Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 1


As usual, Luke got out of bed at 6 a.m. just as it got light and it already felt hot and humid. His younger brother opened his eyes from the adjacent bed to see the spellbinding vision of Luke who was as naked as the day he was born. Luke stretched his muscles and sensed that Shane was awake and because he expected that he'd be watching him, he stretched and flexed his body even more. Shane was thrilled at what he saw, and he vowed yet again to work his own body until it was as muscular and perfect as his brother's. Luke had his usual morning semi-hard-on, and his dick bobbed up and down mesmerizingly in tune with his stretching.

Luke smiled down at his brother who was pretending to be asleep, and he said quietly, (as if to himself): "Now, if I were a betting man, I'd bet that this horny little scrote has the biggest, meanest, boner raging between his teen-boy legs." With that, he dragged the white cotton sheet off Shane to reveal him curled naked on his side, facing him. As suspected, he held tight to his rampant dick. "Just as I thought, you horny little animal -- come on, get up, we can't have you wasting your strength on your morning glory and creaming your load all over the sheets again."

Shane groaned.

His whole body was a wonderful dark gold against the white sheet that he was laying on.

"Is there ever a moment of the day when you don't have a hard-on?" asked Luke laughing. He reached down and grabbed Shane's tool and gave it a good firm pull, telling him to get up quick or he'd get `a good seeing to!'

Shane dived out of bed, with his boner stretched and straining and pointing proudly to the ceiling.

It was early June, and this was to be his final day ever at school.

Luke was Shane's sole guardian now that their father had finally severed all ties with the farm and moved to the city for better work and to enable him to live with his new girlfriend. Their father had struggled since his wife; their mother, had died four years ago. The farm had too many memories, and he had ultimately concluded that he had to break his ties with the old home. He had handed over everything to Luke as soon as he was sixteen and this included the care of Shane. Their father didn't ever call back to see them, but if necessary they knew how to contact him. He put a fixed sum of money in their account every month without fail, which they barely touched except to pay toward a couple of small bills such as the electricity.

There was plenty of work to do even though the farm wasn't stocked to capacity nowadays. The farm was extensive, and the land was good, so the boys were virtually self sufficient with some high yielding crops and enough animals to keep them well fed, and also leaving some produce to sell. There were lots of hens, so eggs and chicken meat were in abundant supply as was milk from their six cows. The lads had a great high protein diet and they were growing strong and healthy on this good food and a lot of hard work.

The farm was quite remote, being protected on three sides by rolling hills and with just one rough access road to it that ran three miles from the nearest tarmac road. No visitors came to the farm unless it was to make an occasional delivery of pre-ordered provisions. A small river ran through the property and this made the land rich and even provided some fishing if time allowed. The river was sufficiently deep to swim in, and the lads had spent many happy hours around the water during the long hot summer months of their early years.

Luke kept himself very busy, but he tended to cultivate just enough land for them to live comfortably from. Once the basic farm tasks were finished he would have plenty of time on his hands, and he filled the days with training his body. Both boys had always been more interested in athletic pursuits rather than academic ones which was due to their simple aspirations to work on the farm and the lack of any other stimulation. Both had been brought up to do a good share of the work to support the family and both had perfect genetics for work and sport. They had dark complexions and almost black hair that was thick and tousled. They wore their hair fairly long and rough having only each other to trim it.

Luke was still only seventeen, approaching eighteen, and he'd also left school at sixteen as Shane would do today. Shane was barely sixteen, and so he was only just old enough to escape school and join Luke to work on the farm. They had some thoughts that they might cultivate more of the land and maybe achieve a better standard of living, but neither lad was particularly ambitious.

Electricity had come to the farm a few years ago, and their one real indulgence was a small TV that was rarely switched on nowadays. In their formative years there had been very few programs of interest to the boys, but those that they did enjoy were the cowboys and the action and adventure features. In those days, men were men and women were few and far between on the action programs. The boys had liked the cowboys because, there was plenty of good action and there were frequent scenes where the goodies were tortured by the baddies. This always excited the youngsters and they play acted many of the scenes on the farm. The parts that they found most stimulating were those that showed someone strung up shirtless and being tortured or, best of all, put to the lash. These scenes had a really profound effect on their young minds, and they would take their own shirts off and utilize trees and rafters to hang from whilst they pretended to flog and torture one another in a variety of `evil' manners. This was probably one of the primary reasons that they originally started to work so hard to build and sculpt their young physiques.

