From Roommate to Pet, part 2

By Lyo Fisher <>

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This is a fictional story about college boys having sex. If you are under legal age to access pornographic material in your country or don't enjoy that or the themes listed below, just don't read it, for both our sake. Thank you.

Themes: solo jerk off, casual nudity, teasing, foot play, house chores, musk

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So. I was in this great flat, that I was now officially sharing with Ezekiel. Who was laying on the couch next to me in only his boxer briefs. With his feet on my lap. And his soles actually rubbing on my bulge as we played and he struggled and cheered.

How was I supposed to win any sort of game while being horny from the sheer presence of this handsome surfer guy next to me, and while worrying about him noticing my erection?

I wasn't. He stomped me hard that second round, and like a satisfied cat, turned to me with a smug grin. "Well, you seemed distracted this time around, this was way too easy! Guess you're too tired." He laid his controller on the table and crossed his arms behind his head, looking at me. "Guess we can just talk some too. So you know how I said I was very casual with talking with sex stuff and I needed my roommate to be ok with that?" He grinned. "Well that starts now, so you better be ready! Basically, I was just wondering if we should establish rules or something for when one of us invites a cute boy over."

I just looked at him, blinking. I'm pretty sure my mouth dropped open a bit. I mean, sure, his foot had moved away from my bulge while he turned to me, but I was still completely hard, and now I was asked to look directly at his near naked body to talk to him, and to talk about <i>that</i> too!

"Uhm. I... I mean... W-well... Mhm... What do you have in mind? You had years of... dorm life! Should know better than me!" Did I deflect the question correctly? Was that okay?

He smirked, and couldn't seem to move his eyes away from me, to the point where I was getting a bit uncomfortable really. "You're not wrong. But this isn't dorm! Like, I could actually bring someone over and go into my room to fuck them, and you'd only hear the sounds, and I'm sure you'd be ok with that, wouldn't you? But I'm more interested in the other way around. I can't go to my room without going through here, you know? So if you're at it on your bed... Well, you might not want an audience."

I gulped at the image. I was probably doing a weird face, because he chuckled. "Calm down, man. I told you, it's just like any other subject for me." And then, he made me blush violently as he poked my boner voluntarily with his big toe, and added: "You apparently aren't so indifferent to it, but you'll learn, I'm sure."

I couldn't help but advert my gaze. I wanted to act cool and all, but he was already messing with my head. "I... I mean... uhm... Yeah. I don't... don't know, I'm not sure if, uhm, it's v-very relevant, really. I... I'm not really the kind to b-bring guys back home... anyway." I scratched behind the back of my head.

"Oh really? Woah I thought that with a face like yours, you'd have someone snog you every day - oh wait, maybe you have one and you just go at your boyfriend's place?" Why was he sounding so innocent when saying this? I mean, sure, he said it was a casual subject for him, but for serious, how did he do it?

"... Uhmmmm..." I stared at him for a long time, or rather I kept switching between his face, his body and other parts of the room as I was trying to find out what to say. Well, better be honest, I guess. "I... uhm... I mean... I'm kind of a v-virgin, you see?" I gulped and averted my gaze again, turning to my lap, where his feet still rested.

I could hear the massive, boyish grin in his voice. "Nooo? Are you messing with me now?" I looked to him and shook my head, shrugging. "No one ever came to kiss these cute lips of yours?" And as he said that, he took me by surprise and poked my lips with his big toe.

"Woah!" I moved my upper body back, staring at his foot as I wiped my mouth. "Man, what are you dooing?"

He laughed and simply, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, brought that same foot onto my bulge, and stroked me with his sole. "I couldn't help but feel that you liked my foot earlier. I thought you'd like a taste."

I let out a small whimper and took the most courageous act of my short life to actually push his foot away a little. "P-please, dude... Don't... d-do that... I'm s-sorry I... I don't know what happened..."

