Fun and Pain on the Teen Boy Farm - Chapter 15


Chapter 15, like the earlier chapters, is total fiction, as are all the characters in it.
I always say it: `Please don't try the punishment that I write about' -- it needs to remain just as fictional as the story...doesn't it?

Thanks to those who wrote to say that they enjoyed Chapters 1 to 14.

As always I'd be very happy to hear of any comments that you have about any aspect of the story, and I particularly encourage suggestions that you might have for future chapters. I'll try to incorporate your suggestions into future chapters where I can.


Chapter 15:

Shane and Luke could see that both Adam and Ben, the identical twins, were fascinated to the point of being transfixed by Craig's straining and almost naked body. He was stretched tight from the big wood structure in the yard. To the teenage twins, Craig looked superb in every way, yet here he was so totally vulnerable.

The twin brothers were particularly interested to hear more about this beautiful boy's fate.

"Introduce yourselves and have a feel of him if you like," suggested Luke -- "He doesn't bite."

Adam and Ben stepped forward as if it were a normal social or sporting event.

"Hi Craig, I'm Adam."

"And I'm Ben - we're twins."

"Yeah, I can see," said Craig as he strained from the ropes that bound him. "Sorry that I can't shake hands right now but I'm a bit tied up."

Craig smiled down at them.

The twins smiled too.

"I love your tight physique Craig -- your veins are unbelievable," said Adam.

"Yeah, so they say," replied Craig as if he were discussing his form in the local gym, not whilst he was waiting to be flogged.

"You are being punished I hear," said Adam.

"Yeah," was the answer.

"What will you get," asked Ben.

"Probably just a dozen on my back if I'm lucky," replied the hanging teen.

"Fuck! Are you not frightened?" asked Adam.

"No, I can take that and more if I need to," stated Craig.

"I see that you are quite aroused," said Ben with something of an understatement.

"Yes, and I see that you are relishing the thought of me being flogged," replied Craig, looking down at Ben's tented pants.

Ben blushed, not being used to this kind of situation, or banter.

"Your body is very firm and tight Craig," stated Adam. "How long have you trained it?"

"About a year now," said Craig, "but I've worked my abs for ages."

"Yes, I can see. Your abs and thighs are amazing," said Ben.

"Have a feel if you want," suggested Craig. "I'm not going anywhere for a while."

"I can't believe this," said Ben, reaching up towards Craig's stretched and corrugated abdominals.

Ben ran his palm down the length of Craig's very elongated and tremendously taut stomach, and then he felt his hard body right up to his pecs and nipples, then out to his stretched pits. He lingered around Craig's veined shoulders.

"You're as hard as steel," stated Ben.

"Yeah, and that's just my dick," smiled Craig.

"You're incredible," said Ben -- "still smiling and joking when you are in such a fix."

"Why shouldn't I be -- it's fantastic," grinned Craig.

Adam reached out and felt Craig's thighs which also had fabulously defined and cut muscles and many big raised veins. He couldn't help but admire every aspect of this slim teen's body. He could see that the kid's dick was an incredible size as it stretched and strained at the fabric of his tight little trunks.

As Adam touched Craig's thighs high up towards his crotch, the kid's dick twitched and engorged even more, presenting a frighteningly large picture of rampant sexuality.

Adam got closer and drank in the wonderful musty aroma of Craig's addictive young masculinity. He was already totally intoxicated by Craig's aura, and the boy's resolute character. Adam had to take some slow, deep breaths just to be able to speak to the mesmerising body before his eyes. He could hardly bear to drag himself away from Craig's wonderful presence.

"It's almost as if you want to be whipped," said Adam. "Do you actually enjoy being thrashed?"

"Yeah, in many ways I do," agreed Craig. "It kills at the time, but the anticipation, and then the actual act of me battling against the whip, and being able to show my strength and courage is the best feeling in the world. The aftermath is the most spectacular sexual experience that I could ever imagine. It's almost as good, if not better, when it's someone else that is being flogged because you then experience all the fun, without having to take all the fuckin' pain."

"You guys are really incredible," stated Adam. "Do you mind if we stay and watch you being flogged? We have never seen anything quite like this before."

"I'd love you to watch," said Craig. "It's good to have someone new see how much I can take. In fact, you can probably help if you ask Luke -- that's if you want to."

"What do you mean?" asked Adam naively.

"He'll let you whip me," said Craig, as if this was perfectly reasonable and normal.

"Fuck, I don't really want to do that," said Adam.

"Soft shit," said Craig, somewhat insulted.

"I'd be up for some of that," stated Ben. "I'd love to give you a flogging -- Hey Luke, Craig says that you might let me whip him. Can I?"

"Maybe, let's see," said Luke.