Since leaving school, Luke had worked hard on the farm but he worked even harder in the big barn with heavy weights and lots of improvised body building gear. Shane was following in his brother's shadow, and he too loved to train with great intensity, mainly with Luke in their barn, but also in the school gym where the smaller guys would watch him push out the reps with weights that they could only dream of. He always ended his school workouts by pulling off his vest and posing in the changing room mirror just for the benefit of the kids who he knew loved to watch, and fantasize over his body.

Luke was in a different league again to Shane. He had grown spectacularly since leaving school, and he was now a perfect specimen of youth with not only size, but also perfect symmetry. For a boy of just seventeen, his muscle development was extraordinary, and his body was cut and totally fat free. To say that he was big for his age was an understatement - he was quite incredible. The genetics and the formative years of hard physical work on the farm had combined to create a boy who was already close to perfection -- and he knew it.

They got moving, and both showered, dressed, and had their breakfast, with Luke then going off to the fields, still shirtless, and Shane setting out to walk the four miles to school for the last time. He didn't cycle today, because he would finish at lunch time on this, his last day, and Luke was going to meet him at school so they could have a run together before weight training at the farm.

After completing his morning's work and then doing a quick twenty minutes with the weights to pump up his muscles, Luke set off at 12.30 p.m. jogging to the school at a decent pace. They met up as arranged and, to ensure that they got a good cardio workout agreed to take a circular route home which had some decent inclines. It was hot and sunny, and both brothers wore shorts and tight vests that showed off their physiques to the other very envious lads coming out of their all-boys' school. There was little outward sentiment about leaving school, though a few of the younger lads were very disappointed that they wouldn't see Shane pumping his great body in the school gym next term. Shane considered this to be the beginning of a better life, and he ensured that all his pals saw his much admired body to its best effect on this last day by flexing his shoulders and pushing out his chest. The brothers each had back-packs; Shane for his books and school clothes, and Luke with a couple of bottles of water plus some small bags of sand to equal Shane's load.

They set off, and after the first mile of jogging, they came to open farm land and they briefly stopped to grab a drink before the hard work on the hills started. Also, this was the opportunity for them to strip off their vests. They were already sweating heavily in the humid heat of the early-afternoon.

Luke was very proud of his fabulous physique and he liked Shane to see it as it was clear that he became excited, and even aroused, when he was in close proximity to Luke's muscles. Shane had all the potential to be just like Luke, but he was only now at the age where everything was clicking into place and the real growth spurt was only just kicking-in.

Due to Luke's sweat, allied to his tight vest and heavy shoulders, he struggled to reach over and pull off his top and he recruited Shane to help from behind. He grabbed Luke's vest and he pulled it up and over his brother's outstretched arms. Shane gasped at the size and form of Luke's bare sun-tanned back as it glistened in front of his face. Luke tensed and flexed his back, flaring his lats to show his slabs of defined muscle to their best effect for his young brother. The width of his shoulders were visually attenuated by his narrow waist, making the taper from his shoulders to his waist look very steep. Luke thanked Shane and turned to reveal his chest in all its glory. The narrow washboard like waist was admirable, but what was above his hard stomach was even more impressive than his fantastic back. Luke's chest was his best feature, and this was really saying something for a lad so near to perfection.

Luke's whole body was indeed muscled and cut but he was still in his early teens and he was youthful and still growing. However, his pectoral muscles were like those of a professional bodybuilder - they were gigantic and pronounced from his flat waist. His pecs rose and flared out like giant mountains, and where they met at the centre of his broad chest there was just a deep cleft that must have been an inch deep. They seemed almost as heavy at the top as they were at the bottom and they flared out wide to his pits. His nipples stood out proud and erect. Luke worked his pecs with the heaviest weights at an intensity beyond any other body part to ensure that they remained huge, hard, and striated. To top-off his body, he had great biceps and triceps - his biceps each had long, pronounced veins running down the front of them as testament to the many dumbbell curls that he did. His triceps were equally strong and defined through carrying out multiple weighted dips.

Shane wanted to run his hands and fingers across Luke's beautiful chest as he believed that he might do later in the day when their workout was complete, but now wasn't an appropriate time for such activities. Luke considered Shane and said, "Come on, top off," and Shane turned to allow Luke to pull his vest off too. Shane hadn't got Luke's size, but his own physique was very impressive, and was equally cut with pronounced musculature and a smooth, hair-free torso like his brother's. His nipples were plump...Hidden from Luke's view, Shane had a slight swelling in his groin.

