Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 10


Chapter 10, like the first nine chapters, is total fiction, as are all the lads in it.
I'm sure that I don't now need to say it again but: `Please don't try the punishment at home guys' it'll hurt.
Thanks once more to those who have written to say that they have enjoyed Chapter's 1 to 9; it's nice to know that some of you are still here with me. Also, thanks again for the new ideas of what you want to happen next I hope that a few elements will be recognised as being the suggestions of like-minded readers.


Chapter 10...

Luke had ordered Craig and Jamie to untie Tyler from the torture frame and to nurse him through the evening and night. Jimmy was in the front line for this task and more than ready to assist with the work even though his own back and particularly his chest had also taken a severe lashing.

The two new lads approached Tyler who was standing with his arms stretched tight to the massive uprights. The tortured guy looked incredible with his huge muscular torso covered in lash marks at the front and back. Even his arse was mangled and striped. Such had been the severity of his whipping that many of the most recent welts were still standing proud from his flesh. His dick remained hugely erect which was partly due to the cord that bound his shaft at its root. The total picture was astounding and it was blowing Jimmy's mind as he thought of the suffering that Tyler had endured and as he wondered about the ways that he might nurse him better. The complexity and hence the tension of the situation was compounded by the fact that it had been Jimmy who had inflicted some of the most harsh treatment to Tyler. Craig and Jamie were just pleased to have got through the day with just one and two lashes on their backs respectively. Their own sampling of the whip was sufficient to allow them to fully understand the strength and bravery of Tyler, and indeed of Jimmy. Jim had taken not only his own punishment, but also four vicious whips to his chest that were really intended for Tyler.

Jamie bent and moved to untie the cord that bound Tyler's dick shaft, but Jim pushed him to one side as he himself wanted to attend to Tyler's meat. He gently undid the cord and wound it off the big veined and bruised throbber that he now held gently in his hand. Jimmy carefully stimulated the blood to flow around Tyler's dick, and Tyler groaned in appreciation. To Craig and Jamie's utter surprise, Jimmy bent his own tortured back and he proceeded to lick gently at Tyler's red and well beaten shaft. It was totally obvious that Tyler needed full relief, but Jimmy held back as his pal first needed to be freed from the ropes that were stretching him so hideously to the posts. He backed away from the massive love stick and stood up.

Luke and Shane had by now already left the yard and gone into the house to begin to get themselves cleaned up.

"Each of you take one rope and carefully untie it and lower Tyler's arms very slowly whilst I try to support his body," ordered Jimmy to Craig and Jamie.

The lads realised that they needed to be very gentle, and with Jimmy in place, supporting Tyler under each arm, they slowly released him.

Tyler stood firm as his arms slowly dropped limply to his sides.

"Well done Ty, be strong," said Jimmy.

"I'm OK," replied Tyler, "I want to walk unaided, but please stay close, just in case."

"You got it buddy," replied Jimmy who moved close to Tyler's side.

Tyler's legs were very wobbly, but he set off towards the house, weak, filthy, sweaty, covered in sticky jizzm, in agony, but looking magnificent, and as naked as the day he had been born. He was still defiant and resolute.

"Fuckin' awesome," said Jamie.

"Fuckin' awesome," agreed Craig.

They slowly reached the house, and Tyler entered first. Luke and Shane walked into the hall from the kitchen after hearing the lads approach. They were amazed to see Tyler stride in through the door-way, his dick entering first.

"Well done Tyler, you took some shit today man," said Luke.

"Tyler, I've gotta' say, you took my best shots and more and you was fuckin' hard man," said Shane. "You need to get sorted and to rest now."

"Yeah, I'm fucked up hill and down dale, and I need some help," said Tyler.

"You've got it buddy," stated Jimmy going even closer to his pal. "And we have our little helpers," he smiled.

Craig and Jamie also smiled as if to agree to their readiness to assist in any way possible.

"Just one thing," said Tyler.