He chuckled and sat back normally, finally freeing me of these feet. "I'm just messing with you, man. Stop being embarrassed by it! First, because it makes you fucking cute and I want to bang you, second because I walk around this flat in briefs all the time and believe me I am -not- going to be embarrassed if I ever pop a boner in front of you." He winked to me and got up, going to search for beers in the kitchen.

I felt like dying if only to not live with the embarrassment of that scene. Wait maybe I did die and this whole roommate thing was some sort of hell scenario? A part of me wanted to say heaven, but come on, I couldn't give in to him. He was probably just joking around to have fun, I couldn't let it get to me. Or imagine that he would ever actually bang me. Nope. Can't think that. Now please go down, boner.

Before Ezekiel came back, I had time to switch to a cross-legged position and rearrange my crotch. I smiled to him, trying to seem more confident. "Don't worry, I just need to get used to it. But yeah, no need to think of a solution just yet, by the time I go on a date with someone we'll have time to think of something." I took one of the bottles and tool a large gulp, clearly needing a bit of liquid courage.

He imitated me, sitting cross legged on the couch on the opposite side. It was hard not to stare really, his body was so great - but I just closed my eyes, as if relaxing. He didn't give much respite though: "What if he's really hot and you need him to fuck you ASAP but he doesn't have a room?"

I sighed. "... Believe me that's not going to happen."

He grinned mischievously. "Right. From how you keep avoiding the subject, I'll assume you're either an exhibitionist and would love me to actually walk into you having sex, or that you'd prefer to have him fuck you outside or right in the club you met. I get it. Sounds hot."

My eyes burst open and I must have appeared as beet red to him as I felt blood rushing to my cheeks. "W-what no! N-no no no! That's not..!" And then I heard him burst in laughter, and realized he was just messing with me again. I pouted, and threw a cushion at his face. "You're mean! Don't tease me like that! I'm shy o-ok?"

He laughed even harder as he caught the cushion in mid air, then held it between his legs, against his crotch, as if keeping it safe. "I'm not even sorry haha! Come on, you should see your face, you're so cute when you're like that!" He managed to stop his laughter slowly. "Oh gosh. I'm so glad I found you. But heh, I'll let you unpack a bit, alright? I actually have a bit of uni work to do." He got up and, with a wink that made me melt inside, went to his room with his beer, still only in his boxer briefs.

It took me a moment to even move, still pouting slightly. But then I realized something... The cushion was still here. Looking at the closed bedroom's door, I shuffled closer, and took it in one hand. And with a bit of a blush, I pushed it to my face, trying to get a hint of his smell. It was faint... but it was there. I let out a soft sigh, inhaling deeply right afterwards.

And that's when Ezekiel came back out of his room.

I turned to him like a wild animal caught in headlights. I still had the cushion onto my face. I quickly lowered it as if nothing happened, but surprise has already been replaced by a large grin on his face. He only mentioned needing to get some snack to eat, but it was obvious he was refraining from making another comment.

I cleared my throat and stood to my feet, opening a random cardboard box to unpack.

Act normal, Leo. Everything is going to be alright.

By dinner time, I had unpacked everything and was basically limp on the couch, tired as heck, just watching some random documentary on TV. I tried to keep the sound low, I didn't want to bother my new roommate. Plus I barely looked at it really, I was on the verge of falling asleep but I didn't want Ezekiel to find me asleep when he'd show up.

I didn't move when I heard the lock at all, I just raised a hand. "Heeeeey roommate!" I smiled, trying to sound casual even though I felt a stir in my pants at the sight of his abs. "Do you want to get something to eat tonight? Like pizza or something?"

Ezekiel stared at me, and shook his head. "Nah. I had some yesterday. I stoked up the fridge too - to be honest I hoped you'd offer to cook something." He looked a bit disappointed and it made my heart sank. "I don't want to force you to do chores you know, but as I already bought everything I hoped you would have been considerate enough to offer..."