Having grown up very closely together, and being of similar ages, the brothers had no reservations whatsoever about their bodies, and they shared all their thoughts and feelings, sometimes in an almost telepathic way. Luke had naturally been awakened to his sexuality before Shane, and he had masturbated without any inhibitions in Shane's presence. In very quick time, Shane had explored his own body and soon, he too realized that he needed very regular release of his pent up sexual emotions through frequent and often frenzied wanking. To them, it was just like needing to pee, everyone did it so why try to hide the fact? In time, their sexual needs grew, and their self-gratification led on to some spectacular joint masturbation sessions - usually following their training. At the end of their workouts, they'd massage one another which meant the close exploration of one-another's bodies, and they learned what turned each other on and how to pleasure each other to the maximum. The `team' efforts hadn't ever gone beyond hand-jobs, but it wasn't beyond their imagination to think that a blow-job might one day be sampled, particularly when they were aroused to a peak after their workouts. They certainly knew enough to know that men did practice other kinds of sex together but they had clear boundaries, and they considered most things that they'd heard of as being far too extreme and therefore off the agenda for brothers. Nevertheless, their pleasure sessions had often reached some real peaks in terms of action and intensity, and with their freedom of life and all their raging testosterone, most of their waking moments were, in their heads at least, focused on sexual matters.

Now stripped down to just their shorts, they again pulled their back packs on, which had the effect of stretching and loading their chests making the overall sight even more exciting to each other. Shane thought that there were certain hints of bondage when Luke tightened up his shoulder straps and stretched his pecs and he liked that immensely.

They set out again at a good pace, feeling invigorated with their now bare torsos, and they soon reached the bottom of a hill that always tested them. Before the climb, they dropped their back-packs off, and Shane provocatively rolled his shorts' waistband down as far as possible to show every bit of his beautiful physique. They ran up to the top of the hill, which was a distance of about 400 yards, then back down, and up again two more times. By the third, fast, ascent they were almost on their limits, but they pushed as hard as they could, racing one another. Both teens had great thighs and calves, and by this third lap their leg muscles were steaming. Sweat ran down both their chests and flew off their bodies with each pounding step and, ultimately, Luke's power and strength brought him back to the finish line a few yards in front.

They stopped to grab their packs again and then continued on towards home, and twenty minutes later, they reached the farm and they entered the big barn. Today, they would lift heavy, and mainly target their chests. As always, the lads worked-out stripped to the waist so that they maximized the mutual feeling of strength and to show off their great muscle power to one-another. They began with dumbbell flyes which were Luke's favorite because the heavy weights stretched and loaded his pecs to their max which he knew was as exciting to his kid brother as to himself. They then did a multitude of different types of press-ups, before hitting the core exercise of very heavy bench press work. Luke usually wore an old pair of Speedos under his shorts to keep his tackle in place and Shane had recently followed suit as he was now realizing that their workouts had started to have some sexual affect upon his body. Luke did a few warm up reps on the bar and then loaded it up heavy whist Shane spotted him, not from above his head, but with his legs straddling Luke's chest. Luke knew that he needed to beat his previous best weight or do an increased number of reps with his current best weight, or he'd be subject to the agreed corrective punishment for lack of effort. It would be similar if Shane failed.

Luke pumped out the required number of reps for set one and two, but he was slightly below par on set three, and, after much straining and sweating with the veins popping out on his shoulders and chest, he could still only equal his previous best on the bench press. Shane called this as a failure. Luke knew the consequences of failure, and his dick twitched. The barn was hot and very humid, and the sweat ran down the striations in his upper chest in rivulets. It was now Shane's turn on the bench press and, with maximum effort, he just managed to beat his own previous best number of reps by one so he was safe from punishment for now.