They all stood silently and waited.

"I'm fuckin' starving, what's for dinner?" he asked with his old twinkle back in his eye.

"You can have whatever you want man," replied Luke, "but I think that Jimmy will be your first course. Just give us a shout when you are ready for something more substantial," he laughed, with a wink at Jimmy.

They all grinned and then helped Tyler up to the big shower room.

Jimmy was gagging for it, and he had a superb boner throbbing against his Speedos again. And this was just at the thought of what might transpire in the next hours.

They assisted Tyler to get into the bathroom and to Craig and Jamie's disappointment, Jimmy told them to leave them until they were called. He advised the two that he and Tyler would be a while and that they should go to the other bathroom and shower. He told them to do what they wanted, but not to get dressed afterwards. After asking which was to be their bedroom, Craig and Jamie scuttled off grinning. They found their room and were surprised, but not disappointed, to see a big double bed in the room for them to share.

Jimmy looked at Tyler and cringed, his entire upper body was so battered and bruised and he even had a few drops of blood leaking from the holes that had been made by the knotted whip. Tyler's body was also a flaming dark mahogany colour due to his hours in the blinding sun. Jimmy looked in the mirror at his own back and at his big pecs and he was quite shocked at the damage that had been inflicted upon him. He felt the pain in his own welts on his back and chest complete with the small craters in his chest and he flinched.

"Fuck! - you look hard," said Tyler.

"You just look fucked," replied Jimmy with a smile.

"Do I look hard too," asked Tyler.

"You sure do," replied Jimmy, "and you looked like a fuckin' god when you was taking your lashing today."

"I can't believe how much Shane made me take and you gave me plenty," said Tyler.

"I'm sorry Ty but I had to do it or Shane would have done much more, you obviously hurt him to make him sentence you to all that torture," said Jimmy.

"I'm sorta' glad he did it though," said Tyler.

"Me too," said Jim.

"Thanks for taking those last four chest shots for me, I was well fucked at that point," Tyler said.

"My pleasure," answered Jimmy honestly. "They were something really special and I could see that you was finished."

"How did you take it without being tied," asked Tyler.

"I just thought of you and nothing else mattered," replied Jim, and he reached out and held Tyler's head in both his hands and looked longingly into his eyes.

"Shall we shower?" asked Tyler.

"Yeah, lets," replied Jim.

Jim dragged his Speedos off and his weapon almost bashed Tyler's own engorged beast as it was liberated. Jimmy ran the water and ensured that it wasn't too hot. The big shower was sufficiently roomy to accommodate four lads, so the two of them had space aplenty as they stepped under the two big shower heads. They both cringed as the water hit their hot battered bodies but this was just transient and the warm water then felt unbelievably good after such a long hot and painfully brilliant day.

Jimmy very gently washed all of Tyler's big muscular body with copious amounts of soft soap. He felt and discussed every welt and crater on his flesh and he praised Tyler at every probing moment. Tyler reciprocated for Jim, praising his bravery and sacrifice on his behalf.

They washed all the soap away and Tyler reached out and grasped Jimmy's dick, gently massaging it in one hand. He took some more soap and applied it via his hand to Jimmy's shaft and he wanked it, releasing his ruby red bell end which sent a violent shudder through Jimmy's body.

"Hey, it's you who should be getting the love from me after the day you've had," said Jimmy. "What can I do for you without giving you even more pain?"

"I guess that it needs to be a hand job or a gobble," replied Tyler. "Cos I certainly can't lay down after the fuckin' that my chest, back and arse have taken."

"God I'm so fuckin' horny Tyler, I could swallow you and lay with your meat in my throat all night," laughed Jimmy.

"I'll tell you what," said Jimmy. "Shall we try something different?"

"Like what?" asked Tyler.

"Well," said Jim, "Today, you've been well and truly fucked by us all with the whips, so I'm suggesting that you now do the same to me?"

"What, you are proposing, that I go out and whip you?" asked Tyler.

