Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 14


Chapter 14, like the earlier chapters, is total fiction, as are all the characters in it.
I always say it: `Please don't try the punishment that I write about at home guys' – it should remain just as fictional as the story.

Thanks to those who wrote to say that they enjoyed Chapters 1 to 13.
Chapter 13 was something of an experiment, and whilst I understand that many enjoyed the heavy theme, I am more than aware that it will not have suited everyone.
I am now returning to "business as normal" with the lads on the farm.

I'm always very glad to hear of any comments that you have and I encourage suggestions that you might have for future chapters. I'll try to incorporate your suggestions where I can.



Chapter 14:

Life was quite uneventful on the farm for some time and the six lads concentrated on working and growing together.

Craig and Jamie did need to return to their respective homes for a few weeks to complete their schooling before returning to the farm in the summer fully committed to their new lives. During the short period that they returned to school, their friends could see a marked increase in Craig and Jamie's confidence and overall presence. They were totally astounded to see the transformation that was happening in the two lads' bodies. When Craig and Jamie took off their shirts for gym they loved to show that they both had muscles where skin and bone had been just a few week's previously. The other lads were amazed at the transformation, but they put it down to hormones and the normal growth towards manhood. Those who asked were simply told that the two had started to do some serious weight-training – which was quite true. The lads didn't mention what else they had been up to on the farm.

The two friends did spend every weekend, from Friday night `till Sunday evening on the farm, which meant that they endured some seriously heavy work-outs with their mentors, but it resulted in a fantastic and continuing improvement in their physiques. They were not subject to too-much punishment during these few weeks for fear of being seen with mangled backs or arses by their school pals. One or two times, they did deserve to be punished, and Shane made a note and told the lads that the correction would be put in the bank and given to them in the summer. Jamie looked forward to the pay-back day. Craig wasn't quite so excited at the thought, but he accepted it as a necessary part of his education.

Once the two lads left school and went to live permanently on the farm their physical improvement gained momentum. From here on, the transformation in their bodies was astounding.

Shane and Tyler certainly ensured that all the previously deferred correction was paid out in full to both Craig and Jamie. They each had plenty in Shane's self styled `sin bank', and for the best part of two days solid, the lads were subjected to all manner of very inventive correction sessions. This did actually help to ensure that they both quickly became accustomed to the regular thrashings and trials of endurance that were to be a normal part of their new lives.

By the end of the summer, Craig had certainly `filled out' and he had some amazingly beautiful pecs – something he could never before have even dreamed of. His pecs were not of great size but they were broad and flared, and hard and striated. His abdominals remained his most striking feature, as always. Whilst Craig always had a great six-pack, he now had an eight pack. Each of his individual abdominal muscles was now very pronounced with wonderful peaks and valleys. His lower stomach swept down from his hips in similar deep valleys towards his groin and when he wore his Speedos, the sight was utterly breathtaking. His arms and shoulders were also growing nicely, and his entire body was always cut and incredibly defined. He continued to `beast' his legs so that his long thighs and calves stayed very heavily muscled. Craig allowed his blond hair to grow, surfer style over his shoulders which complemented his slim physique though Shane had great fun in tying Craig's hair back in a pony-tail whenever he needed correction to his broad back. As Craig began to muscle-up, and probably in part due to genetics and his total lack of fat, he did become incredibly vascular. This initially irritated Craig as any increase in muscle seemed to be accompanied with a three-fold increase in the pronounced veins on his body. He soon began to realise that his vein definition was in fact a great turn on to the other guys who were fascinated and attracted to this rather unique attribute.

The lads teased Craig mercilessly, saying that his physique was similar to the description that was given in Jamie's book of the Master's son Joey. Craig rather liked being compared with that magnificent and very brave stud who had volunteered to be bullwhipped all those years ago.

Craig certainly had no desire to follow in Joey's footsteps in terms of being bullwhipped so he tended to steer all such conversations in another direction.