The rules were, that any corrective punishment for poor performance was administered without delay, and Luke accepted the inevitable, and he rose and moved over to the far end of the huge barn where Shane had already lowered the two chains via the winch. Luke put his hands through two leather straps that were lined with sheepskin and Shane looped these onto the big steel hooks at the ends of the chains. Shane then slowly began to raise the chains with the winch, eventually lifting Luke's arms above his head and outwards. With each ratchet of the winch, Luke's bare upper torso was increasingly extended and tensed, and this continued until his feet were fully off the ground and he was stretched out to his limit. Shane walked around Luke's hanging body to get a good view from the front, knowing that his muscle-God brother was now totally under his control and at his mercy. His physique looked absolutely breathtaking with all his upper body muscles undulating and throbbing under the considerable strain. His arms, shoulders, and chest, stretched and spread with all his muscles - particularly his pecs and each deltoid muscle of his shoulders looking wonderful. Even his tendons, and the rivers of veins in his upper body were taught and popping and showing how cut his body was. His slab like pecs were now stretched out like wings and his nipples were full and raised up like pegs on a wall. Sweat ran down his body as he hung there anticipating the punishment to come from his teen brother.

Shane roughly dragged Luke's Shorts off, having to stretch them over his big muscled thighs and he then hung there in just his tiny bulging Speedos with his entire body shining with sweat. Shane ran his hands over Luke's pecs enjoying the feel of his rock hard, and very taut chest muscles and he gave his nipples a sharp twist causing Luke to wince in pain.

Shane then went quickly over to a big wooden box by the wall, and he pulled out the cord skipping rope that would be used to administer today's corrective punishment. He showed the rope to Luke and then slowly walked around behind him, building the tension. Luke's back was its usual incredible sight, but now as he tensed every muscle in it and flared out his lats, it was heavily striated and looked almost unreal. Shane's heart was pounding and his lungs were bursting with the excitement of what was to come. Luke was so very strong and hard, and from the rear, even his buttocks jutted out from his lower back in a peak of rock solid muscle.

Shane removed his own shorts and then went back in front of Luke again, flexing his muscles and then throwing a great double bicep flex right in Luke's face, showing off his own very impressive physique with his big guns peaking in a veined mass. Luke's dick strained against the thin material of his trunks and Shane also had a massive boner on. Shane then threw his `most muscular' pose with his forearms crossed at his waist and slightly bent forward; he tensed his muscular shoulders and pecs and held the position for a while, whilst grinning at his helpless brother hanging before him.

Luke was very impressed at Shane's fabulous cut and bulging shoulders and pecs.

Luke smiled, and said with some bravado, "Is that the best you can do?" He wasn't going to show any signs of weakness or subservience to his young brother, and he gathered all of his strength and reached his hands up onto the chains that he hung from. With that, he began to do a pull up until his upper arms were totally horizontal. This really pumped up his shoulders and his biceps stood up in huge peaks. His lats flared out even more, and all his veins popped through the rock hard muscle of his chest. Even his abs were tense and hard with every individual muscle being fully defined under the strain, and his physique was now a perfect vee.

Shane went back behind Luke, holding the rope by its two handles and he whistled it through the air, making Luke tense his back even more, but he only swung the rope against a nearby post to add to the fear and to build on the tension. The next swing however, was for real, and as agreed, there was no holding back. Shane took good aim and flung the rope back behind him then let fly, whistling it through the air as before, but this time, striking it venomously across Luke's bare upper back. There was a load crack as the double rope hit Luke's muscled flesh, and his head shot back as he let out a loud shout. Two bright red welts immediately appeared as he collapsed back down to full stretch, with his entire body twitching and shuddering. He knew that two more lashes were to come like the first...or more likely, they would be even worse.

Shane came forward to check on his brother's state. "What's happening down here?" he asked, pointing to the straining bulge between Luke's legs. "Let's take a look to see if it's alright." Shane reached out and slowly pulled the front of Luke's Speedos down releasing his straining, rock solid boner which instantaneously shot to attention pointing to the roof with its multitude of throbbing veins. Luke moaned. "Well, that's nearly as impressive as the rest of your big muscles bro," said Shane with some mirth.

"Get stuffed," replied Luke.

"That's not very nice, when I'm looking after you so well, is it?" replied Shane. "Let's see what we can do with this..."

Shane grasped the raging boner in one hand and roughly dragged Luke's foreskin fully back over his dick's crimson bell end. The end now shone, being well lubricated with pre-cum and Shane gave it a couple of really hard and deep strokes making Luke shudder in excitement as he hung, bound and totally helpless. He pumped it more and ensured that it was at its absolute peak of hardness, then slowly dragged the end right down causing Luke's abdomen and groin to stretch and his chest to expand forwards and Luke felt as if his dick would snap. He then released the throbbing beast and it shot back up with real venom and slapped against Luke's lower belly causing him to groan in ecstasy. "That's quite enough pleasure for you," stated Shane, and Luke moaned again. "We are here to thrash that huge bare back of yours not give you the best wank of your life." He grabbed Luke's massive boner again and slowly, and with some difficulty, he bent it down and hooked it back into the nylon of his brother's trunks.