"No you daft twat," replied Jimmy, "I'm asking you to stay here and fuck me."

Jimmy was already soaping his balls and arse provocatively.

Tyler's eyes were open wide. In his present state, he didn't need any further encouragement even though they had never before been close to this type of sexual action. He gently eased Jimmy round until he was facing Jim's big lashed back. Jimmy didn't pause and he bent down, clutching at his ankles. The water landed on Tyler's battered shoulders and he thought back to earlier when Jim had been smashing the cat-o-nine-tails into his back. He moved slowly towards Jim's provocative arse, guiding his weapon towards the bull's-eye. Without much pause, Tyler thrust forwards and pushed into Jimmy's incredibly inviting ring. Jimmy gasped out loud as Tyler's bell end first nudged then pushed and popped inside him, violating his virgin arse. The soap helped to ease the passage, and Tyler slowly continued his journey till he reached Jim's prostrate which caused massive roars and guttural groans and much shaking. Finally Tyler was fully inside Jimmy and up to the hilt. He paused a while as Jim grew more accustomed to the beast inside of him. Then, Tyler began some very slow, gentle thrusts which caused Jim to take deep, deep breaths and his chest and back rose and fell to magnificent proportions. Jim was now beginning to love being able to accommodate his pal and to allow him to experience some extreme pleasure after all of his suffering.

"Harder and faster Ty," groaned Jimmy. "Make me fucking have it, and remember what I did to your stretched back."

Tyler obeyed the demand from his fantastic pal and he grabbed Jimmy's slim waist hard and pumped his throbbing meat in and out, animal like with total and utter enthusiasm and abandon. Neither lad wanted the thrusting to end, and to both of the lad's relief, Tyler was able to continue manfully for some time longer, thrusting and throbbing inside Jim. They were both groaning and shouting out loud with every thrust, and they didn't care one iota.

It ultimately had to end, and Tyler's legs suddenly went rigid and then his whole body shook violently.

"I'm coming," shouted Tyler.

"So am I," cried a shaking Jimmy who had all the time being wanking hard at his own meat.

They simultaneously erupted Jimmy in a massive outburst of jizm, and Tyler similarly but his love seed was fired deep into his best pal's very receptive body.

They stayed coupled in position for a few moments as they contemplated what had happened. They were both stunned and shocked, but equally they were massively elated and fulfilled. The warm water gently sprayed and danced upon their bodies.

Tyler finally pulled away from Jim and he only then, again felt his wounds throb and he remembered that he had a difficult night ahead of him. He was greatly comforted in the knowledge that he and Jimmy had cemented their friendship in the most spectacular and intimate fashion. Both their dicks were deflating at last and they washed one-another and silently took stock of the day's events.

The two teens soon got out of the shower and tenderly dried one another with big soft white towels. They went to their room and Jim called Craig and Jamie to come to help them.

The two young guys scuttled in within moments each shiny clean and full of naked vitality.

"Let's see your backs then," smiled Jim.

Jamie and Craig proudly turned to show off their couple of stripes.

"How did it feel?" asked Jim.

"Terrible," said Craig.

"Incredible," said Jamie.

"Show the lads your back," said Jim to Tyler.

The kids stood with open mouths as Tyler turned to show them his mangled body. They gasped at the extent of the damage.

"I can't believe that anyone could live through the treatment that you took," said Craig.

"I'll be OK," said Tyler looking down at the young lad's obvious pleasure as demonstrated by their matching boners.

"What can we do to help?" asked Craig.

"I'm probably beyond much help, I just need time," said Tyler, "but Jim needs some help. Please massage him well and look after all his needs."

Jamie looked very pleased at the prospect, and went immediately to spread a big dry towel on the bed. He beckoned Jim to lay on the towel.

"Can I help you?" Craig asked Tyler. "I can apply some antiseptic cream. I'll be very careful."

"You obviously want to get your hands on my incredible body kid, so how can I refuse?" answered Tyler with a wry smile.

