Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 12


Chapter 12, like the first eleven chapters, is total fiction, as are all the characters in it.
I'm sure that I don't need to say it again but: `Please don't try the punishment at home guys' it'll hurt like hell.
Thanks to those who wrote to say that they enjoyed Chapters 1 to 11. I'm always glad to hear of any suggestions that you might have for future chapters I hope that a few elements of this chapter will be recognised as being the suggestions of previous readers. Hi, and thanks to Marco who has exchanged a couple of e-mails with me since Chapter 11.



Chapter 12...

Still at the quarry, Jimmy explained to Craig and Jamie how the loaded wagon was propelled by boy-power. He advised that it was no more than a brute force task. He showed them how to take up a position in front of the wagon and how to push the wooden cross members that were attached to the wagon structure via a big central strut.

The two new guys naturally wanted to try, but they totally failed to move the wagon despite some impressive thrusting and groaning, and lots of theatrical attempts.

Shane `the invincible' stepped forwards and told the lads to get out of the way. Craig was a bit slow to react and in one swift movement Shane grabbed him and flipped him onto his back in the dust. He then put his hands into Craig's arm pits and lifted him back to his feet. They were chest to chest with Craig panting in anticipation of Shane's next move.

Without hesitation, Shane planted his feet and began lifting Craig from the ground. Shane's massively muscular arms and shoulders tensed as he lifted Craig smoothly in the air via his pits. With a loud shout, he pressed his arms up, fully extending them into the locked position leaving Craig dangling limply in the air.

Everyone laughed and cheered at Shane's power as he stood rock solid with Craig's groin in his face.

Shane opened his mouth as if he was going to gnaw at Craig's meat and the lad shrieked.

Shane laughed and lowered him down planting him firmly back on the ground.

Jamie was howling with laughter and he didn't see Luke approaching him.

Luke was suddenly directly in front of the lad and he threw his arms around Jamie, totally enveloping his upper body. Luke squeezed his arms and bear-hugged the lad. He didn't use all his massive strength for fear of breaking Jamie's ribs but he gave him sufficient to ensure that Jamie knew how a muscle stud felt. Luke lifted Jamie's feet off the ground and Jamie could hardly breathe such was Luke's strength. He gagged and gurgled but he absolutely loved the feel of Luke's huge hard muscles overpowering him with his great jutting pecs squeezing tight against the lads slender chest. Luke shook him like a dog then roughly dropped him back down onto his feet and released him.

They all laughed as Jamie tried to cover up his raging boner.

"I'll now show you how the wagon is moved," said Shane, stepping forward.

With no regard to his tortured, lash striped back, Shane grabbed the forward wood cross member and began to heave at it. His back and shoulders flared and flamed vivid red. Incredibly to the lads, the wagon began to roll and Shane pushed harder till the veins stood big a hard in his bull-neck and massive shoulders. His lats flared out from his back like beautiful wings as he strained away at the tremendous weight of the combined wagon and its rocks. Even Shane's legs stood out in ultra defined muscular definition and Craig was gagging in sexual excitement. He had a huge urge to pounce onto Shane's sweating back, but thankfully for him, he managed to control his lustful urge.

Jimmy ran forward and took his place alongside Shane, applying pressure to the bar.

"Jump up on the rolling wagon and be ready to apply the brakes when we shout," said Luke to Craig and Jamie, adding; "You'll be of little use pushing!"

As they scrambled aboard and got onto the driving seats, Luke ran forward and took the second cross member, directly behind Jimmy.

Craig and Jamie were exhilarated at the pace that the lads moved the wagon. They were virtually running at full pace once they built up some momentum. It seemed so effortless but the muscles steaming in motion in front of their eyes told the truth about what a wonderful feat of strength this really was.

Jamie fantasised that he had a long swishing whip so he could snap it across the lads' fabulous hard tapered backs. Craig again longed to mount Shane's flaming torso.

Quite soon, the three lads had dragged the massively laden wagon back to the farm.

Craig and Jamie's only task was to apply the brakes as they got to the gates of the farm and they managed that OK.

The beasts up front were awash with their own sweat and their muscles and veins were popping when they stopped at the rock compound where many other piles of stones were already stored.

"OK, it's time for lunch," declared Luke, "after which, you two, (he motioned to Craig and Jamie), can unload the wagon before we have a good workout. In fact, you can start to unload the rocks now whilst we get the food going. We'll call you when it's ready and you can finish the job after lunch."

Craig and Jamie looked at the loaded wagon and realised that they had a big job ahead of them.

"Work together on the big rocks," advised Jimmy, "and watch your backs and toes we need you fit not fucked."

The lads climbed onto the wagon and started their labours with vigour and enthusiasm. They felt quite liberated and buff. They were keen to flex their slender muscles and to continue to build their bodies. They were also keen to avoid any possibility of being given any corrective punishment for poor performance.

It was hard going after the morning's work at the quarry, but they worked very well and had all the rocks thrown off the side of the wagon by the time Jimmy called them to stop for lunch.

"You are doing great lads," Jimmy enthused, "and you are both looking buff and strong."

The lads glowed with pride as Jimmy reached out and felt Jamie's small bicep.

"Yeah there's definitely something there," he laughed.

Jamie threw them a double bicep pose, laughing back and showing off his fine young pumped-up body.

Craig followed suit and mirrored Jamie's pose. He pulled his corrugated abs in as he flexed his biceps and he was really quite an astonishingly good sight to behold. He didn't have one scrap of fat on his whole body and all his slender chest muscles and his ribs stood out in superb definition.

"Yes, that's a great pose too Craig," remarked Jimmy, "but you sure do need to fill out that fabulous structure with some muscle."

"I can do it," said Craig with conviction.

"Yeah I think you can, but you'll have to work bloody hard," replied Jim.

They went quickly into the kitchen for some well earned lunch with lots of protein.

Tyler was in the kitchen looking bright - he was clearly moving about better than he had been at breakfast. He advised that he had been keeping moving as he soon stiffened up if he didn't.

Craig raised his eyebrows and smiled at Tyler.

Incredibly, Tyler advised that he intended to do some work with the lads in the barn during the afternoon, if only to advise and assist Craig and Jamie. In truth, he didn't want to miss out on the fun.

After lunch, the two lads returned to their rock wrestling, and they began to move each stone to a new pile in the compound. It was hard work and they were soon very hot and sweaty again in the afternoon sun.

Tyler appeared soon after, and first he observed the lads in action. He was quite impressed with his first view of the two teens toiling away with such youthful vigour and energy. Tyler cautiously began to assist the lads. He was far from fully mobile, but with care he was still able to lift and shift some of the largest rocks that were almost beyond the combined might of the other two lads.

The smaller lads marvelled at Tyler's strength and courage and in turn Tyler loved the adulation, which inspired him to do even more work. He was pleased to feel the sun helping to heal his mangled and bruised back.

Jamie winced and looked a little apprehensive when Tyler mentioned the agony of his arse cheeks. The damage down there had of course been inflicted by Jamie with the birch.