"I think that I'd like to give Craig some too," said Adam with a rather sudden, and unexpected change of mind.

"There is one thing that you need to understand first," said Luke.

"Yeah, what's that?" replied Adam.

"If you are going to participate in the giving, then you've got to be able to take as well," said Luke with a smile.

"How'd you mean Luke?" asked Adam.

"Well, in this instance, Craig is expected to take a dozen with the light whip," said Luke. "If you want to give him some of those to see how he copes then you need to take one each so that you fully appreciate how painful it is."

"I guess that if the kid can take twelve then we can easily take one each -- no probs," replied Adam confidently and Ben nodded his agreement.

"Will you tie us up?" asked Adam.

"There's no need for one stroke -- it doesn't matter how you react if it's just one," said Shane.

Adam thought about this; "I don't mind taking two he stated."

"I'll take two as well," agreed Ben.

"Well we'll tie you up then," stated Shane.

Adam and Ben looked suited; they both rather liked the idea of being strung up shirtless from the big whipping frame.

"I guess that it's right that you should tie us up," said Adam to clarify things.

"Yeah, you'd better tie us up," agreed Ben.

"OK. Get some ropes for the lads," ordered Luke to Shane, knowing all too-well that the twins were on the hook.

Shane nodded and went to the barn.

"Stand below the other torture frame lads," said Luke, "and get your shoulders back."

The twins hadn't heard this description of the frames before and they glanced at one another as they walked over to the second big wood structure and they stopped at the position that they'd been told. They stood side by side and they pushed their shoulders back and pulled in their stomachs.

"We'll tie you side by side," said Luke as Shane returned with the ropes.

"Hold out your arms," ordered Shane and the twins offered their wrists for Luke and Shane to tie.

This done, the ropes were thrown over the bar and the twins' arms were pulled vertical before the ropes were fastened tight.

"Call the others," said Luke.

Shane went over and hit the big assembly bell that hung across the yard.

The twins looked superb now that their upper bodies were stretched up. Their very beefy, thick set chests were now much better defined and this made them look much more strong and erotic than they looked when relaxed.

Tyler, Jimmy and Jamie soon appeared, each wearing just small shorts and their trainers. They had been training in the barn and they were all very well pumped up. Jimmy's pectorals looked incredibly full and defined.

"Fuckin' hell it's the friggin' Gladiators," exclaimed Ben.

"They certainly breed `em big around these parts," commented Adam.

Adam was transfixed by Jimmy's pecs, and Ben was equally as impressed by Tyler's wide straight shoulders and his overall massive stature and stunning looks.

Luke introduced the twins to the three lads and he explained what was if they didn't know!

"Have you guys ever felt the whip across your backs before?" asked Tyler of Adam and Ben.

"No," they replied in unison.

"Well you might be in for a pleasant surprise," smiled Tyler.

"Yeah, well if that kid can take a dozen, then we can easily cope with a couple each," said Ben.

Tyler just raised his eyebrows.

"Have you ever tried the particular whip that you'll be using on us today?" Ben asked looking at Tyler.

"Tried it, it's one of my fuckin' babies and I live off it," snapped Tyler.

Tyler turned around and for the first time the twins were able to see Tyler's massive vee-shaped and perfectly symmetrical muscled back. All across Tyler's back were old lash marks in a lattice pattern. Some scars were more pronounced than others.

"Fuck me, you must be whipped every week," said Ben.

"It's closer to every day," said Tyler as if this were perfectly normal. "I've been thrashed more times than I can remember, but, I've never been beaten," he added with a grin.

The twins were in awe of Tyler and this revelation.

"Right, let's get on," stated Shane. "I've heard enough fuckin' talking about it. Let's see some leather on flesh. We need to check these town boys out and see if they are just talkers. They fancy their chances with the big boys."

Luke looked across to Tyler, the undisputed farm `Whip Master'.

"Tyler, please demonstrate to Adam and Ben how a boy should take the whip. I want you to start by giving Craig two of your very best. Remember that he's here to be punished not just for our entertainment," said Luke

"My pleasure," smiled Tyler, who relished another chance to hone his skills across Craig's beautiful hard back.

Shane disappeared for a couple of minutes, returning with a long black, single-tailed whip.

The twins hung together looking across towards Craig's straining back. They were absolutely fascinated, and very excited to see what the reaction would be when this lithe kid took the first lash.

"Ready Craig?" asked Tyler.

"Yeah, I'm always ready," was the reply.

Adam briefly looked at Ben, amazed.

Tyler stepped back, gauging the optimum distance for a real zapper. He was aiming to snap the whip end sharp into Craig's flesh for maximum pain and spectacle.

Without drama or further hesitation, Tyler wound his arm back and, after taking careful aim, he let fly.

