Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 11


Chapter 11, like the first ten chapters, is total fiction, as are all the characters in it.
I'm sure that I don't now need to say it again but: `Please don't try the punishment at home guys' it'll hurt.
Thanks to those who wrote to say that they enjoyed Chapters 1 to 10. I'm always glad to hear any suggestions that you might have for future chapters I hope that a few elements of this chapter will be recognised as being the suggestions of previous readers.


Chapter 11...

The morning came all too soon for all except Luke who was up and active even before daylight. He showered and got the breakfast started before rousing Shane. Luke then went to Craig and Jamie's room and he laughed to see them asleep with their entwined young bodies each with massive morning glory boners that were both being firmly gripped in the fists of one another. He shouted out loud for them to wake up and get moving or they'd be well flogged.

Each lad woke with a start and they were simultaneously horrified to be seen in such an obviously intimate position by Luke. They leapt out of bed and ran awkwardly to the bathroom trying desperately to hide their arousals.

Luke grinned it felt good to have some new lads around the place.

Neither Craig nor Jamie was yet totally sure about the rules on wanking before breakfast so they sensibly decided to err on the side of caution. They refrained from any kind of fun just in case Shane was on the prowl and looking for some young flesh to lash.

Tyler woke from a very difficult night extremely sore, and Jimmy quickly assessed his state and went to see Luke. They returned to study Tyler's minced body. His multitude of welts still flamed bright red in a patchwork lattice across all of his upper body. His back was covered throughout with red, blue-purple and yellow bruises. They assisted Tyler out of bed assuring him that it would be best for him to get moving. They helped him to the bathroom and Jimmy assisted Tyler to shower before gently drying him off and applying more soothing cream to his torso and butt cheeks.

The other four lads were already eating their ham and eggs when Jimmy and Tyler appeared.

Craig and Jamie were astounded to see Tyler up and walking and they cringed at the sight of his tortured body. It was obvious that he was in significant pain.

"Fuckin' incredible," said Jamie, and everyone smiled.

Luke told them that Tyler was spared from any work that day. He advised Tyler to stay out of bed and to keep moving or he'd stiffen up.

"I'm stiffening up now just through looking at Tyler," stated Jamie truthfully.

"Well don't fuckin' dream about wanking, or I'll string you up and flay the skin of your shamefully skinny hide," said Shane seriously.

"Course I won't," smiled Jamie, "but I can dream can't I?"

"You can dream, but you'll find it's a nightmare if you don't follow the rules," retorted Shane.

"Just deposit your present thoughts firmly into your mind's wank-bank," advised Jimmy. "You can always withdraw the vision again when it's safe to do so after dinner."

"I'll do just that," laughed Jamie.

"Me too," agreed Craig, grasping his nuts in a very exaggerated fashion.

Shane scowled, but he inwardly smiled. He liked these lads and their vitality and fun.

"Anyhow," growled Shane, "you won't be thinking about wanking when we get you out working this morning."

"What are we going to do this morning?" asked Craig.

"We're gonna' start to try to build your puny fuckin' bodies with some hard labour at the rock quarry," replied Shane.

"Cool," said Jamie.

"That's one thing that it won't be," smiled Shane.

"It's just a shame that Tyler isn't fit," said Luke, "because he loves it at the quarry and he'd really show you how to work. He can swing the sledge hammer breaking rock for four hours without pause. You'd see a muscle display that you'd not believe possible if you saw Tyler's form at the quarry."

Tyler's dick twitched upon hearing such praise from the massive Luke.

Luke, of course, was trying to encourage Tyler to keep him going, and to help him to make a quick recovery. Judging by the current look on Tyler's face and the state of his dick, Luke was already having some success.

"I'll let Shane and Jimmy introduce you to the quarry whilst I do some work on the farm, and I'll join you mid morning," advised Luke. "Now get your trainers on because it's hot and tough under foot up there."

"Do we need anything else other than shorts and trainers?" asked Craig.

"Like what?" asked Shane curtly.

"Tee-shirts?" asked Craig naively thinking of his fair complexion.

"Haven't you learnt anything yet?" asked Shane. "Shirts aren't on the agenda here. Anyhow, I need to see your backs if I'm lashing them," he observed.