Shane and Tyler were particularly fascinated by Craig's vascular young lean body and they tended to work him extra hard in the barn to ensure that his muscles and hence his veins were always maxed out. The icing on the cake in terms of spectacle was seen when Craig needed to be disciplined which tended to be quite a regular occurrence. Craig was utterly superb and absolutely majestic in sexual visual appearance when he was hung with his long limbs stretched from four ropes between the big torture frames, or when staked out and tormented totally naked in the sun. It was a bonus when his huge dick hardened, strained and throbbed from his slim frame.

As predicted, Jamie grew in an even more spectacular fashion. As with each of the others, his body grew in its own unique manner, though in reality, Jamie had no weak spots in his physique. He was now in his most productive teenage years in terms of growth potential. Jamie was most like Luke had been at his age, being naturally gifted in the genetics department. He grew taller, but also bulked-up significantly and rapidly. Jamie always trained to the maximum intensity and he was soon pushing weights that matched the bigger lads. He seemed to have an insatiable appetite for hard work and nothing fazed him or tired him out.

When Jamie required correction, he was equally up for that, and he was able to take a phenomenal amount of treatment before showing any sign of distress. Shane was always able to extract the required remorse and distress from Jamie in the end, but it was always a great battle, and Shane appreciated Jamie's strength of mind and body. Jamie's surrender only ever arrived under great duress and Shane needed to be ever-more resourceful and inventive against the boy in his quest to ensure his dominance.

By the end of the first summer, Jamie was built like the proverbial brick-shit-house with `muscles on his piss' as Craig so eloquently put it.

Jamie was a perfect complimentary partner to Craig, with Jamie so dark skinned and flawless, and Craig so fair and vascular.

Jamie's skin was so smooth and taught, stretched like the finest parchment across his deep bulging muscles. He had just a few visible veins that popped up and out when under strain. His biceps and forearms were the main beneficiaries of this aspect of his make-up. When Jamie worked out in the barn, or toiled on the farm or at the quarry, he would glisten and shine and project the most wonderful sight. This was a teenage boy in his absolute prime and at most times he was akin to a magnificent rampant beast. He wasn't too heavy or at all `muscle-bound' because he was given plenty of work in the cardio department. This ensured that he maintained a perfect balance of hard musculature allied to great flexibility and endurance.

The other aspect of life on the farm that continued to grow and flourish was the love. All of the work and correction, combined with the changing bodies and the raging hormones and testosterone equalled almost constant sexual tensions and arousals amongst the lads. They were soon without inhibitions yet whilst there were occasional days when nothing was off limits and it almost seemed like a Roman orgy, by and large, they paired up naturally and comfortably.

Luke and Jimmy, and Shane and Tyler seemed attracted to one another and Craig remained extremely close to his long term pal Jamie.

In truth, it was the slightly younger recruits who had introduced and encouraged the best from all the lads in terms of loving. Both Craig and Jamie were constantly horny and both were always in pole-position when anyone else showed any hint of a sexual need.


So it was that summer ended and autumn and then winter came with little real change in daily life or routine.

The winters were quite harsh but short-lived, and the lads took the colder days and nights as a further challenge of their strength and courage. No matter how harsh the conditions, be it rain, wind, frost or snow, the rules of the farm remained pretty much the same. The lads were not totally fool-hardy and in the coldest weather, they would wear heavy boots and wool gloves to protect their extremities when working or training outside, but, they remained shirtless throughout the year. The time that they spent outdoors was limited during the harshest weather, but it was quite routine for them to be out running as a team clad in light cotton shorts and trainers when there was snow falling, or worse still hail pounding at their bodies. They also always took a weekly swim in the river even if it meant that they had to break ice to reach the water.