The whip thrashed into Craig's back, across his shoulder blades and it snapped with a loud crack.

A bright red welt immediately appeared across the full width of Craig's stretched back.

The twins couldn't see Craig's expression which hid the absolute pain and horror of the stroke across his bare flesh. Tears flowed down his cheeks and dripped onto his veined chest. His eyes screwed up and his mouth gaped as he tried desperately to replenish his lungs with the oxygen that had been blasted out from him. He didn't, however, shout or scream, and he hardly moved his head.

The red welt across his back flamed and the flesh adjacent went bright pink.

"Fucking hell, that was bad," said Adam to Ben.

"Yeah it looked bad, but it didn't bother him that much, he hardly moved. It must look much worse than it actually feels," concluded Ben rather hopefully.

Tyler steadied himself, then he crashed the whip into Craig's back a second time.

Craig just managed to suppress his scream and keep relatively still even though his body was inwardly contorted and twisted with absolute agony.

Neither Adam, nor Ben saw the shudder that ran throughout Craig's agonised body. His prior experience against the whip was obviously serving him well and the farm lads were very pleased and proud with Craig's performance. In reality he had done no wrong this day, and he deserved no punishment. This whole performance was a charade that was set up in advance for the twins. Craig had volunteered for the whip as he knew that he'd be able to take sufficient to demonstrate his bravery to the twins. He was certainly succeeding on that count.

The team turned to Adam and Ben who looked quite worried now. They glistened with sweat.

"Are you still up for it?" asked Luke, "there's still time to back out."

Ben answered first; "I'm still well up for some of that."

"Yeah I can take some too," agreed Adam.

"Are you sure?" asked Luke

"It's a piece of piss," stated Ben. "In fact if that kid can take two of Tyler's best without flinching, then I'll take four, and don't fucking well hold back pussy boy."

Tyler wanted to get at Ben's back as soon as possible, but Luke hadn't finished.

"You really want four?" asked Luke. "Remember that once the punishment begins, there is no wimping out."

"Just fuckin' do it will ya'," stated Ben who was really fired up.

"I'll take four as well," stated Adam.

Ben looked at his brother and smiled -- he was so proud of his equally strong twin, and he knew that Adam would take whatever he decided to take.

"Do you know what you are doing?" asked Luke. "It hurts like hell you know."

"The more pain the better. We're not fuckin' soft you know. We know it'll hurt bad, but we also know that we can match you farm boys," said Ben. "You might be well muscled but we are strong and very hard -- we can take whatever Tyler wants to give us, and then some."

"As you wish," said Luke.

Shane was gagging to get at the twins' backs with the whip but Tyler still had possession of the beast.

"Prepare the twins for their flogging," ordered Luke.

Shane went to Ben and Jimmy went to Adam and they began to unzip their cut-off jeans.

"Hey what do you think's going on?" screamed Ben. "We never said anything about taking our fuckin' jeans off."

"You are not in any position to say anything about how you will be prepared," stated Shane aggressively.

They roughly dragged the twins' boots and socks off, then their Jeans.

They each had a small pair of briefs on. Ben's were navy blue and Adam's were snow white.

"Hey we've found the missing link," laughed Shane. "They wear different coloured undies so they can tell who's who."

The others laughed.

"Both these boys are really aroused Luke," said Shane. "Look at their fuckin' boners."

They all grinned -- except the twins.

"It's funny how many strong teen lads love being trussed up and whipped," smiled Jimmy.

Luke looked across at Craig's flaming back.

"Let Craig down to watch this," he said.

Jimmy and Shane cut Craig free and carefully dropped him to the ground.

"Hey, he is our prize when we've taken our stripes," said Ben.

"We lied," stated Shane without any hint of emotion.

"You twats," shouted Ben. "What's the fuckin' game here?"

"We're just giving you what you asked for and what you deserve," said Shane. "We all want to see how hard you really are."

"Fuckers," exclaimed Adam.

Ben just snarled.

The twins couldn't argue too much. They were, after all, rather vulnerable, being hung up by their arms and almost naked in front of six fabulously muscled guys. To coin a phrase the watching lads did hold the whip hand over the twins right now...literally.

Adam looked at Craig and thought how wonderful his hard vascular young body looked. His muscles were now much more full and defined compared to how they looked when he was stretched out from the whipping frame.

"How many lashes do you really think you can take lads?" asked Tyler. "Can you really bear four strokes each on your first encounter with the beast?"

"How many have you taken in one session big guy?" asked Ben.

"Tell `em my best score Jimmy," said Tyler.

"He took three dozen last summer, without any break in-between," said Jimmy proudly.

"Fuck off, I don't believe that for one moment," said Ben.

