From Roommate to Pet, part 2

By Lyo Fisher <>

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This is a fictional story about college boys having sex. If you are under legal age to access pornographic material in your country or don't enjoy that or the themes listed below, just don't read it, for both our sake. Thank you.

Themes: Photography, exhibitionism, foot play, living directives, service, cuddling, humiliation

I know it's been a long time since part 2, and I'm really sorry about the wait. I had a few rough months, and I realize I shouldn't have make any promises. Chapters will come when I can find the motivation to write them... And I sure hope you'll still be able to enjoy them, no matter how slow I am.

You know how, when you drive at night on some country roads, and there's suddenly a deer on the road, it'd just turn to the car and stare, doing nothing? Well, that's actually due to them being blinded by the intensity of your headlights, and as their eyes need time to adjust to the light, they don't react in that short time.

For me, surprise did the trick.

I was -right- on the edge. My hand was tightening on my shaft, so badly that it almost hurt, but in a good way. Even though I had stopped breathing in that moment, I could still smell my roommate's musk from the underwear I was pressing on my face with my free hand. There was a huge TV screen blasting moans and fucking sounds not too far from my feet, and, only a couple of meters from me, the blonde stud that was living with me was standing with a phone in his hand. I had seen a flash, and I could still hear a couple more clicks.

Ezekiel had an amused grin on his face, still dressed with a wife beater and swim trunks. I know my lips moved slightly as I tried to figure out something to say, and he seemed to wait for me to react, content to aim his camera at my crotch or my face. I finally shouted: "W-whaaat are you doing here?!" I covered my very hard, large cock with two hands and the undies I stole earlier in his dressing room. "Weren't y-you supposed to... be having fun or s-something?"

He chuckled, hiding his phone in his pocket, and coming to sit on the armrest behind my head, dropping his backpack on the ground. "Yeah, I was, but the surfs wasn't good so we decided to come back early. Though I see that you at least decided to have fun on your own." He nodded toward the painfully exposed bulge I sported.

I didn't think my cheeks could go redder than they had gone seconds after I realized that I had been photographed, but I was wrong. I could feel them burning from the shame his words and proximity infused in me. "A-aah... Co-come on, man... Y-y'know everyone d-does it... I... I just... hadn't been... too comfortable to do it w-while you were sleeping..."

"I'm pretty sure not everyone sniffs on my dirty underwear, no." He poked my nose playfully, knowing my hands were busy hiding myself. "But definitely, you should have told me you weren't comfortable to jerk off, dude. Actually, I think it's a good thing for you I found you like this." He kicked his flip flops off and shifted position, moving his back to the wall against which the couch's armrest was lying, basically sitting right above my head, one foot still on the ground, while the other moved to rest on my left forearm, slowly poking it, encouraging me to move it away. "Go on. I told you sex is just as casual as any subject for me, and I think I need to break you into that mindset too." He kicked my arm till it was resting on the couch, then grabbed the underwear that was hiding my cock with his toes, and tossed it to my face. "You shouldn't worry for me to see you jerk off, man. Go ahead and keep doing what you were doing. You've even got my blessing to use my undies." He grinned, looking down to my face, his legs spread just above me, and I could actually see his bulge twitching as he spoke.

I gulped, and I'm pretty sure that with a bit more effort, I could have tried to disappear into the couch at that moment, the shame and humiliation I was feeling giving me some sort of super powers. Instead, I whimpered, and shook my gaze away from him, instead staring at my leaking shaft. "R-right but... but you don't get to... to make fun of me later, o-ok?" This was a weak attempt at finding some comfort. Truth was, this was stupidly hot - this beauty god was willing to watch me jerk off? I didn't see any way to refuse that to him. And so I did do as asked...

"Meeee, making fun of you? Neeeeveeeer." He said in a joking voice, making me pout. "It's therapeutic. If I see you cum once, maybe you won't feel ashamed to jerk off even when I'm in the room. I wouldn't mind - I don't see why you should fear me. As you said, everyone does it." He teased me with his sole on the swollen, pre-covered head of my cock as I jerked off, making me moan softly. As I opened an eye, I could see him caressing his crotch with one hand, slowly, and winking down to me.