Craig went quiet and both his and Jamie's dicks twitched.

They left the house chores to Tyler and set off to their morning's work. Craig was slightly apprehensive about what was to come. Jamie was exhilarated.

"Grab some water bottles, it'll be hot work and we can fill them in the stream up there," said Jimmy.

They got some big water bottles and set off.

"We'll run there," said Shane. "It'll shake the cobwebs off us."

"How far is it?" asked Jamie.

"About three miles," replied Shane and he immediately set off at a decent pace for such a big guy.

The others followed and soon caught up and they ran hard together.

Jamie was a bit apprehensive about the run, but in the event he kept up easily and they soon arrived at the huge quarry though by then everyone was hot and sweaty.

Craig and Jamie stood and observed the big barren scene. The quarry was three sided with high rock faces. There were lots of massive boulders at ground level already waiting to be worked. It was incredibly dry and hot even at eight thirty in the morning with the sun already starting to bake the surfaces of rock and floor. There was no visible shelter from the blistering sun anywhere.

"We're gonna' fry," stated Craig.

"You'll soon get accustomed to the sun on your back," advised Jimmy. "You'll have mahogany coloured skin like Jamie in a couple of weeks."

"I don't need a sun tan," smiled Jamie.

"No but you too will benefit from the sun on your back," said Jimmy.

"He'll benefit more from having my leather comforter across his weak back," growled Shane menacingly.

Jamie wasn't sure whether Shane was being serious but he wasn't prepared to question him.

They each took pick axes, sledge hammers and big steel chisels from a small steel tool shed adjacent to the quarry entrance and they walked to the nearest cluster of massive boulders and stones. There was a big wooden wagon with deep sides waiting there to be filled with broken rocks. It was the old fashioned sort designed to be pulled by a couple of horses.

"I don't suppose you've any horses for the wagon?" Craig stated.

"You're learning - we use manpower for all the work," advised Jimmy.

"Fuck no?" gasped Jamie.

"Fuck yes," said Shane smiling.

There were also a couple of wheelbarrows to assist as required.

"The task is simple," said Shane. "We simply break the rocks so they can be lifted into the wagon. The bigger the better, as the larger rocks sell better. You should manhandle the rock whenever possible as this is what will put some real mass onto your skinny bodies. I'll guarantee that even bone-bag here will see some improvement in a week, and he'll be like a fuckin' Greek god in a month," he exaggerated, without any hint of a smile.

Shane continued, "There will be no stopping except for a quick drink as required you must keep hydrated. If you stop for anything else, even for a piss, without having permission, then you'll feel my strap across your backs."

Shane pointed across to the centre of the quarry. "You might want to take note of the big whipping post over there. It is used frequently, and a couple of strokes from this leather strap is usually enough to have anyone screaming for mercy."

Shane was brandishing a heavy leather strap the length of a man's belt but wider and quite a lot heavier looking.

"Fuck me," exclaimed Jamie.

"This strap certainly would fuck you kid, want to try it for size?" asked Shane brandishing it menacingly.

"No way! Thank you very much, I'll pass on that pleasure ta," replied Jamie.

"You do right," agreed Jimmy, "it hurts like fuck."

"Tell `em about last month," said Shane to Jimmy

"Fuck! that was bad," said Jimmy

"What happened?" asked Jamie.

"Well, I was off the pace, not working as hard as I should," said Jimmy. "Luke and Shane said that I was deliberately taking a rest and I was sentenced to eight."

"Eight?" gasped Craig. "What? Do you mean eight with the fuckin' strap?"

"Yeah, of course with the strap," retorted Jimmy. "What did you think, eight fuckin' strokes with a feather fuckin' duster?" He continued; "they strung me up at the whipping post till only my toes touched the ground then Luke gave me eight laid on hard across all of my back."

"How did it feel?" asked Jamie.

"How do you think you twat?" replied Jimmy.

"It fuckin' crucified him he was screaming like a hyena after three," smiled Shane.

"Yeah, and immediately after the eight, they staked me out on my wrecked back on the blistering quarry ground and put a big rock on my gut and kept me stretched out in the merciless sun for two hours," stated Jimmy.