"He took three dozen on his back and another two dozen on his butt, plus six with a heavy cat-o-nine-tails across his chest -- all in one single afternoon session," confirmed Luke seriously. "He then stood, untied in the yard for an hour with his arms outstretched in the crucifix position, holding a metal bucket half full of water in each hand. If he'd spilled a drop during the hour then he'd have been given another dozen across his back. He didn't spill anything, but he was rough that night."

The twins just had to believe Luke.

Adam now felt like his dick was going to rip his undies apart such was its state after hearing that tale.

Ben was pretty much the same.

"I'll take six then," stated Ben without hesitation.

"Me too," agreed Adam.

Shane grinned at Luke. The twins had certainly taken the bait hook, line and sinker.

"Are you really sure about that?" asked Luke.

"Yeah let the big twat do it -- we are the Shaw twins from the stone yard, and we can take it," shouted Ben.

Ben and Adam now had sweat running down the valleys between their pecs and all across their straining backs.

Shane went across to Ben and reached up to tweak his nipple causing him to grimace. Ben swiftly brought his knee up towards Shane's groin but Shane twisted away causing Ben to just miss his target. He caught Shane at the side of his thigh giving him a painful blow and a dead-leg. Shane howled and launched at Ben striking him a hard blow to his unprotected gut.

Ben gagged and gasped. He coughed and panted calling Shane all sorts of wonderful Anglo-Saxon expletives.

Shane just glared.

"Tie their legs," he ordered.

Craig and Jamie dashed in with more ropes.

They roped the twins' ankles and dragged their outboard legs out towards the two big wood uprights. They roped each of their inboard ankles then dragged them together by the ropes, tying Adam's left leg firmly to Ben's right. Each of the lads' legs were well stretched and taunt. They were now very effectively immobilised and there would be no more kicking from Ben.

Shane returned to Ben and he again squeezed his nipples hard till Ben grimaced and begged Shane to let go.

In his own time, Shane did stop the treatment on Ben, and he smiled. He walked over to the worried looking Adam and he reached out to the top of Adam's bare stretched thighs and he grabbed a piece of each of Adam's legs' flesh and squeezed hard. Adam was screaming and writhing as this most tender area of his body was tortured by the immensely strong Shane. Adam's eyes were streaming with tears and even Jimmy and Craig were visibly cringing -- knowing the agony that Adam was feeling. He was screaming none stop.

"This is because of your brother," said Shane and he twisted Adam's flesh again causing a yet louder pitch of scream to come from the agonised Adam.

Shane finally let go and Adam seemed close to throwing up.

Ben looked grief stricken at the realisation that his brother and soul mate had taken such unnecessary pain because of his stupid temper.

"Sorry Adam," said Ben shaken.

"So you should be -- twat," gasped Adam through his tears.

Shane again approached Adam who begged him not to hurt him again.

"Soft twat," stated Shane.

Shane reached out as Adam tried in vain to pull away.

Shane didn't go for Adam's flesh this time but he pulled down the front of his white pants and grasped his raging boner, roughly dragging back his foreskin, and causing Adam to groan. Shane hooked the waist band of Adam's pants under his ball sack and went to Ben.

Ben again began to cuss' and swear at Shane but Shane simply stated; "Do you want me to give your bro' a load more fuckin' pain son?"

Ben shut up and allowed Shane to do his worse.

Shane grabbed Ben's waist band and he dragged his boner out. He immediately laughed.

"Hey, spot the fuckin' difference lads -- this one has no fuckin' foreskin, he's been done. That's how you really tell `em apart."

Shane laughed at the sight of Ben's shiny cut bell-end; "Hey, that's his new name -- `Bell-end Ben'.

The farm boys all fell about at hearing this from Shane.

Both the twins were well endowed and all the others had a very good inspection of their prisoners' weapons.

Shane took a dick in each hand and started to wank the twins vigorously. They groaned and writhed in utter delight, throwing their young heads back in ecstasy.

The twins were no strangers to this sort of experience between themselves as they had always wanked each other since they first realised the pleasure of being tossed-off by someone else. However, they had certainly never experienced anything remotely like this. Tied up near naked, and being wanked by a huge muscle stud as a pre-curser to being well and truly lashed. This was unbelievable.

Shane stopped as soon as he knew that the twins were getting close to ejaculation. He unhooked their waist bands from under their nuts and he snapped the elastic onto their raging boners. The twins groaned and Ben begged Shane to finish him off.

"What are you -- a fuckin' faggot-boy?" asked Shane. "You want me to fuckin' toss you off -- I've never heard anything like it."

Ben blushed realising that he was begging another teenager, who he'd only met a few hours ago, to wank him off. He could never, ever, have imagined this scenario when he got out of bed this very day.