Craig was in heaven and he went immediately for the cream whereupon he did indeed begin to apply it gently to every part of Tyler's minced body.

Jamie already had Jim laid out on his front whilst he worked his best massage technique on Jim's back and shoulders. In truth, he had never before massaged anything except his own meat, but he and Jim soon found that he had a natural talent.

"You are going a bit to gentle," advised Jim after a while. "I'm not going to break."

"But the welts on your back look so terribly painful," said Jamie.

"The pain came when they were applied. You can't hurt me anymore. Just put your back into the job," advised Jim.

Jamie was happy to oblige and he spent a good twenty minutes on the task before inviting Jim to turn over. When he did, Jamie was almost knocked aside by Jim's massive erection.

"Fuck me," exclaimed Jamie.

"I might just take you up on that kid," replied Jim with a smile.

Jamie climbed up and straddled Jim's thighs and he lent forwards to apply lotion to his chest. As he did, their erections entwined and both teens groaned.

Jamie was in utter heaven as he touched Jim's massive pectorals and he felt almost feint as he took each huge slab of hard, welt strewn muscle in his palms and massaged them. Jim was in ecstasy too, as he observed, and experienced the feel of the ebony beauty caressing his body.

Jamie seemed to know instinctively exactly what to do to give Jim the maximum pleasure and he could see from Jim's physical state that he was doing all right, particularly as he observed Jimmy's nipples harden and engorge perfectly.

Tyler and Craig looked on and smiled. They too sported fine boners again as Craig gently massaged the standing Tyler.

Jamie worked his magic on Jim and when Jamie crawled slowly down the bed and lowered his mouth to Jim's vertical veined beast there were no complaints.

Again, despite his total lack of previous experience, Jamie instinctively knew exactly what to do, and in no time at all, Jamie was working his magic tongue up and down Jim's hard, veined, dick shaft causing him to cry out for more. Jamie gently worked his mouth around to one of Jim's nuts, and he took it into his mouth and gnawed at it as if he'd been doing this all of his life. Jim was out of his mind with pleasure, and he grasped at Jamie's head and pulled him close as if to ensure that he didn't stop.

After what seemed like an age, Jamie again returned to Jim's volcano and he slowly took the bell end into his mouth, rolling his tongue around the shaft as it snuggled inside his warm juicy lips. He nibbled at the hard shaft causing Jim to writhe and groan even more. Jim could take no more teasing, and he indicated his readiness by gently taking the back of Jamie's head in his hands and pulling him further onto him.

Jamie was totally compliant, and equally ready, and he unhesitatingly allowed Jim's bell end to nestle into his clack before taking a huge breath and pushing onto, and swallowing Jim's meat. There was a massive bellow of satisfaction from Jim and a huge shudder went coursing through his entire body.

Jamie somehow reached up and grabbed at both of Jim's huge pectorals as if he needed something to hang onto.

Now Jim was desperate for climax and he was beyond any thought of Jamie's comfort. He grasped at Jamie's head and held it rigid whilst he started to pump at his throat. He became like an animal, simply seeking his own fulfilment and he thrust deep and hard, time and again right to the hilt till his bollocks smacked into Jamie's chin.

Jamie hadn't even considered that Tyler would spot the perfect chance for Craig, and Tyler told Craig to cream-up his own massive boner and get to work on Jamie's perfectly positioned arse that was high and mighty in the air.

Craig was so excited and aroused that he too was animal-like in the quest. With no thought for Jamie he leapt at him and positioned his huge bell end at Jamie's virgin sphincter. Even Tyler winced at the prospect as he looked at the huge difference in size between Craig's massive chopper and poor Jamie's virgin arse hole. Craig took a deep breath and then, without pause, he crashed into the largely unsuspecting Jamie as Jim continued to pound at his throat. Jamie wanted to scream as he felt his arse being hideously stretched and violated but of course he couldn't scream as his mouth and throat were fully occupied with other things. It felt like a steam engine had just run up his backside with six carriages behind it, and then it was reversing and leaving the station, then coming in again at full steam, and reversing again...incredibly, he suddenly realised that he was enjoying being fucked at both ends and he wanted the experience to go on forever.