"Oh God -- what are you doing to me?" asked Luke.

"Just helping you to enjoy your whipping" was the reply.

Shane went back to his evil work, and he took careful aim before again exploding the double rope into Luke's massive back. Luke was desperately straining against the chains that he hung from. By the third lash, every muscle in his body was knotted in agony, but also, in some strange way, it was ecstasy. The last lash was laid on with such ferocity that Luke screamed out loud. He stretched and strained at the chains that bound him and his wonderful back now had six raised red welts across its width. He was drenched in sweat and wishing that they'd never agreed to this form of punishment, but when his dick engorged even more, he knew why he had agreed to it. Shane had taken great delight in administering the harsh flogging to his big brother and his own dick was also rock hard beneath his Speedos. He again walked around to face Luke and he taunted him with the rope, even dragging it across Luke's massive chest. He went and brought a bucket of cold water and threw it across his brother's hanging body which significantly enhanced the spectacle as Luke now had steam rising from his hot flesh rather reminding Shane of a massively muscled racehorse. Luke's Speedos went somewhat transparent, and his fabulous bell-end was clearly visible as it throbbed inside his trunks.

Shane was in a real lather now, and he wanted to prolong Luke's punishment even though he knew that there could be no more lashes today. He asked Luke how it felt to be dominated and lashed by his younger brother. Luke said that it wasn't a problem and it was no more than a tickle coming from such a wimp. Shane was now himself sweating heavily with the excitement and he put the rope down and approached his hanging brother whilst rubbing his own straining dick.

Luke felt strangely invigorated even though his tortured back throbbed in agony.

"Not feeling any pain hey brother?" asked Shane.

There was no response.

Shane stood almost chest to chest with Luke, and he put his hands under Luke's pits and over his shoulders reaching up and grasping the top of his mighty deltoid muscles. Shane pulled all his weight off the floor transferring his significant mass via Luke's shoulders and into his straining arms. In one swift movement, he lifted his legs and gripped Luke's body between his strong hard thighs. Luke groaned and gasped as he took both his own weight and now his brother's too, and he felt Shane`s boner digging into his belly button through the thin material of his trunks.

"How's that then bro? Not so powerful now, are you?" laughed Shane in Luke's face.

"No problem flyweight. Is that all you've got?" replied Luke as he thought of ways to get his payback, whilst all the time his body hung helpless, with his back feeling totally minced.

Shane wasn't prepared for the next event...

He had underestimated the power of the lash and the rise in testosterone and adrenalin in Luke's body. Again, Luke reached up to the chains that restrained him, and he began to strain, trying to pull-up the combined weight of their two bodies. Using every ounce of his formidable strength and power, Luke inched very slowly up and eventually he reached his target with Shane hanging from his torso like a great muscular leech. Shane gasped - he couldn't believe that Luke could have even contemplated this move let alone have pulled it off.

Luke just grinned in Shane's face.

Shane looked at Luke's massively vascular, straining guns and then, one hand at a time; he transferred his weight from Luke's shoulders and directly onto his now horizontal biceps. This was excruciatingly painful to Luke, and he knew he couldn't hold on much longer as Shane's fingers dug into his biceps. Moving outboard also redistributed the weight and put much more leverage into the mass hanging from Luke. They were looking into one another's eyes and Luke was shaking and shuddering with pain. Shane thought that he had almost broken his brother and he grinned.

Luke knew that he had little time left before he'd have to surrender in humiliation, and therefore he must try to catch Shane unaware, and somehow dump him on his arse.

Shane again started to say something sneeringly to taunt his brother, and, without warning, Luke dropped his body down with a jolt. The plan worked, and Shane flew off Luke and landed heavily onto the floor. The sliding effect pulled Luke's trunks down further with only his rock hard dick preventing them from being ripped off his body altogether.

Shane recovered, and rubbed his backside laughing, and he pronounced Luke's fete of strength to have been the best ever. He told Luke that he'd never felt as horny as when Luke did that last pull up with him grasping onto his rock hard muscles.

