.

It was getting pretty late, and I was actually getting sleepy. I had shared more sex with Wynn and Lee today than I had shared with my partner over the entire last year. I rested my arms and head on my upturned knees and felt myself beginning to nod off. As I rested, I kept thinking about Lee's ball sac slamming me in the face and how much I enjoyed that whole experience. . . . And with that thought, I dozed off. . .