Tyler didn't seem to bear any grudge or personal malice and he was totally dismissive when Jamie began to apologise to him. Jamie realised that, to a large extent, the punishments here on the farm were to be desired as a means to show your courage and strength and for personal and team enjoyment. He began to fantasize about various situations where he might demonstrate his own courage to the others.

With Tyler's help the rocks were soon piled high and neat and so they took a long drink and went with some slight hesitation to the barn where the other three big teens were already working out.

The three lads in the barn broke off their iron-pumping to welcome the others. This particularly applied to Tyler who was greeted very enthusiastically.

They initially allocated Jamie to work with Jimmy and Craig with Shane.

Craig wondered what he was in for with the massively strong and aggressive Shane No doubt there would be plenty of pain aimed his way in the next couple of hours.

All the lads had changed into clean Speedos and shorts during lunch. The exception was Tyler who simply wore some light cotton shorts to help protect his battered arse.

They agreed that Craig and Jamie needed to lay off the heavy lifting during this first afternoon after all their very intense work earlier with the rocks. It was decided that they'd concentrate on the new lads' abs. Craig was of course well suited with this particular proposal, considering as he did that his abdominal strength and prowess to be on a par with anyone.

Shane was naturally ready to test him to his limit!

Tyler went to assist Luke who was torturing his chest with very heavy bench presses and dumbbell flyes.

Craig and Jamie were yet again gob-smacked to see the ultra massive weight that Luke could move.

Shane and Jimmy worked with the new lads, encouraging them to blast out lots of crunches and hanging leg raises from the bar.

Craig even volunteered to demonstrate some of the unique abdominal exercises that he had invented at home. In turn, Shane had both lads taking turns to try his own speciality where they'd sit on the hay bales and with their legs anchored by him or Jim. They were made to lower their upper bodies down and back up. They then had to hold the movement part way up whilst their straining abs were jabbed by their big partner's fists.

Craig loved this intense treatment and he felt his fabulous corrugated abs harden and rip. He demonstrated some incredible development and strength for such a slightly muscled kid. Jab after jab from Shane was met with a grinning resistance.

Shane took his turn and allowed Craig to pummel his own gut. The punches rang out with loud drum like cracks. Shane shrugged off the assault and screamed at Craig to put some venom and muscle into the punches which he did but without having much affect.

They swapped over again and Shane worked harder on Craig's gut. The young teen's dick was massively erect inside his Speedos as he strained to take Shane's jabs. Shane himself was equally hard in the dick department.

They worked away with great intensity dripping with sweat within the humid barn. Craig was worked to failure time and again, but still he rose again in his insatiable yearning for more. He was getting a great burn through his body and he felt his muscles pump ever harder.

Above all, the intimate nature of the workout was starting to create a bond between the original lads and the two new kids on the block. Craig was matching Shane in every respect and everyone else was very surprised and intrigued to see where this duel would end.

Jamie wasn't so strong in the abs but he put on a great effort with much flamboyant grunting and groaning and laughter.

After a while, Shane was getting a bit frustrated that he hadn't yet broken Craig's resistance and he decided to up the anti...

"OK, think you are good do you?" said Shane and Craig grinned. "Try this then," smiled Shane. "Get up on the bale, legs hanging down over the edge."

Craig perched on the edge of the bale facing Shane.

Shane moved right in tight and stood inches from the bale in-between Craig's legs.

"OK, lift your legs and wrap them around my waist ordered Shane.

Craig complied and in doing so he marvelled at Shane's hard girth between his thighs.

Shane pushed his belly deeper into Craig's groin, laughing as he felt the lad's rock hard beast throbbing inside his trunks.

"Now, cross your ankles behind my back so your thighs are gripping tight around my waist," said Shane.

Again, Craig did as he was ordered.

"Now, hands behind your head then hold tight as I'm going to move back and drag you off the hay. You must grip tight onto me with just your thighs and ankles," said Shane.

Craig was wide eyed with excited anticipation, confident that he'd be up to the task.

Shane started to pull away from the bale, dragging Craig with him as he gripped like a leach with his muscular thighs to his midriff. Craig was dragged from the hay till he was hanging, straining from Shane's body. Shane planted his feet and lifted his hands and put them behind his own head to brace and counter balance himself against Craig's weight.

The other lads gathered round to watch Craig's performance, and they could see that he was really fired up. The lad's adrenalin was at a massive high and he felt invincible as he squeezed his thighs into Shane's muscular waist, crushing his throbbing dick into Shane's bare belly button.

"Right, now lower your body, and then I want you to crunch up as high as possible," said Shane.

Craig peered up at Shane's huge flared chest and he was mightily aroused and pumped-up. The observing lads could almost smell the testosterone coming from the two heaving bodies before them. Craig started to lower his upper body, gripping his thighs ever tighter as he realised that to let go would result in him landing head first onto the ground. His head reached a position level with Shane's knees. Craig's thighs were stretched and straining and his ankles were locked tight. Everything stretched to the maximum in his abdominal region, showing his eight-pack off to its ultimate best.

Jamie shouted out to encourage Craig on.

Craig gripped harder and then, with what looked like relative ease, he began to pull his upper body up in a good smooth motion until his head was about six inches from Shan's chest, then he lowered right back down again where he paused panting and fully stretched out once more.

There was a tremendous pressure on Craig's ankles and he tried to grip tighter with his upper thighs, conscious that his muscles could easily slip into deep cramps. He wasn't ready to submit, and he didn't relish crashing to the ground.

I want at least two more, and I want you up higher until your nose touches my chest, ordered Shane.

Craig gritted his teeth and readied himself for a massive effort. The prize seemed to be worth the hard work for Craig as the goal was to snuggle his nose into Shane's body.

Again Jamie called out in encouragement and Craig heard Jimmy shout out too.

The observing Luke, and to some extent Jimmy, were anticipating failure and Luke moved closer to try to arrest Craig's fall when it inevitably came.

Craig again composed himself, and he took a huge deep breath, squeezing his abs as tight as he could, before starting to roll up using just his superbly developed stomach muscles. He focused hard on the valley between Shane's huge pecs and moved relentlessly up towards it. Shane was surprised to look down and see the approaching face of Craig, which clearly had a smile and a twinkle in his eye. He was obviously very confident and loving it.

Craig's only fear was that he might cream his pants at any time then, he thought, he'd be in for some trouble.

Craig continued up, breaking into a grin as he neared his goal. He was inches from Shane's chest when, at the last moment, he cheekily pulled his head and shoulders to the left and he gave the startled Shane's right nipple a really good suck between his luscious plump lips before dropping away and back down with a stupid grin and to a loud cheer from the other lads. Jimmy had tears in his eyes he laughed so much.

Even as they laughed, Craig was again rising up, and once more approaching Shane's chest. This time, with his hands still firmly gripped behind his head he swung easily to the right and he had the audacity to stay crunched up whilst he nibbled and grazed at Shane's left nipple with his sharp white teeth.

He soon had to drop back down again leaving Shane wincing and with a lovely plumped-up pair of nips.