I panicked. Where were my manners? I had failed, and bad! Quickly, I sat up, and jumped to my feet. "Oh, oh, of course, I'm so sorry! I don't know why it didn't occur to me! Of course!" I smiled nervously and almost ran to the kitchen. "What did you have in mind? Anything you bought in particular?" As I said that and looked into the fridge, I felt a hand resting on my hip. He was standing next to me and apparently that seemed totally normal for him?! I didn't dare telling him that it felt a bit weird, I had already disappointed him enough today.

"I think we need to eat the steaks pretty soon. I guess you could maybe mash some potatoes as a side, and cook some carrots maybe? I mean, if that's not too much to ask... I don't want to bother you, you must be exhausted after unpacking..." He sounded a bit sad, almost embarrassed of having to ask me to do this.

"Aaaah no please it's no trouble." I smiled my brightest smile to him. "Really, cooking is the least I could do for you! You're giving me an awesome place to stay for practically free! I need to pull my weight some other way!" I winked at him, then pushed him gently toward the living room. I had to shake away a shiver as I touched his smooth skin for the first time, but I had other thoughts right now than kinky ones. "Please, just go relax, and I'll do all that, ok? It'll take some time but I'm sure I'll get it right." I had no ideas if I would. I had barely cooked at all since living alone, living on pre-cooked meals, pizzas and sandwiches, mostly.

He gave me a small smile, and patted my head. "Thanks, Leo. You keep surprising me, at how much you fit what I'd hope for in a roommate." He turned and started some video games on the TV. As I cooked, we talked about his studies, and the video game he was playing, as I could still see the screen above the open counter.

... So, turns out I can't cook. The potatoes were dry, and carrots almost raw, and the steaks were burnt on one side. Uh.

Ezekiel acted pretty encouraging about it, saying that it's only a matter of training and practice, but there was something in his body language that showed how disappointed and slightly angry he was, and that made me feel horrible. I apologized at least a hundred times, I mean, at least after every bite he took and every time I saw the bad taste of my cooking in his eyes.

By the end of dinner, I was miserable. Even Ezekiel's constant jokes about it and his reassuring words, I couldn't shake the idea that I completely messed up my first evening as roommate. I ordered him to stay on the couch while I washed the dishes and the kitchen, telling him that's the least I could do after the mess that was the meal. Oh and I brought him some industrial dessert from the fridge with a coffee spoon, joking that it'd act as a mouth washer. He laughed but told me not to be too hard myself.

He was so great.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. We just started to get used to our shared life, somewhere between avoiding each other and yet spending a lot of time together too. Whenever he was home, Ezekiel was only wearing some boxer briefs, showing his body and bulge. I wasn't sure I'd ever get used to that, but at least it was less surprising. I kept cooking, but now with Ezekiel's supervision, usually checking on me multiple times while I was in the kitchen to give me some advice and correct some of my moves. I can't say I became a genius chef in one day, but at least I didn't burn anything else!

After class on that Monday, I went to check out of my old bedroom, my former roommate seemingly so glad he was alone now. Well, I mean, he'd probably bring back chicks in the room now, but I didn't get a single hint that I had been a good roommate or anything. Meh, it made me even more happy to come home to Ezekiel afterward.

For some reason, I was way more nervous to jerk off in my new place (I still had a hard time calling it that, even in my head I thought about it as Ezekiel's) than in the dormroom. Of course, Ezekiel was out sometimes, for sports, group studies and such, but he was usually here by the time I went to bed, and I was scared at the prospect of him needing to go to the toilets and randomly bursting out of his rooms while I was masturbating. I mean, it did happen a lot for him to move around the flat after the lights were out and I was in my bed. So much so that for the first few days, I couldn't even start or anything.

By Thursday that week, I was way too horny. I hadn't jerked off since last Friday, even though I was living with more eye candy than I've seen in the rest of my life. So when I came home early from some boring algebra class, I decided that for once I would jerk off during the day. I mean, well, I mean while in high school it had obviously happened, jerking off even three or four times a day... But I had lost that habit since starting college, as I had been way busier and also had to deal with a roommate.