Jamie's mouth was gagging open.

"Yeah then we released him and watered him, and made him transport every rock we'd broken that day by himself to the farm using just the wheelbarrow. He was at it all afternoon and through till night fall. He was well fucked that night," laughed Shane. "But he had worked very hard and that's all that he was meant to do."

"Fuckin awesome," said Craig

"Yeah," agreed Jamie.

"So you understand why you need to demonstrate clearly at all times that you are working hard," concluded Jimmy.

"Yeah," the lads said in unison.

"I will decide whether or not you've worked hard enough when we finish at lunchtime," advised Shane. "In the meantime, any obvious slacking throughout the morning could result in you becoming acquainted with my strap across your backs at any time. At the end of our work I will judge your performance and the quantity of rock that's been loaded. If either isn't up to my expectations then you will be roped to the whipping post and you will be given four strokes laid on hard across your bare backs. If Jim performs badly then he'll get eight."

The lads both had their mouths wide open.

Shane continued; "I will of course be working with you and you three will jointly decide whether I've worked hard enough and if I haven't, then Jim or Luke will give me eight."

"Wow," said Jamie.

Craig realised that this was serious business. He and Jamie knew that they'd have to work very hard during the morning to try to avoid any correction from Shane's strap.

Under Shane and Jim's instructions they soon got to work and began to get into something of a rhythm with the big sledge-hammers. They all did some rock-breaking and some lifting and loading.

Craig and Jamie were astounded to see Shane and Jim's work rate and performance with the huge hammers, swinging them so high as to stretch every muscle and sinew in their massively built upper bodies and smashing the rocks at will. They didn't seem to notice the harsh sun and they looked incredible, especially Jimmy who wore his previous day's stripes with pride.

Sweat ran in rivers from all four teen's bodies and their shorts were soon drenched and dripping.

Craig and Jamie quickly learned that they needed to break their rocks much smaller than Jimmy and Shane so that they could lift and move them to the wagon. They did work very hard, and they both kept going better than the two big lads thought they would, mainly because they were inspired and encouraged by the muscle studs alongside them. Both young lads were already looking quite buff as their dusty, sweating bodies began to redden nicely in the heat of the sun particularly so for Craig's.

Shane drove them hard, and apart from quick pauses to drink, they had no proper break for the first two hours of hard labour. The young lads were already aching by ten-thirty when Shane was finally getting ready to call them for a short break. Their hands were becoming tender from lifting the sharp rocks but they didn't really feel them as they toiled away.

"Only two more hours or so to go," advised Shane - Craig and Jamie groaned at the thought, wondering how they'd manage during the second half of their labour.

Shane glanced at Jimmy and saw that he was working incredibly hard despite all the lashing that he'd received the afternoon before. Jim was wrestling with a massive rock that he'd just broken off a much bigger boulder. As he lifted the rock, his arms, chest and shoulders strained massively, shining dark brown-red. Jim staggered towards the truck, barely able to move his big muscled thighs under the weight.

Shane knew that the younger lads were observing Jim and that they were mightily impressed. He realised that here was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate what was expected at the quarry.

Jimmy slowly staggered past Shane's left hand side as he moved towards the truck. Shane dropped his pick-axe and quickly picked up his big leather strap. Without any warning, he swung it high in the air and Craig and Jamie's eyes almost popped out of their sockets in anticipation and horror.

Shane smashed the strap down across Jimmy's heaving, contorted shoulders with a massive force and an awful smacking crack emitted. The lash caused an immediate white imprint to appear on Jim's back.

Jimmy was naturally mortified as he took the lash across his already brutalised back and he momentarily stopped in his tracks as the awful hurt registered in his brain. He seemed as if he must drop the rock, and they watched as the stripe on his back turned almost instantaneously to a flame-red colour and began to rise from Jim's flesh.

Jim shook his head as if he were trying to get his senses back, then, incredibly, he carried on as before towards the truck. He got there quickly and shouted out with a mighty roar that reverberated all around the quarry walls as he heaved the huge rock up and onto the wagon as if it were only the weight of a house brick. He then stood another moment, bending forwards at the waist with his hands firmly placed on his muscled thighs, as if he needed to recover his strength. His thunderous great pecs heaved in and out as his lungs filled with air again. His back flamed as if it had been branded with hot iron.