Shane's own dick was now as hard as Craig's, but he didn't want anyone to realise it.

"You cheeky young twat," growled Shane in mock horror. "You're gonna' fuckin' pay for that you crappy little cock sucker."

Everyone continued to howl with laughter, and even Craig was throbbing and straining to hold on as he gurgled and giggled at Shane's embarrassment.

The two lads' bodies were now sweating so much that Craig believed that he'd slip off Shane at any moment. He gripped ever tighter and Shane felt the pressure transmit through his body.

"OK cocky punk, bring your puny fuckin' body up to the horizontal," ordered Shane. "And hold tight cos' this is gonna' be a bumpy ride."

Craig held on and raised his body as ordered, holding it out rigid when reaching the advised horizontal.

Shane lowered his arms and made fists of his hands, showing Craig clearly his intentions.

Craig's eyes opened wide and he took some massive deep breaths, filling his young lungs with oxygen. He tensed his washboard abdominals in anticipation. His abs ached.

Shane turned his fists and began to slowly but firmly hammer the flats of his fists into Craig's rock hard stomach. Craig reverberated with every strike but he was unflinching and unmoved by the assault. Shane struck ever harder, and Craig continued to endure the incredible treatment. There was a hard hollow smack with each rapid-fire thump of Shane's hard fist. He grimaced with the intensity and power now being dished out. Still his thighs strained and held on. The motion and power was transmitted through Craig's hard stomach into his hips and groin and his trapped boner banged and rubbed into Shane's belly with each strike.

Still Craig hung on as his belly turned into a flame-red inferno under the onslaught.

They all knew that this couldn't last, and they knew there was only one winner in this gladiatorial competition.

Craig was now groaning loud with each strike to his steel hard abs.

Even Shane was struggling under the weight and strain, and with the effort needed to pound away so intensely at Craig.

Still it went on with Craig enduring ever increasingly hard smacks from Shane. Craig's chest was dripping with sweat and the sight was awesome to Jamie and Jim. Even Luke was very excited.

Everyone had iron-like canons between their legs.

Shane almost seemed to be at a loss as to how to break this incredible kid's resistance, and he continued to pound away. He even moved up and began to thump hard at Craig's chest in the pec region, or at least at his upper ribs where his pecs should have been, had he not been so slender and stretched.

Still Craig resisted.

Shane now alternated without warning between Craig's chest and abs. The sexual chemistry could be cut with a knife as the battle continued. All the front of Craig's body was flame red and totally battered but still he held on.

Shane's shoulders ached and his previously lashed back was throbbing with the lattice work of vivid red marks.

Knowing that he was coming to the limit of his own endurance, Shane tried one last desperate move. He slowly and methodically started to move his feet to the left, turning himself in a tight circle.

Craig was still hanging on there and he was beginning to be dragged around in the circle, gripped tight to Shane's body.
Still Shane pounded his fists into Craig as he turned quicker and quicker. Craig's head was now whizzing round in a circle like a child's roundabout and his brains were beginning to scramble. He took more blows and his mind was in a swirl, his thighs were knotted. He was conscious only that he was losing all control of his body, but somehow he still hung on.

Luke was ready to pounce.

Craig suddenly felt his legs tremble under the massive strain and he was simply aware that something wonderful was happening. He thought that he was slowly falling from Shane, but in fact he was beginning to ejaculate in utter frenzy. As his dick erupted with massive force, he finally lost all control of his gripping thighs and stomach, and he started to fall rapidly to the ground head first.

Luke reacted like lightning, flinging himself towards Craig and just managing to arrest him before he plunged into the dirt. He still crashed to the ground, but the only damage was a small graze to Craig's shoulder.

Craig lay there in the dust, panting, gurgling and laughing, yet crying with the agony of his cramped thighs and abdominals. His mind was foggy and his brain dizzy. He grasped his guts as he rolled around trying to find some relief. His right leg suddenly went into a massive cramp and he screeched out.

Luke reached down and took Craig's foot pulling it up and stretching it to relieve the cramp.

Craig grimaced, then quickly calmed as Luke's actions unknotted his agonised leg muscle.

"Fuckin' awesome," said Jamie.

"Yes that was fuckin' awesome," agreed Jimmy; "well done both of you."

Shane stood creased up, gasping for breath and trying to compose himself.

"How did I do?" laughed Craig.

"You did great," said Shane, which amazed everyone.

"You dirty little fuck-pig," gasped Luke looking down Craig's leg to his shorts, where he could now see a massive wet patch. "You've fuckin' creamed yourself haven't you?" Luke groaned in disgust as he continued to grasp Craig's ankle to inspect his pants.

"Oh gosh, I just couldn't help it," gasped Craig, "I tried to hold out, but I lost all control because I was so disorientated. It just felt so awesome being pounded by Shane."

"You know the rules," said Luke sternly.

"Yeah," agreed Craig, "I know."

"What should we do with him?" Luke asked Shane.

Shane thought long and hard.

"Under the exceptional circumstances and because he performed so incredibly well," replied Shane. "I think he should be given just a minor correction. Lets string him up and decide."

"Good idea," agreed Luke. "Jimmy, take him outside and prepare him."

Jimmy dragged Craig from the floor and marched him outside to the punishment yard.

"What are they gonna' do to me?" asked Craig.

"Sounds like you'll get off lightly, maybe a light whipping" advised Jimmy.

Jimmy cuffed Craig's wrists and roped his arms high in the air, fastening the ropes tight to the whipping frame cross-post. He dragged his sodden shorts off and then his Speedos. Jimmy marvelled at the sight of Craig's huge dick even though it was, for once, now flaccid.

Back in the barn, Shane had finally recovered his senses and strength and he declared; "I need a piss."

Jimmy returned into the barn, passing Shane as he left.

Shane stepped out into the sun and he saw Craig strung up naked, facing him.

Craig immediately saw the huge wet stain at the front of Shane's own shorts and he knew at that instant, that Shane too had exploded his load as they had tussled in the barn.

Craig smiled.

Shane was aware that Craig had realised what had happened and he quickly looked down and turned away as he walked around Craig, he wasn't about to confess to his own explosion as he didn't relish yet another lashing on his already thrashed back.

Craig soon heard Shane at the well. He was obviously washing away the evidence of his own transgression.

Craig hung there contemplating his likely punishment surely they wouldn't flog him he thought - after all that they'd gone though together this day. `Yeah', he concluded, they probably would flog him.

After a while, Craig heard Shane approach from behind. Shane appeared, and went to Craig, bending down in front of him. He had a long cord in his hand and he quickly and roughly grabbed Craig's nuts, stretching them down and making the lad shriek. Craig soon realised that his ball bag was being firmly wrapped in the cord. He looked down to see that the cord now circled the root of his sack with the two loose ends hanging down.

Shane produced a steel weight of about three or four pounds and he threaded the cord through the weight and knotted the ends together before dropping the weight down letting it swing wildly in the air like a big heavy pendulum on Craig's grotesquely stretched nuts.

Craig was screeching and cursing and bright red in the face. His balls matched the colour of his face.