On one memorable day, Craig and Jamie had been sent up to the quarry alone to break some rocks whilst the others completed a project that they'd been working on at the farm. Under Luke's supervision, they had been refurbishing some huge grind stones that had once been part of a milling machine within a windmill type building. The old building had long since fallen away and mostly rotted, but the two massive grindstones were still as they were some twenty five or more years ago. Luke's idea was that they would convert the top stone so that it could be driven around by boy-power. They had already made two very big, wooden beams, and they were now fastening these in a cross position onto the top stone which in effect gave four handles at right angles to one another. The plan was that a worker would be assigned to each of the four handles, and, with luck, they'd be able to turn the stone and grind their wheat to flour. The big bonus was that it would take massive effort and endurance to move the grind-stones and in the process they'd get a new form of heavy duty workout.

Luke had, of course, imagined the vision of four lads toiling away at the stones with their bare backs being roasted under a blistering sun and perfectly placed for the lash - just as he'd seen slaves depicted in old books and films.

Anyhow, Craig and Jamie were not required on the new project this day so they ran, shirtless as always, in the heavy winter rain to the quarry. Upon their arrival, they quickly got the picks and big hammers from the hut and set to work breaking rocks. They moved quickly this day as it was very cold and the rain was turning to sleet. They worked very hard throughout the morning trying to keep warm and they moved an enormous amount of stone. At midday, with their work done, they took the tools back to the shed and discussed the run back to the farm, not relishing the prospect of running against the cold driving sleet.

"Well it's got to be done and the sooner we get there, the sooner we can get dry and warmed-up," said Craig.

"OK buddy," replied Jamie, "but before we set off, let's have a good rub-down with the towels and get some blood running back into our bodies."

Jamie grabbed one of the two hand towels and rubbed it hard on his chest, quickly getting the circulation going.

Craig did the same with his towel then rubbed his thighs and claves good and hard, getting a nice red glow on his skin.

"Turn round and I'll do your back," said Jamie.

Craig did as ordered, and Jamie rubbed Craig's back hard and very vigorously.

Once done, Jamie turned to allow Craig to do his back.

Craig spoke in glowing terms about Jamie's wide shoulders and the flared lats in his back whilst he warmed Jamie up.

Once that was done, Jamie turned and faced Craig and they both had big boners tenting up inside their shorts.

They instinctively reached out and hugged, chest to chest before beginning to kiss quite roughly.

They rubbed their groins together and soon began to fondle one another's balls.

As they kissed, they began groping for each other's cocks and with the mission accomplished, they began to wank one-another quite aggressively.

They were totally oblivious to the sound of Shane and Tyler's approaching footsteps.

Craig and Jamie were ready to explode when Shane burst into the door of the hut with an almighty roar. The lads nearly died of fright and shock and they stood shamefaced with their shorts round their knees and their huge rampant boners pointing to the ceiling.

Needless to say there was a phenomenal amount of shouting and swearing from Shane and Tyler. After about ten minutes of abuse and lecturing, the kids were ordered to pull up their shorts and to report to the whipping post.

The weather had worsened and the sleet was blasting through the quarry horizontally.

"Who's first?" asked Tyler, brandishing the big leather strap.

"I'll be first," offered Jamie, stepping forward.

They tied Jamie to the post and gave him six very heavy strokes, leaving six perfectly formed crimson wheals on his back.

Craig got the same, with his back displaying his welts even more spectacularly on his fair skin.

They were then told that they'd get another six each later at the farm.

"In the interim," advised Shane, "you will take a wheelbarrow each and you will bring every rock in that big pile back to the farm before six this evening, or you'll get twenty more lashes each and you'll be left out all night on the torture frame."

The lads knew that this was not an option and they accepted their sentence and started to load up their first wheelbarrows of the many that they'd need to complete the task.

"Give me your trainers," ordered Shane.

"What? You surely aren't gonna' make us move all this rock in this fuck-awful weather in bare feet?" gasped Craig.

"Yep that's just what you will do," stated Shane very aggressively.