The twins' shiny ruby-red bell ends each protruded up and above their waist bands. Each shone magnificently, and each had a small drop of pre-cum in its eye.

The lads groaned again and they simultaneously looked down. Each of their dick ends seemed to be looking up at them and smiling. Adam thought how ridiculous this whole scene was. He couldn't believe that they were here in this mad, but wonderful place.

Ben was equally as astounded, but, in truth, he too was loving almost every moment. He and Adam were so close that they were seemingly telepathic. For one of the few times in their lives, they were in a totally compromising situation where neither Adam nor Ben could have any affect on the outcome and Ben had no idea what might be brought upon them next. It was incredible and he was thrilled and rampant.

"We seem to be just about ready," said Shane. "Are you two big strong boys ready to show us how brave and hard you are, and what you are really made of?"

Ben looked at the lads surrounding them and he flexed his shoulders and pushed out his chest. Adam realised what his brother was doing and he followed suit. Their arms pumped up and their pits became hard and defined with the stress. Their stomachs stretched and strained against the ropes.

"Good, I like my prisoners to have some spirit when I'm breaking them in with the whip," said Shane.

"I'm ready for anything that you can do," stated Ben.

"Yeah, I'm ready too -- bring it on," said Adam.

"They're gagging for it," laughed Jimmy.

Craig and Jamie stood wide eyed and expectant. They liked the twins -- they were indeed so alike yet they had quite different characters. They both certainly had a lot of spirit.

Tyler stepped forward with the whip in hand. He stood just in front of the twins and then reached out and gently rested the black leather whip around both the twins' necks, symbolically bridging them together.

Tyler stepped back again and began to remove his trainers, he had no socks on. He then dropped his shorts leaving just a small tight pair of black Speedos clinging to his flesh like a second skin.

Tyler called Craig and Jamie over and they brought the oil.

"Prepare me and enjoy it lads," grinned Tyler who then flexed his body hard.

Craig and Jamie certainly did enjoy oiling all of Tyler's huge body, and they made no secret of their pleasure, commenting on every wonderful aspect of Tyler's fabulous cut physique. They dwelled particularly on his pecs and rippling stomach before taking their time on his massively muscled thighs.

Having completed the task, the lads stepped back and admired the god that was Tyler in all his glory.

Tyler then proceeded to give the twins the full repertoire of his most spectacular poses and he added a dozen full pull-ups from the facing whipping frame for good measure. On the last pull-up, Tyler paused at the top and flexed every muscle in his upper body, flaring out his lats and straining his stomach.

The twins were agog and gagging to be lashed by this magnificent muscle stud. Their dick heads now had big globs of pre-cum oozing and dripping from them which certainly helped to demonstrate their pleasure.

"I bet you two have often dreamed that you might have a body like mine," smiled Tyler. "Well guys you are just about to feel its power. I think that you'll soon agree that I can play tunes on a hard boy's bare back and have him crying for release. You will soon know what a mixture of incredible pain and unimaginable ecstasy are like when combined as one."

Tyler slowly dragged the whip away from the twins' necks.

"Just do the fuckin' business and we'll judge what you are really capable of," stated Ben with a sneer.

Tyler went up to Ben and he coiled the whip's tail around Ben's neck and pulled it so tight that Ben began to gag.

"Want some pain do you, you fucking weary little faggot-boy?" asked Tyler. "Well you've come to the right fuckin' place. You will be begging for my mercy soon when you feel this fucker on your bare back for the first time in your young soft-boy life."

"In your dreams chicken muscles," shouted Ben. "It'll be a dark day in hell before I cower to a preening pussy boy like you."

Tyler was furious, and ready to kill Ben there and then, but, fortunately for Ben, Luke stepped in.

"Let's get on with the job, shall we Tyler?"

Tyler sneered, and as a parting shot, he grabbed Ben's balls and squeezed them before yanking hard at them causing Ben to scream and gag.

"Let go of him you fuckin' coward," shouted Adam.

Ben wasn't talking back any more.

Craig and Jamie watched with amazement -- what was this kid Ben trying to do? He was in for some really big trouble now that he'd upset Tyler.

Tyler let go of Ben and smiled knowingly at Adam before grabbing his nuts in the same manner though this time Tyler twisted at Adam's ball sack causing even more grief and a massive dose of pain.

"Come on Tyler -- I said let's get this job done," reiterated Luke firmly.

Tyler smiled, letting go of poor Adam's nuts.

Adam couldn't help but wonder about the sense in Ben taunting Tyler. It seemed that every time he did, it was he, Adam, who ended up getting some terrible pain. Adam made a mental note to have a word with Ben about his temper.

Tyler cracked the whip a couple of times in front of the twins to let them see the power of the lash.