"Fuck me," exclaimed Jamie.

"That's what you get when you don't put enough effort into your work soft lad," stated Shane to Jimmy.

Jimmy knew that Shane was just making an example of him and he went along with it; "Sorry Shane, I'll work harder," said Jimmy, very subserviently and without any hint of malice or anger.

Shane turned to Craig and Jamie with the strap in his hand; "Want some soft boys?"

"No, no, we'll work harder," gasped Craig.

Jamie said nothing, preferring to let his body do the talking and he raised his heavy sledge hammer to continue his work.

Shane nodded his acknowledgement and pleasure to Jimmy who simply winced and then set off back to his work place.

After another ten minutes, Shane called for a break. It was about ten-forty-five and Shane said that they'd stop for ten to fifteen minutes.

"Get a good drink and relieve yourselves," he ordered, "there's another couple of hours of hard work before lunch, maybe longer."

They all drank copious amounts of water which made each one of them pour with even more sweat.

Craig was in awe of Jimmy and he again marvelled at his and Shane's hugely muscled bodies.

Jamie went across to Jimmy and he inspected his back and particularly his sweaty, welt covered shoulders. He gently felt Jimmy's latest trophy and asked whether he should put something on it to help ease the fire.

"No it's OK, I'm used to the lash and the sun is the best treatment," replied Jimmy.

Each of the teens were covered in dust and drenched in sweat which left vertical trails on their bodies.

"These shorts are so wet that they are chaffing the tops of my thighs," said Jimmy as he casually dropped them down and stepped out of them.

Jimmy was now naked apart from his trainers and his dick bobbed in a semi-erect state.

"Cool," said Jamie; "Are you going to work like that?"

"Why not?" replied Jimmy.

"You'll burn your dick," said Craig.

"It's seen the sun before, there's no problem," replied Jimmy picking up his shorts.

Jamie looked across at Shane and then down at his own shorts as if to silently ask for permission to remove them.

Shane nodded his acceptance.

With that, Jamie dropped his shorts too and stood alongside Jimmy, proud to be naked.

Craig also wanted to remove his pants and display his best asset, but he knew that with his skin, and with his constantly throbbing cock, he'd probably end up with third degree burns to his hard-on if he were to work naked. He just had to marvel at Jim and Jamie and his nudger throbbed even more as they set back to work.

Neither Jimmy nor Jamie got full erections as they grafted away naked, but the liberation of having no clothes spurred them on to work even harder and they both had good lazy-lobs between their legs.

Shane worked very hard too, so as to keep pace with Jimmy and he took every opportunity to preen and pose, flexing his shiny thick muscles whenever he thought that Craig or Jamie were watching. He broke the rocks and heaved huge weights into the air, pressing massive boulders above his head and walking strongly to the wagon with them. His muscles tensed and grew and his veins stood big and hard as testament to his great strength and power. He flexed his body at every opportunity which was virtually continuously.

Luke had actually arrived at the quarry at about eleven-thirty, after being delayed as he checked up on Tyler and applied some more antiseptic cream to the big lad's body. Before announcing his return to the guys, Luke silently watched the working quartet from behind a big rock. He observed each lad and made a mental note of each one's efforts. As Luke observed the lads, he also scanned around the quarry. For some unknown reason Luke sensed that for once they were not alone. He soon put the thought behind him as there was no sign of any movement anywhere around the bare rocks.

Even big Luke was impressed to see Jim and Jamie smashing the rocks naked and dripping with sweat. Each lad's meat swung and bobbed rhythmically and provocatively with each movement. Craig's back and shoulders were impressively red and his slender corrugated abdominals look absolutely fantastic as he lifted the heavy hammer above his head such a contrast to Jimmy's massive frame.

They all looked strong and focussed.