They knew not to argue and pulled off their trainers and socks, the gravel beneath their feet feeling icy and sharp.

They returned to their labours in just their cotton shorts.

Shane and Tyler smiled.

"Come on Ty, let's get back to the house," shouted Shane. "It's too fuckin' cold to be hanging around out here with no clothes on. Let's get a hot bath while we wait for the little cock suckers to return for their evening leather."

They grinned and ran off towards the farm.

Craig and Jamie were dejected but not totally beaten. They set too, and began to work, loading and moving the barrows full of stone. Their strong bodies were battered by the elements but they worked away, almost oblivious to the pain in their backs, and now the aches in their arms and the grazes and cuts to their feet.

They worked like beasts of burden with the other lads occasionally going out to check the progress and quietly checking on their condition.

They needn't have worried, as these two kids were hard and resilient after their months of conditioning. By five-thirty they had brought the last two barrows full of stone to the compound.

"OK, now get to the frames for your next six," ordered Tyler.

On this occasion, the two were tied chest to chest for their lashing, Shane deciding that they'd get a bit more than six each as the strap lashed around to the other's back.

The boys loved being tied together and, as expected, even after such a massive amount of physical effort and the atrocious conditions, they soon had massive boners again as their near-naked bodies rubbed together.

The lashes they took were harsh and without any mercy. Shane did the business with the lash this time and he made each stroke count. Afterwards, they were left hanging whilst the snow started to fall. They were lectured on their sins for ten more minutes before being cut down and sent up to the bathroom to get cleaned-up and warmed.

The next hour was utterly amazing as the lads first lay together in a deep, hot, soapy bath before they rose to fuck one another senseless like animals. They finished by returning to the bath to massage and explore one another's young bodies.

By the time that they went downstairs in matching snow white briefs, they were radiant and superb. Their tired muscles were pumped and hard, and their backs were striped and hot.

Craig and Jamie loved this life and they couldn't dream of anything better.

The other four were thrilled and proud of their young protégés and they were each aroused and rampant and very much longing to get upstairs themselves.

They had a good, if quick dinner, and soon found decent excuses to retire upstairs for the night.

Judging from the noise, there was plenty of evidence of fun and games in each of the three bedrooms that evening.

Even Craig and Jamie started at it again, exhilarated and pumped up after their superb day, and looking forward immensely to anything that the next morning might bring.

Thus, it was fair to say that all the lads were as hard as nails and as resilient as they were visually magnificent. By the time that the spring came and the sun began to warm the land, the teenage lads were honed to perfection.

None of the six lads on the farm had any real interest in life outside, and whilst the four who were not brought up there did occasionally exchange letters with their families, they very rarely returned to their family homes. Incoming mail arrived via the big box at the far gate to the farm and it was only by very rare appointment that any outsider was granted access to the farm or the house.

They did have fortnightly trips to the nearest town to buy particular provisions and the trips increased in the summer to allow them to deliver produce to town to be sold or traded for other goods.

The real earner was the rock from the quarry that was in great demand due to its high quality. It was an exception to the normal rules that the rocks were actually collected by a local contractor who had known Luke and Shane from being lads. Joe, the contractor was the brothers' father's age and he was summonsed as and when Luke decided that they had sufficient stone to be traded. Joe was utterly discreet and always arrived at the farm alone. Even after many years, Joe was always accompanied by either Luke or Shane from his arrival at the farm gate, until he left with his wagon fully loaded. Luke usually despatched the other four lads to work elsewhere when Joe was coming, and Shane and Luke always loaded Joe's wagon. Joe was more than happy to sit and watch the two brothers loading up his wagon. For these occasions, the lads always started with their tee-shirts on to avoid any unnecessary questions from Joe, but they always ended up stripped-down as they worked and sweated with the heavy rocks. Joe always had palpitations when he saw the boy's physiques and despite the fact that he had a family at home he always left with a visible bulge in his trousers. He would leave the farm and stop his wagon once out of sight, whereupon he'd had a magnificent wank thinking about what he'd like to do with Luke and Shane.