Adam and Ben certainly realised its potential to do some damage to their backs but they knew that they needed to keep positive and appear strong and resolute. They squirmed a little, knowing that six lashes each would test them to their limits.

Tyler walked slowly to the back of the twins and he paused to drink in the splendid scene of the two identical broad virgin backs flaring out before him. These backs were so perfect, yet they would benefit greatly from their first encounter with the vicious leather in Tyler's fist.

"This is a double whammy," laughed Tyler. "Two identical backs to flog and we will now find out who is the strongest and bravest of these two."

"Who's getting it first Ty?" asked Shane.

"Well," said Tyler, "I haven't quite made up my mind yet, and I think I'll keep the decision to myself so that the lads can have a nice time guessing who will receive the first and subsequent lashes. I've six lashes each for them and they might be totally random -- or they might not. The expectation will make the pleasure even greater for our tough twins," he smiled.

"Good thinking Ty -- you mix it up good for them," said Shane.

All the observing lads looked on with great expectations. It was great to have two lash-virgins strung up for the treatment -- especially when they were cocky and confident as these two were. They knew that their master of the lash would very quickly reduce the lads' bravado to nil.

Tyler was still mad with Ben. He liked a strong lad with spirit and he admired much about Ben, but he needed to pay him back for bad mouthing him in front of the others. He decided to focus first on Adam's back so that Ben could learn from his brother's reaction exactly how bad the whip was and Ben would have the extra agony of seeing exactly how much his brother was suffering. He'd also have to wait in the knowledge that he still had his torture to come.

"Brace yourselves big boys," shouted Tyler. "You are about to experience pain like you could never imagine in your worst nightmares."

The twins glanced at one another and willed one-another to be strong and brave. They instinctively flexed and hardened their virgin backs and held their breath in anticipation, neither one knowing where the whip would land.

Tyler focused on the flesh between Adam's shoulder blades and wound his arm back up high.

Adam and Ben heard the eerie whistle of the whip as is sped its way to the target. Naturally, Tyler was inch perfect in his aim and the whip cracked loud and viciously into Adam's flesh. It was pretty much the same shot that Craig had received earlier, but the end product was totally different.

Even whilst the whip was still playing horribly across Adam's shoulders he was screaming in absolute agony. Ben looked at his brother in disbelief at the devastation that one stroke was having on him. This was bad.

Adam's body was arched outwards and his head was so far back that Ben thought it might snap off.

Ben had felt the full physical impact through his leg that was tied to Adam's and he could now feel the violent shaking of his body which was continuing long after the whip had fallen away. Ben could also see at close quarters most of the vicious looking red welt that was the result of the whip on his brother's tender flesh. Adam was dripping with sweat -- and that was the result of just one lash!

A minute later, and Adam took lash number two. He still hadn't composed himself from the first, so this stroke had an effect that was probably even worse. His screams reached Ben's ears with a new intensity the likes of which he could never have believed.

Adam was in agony, and Ben was starting to feel that he wanted to escape from this place of hell.
He knew that the next lash would be his as Tyler would want to spread the pain.

Adam's only consolation was that Ben would most likely get the next stroke, and somewhat unwisely, he relaxed slightly.

Ben braced his back ready.

Crash -- Adam's third was like a bolt of lightning and it crucified the kid. He wailed like a banshee and shouted that he'd had enough.

"Not an option soft fucker," said Shane.

Stroke four hit Adam much lower on his back and the end of the lash whipped round and gripped his stomach.

Craig grinned -- "He's pissed himself," he shouted to everyone, and they all looked down at poor Adam's plight.

Ben was horrified that his brother could do such a thing in front of all these lads. He resolved to be stronger and better when his turn came.

Adam now believed that he would get all his allocation before Tyler began working on his brother.
His tears were not now just through pain; they were due also to his utter wretched humiliation of having pissed himself like a baby.

He took stroke five more stoically -- maybe his nerves and brain had been numbed, or maybe his body was adjusting to the intensity of the pain. He still screeched and shook, and his body was in contorted knots. His muscles looked like they were in the throes of electrocution; such were their stretched and strained state.

Ben felt dreadful that his brother was having to take such violence to his body.

"No more, please no more, I can't take any more," pleaded Adam.

"Don't worry strong man, you'll thank me for this later," grinned Tyler.

Ben was equally as mortified as he was petrified at seeing Adam's reactions but he tried his hardest not to show it.

"Please don't give me any more, I don't deserve this," pleaded Adam.

"Don't be so fuckin' soft you weak little poncy faggot-boy," shouted Shane. "Any man worth his salt should be able to take at least a dozen with this light whip before he starts to scream."

"No. Please Shane don't hit me again, I think I'll die," begged Adam.