Ezekiel had told me not to wait for him for dinner because he had planned some trip or another with his friends, as they didn't have any classes that afternoon, and they're probably eat some fast food on their way home. So I didn't even hesitate as I came home before stripping down completely. I blushed a bit, feeling exposed, naked in broad daylight. I immediately closed down the curtains; even if we were high enough that there was about zero chance someone would see me, I knew I wouldn't get comfortable enough to jerk off with that large balcony glass door right next to my convertible bed.

I had planned to get really comfortable and have a long, really enjoyable time. I needed it - deserved it too! after struggling to find a good way to placed my computer next to the couch so I could watch some porn on it, I had an idea that made me nervous. Bah, I was meant to be alone for some hours still. So I connected my laptop to the large TV screen. Theeeeeere. I could watch some random gay porn from the couch now! I giggled a bit at the sight, it was obscene. Now that I was back up setting up these, I noticed the bedroom's door, closed. That made me wonder... I had never gone in Ezekiel's room. What if I could get a lil' peak while he's not here..? I wouldn't touch anything, so he sure wouldn't even realize I was there...

For some reason, I still felt compelled to act all sneakily, turning the knob slowly to make no sound. The room was dark; apparently, he hadn't opened the windows that morning. He actually had his own small TV in front of a massive bed. Gosh it must have been a comfortable one! Ezekiel definitely came from money from what I had gathered, and this only confirmed it; I wouldn't imagine many students slept on such a bed every night. A long desk lined up the whole wall under the window, with a desktop computer on it. Probably a gamer one, from the look of it. What I first took for a large cupboard on the last wall next to the door was actually the doors to a small dressing room! Woah. I definitely wasn't paying nearly half the rent for this flat. Most of the room was clean, well of course it wasn't perfect, Ezekiel wasn't so different from most bachelors after all, but that only made me more aware of the pile of dirty clothes on a corner of the dressing room. He had a dressing room but not laundry basket? I shook my head with a smile grin, chuckling at the idea that my roommate had strange priorities. I almost left the dressing room, before remembering something.

I gulped as I spotted some of Ezekiel's boxer briefs in the pile of clothes. I still remembered the lingering smell of his body from the cushion on that first day here. I stared at the pile for a second, but as I felt my cock starting to twitch a bit and harden at the simple thought, I acted quickly, taking the first undies I could find, and huriedly closing both the dressing room and Ezekiel's room behind me, jumping onto the couch. The gay movie was still running, and all I had to do was move my new roommate's dirty underwear onto my face, take a deep inhale, and moan as I felt my shaft grow almost instantly to its full size in my hand.

I'm uncut. This meant I never felt the need for any lube, and with how long it had been since my last jerk off session, the porn running on the large flat screen, and Ezekiel's manly, arousing musk dizzying my mind, it took about half a second for me to be rushing my had furiously up and down my shaft. Fuck was I horny... If I didn't keep myself in check, I would have been able to cum in just a few minutes probably. But instead, I edged myself slightly, really needing that long jerk off session. I couldn't believe how good Ezekiel's scent was either; it wasn't too powerful, nor dirty. I don't think I could smell piss or anything; just that natural scent of his, a bit of sweat, but probably a lot of sexual hormones too.

I could hear my own moan mix with the ones from the bottom boy on the movie that was being fucked sensually. I groaned. I probably wouldn't be able to hold too long, I hadn't anticipated being so pent up! Or maybe finding a dirty underwear... I blushed at the thought, and buried my face into said piece of cloth. I hadn't been paying attention to the screen for a while, my eyes closed, the sounds enough to stimulate my imagination and fuel my excitement.

And then, through my closed eyelids, I saw a flash of light. I looked around me, instantly stopping my sweet hand on my hard shaft. And I saw Ezekiel, grinning, with his phone pointed at me.

So, mhm, this was the second part of how Ezekiel changed my life.

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