The two lads at the farm had never met Joe's sons, but they knew that his eldest two were around Luke's age and they were twins. Joe also had four younger sons. His wife had run off with a local ranch hand many years before leaving Joe to bring up his boys. The twins had worked for Joe for a couple of years since leaving school and Joe was obviously very proud of his lads from the way he spoke of them to Luke.

On one occasion when Luke phoned Joe to come and get a load of stone, an unfamiliar voice answered the phone. The person answering, advised Luke that his dad was away for two days attending an old friend's funeral. The son introduced himself as being Adam, Joe's eldest son and he offered to drive over the next morning to pick up the rock.

Luke hesitated for a while before finally agreeing that Adam could call at nine in the morning. Luke advised Adam that he'd be waiting for him at the main gate.

The next morning, Luke and Shane were up earlier than usual and they had an hour with the weights to get a good pump in their muscles.

At the agreed time, the two put on some big sloppy sweat shirts and went down to the farm entrance where they waited for Joe's son to arrive. Shane spoke to Luke about the visitor and they agreed that they'd be discreet but maybe have some fun if the lad seemed up for it.

The wagon was soon lumbering down the drive towards them and it was immediately apparent that there wasn't just one guy in the wagon but two. As the vehicle stopped, the passenger stuck his head through the open cab window and greeted Shane and Luke with a big grin.

"Hi there, I'm Adam, Joe's lad, and this is my brother Ben, do you want to jump in the back and show us where the rock is?"

Luke smiled and glanced at Shane. Both lads in the wagon were shirtless and well built. They were also good looking guys with high cheek bones and fantastic smiles. They were both blond.

"Yeah, thanks, - I'm Luke and this is Shane, my brother."

"Hi Luke, Hi Shane," shouted Ben from the driver's seat.

Luke and Shane climbed on-board and soon directed Ben to the rock-storage compound.

"Wow, there's a lot to take today - and some big pieces," exclaimed Adam upon seeing the piles of waiting rock.

They all hopped down from the cab and Shane immediately weighed up Adam and Ben. They were handsome guys of about eighteen or nineteen and they were thick-set and very well built. They were obviously used to heavy work as could be seen from their arms and shoulders.

Shane smiled at Luke, as he already knew that both his and Luke's physiques were infinitely bigger and much better defined than either of these twin studs.

"God you are so alike guys, and you have superb builds, how'd you get so buff looking?" asked Shane.

The lads loved the complimentary words from Shane and they visibly stood taller and flexed their upper bodies.

"Oh we work bloody hard for Pa' and we have both wrestled at County under-nineteen level," replied Adam. "We like to keep our bodies in order, and we don't mind other guys like you admiring us. If you've got it, then you shouldn't be afraid to show it off we say."

Luke and Shane could hardly contain their laughter as they listened to the twins boasts. They already knew that there was plenty of fun and sport to be extracted from these guys.

"Do you want me and Adam to load the wagon for you lads, we don't want you hurting yourselves," suggested Ben.

"Yeah that would be good," replied Luke, "Shane and me can throw some of the smaller rocks up."

"OK, stand back and watch the prime beef in action," stated Ben without any hint of humour.

Luke and Shane took a step back and watched.

Adam and Ben were strong for their years and they certainly enjoyed being able to demonstrate their power to the watching guys. They each lifted the moderate rocks alone and grunted and groaned, and made quite a performance of manipulating them onto the flat-bed wagon. With each rock that they loaded they individually turned to Shane and Luke and flexed their shoulders and arms, smiling with confidence.

When they came to a big rock they would join together and move the weight between them, again doing a little pose for the watching pair.

"Come on lads, let's see you do some work," laughed Adam to Luke and Shane.