"OK, enough, let me down, that was friggin' agony, but incredible," said Luke.

They both knew that the boundaries were slowly being expanded, and equally they knew that this would continue to be the case.

Luke realized that his brother would need to feel some pain himself before the day was out after him being so cruel this afternoon, and he started to consider ways to repay him.

For now, they continued with a very hard work out, but there would be no more laying on the bench for Luke before tomorrow when his back should have calmed.

They were doing some pull ups and Luke was on the bar when Shane heard two young lads' voices at the barn door. He knew immediately that it was Tyler and Jimmy - his pals from school who were both his age and who had also left school today. They had never been to the farm before, but Shane had told them to call around sometime and they'd obviously decided to come sooner than might have been anticipated. Shane told Luke that it was OK and he knew these lads so Luke continued with his pull ups. He had his back to the door. Shane called the two lads in and they gasped at Shane's physique before seeing Luke, whereupon they almost feinted in awe to see his fabulous back rhythmically pulling up and lowering on the bar. Of course they immediately saw the six bright red welts across his mountainous back, and they fathomed that Luke must have been wupped for something horrendous by their father. They were amazed to see him work out with such intensity when he must still be hurting like hell. Neither dared to ask what had happened, but their imaginations ran wild at the thought of this muscle god being treated so cruelly.

They talked to Shane for a while, and the lads told him how absolutely fantastic his body looked. Shane was proud and very excited to have his bare physique closely scrutinized like this from the two lads, and he told them to come back sometime if they wanted to work out with them and to build their own bodies into temples of muscle like his. Shane briefly explained that they were alone on the farm as their dad was away. Tyler had to ask what had happened to Luke's back. "Oh, I had to give him a really good lashing for his poor performance," replied Shane. They both stood wide eyed and they knew that they'd be back soon, not necessarily to work out, but certainly to watch and admire Luke and Shane, and to try to catch a viewing of their correction sessions -- maybe, they could even take an active part.

Shane stretched up to the chinning bar, facing Tyler and Jimmy to do a set of pull-ups before the lads left. The sight of Shane pumping out the reps with his own fabulous chest and shoulders sweating and straining at the bar was sufficient to send the two boys off in ecstasy and with their own dicks rock hard and ready to explode. They scuttled off and quickly found a private place where they wanked as if there was no tomorrow, exploding in rapid succession as they thought of Shane whipping his big brother's massive bare back.

Up until now, Luke had refrained from punishing Shane in the manner that he had himself been treated. This was mostly due to Shane's age, and because Luke wanted to protect his younger brother, at least until he was properly able to know his own mind and decide what he really wanted. Luke now knew that Shane was ready, particularly as he had recently asked Luke to allow him to be corrected `properly' now that he was sixteen. Till now, Luke had only paddled Shane's arse when he needed to be punished. A table tennis bat was used for this correction, and the norm would be for Shane to be laid over a couple of large hay bales with his arms fully stretched out and with his muscled buttocks up in the air for the thrashing. This was always good for Shane as his boner would rub in the hay, and on many occasions his dick would explode and erupt as the bat violated his muscular boy-buttocks. He was usually allowed to kept his Speedos on for his thrashings but sometimes, when his crime was particularly bad, Luke would pull the back of his Speedos down over his buttocks and he'd harshly paddle his bare flesh, watching it change colour instantaneously to a very bright red and then progressing to purple if the thrashing was prolonged.

Whilst Shane took his punishment like a man, he did begin to yearn for more, and he knew that only a proper back whipping could fully satisfy him and prove his strength and bravery and also help quench his sexual needs.

Later in the session, it did transpire (or maybe Luke ensured) that Shane did require punishment, and Luke decided that he would begin to test him to see what level of punishment he could tolerate. As such, after he had completed five strokes of the bat across Shane's bare buttocks (which was his punishment for his lack of intensity during a set of pull-ups), Luke pondered his fabulously boy-muscled, virgin back. Without hesitation, Luke took good aim and smacked the bat into the flesh of Shane's upper back, catching him totally unaware, and he screamed and writhed violently but, incredibly, even though he wasn't tied, he remained in position, demonstrating his acceptance of more punishment. Luke quickly weighed up the options, and he delivered another quick stroke across the top side of Shane's back with similar results to the first stoke. Shane writhed and tensed involuntarily, and his back showed two very bright-red and hot looking imprints of the round bat, with the textured pattern clearly imprinted in his flesh. He still remained defiantly in place with his arms outstretched, so he got two more very sharp strikes for his bravado.