"How's that wanker?" asked Shane.

"Fucking awful wanker," retorted Craig defiantly, but rather foolishly.

Shane looked mad, and he gave the weight a kick so it swung violently between Craig's legs, causing even more grief to the lad.

"You just watch your mouth kid," growled Shane. "Believe it or not, I'm trying to ensure that your punishment is minimised. Luke will be expecting a thorough flogging for you at a minimum and I'm trying to avoid that."

Craig looked surprised to hear that Shane was protecting him. His balls didn't feel like they were being let off lightly. He knew that he didn't relish a back or chest flogging, after seeing the devastation caused by the whips and straps during the past twenty four hours. He quickly decided that it would be wise to forget Shane's indiscretions in the hope that Shane would be true to his word in helping him avoid a lashing. It seemed obvious that if Craig spoke up against Shane, they'd then both be flogged and even when that was done, Shane would most probably be quickly seeking his own retribution in the form of some evil violation and torture of Craig's body.

Shane left Craig and went into the barn to seek Luke. They got together and Shane advised Luke that Craig was restrained and he had his balls roped and weighted.

Luke nodded his approval.

Shane continued, by advising Luke that he thought it best to avoid flogging the kid today after he'd worked so hard at the quarry, then performed so bravely in the barn.

"After all I gave him it's probably to be expected that he splattered his load in his pants. We need them fit to work, not out of action for a week," suggested Shane.

Fortunately, Luke fully agreed. He didn't have any desire to physically break young Craig on this, his first full day with them.

"We've got to do something though," stated Luke. "Do you think we should just let him hang for an hour or two `till his nuts explode?"

"I've a better idea," replied Shane.

"Why am I not surprised to hear that?" asked Luke. "What do you propose?"

"Let's have the two kids box for a few rounds," replied Shane. Jamie there has been out of the limelight for a while, it'll give him a chance to step forward and show what he's made of. They will be a decent match, and it'll be interesting to see two best friends punching the fuck out of one another."

"Yeah that sounds like some good sport for us," agreed Luke, "but it's Craig who's been sentenced to some corrective punishment for cumin' in his pants, not Jamie."

"Dead right," said Shane. "That's why Craig will fight with the weight hangin' from his fuckin' bollocks."

Luke thought about the proposal and smiled. "Wonderful idea," he agreed, "that'll sort the little tosser out, and ensure that he gets a decent battering Jamie; have you done any boxing?"

Jamie looked up. "Yeah I've done a bit at school. Why?"

"And Craig, has he?" asked Luke, ignoring Jamie's question.

"Yeah, we all did a bit of boxing training in sports," replied Jamie.

"Good, `cos we fancy seeing what you can do," said Luke. "Are you up for it?"

"Yeah, I guess, said Jamie. Who's fighting who?"

"You're fighting Craig," stated Shane smiling.

"Aw fuck," said Jamie.

"Any problem?" asked Luke.

"I'll kill him," replied Jamie, sounding rather reluctant.

"Yeah that's the idea," said Luke, "and what's more we are going to give you a small advantage."

"What?" asked Jamie smiling "are you gonna' tie his hands behind his back," he grinned.

"Nothing so crude," smiled Shane, "you'll fight him whilst he has a four pound steel weight hanging from his bollocks."

Jamie couldn't believe what Shane was saying and he laughed thinking it was a joke. "Only four pounds?" he asked, "why not a ten pound sack of potatoes?"

"We could try that, but let's see how he does with the four pounds first," said Shane seriously.

Jamie looked puzzled; he was slowly beginning to think that they might be serious.

"Come on," advised Luke walking towards the door. "Bring the gloves Shane."

Shane grabbed two pairs of red boxing gloves that hung from a hook and they left the barn.

Jamie was startled to see his pal Craig stretched naked from the big whipping frame with a fierce looking metal weight dangling from his stretched balls. He winced and his eyes watered in sympathy. He began to comprehend that the suggested boxing was indeed going to happen.

"I believe that you are a bit handy at boxing," said Luke to Craig.

Craig looked suspicious. "I've done a bit at school, but I'm no expert," he stated.

"Excellent. That means that you will get some good practice, and you will soon start to improve," said Luke. "We'll soon have you down so you can demonstrate your skills."

Luke went to untie Craig's hands.

Craig looked relieved it seemed at least, that the threat of a flogging had receded.

"Thank fuck for that," said Craig as his arms were lowered. "I need to get this off my aching balls," he exclaimed, reaching down to his tackle.

"Not so fast wanker," said Shane.

"Oh fuck Shane, just let me get it off," replied Craig.

"You can take that off, just as soon as you've boxed six one-minute rounds with Jamie," stated Shane.

Craig looked horrified, he glanced at Jamie who looked really strong and buff and he glanced down at his stretched balls. He shook his head.

"Can I put my shorts on?" asked Jamie.

"Why?" asked Shane.

"Cos that's how the pros do it," said Jamie "they look well fit."

"OK, do as you want," said Luke.

"What about you `nut sack'?" asked Luke of Craig.

Craig thought quickly. The legs of his shorts were quite well fitting against his muscled thighs and Craig reckoned that the weight wouldn't swing so violently if he wore his shorts.

"Yeah I'll put my shorts on too," he concluded.

Jamie ran and got Craig's shorts and they helped him into them threading the weight down the left leg.

"Good move `ball-bag'. That might alleviate some of the pain," stated Shane.

Craig wasn't too convinced as his balls still stretched and strained and they now rubbed inside the crotch of his shorts. The weight hung down to the top of his knee. It was OK `till he moved, but every movement caused the weight to bob around and his balls then got even more painful treatment.

"Get the gloves on quickly," said Luke.

There was no point in either lad protesting they had nothing to gain other than more extreme pain.

They both knew that they'd be thrashed if they didn't fight.

As they got the gloves on, Shane told them the rules of the contest.

"So, it's six one-minute rounds of boxing. There will be no punching to the dick or bollocks."

Craig looked slightly relieved to hear this rule.

Shane continued "You will only be allowed a maximum of two punches to the head each round. If you strike your opponent more than twice to the head in one round, then you will be repaid at the end of that round with a punch to the face from your opponent, and you will not be allowed to protect yourself from this in any way. As such, I'd very strongly advise you against attempting more than two head shots per round."

The lads didn't require any further explanation of this particular rule.

"The only other rule," stated Shane, "is to ensure that you are fully committed to the fight. You will each be expected to land thirty body shots per round. Luke and I will be counting each of your landing shots. If you don't land at least thirty shots, then, as you might now expect, you will stand unprotected with your hands behind your head and you will take the outstanding number of body shots that you failed to deliver to your opponent during the round."

The lads took it all in, realising that they needed to take this fight seriously or else, take some real pain.

"One other thing," stated Luke. "If the contest ends in a knock out before the conclusion of round four, then the defeated guy will be brought round and he'll be strung up by the arms and given one stroke of the strap across his back for each remaining round. That's a maximum of five lashes laid on hard if you were to succumb in round one."