Jamie hardly realised that whilst all this was happening, Tyler had gingerly leant down to stroke Jamie's dangling balls and his erect cock. It certainly dawned that something incredibly good was happening as Tyler applied more pressure to Jamie's rock hard meat and wanked it very vigorously.

What an incredible scene this was. There was more pumping and heaving and writhing and groaning than could ever be imagined. The big cast iron bed was swaying and creaking in tune to the rhythmic thrusting and groaning emulating from the four sweating bodies.

When it finally happened, the volcanoes erupted in perfect harmony as the entwined bodies felt the rumbling of one another's innards. They each shouted and groaned and then exploded with great cascades of splattering jizm that pumped on for what seemed like an eternity. Their cocks pumped and pumped even when they were totally dry.

Finally, Craig withdrew from Jamie whose arse snapped shut in an instant. His eyes watered.

Jim was slightly more compassionate and he gently eased himself out of Jamie's throat and mouth and Jamie then tenderly lapped at Jim's shining bell end with the tip of his tongue. A big puddle of Jamie's own love juices was to be seen deposited on the towel where he'd exploded with Tyler's encouragement.

They all looked around in wonderment before seeing Tyler stood aside them, battered and bruised but still smiling with his striped body glistening. He was massively erect and therefore all three others took it upon themselves to now assist Tyler. Craig was first to kneel and start work on Tyler with his virgin mouth. He'd observed Jamie in action and he knew what was needed. Jamie went to work gently on Tyler's minced back with the cream, whilst Jim gently stimulated his beautifully engorged nipples and his rock hard pecs.

Needless to say, it wasn't too long before Tyler was fully relieved and totally satisfied just as the three others had been minutes ago. Craig was bubbling over with a gut full of the muscle god's protein-enriched love seeds in his belly.

They finally stood back and took stock. What a day, and what a night it had been. Probably never to be matched and equally, never to be forgotten.

All four lads soon realised how ravenously hungry they were and all but Tyler showered yet again before going down and eating a huge dinner together. Even Tyler polished off a big meal, though he preferred to stand throughout his dinner rather than risk further pain to his battered arse.

There was little social interaction during the meal that night and soon after they'd finished they all retired to bed totally shattered after their long hard day.

Craig and Jamie closed their own bedroom door after being dismissed for the day by Luke. They sat quietly for a while contemplating all that had happened in their first day at the farm. It was, in reality, totally incomprehensible. They had observed, and at times fully participated in, some ferociously hard punishment of Tyler the muscle god. They had even had to endure a lick or two of the whip on their own virgin backs. They had marvelled at some incredible acts of strength and bravery. They had help massage Jim's incredible chest and applied soothing cream to Tyler's hugely muscled body. They had wanked across a bound and tortured teen and they had participated in stupendous gobbling and fucking sessions. How could anyone really comprehend this day?

As they quietly discussed the events, they soon realised that their two young dicks were again both massively hard, even after all the fun of the previous hours. They had no embarrassment whatsoever and they grinned and drank in the sight of one another.

"Let's see your back proper," said Jamie, and Craig turned to show his trophy stripe.

Jamie reached out and gently felt the slightly raised welt and he traced down it with his finger tips.

"This is quite tender eh?" he suggested feeling the pain in his own striped back throbbing slightly.

"Yeah, but can you start to imaging what Jimmy is feeling like, let alone fuckin' Tyler," replied Craig. "He took so many torturous lashes across his entire body, the guy's a fuckin' animal."

"Yeah and we gave him some of those lashes," said Jamie seriously.

"Did you enjoy it?" asked Craig, who really knew what the answer would be.