"Now, roll over boy," ordered Luke, and Shane began to get up to turn over. "I didn't say get up," barked Luke. Shane muttered something about his back being mashed but Luke would have none of it, and he told Shane to do as he had been ordered without delay or he would get worse. Shane gingerly rolled over onto his flaming back. "Arms by your sides," ordered Luke. He lay there with just his lower legs hanging down over the corner of the bale. His crotch was now heaving and straining through his tight trunks and Luke playfully tapped his boner with the bat a couple of times causing Shane to let out a groan of ecstasy, mixed with pain from his back and buttocks rubbing on the dry and sharp hay.

Luke moved quickly to straddle Shane, kneeling on the heavy bale and putting his knees on either side of Shane's body, trapping his arms tight with his huge muscular thighs. Luke's own crotch looked spectacular as it stretched across Shane's six-pack. Luke's full weight rested on Shane's throbbing canon which was already primed to fire. He still had the bat in his hand and he slowly began to slap it on Shane's left pectoral muscle with its already engorged nipple. The sexual tension was unbelievable, as Shane flexed and tensed his chest to the maximum and held his pecs strong and firm. The slapping of the bat didn't get significantly harder but it got much faster, and Shane was sweating profusely and drops flew off him as he was hit. He was in real pain but he loved every moment. With his left pec red and throbbing, the same treatment was dispensed to the right muscle. Both pecs continued to be held at full flex by Shane to try to reduce the pain of the thrashing on his bare flesh and they looked wonderful as they strained and reddened. After a couple of minutes, Luke stopped to survey his work. The muscular striations and colour in Shane's young pecs were incredible after the treatment, and Luke laid the bat down and immediately dug his fingers into Shane's upper chest muscles causing a screech. He then went to work on his nips till they engorged to their absolute maximum and stood massively erect. He grabbed each between forefinger and thumb and he twisted back and forth till Shane's eyes watered and he begged for Luke to stop.

"You're going to rip them off," he cried. Luke just laughed and twisted them some more, before suddenly releasing them causing another scream as the blood rushed back into the throbbing protrusions.

Luke looked down at his helpless brother, and again he reached down and began giving his hard pecs a real kneading making Shane groan and writhe. His nips stood up red, proud, and magnificent and Luke decided that they deserved another good thrashing. He took the bat again, and began the treatment similar to before but this time he took alternate stokes at each pec beginning high on his chest, then, without warning, he let fly fully across the lower pec so the bat struck right on to his engorged nipples -- left then right and left then right continuously without ceasing. Shane cried out for mercy. Luke could see that Shane was himself now very close to his limit so he gave him two more stinging whacks and stopped with a final grind of his buttocks into Shane's belly. He then climbed off.

Shane looked relieved, but his relief was short lived. "Right, I want you to sit up with your arse at the end of the bale and your legs straight out on the straw," ordered Luke. Shane knew that he couldn't argue and he swung his legs round and sat on the top of the bale as instructed. Luke then jumped up and sat down astride of, and on top of Shane's thighs, facing his brother. Once he was settled in place, he looked down to consider Shane's crotch which was straining beneath the thin material of his small blue trunks. "You will recall the fun that you had earlier at my expense?" stated Luke. "Well, let's unleash the beast and see how I can repay you."

Luke dragged the front of Shane's Speedos down, stretching the waist band and hooking it below his balls. His dick now stood up fully erect and proud. "Nice one little boy," taunted Luke.

"Now you will begin some very deep sit ups. I want you to lower your body back as far as you can go before lifting back up. Put your hands behind your head, and remember that your dick is now my joy-stick with which I will control you and ensure your full compliance. It is somewhat ironic that my joy-stick is normally your stick-of-joy," laughed Luke.

Luke latched his right fist hard onto his brother's bursting dick, "OK -- begin your sit-ups."

Shane began lowering his torso, anchored at the legs by Luke. He lowered to the horizontal position and then continued lower, and lower, until his head and upper body was hanging well below the level of the hay bale that they were both on. His strong young abdomen was taught and very hard. "Now come back up slowly," ordered Luke, and he pulled rough and hard on Shane's dick to encourage him to sit up.