Craig now realised that he'd need to fight for his proverbial life, even with the encumbrance of the weight hanging from his balls. He couldn't even cover up and hang on as he needed to land at least thirty punches per round on Jamie. His one small consolation was that he knew that his ripped stomach could take anything that Jamie could dish out to it so he needn't worry about protecting his gut. He also had a height and reach advantage.

Jamie had much more power in his arms and shoulders, and he was much quicker especially as he didn't have a steel weight dangling from his bollocks like his pal had.

Jimmy stepped forward with a bottle of oil; "Here, let's get some lubrication on your bodies, it'll help deflect the punches and it'll make you look very buff."

The kids grinned at the prospect of Jimmy and Tyler oiling their torsos.

Jimmy went to Craig and Tyler to Jamie. The `boxers' loved having the big muscle guys oil their bodies and both the big lads liked the feel of the skinny lads' chests. Jamie was quickly well-hard inside his pants as the wonderful Tyler rubbed the lubricant around his upper chest and then down across his stomach to his low waist band.

Craig wasn't quite as excited down below the belt as the weight hanging from his balls was tending to suppress his animal urges slightly. Nevertheless, he did have a nice lazy-lob in his dick.

Once oiled, the others took a moment to enjoy the two lads. They looked great with their shorts and red boxing gloves, and bare feet. They each seemed very focused and ready for action.

Shane led them around the barn to a large patch of decent low cut grass where they'd fight.

"Now, just remember that this is a fight to the finish," said Luke. "It's not a sissy-girl slapping contest. If you don't box like men and set out to hurt one another, then you'll soon get some encouragement to move your scrawny arses. Shane has the strap and he won't hesitate to use it. Now, step back and be ready to come out fighting when I tell you. Just remember that if either of you goes down at any time, the clock stops and you'll be given a count of ten to get up and restart to fight."

Luke looked to Shane and the others to ensure that they were in place and ready.

The two protagonists looked ready and their bodies glistened in the sun.

Craig dismissed the pain in his balls and focussed on thoughts of attack and aggression. His aim was to surprise Jamie and to get some good punches off quickly as soon as the fight started.

Jamie looked tough, but inwardly he worried about Craig's disadvantage in mobility, and he knew that he should be much too strong, powerful and quick for Craig.

"OK lads, are you ready?" asked Luke.

"Ready," replied both lads in unison.

"Alright, three, two, one GO," shouted Luke.

Both lads knew that they had very little time to get into full swing as they had to deliver at least thirty body shots each one every two seconds throughout the round. Nevertheless, Jamie was taken completely by surprise by Craig's speed and aggression. Craig ran at Jamie and immediately began throwing rapid fire shots at Jamie's stomach, chest and shoulders. Jamie tried his best to cover up and to return some punches to Craig's unprotected stomach, but it had little or no visible affect. It certainly didn't stop Craig's relentless onslaught. Craig smashed his fists into Jamie's guts and Jamie gasped out loud and dropped his hands in shock, gasping for breath.

Craig saw his chance and he swung wildly at Jamie's jaw, connecting cleanly. The strike sent Jamie's head flying back and his eyes rolled. At the same instant, Craig smashed his fist clean onto Jamie's nose, sending him flying back and crashing to the ground.

There was still about twenty seconds of the round left as Luke started the count to ten. He heard ...five...six... Jamie's nose was throbbing and he was aware of blood running down from it into his mouth. He came to his senses on hearing the count of seven, and then heard Luke shout "eight."

Somehow, Jamie managed to scramble to his feet, still shocked and dazed. The count stopped and Luke called them to fight on. Jamie's brain was on another planet so, for the next twenty seconds or so and he just concentrated on trying to cover up and avoid going down again. At least he realised that Craig couldn't lawfully punch him in the head again during this round. He did take some fearfully hard shots from Craig before hearing Luke call them to stop.

"You have a minute's break whilst we check the round one punch count," said Luke.

Jimmy and Tyler went to support Craig and Jamie respectively. The lads each took a drink of water and Tyler poured some over Jamie to help bring him around. Tyler told him to be strong and brave and to get some quick punches off to try to tame Craig's aggression.

"Right," called Luke. "There were no problems with Craig's punch count in round one. He got almost eighty punches in during the minute. However, Jamie was pathetic. I'm probably being kind in allowing you a punch count of twenty five."

Jamie (and Tyler) looked worried.

"Step forward, and put your hands behind your head," ordered Luke.

Jamie was reasonably recovered except for the blood that continued to trickle from his nostrils and down his chest. He looked hard and strong as he raised his hands to his head, flexing his chest out and pulling in his stomach.

"OK Craig, he's all yours. You have five free shots to his body. Make `em count," said Luke.

Craig wasn't at all enthusiastic at the prospect of hitting his pal when he was totally unable to protect himself. He noticed that Jamie's shorts were tented up and he wondered how he could be so horny at a time like this. Craig stepped forward and weighed-up Jamie's upper body. He knew that he'd probably finish Jamie off simply by punching him five times in the guts, but Jamie would be lashed five times if he couldn't continue past the end of round one.

Craig took aim and jabbed his fists firmly at Jamie's upper body, smacking hard into his pectoral region four times then finishing with a hard punch to his stomach. The last shot caused Jamie to double up, gasping and coughing.

"Good, now step back and prepare for round two," shouted Luke.

Jamie didn't move much, so Craig stepped well back.

"OK, - Ready?" asked Luke.

"Ready," replied Craig.

"Yeah," said Jamie somewhat unconvincingly.

"OK, seconds out, Round Two GO," shouted Luke.

Jamie was prepared this time, and despite his painful gut, and he steamed into the fray. Both lads swung punches, trading blows one-for-one. Some were deflected by flying arms and shoulders, others thudded painfully into flesh. Jamie threw an uppercut towards Craig's jaw but Craig's hands were up and he swiftly stepped back deflecting the shot. Jamie then threw a short jab at Craig's belly with little noticeable effect, but quietly, Craig winced at the power of the strike and his mind wondered momentarily. As Craig was distracted, Jamie smashed a real beauty right into Craig's lower ribs causing him to shriek in pain and to drop his guard slightly. This was sufficient for Jamie to spot an opening, and he crashed his right fist into Craig's face, pushing him back and temporarily stunning him. His nose now ran with blood like Jamie's did. Jamie was still coming forwards, looking for a killer shot but Craig managed to step back and keep him at bay with his superior reach. Both lads landed more sharp jabs to each other's body.

Luke suddenly shouted "stop" to end round two, and both lads were pleased to get the chance to catch their breath. No real damage seemed to have been done yet, but both lads were splattered with blood and snot.

"No problems that round you both landed more than enough shots. Well done," called Luke.

The lads were very relieved.

"Ready?" called Luke.

"Yeah," the two replied.

"OK, three, two, one, Round Three GO."

Both lads were getting tired. Neither had ever before boxed seriously and without head guards and both felt very battered and bruised. They nevertheless had to be aggressive to ensure that they got their allocation of punches despatched.