Luke soon joined the lads; he took a quick drink of water and then set to work on the rocks. He had a massive amount of energy and he quickly made even Shane and Jimmy's efforts look puny. Jamie and Craig were totally blown away to see Luke at work and they couldn't take their eyes off his god like physique. The new lads saw Luke pounding away with the biggest sledge hammer, muscles popping and veins throbbing. To them Luke's body was evocative of their memories of the big anatomical charts that they had studied during biology lessons at school. Had they learned more during those long boring days, they would now have been able to name every different muscle that danced so mesmerising across Luke's massive torso.

"Fuckin' awesome," exclaimed Jamie and Luke loved it and grinned.

They worked on `till one-o-clock, when Luke called a halt, "That's enough for today, you've done a good job and we still need to pull the loaded wagon back to the yard."

"First we will assess the morning's work. Shane, join me here please," ordered Luke..."Craig and Jamie step forward."

Craig and Jamie stepped out and flexed their young bodies feeling tired but buff after the morning's hard work. They were in some trepidation about the judgement from Shane because they knew that a flogging could result if their performance was declared to have been poor.

"How did Craig perform?" asked Luke.

"He did OK," said Shane. "He'll need to improve and progress quickly because today's performance won't be acceptable on subsequent days. Look at his bloody pathetic body. He needs to have some strength flogged into him but I'll accept a day's grace today."

Craig took a massive intake of breath in utter relief.

"OK, thanks Shane, and what about Jamie? How hard did he work?" asked Luke.

Jamie looked apprehensive but he stood upright and looked strong, totally naked since he'd kicked off his trainers to allow his feet to dry. He actually had the beginnings of a proper erection as he anticipated the outcome of Shane's judgement.

"He was also quite good for a first timer," accepted Shane. "His back is strong, and he has got some good potential. We will soon have him built up, though he will need some motivating from me. However, despite an impressive first performance, I do think that he was pacing himself somewhat and could have worked harder."

Jamie looked a bit frightened and his erection grew harder as the others observed him.

"What do you suggest?" asked Luke.

"Well, they were fully warned of the consequences of poor performance and I think that in Jamie's case he would benefit from a taste of my little educator," replied Shane

Jamie looked even more frightened now but still his boner grew.

"What's the sentence?" asked Luke.

"It's four strokes for poor performance," stated Shane. "However, I will also propose some leniency for this kid, the same as we granted Craig, so his sentence should be halved. Two strokes laid on hard."

Jamie's dick was now facing up to the sky but he was sweating harder than when he was working.

"The punishment will be carried out without delay," advised Luke.

"First though, step forward Jimmy for your judgement," ordered Luke.

Jimmy took a step out and he too flexed his massive chest showing his many new and older stripes across his torso. The welt across his shoulders was flame red and raised up, his cock was also raised.

"Did he work as hard as he should have?" asked Luke.

"Yes, apart from needing one stroke to encourage him during mid morning, he did exceptionally well especially after taking some pain yesterday," concluded Shane. "Just look at his body, it's growing and hardening as we watch it."

"Yeah it's certainly hardening," laughed Luke, looking at Jim's knob.

Jimmy looked a little sheepish as his dick grew even harder under such praise and scrutiny and as he wondered about how young Jamie would perform under the lash. Jim knew that the big leather strap didn't cause such catastrophic destruction as the whips, but the initial power and pain was equal or worse than anything else that they used as a form of correction.

"Before we carry out Jamie's sentence, we need the judgement of Shane's work today," stated Luke. "Step forward Shane."

Shane stepped forwards towards Craig and Jamie.

"And how do you think I performed?" Shane asked with a big grin and throwing a very confident and massively sweaty double bicep pose right in the lads' faces.

"Fuckin' awesome," was the not unexpected answer from Jamie.

"Incredible," stated Craig in utter amazement at Shane's body.

Luke looked towards Jimmy for final confirmation of the somewhat obvious.

"Yes," agreed Jimmy, "he broke and moved an amazing amount of very heavy rock today."

"That would seem to be the case looking at the wagon," agreed Luke.

They all relaxed a bit, except Jamie who was getting rather twitchy. Craig could see the fear in his face as he glanced towards the big austere whipping post that grew from the red-hot barren rock of the quarry floor.

"OK let's get on," said Shane looking at Jamie.

"Wait a minute," said Luke.

They all turned to face Luke.