"Yeah, mostly, but it got a bit heavy when they knotted the whip. I don't think I liked that part much," said Jamie honestly. "What about you?"

"Well," replied Craig, "I know that I couldn't have taken any of that shit myself, but I've never ever been as horny as I was when they lashed Tyler's massive back. And I could have fucked a knot hole in the fence when they whipped his straining chest. Can you ever have imagined that you'd have witnessed a sight like Tyler as he was stretched out naked and so vulnerable with all his massive muscles straining and tortured"

"No I can't really have ever dreamt of such a superb spectacle and I loved it too," agreed Jamie. "Do you think there's something wrong with us?"

"Nah, I guess that we are perfectly normal," grinned Craig as he reached out and grabbed Jamie's hardon.

"Do you think that we'll ever be able to take a whippin' like Tyler's?" asked Craig.

"Yeah, one day I think we will," replied Jamie. "And can you imagine how incredible that would be to have a body that could be strung up and take that kind of shit?"

"You're fuckin' mad," laughed Craig as he harshly dragged Jamie's foreskin back to uncover his luscious wet bell-end once more.

Jamie reciprocated, and he took Craig's incredibly huge canon in his two hands and squeezed it hard making Craig shudder in utter delight. He ran his other hand across Craig's washboard abdominals making him squirm.

"How did it feel when I fucked your arse?" asked Craig.

"It was excruciating at first," replied Jamie. "I thought that my arse was gonna' be ripped apart and I nearly bit Jimmy's dick off with the pain. I still can't believe that you could stuff that fuckin' great monstrous beast into my tight little ring piece it's beyond the laws of nature."

"You said that it hurt at first," said Craig.

"Yeah, I was somewhat preoccupied with having Jimmy's dick buried down my throat, but even so, after the initial penetration, and when I realised what was happening, it was the most incredible feeling in the world to know that it was you buried inside of me. How did it feel for you?"

"A tight fit man," replied Craig. "It was the best-est ever. I was a bit worried that my foreskin would be ripped apart with the entry force. I expected it to come out shredded like a Hawaiian's grass skirt," he laughed.

"But it wasn't?" questioned Jamie.

"No it ain't. You must have a very accommodating ring," smiled Craig.

They shrieked with laughter and rolled roughly together into their love pit for yet another frantically good session of fun. They licked and sucked, and stroked and nibbled one another for half an hour or so before exploding across each other's torsos. They massaged their love cream into their chests believing that they would gain strength and vitality from the act.

Very soon after, they both fell into a deep sleep, from which they hardly moved all night. Just once, Craig stirred and he was utterly delighted to realise that even in his deep sleep, Jamie was grasping gently onto his throbbing love shaft. It felt wonderful, and Craig naturally reached down and took the sleeping Jamie's boner into his own hand before falling back into the deepest of sleep, entwined with his pal and dreaming of love and lashing.

Tyler and Jimmy were also exhausted when they retired to bed, yet Jim still spent an age gently massaging Tyler's brutalised body from top to toe, with absolutely no thought for his own pain. Jim spent the majority of the time working on Tyler's massive back that was a lattice of raised red welts. Tyler frequently groaned and flinched, but he loved the feel of his pal's hands on his body.

They finally got into bed with superb boners apiece, but, for once, they had little thoughts of sex such was their exhaustion and pain. Jimmy helped Tyler to find some comfort laid on his belly with soft pillows underneath his brutalised chest.

They too soon fell into a deep sleep.

By this time, only Luke and Shane were awake, and tonight they limited themselves to a vigorous wank apiece. They had heard the sounds of action and sex from the other bedrooms throughout the evening and Shane was aroused and gagging to get Craig and Jamie involved, but Luke dismissed the idea. He argued that they had all had sufficient fun for the day and that they needed to rest so they'd be ready and fully charged up for the following day's work in the quarry.

The big lads were realising how much action they were missing out on, and they resolved to improve the situation as soon as possible...

The end of Chapter 10.