The lads attacked one another in something of a frenzy, neither one really gaining any advantage nor, fortunately, taking any devastating blows. They jabbed quick and hard and then stepped back to avoid one another's hay-maker shots. There was little finesse. Jamie took one sharp flick to his already battered nose but he saw it coming and he had managed to pull his head back to avoid the majority of the blow.

Jamie continued to smack his fists hard into Craig's rippling abs as Craig was making no attempt to protect his stomach even though it had been given so much harsh treatment by Shane earlier in the barn. Craig did wince a couple of times as Jamie's powerful shots pounded deep into his stomach, but Jamie didn't notice as he was taking Craig's best shots to his chest.

They started to slow quite visibly as Craig's arms and shoulders finally began to weaken, and Jamie began to gasp for breath. For the first time in a while, Craig felt the growling pain gnawing at his balls as the weight swung around as he danced back and forth. The cord seemed as if it was getting tighter by the minute.

Both lads were covered in blood and sweat which flew from their heaving bodies as each punch pounded into their torsos.

Luke called a halt to round three and they took another well earned breather.

Round four started well with both kids landing telling shots onto the other's body. Neither could manage to get a shot to the head. The watching lads roared their approval and cheered every decent punch. They were all totally engrossed and full of admiration for the young teenagers' efforts and bravery.

Jamie tried a wild shot to Craig's head that missed by a mile and sent him off-balance. Craig spotted his chance and he jabbed quick and hard at Jamie's face catching him plumb centre. Craig's gloved fist seemed to flatten and envelop Jamie's entire face and the aftermath was momentary devastation for poor Jamie. He looked about to go down as his eyes rolled.

Craig lined up another shot to his face in case he didn't drop. Jamie wobbled but didn't seem to be going to fall so Craig pulled back his fist.

In the split second before Craig landed the shot Luke called time and the end of round four.

Jamie didn't realise how near he'd been to having his lights punched out. He dropped to his knees gasping and shaking his head as Luke ended the round. Tyler went to him and threw water all over his head. Some sense soon started to return to his addled brain.

Craig stepped back to take a drink from Jimmy who praised him for his skill and strength. "I think you've got him on the run. You'll finish it off with one more decent punch to his guts or head."

Tyler had dragged Jamie to his feet and he seemed to have wakened him sufficiently to carry on. Deep down, even Tyler knew that Jamie wouldn't last another round, even though he seemed to have regained some composure.

"Can you continue?" asked Tyler.

"I have to," replied the lad rather unconvincingly.

They both looked across and saw Craig stood looking bright and strong despite the weight that was dangling from the leg of his shorts.

Jamie suddenly felt sick, and thought he might throw up. His legs were like jelly.

"Just make sure he doesn't hit your head again," ordered Tyler to Jamie. "Try to land plenty of jabs and keep him away from you. He's sure to be looking for a quick finish with one big punch."

"You make it sound so simple," replied Jamie feeling very weak.

"Seconds out round five," shouted Luke.

As expected, Craig came at Jamie very quickly and he was soon punching his body with rapid fire shots. Jamie gave no reply and just covered himself as best as he could. The shots smashed into his chest, ribs and his guts and again he almost wretched as a very hard shot caught him in the centre of his minced stomach. Jamie felt ready to collapse and he was starting to think that he wanted Craig to finish him off quickly. He had no means, or strength, to protect himself and everyone knew that it was just a matter of time.

Craig knew the end was near and he began to wind his fist back for the knock out shot to Jamie's head. Even Jamie could see it coming in almost slow motion but he felt powerless to even try to block it.

Craig's fist was travelling towards Jamie's jaw when, suddenly, the lad had a sudden urge to live. He somehow pushed his head back and to the side and to everyone's total and absolute surprise, Craig missed Jamie's head and his fist whistled past his nose by much less than of an inch. It was Craig's turn to be wrong footed and at that very instant, Jamie smashed his right fist with all his might into Craig's incredible abdominals that were stretched out and twisted as he tried to pull back from the missed punch.

As Jamie's fist buried itself with a massive splashing thud into Craig, his mouth flew open and his eyes popped out like a shot dog. He let out the most massive bellow of exploding air and without any pause, Jamie crashed his other fist deep into Craig's guts with absolutely devastating effect on the lad's slim body.

Craig's head and upper body first flew forwards as he started to double up in pain. Before it moved very far, Jamie wound his right fist back and with one last unbelievable effort he spattered a massive uppercut straight to the underside of Craig's gaping jaw.

Craig seemed to fly up, on the end of Jamie's fist, then his legs appeared to leave the ground as he exploded backwards with both arms flaying helplessly in the air. He fell onto his back with his arms outstretched and didn't move. He was spark-out cold.

Jamie suddenly realised what he had done. "Oh fuck," he exclaimed.

"Fuckin' brilliant," screamed Shane, "you've knocked the twat out he's fuckin' senseless."

Tyler, Luke and Jimmy dashed to Craig's side and Jamie desperately dragged at his own gloves and went to join them.

They threw water onto Craig's face and slapped at it to try to bring him round. When he didn't move, they started to panic a bit.

"He's breathing," said Tyler.

"He's fuckin gasping after that knock-out punch," stated Shane.

They dragged Craig's shorts down and pulled at the cord that encircled his bollocks. As they released his nuts there was a deep groan from Craig. He opened one eye, unseen by the lads who were engrossed in his nuts.

"Oh fuck," came Craig's voice from below. "That feels fuckin' great guys give us a wank whilst you are down there."

They all looked round at Craig, then fell about laughing in utter relief that he was conscious and relatively OK.

Jamie dropped down and hugged his pal in absolute relief. They were both totally fucked and almost too weak to move but they felt incredible and they knew that they were now accepted as being part of the family.

Luke called a halt to the day's labours and advised everyone to get inside to clean themselves up before dinner. Luke glanced up and all around him. Again, he suddenly had the feeling that they were being watched, but there was no place for anyone to hide within Luke's field of sight. He thought that he was just tired and in need of some food.

The new lads didn't currently feel much like eating, but they were desperate for a bath or shower so they slowly got up and limped towards the farm house. They looked like they'd been run over by a bus.

All the others looked on in admiration they were very proud of them, and they felt very protective.

As they reached the kitchen door, Luke called out. "Don't forget that Shane needs some help after dinner."

"No worries," said Jamie.

"Lookin' forward to it," said Craig smiling through the blood that still ran from his nose.

For once, Shane smiled as well.

Once they got inside, the farm resembled a war zone. Only Luke was free from battle scars. Jimmy still had stripes on his back and chest, Tyler was still black and blue from his multiple lashing, and Shane's huge muscular back was marked bright red with the day's ten cruel lash welts. Jamie and Craig were mostly battered around their previously handsome faces. They had blood all over them and red marks all across their torsos where they had taken some fierce punches. Craig also had a deep red mark across his jaw where he'd taken the superb knock-out blow. Both lads were heading for some awful back eyes in the morning.

They all scattered to get cleaned up.