"I am perfectly happy that you have all worked very hard this morning and you have produced some quality rock that should sell at a premium rate," said Luke.

They all grinned proudly except Jamie who was too petrified to smile.

Luke continued; "However, whilst you have excelled in most ways, one of you could have done even better."

They all looked at Luke with puzzlement on their faces and Craig and Jamie looked even more worried than before.

"Before I announced my arrival to you," said Luke, "I observed you all at work. I noted that Craig was working hard, but he needs much more of the same to begin to add some mass to his body. I also saw that Jamie is already strong for his age and he seems very proud and willing to try anything. I like his spirit and he will no doubt integrate well here."

Jamie's dick moved again and it engorged even further, growing as hard as steel.

Luke continued; "I also noted how hard Jimmy has worked today despite his severe thrashing yesterday. I also saw how well he took a vicious and undeserved lash from Shane without question or complaint so as to give an example to you new lads. That was excellent I also observed how much effort Shane put into his work, and I was highly impressed with the huge weight of rock that he processed today."

Shane smiled as he appreciated any praise that his big brother might offer him.

"So," said Luke, "there was just one aspect which caused me some grief."

The lads looked on with puzzled expressions, waiting for some specific criticism of one of them.

"Shane, whilst we always endeavour to build our bodies and hone them to perfection, I do believe that today you were particularly guilty of extreme vanity," advised Luke. "I saw on many occasions how you preened and posed in front of the other lads whilst you all worked. Had you avoided this vanity and posing, your output would have been even better."

Luke added; "It is rather unfortunate that on such a productive day that I have to criticise any aspect, but I must see that the rules of the farm are applied consistently You will receive eight, laid on hard. Now step forwards with Jamie to the whipping post."

Everyone looked shocked and amazed. Shane looked mortified.

For a moment, Shane hesitated and looked quizzically at his brother.

"I said step forward to the whipping post now. Any delay and your punishment will be doubled to sixteen lashes," advised Luke sternly.

Shane began the long walk towards the big post that was to be his resting place for the duration of his torture.

Two big iron rings were set into the post about nine feet from the ground level. The post was huge, very rough and hard.

"Rope his wrists," ordered Luke to Jimmy

Jimmy tied a strong rope to each of Shane's wrists. He noted Shane's huge veined forearms and his bulging biceps. Jimmy then lowered his body, crouching down, and told Craig to get on his shoulders. Craig obeyed, knowing that it was his task to thread the ends of the ropes through the iron rings. The job was quickly done and Craig dropped gracefully to the floor. Luke and Jimmy took one rope each and in one movement they dragged Shane's arms high and his chest crashed and banged against the rough wood of the post. They continued to pull at the ropes till Shane was just able to touch the ground with his toes.

"Remove his trainers," Luke ordered Craig.

Craig complied and was mesmerised at the mass and hardness of Shane's calf muscles. They were knotted and striated as his bare toes danced a little for support against the red hot quarry surface.

Shane was absolutely majestic, his thick rippling back muscles looking even bigger now as they shone and stretched out awaiting the lash. Sweat ran down his backbone in the deep valley between the muscles at each side. His massive chest pressed hard into the rough wood of the post.

The lads looked at the mass of knotted, glistening muscle in Shane's back and lats and they particularly studied his shoulder muscles which were incredible. Jamie still had a massively impressive boner that stood erect and pointing to the heavens. He pulled his shorts back on to try to hide his excitement. Craig's dick was straining away inside his shorts.

Each of the observing lads took a moment to survey and enjoy the immensely strong and erotic nature of the scene there in front of their eyes. Jamie and Craig were still not fully accustomed to the utter magnificence and power of these monstrously great lads and they were transfixed by the vision that was Shane. Every conceivable muscle in his body from his veined bull neck to his huge bulbous calves was clearly defined and separated with what seemed to be flawlessly clear tissue paper thin skin stretched across the slabs of muscle.

Now that Shane was stretched up, his waist looked unbelievably narrow, especially for someone so broad of back and heavy of muscle. His back strained up to the sky yet still he had a massive taper in his upper body.

Jimmy thought briefly that he should put his own shorts back on but then said `fuck it' to himself and he stood very proud and very erect, enjoying seeing big brave Shane strung up ready for some treatment.