"Yeah, Yeah, we were just admiring your bodies guys, it's great to see other young guys with decent physiques," said Luke.

Ben and Adam looked at Luke and smiled in a rather patronising manner.

"Why don't you get your tops off?" said Ben, "you should be proud of your bodies at your age, like we are."

"It'd be embarrassing," said Shane.

"Hey, don't you be embarrassed kid," replied Ben. "We know how hard a guy needs to work to get a decent body and not everyone is willing or able to work like us. You guys on the farm need to be doing chores like milking and collecting the eggs, so we appreciate your difficulties. Come on get your shirts off and we'll give you some tips on how you can improve your bodies."

"Are you sure you guys don't mind?" asked Shane.

"No, not at all. Come on; don't be bashful answered Ben – what's wrong with you two? Are you fuckin' faggots or something?"

Shane almost hit Ben straight between the eyes, but by some miracle he controlled himself.

"Faggots eh? That's not something I've been called before," stated Luke.

"Hey, no insult intended, just a bit of fun son," laughed Ben.

"OK then," said Luke, "if you are sure you don't mind."

"Course not, we are all men together," grinned Ben in anticipation of being able to stand and flex next to the farm kids.

"You first little bro'," said Luke to Shane.

"OK," replied Shane and he slowly grabbed the bottom of his tee-shirt.

"Don't be bashful kid, we've seen plenty of unfit farm boys when we've travelled around the district," advised Ben.

Shane pulled his shirt up and over his head in one swift move.

Adam and Ben gasped and gagged at the sight of Shane's fabulous, flawless, bronzed physique.

"Holy fuckin' cow," gasped Ben.

"Fuck my old boots," exclaimed Adam.

"My turn," laughed Luke, pulling his top off with great theatre.

"Oh my fuckin' giddy-aunt, just look at this fuckin' kid's fuckin' body. Did you ever?" exclaimed Ben.

"Absolutely fuckin' awesome guys, who'd have ever believed it?" said Adam.

"How the fuck did two fuckin' farm kids like you get friggin' physiques like that?" asked Ben.

"Lots of very fuckin' hard work, and lots of harsh punishment for any lack of effort," replied Luke.

"I've never ever seen a body like you guys have," said Adam. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"We just thought that you were enjoying showing off your own bods for us so much and we didn't want to stop you," smiled Luke.

"You are a right pair or twats for leading us along like that," grinned Ben.

"Yeah and you look a right pair of twats now," said Shane laughing.

"I guess we asked for that," agreed Adam.

"Yeah, we agree on that," smiled Luke.

"Now you two small guys stand back and see some real muscle at work," said Shane, going across to the biggest rock he could see.

He bent forwards and swept the rock up and staggered to the wagon before heaving it up and onto the flat-bed.

"Fuck me," exclaimed Adam to Ben.

"Who's talking like a faggot now?" smiled Luke.

They all grinned, with Adam and Ben looking rather sheepish.

Luke went across to an equally huge rock and he too dragged it up to his chest before repositioning his hands at either side of the rock. In one easy movement, Luke pressed the rock fully up and above his head holding it steady at arms' length.

"Oh fucking hell, look at the animal," cried Adam.

"Awesome," agreed Ben.

Luke walked to the wagon and deposited the rock with a mighty grunt.

Adam and Ben looked awestruck and slightly deflated.

"Do you fancy a wrestle?" grinned Shane.

"No fuckin' way," replied Ben quite emphatically.

They continued to load the truck between them with Ben and Adam spending more time watching Shane and Luke than they did lifting rocks.

Once they were finished, the lads sat to take a rest for a few minutes, discussing their lives. Luke advised that there were another four guys living and working on the farm.

"All built like you two?" asked Ben.

"Not quite, but they'd like to be," grinned Shane.

"Where are they all?" asked Adam.

"Oh they'll be working, or hanging around in the yard," answered Luke.

"So you guys work out every day do you?" quizzed Ben.