Craig and Jamie went to their room and got towels before heading to the big bath room. They ran a hot soapy bath and without any hesitation they both got in at opposite ends. It felt wonderful to wash off the dirt, oil, sweat and snot that covered their young bodies. They soaped one another and discussed and explored their injuries. They laughed about Craig's performance inside the barn with Shane and how he'd finally been unable to contain himself.

"I thought that Luke was gonna' flog the skin off your hide," said Jamie.

"Yeah, he would have if Shane hadn't saved me," replied Craig.

"Strange that eh? it's not normally in Shane's nature to be protective," said Jamie.

"Yeah, perhaps he likes me," suggested Craig.

"Not as much as I do, concluded Jamie," reaching out and taking Craig's meat in his hand and gently manipulating his sore balls.

"Oh, god, that's wonderful," gurgled Craig.

Jimmy and Tyler had showered together, gently soaping one another's battered bodies. They were rock hard in moments especially as they laughed about the antics of the new lads. They spoke of Craig's amazing abdominal strength and his performance as he hung from Shane. They were also surprised to see his fighting spirit when he boxed with Jamie. Above all they were appreciative of Jamie's courage during the fight and they spoke of their amazement at how he came back from the dead and produced the uppercut to Craig's jaw that knocked him off his feet and out cold.

"These kids are going to give us much sport and pleasure," smiled Jimmy.

"Yeah, they certainly are, but that's for another day, for now I think that I'd like to share some pleasure with you," smiled Tyler, reaching out and taking Jimmy's massive bulbous melons in each of his hands. He squeezed them appreciatively, and then gently began tweaking the ends of Jimmy's plump pink nipples.

Jimmy groaned and his boner pointed to the ceiling, a mass of rock hard veins. Tyler glanced down and thought that Jimmy's ruby red bell end had a smile on its face.

Luke helped Shane to shower, gently cleansing his broad back. The welts that Luke had laid across his muscles were raised and flame red. Shane didn't flinch as Luke gently traced his soapy fingers across them. Luke asked how it had felt when he was stretched up being mercilessly lashed.

"It was the most incredible feeling ever," replied Shane. "It was excruciatingly painful, but my dick was like a steel ram-rod and it kept crashing into the whipping post. I could have hit the top of the post if I could have wanked off after the first five strokes. After that, it got a bit difficult to concentrate on anything except the terrible force of the lash. I just thought that I needed to stay strong and brave to show Craig and Jamie what I could take. You'll have to try it sometime you'd love it."

"Yeah, I know I would and I feel like I'm missing out," said Luke, "but it'll have to be something real special before I'll let you lash the fuck outa' me."

"I'm sure that something very special can be arranged," smiled Shane looking at Luke's god-like body and thinking of all sorts of evil tortures that might be applied to it.

"We're gonna' have to stop there," said Shane. "I don't want to wank-off before I get my hands on our two young gladiators after dinner."

"I don't think they'll be up for it tonight after the battering they've had," replied Luke.

"Oh they will," smiled Shane, "they will."

Just then, there was a knock at the bathroom door.

"Yeah who is it?" shouted Shane.

"It's me - Jimmy," was the reply.

"What do you want?" shouted Shane.

"Luke," was the one word answer.

"You'd better come in and I'll get the dinner on," replied Shane.

Jimmy opened the door bollock-naked.

Luke smiled from the shower. "Hi buddy, what are you doing?"

"You, I hope," was Jimmy's reply.

"I'll go," said Shane, as he grabbed a towel, grinned, and left the room, closing the door.

Jimmy stepped into the warm shower, and as he did, Luke grabbed him and began kissing his huge pecs.

Within half an hour everyone was refreshed and satisfied (except Shane who was just refreshed), and they all gathered and enjoyed a huge meal together. Everyone wore their shorts for dinner which hid many dribbling dicks. They laughed and joked and compared their war wounds. Luke checked Craig to ensure that he was none the worse for being knocked unconscious earlier. It was obvious from his alert comments and gags that there was no permanent damage.

They shared in washing the dishes, then retired to the big sitting room for an hour where they discussed the day and the itinerary for the next morning. They told some stories of things they'd done and experienced, and Craig and Jamie heard about some of the fun and some of the punishments that the big guys had endured. They all had huge boners tenting up their shorts again before long.

Everyone went off to their bedrooms soon after, and Shane advised Craig and Jamie that he'd join them as soon as he'd had a piss.

The lads disappeared into their rooms and Craig and Jamie sat on their big bed wondering what Shane had in mind.

They soon began to know what was on Shane's mind when he returned carrying a short thick leather strap.

"Oh fuck," said Craig.

Jamie gulped.

"Get undressed," said Shane as he dropped his own shorts, unhooking the waist band from his raging boner.

The lads dropped their own shorts and kicked them off.

Craig's dick was ultra-massive tonight. Neither Jamie nor Shane had ever seen a beast as big as that and it looked even more incredibly large as it was sprouting from such a slender framed kid.

"OK, you'll already have guessed what this is for?" said Shane brandishing the short strap and lashing it into his own palm with a crack.

"I guess it's for lashing someone's hide," replied Jamie.

"Got it in one," said Shane.

Shane sat down at the bottom of the bed, with his legs bent at the knee and his feet on the floor.
He laid his big back down horizontal till he looked up to the ceiling, he then stretched his huge muscular arms up and out towards the bed-head.

"OK, fasten my wrists to the top bed posts," said Shane.

Craig looked down at Shane's incredibly big chest and he hesitated as if he was trying to comprehend the order.

"Did you hear what I said?" asked Shane.

"Yeah, but," stuttered Craig.

"No fuckin' buts," said Shane aggressively, "tie my hands or I'll fuckin' tie you two up and flog the life outa' you both. There's cord in that drawer" he pointed across the room.

Jamie went to the drawer and found five or six pieces of strong rope which he took out and then took to the bed. He still looked slightly puzzled.

"Tie my hands soft twat," snarled Shane.

All three lads' dicks were primed and like concrete pillars.

Craig and Jamie took a wrist each and roped it firm before tying it well to the opposite corner bed-posts as ordered. They looked down again at Shane's mountainous chest and slim rock hard abs. His dick pointed more towards his head than to the ceiling, such was his obvious excitement.

"OK, now you'll take it in turns to milk me in whatever way you please, but just ensure that I enjoy it or you'll be in a lota' fuckin' trouble, pussy boys," taunted Shane.

"Whilst one of you is seein' to me I want the other to be up alongside of me with the strap. You'll lay the strap across my chest at will, but I want it laid on hard so you can see how a man takes his fuckin' punishment. Got it soft twats?" said Shane.

The lads stood with their mouths gagging wide-open trying to comprehending the task.

"I said do you understand nancy boys?" shouted Shane.

"We're no fuckin' nancies," said Jamie.

"Good, at last I'm getting through to your pussy boy minds," snarled Shane.

Without warning, Jamie smacked the short strap hard across Shane's pecs.

"Oh fuck," shouted Shane. "I wasn't fuckin' ready."

"Soft twat," said Craig.

They all smiled.

"Blindfold him," said Jamie, "so he doesn't know when the strap is coming."

"Makes no difference to me," stated Shane, rather excited at this new suggestion.