Jimmy started to wonder whether this whole scenario might be a pre-conceived performance for the new lads' benefit, but surely even Shane and Luke couldn't have agreed to such a performance just to shock the lads or to prove a point.

Luke now grasped the big leather strap. It seemed that he was going to administer the punishment himself.

The sun shone relentlessly hot, searing across Shanes head and back. He shuddered a little, and for some unknown reason he sensed, somehow, that someone else other than the lads around him might be watching his torment.

Luke stood back and addressed the lads, "For poor performance and vanity, eight strokes applied hard. Jim, you will carry out the punishment as you are obviously relishing the prospect of this particular correction."

Luke glanced down at Jimmy's rock hard dick then he stepped away from his brother's stretched body and handed the leather strap to Jimmy.

Jimmy didn't need asking twice, especially as he recalled the punishment that Shane had laid across his pecs with the knotted whip yesterday. He walked slowly behind Shane and carefully measured the optimum distance from his big back.

Luke spoke once more; "Step forward and watch this punishment carefully lads, you won't want to be in Shane's position, taking eight, for poor performance - you need to learn quickly."

Craig and Jamie gulped and went closer, watching with fear yet excitement as they waited to see how Shane would react to the lashing. They immediately experienced an aroma similar to that which they had noticed emanating from Tyler the day before when he was waiting for his flogging. It was a heady, almost intoxicating male odour which seemed to be a mixture of masculine aggression and pure fear. The source of all of this seemed to be deep in Shane's wet pits.

All of Shane's body was now dripping wet, from his matted hair down to his veined calves. The sweat flowed in rivulets down from his straining neck, through the canyons between his bulging muscles.

"Brace yourself Shane," shouted Jimmy as he took the vicious looking leather strap back high above his shoulder.

Jim let the strap fly and it whistled through the air. It landed with incredible precision, a crashing slash across Shane's hugely muscled shoulder blades. The leather strap seemed to explode into the flesh, burying itself like a white hot iron into his hard muscles. Shane's chest crashed and chaffed into the big wooden whipping post as he tried to get away from the searing leather that seemed to have welded itself to his back. The strap fell away and Shane shook violently as first a snow white mark appeared which almost instantaneously turned vivid red and it rose by the second as they watched. Amazingly, Shane didn't scream or shout.

Jimmy looked towards Craig and Jamie; "We don't want to rush the punishment. I find that it's much better to wait until the welt rises fully so that the victim can enjoy the pain and anticipate fully the next stroke."

Craig's eyes were like dinner plates.

"Oh fuck," said Jamie, anticipating his own two stokes later, and considering the probable devastation to his poor back.

"That should be long enough," said Jimmy after a full minute.

Jimmy raised the strap again, aiming slightly lower on Shane's heaving back.

The strap again landed clean across Shane's back and Craig and Jamie were showered by flying sweat. Shane again crashed into the post and every muscle in his body from his shoulders to his calves seemed to go into a deep knotted spasm. His eyes opened wide like a startled animal and he silently mouthed a massive scream. He seemed to be trying to wrap his arms and chest into the post for comfort as his face contorted in agony.

Jimmy struck again, waited a minute then again, and again. Still Shane remained silent.

After five lashes, Shane's mind seemed to go far away into some misty haze of utter pain and shock. The damage done by the hard leather strap was indeed proving to be less brutally devastating in terms of absolute damage to the flesh than the whips, but the force and pain of the heavyweight lashes landing was far worse that anything Shane had experienced before. How he wanted to scream.

Apart from the bright red raised welts across Shane's back, his chest was becoming battered and bruised as it was crashed and rubbed into the rough wooden post.

The sixth stroke landed lower onto more vulnerable flesh below Shane's big rib cage and the end flew around and whistled cruelly into his abdominals causing Shane to pull his stomach in tight. He shook and trembled and the sweat now ran and dripped from every inch of his flesh.

Jimmy aimed next at Shane's upper butt where his buttock muscles could be seen stretched and striated above his shorts' waist band.

The lash was lower than Shane had anticipated and as it landed with massive violence Shane was dancing again on his toes desperately trying to hold up his shuddering body weight.