"We sure do, except Sundays, which is optional. We usually just hang out and have fun on Sundays," said Luke.

"What did you mean when you said that you got your physiques through hard work plus lots of punishment?" asked Adam who was envious of the big lads and very curious to hear more.

"We have strict rules on life, and amongst others, we are subject to a voluntary and very harsh regime of set, or sometimes special punishments when someone breaks the rules or isn't performing well enough," said Luke.

"What sort of punishments?" asked Adam, who was even more curious now.

"Oh it can be anything, but often it's just a flogging or something," said Luke.

Adam and Ben laughed, believing that Luke was just teasing them.

"No really, what sort of punishment do you administer?" asked Adam again.

"I told you soft lad, I'm not joking, we administer floggings for all sorts of things," reiterated Luke.

"Yeah, yeah, and I'm living with a fairy," laughed Adam.

"You do live together then," smiled Shane.

Ben looked rather thunderstruck but didn't respond.

"Well I know one thing," said Ben.

"Yeah what's that?" asked Shane.

"If you farm boys can take the punishment, then me and my brother could better it."

They all laughed, with Adam and Ben innocently thinking that this was all just light hearted banter.

They continued to load the wagon till they had all the stone that they needed.

"Do you guys want a drink before you set off back?" asked Luke.

"Yes please, that would be good, I've lost a lot of sweat this morning," replied Adam,

"Me too," agreed Ben.

"Come on I'll take you through to the well in the yard," advised Luke.

Shane smiled.

The four lads set off to the yard, chatting and laughing as they went.

Shane knew what was coming when they rounded the corner and he could hardly contain himself as Adam and Ben continued to regale them with stories about their lives.

Luke reached the corner to the yard first, and he slowed and gesticulated the way to Adam and Ben who then went to the front, rounding the corner and seeing the big sun-baked yard in all its glory complete with its huge twin whipping frames.

Adam and Ben stopped dead, not really at the sight of the whipping frames, because they'd not normally dream of their true use. What stopped them in their tracks was the incredible sight there facing them. A young looking, fresh faced kid with long blond hair and the most incredible lean physique was stretched up in front of them in a perfect cross. He was straining from ropes that attached him hand and foot to the huge wooden structure. He wore just the smallest pair of royal blue Speedos, and it was immediately obvious that the lad was sexually aroused. Despite the kid's fair complexion, he had a beautiful bronzed body. Adam and Ben drank in the wondrous sight of Craig before them. Everything else considered, the most amazing and striking thing about the young tortured soul was the mass of veins that rose from his incredibly hard and cut body. Adam and Ben were transfixed by the erotic nature of the scene and both lads had rapidly growing hard-ons inside their cut-off jeans.

"Shit Luke, what the fuck's happening? What are you doing to the fucker?" gasped Adam.

Ben stood silent with his mouth open, matching his staring eyes.

"Young Craig's been slacking in his work and he's just contemplating his lazy ways," answered Luke.

"When are you gonna' release him?" asked Adam very seriously.

"When he's been well flogged," replied Shane. "Do you want to watch?"

"You fuckin' bet we do," stated Ben with real enthusiasm.

"Sounds like you are starting to enjoy yourselves. And, it looks like you are too," said Shane looking down at the lads' groins.

"Yeah, I've never seen anything remotely like this in my life," stated Ben. "It's fantastic."

"Fuckin' faggot," taunted Shane, smiling.

Ben ignored the taunt.

"Anyone would think that you guys have never been thrashed. What's wrong with your family? Are you all fuckin' soft Nancy-boys?" asked Shane.

"There's fuck-all soft about us," replied Adam, adding rather unwisely: "We could take anything that this puny kid can take, and more."

"Well if you think you are hard enough," smiled Shane...

Shane knew that within minutes now, they'd have the twins hanging from the whipping frames, and then the fun would really begin.



The end of Chapter 14.