They soon found a long sports sock and tied it tight round Shane's eyes.

"Can you see anything?" asked Craig.

"No," was the reply.

"Good then you can't see this can you?" said Jamie.

"Wha...Oh fuck," said Shane as the strap landed across his abdominals.

Craig looked longingly at Shane's beautiful body and he grabbed his dick and roughly pulled the foreskin back causing Shane to gasp. He pulled it down like a lever and let it fly back to bounce into his belly, then he repeated the motion a few times before taking the shaft and wanking it back and forth.

Jamie cracked the strap into Shane's left pectoral then, to catch him out, he laid it hard across Shane's right pec.

Shane was writhing and swearing. His stretched arms and shoulders popped with big veins.

Craig knelt and pulled Shane's dick towards him and then licked at his luscious bell end. He ran his tongue up and down the ribbed shaft of his canon causing Shane to groan and shudder.

Jamie smacked the strap into Shane's chest.

Craig gobbled at Shane's dick, then took it in his mouth and began to lick and wank at it.

Shane was purring and moaning as the strap smacked his belly again. He hardly seemed to notice the pain.

Craig took Shane's dick to the back of his mouth and he took a deep breath before swallowing hard and taking the beast down his throat.

Shane was gagging and shouting out.

Craig wanked at the beast in his throat, causing Shane all sorts of unbelievable feelings throughout his massive frame. He felt something wonderful in his chest.

Jamie was sucking Shane's bulbous nipples in turn, and nibbling at them with his sharp teeth.

Shane started to shudder as his sap began to rise and flow through his body. Craig felt his dick pulse and throb and yet he was still able to gesticulate to Jamie to warn him of Shane's impending eruption.

Jamie stepped back from his duties on Shane's chest and he took the strap again and then laid it hard across the massive edifice in front of him. He lifted the strap and smashed it down again, then again in a rhythmic unstopping motion.

Shane was in a frenzy of utter ecstasy as he took the lashing and as his dick rumbled and shook.

Jamie continued to lash him, and Craig continued to throat wank him and Shane held on and on `till he finally had no resistance left in his body and he let everything go with a massive scream.

Craig felt the flood crashing through Shane's volcanic knob and he felt it explode deep into his guts as the meat in his throat continued to pulse and pump.

Jamie finally stopped the lashing of Shane's bright red chest which heaved massively in and out as his lungs searched for oxygen.

Craig dragged himself off from Shane, and he took lots of deep breaths of air to replenish his lungs.

The lads smiled at one another a job well done, or at least, a job well started.

Jamie and Craig went to the back of the room and whispered together, then they nodded and approached the prostrate body of Shane on the bed.

"How you doin' cock sucker?" asked Jamie cheekily.

"I'm OK," replied Shane, "but be careful with your big gob boy, I can still sort you if need-be."

The lads poured some oil onto Shane's chest and started to massage it in. The four hands felt amazing to Shane and he was soon hard again as Jamie rubbed sensually around his inner thighs.

Once they had him primed again, Jamie climbed onto the bed and straddled Shane's lower belly, pushing his hard cock back in the process. He shuffled back further and Shane's dick pressed hard and rubbed against Jamie's lower back. Shane was now well and truly trapped and even his massive strength could do little to move Jamie even had Shane wanted to move him.

Craig now approached and then swung the strap hard into Shane's raised chest four times catching him out and causing him to shout out.

As Shane was panting and trying to find relief, Craig jumped up onto the bed and swiftly sat down on Shane's chest facing his head. Craig's huge dick was inches from Shane's chin, but fortunately he couldn't see the beast.

Craig reached up and grabbed a pillow and he stuffed it firmly behind and under Shane's head so his face was raised almost vertical.

"What the fuck?" uttered Shane.

"Just gonna' feed you your desert, cock puppy," sneered Craig.

"You can fuck off," snarled Shane.

"Yes I'm gonna' fuck off in your lovely throat," laughed Craig.

"No fuckin' way," protested Shane.

Just then he felt something nice on his dick that made him stop and take a deep breath.

Jamie was slapping a load of gel onto his bell end.

"Open wide," said Craig.

"No fuckin' waaaay...OH FUCK ME," shouted Shane, as Jamie sat slowly down directly onto Shane's standing dick and taking it inside him in one straining motion.

Jamie was sweating and his eyes popped out and Shane had his mouth wide open as he gasped at the force on his knob.

Craig took his chance and thrusted his own huge canon deep into Shane's throat, wondering whether he was risking his life and limb.

Shane gagged but he was powerless to resist. Jamie raised his arse up and down riding Shane's ram-rod like a wild beast.

Craig began thrusting at Shane's throat. Jamie smashed the strap into Shane's abs, then repeated it and continued with the lashes with every thrust of his arse. He looked up and saw Craig's motion as he thrusted in and out of Shane's throat. He waited till Craig was starting a deep inward thrust and he smashed the strap hard across Craig's bare ribbed back. The shock and pain caused Craig to thrust forward into Shane's throat with a velocity and power unmatched by anything before. His ball sack banged into Shane's chin, and if Shane could have, he would have screamed for mercy.

Craig carried on and he felt himself on the verge of his own explosion. Shane was on the edge as well and Jamie now had his cock in his hand and he was wanking at it furiously.

When they came, it was like a chorus of bells ringing, Jamie being the most spectacular as he shot his load up and high over Craig's head, where it sailed on and fell to the oblivious head of Shane, the remnants splattered across Craig's back. Craig himself, emptied his body deep down inside Shane's gut as Shane pumped his volcano into Jamie.

They all sat panting before Jamie lifted himself, un-coupling his arse from Shane's tool. Craig dragged his huge cock from deep inside Shane's throat. The lads dismounted Shane then without any further discussion they took turns to lash his heaving chest whilst he groaned then shouted, then screamed for them to stop.

"Had enough wank-pot?" asked Jamie.

"Yeah, I've had enough," gasped Shane heaving.

They put some more oil onto Shane's Chest and gently massaged it in before taking his blindfold off and untying his hands.

Shane remained in place a while to recover. He looked down at his red chest.

"You did a good job on me there boys," he said.

They grinned.

"Wouldn't a good wank have been as enjoyable?" asked Craig.

"You're joking," replied Shane, why would I consider a wank when I've got you pair of `toss-boys' to service me?"

They grinned again.

"Turn over, we'd better massage that lashed back," smiled Jamie.

Shane rolled over and allowed them the pleasure of massaging his super back muscles and his flaring lats.

After ten minutes, Shane rolled back and allowed Jamie to cleanse him and then he gave him a final blow job before Shane thanked them and left for a good long shower.

Craig gave Jamie a very pleasant ten minute throat job before the two youngsters fell into bed and collapsed into a deep sleep entwined together.

Shane showered and went to his bedroom where he found Luke and Jimmy asleep together.

He left, and went to Tyler's room and he climbed quietly into bed beside him.

Shane felt something move, then he felt Tyler's fist grasp his semi-erect cock. It was soon as hard as rock again, but he still fell fast asleep.


The end of Chapter 12