"Just one to go," called out Jimmy. "Lower his shorts further Craig," he ordered.

Craig stepped forward and pulled Shane's shorts down, fully exposing his stretched and muscled butt.

"Lovely, the perfect target," smiled Jimmy.

Shane gritted his teeth and clenched his buttocks hard.

"Fuckin awesome," gasped Jamie.

"Yeah - Go Shane!" cried out Craig.

The lash smashed down across Shane's arse and his hips flew hard into the post crushing his massive boner into the post. His eyes screwed shut then opened wide and his mouth again made as if to scream, but not a sound came from him. He hung there shaking and shuddering, a massive welt shining proud from his arse. His chest heaved in and out and tears rolled down his face.

"Well taken Shane, that was very impressive," stated Luke. "Now untie him and string Jamie up."

Jamie looked scared to death. He'd somehow dismissed his threat of punishment from his brain and now the reality suddenly struck him.

Craig spoke up; "Luke, sir, please don't lash Jamie twice. Can I take one for him as he did for me yesterday?"

"No, I'll take my punishment - thanks buddy," stated Jamie forcefully.

Shane looked across to them from the whipping post; "Luke, I've changed my mind, the kid doesn't deserve the lash, please suspend his sentence and give him another chance to show how hard he can work."

Jamie looked surprised and hopeful.

"Can't do it Shane, you know the rules, once the sentence is passed then it must be administered," replied Luke. "However, they can take one each if that's what they prefer."

"OK," said Shane, "give Jamie's two to me if you must but don't flog the lads today."

Craig and Jamie protested and insisted that they could take it.

"They are right, it's just one stroke each, and you've had enough," agreed Luke.

"I said give it to me you soft fucker," shouted Shane at Luke. "What's wrong with you? Can't you be fuckin' man enough to carry out your punishment when it's to your little fuckin' bro'?"

Luke looked shocked and took a deep breath.

"OK, if that's what you want, you stupid twat," growled Luke. "Give me the lash."

Jimmy somewhat reluctantly handed the strap to Luke.

Craig and Jamie were utterly relieved but also devastated that Shane was to take two more on their behalf.

"Brace yourself mouthy," shouted Luke.

Shane had no idea where the lash would land next so he tried to flex every muscle in his body. The sight was awesome and Craig nearly feinted in his astonishment and sexual arousal.

Luke raised the lash and screamed it through the air, crashing again into Shane rippling shoulder blades. The lash instantaneously knocked all the wind from his lungs and he coughed and gasped to get his breath, but still no shout came.

There was little pause this time before the lash whistled again into Shane's upper back. Luke was keen to get the job done and put behind them. Shane took the blow as if it were the first, shaking violently and frighteningly but without so much as a groan.

"How was that then strong man?" asked Luke.

"Yeah, that was better, that fucking killed," answered Shane.

"Glad to hear it," replied Luke.

"Fuckin awesome," shouted Jamie and Craig in perfect unison.

"Let's get him down," said Luke to Jimmy and they immediately proceeded to release the ropes that Shane hung from.

Craig and Jamie went close to each side of Shane as the other two slowly lowered him.

Shane wobbled on his feet at first but then stood firm and lowered his roped arms. He then raised them and flexed and stretched his arms and shoulders and pushed out his massively muscled and bruised-red chest.

"Fuck me, that was incredible," said Shane. "I'm ready to take on the world. Let's get back quick and pump some heavy fuckin' iron."

Luke and Jimmy grinned.

Craig and Jamie just shook their heads in total disbelief at Shane's incredible strength and resilience.

Luke told the two lads to put the tools away.

He also advised; "I want you two to look after Shane following dinner tonight, he'll need a massage, and he also badly needs some action."

Shane grinned.

Craig and Jamie also grinned.

Jimmy looked a little bit disappointed.

"Don't worry Jim," said Luke, "you can come and see me once you've ensured that Tyler is OK."

Jim's eyes lit up. He'd never before considered himself worthy of Luke's attention. This was going to be another day - and night to remember.


Up above them, high on top of the quarry, something moved. None of the lads down below were aware that they were indeed being observed...

The end of Chapter 11.