Shane strained and pulled his body back up. "Now lower back to about forty five degrees and hold it," said Luke. Shane did as instructed, and again his abs were taught and strained. "We'll now see how good those abdominal muscles of yours are," said Luke, releasing Shane's throbbing cock. Shane looked puzzled and slightly worried. Luke leant forward and started to sharply punch Shane's straining abs, a bit like a boxer who is practicing light jabs on the punch bag. The punches were not too hard but they were for real, and they became faster, and rhythmic. Shane was tense and struggling to hold the position with his arms behind his head. After a while, the punches stopped and Shane fell back down in relief, but of course he was still stretched out and straining at the abs. "Get back up quickly, weak boy," demanded Luke, grasping and pulling hard on his joy-stick. Shane looked tired, but defiantly he gritted his teeth and flexed his stomach and pulled back up. Luke started the rhythmic punches to his abs again, this time the sound of each punch had something of a slap about it as Shane was sweating so profusely. Nevertheless, he held his position and he took the punches to his belly. This treatment went on for about three minutes, which felt like a lifetime, and as it progressed, Luke gave Shane's stomach some increasingly hard punches. Shane could only hold his breath and keep his abs tense and as hard as possible.

After this set of jabs, Luke allowed Shane to sit fully up and rest for a couple of minutes, but whilst he rested, he told the youngster that he was now really going to get some pain. Shane was panting and his long black hair was dripping with sweat. "Don't you think that I've just had some pain?" asked Shane.

"That wasn't pain you girl -- I mean real man's pain," replied Luke. Shane prepared himself with some very deep breaths. His chest rose massively and fell with each breath.

"OK, I want you right down fully and back up - twelve times," ordered Luke grasping his brother's raging tool again to help him along. Shane looked shocked, but he did as he'd been ordered beginning well, but really straining to pull up from the last three or four sit-ups with only Luke's severe `encouragement' helping to keep him strong and focused. "Lower to forty five" demanded Luke with no pause. Shane lowered as ordered and tensed his abs as much as he possibly could and he waited for the torture to begin. Luke began the punches to the left and right abs then, without warning, he gave each of Shane's pecs a good punch before returning immediately to his abs for two then up to his pecs again. Shane was really struggling to hold his stomach hard and now he also had to defiantly flex and hold his pectoral muscles. Luke loved it, and he continued on and on. Shane started to drop back further but Luke ordered him back up and continued to mince his brother's belly and chest. Finally, with a great moan and a shudder, Shane flopped fully back outstretched, panting and moaning. Luke kept his fists tight and hammered the flat part of them, time and again, onto Shane's stretched lower abs. Shane screamed for Luke to stop.

He did stop, quite suddenly, when he knew that Shane really couldn't take any more. He grabbed Shane's meat and started to drag him upright and the youngster strained to return to the sit up position. Suddenly, under the immense strain, his whole lower body went absolutely rigid and then began to shake and he groaned. From very deep inside, his boy seed-juices began to gurgle and to build up pressure. His mangled stomach began to spasm, and then, very quickly, the eruption came - first in slow pulses, then in a great volcanic eruption, shooting into the air in waves from his big red bell-end like an exploding fountain, and hitting Luke in the face and then pumping on and on, all the time unloading his cream across his own chest and belly. Luke thought that it would never stop, but eventually, Shane was drained, and his boy meat ceased its pumping and started to go flaccid in his brother's hand.

They sat for a moment before Shane reached out to embrace Luke, and they hugged chest to chest. "Well done bro' that was awesome -- your abs will be sore for a while, but they'll be all the better for that treatment, as will be your dick."

Shane sat there panting for a minute or two, his big reddened chest and belly heaving -- he felt fantastic.

He finally rose and grabbed a big water bottle and took a huge gulp before drinking as if he hadn't had any water for a week. He poured a load of water on his head and chest to wash off his love cream, then he finally reached out again to Luke and they shook hands.
Shane simply said, "Thanks," before stepping back to pull on his shorts and trainers and then he walked somewhat gingerly from the barn to get some air and sunshine.

He left the barn just as Jimmy and Tyler rode back up towards him on their bikes looking for some more action. They rode straight into the spectacle of Shane emerging into the sunlight with his fabulous torso glistening and throbbing, and dripping with water. They immediately spotted his bright red pectorals and stomach, and they gasped at the wonderful sight of teen strength and bravery, knowing that Shane must have taken some very heavy duty punishment...and they both vowed silently to earn some of the same for themselves.