I might have mentioned it already, but I had been -pent up-. When I realized Ezekiel was taking pictures of me, I had been only seconds away from orgasm. Now, I had the added stimulation of him watching me and talking to me, and even the touch of his feet on my cock once in a while. As he winked to me, I did the least manly thing I had ever done in my life, and cried with a high pitched moan, my body tensing and my back arching, as my cock twitched and started spurting the biggest load of my life on me, up to my face, globs of the white goo staining the underwear I had been sniffing on, and covering my torso.

Before I was even done, I could hear a familiar laugh above me. "Woaah, dude, seems like you were really ready to burst when I came in!" I opened my eyes again and saw the look of amused amazement on his face, and I swear this alone made me produce a couple more spurts of cum. But then, as the orgasm subsided, the shame hit me without restrain and, while trying to catch my breath, I hid my face with both hands, tossing the underwear on the ground.

"Godwhatthefuck..." I started mumbling. "WhatdidIjustdo I'm so sorry!"

I was probably really pathetic at that point, because Ezekiel moved from his position, and actually crouched near the couch. "Hey, hey... It's ok, Leo..." He took my wrists in his hands and forced my hands away from my face. "Don't hide your face to me." He smiled, and brought my hands behind my head. "There, keep them there. You're beautiful, Leo, and I feel pretty privileged from the show you just gave me, ok?" For a second I thought he was caressing my cheek, but then he brought the glob of cum he had gathered on his thumb to his mouth, tasting it with a grin. He then took his undies from the ground, and brought the part covered in cum to my mouth. "I don't mind you needing to smell me to cum, but I'd be glad if you could clean your mess after, ok?" He chuckled and all I could do was nod and take the piece of cloth in my mouth, suckling on it. I was still in a post orgasm daze, and this all seemed completely surreal to me.

Once he thought the cloth was clean enough, he took it back, and just walked away with his backpack. As he was about to enter his room, he turned to me and added: "I hope that from now on, you'll be comfortable going around naked in the flat, and jerking off whenever you want. We need to train you to be more open about these things, right?" He flashed me an angel smile, and entered his room.

I just stayed on the couch without moving. I felt completely stunned, and it took the movie that was running on the screen to end for me to wake up from the daze. I grunted, and went to clean myself.

When I got back into the room, after some hesitation, I didn't put any clothes on.

When I started this story, I told you that, much to my embarrassment, my cock never went down under 5 inches, and stayed rather fat. See, sure, some might have used that to brag and get girls, but I was much too shy for that, and for me, it only meant that whenever I was wearing clothes too tight, people would make fun of me, thinking I was getting a boner out of stupid things and call me a perv.

Now, I didn't even need to wear tight closes for Ezekiel to be very aware of the state of my genitals at all time. When he came back from a nap - or so he told me - later that night, I was still naked, playing some game on the TV. He simply grinned at me, but didn't say anything specific... at the time.

The main problem was that my roommate had a distinct love for walking around in tight, sexy undies, and nothing else. Well, that, and the fact that he had a fantastic toned body and I would give anything to be able to worship abs like his. And chest. And - well you get the idea.

So, during the next few days, as we went through our daily routine, me naked and him in boxer briefs most of the time, my face turned beat red more often than in the rest of my life, because of impromptu erections that the sight of Ezekiel caused. Well, that, or him resting his feet on my lap while we play, like during the first day. Every time, he grinned or chuckled, but every time, he also reassured me that it was normal, and that he was mocking me getting ashamed of my natural reactions. He said that it'll pass, but to be fair, I really didn't feel like it was getting any better.

Then came Sunday. I had cooked alone this time, as I wanted to prove that I had improved, and my hachis parmentier apparently impressed him, as I reserved a few praises during the meal. To be fair, seeing him eating at it with enthusiast, smiling, winking and being proud of me, did make me feel super good, though some shame did mix with it as I got a boner from it. Ezekiel did spot my blush, and without saying anything, moved a foot to my very exposed cock, all under the table we were eating at.