Ben looked across at Adam real worried now -- his big strong brother was begging and crying like a child and he suspected that his own treatment would be a magnitude worse when it came.

Adam was an utter mess of sobbing, screaming, twitching flesh. He was totally done-for and Luke knew it.

Luke nodded to Tyler to concentrate on Ben, and Tyler was more than happy to oblige.

Ben and Adam now fully expected that Adam would get his last lash, so it came like a bolt out of the blue when the whip whistled through the air and struck Ben with an absolute peach across the broadest part of his naked back. His previously flawless shoulders now had a wonderful vivid red welt across the width.

Ben took the lash well. He was mortified at the agony but he didn't cry out.

The lads were quite impressed, as it was very unusual for anyone to take their first ever lash without screaming and this was one of Tyler's best ever shots.

Ben's body twitched and shook and his eyes screwed tight shut. He knew that there was no chance of him enduring another five like that without screaming and begging for mercy, but he resolved to hold out as long as possible.

Tyler and Shane grinned. They loved a challenge.

Tyler paused to allow Ben's brain to clear so he could fully appreciate the next stroke that was going to test his courage to the utmost. He aimed shot number two at exactly the same place on Ben's back. He focussed on the welt that stood proud from Ben's flesh and he wound the whip high before crashing it into the teen's back with the precision of an Olympic swordsman. The whip landed plum onto the first welt and Ben pissed himself before screaming his lungs out.

There was blood seeping from the double welt now and Tyler smiled with satisfaction

"Pissed himself on shot two -- that's worse than the first fucker," cried out Shane, laughing.

You wouldn't have known that Ben had taken two lashes such was the precision of the second stroke. He had just one big bloody welt across his wide back.

Strokes number three, four and five hurt Ben so bad that after number four, he couldn't even scream. His brain was muddled by the incredible pain of the blitzkrieg on his back and he was in a state of near collapse.

Adam's brain was somewhat clearer now and he felt so bad to see Ben in this state. They were both crying now, and when Ben started to come to his senses, he too begged that the whipping be curtailed.

Even now, Ben in part, wanted to take lash six as his brain, temper and stubbornness fought against the horrible pain he felt across his back. Strangely though, he couldn't stop himself begging for mercy.

Tyler knew that Ben was fighting it, and whilst he was going to put everything into Ben's final lash, something inside of him wanted the kid to succeed and to take his last stroke like a man.

"Are you ready for some more pussy-boy?" shouted Tyler from behind Ben.

"Fuck you -- you cock sucking twat-fucker," screamed Ben. "Hurt me if you think you can - you mother-fucking shit bag."

Tyler laughed.

Ben's sixth and final stroke nearly cut him in two, or so it felt. When it landed his body contorted like nobody there had ever seen before.

Even Shane cringed.

Even Craig's eyes snapped closed with the sight of this level of brutality.

"Now that's a painful fuckin' scream," smiled Shane -- "He enjoyed that fucker, and he'll remember it for a while, that's for sure. Well done Tyler, now just give the other twat his final stroke like his little brother's and we can all get in for some dinner."

Adam was already begging them not to whip him again.

"Give it to Ben he's the one who was disrespectful," begged Adam.

Ben was just about compos mentis and he opened his eyes with shock at Adam's remark.

"You can fuck off, I'm not taking any more than I have already, and I'm certainly not taking your fucker," stated Ben very firmly.

"Hey, big Ben, don't you want to save your brother's weak hide?" asked Shane.

"No I fuckin' don't -- give him another and make it count," stated Ben unequivocally.

Adam started to say something when they heard the horrible and now familiar sound whistling towards them.

Adam got his sixth and to everyone's surprise he actually took it very, very well. It was largely because he was so annoyed and perhaps also due to the fact that he was so relieved that this was the final stroke of his ordeal. Or, maybe it was the adrenalin. Whatever it was, he didn't scream and he hardly moved as the lash bit down hard into his back leaving its now all too familiar calling card in the shape of another beautiful crimson welt.

All the lads, especially Ben, were amazed at Adam's final act of courage.

"Nice one Adam," said big Luke.

Adam was proud of himself at last and he now realised that his dick was incredibly engorged and it felt as if it might explode, such was the built-up pressure down below.

"Well you guys certainly needed to toughen up and you will be better for that light whipping," said Shane.

Ben and Adam didn't think that the torture was a light whipping but they were certainly not going to take up the point right now. They were just glad that it was all over and that they had survived.

"You have endured the lash across your strong backs for the first time ever and you suffered like real men here today - Well done," said big Luke. "I have absolutely no doubt that you will voluntarily return for some further fun and pain in the not too distant future."