My eyes shot open at the feeling as I let out a small moan, staring at him in disbelief. "D-dude! W-we're eating!" He simply chuckled, and told me to keep eating and don't pay attention. Don't pay attention?! How was I supposed to not pay attention to his perfect sole rubbing against my cock?!

I did my best to devour my meal as fast I could, interrupted only by a few moans I couldn't contain, listening to Ezekiel's take on the foreign affair policy. As soon as I was done, I left the table, starting to take the dishes from the table and washing them. It was humiliating to walk away with such a boner sticking away from me, but much less than pouring my seed onto my roommate's foot, which I had been seconds away from doing.

By the time I finished cleaning up everything, I was a bit calmer, and Ezekiel was laying on the couch, his legs spread, one foot on the ground. He smiled and beckoned me. "Come here, man. I think we need to take your training a step further." I frowned but, curious, I went toward him. As I was sitting on the couch, he interrupted me. "Tsk tsk - nope." He tapped his foot on the ground. "Sit there instead."

I went through a dozen different expressions of surprise, incomprehension and disbelief, but all the while, my roommate kept tapping the ground and nodding toward it. I sighed, and shrugged, just sitting with my back to the couch, looking up at Ezekiel... From this perspective, between his face and my eyes stood his perfect torso, his red-clad bulge, and his thighs, and I'm pretty sure I let out another sigh, this time with a very different load of emotions.

"Man... It's been a week, and a few days since we took some measures, and you still blush so badly." He pressed his foot onto my cock, which sprung to life immediately, my body somehow pumping blood both to it and to my cheeks in an instant. "... See what I mean?" He sighed and looked disappointed. "You know how I asked for someone who was super ok with sex stuff around the flat, right?" I whimpered slightly , looked away and nodded. "Well, I've been patient, but it makes me a bit uncomfortable that you're always so scared." He somehow managed to stretch his toes enough to start to jerk me between the tip of two of them. I moaned, and moved my hands to my face.

"I'm s-so sorry... I... I can't help it... I... I'm not used to... I..." I was panicking, I didn't know what to say. "I never... I never had any... Any sort of s-sex before d-dude... I'm... I'm a virgin and this is... this is all... v-very weeiiiird!"

He didn't say a thing for a moment, but then I felt his hand on my head, rubbing my hair softly. "Hey, hey... It's not that bad, man..." His voice was soft, almost apologetic. "I mean, at worst, you could always go back to live with your previous roommate, right? I'll help you move if you need to..."

I sobbed even harder, and through some bizarre thought process in my brain, I turned to hug his leg. "N-no! Please... Please don't... k-kick me out! It's been... aaah, it's all so great here! You're so... s-so great!" I didn't dare to look up with my reddened eyes. "I don't want to go back to the dormroom... I... I'll get better, I swear!"

I heard a small huff from Ezekiel, who apparently didn't expect the leg hug. His hand followed my head, petting me once more. "Heeeeey, Leo... It's all going to be alright, ok? I mean, we've already tried a few things to get you more comfortable... But I'm sure I can come up with more stuff." His foot left my lap. "And as far as virginity goes..." I heard a smile in his voice, and he pulled me by the shoulders. I reluctantly followed, trying to hide my sobbing face, but as he first made me sit on the couch, and then made me lay upon him, I realized he was hugging me. Cuddling me even. "We're two gay dudes, living together, and we're both always horny, right? I'm sure we can come up with something..."

I looked up, and I saw his boyish grin as he rubbed my shoulders in his hug, cuddling me against his chest. And then, I felt how he was rising his hips from the couch, causing his bulge to rub against my stomach, making me realize how hard it was. I gulped, and looked up at him with both a shy grin and a massive blush, rising up to my ears.

"Oh yes, Leo. I'm sure we will have some fun."