The twins looked at Luke, not too sure that they would be returning soon, but they did acknowledge that they would be back sometime to see how far they could be tested. They also knew that they'd need to sort their bodies out before that day came, and they resolved to get up there with the best.

The twelve (or actually eleven), visible welts, looked tremendous being spread across the big fair-skinned backs of Adam and Ben. Their boners were now so massive that they were straining against the elastic of their waist-bands.

Luke spoke up again; "Craig and Jamie, do you want to finish the twins off?"

"You bet we do," said Jamie laughing.

The twins looked mortified to hear that their ordeal wasn't over.

"Oh no - No more, we've had enough guys, please cut us down and let us go -- please Luke," pleaded Ben.

Luke just laughed at them.

Adam looked ready to die.

"Just do it lads," ordered Luke.

Craig and Jamie approached Ben and Adam respectively.

The twins looked scared shitless as the lads got closer.

Craig and Jamie were, as usual, absolutely rampant. They looked at the twins with their sweating heaving bodies and their striped backs and they could hardly contain themselves as they reached out and grabbed their captives' boners.

What followed was a frenzy of un-abandoned and unbridled sex between four teenage lads who were so full of raw spunk and adrenalin that it wouldn't have mattered if there had been an earthquake, nobody would have noticed.
The twins had their dicks released from their pants in moments, and Craig and Jamie competed to give Adam and Ben the most earth-shattering blow-jobs that they could ever have wished for. The twins' bodies were again contorted and shaking, but now it was with absolute pleasure. Their young minds were blown away and they each floated of on clouds of wonderment and passion.

"Go on feed the kids their dinner," shouted Jimmy grinning at the twins' great performance.

The twins exploded, as usual in perfect harmony and unison, and they seemed to pump a gallon of their sweet boy cream down into Craig and Ben before finally hanging panting and sweating in the hot sunshine of the afternoon.

Craig and Jamie were not satisfied themselves, so they then went at one another with total abandon. They jacked each-another off as if this might be their last toss together. They finished with volcanic eruptions that creamed the twins' tortured backs from top to bottom. This soon got well massaged into Adam and Ben's flesh with Jimmy insisting that this was life's best natural cure for a boy's flogged flesh.

The twins were finally cut down, whereupon they hugged every one of the farm boys, thanking them profusely for the most wonderful day of their lives.

"OK, now you'd better get a shower and get your shirts on before you go home," advised Luke.

"Well, I'll take up the offer of the shower thanks Luke," replied Ben and Adam nodded his agreement.
"But, there's no way that I'll be putting a shirt on," stated Ben emphatically. "I want the world to see this back and to know that I've taken a fucking hard flogging."

"I'm with you all the way with that," said Adam.

"There must never be a word spoken about where you got those stripes, or you will never again set foot on our property" said Luke.

"And we'll come looking for you," added Shane very seriously.

"No worries Luke we'll be absolutely discreet," said Adam.

"If you don't mind me saying, you're a bit out of touch here on the farm Luke," said Ben. "It's really not at all unusual nowadays to see young lads walking around with stripes on their backs. The government has made it legal for lads to be publically whipped for all sorts of crimes. They have decided that it's time to take back control of the streets after decades of left wing pandering. Corporal punishment is back in fashion in most States and it's almost becoming a spectator sport. Once someone's been flogged he has to go about his day to day life shirtless for two months minimum whether he works or is at school. That's supposed to set an example for others and humiliate the offender. In truth, some lads are now deliberately setting out to get a whipping so they can boast about their strength and courage. Needless to say," Ben concluded, "the judicial lashing they get out there isn't close to being as severe as you guys dish out here."

The lads smiled, happy to hear that they were number one in the whipping stakes.

"Anyhow, everyone who knows us and sees our backs will just assume that Pa' has flogged us and they'll be pleased that he has some proper parental control over his boys," advised Adam.

"Yeah, and we can tell Pa' that we were given a statutory sentence by the cops due to some minor traffic violation -- nowadays, they often offer lads a roadside lashing as an alternative to going through the courts which drags things out. The result would be the same anyhow, so it's better to get it done," said Ben. "The bonus with this story is that Pa' might give us some more for getting caught," he smiled.

"Fuck me, you two are soon starting to change, we'll have two more real lash-lovers on our hands if this goes on," grinned Shane. "They want to send some of those young twat-boys down here for a week or two; they'd not be so interested in volunteering for it after a couple of my whippings."

The lads all grinned.

Little did they know, that Shane's last statement was somewhat eerily close to their future.

Once again, as the lads walked to the house to get cleaned-up and fed, a couple of them sensed that somehow somewhere, they were being observed and monitored. As always, there was absolutely no tangible proof to support the slightly unnerving feelings that they had, so they continued to say nothing about it to one another.

The end of Chapter 15.